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Gerry McCann unable to testify for a second time

Gerry McCann arrives to court with sister Trish Cameron, September 27, 2013

Gerry McCann was unable to testify for a second time. Judge will decide until the 10th of the current month if Gerry McCann will be able to testify or not.
Trish Cameron, Gerry McCann's sister, testified.
Mrs. Healy tried to testify but was unable because Isabel Duarte, the McCanns lawyer, had already given up her as witness. Eduardo Dâmaso will testify in the afternoon.

CMTV, 2 October 2013

Video Transcript

News anchor, Andreia - Let's now go back to the trial that is taking place in Lisbon. The Civil action that opposes Gerry McCann to the inspector, to the former Judiciary Police inspector [Gonçalo Amaral]. We're watching him exiting. Magali Pinto, we were watching then Gerry McCann exiting.

Magali Pinto - Precisely Andreia, it's an hectic moment. Gerry McCann has just exited Pálacio da Justiça in Lisbon, he is now walking towards the car, and he didn't have a chance to testify today in court. In fact, everything seemed to be scheduled so he could testify today to the judge at Pálacio da Justiça. He, himself had asked to testify in this court session however the judge did not grant that request, stating she has a deadline until the 10th of October [to decide], therefore today it wasn't the moment where Gerry McCann was able to testify. During the morning session it was Gerry McCann's eldest sister who testfied and reported only about the moments when Gonçalo Amaral's book, 'the Truth of The Lie', had been published and spoke about the way Kate and Gerry reacted to that book. She said they were very upset with the fact that book defended a thesis in which Madeleine McCann was already dead and that the parents had tried to conceal her body. Indeed, the McCann couple ask for a compensation of 1,2 million euros for damages, they claim they were defamed in the book 'Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira' [The Truth of the Lie], and it is that that is in question here at Pálacio da Justiça in Lisbon. For the second time Gerry McCann came to testify, the truth is that request wasn't accepted yet by the judge. Gonçalo Amaral's defence lawyer [Vítor Santos Oliveira] reacted to Gerry McCann not being able to testify, according to him Gerry McCann's statements aren't that important to this process, a process for defamation, since the McCann couple guarantees and defends the thesis that their daughter was abducted on the 3rd of May of 2007 opposing what is in the book that states that Madeleine was already dead and that the couple concealed her body.

Other media

«Gerry McCann's sister has given evidence in Lisbon against a former police chief accused of making allegations about the disappearance of his daughter, Madeleine.

[Previously- Gerry McCann and his sister have given evidence in Lisbon against a former police chief accused of making allegations about the disappearance of his daughter, Madeleine]

The McCanns say former detective Goncolo Amaral is hindering the search for Madeleine after publishing a book which claimed they hid their daughter's body after faking her abduction.» Sky News, Oct. 2 2013

«Gerry McCann was present at a hearing in Lisbon's Palace of Justice
His family is suing Goncaro Amaral over book The Truth of the Lie (...) Gerry McCann is seeking to testify in the family's libel case against Goncaro Amaral, who published a book about the three-year-old's disappearance. Mr McCann and his wife Kate are seeking £1million in damages from the former detective, claiming his allegations caused them extreme anguish and hindered the search for Madeleine, who vanished from a hotel room in the Algarve in May 2007.» Daily Mail, Oct. 2 2013

«Mrs Cameron, whose voice cracked as she described the effect Mr Amaro's book had had on her family, said: "They were vilified in this book so their distress was multiplied 100 times. (...)

"Kate was in a very low mood, she was not coping with daily things," she said.

"She was doing solitary things, almost like torturing herself, out running long, long distances by herself.

"She was going to church and praying on a daily basis, and she was sleeping for a long time too.

"She wouldn't go out socially at all, she would not go to a shop.

"We had to help with practical things like the shopping and cooking and looking after the children to help her."

She said the effects of the book were worse than when the McCanns were made arguidos, or formal suspects.

"This was a different thing. It was much more conclusive and demonising them, dehumanising them, saying they did not care for their children, that they were responsible.

"It makes it out that they weren't truthful and they have been villified and it's very hard to turn round opinion about them that has been so widely spread."

She told the court the Portuguese people had "turned against" the McCanns, adding: "Maybe people like a solution and an end to things, they were fed up with the McCanns, they wanted them to go away, but they weren't going away. They still had a missing child.

"This perhaps gave people a conclusion, but it's not the right conclusion, it's all lies."

Mrs Cameron said her brother had been jeered at in the street when he returned to Portugal in April 2009, and was advised to hire security.

He and wife Kate only started going out socialising in the last year or two, she said, but are more comfortable in people's houses "where they are not being watched or scrutinised".

And she said the effects of the family's demonisation had continued, taking its toll on twins Sean and Amelie.

Asked if the twins knew about the book and the TV programme, she said: "Last week Amelie came in from school and said some people had been talking about it.

"She said that people were talking about them at school, and that it was not all good things that had been said.

"In the past Sean has come in and said to Gerry, 'Daddy are you famous?'

"Gerry said, 'why are you asking that?', and he said because a boy at school had seen him on the television.

"Gerry continued doing what he was doing and said, 'no I'm not famous, it's because your sister is missing'.» Mirror, Oct. 2 2013

«She told the court: "My brother and sister-in-law live in purgatory because they have no end and they are looking for the truth.

"They would like an end but there is no end because they don't know what's happened."

The McCanns say the former detective's claims in the book The Truth Of The Lie, including suggestions that they hid their daughter's body after she died in an accident and faked an abduction, damaged the hunt for Madeleine and exacerbated her family's anguish.

If successful in the legal action, brought against him, his publisher, and the makers of the documentary, the family stands to gain around £1 million in damages.(...) Kate McCann's mother Susan Healy was also due to give evidence today but it emerged that the McCanns' lawyer Isabel Duarte had dismissed all of her English-speaking witnesses other than Mrs Cameron, but forgotten the request amidst the confusion of the case.

She asked today to call Ms Healy but the request was declined by judge Maria Emilia Melo e Castro. (...) Mr Amaral, the detective who initially led the inquiry into her disappearance, was removed from the Portugese investigation in October 2007 after criticising the British police.

He has also applied to give evidence at the trial and is awaiting a decision. » Independent, Oct. 2 2013


Previous mentions of Purgatory by the McCanns in the media attributed to other causes
thanks to spotters Jeanne d' Arc and bestbefore from the MCF

«They say they almost decided against going to the tapas restaurant opposite their apartment in Praia da Luz, but opted not to take the children to another restaurant, the Millennium, because of the distance.

Gerry says: “I think the worst thing is we kind of almost thought about not going and ... did. We weren’t sure we were going to get into the tapas.”

And Kate adds: “In fact we were all ... going to go up to the Millennium again – that was with the kids – which is what we did the first night.

“It was just, it was just because the walk was so long and we didn’t have a buggy and the kids were tired by that time and I thought we were, you know we did talk about going up to the Millennium that night.”

In the two-hour documentary, which charts the McCanns’ campaign for an EU-wide missing child alert system, Kate repeatedly breaks down in tears, while Gerry describes their current existence as being like “purgatory”.

And at one point, Kate contemplates “the thought of living like this for another 40 years”.

She also hints openly, for the first time, at a deal reportedly offered to her by police if she admitted accidentally killing Madeleine and staging an abduction.» - Madeleine, One Year On: Campaign For Change, directed by Emma Loach for ITV1, April 2008

«As the summer of 2008 approached, the investigation into Madeleine’s abduction remained classified and Gerry and I remained arguidos. It was like trying to lead our lives in purgatory. (...) At the end of June, Gerry and I made the difficult decision to take a break, It did not feel right at all to go on holidays without Maddeine, but fourteen unbelievably harrowing and stressful months had passed since she was taken and we were running on empty.» Kate McCann, in her book 'madeleine', pag.314, 2011

«Late April [2008]: In the run-up to the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, the McCanns give a series of television and radio interviews and speak of their year of "purgatory". » BBC, Madeleine McCann inquiry timeline, last updated 4 July 2013

«Kate McCann’s media purgatory. This week, Kate McCann’s book, Madeleine, detailing her terror and prolonged devastation around the mysterious disappearance of her 4-year-old daughter from a holiday resort in Portugal, hits shelves. But McCann herself, Christina Patterson wrote at The Independent, is stuck in a kind of purgatory. “She knows how this ravening beast [the media], with its 24-hour appetite, and need for fresh meat, even when there isn’t any, can chew you up, and spew you up. If she didn’t before, she certainly does now. But she has also held fast to the belief in the media as the path to salvation, and the path to a kind of heaven. And for the possibility of this path to heaven, she has come near to selling her soul.” Says Patterson, McCann seems to believe that reaching out to the media can bring her daughter back; it can’t.» Periscope, May 2011

And then, other media

Gonçalo Amaral and his lawyer Vitor Santos de Oliveira

«According to them [McCann], this book also adapted into a television documentary has hampered the search for Maddie. The family claims 1.25 million euros in compensation for the damages suffered by the accusations contained in this book.

I understand that this book could disrupt the lives of the McCann ... But it contains nothing new, nothing that has not already been published before. Why does the media persist with a single story?, protested to the press Vitor Santos Oliveira, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer.

Dropping his customary self-restraint, Mr Amaral, with a backpack on his shoulder, briefly answered reporters to tell them he really wants to speak at this process [trial].

I hope that the court will accept. I attend all the hearings, he said.»
AFP [Agence France-Presse] 2 Oct, 2013

On Eduardo Dâmaso, Deputy Editor of Correio da Manhã, statement - witness called by the accusation
Tweets by Daily Star chief crime reporter ‏@JerryLawton

Asked how #McCann libel trial was going Amaral said: "There's a saying in Portugal that you only give forecasts at the end of the game."

After trial adjourned Amaral reveals he, like Gerry #McCann, has applied to the judge to give evidence

Damaso: `I may have too much knowledge of the case but I believe the book doesn't bring any extraordinary revelations'. #McCann

Damaso: work of Amaral's police team was attacked `by everyone while the investigation was ongoing' #McCann

Damaso: "He (Amaral) wants to defend the work he did with seriousness." #McCann

Damaso said Amaral entitled to respond to criticism of the police investigation he ran into Madeleine's disappearance #McCann

Eduardo Damaso, dep ed of newspaper Correio da Manha, tells court Amaral book `legitimate defence' of former detective's reputation #McCann

*At some point in time Anne Guedes report from today's session will appear here

Final note on Law
translation by Astro

The new Civil Procedure Code introduces a new means of evidence - the declarations by a party - in which the party itself [case of Gerry McCann and/or Gonçalo Amaral], on its own initiative, may request, until the start of oral allegations at first instance [closing arguments], to make a statement about facts in which the party intervened personally or of which the party has direct knowledge. The party that makes a statement is subject to the duty of cooperation and truth, which means that it must reply to everything that is asked, to submit to any necessary inspections and to provide everything that is requested from the party. The questioning of the party that makes a statement is led by the Judge, and the lawyers may only ask for clarifications. If, in its statements, the party confesses to any fact, that confession is valued in the files and with due effects, which is to say it is irreversible and has full probative force [it is considered evidence]. In the absence of a confession, the statements by the party are freely valued by the Court. in O “novo” Código de Processo Civil, newsletter by PLMJ lawyers, July 2013


  1. What game is Duarte play????? she must know the rules of a Portugal court.

  2. bonjour à tous,
    merci joana de nous tenir au courant de ce qui se passe au tribunal.
    est-ce une bonne chose pour Monsieur Amaral que le juge ait reporté l'audition de Gerry mac Cann ???
    j'espère de tout cœur que tout aille pour le mieux pour l'ex inspecteur !

  3. "In the past Sean has come in and said to Gerry, 'Daddy are you famous?''

    Now why might that be, since we are talking in the recent past, a few weeks may be.

    > Madelein's disappearance, whilst home alone with her brother & sister
    > The general level of investigation and ambiguity. The shelving
    > Leveson inquiry
    > Sun's splash until the MET did a two year Review, leading to a full investigation
    > Other high profile ''awareness'
    > Jim Gambles viral message
    > Madeleine ... the book written by Kate
    > Serialization in the Sun of the most ''interesting bits'' !!
    > etc etc etc

    No, none of those things. Just a book written by a professional on the investigation team, in Portuguese, published in English on the internet if you can find it.

    This, is the only thing that makes tongues wag and come to the ears of children.

    Really !!



    "Eu sou o Dr.Gerald McCann, cidadão do extincto Império Britânico e venho aqui a este cafundó da Civilização Ocidental, a esta nossa ex-colónia (tosse!) por minha decisão e livre arbítrio. Deu-me na bolha!"

    "Exijo ser imediatamente acomodado e ouvido, como mandam as regras da submissão e vassalagem ao Império do qual sou cidadão!" Tosse e pensa: "Sou Escocês mas ninguém precisa saber disso. De resto pelo sim pelo não, trago sempre a minha saia de "tartan" na malinha."

    A propósito, trata-se de uma malinha de cabine (tipo dispendioso como convém) mas bem mais pequena do que aquela que aparece nas fotos da PJ. No problema!

    Enfim, ficamos todos a espera de ouvir mais em termos de introdução mas não, é tudo. O Mau-Cano volta a tossir e parece cuspir para o lado onde esta sentado o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral que olha para a Juíza com um ar melindrado. A juíza condescende, sorri e introduz-se:

    "Seja Bem-vindo! Eu sou a Juiza Melo e Castro encarregada deste tribunal por ordem da Procuradoria Geral da Republica de Portugal - um pais independente desde 1139 ou 1179 - como lhe aprouver desconhecer." Aguarda qualquer reacção do "robot" mas niente, nem uma pálpebra. A juíza, reduz velocidade e continua em velocidade de passeio;

    "Apraz-me informar o estimado vassalo, Geraldo do Mau-Cano, que não e ainda hoje que vai ser ouvido - sorry!" A juíza parece falar Anglo-Bárbaro!

    "O Senhor tem de aprender a ter paciência!" Continua a juíza. "Arre! Não esta a lidar com um desses Tribunal Ingleses geridos pela Carter-Ruck! ENTENDE?"

    Disto isto, estende um bofetão na cara de Geraldo Mau-Cano! A audiência cochicha indignada! Um deles chega mesmo a "buar" e a acenar com um cachecol do Everton F.C. Fez mal! É imediatamente arrastado para fora da sala por dois seguranças com cara de poucos amigos.

    Entretanto um tipo surreal, barba por fazer, ar de arrumador, escarnece da "geral" em altos berros: "TOMA E VAI DECORAR!"

    Gerry parece estar a querer dizer a juíza: "Io no speakar, entendoer Portugás!" mas nao se consegue ouvir bem. O "arrumador" ri-se descontroladamente e caie da cadeira! Os seguranças de volta, aproximam-se. Esta sessão esta a virar uma farsa!

    A juíza ignora o burburinho, sorri diplomaticamente, condescende e, apresenta, uma sugestão a Geraldo do Mau-Cano. "Aproveite para um corta-mato - o tempo esta de feição!" comandando logo de seguida:

    :e "Diiiiispersar!"

    Mau-Cano, vermelho como um pepino, rabo entre as pernas, dispara para a saída a toque de "jogging". A malinha com rodinhas segue-o apressada, chiando por todos os lados.

    "Quem e o senhor que se segue?" Pergunta agora a Dra. Melo e Castro, enquanto, numa prestidigitação, volteia uma lapiseira vermelha por entre os dedos alongados. Mãos bonitas, unhas bem cuidadas, diga-se a propósito.

    Um escriba do canguru Rupert ("Sun") procura imita-la mas não consegue. A esferográfica salta-lhe das mãos e vai bater no olho esquerdo da Trisha - a irmã do cujo dito.

    Gonçalo Amaral parece ter achar o acidente divertido e não se contem. Santos e Oliveira olha na sua direção como para o admoestar :o

    A sessão continua sem o Mau-Cano. Foi pena. Diga-se o que se dizer, o homem tem talento e sobretudo um grande descaramento.

    :t Otelo - "Ao Vivo no Palácio da Justiça!" (o musical)

  5. Dr Amaral has every right to defend his good name, I didn't see the Mccanns distraught when they were rushing off to the US, on tv with Oprah, off to India on a sighting, travelling all over Europe, Taking credit for the amber alert, which was started by another. They loved the limelight, throwing parties at the famous restuarants, she wasn't to upset then to take part. If KM has felt suicidal then maybe it is because she knows that they are guilty for Madelienes disappearance by the fact that they left 3 underage minors alone whilst they wined and dined. The book they knew was coming , the closing of the investigation they turned around to say they were innocent. Maybe they are but their actions do not demonstrate that of grieving parents who would welcome any help possible. You do not need to sell your stories or entertain wealthy people to get help, the PJ have been there all along waiting for them to request an reopening of the case, but they didn't, instead they bleated abandonment.
    Calling for a review, but have now got an investigation.
    Of course the twins will get to hear and see things its all over the press once again, with the English version doctored against the big bad wo;f. Al along the MC have created their own publicity, all the time they have insulted the Portugeuse police.
    Right from the beginning Kate halted the investigation, not answering the 48 questions,
    not assisting police, not returning for the reconstruction, and many more. Instead its been money money money..........
    I find it strange they never have called the tapas 5 as witnesses, or are they no longer friends. If GM is allowed to take the stand so should Dr Amaral, and I hope and pray he pulls a rabbit out of the hat! The only one here fighting for Maddie is Dr Amaral, the parents just want the money. This investigation should take priority now, including digging up the drive in Murats house, leave no stone unturned as Gerry says. lets hope he has to crawl under one of his rocks when Dr Amaral has given evidence.
    If the book had hindered the search, there would be no sightings, there would not be all these people carrying out their own investigations,as the man from SA, fake or not.
    One last thing K and G what if the twins read your book talking about their sisters genitals and using language like F.............T.................s. the kids at school will be saying that their mum is suicidal etc. Roll on justice, lets hope the judge is not a pushover.

  6. Beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing, pretending to look stupid and unproffesional, but will come in for the kill at the right moment.

  7. British media seems cross-spectrum pro-McCann. Not one mention of the defence's arguments. The impression I get is Amaral is Portuguese therefore he is guilty, full stop. These bigots cannot see beyond the North-South divide!

    Mind you, the Portuguese have only themselves to blame from allowing the McCanns to fly back home Scott free back in 2007. The McCanns were guilty of abandoning their children to their fate and obstructing the course of Justice. THAT much could easily have been proved in a court of law - anywhere in the world.

    Now, it is too late. If it were not for us in the Citizens' Media, and I mean heroes like Joana, Astro, Nige of The McCann Files, Tony Bennett (another target of the McCanns), Jill Havern, Dr. Martin Roberts, Textusa, to quote but a handful, Portugal would have been completely painted black by the McCanns' triad!

    Thanks to all of you who have kept the candle of Truth, Justice and Fairness alight!

  8. hum? Police libel case must hear me, says Gerry McCann as he arrives in Portugal http://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/police-libel-case-must-hear-me-says-gerry-mccann-as-he-arrives-in-portugal-8853367.html Oh ffs, Gerry sounds mixed up. Police libel case?!

  9. Adding a list of McCann possible witnesses compiled from several sources (thank you J. Blacksmith's blogs, Anne Guedes' reports and Nigel' McCann files witnesses list), and media along the past years.

    Ed Smethurst - ?
    Emma Loach - testified
    Susan Hubbard - testified
    Susan Healy - submitted - adjourned - cancelled
    Alan Pike - testified
    Patricia Cameron - submitted - adjourned - testified
    Jim Gamble - ?
    Angus McBride - testified
    David Trickey - testified
    Dave Edgar - testified
    Michael Wright - testfied

    Alípio Ribeiro - testfied
    José Magalhães e Menezes -?
    João Melchior Gomes - testfied
    António Marinho e Pinto - submitted - adjourned Nov.
    Paulo Rebelo - ?
    José Barra da Costa -?
    Cláudia Nogueira - Lift Consulting, McCann PR in Portugal - testfied
    Isabel Stilwell - Portuguese writer and journalist - testfied
    José Viega Soares, PR consultant - adjourned?/cancelled?
    Henrique Machado CdM - ? - adjourned?/cancelled?
    Eduardo Dâmaso CdM - submitted - testified

    Extra - Gerry McCann - replacing 2 witnesses (unknown) - adjourned

    Feel free to add, correct, etc.

  10. My pet theory is that GMC was asked to fly over by ID to impart upon the judge the impression he is innocent. It was a psychological move.

    On the other hand, GMC would have taken a sadistic pleasure and personal pride in seeing Amaral sitting in court.

    Of course, if a suspect is 100% sure he will never be caught (and I can think of two or three ways to hold such certainty) he might just as well push his odds, play the victim and even victimize the police or whoever he fancies (preferable individuals or organizations with money). Nothing new in human affairs!

    The idea here is, I think, to impress the judge AND simultaneously a very good publicity stunt one that Burson-Marsteller could have advised him to go ahead and excel.

    "Poor Gerry! Poor innocent British family. Another British citizen belittled and abused abroad. Kangaroo courts, etc." This kind of idealogical press cuts happens all the time in Britain even with multi-million drug smugglers.

    Meanwhile, Amaral tells us he also wishes to be heard but guess what, no one in the Mainstream Media is reporting that! Only the free Citizens Media is!

  11. AFP [Agence France-Presse] are hardly citizen media :)

  12. What an idiot this Mccann guy is. I cannot believe he is still on the payroll of the NHS I certainly would not want to be treated by him. He and his wife are quite deluded to believe that they deserve one penny in compensation, they could have asked for this case to be reopened at any time but they did not, they could have answered the pj questions, but they did not. This pair are quite mad pity their poor twins. All they see are $ signs.

  13. It is coming as a bit of a rude awakening to Gerald P McCann to discover he is not the centre of the Universe. I blame the MSM for asking soft questions and generally fawning all over the pair of them. It is very interesting to compare the current jittery GMC at Lisbon, to the belligerent version holding court and calling the shots. Seems like Goncalo may be right - Justice works in silence. I'm beginning to watch this car crash of a trial through my fingers - it's that bad. In fact, it's all I could have hoped for and more!

  14. #11 "AFP [Agence France-Presse] are hardly citizen media :) "

    I get your point, but I was thinking of the British media. I live in London. They are the ones which are always pushing Team McCann's "official version" of events. They are do ones who do most of the McCanns' reputation management and tend to be parroted abroad - even in Portugal.

    Mind you, you could have given us a good example from AFP to prove your point. Not that you need to prove it to me but it might impress Clarence Mitchell's backroom boys and girls at Burson-Marsteller. They read this blog. They even run some of them (not this one, obviously).

    :d A bientôt!

  15. What a difference a more experienced judge makes - unlike in 2009, this time the McCanns didn't enter Pálacio da Justiça by the door that was reserved for magistrates and lawyers.

  16. Those are either cowards or too scared of Carter Ruck, cowards thus won't print anything outside of the McCann's guidelines.

  17. A próxima sessão na 1.ª Vara Cível de Lisboa está programada para as 09h30 da próxima terça-feira (8 Outubro). - Next court session at the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon is scheduled for Tuesday at 9h30 am.

  18. Isabel Duarte's assistant making threats to @Justice_forum, @aacg and @xklamation at 23 pm in the night demanding @aacg removes a picture showing Isabel Duarte from UK justice forum.

    23:14 PM - 2 Oct 2013 https://twitter.com/RicardoCAfonso/statuses/385528271687147521

    @aacg @xklamation Sra. Anne Guedes agradeço retire do UK justice forum a foto que bem sabe nao lhe foi autorizada. Tem ate as 12h de amanha
    11:14 PM - 2 Oct 2013



    @aacg @xklamation se nao a retirar, reagirei em conformidade.
    11:15 PM - 2 Oct 2013
    23:15 PM - 2 Oct 2013 https://twitter.com/RicardoCAfonso/statuses/385528374443384832

  19. Jerry Lawton's report which doesn't reflect a single paragraph about what Eduardo Dâmaso said and Lawton tweeted first hand - 'Maddie McCann's dad cried for help over ex-police chief book of lies' http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/342502/Maddie-McCann-s-dad-cried-for-help-over-ex-police-chief-book-of-lies

  20. The Cross Word Puzzle
    By Dr Martin Roberts

    McCanns devastated by shameful lies of disgraced ex-cop', or words to that effect (word order hardly matters), is the kind of rabid headline that has continuously attended the McCanns' attempts to suppress Goncalo Amaral's 'Truth of The Lie'. Well, 'those who live in glass houses...' and all that. When all's said and done, lies are no less shameful when told in English under the title 'Madeleine'. But let's not get into a puerile 'tit-for-tat' argument. Let's instead envisage a brief exchange which, for all the world, might just have occurred in the summer of 2008:

    'Hi Gerry. Michael here. Do you want me to e-mail you a translation of what Goncalo Amaral has to say in print?'

    'Nah. Don't bother mate. We've read it.'

    'Oh' (scratches head in bewilderment).

    'Michael', as we know, is convinced that his friends the McCanns were historically 'enabled' through his linguistic intervention some time during August that year. He has said as much in a Lisbon court recently:

    'They read the book when I sent them the translation that was on the internet in August 2008.' (...) http://mccannfiles.com/id232.html

  21. After the tweets Lawton produced for the world he shows clearly, by his article, how biased the british media report about this case.
    Everyone must feel disgusted by the way the press is trying to fool them/us.

  22. Isabel Duarte's assistant is a fool if he thinks he can go around menacing people. As soon as Isabel Duarte chose to be on McCann's side she became a public figure - she gave up the privilege to have her image protected -, but even if she wasn't public, as lawyers, they should know that pictures taken in a public space can be legitimately used in any kind of publication, as long as their fundamental rights are not compromised, as it was the case.
    Mrs. Isabel Duarte is not the news (she is just a collateral figure), the McCann case is.

  23. I would love to know how many people, before this trial and its press exposure, were in blissful ignorance of Gonçalo Amaral and his "damaging" book, but now, thanks to the McCanns' efforts, are very much aware of the existence of both, and maybe sufficiently intrigued to find out more.

    If the McCanns are genuinely concerned about the book's influence, my goodness, what a counter-productive venture the trial is proving to be,

  24. The Mccanns are in the morning newspaper again, always what they say is they very upset, they always talk about themselves of course they upset because they need the money .It is having the family as witness I never have heard this of course they will all be on their side. Mr Amaral never show himself how upset he is for what they have done to his family, he knows he speak the truth. Mitchell is trying to find different stories to help them but they still left their children alone night after night. Now the Portugal police should open the case and get to the truth, Mccanns have caused so much trouble in Portugal and the British always stick together, Portugal should do the same to bring this country up again. We can't understand why someone chose to kidnap Madeleine when there were so many children in that hotel. In their apartment there was always something happen, the blood on the floor , the fridge broken down, Maddie cried for one hour, the shutters were damaged and the door open, why was it left unlocked? We believe the book never stopped people from looking for Madeleine, that is the truth.

  25. It would go along way in my opinion if TM would just admin they lied at the beginning about their daughters disappearance. Go back-rewind-apologise and man up, and tell the truth. NOT your thoughts on what the truth should be, just the truth.
    Let's go back and ask these simple questions.
    1. Knowing your children are 'light 'sleepers and you have mentioned an 'incident' when Maddie discussed this with you before she disappeared- what precautions did you take to ensure they couldn't just wander out of the apartment into the street?

    2. did you lock all doors and windows?

    3. if so, what risk assessment - you are both doctors and used to risk assessing as a profession did you make- if any to retrieve the children in case of a fire?

    4. If not, do you not accept that it is possible, Maddie wandered into the street and disappeared- as apposed to being 'snatched' from her bed?

    5.Why did you try and deceive people, including your own family, that you were 'just out side like sitting in a garden' and could see the apartment when you couldn't?

    6. why. if you KNEW she was abducted (Kate), did you NOT telephone the police right away and tell them she was abducted? and Why not insist that the room/apartment should be closed off until the police arrive as you KNEW it was a 'crime scene?
    7. Has the reason you have both been so defending of your callous,bizarre actions/behaviour, been because IF your daughter was harmed in another country you could be prosecuted in your own country for being responsible for her disappearance.

    8.Was it this thought alone which terrified you both- when an experienced policeman made public police files- it is written that your daughter may be dead. a dead daughter would indeed mean a police investigation and you both being charged with her death?

    9. Is It the case , that before this book was written and translated (the one you read before it was translated) you were reasonably content enjoying new found 'stardom' and getting back to 'normal' that you believed you had 'got away with it' it being your daughters disappearance. If you were there with her she wouldn't have 'disappeared'.

    10.Do you think after all this disgraceful display of hatred, and venomous accusations of various people, you should NOT be charged with at least child neglect and held responsible for her situation she has/was in?

    11. Why do you both not accept that people do not believe your paltry version of the truth you invented, and have the freedom to express their opinions

    12.back to the beginning-the truth- what physical evidence do you have of an abductor?

    Miss Taken Identity

  26. lets be honest folks ...is anyone surprised with the actions of the uk media taking the stance it has ? I have tried to say how corrupt the uk has become many times. The media here is just a propaganda machine ...it shapes peoples views through it lies ...all I ask is that you do not judge the people of this once great country as been of the same ilk.

    If we go back to the files and read the many statements ...it is apparent that the reason for this HUGE cover up is because their are many people involved. Sons and daughters of people were roped into the lie and gave statements leaving themselves in a legal mire ...should the truth emerge.
    This Case is not just about the Mccanns and the Tapas crew...it goes much Deeper.
    The records for Madeleine on the 2nd and 3rd of May were falsified - no doubt.

    At the root of this case is a network! ...they meet up on such holidays allowing bonds to form between people and their children ready for the future positions in life they will attain by being part of this ring...it like a poor mans Bilderberg.

    They think they are the good people of the world and do not recognise that they really are nothing more than a clan or more still a mafia.

    My Country has been infiltrated by these morons and its no joke - they have gained the positions of influence in the country and can pull the strings of how its institutions operate.

    This case if exposed in its entirety would show this and have huge implications on the governance of the Country if the general public became aware ...lynch mobs would be out in the droves after them.

    The question people need to ask themselves is are they prepared to put themselves in harms way to expose the detail and thus break the ring.
    This case could have been the catalyst to such a spring.

    Don't dismiss my post as a conspiracy crackpot - look deeper its there for all to see.


  27. The UK MSM as a source of reliable information is as dead as the Monty Python parrot- deceased, demised, it is no more. ..and no amount of banging its head on the counter will revive it. Treat yourself to a bar of chocolate and forego the newspaper.
    In the old days, newspaper was used instead of lavatory paper in poor households. Time to revive an old custom?

  28. I wish Dr Amarals lawyer could get hold of those pictures that are now circulating showing the McCanns happy and laughing...depression doesn't appear here, they are a pair of actors, please try to show the pictures so the judge can see, the terrile distraught G and K


    Referring here to a commentator with the same initials, not the well-known McCanns' lawyer which BTW reminds me of my late, beloved granny - everybody hated her!

    The following rules seem to apply to taking photos in or within court precincts in the UKGB.

    "It is a criminal offence (contempt) to take a photograph in any court of any person, being a judge of the court or a juror or a witness in or a party to any proceedings before the court, whether civil or criminal, or to publish such a photograph.

    This includes photographs taken in a court building, or the precincts of the court.Taking a photograph in a court can be seen as a serious offence, leading to a prison sentence.

    The prohibition on taking photographs in the precincts is vague. It was designed to prevent the undermining of the dignity of the court, through the exploitation of images in low brow 'picture papers'." (Wikipedia)

    Don't know what the rules in Portugal are like. The way I see it, it all depends of what the Court designates as its precinct.

    I once (not long ago, actually) got into trouble with a security heavy at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush (London) by taking photographs of a celebrity in the access to Westfield itself.

    The heavy saw me and thought it would look good on him if he was seen as protecting the star's privacy.

    I then flashed my PRESS card at Mr. Jumbo and told him NOT to interfere with my work. This usually works but, on this occasion, the gorilla refused to let go of his bone of contention arguing I was standing on private property. That I must get out! "GET OUT!"

    I then asked him (politely) to define what was Westfield's property and which was not. He took me (dragged me really!) to an area beyond the underground station (for those familiar with the place) arguing the exit of the underground was theirs too!

    Given the balance of power I left it at that. I came back the following day to speak with the head of security. I was not happy with his reply so I wrote to one of the security company's director who stood for his employee. My union's lawyer later found the body builder was (almost) right - the underground station however, was not theirs - obviously........

    Where would you go from here?

    Since I am not a McCann VIP, don't have a Fund and/or the kind of money and string pulleys to sue Westfield, I left it at that.

    BUT in the particular case addressed above, I would probably give two fingers to ID. No more no less.

  30. So the super-important Gerry McCann has been turned away again by a Judge representing the weight of Portuguese Law, while she considers her options. Hmm, is Gerry depressed and distraught? Will he sue the Judge, perhaps? She is within her rights and so was Dr Amaral, the courts have already said so.

  31. @28 the comment by @21 explains it. Since when "warning" on twitter at 11pm at night, threatening legal action within 12 hours, constitutes a legal warning? The photo was taken outside Palácio de Justiça, there's nothing in the law forbidding a citizen to take photos in a public area.

  32. Joana: "there's nothing in the law forbidding a citizen to take photos in a public area."

    I think so too except the area immediately outside the court may be considered its precinct. I have no idea but that was the point I was trying to make.

    Mind you, I don't think her demand would stand in a court of law, which I think is one reason she did not make it, herself.

    True, it all points to pretty desperate tactics of reputation management.

    It is understandable. You see, Burson-Marsteller must be pretty upset. After all the work in orchestrating the UK media consensus on the trial comes Anna Guedes and tells it as it is!

    Oh! Dear! :c

    Do you realize the money they have wasted in reputation management for nothing?

    But back to that Portuguese woman. Who the hell does she think she is, anyway? One of the infamous British for whom she does the cleaning?

  33. @23 I would love to know how many people, before this trial and its press exposure, were in blissful ignorance of Gonçalo Amaral and his "damaging" book, but now, thanks to the McCanns' efforts, are very much aware of the existence of both, and maybe sufficiently intrigued to find out more.

    Just what I wanted to say but did not know how! Excellent comment!


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