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Former MAI Rui Pereira: 'McCanns should remain as arguidos until the end of the inquest'


News Anchor - Rui Pereira said the PJ has new evidence in the Maddie case, otherwise the process would not have been reopened. The parents aren't expected to be suspects in this new line of investigation, however the CMTV commentator stated that according to the same inquest, Gerry and Kate should remain as arguidos.

Voice Over - The reopening of the Maddie case isn't unique in Portugal, this is the practice of the Judiciary Police in processes that involve missing people, as it happened with the Rui Pedro case. There are new evidence and a renewed team on the field, without new evidence this case would never be reopened.

Cut to a debate with Carlos Anjos, President of the Committee for the Protection of Crime Victims/ former president of the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union of the PJ (ASFIC/PJ) and Rui Pereira, Former Minister of Internal Administration (MAI)/Constitutional Court judge, with a CMTV moderator.

Rui Pereira - For the process to be reopened it is mandatory that new means of evidence exist. Who is it that reopens the inquest? The Public Ministry. Obviously, the Judiciary Police has a decisive role here, it's the Judiciary Police on the field that collects the evidence and delivers it to the Public Ministry...

CMTV moderator - That then assess it.

Rui Pereira - Therefore, upon that assessment, the Public Ministry would say "Very well, here is new evidence, consequently we're going to reopen the case". That decision has to be taken by the Public Ministry.

Voice over - The McCann couple won't be identified as suspect in the new line of investigation, but Rui Pereira recalls that the ongoing inquest will be the same therefore Maddie's parents should remain as arguidos in the process.

Cut to debate that was previously broadcast by CMTV.

Rui Pereira - Despite the joy manifested by the parents of little Maddie, they should continue to be arguidos in the process, since that status remains until the end of the inquest.

Voice over - The CMTV commentator believes the inquest will now be reopened only with suspects, without the constitution of new arguidos.

Cut to debate.

Rui Pereira - There are suspects or even if they aren't identified, there are clues that could lead to suspects, but there shouldn't be, for the moment, constitution of arguidos. Now, I expect, and that is something that we all hope, that the leads are truly effective and that in the short run arguidos will be constituted.

Voice over - The reopening of the process was confirmed by the Public Ministry last Thursday after the Judiciary Police submitted new elements of evidence in the case.

CMTV, October 25, 2013

«Arguido - (male, Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐɾˈɡwidu]) or arguida (female, [ɐɾˈɡwidɐ]), normally translated "named suspect" or "formal suspect", is a status in Portuguese language legal systems, including the legal systems of Portugal and Mozambique. It is given to a person whom the authorities suspect may have committed an offence. This designation does not exist in certain other jurisdictions. In a criminal investigation a person has to be declared an arguido prior to being arrested. Portuguese law makes a distinction between arguido and suspect.» in Wikipedia

«Public Ministry - The Ministério Público is the Portuguese body of autonomous magistrates formed of public prosecutors. It is a body of the Portuguese judicial system which includes the Procuradoria-Geral da República [Attorney General's Office]. The Portuguese criminal investigation police, the Polícia Judiciária, is supervised by the Ministério Público.» in Wikipedia


  1. So it's true the Portuguese Police are throwing justice for Madeleine and Goncalo Amaral to the sharks,by not investigating the McCanns and the tapas 7.A pox on all their houses.

  2. @ 1 Don't go so fast....be patient, not all is what it seems...and read the translation carefully : )

  3. Until we see a true investigation being carried out without all these phoney leads that have been going on since the two guilty parties came back home without being arrested. They have been treated as royalty with no blemish seen against them. Why is it so important. Every time someone says anything against them they are demonised or sued. The social networks are rife with so called supporters of the McCann's. So what is the end game? Is there an end game? Do we see these two for years making lot's and lot's of money on the memory of a little girl. What has this world become? A child's fate has become second to keeping a secret. Someone will blab some day and when we know the real truth of all of this, the shockwave will be like a tsunami hitting the UK. We will be despised all over the world for years.

  4. Ok, how nicely does the former minister talk now! what a nice speech...but where was he when the process was archived? Was he in a a coma, was he distracted, looking the other way, was he on the moon? He had his share of responsability in the shelving of the process, because as the internal affairs minister, he is in charge of the police forces, if I'm not mistaken...why did he turn a blind eye when Mr. Amaral got dismissed and when the investigation was cut short when there were still many inquiries to be made and many leads to investigate?! Why isn't anyone in the media questioning the ex-minister on this subject?! In Portugal it is becoming more and more recurrent for ex-government figures who took damaging decisions to the country and its citizens to return as if nothing happened, as if they are innocent of all fault, and adding insult to injury, are given commentator status in tv shows! ("a mandar bitaites")

  5. Not at all arguidos otherwise they will have rights and again make a big mess of it.
    Sightings here, sightings there...

  6. Although I agree with Pereira completely...this unfortunately is what the British Press are reporting today.


    Not only are the McCanns assuming that they will not be Aguidos they are attempting to be named 'Assistentes' under Portuguese Law thus being informed of all developments,new witnesses and leads??
    Their reasons behind this request are surely significant.... is it an attempt to find out what direction the PJ's new team are heading in and whether they are truly in the clear?
    If they are accorded the status of assistentes,sadly..... I will finally accept that a gross 'whitewash' is finally in place and hang my head in shame at both British and Portuguese Justice.
    For now I keep hoping....?

  7. 6 Years to invent new or redefine old evidence is what we'll see unfold. This is probably the most bizarre case in history and an absolute disgrace to justice and humanity.

  8. I do not believe that the PJ will allow themselves to made fools of again, by the media and the McCanns. There must be a hidden agenda and hopefully will result in the McCanns finally getting what they deserve.


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