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Former US prosecutor Wendy Murphy: "think this is more PR than anything"


Investigators are hoping that new information will help solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine McCann.

The then- three-year-old British girl disappeared six years ago while vacationing with her family in Portugal.

Scotland Yard is planning to release a computerized sketch of a possible person of interest in the case.

Former prosecutor Wendy Murphy joined America’s News Headquarters to discuss the development.

"I’m not buying it. I think this is more PR than anything," Murphy said. "I think this is all related to a civil suit now underway in Portugal."

The McCanns sued the former police chief for defamation because he wrote a tell-all book.

Alisyn pointed out that the McCanns claim the Portuguese police never took the case seriously.

in Fox News Insider, 10 October 2013

(courtesy of Roisin)

Alisyn Camerota (news anchor) - Investigators are hoping that new information will help solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine McCann. She, of course, is the 3 year old British girl who disappeared while on vacation more than 6 years ago. Now Scotland yard is planning to release a new computerized sketch that shows a possible suspect. Wendy Murphy is a former prosecutor and a child advocate. She joins us now. Hi Wendy.

Wendy Murphy (former child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor, now adjunct professor and trial and appellate attorney specializing in crime victims) - Good to be with you

Alisyn Camerota - Finally, finally six years later investigators are releasing a computerized sketch of who they call basically a person of interest, a suspect, that people saw around the vacation condo that night. What took them so long?

Wendy Murphy - Uh, I hope you don't mind if I duck that question because I'm not buying it. I mean I think this is more PR than anything... there's, in my opinion, no new suspect and there will never be a new suspect unless and until the parents answer questions. Remember Kate McCann, poor Madeleine's mom, refused to answer 48 questions...

Alisyn Camerota - (interrupting) ...Now Wendy when was that...

Wendy Murphy - ...and hired a team of lawyers right away ...Ah... this is important ... she hired lawyers right away, refused to answer 48 questions... Things like 'what did you see when you walked into the room where your child was supposed to be sleeping?' I mean I am so not interested in being dragged down a rabbit hole about fake suspects and I think this is all related to a civil suit now underway in Portugal. The McCanns sued the former police chief for defamation...

Alisyn Camerota - (Interrupting) ...because he wrote this book...this alleged tell-all book...

Wendy Murphy - Yes...

Alisyn Camerota - Wendy hold on let me tell you the other side of this because there is a lot of evidence on the side of the parents being completely innocent as well. They say that the Portuguese police never took the case seriously. They never did the kind of investigation that we certainly would have done here in the United States which is talking to other people at the vacation...at where they were vacationing in Portugal... Furthermore Kate and Gerry, the parents, have appealed to their country's Prime Minister, David Cameron for help on this investigation. Is that something you do if you are trying to stay under the radar and you feel guilty?

Wendy Murphy - Do you hire the nations biggest defence attorneys, PR firms and refuse to answer questions? The Portuguese police did a very good job and the PR, misinformation, especially in this country, is doing a disservice to this poor little girl who is dead, I believe, and has no voice. The libel suit currently under-way in Portugal is important because the McCanns sued that ex police chief claiming he lied about them in his book. Now Kate McCann wants to testify, in writing, because she does not want to submit to cross examination. I think this is all related to that and this whole 'we have a new suspect' thing is part of them again trying to distract attention from the fact that as parents of a missing, probably dead child what are you doing not answering questions? Please!

Alisyn Camerota - It's such a tough one... As you know this has gripped our country and Europe to try to find this little girl. When things like Elizabeth Smart put out a book and she's found, she comes home you still have hope that maybe Madeleine McCann is alive and can come home against all odds. Great to see you Wendy. Thanks so much for your theory.

McCanns and Met Police reply - 11 October 2013
via Jerry Lawton's tweets


  1. Wendy better watch herself, or she may find herself being sued for not believing in the McCann's. The interviewer is ok, it seems her brain washing is still intact.

  2. Excellent! Wendy Murphy has done a great service to us all in popping the McCanns' PR balloon. Let's hope this gets maximum exposure in the free media. People from outside the UK might not understand there is a complete media lockdown in the UK - nothing contrary to the McCanns can be said - hardly anyone in the UK knows for instance that Madeleine McCann is a ward of court...ie the McCanns no longer have legal parental responsibility for her.

  3. 'Dead little girls + Drugs = Suspicion of Child Porn' by Wendy Murphy http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/03/dead-little-girls-drugs-suspicion-of.html

  4. #1, no worries,
    I'm sure that W. Murphy, being a public prosecutor (hence a top lawyer) knows very well were she can or cannot step into...

    BRAVO to Wendy Murphy for telling it like it is!
    Loved to see the embarrassement and annoyement of the reporter, lo!

  5. bet this wont get seen on uk TV, sy must feel embarrassed this shows they aren't on the ball at all.

  6. Lots of people will have heard for the very first time about the McCann's hiring PR people, attorneys, refusing to answer questions etc. Many will now be looking at the files for themselves. Not a good day for the McCann's at all. Oh dear oh dear. Wonder if they'll be back on Oprah soon for some damage limitation?

  7. What a breath of fresh air this Wendy brings us! She doesn't hold it, does she? Bravo! This woman has balls (sorry Joana). This is what some Brits must see and hear. Now guys, when you write your comments in British newspapers (if you still dare, that is) don't forget to splash the link to this video. I will, though they never publish my comments.

  8. "The Portuguese police did a very good job" says former prosecutor Wendy Murphy. Kate and Gerry McCann probably wont like this either. I love it.

  9. Everybody on the board post this clip on your Facebook page.

  10. Thank you Wendy Murphy - if you ever read here. You have spoken for so many (especially in the UK who are afraid to speak for fear of being sued) who think and believe as you do. Thank you for having the courage to speak out on Fox News in support of a little girl with no voice.

  11. http://l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun.com/I_m_Not_Buying_It.html

  12. Will they rename CrimeWatch "CrimeWash"?

  13. Whoah, That was a bit unexpected- straight to the point- not to be silenced, Well done you Wendy. No one in the UK would dare speak as frank as that, I believe a fair amount of famous people don't buy into the McCann's version of events- sorry their version of a truth. And that is a shame really. What is the point in having freedom of speech if you don't use it- within reason.

    It would seem a lot of people involved in law, in some form, are a bit more savvy at looking at things objectively. How refreshing.

    MissTaken Identity

  14. I agree 13:35. We no longer live in a free speech society in Britain. We are sorely oppressed by the likes of the McCanns. We are certainly not allowed to go on Crimewatch and point out all the inconsistencies e.g.

    Regarding Oldfield's evidence does anyone find any contradiction between where he said he was standing when he viewed the twins (in the awful TV "reconstruction" orchestrated by the McCanns, where he states precisely where he was in relation to the bedroom) and his rogatory statement (which claimed that he could seem them breathing - which from the point where he was standing must mean he could see them breathing through the mesh sides from that angle and in darkness or semi darkness...presumably they had discarded their bedding despite it being a cold night ) - truly remarkable.

  15. I cant believe the difference in attitude between Wendy Murphy and SY,We must ask ourselves why.
    Why is SY not using the dogs information
    Why are they not pursuing all the tapas.
    Why are they allowing G K access to the investigations,
    What has G K got on all these people that have them running around like lap dogs
    Why do the MC think they are above all others and not answer 48questions that interrupted the search for Maddie in the very early stages.
    This has got to be all Masonic influence and there is something very big behind it.
    Mark my work the PM is pushing for closure because GM is waiting in the wings to minister of Health Service, theres been a whisper for a long time, that this is what GM wants and what the PM has promised. Wait and see, so the pressure is on SY to get closure, find a patsy and its done and dusted.
    Portugul is the only one one with the power to haul those two back in and reopen the investigation, KM should not have been release without answering those vital questions. Thankyou Dr Amaral for all you are doing, and I know you have had a lot of personal suffering over this, god bless you and keep fighting.
    Portugal you must protect your good name, open this case NOW please.

  16. Wendy Murphy doesn't pull any punches, she defended the Portuguese investigation from the beginning. This is the behaviour of your typical American interviewer with regard to this case, she says there is a lot of evidence on the side of the parents being completely innocent and what is this evidence? "The parents say"

    This interviewer has been briefed on how to deal with responses that deviate from the story that is being promoted. When Wendy Murphy mentions that Kate McCann didn't answer the 48 questions the interviewer replies "when was that." She knows when that was, but she wanted Wendy Murphy to say 2007 so that she could say that it's old news and no longer relevant. Then there is that chuckle when she mentions that the parents wouldn't have gone to Mr. Cameron if they had anything to hide. The chuckle is meant to ridicule what Wendy Murphy is saying to the public.

  17. sorry joana a bit of track but the wife or girlfriend of the tv producer Jeremy wrote an article on what happened, and said all the men came down together to dinner first, I thought Kate and Gerry went down to gether, maybe its a lie. I will try to find the link.

  18. Kates wants to give evidence in writing because she doesn't want to be cross examined...............am I reading this correct, she either gives evidence verbally or not at all, what is she afraid of one may ask.

  19. I am wondering about where these "revelation" moments keep appearing from - I have no doubt that this case will be closed forever shortly.

    I wonder ...have they managed to piece the jigsaw so they can put a case together feasible enough to clear the parents.. and at the same time close all doors on any further debate - in fact what would be better for the McCann's than to do so...and in a way that will leave them in a position to get back at all the people who have commented on the case via blogs, websites, etc.
    Have these last six years been about making sure that they have received all the 3rd party information - checked on all the relevant people in positions at the resort that could prove any conclusion they were about to execute to be wrong.
    Have they know reached a position where they have traced everyone around the resort.. and can know finally execute their plan - knowing their is little chance if any for it to be questioned or proved wrong via a third parties statement/photo etc?

    May I suggest another scenario we may be heading towards.
    In the early stages of this investigation, I believe there may have been a yacht /bout owned.... that was in a marina where the owner was having to be traced for payment of mooring fees ? ( maybe some others here can elaborate on the detail) - we know that there had been visions regarding boats that were passed on that Kate wanted following, In fact did she not visit a marina taking photos etc ? - we have had the Victoria Beckham lookalike....also the conversations reported of something suspicious been witnessed in a nearby bar to the marina.. by one of those many "professional" people!
    Remember the one who had been drinking but wasn't drunk that Dave Edgar so fantastically questioned and reported in his press meeting with Clarence Mitchell and the many bewildered journalists.

    It does make you wonder if over the coming months whether something will be discovered out at sea by a team of divers has the jigsaw pieces start slotting into place ....
    The real question is have all these fragmented pieces been deliberately put out there ready for the coming conclusion that will tie them all?

    Are they going to link a person heading out from the resort to the marina - Will there be a witness who owns a boat that was anchored off the coast who spotted another boat with strange activity going on aboard ...has it was heading hastily away.

    pt1 of 2

  20. Did these "people" on a yacht/boat who will soon be bought forward as part of the "revelation" moment...... spot something been thrown overboard this other boat...something like a bundle - but at the time nothing was considered strange by them.
    Is that bundle or part of it soon to be discovered?
    Over the last six years have we had all the various sightings put together purposely to create parts of the jigsaw... leaving the missing piece/s to be slotted in once they had systemically established that the story could not be broken,... i.e. somebody/something coming forward with information that could have blown it all out the water.

    Has the last six years been about systematically collecting all photo information - going to the various countries of people who had been on holiday in the resort area to ensure that nothing was going to come out that could destroy the end game so to speak - which had been carried out all in the guise of the search.
    Has the final piece of the jigsaw reached its moment.....its an illuminating thought is it not ?

    It should be apparent to anyone who has followed this case that the power of people in the cover up is huge - wealthy, influential and extremely well connected - you could even say the type that can afford yachts.
    Anyway that aside it is a certain that this is the last chance on the closing of this case for the McCann's ....and I believe it will be some kind of scenario such as above that will be concluded if not a substitute living Madeleine that will be discovered Later.
    We have come to far now in this case for there to be any backtracking from the establishment/ authorities involved.. and the consequence of such would be to horrendous for them to even contemplate at this late stage..a certainly with the players involved and countries institutions.

    Pt2 of 2

  21. quote"But Scotland Yard has stressed its new hunt for Madeleine #McCann is `entirely separate' to parents' £1m libel action"

    Yes, that may be the case, however we the "UK public" were told that the out come would not be made public - welllllllllllll blow me down.. shush now don't tell anyone anything anymore!!

    I truly want to believe that SY are not happy about the public furore surrounding the MSM "INTRUSION".

    Quote "spokesman Clarence Mitchell says couple `will not dignify' ex-US prosecutor's comments with a response",


    Indeed, and they also didn't say they would sue her either.

    Now see they know the circle is decreasing. They are up against a HUGE experienced law investigator- she wasn't munching sardine sandwiches at all!!

    Wendy knows full well , as we all do, that without an actual confession from someone- or young maddie being 'found' covered in someone else's DNA, then there will be no arrests-convictions. Because and I mean BECAUSE if it were based on circumstantial evidence then I would expect the parents to be arrested.

    charged with:
    Child abuse/neglect
    Lying about their where abouts on the night- ever changing versions of who and where, when.
    Misleading the public re- distance/back yard story- shutters jemmied un-jemmied- doors unlocking -locking. It goes on and on.

    Misleading Leveson inquiry re: press intrusion- it was they who invited the press ON THAT NIGHT... (note: no one knows why they were invited: because their phones were not hacked!!!)
    Setting up a fund and procured money from the public to 'find Maddie' only to find out it was not to find her, but to pay bills and legal fees, travel expenses. (their daughter was a terrible inconvenience- going missing like that!).

    Let's not forget the impact of maddie's disappearance has caused her parents. sorry loving parents,
    Ruined their holiday
    Affected their sex lives
    Their financial situation
    pushed them reluctantly into celebrity ism
    Forced them to constantly leave the twins to go all around the world to look for her.....

    What would a 'found' Madeliene say to her parents?

    Miss Taken Identity

  22. The only reason I can think of why Kate and Gerry would keep shoving themselves in he public eye after they disposed of their daughter is because they know her body will never be found. They know that because they did such a good job of getting rid of it. Somebody needs to stop these two liars.

  23. Wendy Murphy seems to be another shining beacon for truth - it helps restore my faith in people. At last we are getting people coming through in the media who can see this case for what it is....a huge cover up ...no worse... its not just a case hiding the truth but a deliberate strategy to tell a complete lie about the true events of what really happened to Madeleine McCann an innocent child.

    I have lost faith with some who declare that they are defending the truth - the Blacksmith Bureau is one. It is no good to anyone trying to call anyone who identifies the political interference in this case has unfounded or the ramblings of cranks.

    I am at a loss for words at why intelligent people refuse to accept the truth of what is going on and aiming the faults of this case at just the parents is wrong - the case has become far more than that alone, and anyone who will still not accept that truth are part of the problem ....not the cure.

    Stating the obvious is not courageous nor the works of any self respecting journalist - but the ramblings of people who are still refusing to accept the truth of this case.
    I am sorry if that offends anyone but I have read at that blog many times and although there is much there that is true ...it seems they still will not accept what is obvious and leaves me personally in a state of frustration.

    I have no doubt that they read here so I ask them to look again at this case and explain in better detail how they are arriving at such stupid conclusions that there is no conspiracy or political interference.....maybe because they two realise that people who they have side-lined has cranks are the ones who have hit closet to what is really afoot here, or maybe they are scared of the like of carter ruck and are not prepared to stick the neck out for the truth to be exposed.

    When I see the stress that has been put on Goncalo Amaral (albeit through interviews) and his family, children, friends it leaves me upset and angry. They have feelings too and are on the side of what is right, true and with peoples welfare at heart.

    I am inspired by Goncalo Amarals strength and pray that more people get behind this Great Man .....most people would have been finished by now and I doubt whether he will ever truly recover for what has been set against him .....please people of Portugal see him for the National Hero he is and celebrate what a fantastic Portuguese man you have.

    I hope you will post this Joana ...it is truly how I feel ...and although the Blacksmith Bureau has been positive in many respects .....it still will not face up to the true conspiracy that this case is ...possibly because they are to scared to accept they have been partly conned to.
    I am not attacking them ..more pity there blindness.


  24. British press full on assault for mcscams today crimewash in tsunami mode.

  25. Guerra, spot on! The interviewer was very clearly trying to defend the McCann couple. But good of Wendy, she would have none of it!

  26. Can't wait when this "pedophiles company" get behind the bars. "Tapas 10" is still is so quiet.

  27. Hi Joanna, I am poster no 17 the link to that piece by Bridget O'Donnel is on McCann Files
    We had booked a table for two at Tapas and were placed next to the Doctors' regular table. One by one, they started to arrive. The men came first. Gerry McCann started chatting across to Jes about tennis. Gerry was outgoing, a wisecracker, but considerate and kind, and he invited us to join them. We discussed the children. He told us they were leaving theirs sleeping in the apartments. While they chatted on, I ruminated on the pros and cons of this. I admired them, in a way, for not being paranoid parents, but I decided that our apartment was too far off even to contemplate it. Our baby was too young and I would worry about them waking up.
    My phone rang as our food arrived; our baby had woken up. I walked the round trip to collect him from the kiddie club, then back to the restaurant. He kept crying and eventually we left our meal unfinished and walked back again to the club to fetch our sleeping daughter. Jes carried her home in a blanket. The next night we stayed in. .
    The whole article is worth a read, so Gerry and kate did not go down to dinner together it seems

  28. It appears SY have now significantly changed the timeline.To suit who or whom? Based on what..... the PJ files? I doubt it. Can SY be so stupid? Rule out the Tapas lot first, before trying to fit up some dodgy people that were in Luz at the time. It is beyond belief that this is happening, or is it? The Police lied and cheated the victims of Hillsborough ina massive cover up, involved in phone hacking etc for the rotten papers. SY are now there to facilitate the powers that be to close this crime, and the truth is the last thing that is wanted. Its truly shocking and smells as rotten as the day it started. The truth is with the Tapas lot. Its too late for the truth as the powers that be have to protect themselves and closure is needed. Its embarrassing, cringing even at this stage that its such a set up and a farce.

  29. OK.... STOP!! the truth...another version of the truth is out. are you sitting down?
    it is being reported that a different timeline has been done! omg you couldn't make it up- well apparently you can.

    This is what is being reported all over todays papers in the UK.
    New timeline can produce new witnesses- Germans??
    ALSO REPORTED: the dead paedophile was in the area 4+4=8 or concatenated 4+4=44
    See, all solved Maddie will be home for xmas. Now then Jane about this abductor...

    Bejeeus you win a war and then they come and steal your kids!

    I would like my timeline to be considered: Miss Scarlet -in the Library-kissing Colonel Mustard- whilst at the same time- fighting with Mrs White in the Hall. ahhhhhhhhhh Quantum physics - they know it makes sense!
    So there you have it a new timeline, a new country, a new set of players for a mini movie and wheyyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyy you get *innocent parents*
    Job Done!

    Miss Taken Identity

  30. Os McCanns perderam a boa hora de terem ficado quietos. Se tivessem ficado, não estariam na situação em que se encontram agora.

  31. Blacksmith is either in denial or he has an agenda. If Mr. Redwood, Mr. Cameron and the McCanns were caught in the bush in the Algarve unearthing a body, Blacksmith would say that Redwood and Cameron were tricked, that they thought they were helping the McCanns plant potatoes.

    Savile was able to sexually abuse minors for years without anyone doing anything about it. I suspect that the reason no action was taken until after his death was because he had firsthand knowledge about the sordid activities of some influential people. This could possibly be the reason why such extraordinary efforts have been taken to whitewash what happened in the Algarve.

  32. what a relief to know that wendy murphy has spoken ,,, this together with the news that teresa may has made it possible for tough u.s. cops such as bill bratton the former new york and LA chief to come to the uk...she said it will bring fresh thinking into our policing and I hope to ask some embarrasing questions about kate and gerry which our sy will find hard to answer,,

  33. further to 30 i am reminded hopefully of a old flemish saying ...now comes the cat in the yard

  34. Congratulations to Wendy Murphy ,the first influential person to say it as it.I hope she continues to speak out in the hope that this charade can end.The Mcanns have been protected ,which means there is something very sinister behind all of this,Time for the truth to come out ,and it will..The deck of cards is starting to tremble .just like The Macanns.Cant wait for the collapse...

  35. Surely the Portuguese aren't going to take this hogwash. All that went before was pure lies. They have their version of the truth now to suit an abduction. Again we have to take this is to be believed while the McCann's are fighting a libel case with the main police inspector that we are to take had done sweet Fanny Adams investigating the crime at the time. This lot have nothing on Gestapo tactics. With that many children in recent weeks dying at the hands of evil parents while the authorities ignored all the signs. Once again I will state that no matter how this tosh is painted to suit events. THE MCCANN'S WERE COMPLICIT IN THE HARM DONE TO THEIR DAUGHTER MADELEINE BETH MCCANN. Do no pass go, do not collect £1m quid, go straight to jail and take all that bunch of excuses for human being friends with you.

    Come on Portugal fight for a little girl that went on holiday and didn't go home.

  36. I can't believe that we are about to hear the truth. After a long time of doubting about everything, I believe now that the Metropolitan police will tell us what happened : exactly what the PJ said, ages ago. Mitchell can not say it is lost in translation.
    I hope for details. I wonder what "revelation moment" means in Maddie's case. Could it be that they have found her body and the complete autopsy took 6 months? Every little detail? Will arrests be made and did they happen already and were they filmed?
    Gerry lost a terrible lot of weight. Scared, isn't he?

  37. #mccann e-fits just released pic.twitter.com/KEwMc2AtsC

    image https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BWepN79CQAA8XKe.jpg:large

  38. Have just seen the e-fit pictures. The guy on the left resembles Gerry McCann.

  39. It seems that the purpose of the new e-fits and new time line is only to discredit the PJ investigation in the minds of the UK public who are not aware ot the facts of the original witness statements made by T9 and the Smiths. Already news readers are making casual remarks discrediting the PJ purely out of ignorance and this must stop.

    The PJ and their evidence will stand firm based on the statements given to them. If the McCanns have lied about the timeline then it throws into question all their integrity and they would have obstructed justice IMO.

  40. Lies, lies, lies!

    I am ashamed to be British tonight.

    Our only hope now is Amaral in the libel trial. May the gods smile on his endeavours. The cause of truth in the UK seems to have been trampled underfoot. Not one - not ONE - voice for truth in the whole of the UK media.

  41. I hope someone can help me here, It's been a long time since I've looked at anything to do with this case, but I'm sure there was a similar case in the US where the parents acted like the McCanns in public, and were eventually caught on tape discussing the child's death and the part they played in it. Does anyone remember what case that was?

  42. Desperately sad. I think the Portuguese Police have been so unfairly criticised as it appears that the McCanns and their friends were not open and honest with the Police. Kate refused to answer questions, they alledgely refused access to their mobile phone records or medical records, did not explain a lot of differences in timelines, etc, etc. The new timetime is odd. Weren't we told that Kate and Gerry checked on their children every half hour yet now we are being told that perhaps Madeleline disappeared between 8 and 10:30 when Kate made her check on the children?

    I do not know what happened to poor Madeleine but so many questions are left unanswered and when we see programmes on the seach/investigations regarding Madeleine, so many important questions are never,ever asked by the journalists!! Bizarre.

  43. @41 JonBenet Ramsey's parents? There have been since then, unfortunately, in the past 6 years plenty of parents hiding in the limelight. Once they start they have to keep going, but this case is unprecedented, particularly for those big names, public figures and what not, that have helped this couple evade justice.

  44. Today with all the press and media churning out utter utter BS, which no one believes yet they have to do, to protect that cold couple who actually give me the creeps, makes me sick to the stomach. Just who is they know to allow the circus to go on and on, Scotland Yard i once looked up to you as a honest police force infact the best in the world, now i just think you are a joke not only a joke you have made yourselve's a laughing stock to the world, how can anyone ever take you series ever again after this charade??

  45. the guy in the picture on the right looks a lot like me ...shall i call crimewatch?

  46. Ahead of its broadcast, Mrs McCann said: "We're not the ones that have done something wrong here.

    "It's the person who's gone into that apartment and taken a little girl away from her family."

    Priceless Kate! Of course you didn't do anything wrong, dear. It's perfectly all right to leave three children alone, closed in one hotel room, in a foreign country, at night! It's perfectly all right to lie to the police! It's perfectly all right to refuse to answer police questions even if it jeopardizes the investigation! It is perfectly all right to set up a company, sorry, fund to psychologically blackmail honest people to give you money to pay for your bills! It is also all right to Carter Ruck here and there anyone who dares to have a different opinion on the disappearance of Madelaine! And, of course it is perfectly all right to sue the only policeman who tried to help find your daughter, just because he wrote something that only you and your husband know if it is true. Who do you think you are fooling, Mrs McCann?

  47. Kate's book - page 57
    Tennis was Tuesday May 1st
    Page 67
    Gerry left just before 6.
    I was drying the kids and putting twins nappies on .
    She describes them in pjs with milk and buscuits. Then she has a shower. At 6.40 she is drying herself when a knock on patio door from David Payne. She wraps herself in a towel and greets him

    If Crimewash doesn't depict what Kate says in her book, ask WHY!

  48. I bet they'll shoot themselves in the foot lots of times tonight on Crimewatch !

  49. according to BBC World, the man of the e-fit was seen in town (Luz?)

  50. what we are about to receive is a blubbering K and a Snotty nosed GM, confident they have got away with their involvement in this case. ^ years has passed, catch me if you can attitude of Gerry shows his confidence in that Madeliene will never be found, The time line is wrong, new witnesses why cant Portugal open the case now.They said when there was new evidence...a new timeline now that could be dodgy.. Come on Portugal you are about to suffer at the hands of the mcs once more and your people will suffer. Meanwhile this case will be put to bed , the mcs cleaned and GM becomes a politician

  51. according to the daily telegraph this morning british police chiefs are strongly resisting the bringing in of foreign police to be promoted to top jobs here

  52. Well spotted @#38. I placed my hand over mouth and nose of that e-fit and I certainly found a resemblance.

    I concur with all that was said by #46, I was horrified when I read this. I stated in an earlier thread that this behaviour was disgraceful and it is one of the reasons I dislike this couple. Absolving themselves- distancing themselves from any blame, responsibility for the fate of their daughter. I note that Kate n Gerry have gone back to using the term 'little girl is missing' and not 'our daughter' I believe this is a psychological move to:
    1. distance themselves from being involved in wrong doing.
    2 To place a thought in peoples minds that it could have been YOUR child ( to evoke sympathy)
    (remember the out burst from Gerry- like sitting in your own back garden- and every one in Britain does it). Damage limitation? reputation management.

    It should be told to the public that TM& TAPAS CREW had not once, but 3 opportunities to get their timeline accurate. and on those occasions change them again! They also had 3 opportunities to do a reconstruction- they declined.
    So what does that tell you SY? and then you have:" it wasn't our fault". OMG PATHETIC!

    @31 You believe in a political conspiracy? I am more inclined to accept that the TM PR did a great job in con-vincing many that their daughter was stolen from her bed while they sat in the back garden- like all British people do, and that they are ALL innocent of EVEYTHING.
    I am smiling about the Blacksmith having an agenda- wonder what that would be? I enjoy reading that blog. Like myself, he has not put forward a theory, but I am sure he is not convinced about a stranger abduction from the bed. And he has been a supporter of Dr Amaral .

    Miss Taken Identity

  53. I've been looking at the recent article in the Daily Mirror (via the McCann files). At one point it says: "Gerry returned at 9.15pm and all three children were asleep. The window and blinds were closed, but the door to the room seemed more open than when he had left."

    "At around 9.20pm a friend from the McCanns' group was going to her apartment when she saw a man carrying a child."

    That has to be Jane Tanner's sighting...

    Is this DCI Redwoods "revelation" moment? I think the new narrative is going to be that Jane Tanner couldn't have made her check at the time she originally claimed. How they explain away her statements to the police and the sketch etc I don't know but moving her check to 9.20 removes a lot of difficulties.

  54. The Irishman said that the man carrying the child was Gerry McCann and I believe ONLY him.


  55. Further to my previous post, here's my prediction for tonight's Crimewatch programme:

    Gerry makes his check at 9.05 and meets Jez Wilkins. Neither of them saw Jane Tanner because she didn't pass them. Tanner's check is actually slightly later than she remembers. The two men she passed weren't Gerry and Jez but two lookalikes (it *was* dark that night). It also explains why they didn't acknowledge her. They deliberately ignored her so making her identification of them more difficult. She then sees Bundleman and the narrative resumes along the lines we know.

    The Smith family didn't see Gerry but the lookalike that Jane has seen. Because Tanner's sighting is pushed back to a later time, it means it can be tied in to the Smith sighting more easily.

    Gerry has alibis pinning him to the Tapas bar so he's not the man the Smiths saw.

    If you believe in the abduction theory then we have two, possibly three men involved in the kidnap (the paedophile gang). If you believe Madeleine died in the apartment then the men seen by Tanner were responsible for taking the body away.

    Well that's my prediction for tonight... I'm really curious to see what is shown.

  56. @52
    what do you make of this

    There's much more than this here ...it may raise a few questions for you.

    Can I ask ..Do you think that this case is been orchestrated by just Gerry Kate family and friends .....I don't think you can really believe that ....please don't tell me you do !

    Look at the requests made to the Home office for basic information and the responses received!

    Do you think Goncalo was lying about the political pressure that was been applied or are you just defending the bits you want to?

    there's much more I could go into but feel its better you look for yourself - It blatant absolutely blatant.

    o dear it seems many are blind to what's afoot.


  57. To: Miss Taken Identity

    Mr. Blacksmith gets his dander up when anyone talks about political interference. When Mr. Amaral talks about the role of politicians in protecting this couple Mr. Blacksmith carefully chooses his words to dismiss Mr. Amaral’s belief, when an anonymous person expresses the same belief Mr. Blacksmith resorts to insults. The only reason I commented on Blacksmith was in response to a comment posted by Mojo; it doesn’t matter to me what Blacksmith thinks or whether he has an agenda or not; I really don’t care. That aside, I do have strong suspicions about the behaviour of certain people who have commented on this case. It seems that the primary objective of certain individuals is to defend the British government and to describe their involvement in this affair as being purely innocent. For me there have been too many coincidences to ignore, coincidences that indicate that people conspired, i.e. worked together to achieve a particular result. The most flagrant incidents that indicate that people worked together to protect this couple are British politicians accompanying the McCanns to the European Parliament and this Scotland Yard review / investigation.

    If you remember, the Portuguese police were given a date by British authorities when Mr. Rebelo and colleagues could travel over to England to interrogate the McCann’s friends. On the very day that Mr. Rebelo travels to England the McCanns, still “arguidos” in the case, travel to the European parliament flanked by British politicians, to take credit for a child welfare initiative that they had nothing to do with.

    Mrs. McCann wrote a letter to Mr. Cameron which was made public in the Sun newspaper requesting that Mr. Cameron initiate a review of the case. Mrs. McCann received an affirmative response by Mr. Cameron, once again in the Sun newspaper, on the eve of her book release in Britain. What followed was inspector Redwood, in charge of Operation Grange, doing the rounds of the morning talk shows reiterating that the McCanns were not suspects. It’s rather strange that he would have to tell the public that the McCann couple are not suspects when they were the ones who asked for the review. Then followed the documentary in which Mr. Redwood played the starring role. Aided by some timely and leading questions by reporters Mr. Redwood let us know his disregard for the original Portuguese investigation not by what he said but what he didn’t say. And then you have the Home Secretary Teresa May in August one month before the libel trial requesting judicial assistance from the Portuguese. And this media blitz which has coincided with the Amaral trial is now building to a crescendo with this reconstruction which seeks to contradict what is found in the case files.

    If you wish to believe that good PR can get politicians and police to drum to your beat, that’s fine, but then you must believe that there are a lot of stupid people governing and policing England.

  58. I actually think a couple of the 'The Daily Mail' reporters have tried to make points that sneak through the McCann censorship. Yesterday, one pointed out that it was the British Police who went over to Portugal who first raised the issue of Madeleine dying in the apartment and it being a cover-up by the parents and included some of the reasons behind this accusation. Today, another reporter stated that the Martin Smith witness statement and resulting e-fit must be doubtful, as he originally thought it was GM that he'd seen carrying the child that night and Scotland Yard had said GM wasn't under investigation. That at least makes people aware of the original statement and to check who one e-fit looks like.

  59. @58
    agreed however ....the questions should be why is any journalist having to sneak anything in ? why cant they report the facts? why not report what the official files say ? what is behind the control of all media ?
    The irony is that running parallel to this case is the debate about the freedom of the press !
    so where is it ?

    its all an illusion the press, media in the UK is a propaganda machine for the elite ...as they say at the top ..they ALL pi55 in the same pot.


  60. Well done Wendy - at last someone with the guts to say it as it is!! Well done!!

  61. 27
    Why would two parents, known to be doctors, risk telling other diners that they had just left three children under the age of four, alone in the apartment? It would only make sense to do this if the McCanns were deliberately concealing something, letting others know the 'three' children were still in the apartment, when this may not have been the case at all.
    Surely this can't be the case?


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