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After 5 years in the dusty archive of a court, the process in which the mysterious disappearance of a child was investigated seems like it will finally see the light of day.

At the moment, it is not relevant to know who has agreed with the archiving and who has always opposed to the reopening of the investigation based on all the content of the process, what matters is that the investigation continues, whether from the point where it was interrupted or from the convictions of those who analysed the facts afterwards.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to recall that a criminal investigation cannot have as a concern the politically correct, nor to have its purpose limited by personal interests, institutional or others, nor to be targeted by intolerable pressures and coercive measures, what is at stake is to ascertain the truth and the fate of the child so those responsible for the mysterious disappearance are brought before Justice.

If the reopening of the investigation gives rise to the realization of all the missing steps, if it takes into account all lines of inquiry still outstanding, and answers to all questions, then we can say that the investigation was free and objective, reaching the material truth, then it will be possible to do justice to the child who mysteriously disappeared.

Gonçalo Amaral, October 24, 2013


Ao fim de 5 anos no arquivo poeirento do tribunal, o processo onde se investigou o misterioso desaparecimento de uma criança parece que vai finalmente ver a luz do dia.

Neste momento, não é relevante saber quem concordou com o arquivamento e sempre se opôs à reabertura da investigação fundada em todo o conteúdo do processo, o que interessa é que a investigação continue, seja a partir do ponto em que foi interrompida, seja a partir das convicções de quem analisou os factos posteriormente.

Mas, é preciso recordar que uma investigação criminal não pode ter como preocupação o politicamente correto, nem ter o seu objecto limitado por interesses pessoais, institucionais ou outros, nem ser alvo de intoleráveis pressões e actos coercivos, o que está em causa é apurar a verdade e o destino da criança, de modo a que os responsáveis pelo misterioso desaparecimento sejam levados à Justiça.

Se a reabertura da investigação der lugar à realização de todas as diligências em falta, se tiver em atenção todas as linhas de investigação ainda em aberto, e responder a todas as questões, poderemos então dizer que a investigação foi livre e objectiva, alcançando-se a verdade material, podendo então fazer-se justiça à criança misteriosamente desaparecida.

Gonçalo Amaral, 24 de Outubro de 2013


  1. God bless you Goncalo Amaral.

  2. One thing Goncalo Amaral can't be accused of is archiving the process. Since he wasn't there. IMHO the Lisbon libel issue is totally separate and if Madeleine was to walk in through the door of her home tomorrow his thesis was based on the information at the time and who knows, may still have conclusions in that direction.

    And since the whole issue has dragged on for six years + with the hype whipped up by the McCanns, never furthered finding Madeleine, except leading down a blind alley, related to Tanner's sighting, thus casting doubt of the whole timeline issue. Whilst blindly appealing for information that never seemed to have seen the light of day, until the MET got hold it, yet alone withholding same from the Portuguese authorities, even if inadvertently.

    We all await developments.


  3. Im pleased the PJ will reopen the case and follow all routes, what I fear is the McCanns wont be elpful to them, a reconstruction with the rest of tapas. They have never wanted PJ to open the search. It has to be political influence free and favour free and masonic brothers free.
    Joana thankyou so much for your continuous reporting, I saw on the internet yesterday a british rag Daily Mirror was saying that the PJ believed the McCanns were innocent, and it was an abduction. This cant be true...can it_. I trust your reporting more than any brit newspaper.


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