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Crimewatch aired in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, but why not Portugal?

Crimewatch. Photo: AFP

More than a few eyebrows were raised this week when it became apparent that unlike BBC, RTE, ZDF or AVRO, no Portuguese television station was to air a repeat of the Crimewatch programme which was first shown to millions of viewers on Monday evening.

by Brendan de Beer

Conflicting reports were emerging this week as to why Portuguese television had not followed the example of the UK, Ireland, Germany and Netherlands by showing the appeal for information in the search for missing British toddler Madeleine McCann.

One BBC reporter reporting from Praia da Luz on Monday evening told viewers the fact that the programme was not being shown in Portugal was “controversial”, while BBC Radio 4 quoted experts saying they regretted that new leads could be hampered by the fact that there are no plans to show the fresh appeal for information in Portugal.

“We need to get [the Portuguese police] to show the appeal, set aside their political differences, set aside their pride and get to the position where [the forces] are both focused, working together”, criminologist, ex-police officer and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas was quoted as telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this week.

His comments were then widely re-printed in a number of publications, including the Guardian.

When questioned as to the reasons for Crimewatch not being shown in Portugal, the Metropolitan Police Service responded that there is no such show in Portugal, while the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands have regular television programmes appealing for viewers’ assistance in solving crime.

Portuguese police would therefore be unable to force any of the country’s networks to alter scheduling unless they unilaterally decided to do so.

Clips of the programme are available from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Press Bureau and have been shown on Portuguese television this week.

The BBC, in response to questions from The Portugal News over Crimewatch failing to make it on to the television screens of viewers in the country where Madeleine McCann disappeared, explained: “We have provided clips of the Crimewatch programme to international broadcasters to assist them in their coverage of the appeal, and the Crimewatch film is available on the BBC Crimewatch website to international audiences.

“The decision on broadcasting an appeal on an equivalent programme in Portugal is a matter for the Portuguese broadcasters, Portuguese police and The Metropolitan Police”, the statement read.

The Deputy Director of News at SIC Television was meanwhile reported to have exchanged e-mails with the BBC in the days running up to the Crimewatch programme in order to secure the rights to the full programme, but to no avail.

“The BBC said they are not selling the rights”, Martim Cabral told The Portugal News, “therefore we cannot show it.”

Another Portuguese news channel, TVI, told The Portugal News that it had contacted the British national broadcaster prior to the airing of the show, as it sought to “acquire the programme for Portugal, which was denied.”

“Should the BBC change its position and should TVI continue to show an interest, it is certain that we will look at transmitting the programme in question.

“TVI has also requested the BBC to clarify this situation with British media to avoid more erroneous interpretations, such as those claiming Portuguese television channels are not interested in transmitting the programme.”

in The Portugal News, October 17, 2013


  1. ...And the MET are working alongside the Portuguese Authorities, on Portuguese soil. How to gain friends and influence people.

    Six months in the planning, it seems pretty obvious until the run up hype this has been kept secret. With no offer to pass it by the eyes of the PJ.

    Wouldn't their findings, be sufficient to ask for the case to be reopened? Well the new OLD finding being to substantiate finally that Tanner did not witness an abductor in that time slot, whatever now is the excuse to render it void.

    But, there's the point. Did the PJ ever say that they believed Tanner's sighting!

    All the hype and revelations of this week changes nothing to what is now alleged & assumed happened to accommodate the Smith sighting. Or have I missed something.


  2. IS this the same BBC that allowed Jimmy Saville and many more presenters to go unnoticed for years .Who are they covering up for this time

  3. Joana, através do teu blog, gostaria de mandar uma mensagem para o doutor Amaral.

    Prezado senhor doutor Amaral,

    Meus cumprimentos pelo trabalho que o senhor e a PJ fizeram em 2007, sob tremenda pressão da Inglaterra e dos médias ingleses. Qualquer um adoece.
    O governo inglês pediu à Scotland Yard para fazer uma revisão do caso e revisão de qualquer coisa demora horrores.
    Ë claro que a S.Y. sabe do fim da história e sabe quem está envolvido. Sempre soube.
    Mas não teve outra saída senão verificar cada centímetro dos autos. É o que uma revisão faz. Traduzir prá cá, traduzir prá lá. Analisar, discutir, organizar as próprias idéias.
    Tudo começado de zero, como o Andy Redwood disse.
    Até agora atingiram bastante do que o seu livro e os autos contam.
    Para mim é mais do que claro que os Tapas 7 mudaram os depoimentos, decidindo pela verdade.
    É a única diferenca entre os autos da PJ e a investigação da Yard. Se tivessem permanecido em Portugal em 2007, acabariam por confessar a verdade.

    O que desejo é que o senhor e a PJ não se esquecam de que a Yard só poderia alcançar o que alcançou através do trabalho em Portimão e mais tarde no Porto.
    Ela recebeu o trabalho já mastigadinho.

    Seria impossível para a Yard correr para Rothley, bater à porta, toc, toc, toc, e dizer: os senhores estão presos.
    Era uma revisão minuciosa, responsável.
    O fim já está chegando, gracas a Deus.
    A reconsttituição e os responsáveis serào presos.

    um abraço.

  4. The reconstitution in Crimewatch is different from the one in german


    Aktenzeichen XY International - Der Fall Maddie McCann

    Have fun playing the "spot the differences" game!

  5. http://moreas.blog.lemonde.fr/2013/10/17/la-disparition-de-la-petite-maddie-tourne-au-melo/

  6. FSS - stupid McCann spin and gipsy racism again Kate and Gerry's "great hope": Mystery blonde girl found living with gypsies gives boost to Madeleine McCann's parents

    Greek authorities requested international help to identify an 'abducted' four-year-old girl found living in a camp with a couple and 13 other children

  7. No McCannfiles há a foto mais recente do Gerry, com cara de pato pelado(sem penas), de desenho animado.

  8. FFS it's not a four year old they are looking for, it's a 10 year old. Only the Portuguese can get to the bottom of this. We are witnessing the biggest cover up of the fate of a young child, making the Watergate scandal tame in comparison. There is so much protection being provided for the two McCann's no one can get near them. They are totally hands off. They really want to win this libel case at all costs and they won't mind who they step on to get it. We are now back to the nasty gypsies for gods sake. If Madeleine was abducted they provided the opportunity as she was left unprotected. Therefore, both should have been arrested for blatant neglect. However, these two are to be seen as the victims not poor Madeleine. It just goes to show if you have friends in very high places you can away with (should we dare say it) MURDER!

  9. The McCann entourage’s hopes of winning a libel trial against Mr. Amaral were dashed when the Lisbon Appellate Court overturned the decision to ban the book and the Supreme Court rejected their appeal. If they had been confident of winning they would not have tried to intimidate Mr. Amaral into settling out of court. Despite their failures they decided to go ahead anyway because not doing so would be bad PR. And I suspect they hoped the presiding judge might be impressed with the fact that they are British and thus be open to seeing it their way. Apparently that is not going to happen, so what is the contingency plan?

    Well, the contingency plan is to trash everything that is Portuguese, claiming that Portugal didn’t want to air that made for TV PR piece is part of the plan. Portugal will be portrayed as an inept nation that because of its pride refuses to admit that it was wrong, a stubborn people that eschew the truth. Basically this is narcissism on the international level where the narcissist attributes his faults to the one he seeks to harm. The judge will be accused of ignoring Mr. Amaral’s lies which Scotland Yard made self evident, etc. etc. etc.

  10. I for one am so tired of these lies perpetrated by the UK State machine and the UK media cartel (because the UK media is manipulated as one in the case of the McCann farce).
    Why they need to show the flawed and incomplete Crimewatch programme in Germany and the Netherlands I do not know. The arrest made before the programme that had nothing to do with the Madeleine claim, remember the barrister being convinced? LIES and warped reporting. The missing out of the vital fact that Smith identified McCann, the lie that Tanner was believed by the Portuguese police, the constant maligning of the Portuguese Judiciary Police who did a sterling job against the odds - up against political manipulations. Now why does Mark Williams Thomas say things to support this ridiculous farce, when he seemed to genuinely believe in right and justice as far as the Saville affair is concerned?

  11. Today The Sun is publishing a large edition of Madeleine's story.
    I think the McCCanns sold the pemission to them. They need money. Lawyers are very expensive.

  12. A long supplement in the Sun today written in a style that criticises the PJ seems to be more McCann PR. They must be worried about something. But at least it does mention the cadaver dogs scent of a dead body and DNA found in blood and 'body fluids' and doesn't rule out their belonging to Madeleine.

    The article is inaccurate saying that within an hour the McCann's holiday happiness was lost, that the police took a long time to arrive and it doesn't mention Kevin Halligen among the McCann PIs, how convenient.

  13. Guerra @ 8

    You say: "The judge will be accused of ignoring Mr. Amaral’s lies which Scotland Yard made self evident, etc. etc. etc."

    I know there have been enough infuriating happenings in the past to justify such cynicism, but personally I would refrain from gazing into my crystal ball and pre-empting with such confidence what is going to happen in the future.

  14. According to a Dutch or a German criminal journalist, Crimewatch was a trap. The Scotland Yard expects people to call each other after the broadcast and talk about the Smiths' man.Those would be people who know who he is and the S.Y. would discover his identity.
    That is an excuse. If Jane Tanner lied why should not the Met? In this world we all have the same rights.
    Within a short time the Met will tell that they caught a call, hacked, and they will arrest Gerry.
    Not long ago the Yard started investigating the calls that were made that fatal night.They will tell that they hacked some people, that's why they found out who the Smiths'man is.

    The Met police found a way to catch Gerry. They will say that there was a call among persons of interest who are innocent and we will not get to know their identity.

    Probably the Met are forgiving Tapas 7, because they must have told the truth.

  15. As far as the dogs' finds are concerned it is extremely important no point out that both Eddie and Keela search ALL the other Tapas members' apartments, butONLY signaled death scent and blood in the McCanns' apartment. The same happened with the car, they went through several cars before barking when going through the McCanns vehicle. What a coincidence! I didn't read The Sun's article, but I am pretty sure they don't mention this important detail.

  16. AS I understand it, Redwood's mob have got their hands on the full PJ files and and continue to pore through its pages as I type. If so, how the hell are they allowed to peddle such unadulterated claptrap that totally contradicts the statements held within these files?
    And why the hell are the PJ allowing themselves to be ridiculed all over again? It's completely baffling. Who in Portugal is responsible for allowing this charade to continue unchallenged! It's quite alarming to witness the almost Stalanist control of thought and opinion in the UK regarding this case.

  17. Their interest in having Portugal air the Crimewatch video on their TV channels is only one.... To make people around the world think that Portuguese are changing their minds and are starting to believe that there really was an abduction and that is not true. Why then are they so interested in Portugal showing it on Portuguese TV and not on Italian TV and Spanish TV and French TV ?? --After all, their 'reconstruction' was moved away from Portugal to Spain, was it not ?!
    Secondly, the finding of that blond girl who was living with gypsies in Greece sounds to me very like a PR stunt to make it more believable that Madeleine was abducted and did not die in the apartment that night in May '07. English newspapers today are covered with pictures of that little blonde girl and pictures of Madeleine on their front pages. They must think that people are stupid.

  18. Th McCanns must be in trouble and losing the credibility war... hence the PR stunt of the little blond girl living with gypsies in Greece.
    Once a liar, always a liar !

    I chose to believe and trust the Portuguese police
    As US Prosecutor said yesterday LIVE on American TV,
    You cannot win a case by twisting the truth. People are more intelligent and better informed nowadays and not buying McCann 'productions'
    Their latest stunt was to invent this story of the little blond girl snatched (abducted) by gypsies in Greece.

  20. What guerra (8) says seems entirely plausible. Surely the solution is simply within Portuguese hands; to ensure that this libel case is decided - and there can hardly legally speaking be another alternative - against the McCanns. There will then be such a frenzy of anti-Portuguese hysteria from the popular British press to ensure that yet more people take an interest and look more closely for themselves at the facts. I rather doubt that the money matters to the McCanns, with the protection they obviously have that can hardly be a difficulty, but a moral defeat would be crucial. If, on the other hand, the court here in Portugal does award damages to the McCanns then there can be no doubt that threats and blackmail are being successfully employed here too, meaning that something extremely fishy is behind the whole miserable business

  21. I read two things in different papers and internet too that make suspict that Amaral is already yielding to the pressure of the McCanns and changing his stance a little bit. I hope to God he does not sell himself !!

  22. I think it is because they do not want the case formally reopened in Portugal, as I understand that the McCann's 'suspect' status was only removed because the case was shelved - they were NOT cleared! Why the UK police are causing this confusion across Europe I do not know! Smith identified the person carrying a child that night. We all know who it was.

  23. I did not realise how strange Kate and Gerry's behaviour was on learning Madeleine had gone until 2 days ago when my son aged 26 months went missing. He was located safe and well after 17 minutes, but they were the scariest 17 minutes of my life. I was driving home from work and was on the phone to my husband at home discussing trivial things (eg what he was cooking for dinner) when it happened. All of a sudden he said AJ was very quiet and then he went into our front garden to look for him (phone is cordless so he was still on the line). Son had gone and our gate with child proof lock was open.
    In a terrifying situation like this my brain went on autopilot. I am now going to state exactly what happened so you can compare and contrast with what the McCanns did....
    1. husband says gate is open. I tell him to cut the call and don't walk, RUN! Find him. Husband is registered blind so told him to ask people and go towards local shop as AJ likes shop and so this is the most likely direction he is heading in. Husband cuts call and tells me he will phone me later with update.
    2. husband starts physically searching IMMEDIATELY.
    3. I get on mobile IMMEDIATELY and call 999 police emergency. At no point did the idea of calling Sky news come to mind.
    4. Although terrified and distressed, I don't wail or throw myself on my car's floor like a "Praying Arab". I speak calmly and clearly to the police reporting room. I state our address, AJs date of birth, likely direction he has gone in and physical description.
    5. I actually tell the police room "its very unlikely statistically he has been taken, far more likely a junk mail leafletter has dropped off a pizza menu and not locked the gate up after and son has wandered off.
    6. Explained at this point my concern is "not a paedo" it is the fact his favourite shop is on a busy road and he is probably wandering off that way.
    7. In fact throughout this horrible time I just assumed someone had left the gate open and he had gone on a wander.
    8. at this point husband called explained that he was located near the shop and crying "me lost, me lost".
    9. police call handler asked me to hang up and wanted land line as she wanted to speak to husband direct.
    10. I continued my drive home from work.
    11. Rather than going jogging and putting on the appearance of a happily married couple, when I got home I gave my husband a flea in his ear. He should have checked gate before letting AJ near garden and his negligence could have resulted in my son being hit by a car.
    12 Policeman came 30 minutes later to do a routine check on son's welfare. Think it was more a check on us to make sure we weren't negligent parents personally but he just gave us advice on improving the security of the gate.

    Turns out there was no junk mail or post that day so the open gate remains a mystery.

    It was only the next day I was thinking about what happened and contrasting it to the McCanns. Our behaviour was very very different.

  24. I would like to ask the british media and the public to get behind Kerry needham in her serch for ben the way the have the mc cans she has had to fight every step of the way I think she deserves everyones help as well I pray for ben and his mum

  25. “TVI has also requested the BBC to clarify this situation with British media to avoid more erroneous interpretations, such as those claiming Portuguese television channels are not interested in transmitting the programme.”

    The only way to get the BBC to 'clarify' any matter is if its dragged out of them by force, a Police Force as we all know from the Saville inquiry.

    Sandra Ryan.

  26. Strange, the bbc happily sells Teletubbies and many other programmes worldwide, so what is the reason the bbc refused the SIC and TVI attempts to buy this Crimewatch edition?

  27. the british media including the bbc are reporting this case as an abduction when there is not one bit of evidence to support this,why?...surely they are not afraid of the mcanns lawyers too?....the bottom line is there is more evidence to suggest severe wrong doing on the parents part including not answering questions that any parent would gladly answer if they believed they were innocent.we need a public enquiry and to get the case re-opened in portugal

  28. Kate & Gerry, but via spokesman Clarence, 'Prove it!'

    Zaid-al-Hilli, BBC Panorama 'Murder in the Alps' last night on camera to interviewer, and without flinching, 'Prove it'.

    Time will tell.

  29. For all it's worth, I honestly believe that 'finding' the 'blonde girl about Madeleine's age' in Greece to be a set up, a invention, to make us believe that Madeleine was abducted.
    Not clever enough of the McCnns

  30. Anonymous 19/10/2013 13:49, you really don’t need a crystal ball to make plausible predictions with regard to the behaviour of the British establishment in relation to this case. The patterns have been so well established over the years that it’s like predicting the rise and fall of the ocean tides.

    Is my prediction that farfetched? Look at the article; it’s staring you in the face. What they are saying now about the Portuguese police will pale in comparison with what will be said about the judge and the entire Portuguese justice system, if she doesn’t rule in favour of the McCanns.

    “’We need to get [the Portuguese police] to show the appeal, set aside their political differences, set aside their pride and get to the position where [the forces] are both focused, working together”, criminologist, ex-police officer and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas was quoted as telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this week.”

    Like I said this is narcissistic behaviour on the part of the English at an international level. They are the ones who banned the transmission of Mr. Amaral’s documentary and like the narcissists that they are they are attributing their bad behaviour to the Portuguese.

    Of course this prediction is contingent on the Judge handing down a favourable decision for Mr. Amaral. ( For the life of me, I don’t understand why this trial is even taking place. ) Despite the intense political pressure that is being brought to bear on this case, I do believe this judge, if allowed to, will rule in an honest manner. If allowed, i.e. if she isn't replaced by another judge in the middle of the process.

    Some of my past predictions:

    I remember commenting on this blog many years ago, saying that Mr. Amaral’s book would never be published in Britain. People at the time thought I was crazy, including Astro. It wasn’t published.

    I once left a comment that said: I wonder how long it will take Scotland Yard to declare the McCanns to be innocent. The day after posting my comment Mr. Redwood declared that the Mcanns were not suspects and that he and his colleagues were convinced that the child was abducted.

    I said that the objective of the SY review / investigation is to devalue the contents of the Portuguese case files. And wasn’t that purported reconstruction a perfect start to accomplishing that goal?


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