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Goncalo Amaral speaks about how the 'Maddie' case has affected his family life

“I've been worried about my youngest daughter”

Translation base/Scans by Rolanda M.R. | Corrections/extras by J.M. | Article by Alexandra Ferreira

The former inspector says that he is tranquil with the ongoing trial and that there is too much “publicity and misinformation” to keep in the media limelight a case that has caused severe moral damages to his life.

How did you react to the news that the English Police are investigating new leads?

With calm and tranquillity. I know what this is about, what the authors intend with such news, but anyone who has been following the case throughout the years, will be able to discern among the trashy publicity what is really at stake, and that is an intolerable pressure over a Portuguese court.

Are there changes in the case?

There is no change, there is nothing really new, we continue as it was in 2008 when the process was archived. The authors of the civil action seem to be very creative, so we need to wait for a bolt of their creativity and imagination.

In the ongoing trial which opposes you against the McCanns, they are asking you for 1.2 million euro for defamation.

What is a stake is a trial for the crime of having an opinion, something which is unthinkable in the free and democratic Portugal post-25 de Abril [Carnation Revolution that freed Portugal from 48 years of dictatorship]. Actually, there are no facts to sustain that demand for indemnification (...) The authors of the action want  others to believe that my opinion as well as of those who worked with me, Portuguese and English police, which was expressed in the book and in the documentary, has harmed their efforts to find the child and has caused them moral damages. However this premise lacks precise facts.

Are you satisfied with the way the trial is going?

Common sense tells me not to jump to conclusions, and to await with calm and serenity for the final decision. However, the publicity and the campaign of misinformation and intoxication that is taking place, by the authors of the civil action, seems to evidence that the same are not very happy with the progress of the trial and feel the need to influence the outcome. 

It was obvious the absence in court of the friends who dined with the McCanns on the night that Maddie disappeared..

Perhaps that is just a strategy of the accusation, but their absence was conspicuous. Bottom line is, who better than those who usually accompanied the authors in their holidays, a few years ago, and who visited their houses previous to the events of May 3, 2007, to go to court and speak about the “before and after” of the couple's lives. The accusation preferred to call witnesses that only became friends of the couple and visitors of their house, after that event.

Was there any testimony important for your defence?

It was important to unmask in a court hearing the psychologist who only had a degree in Social Sciences, in the scope of which he did one psychology subject, that is, he wasn't a psychologist, and he wasn't certified to make psychological assessments. Equally important, were the testimonies of colleagues who worked with me during the investigation to the disappearance, as well as, the recalling of an interview the authors gave to a weekly newspaper [Expresso] in September 2008, a month after my book was published, where they devalued its contents and actually said that they would not sue me... Well, such is life.

Was there a request for the case to be heard behind close doors?

It is true, we wanted to prevent what is taking place now: judgements in the public arena and campaigns of misinformation and intoxication which contribute nothing for a good judicial decision, that needs to be free, objective and founded in Law.

While you were leading the investigation did you feel any pressures?

During that time our work was called into question and we were the target of insults, professionally and personally, the campaign against us was despicable and shameful. The book Maddie, The Truth of the Lie [Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira], reports on the first six months of the criminal investigation. Then the process was archived in 2008. It is normal for an investigation to go forward and backward, having a beginning, middle and an end. Therefore, it cannot be said that the case was concluded or that the evidence that existed by the end of September [2007] was set aside or that it led to a different result.

What was your impression of the McCann couple after you met them?

Apart from the mother of the child’s expectation that tea should be served to her, and the father acting totally disinterested at the time of an attempt of extortion, I recall the fact of - and this is stated in the process - the father's first phone calls to the UK where he referred to the disappearance as a kidnap by a paedophile ring. At the time, it could be understood as a mere idea, but now it sounds more like an obsession.

Any motive as to why Kate didn't answer the over 40 questions?

With the status of arguida she had that right and used it. However, answering them would be understood as the duty of a mother, as the obligation of a mother who was concerned about the disappearance of her daughter, that wasn't afraid of answering questions no matter how sensitive those questions were.

What type of feelings the McCanns hold on you?

In my opinion, they hold a grudge and have a desire for revenge, not only about me but also about all others who have their own opinion which differs to theirs, towards those who won't allow themselves be influenced by their toxic media campaign.

Would you have liked to have found their daughter?

We did everything to solve the case, however the authors of the civil action cooperated very little or nothing, they have always appeared more worried about themselves, with their own image, something that still happens today. I recall the words of the mother of the child when she was notified of her hearing as an arguida: “What will the press say? What will my parents think?”. We never heard a word of appreciation, from the mouth of the authors of the civil action, to all the police officers working on the investigation, men and women who neglected their own families, their own children and where far from their homes, while searching for their daughter. We only heard saying, as soon as the process was archived, that they were pondering suing the police. From all the investigators, they only sued one, the one who has publicly, in the exercise of his right to defence and of freedom of expression, made known what had happened during the first months of the criminal investigation.

“Surviving for six years”
Very thin - With family issues, plus the problems that he still has over the Maddie case and his worries about his daughter Inês, Gonçalo Amaral has lost a considerable amount of weight.

Since the Madeleine McCann case began, you saw your life turned upside down. You were forced to retire early from the police, you got divorced, you moved to Lisbon away from your daughter Inês, you lost your Father with whom you were sharing a house, you fell ill and lost weight... those were very harsh times.

The question already describes everything that has happened, except for my Mother's death in 2009, after a prolonged illness. At the time, in the sites that support the authors of the civil action, I was cowardly and abusively accused of having murdered my mother, they even described how I would have done it. There are people who cannot maintain objectivity, who cannot analyse the case without thinking of the names of those involved, if they could make that kind of analysis, just considering the child who disappeared and the circumstances that surround that disappearance perhaps they wouldn't feel the necessity of reviling and of breaching the privacy of someone who was merely trying to do their job. As to my private life, the last six years were years of struggle, for the physical, mental and emotional survival, trying to establish a new life, with projects and ideas as to the future, separating the situations.

You never felt defeated or depressed?

Luckily, I don’t know what it is like to feel depressed, the feeling of defeat or of relinquishment are not part of my nature.

You won in the Appeals Court [2010] the injunction [2009] that forbade the publication of the book Maddie, The Truth of the Lie, where you made the investigation known. Have they returned the books?

The books have been returned [2012] to the editor [Guerra & Paz], but I haven't been reimbursed yet. There are still precautionary seizure of assets lodged by the authors of the civil action.

Any work or books in the offing?

I have a book written entitled Madeleine: Unfinished Investigation [Madeleine: Investigação Inacabada], for which I have not yet sought for a publisher. I am writing another book related to my experience as an investigator of organized and violent crimes, sort of a reflection about the way and methods used to investigate.

And after the trial?

My expectations for after the trial are to carry on with my life, accompanying and helping those who are close to me, and if circumstances offer that possibility, to intervene with solidarity in the Portuguese society. As my daughter Inês says, there are plenty other children and young people who are in need of healthy life projects, of being the actors and authors of their own lives, of being happy.

Amaral considers suing the McCanns for damages to his daughter

Have you considered suing the McCanns for damages concerning your family

I have pondered about that possibility, however it is still far to early to account all the damages and make a decision. I have to think about my daughter Inês and in the effects that such situation would encompass.

How have you been able to keep in touch with her?

It has been hard, distance doesn't help, but I try to be part of Inês' life. Amidst all this, I have been seriously worried about my child, who, not so long ago asked what could happen with this trial, if I could be arrested, etc. Inês has the same age that the child who disappeared would have if she was alive and reacts negatively to all the news that refer to this case, when the name of the child is spoken she says she has had enough of hearing about that name. To her there are other children in the world who need the attention, love and care and Inês is one of them. Her world was rocked when she saw her father being attacked and insulted, even before the book was published, and that world of hers collapsed due to the subsequent circumstances, she had to abandon the house where she was born, the school where she went and live far away from her father. Inês is a victim of the arrogance and lack of common sense of the authors of the civil action, who claim to be Catholics, but of Christians appear to have little or nothing.

in Nova Gente magazine, week from 21 to 27 of October 2013, edition 1936, pages 42 to 46, paper edition

McCanns could face court over report

by Gerard Couzens

THE parents of Madeleine McCann faced further pressure yesterday after ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral hinted he may fight them in court over a key report they allegedly held back.

Gerry and Kate McCann were accused at the weekend of sidelining the 2008 report by former MI5 investigators they hired after it pinpointed ‘anomalies’ in statements they and their friends made.

The result was that e-fits of the prime suspect in Madeleine McCann’s abduction – hidden for five years in the unpublished report – were only made public this month during a new Met Police appeal.

The report said Irish holidaymaker Martin Smith’s sighting of a man carrying a girl in pyjamas near the McCann’s Algarve holiday apartment was ‘credible evidence’ which had been ‘neglected for too long.’

Mr Amaral’s lawyer said last night he was considering raising the issue in the couple’s ongoing libel trial against the former police.

The McCanns are seeking one million pounds in damages over the ex-detective’s claims in his July 2008 book The Truth of the Lie that they faked their daughter’s abduction to cover up her death in their holiday flat.

Vitor Santos de Oliveira, who is representing Mr Amaral, said: ‘We are aware of the revelations concerning this report by the McCanns’ former investigators and believe they are very important.

‘It is possible I may try to submit it as evidence to defend my client but I haven’t decided yet.

‘Nothing’s been ruled out. We are analysing the relevance of the report and considering our position. We have no intention of introducing irrelevant material into this case because we respect the McCanns as people and have no intention of harming them for sake of it,’ he said.

‘But I can tell you that if we feel something is relevant in disproving the McCanns’ claims about my client then we will have no hesitation in using it.

‘I think the revelations about the suppression of this report are very important with regards to the ongoing criminal case.

‘It’s a report written by McCann-hired investigators who make strong criticisms of the couple.

‘As far as the civil libel case is going we are very calm,’ Mr de Oliveira continued.

‘My client’s arguments in his book have been backed up in court by his former police colleagues who say it was the police position in 2008 when the book was published.’

The ongoing libel case launched by the McCanns against Mr Amaral is due to restart next Tuesday.

in Irish Daily Mail, 29 out 2013, paper edition


  1. Two great articles, making me feel more and more optimistic that justice will prevail.

  2. The private investigator's report which is the McCanns paid for from public donations ought to be released to the public. This will help people make up their own minds as to why it has been suppressed for 5 years.

  3. The devastation TM have caused so many people is gut wrenching, Truly sickening- the tide is turning AGAINST them- who will be there to throw them a life line? They are so undeserving of any sympathy....Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord may they feel his wrath!

    Well done Mr Amaral for standing up to these selfish parasites, You truly are a Hero for Justice!!. I only hope no matter that conclusions are brought regarding this case- the Portuguese people and Government will recognise it and see it for what it is- but on top of that, I want to see the UK press squirm as they type the many apologies and to see the UK tidal wave of dissent towards 'homely, family loving, middle class, parents called the McCanns. also known as liars, deceivers, manipulative conniving, child neglecting, con artists.

    Miss Taken Identity

  4. What a great man Dr Amaral, he stands steady and without muck slinging. Good Luck Dr Amaral many are behind you. Stay strong.

  5. .... and when the film is made (and there will be a film when it's all over) Amaral will be the rock-solid nemesis/hero and the McCanns will be tragic symbols of narcissism & hubris.
    (And George Galloway is right when he says the press' "feeding frenzy" will be a vile spectacle of such proportions it will make the last few years seem amateurishly comic.)

  6. The McCanns say they will not be commenting on the progress of the reopened PJ investigation. Presumably this is because they will not be able to as they will not be informed about it under the judicial secrecy. They know they will not be assistentes? It was all spin. Even Mitchell has fallen silent now.
    They have lost all control and can only look forward to fear and trepidation about what is found next. God Bless Dr Amaral and is legal team.

  7. I know its a sin to want another person or person's downfall, but for Kate and Gerry McCann, this is exactly what I want to see . To do what they have done since May 2007 in nothing short of evil.
    They betrayed their own flesh and blood, not even allowing their own child the dignity of a christian burial. And because of pride made anyone who challenged them, a victim of the hate that drives them on, the hate they thrive and feed on . Its that hate that will
    eventually lead to the destruction of the both of them.
    It cannot come quick enough for me.

    Mary Liverpool UK

    Mary Liverpool UK

  8. Mary @ 7 I feel exactly the same as you. And in addition they attempted to use the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and poor Fr Pacheco in their self-whitewashing. Absolutely disgraceful. You are right it is wrong to hope for vengeance even on behalf of a defenceless child, but their hatred of everyone who doesn't believe their truly incredible version of events makes people's desire for revenge completely understandable. I believe the damage they have brought about is unprecedented. God bless Sr Amaral for his determination and his absolute integrity.

  9. I just read the Sunday Times and I wonder how much is left of the MCanns' feet.
    So very many gun shots.

  10. Dear Mr.Amaral. When all this happened I was a primary school teacher in a catholic school in England. Please believe me when I say that a significant amount of people in England right from the start recognised there is something strange with the parents and their actions. The British media have mostly dressed their opinion up as a fact and have usually not shown a balance in the possibilities of what could have happened that night to the child. So, I write this to let you know that there are many many people in this country, especially parents with young children, who are uncomfortable with this couple and many who are uncomfortable that the little girl´s rights are not being represented in her absence. I guess what I am saying is what you know, that many in this country understand what is going on and why. So be strong and calm and the truth will out one day as they say overhere. You are being open to the truth and questioning the information and they from the very start have been narrow minded and controlling to what they want people to see. Good luck.

  11. Surely, the McCanns witholding e-Fits from the police was witholding evidence from a criminal investigation? The PJ and the British police forces were investigating these crimes in Portugal at the time (even though Operation Grange was not started). Could not the McCanns be investigated now for witholding evidence in both cuntries?

  12. I admire this man. Rock solid in his convictions. So much dignity. He has been going through hell with admirable courage and restraint. Never give up GA, we are with you!

  13. I love the idea that this is in the hands of the PJ but at the same time I regret it.
    It could mean that we will have to wait ages and ages.

  14. This was brought to my attention Joana
    Very Interesting!
    They are allowing comments!


    Miss Taken identity

  15. Mr Amaral you are a great man with great principles!!!! Rest assure that JUSTICE will and must prevail !!!!
    The gold digging McCanns days are numbered, more and more I see the tables turning on them.

    I also hope that the truth comes out soon about the parents and the Tapas 7, and that justice will finally be done for Madeleine to rest in peace. It is so sad to think that what should have been a miracle child, that her death turned out to be nothing but a fraudulent and criminal money making scheme for the parents.
    They have to be stopped!!!!

    Stay Strong, I support you 100% and so do all my friends and relatives here in Canada.

    Fernanda, Oakville Canada.

  16. I would like to say to Senor Goncalo that i and many like myself are so grateful for his determination to have the truth exposed. Best Wishes to you and your family and God Bless you all...

  17. Sr , Amaral my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as always .

  18. @Mary Liverpool and @ post 8, i agree with you both. i am a Catholic myself and it is meant to be wrong to think those thoughts, but when it comes to the Mccanns and the vile way they have treated a honest man who tried to find their daughter, and anyone else who dont believe their utter B.S,they deserve it. Also the way they pretended to be devote Catholics turns my stomach as it was just P.R. to make them look "innocent". they are cold, calculating, greedy, un-emotional, and cunning, who will do anything to get more money, and cover their own backs. God bless you Amaral lets hope good over comes evil ,and the court case goes your way(as it rightfully should) you have so many supporters over here DO NOT believe the rubbish and lies our disgusting press and media says, they think us the public are as brain dead as their journalist's are....

  19. With the glorified circus this cases has created by the British MSM and general PR spin, the ups and downs. Reading this gives me a sense of empathy and compassion towards the writer. As I also feel towards a child, who's name is Madeleine and at times is often forgotten, but I've never read anything written from\or about Mr Amaral where Madeleine isn't central of his thoughts. Equally the vulnerability of children and his own children.

    Yet, irrespective of where the McCanns stand in the case, along with their friends. I feel nothing. No sympathy, warmth and totally I have no understanding of them. And that is the sadness thing about this whole case. You just can't feel for them. The lasting ringing in the ears:

    ''within the bounds of responsible parenting''

    I sat with a friend who lost her nine year old son, very suddenly with meningitis, from onset to death he was gone within six hours. It raw, numbing and you wanted to hold on to every second of his life and memory.

    This is what is missing. Yet, the policeman who worked on the case captures those human emotions.

    The other day, on this blog, sorry I can't remember the exact words, but it was something like they wished this was all finished and that a lasting thought of Madeleine, was at peace as an angel.

    Each nasty twist and turn seems to rob the little angel of a resting place.


  20. How strange, when I went to make my last post, this was the robot code:

    tearcomm 16

    .... I did actually have a tear


  21. A point that has always niggled me (one of several) is the visit by Payne in the afternoon before the disappearance of Maddie. He said Gerry had sent him to the flat to see that Kate was OK with the children. WHY? It was an unnecessary visit and to my mind was a ploy to solidify the idea that Maddie was still alive at five p.m. His reference to the three children looking like angels and Kate just out of the shower; his visit seems totally unnecessary.

  22. I would love for Mr Amaral (after I hope justice is done for him and wins his libel case), that he would asked either to lead in the re-opened investigation, or if that is not possible to be their expert consultant. For both the reputation of the UK but most all Portugal. The circle of silence has to be broken to get the answers. This is serious crime that has a child dead or one of the biggest hoaxes in mankind. But the Portuguese police have to solve this for the reputation of their beautiful country. The McCann machine has allowed this farce to steamroll through the lives of too many innocents. The reason and guilty must be found and brought to justice. Anything less will continue to destroy lives while the guilty sit back and enjoy watching the fruits of their actions. The original PJ were getting there, allow them to complete the task. Let them restore their honour and reputation. Whoever is involved with this crime should face the full force of Portuguese law. Don't allow Team McCann to let Portugal be the Patsy for their behaviour ever again.

  23. Puddleduck
    I posted that comment about
    If the PJ find her dead at last madeleine could rest in peace and become a beautiful little angel and those responsible locked up with key thrown away.
    I also had a tear when I wrote it. This whole thing is so disgusting, and TM are keeping a low profile. Dr Amaral is a very special person who acts like the parents should be acting, he cares what happened to her, and see the parents for what they are, I pray it will all be resolved and that poor sweet child laid to rest.

  24. Kate uses to spend All Souls in Luz.
    Will she dare to come to Algarve this week?
    If she is innocent, she shouldn't fear anything.

  25. Reading the story of the man that was sacked by the Ocean Club and then died in a tractor accident. We wonder if there was an accident, is it because the police want to finish the story and close the case. We think that story has been made up. If they want the true story they ask the police who brought the dogs in the beginning and found evidence of a body in the flat. Madeleine was never taken and Mr Smith saw her being carried to the sea by Mr McCann. There is the truth of what happened to Madeleine most people in Britain and Germany believe Mr Amaral, we wish him all the best in his case.

  26. Oh dear it seems like we have another patsy, as CM splashes headlines police in Portugal think they have the murderer, he worked at the ocean club, but he died in 2009...........cant defend himself then

  27. I have absolute admiration for Dr Goncalo Amaral.

    His conduct throughout the terrible times he has had to endure at the hands of Kate Healy MccCann and Gerald Patrick McCann an example to all. He has remained silent when silence was necessary, speaking out only in defence of young Madeleine Beth McCann.

    He is now forced by this couple, these rather not nice people shall we say, who let their three children down so badly and still do, to not only defend Madeleine, her right to justice, but himself also against their wicked claims and abhorrent behaviour!

    In other words their - lies!

    Dr Amaral in his calm, inimitable way describes the conduct of the McCanns so aptly, speaking without insult, only truth:-

    "The authors of the civil action seem to be very creative"

    And it is with this in mind that I would say, despite the piece in the Sunday Times - which showed them to have withheld evidence in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, showing them in their true light, - I say beware, remain cautious - they are animals now cornered - making them in some respects more dangerous than ever.

    The libel case has not gone well for them thus far. They will be prepared more than ever to say or do anything, anything at all to reach their goal, that is the nature of the McCann beast - to lie, cheat, deceive, misinform.

    Their silence I would say is not because they are backing down in any way, or feel defeated - their silent period will be one of "creativity!"

    Dr Amaral words:

    "We need to wait for a bolt of their creativity and imagination."

    How right he is.

    Never forget, the wickedness of the McCann couple knows no bounds. as we have all come to see over the past six years.

    My hope is that the libel trial brings the justice so deserved for Dr Amaral.

    To Dr Amaral, his family, and friends, my very best wishes.in this case, and a future with the happiness, a happiness which was so wickedly and cruelly taken from them by the despicable attempts by the McCanns to destroy a family by any means they can, to cause pain and suffering to a family, take the home of the Amaral family and children.

    "Words cannot describe" the opening to one of Gerry McCanns scripted messages -

    Well, words cannot describe, are just not enough, to describe the type of people the McCanns are,or at least there are not words I could put in print to describe them!

    I will leave it as Dr Amaral said:

    "The authors of the civil action seem to be very creative"

    What a calm and dignified man!

  28. If I won the Lotto right now, it would be all yours, mr C Amaral.! Please, don't give up. Don't despair. Continue to, quietly, as you have been doing, belive in yourself. All my support from Kinsale, Ireland. (Also of Burgau, Algarve.)
    xxx. Muinto Bom.

  29. Stay strong Senor Amaral we are all with you.God Bless you always. Kate from Belfast.

  30. It is beyond credulity for Sr Amaral to claim the entire Crimewatch appeal was timed to coincide with his trial. It's frankly batty. What on earth is wrong with people that they would give it credence? And to claim it publicly does him no favours!!

  31. Dear Sir Gonaclo Amaral,
    I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely wish you all the best in your forth coming trial to bring Justice For Missing Madeleine McCann, You are an upstanding police officer and a true gentleman in your quest to give Madeleine the voice that she so rightly deserves, May God be with you and yours, at this time, May you also find peace, as you say "Justice works in silence" I love that quote :n Thinking of you, Take care Sir we are all behind you, Justice will prevail, God Bless You Goncalo. Justice For Madeleine x


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