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English police follows gipsy lead and GNR refutes 'string of burglaries'


broadcast by TVI, October 28, 2013


Voice over - It's three men of gipsy ethnicity who are now the target of the English police. They would have been seen roaming around the apartment in Praia da Luz where the McCann family were holidaying, and were named as responsible for burglaries in the area. A report that at the time was made to the Judiciary Police by an Ocean Club employee, wasn't deemed relevant to the investigation but the English detectives think otherwise. They want to get to the three men and to try to fit them in the thesis that Madeleine was abducted following a robbery to the apartment.
The British press speaks about a string of burglaries weeks before the disappearance of the child in May 2007, something that no one has ever heard about until now and is refuted by several sources of the GNR contacted by TVI who worked in that area.
This is what is known of the investigation taking place in England. About the Portuguese one, which was archived in 2008 and reopened last Thursday at the request of the Judiciary Police no details are known even because the process is under secrecy of justice. It is only known that the reopening results of new evidence found during the reanalysis of the process done during the last two and a half years by a PJ team from Porto.


broadcast by Sky News, October 15, 2013

Short transcript
from 1m32s to 3m25s

Eamonn Holmes [Sky News anchor] - D'you know, what I find very disturbing as well..I mean, I know Portugal and the Algarve incredibly well..and ah..it came out, it materialized last night..ah..a spate of burglaries, which the Portuguese police are notorious for ignoring, or doing very little about, and if this was an Albanian, or a Romanian..ahm..gang..ahm..doing this, and they seem to operate with impunity..err..up and down the..the coast of the Algarve, breakin' in to apartments, and villas, and a-a-and all that sort of thing. [breathes in] The Portuguese police..really..have they taken care of the smaller stuff, and, and and, and the complex we were at may have been cased in advance, this may not, may not have happened, they hardly merit for the lot of credit from all of this, do they?

Mr. Paul Luckman, 'The Portugal News' Editor - Well, I don't know. I checked out with the management in that villa, and there were no reports of any additional activity in that time surrounding, either in regard with this charity collection or with robberies. They do carry on...

Eamonn Holmes - [speaks on top and interrupts P.L.] They, they, they said on the reports last night there were six robberies. [silence] The reports last night said there were six robberies.

Mr. Paul Luckman - Yeah, I heard it. We - I've been checking. Yep. Couldn't find anything to back that one up.

Eamonn Holmes - Yes. [sarcastically] Maybe because the police don't record them. Try to ignore them. [silence]

Mr. Paul Luckman - I think people don't even report them, most of the time. They are very, very careless, with their passports. Portugal is not really very bad for that. It does happen, you know, you quite right, you know that, you know the area well, but it's probably a lot less than most areas. (...)

The Ocean Club employee's statement

Luis F. M. Ferro - Maintenance worker - Date of statement May 7, 2007

Comes to the case records and in the quality of a witness. That he is a maintenance worker at the tourist resort "Ocean Club" since March 2006. That in this tourist resort he is in charge of he maintenance of pools and all that relates with the properties. That in the sequence of of his work he moves around the whole resort, without restrictions, and that he knows it fairly well. Asked, he states that he is aware of the disappearance of the English girl named Madeleine, and that he learned about it on May 4 through the news in the media. He states that he worked at the resort close to 15h30 on the day of the girl's disappearance. Asked, the deponent refers that in the scope of his work and before the day of the girl's disappearance, he has only met the mother, whose name he does not know. This took place on a Tuesday, May 1, in the sequence of a maintenance job that he had to do inside the apartment where the family where lodged, that is, in block G5 letter A. That job was carried out between 10h and 11h, by the deponent and one colleague of his, that he only knows as Mario, and consisted in the repairment of the shutters from the parents bedroom. Following that they also taught the mother of the girl how to operate the washing machine. The lady in question was alone in the apartment. The only rooms in the apartment where he and his colleague were was in the kitchen and in the parents' bedroom. The deponent states that besides that job he does not know if any other work was carried out at the apartment since the arrival of the family to the resort until the day of the girl's disappearance. Asked he states that in the days preceding the girl's disappearance no one had any strange conversations with him related to the tourists, their children, the apartment, the facilities or the running of the resort. He also did not hear conversations of that nature to any other people. On the presence of a person or persons that would have exhibited a strange behaviour the deponent states that he did not see anything unusual. He just refers that, about four months ago, he detected the presence of three gipsies, near a warehouse of the resort, located close by the "Millenium" restaurant, who were trying to take some firewood that was there. The deponent knows that because that area is a warehouse zone and as such has few people circulating, it is usual for individuals of gipsy ethnicity to wander around there searching for scraps. Several thefts have taken place in that area and the deponent believes that their authorship lies with those individuals of gipsy ethnicity whose identifications are unknown to him. Asked, the deponent states that since the disappearance of the girl, Madeleine, until today he has not heard any comments that could help enlighten the motive of the disappearance, and as such, he has no other information that could contribute to that end. And more he didn't say. Read the case record, found it in accordance and he will sign it.

Related: Dave Edgar investigation, from "burglaries" to "gipsies", the likely leads currently being followed by DCI Andy Redwood's team.


  1. I seems we are back to diversions, looking for allusive abductors (Gypsies) again. Team McCann want someone fitted up with this fast. Absolutely disgusted Joana of the UK authorities being complicit in using this line of tact where a serious crime has been committed. I will say it once again. The Portuguese have to take total control of this or their beautiful country will be labelled for all time the land that is not safe to take kids on holiday. The judge in the Libel case needs to tell the McCann's to go to hell. Re-instate Goncalo Amaral to head the investigation again. Get all the Team McCann back, arrest them all if need be. Get Interpol involved if need be. The UK is a European member. The word is watching. Enough of this sh**t. Time to take the gloves right off. Team McCann are on the ropes financially. Get them now while they are at their weakest. Christ I'm absolutely fuming. Come on Portugal you need to get to the bottom of this. For both your country and the UK.

    1. Its time for the group to be questioned formally again and for each of Madeleine's parents to feel the heat of being questioned in court.

  2. SY are now beefing this one up. What are they playing at and whats that prat Eamonn Holmes doing trying to force the issue. A friend of the Mcs I believe. hes so rude not allowing the other person to tell it as it is. What a lot of c...p

  3. as usual mc cans make out Portugal awful place shame on them have been lots times just lv it not much comeing forward from team mc cann about e fits being held for 5 years I wonder why there quick enough to put news out there to bring Portugal and its people down

  4. Eamonn Holmes, what a load of crap. A short piece of true bigotry!

  5. Joana, the two missing words in your transcription are 'spate' and 'cased' :

    "...it materialized last night..ah..a spate of burglaries..." and:

    "the complex we were at may have been cased in advance"

    Eamonn Holmes is an absolute tool... I found it quite interesting the way his accent changed slightly the more agitated he became. I detected a rougher, more guttural tone in the middle of his little tirade. And as for his little dig at the Portuguese police ignoring burglaries? He should try reporting a burglary in London and see how much interest the British police have in solving it.

  6. Its seems its a race to get a result, the PJ looking for remains? NSY looking for scapegoats to lay the blame. The hurry on the latter, is to get a result before the libel trial resumes? As each day goes by I am more convinced that NSY are working against getting to the truth. It was employed by the British PM and the result then had to be right otherwise a massive scandal would ensue, the truth is just part of the collateral damage.

  7. sy---gypsy,s.----- pj Madeleine,s remains----,says all you need to know about british police

  8. @Thank you so much Alan, it was hard for me to understand what he was saying there, with that strong accent mixed with anger and xenophobic sarcasm.

    As to the Albanians ...well that's just a lie, Albanians don't usually settle or travel to Portugal.

    The Portuguese Ciganos, of Iberian origin, have been in Portugal for centuries (since the second half of the XV century) and are sort of integrated in our society, they maintain their costumes, and language as they should. It's estimated that about 30 thousand to 50 thousand live in Portugal, there isn't a clear number since it is forbidden to collect statistics about race or ethnic groups in the country. Since 1820 all Ciganos have Portuguese citizenship. Unlike the Rom from Northern Europe, who you can see in every city in Europe nowadays begging and some in illegal activities, the Portuguese Ciganos usually work in small commerce, itinerant sales, and since the 90's most have guaranteed minimum wages and are supported by the state with 'council' houses and other social benefits - a governmental scheme to prevent drug trading that was on the increase in the 80's among impoverished minorities. Obviously, there are problems and the integration hasn't worked 100%, there's racism from side to side, but people and society have a dynamic, and that relation tends to evolve for the better with time.

    It seems Mr. Holmes not only is a racist, he has a deep lack of knowledge of Portuguese minorities history and clearly has a problem with the Portuguese Police, maybe he was robbed due to his own laxity in the Algarve, one has to wonder why has he returned to Portugal so often if he hates the country and its culture.

  9. We have an impressionist here called Jon Culshaw his prog is on the BBC,Eamonn Holmes complained about Culshaws impressions of him,so they stopped doing them,what a whinging cry baby,and he a grown man,yet insults other races.Fat asshole.

  10. I come to this site to read about other peoples support for the justice of Madeleine McCann and support for Mr Amaral and the Portuguese people who have been treated abominably buy TM-Team McCann. I absolutely refute any allegations that myself and other are 'internet haters'. Mr Amaral did an honourable thing for himself and his country- at a very high personal cost. Therefore, I feel obliged to state that I support Mr Amaral's right to freedom of speech in all he writes and says about the McCann Case. I also afford that right of freedom of speech to the UK press. That is not to say I agree, I just defend their right to do so, otherwise I am no better then TM who try to manipulate all our rights to suit their little 'plight'.

    You may or may not have noticed the TM spade-AKA the shovel-AKA clarice ( I nick name him the shovel as he is always brought in to dig them out of the holes they dig them selves in!- chucking dirt in the eyes of onlookers!

    Now about the two separate investigations- and they are separate. UK police have to investigate EVERY POSSIBLE THEORY to dispel it. No one in the UK police force is saying they are looking for gypsies, they may be looking in an area where there is a gypsy connection- as well as other areas. The UK police will not give out any information regarding their investigation unless they are hoping to seek assistance for witnesses to come forward as they have already done. Is there is a possibility that a gypsy was breaking into a flat and saw something? but is afraid to come forward? ALLA of these different scenarios are given a lot of thought. But the Main thing is IF it is an abductor they are seeking, they have to establish a time line and an entry-exit route, without it there is no abductor!...Also, in the absence of an entry-exit the attention would have to focus on Little Maddie running out for some reason and being 'stolen by off chance' by a passing paedophile gang/gypsies/name your bad man here. But as we know, Kate and Gerry both scream out that SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT...and the reason she wouldn't do that is because? : she was locked in with her baby siblings? sedated to help her sleep? Please put your answers on a postcard...

    The other investigation By PJ is in secrecy- so no one will know why or how that will progress. We don't have the TM family there to give a running commentary about how bad they are doing their job. They may well be looking over what was in the files seeking further evidence- as lIke the SY..If IT isn't the abductor. then it must be the death of a child and how that would come about?: accidental on the stairs? accidental over dose ( she may have found tablets/alcohol/other substance which harmed her), manslaughter even by family member/or stranger who happened by and saw her.

    Two investigations and the TM have NO control over either two- that is a fact!

    We should show the same restraint and dignity as Mr Amaral does, we should criticise and scrutinise everything TM spew out... but we must not forget it is ALL our right to do so.

    Miss Taken Identity

    1. Tractorman IS the PJ suspect!!! why are people so reluctant to acknowledge this?

  11. its worth again understanding the characters backgrounds - not anglo saxon roots



  12. It's incredible that a man such as this is allowed to anchor a news broadcast. If the truth is ever made public I can envision this guy having a temper tantrum, what a fn racist! What probably irritated him the most was Mr. Luckman saying that what the British police have come up with ties in with what Mr. Amaral had told him, i.e. the child had been carried down that road.

  13. what strikes me as interesting is what the security camera missed ? ...I wished that could have been elaborated on .....the interview implies the camera was there but unfortunately missed who was carrying the child which also implies it should have captured those images.
    it raises some simple questions.
    1. was that security camera there at that time ?...the interview implies it was!
    2. why did it fail to capture that imagery?
    3. if it was broken - when was it broken ?
    4. was it working the day before ?
    5. what was the fault with it?
    6. was the repair of the camera carried out and if so what was the fault?
    7. who checks the footage of such camera ie has responsibility for it?

    Again that would be worth elaborating on in finer detail.


  14. @14 Mojo, it failed cause of the angle.

  15. @15 - so how do they know what angle the person and child walked - I am a little lost - knowing the direction taken is one thing but the exact footsteps or line taken is another.

    I guess that means that at the least it narrows the path taken if correct.

    or are you saying the camera was pointing in another direction completely?


  16. Eamonn Holmes is one over weight pathetic Mccann mouthpiece along with the vile Richard and Judy, Lorraine Kelly, Fiona Phillips, Phillip Schofield and the likes(note all work,or did for ITV) all told what to say all told who to support all from someone a lot more powerful than they are.....

  17. MOJO 16
    The person carrying the child turned left down some steps towards kellys bar....storage perhaps

  18. Paul Luckman seems very sympathetic towards Goncalo Amaral. He mentions him 2-3 times in this report. Eamonn Holmes seems to cut across when the name Amaral is mentioned. I have English friends in PdL - it seemed that initially there seemed a split with indigenous Portuguese and English - with the English supporting the McCanns in PdL. I think there has been a sea change since.

  19. Just watched the interview again and get the feeling that Paul Luckman knows Eammon Holmes ....he comments that " you know this resort well" in familiar terms.

    I get the feeling that this resort is frequented by people who are connected ...mixing/ networking with their own counterparts...professions that are regarded has held by the perceived higher echelons of society, the successful, good people of the world as they regard themselves...I have no doubt that this case is causing problems within the camp so to speak...the ones who reside in Portugal all year round and have found themselves a nice way of life.... they have built relationships with the Portuguese people in the area.. and don't want to lose that bond ...which would result in there ability to stay there comfortably if they do not put up some defence for the Portuguese who are rightly behind Goncalo and truth....against the network of people who they are connected to from the uk /ireland........its driving a wedge between them all ...and causing problems I have no doubt....can anyone else pick up on this ?

    I would say that they are strong Roman Catholics and these type of holidays are more than that, away to stay connected ...some time ago people mentioned of a cabal called "common Purpose" where our next heirachy are formed ....keeping the ring tight ..allowing the children to grow together who will be passed the baton as they reach age.
    there almost a society within themselves.....this case will split it and create tension.

    It stands out like a sore thumb to me.


  20. Does anyone know anymore detail about the camera been spoken about in the interview - the interview is implying that whoever carried the child walked past it !

    I know people have posted to my above questions about angles and turning off down steps etc etc etc.
    But the interview does not imply anything of the kind - so what has made people reply in that way I have no idea.
    Again .....what is the reason the camera did not pick up the imagery - has anyone who posts here walked past the area Paul Luckman is referring to and seen the camera mentioned.
    Is there a blind spot that the camera could have missed - or are we back into the twilight zone of people going quiet on relevant questions?

    its a simple question for anyone to answer if they live in the area and post here.

    maybe theres was imagery that shows that detail and it is one of the ace cards that will be played if justice continues to be skewered ......I do hope so!



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