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itsprstupid - Reopening of the Maddie Case

by Rui Calafete

It is a process that has dragged on for too long, it is a good tool for "spin" to stifle other topics from the media agenda and is one of the greatest hoaxes of which we hear for a long time.

There are so many missing children in the world, so many children who are trafficked and enslaved, but it seems that only this child, specifically, mobilizes the attention of some powers.

I consider a shame these advances and retreats - now the Public Ministry will reopen this process - some e-fits are released for the front pages of sensationalist tabloids and those parents who strike me as extremely cold persons return to the limelight.

Everyone saw that this spectacle has become a circus, everyone has in their opinion a view about the case and all also have a suspicion of what happened. Mine is identical to the majority of the Portuguese, but I do not want to share it.

The British government and the Scotland Yard became heavily involved, perhaps, as never before with any other child, because the press assessor of the parents was part of the communications team of Downing Street.

This case is tiring, has beards, it just fools those who wish to be fooled, but remains afloat. It is in all respects disgraceful the time that the media loses with it, but it sells. That is the secret of the renewed interest.

in itsprstupid, Oct. 24. 2013


  1. Seen this? Revealing to say the least! http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/National/article1332689.ece

  2. Mr. Calafete wrote:

    Mine is identical to the majority of the Portuguese, but I do not want to share it.


    But why the devil NOT share it? When K&G had their first hearing re Goncalo's book
    in Lisbon - I expected hundreds of Portuguese turning up to voice their opinions about the PJ and GNR and the Portuguese judiciary being maligned by Parsons et al.

    What happened - 3 to 4 ladies turned up and shouted a bit.

    Apathy? When so much hangs on Portugal's reputation as a safe and friendly holiday destination?

    Or are PT peeps maybe less naïve and just know that the outcome of this saga is pre-ordained. The script written - the end foretold.


  3. It was more than 3 or 4, in fact about 15 people, but you're right, apathy, egocentrism, among other cultural traits won with 48 years of dictatorship like fear to complaint. Portuguese don't complaint, not even when they are right. As to the reasons of not sharing, why would he, he has already stated what he believes in, and that is not in the McCanns' version of events.

  4. Thank you @1 seen what I can see without a subscription. Appears to be very damning to the McCanns.

  5. 15 ok - I stand corrected - after all I wasn't there - just viewed the footage

    But, 'Mine is identical to the majority of the Portuguese, but I do not want to share it'.

    that's mythmaking: either the majority of your people have lost all interest in the case
    (which would be contradictory - as it is still widely reported in your media)

    Or they have a pretty shrewd idea of what went on in Luz - and elect not to waste any more time on the matter

    Which is it going to be?


  6. @1 - thanks for the heads up

    'THE critical new evidence at the centre of Scotland Yard’s search for Madeleine McCann was kept secret for five years after it was presented to her parents by ex-MI5 investigators.

    The evidence was in fact taken from an intelligence report produced for Gerry and Kate McCann by a firm of former spies in 2008.

    It contained crucial E-Fits of a man seen carrying a child on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, which have only this month become public after he was identified as the prime suspect by Scotland Yard. '

    MI5: The Security Service, commonly known as MI5, is the United Kingdom's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency and is part of its intelligence machinery alongside the Secret Intelligence Service

    DOMESTIC - not Portugal centric


  7. it's here in full http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t8322-wow-a-must-read-madeleine-clues-hidden-for-five-years-sunday-times-full-article-now-on-page-1

  8. Madeleine clues hidden for 5 years

    The new prime suspect was first singled out by detectives in 2008. Their findings were suppressed. Insight reports

    The Sunday Times Insight team Published: 27 October 2013

    Madeleine disappeared from the Praia da Luz resort in May 2007 (Adrian Sheratt)

    THE critical new evidence at the centre of Scotland Yard’s search for Madeleine McCann was kept secret for five years after it was presented to her parents by ex-MI5 investigators.

    The evidence was in fact taken from an intelligence report produced for Gerry and Kate McCann by a firm of former spies in 2008.

    It contained crucial E-Fits of a man seen carrying a child on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, which have only this month become public after he was identified as the prime suspect by Scotland Yard.

    A team of hand-picked former MI5 agents had been hired by the McCanns to chase a much-needed breakthrough in the search for their missing daughter Madeleine.

    10 months after the three-year-old had disappeared from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, and the McCanns were beginning to despair over the handling of the local police investigation. They were relying on the new team to bring fresh hope.

    But within months the relationship had soured. A report produced by the investigators was deemed “hypercritical” of the McCanns and their friends, and the authors were threatened with legal action if it was made public. Its contents remained secret until Scotland Yard detectives conducting a fresh review of the case contacted the authors and asked for a copy.

    They found that it contained new evidence about a key suspect seen carrying a child away from the McCanns’ holiday apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    This sighting is now considered the main lead in the investigation and E-Fits of the suspect, taken from the report, were the centrepiece of a Crimewatch appeal that attracted more than 2,400 calls from the public this month.

    One of the investigators whose work was sidelined said last week he was “utterly stunned” when he watched the programme and saw the evidence his team had passed to the McCanns five years ago presented as a breakthrough. (...)

  9. The team of investigators from the security firm Oakley International were hired by the McCanns’ Find Madeleine fund, which bankrolled private investigations into the girl’s disappearance. They were led by Henri Exton, MI5’s former undercover operations chief.

    Their report, seen by The Sunday Times, focused on a sighting by an Irish family of a man carrying a child at about 10pm on May 3, 2007, when Madeleine went missing.

    An earlier sighting by one of the McCanns’ friends was dismissed as less credible after “serious inconsistencies” were found in her evidence. The report also raised questions about “anomalies” in the statements given by the McCanns and their friends.

    Exton confirmed last week that the fund had silenced his investigators for years after they handed over their controversial findings. He said: “A letter came from their lawyers binding us to the confidentiality of the report.”

    He claimed the legal threat had prevented him from handing over the report to Scotland Yard’s fresh investigation, until detectives had obtained written permission from the fund.

    A source close to the fund said the report was considered “hypercritical of the people involved” and “would have been completely distracting” if it became public.

    Kate and Gerry McCann: now officially not suspects, say the Portuguese authoritiesKate and Gerry McCann: now officially not suspects, say the Portuguese authorities (Adrian Sheratt) Oakley’s six-month investigation included placing undercover agents inside the Ocean Club where the family stayed, lie detector tests, covert surveillance and a forensic re-examination of all existing evidence.

    It was immediately clear that two sightings of vital importance had been reported to the police. Two men were seen carrying children near the apartments between 9pm, when Madeleine was last seen by Gerry, and 10pm, when Kate discovered her missing.

    The first man was seen at 9.15pm by Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, who had been dining with them at the tapas bar in the resort. She saw a man carrying a girl just yards from the apartment as she went to check on her children.

    The second sighting was by Martin Smith and his family from Ireland, who saw a man carrying a child near the apartment just before 10pm.

    The earlier Tanner sighting had always been treated as the most significant, but the Oakley team controversially poured cold water on her account.

    Instead, they focused on the Smith sighting, travelling to Ireland to interview the family and produce E-Fits of the man they saw. Their report said the Smiths were “helpful and sincere” and concluded: “The Smith sighting is credible evidence of a sighting of Maddie and more credible than Jane Tanner’s sighting”. The evidence had been “neglected for too long” and an “overemphasis placed on Tanner”.

    The new focus shifted the believed timeline of the abduction back by 45 minutes.

    The pictures of a man who may have taken Madeleine were drawn up in 2008The pictures of a man who may have taken Madeleine were drawn up in 2008 (Adrian Sheratt) The report, delivered to the McCanns in November 2008, recommended that the revised timeline should be the basis for future investigations and that the Smith E-Fits should be released without delay.

    The potential abductor seen by the Smiths is now the prime suspect in Scotland Yard’s investigation, after detectives established that the man seen earlier by Tanner was almost certainly a father carrying his child home from a nearby night creche. The Smith E-Fits were the centrepiece of the Crimewatch appeal. (...)

  10. One of the Oakley investigators said last week: “I was absolutely stunned when I watched the programme . . . It most certainly wasn’t a new timeline and it certainly isn’t a new revelation. It is absolute nonsense to suggest either of those things . . . And those E-Fits you saw on Crimewatch are ours,” he said.

    The detailed images of the face of the man seen by the Smith family were never released by the McCanns. But an artist’s impression of the man seen earlier by Tanner was widely promoted, even though the face had to be left blank because she had only seen him fleetingly and from a distance.

    Various others images of lone men spotted hanging around the resort at other times were also released.

    Nor were the Smith E-Fits included in Kate McCann’s 2011 book, Madeleine, which contained a whole section on eight “key sightings” and identified those of the Smiths and Tanner as most “crucial”. Descriptions of all seven other sightings were accompanied by an E-Fit or artist’s impression. The Smiths’ were the only exception. So why was such a “crucial” piece of evidence kept under lock and key?

    The relationship between the fund and Oakley was already souring by the time the report was submitted — and its findings could only have made matters worse.

    As well as questioning parts of the McCanns’ evidence, it contained sensitive information about Madeleine’s sleeping patterns and raised the highly sensitive possibility that she could have died in an accident after leaving the apartment herself from one of two unsecured doors.

    There was also an uncomfortable complication with Smith’s account. He had originally told the police that he had “recognised something” about the way Gerry McCann carried one of his children which reminded him of the man he had seen in Praia da Luz.

    Smith has since stressed that he does not believe the man he saw was Gerry, and Scotland Yard do not consider this a possibility. Last week the McCanns were told officially by the Portuguese authorities that they are not suspects.

    The McCanns were also understandably wary of Oakley after allegations that the chairman, Kevin Halligen, failed to pass on money paid by the fund to Exton’s team. Halligen denies this. He was later convicted of fraud in an unrelated case in the US.

    The McCann fund source said the Oakley report was passed on to new private investigators after the contract ended, but that the firm’s work was considered “contaminated” by the financial dispute.

    He said the fund wanted to continue to pursue information about the man seen by Tanner, and it would have been too expensive to investigate both sightings in full — so the Smith E-Fits were not publicised. It was also considered necessary to threaten legal action against the authors. (...)

  11. “[The report] was hypercritical of the people involved . . . It just wouldn’t be conducive to the investigation to have that report publicly declared because . . . the newspapers would have been all over it. And it would have been completely distracting,” said the source.

    A statement released by the Find Madeleine fund said that “all information privately gathered during the search for Madeleine has been fully acted upon where necessary” and had been passed to Scotland Yard.

    It continued: “Throughout the investigation, the Find Madeleine fund’s sole priority has been, and remains, to find Madeleine and bring her home as swiftly as possible.”

    Insight: Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert

  12. 'And it would have been completely distracting'

    distracting from what?


  13. It seens odd that the PJ apportionated zero credit to the opinion in the files by a renowned egyptologist.:)

  14. Oh please, please, Mr. Amaral and his lawyer have to be made aware of this article!

  15. A 1000 thanks to Rebekah Brooks. She managed to reopen this case, putting pressure on Cameron who started to working whith the PJ, through the Met police.
    It was a trap. News of the World and the Sun want their money back, 500.000 pounds they payed the McCanns for the book, and Kate and Gerry can not complain. It was their will, wasn't it?
    Instead of one good police force against them, they have two now. And who is laughing? The Murdoch concern and the rest of the British media. May Rebekah be blessed.

    The only thing that worries me is the Justice secrecy in Portugal. Will we again be convicted to 400 years of ignorance, no information at all? I believe a Judge can
    make an exception to the public.The Portuguese and the British tax payers have the right to know.

  16. The Sunday Times disclosure doesn't surprise me at all. We know full well what the McCanns are capable of. Deceit is their game. The knot is tightening and they are starting to feel it. Its their turn to be on the receiving end. Thank you, Sunday Times!

  17. Interesting, on one of the threads about this case, some other site, there were pratically or even only comments asserting that it was a whitewash.
    Things are changed and the people that believe that it is justice, are commenting under unknown names. Most of them. The known ones, who were rude against posters who thought different, and who banned them from their site, are not often posting on the thread where the discussion about the police honesty/or not has been opened.

  18. Could it be that the PJ identified Tapas 10?

  19. Wow, is this a smoking gun? The Sunday Times has revealed that the McCanns ignored a report by Oakley PIs that produced the e-Fits of the Smith sighting FIVE years ago. Oakley considered the Smith sighting most credible, and not the Tanner sighting, but the Fund said that it was too expensive to promote both, and went with the Tanner one alone. More Spin? The Smith sighting was played down and the Times says the McCanns threatened to sue Oakley and McCann lawyers held them to confidentiality. Now Why??? The fund says it's aim is to find Madeleine, but not if it's too expensive? while money is spent on lawyers? Wow.

    All reported in Sunday Times !!!

  20. To be a fly on the wall of Team McCann today. I can bet the air is not so fresh lol

  21. Great this article has come to light, do not understand why Mr Smith changed his mind about it being Gerry. Maybe the visit from Brian Kennedy had frightened him, soto safeguard his family hes gonna remain stum. Witness interference is illegal, but this report needs to get to Dr Amaral and his solicitor, please joana if you are able befor the court case reopens. Also how can PJ say they are not suspects after all written here about their statements being unreliable. MCs didn't want this information out in the limelight, that's why they threatened to sue if it was leaked.
    I think we that bought Kates book should write to the publisher as it was publicised as a true account and is proving to be lies and inconsistencies, therefor the book is not what it says it is.

  22. I just hope Goncalo Amaral has seen this article from the Sunday Times. Should make his breakfast taste sweeter. Looks like too many have been stiffed by Team McCann and are coming out of the woodwork. A few fresh sightings due out this week, maybe? This article is very damning to say the least, but no doubt a spin will be released soon. One thing for sure there's a true storm brewing and it's not just the high wind.

  23. @21 As far as we all know the sworn witness statements made by Martin Smith and his family that are in the case files remain as evidence, unless SY can produce another batch of Smiths family sworn statements saying otherwise, and that would mean that Mr. Smith and his family would have committed perjury, something that from the exchange of emails, again, from the case files appears to be very unlikely. The Smiths saw Gerry McCann and there's no way to erase that from the process.

    The threads attacking Mr. Smith and his family credibility at Jill Havern's forum is a total discredit to those who are promoting it. Frankly, it's shameful.

  24. How can anyone get away with a cover-up in this case? Too much is known - and NOT from Mr Amaral's book, but from the shady activities of Team McCann, their lies, contradictions, 'coincidences'. There can be no lasting cover-up! The end, as they say, may well be nigh. Woof woof!

  25. «There was also an uncomfortable complication with Smith’s account. He had originally told the police that he had “recognised something” about the way Gerry McCann carried one of his children which reminded him of the man he had seen in Praia da Luz.

    Smith has since stressed that he does not believe the man he saw was Gerry, and Scotland Yard do not consider this a possibility.» This bit here, said to whom? In a chat? To SY? To a McCann PI? In a formal sworn statement? Where is it then?

  26. Sunday Times article making waves in Germany:

    'Why were tip-offs being hidden for years?'


    NB-'Bild' is a tabloid akin to the 'Sun' - readership in the millions


  27. @23 and 24, We can never discard the possibility that money has changed hands. Or a threat of court action! Why else would the Smiths change their minds? The McCanns are capable of anything to enforce their "clean" image.

  28. Embarrassment for BBC after porn star was cast as member of Tapas Seven in Crimewatch reconstruction of Madeleine McCann disappearance



  29. @24 I would assume Smith has been leaned on by a certain family. For the safety of himself and his family he's keeping quiet. I would expect the information has been well recorded though.

  30. anon @21

    I too find this strange. How can anyone 'change their mind' about what they were convinced of seeing? Mr Smith never said he was 100% certain, of course.

    But if he saw someone who resembled and walked like McCann, then that is what he saw. How can he change that? Can't.

    bob the bluebird

  31. Why is DCI Redwood going along with this cover up of the Efit? Why is the PJ going along with it? There is nothing clear cut when it comes to the fund, and the world IMO is sick of this circus. Redwood stands to have egg all over his face if the Times or others do really get stuck in and blow this wide open. What they need now is some person to pin it on before the libel trial starts again and make that nasty Times slur go away.

  32. Maybe this is also an important question to ask; why is a (former) PI from Oakley now telling his story....if he was threatened to keep quiet about these leads?

    Something big has surely happened that he now feels he is able to talk...has the ban been lifted....what else could he tell us? If their investigation went against the McCann official line then there is much he knows. Their work has been slated by those who never believed in the abduction, accused of taking money and providing nothing. I would be very interested to know exactly what they did find out. And they would surely want the world to know that they weren't incompetent fraudsters.

    Could the investigation have been re-opened by the information they have within their files? The info that the McCanns wanted silenced?
    Where was Isabel Duarte during the last couple of days of the Libel trial? She disappeared after Gerry turned up. Why did Gerry turn up to the libel trial against Amaral when he was advised not to supposedly by SY?

  33. The Sunday Times article is great news ..especially that it has also got into Germany ...things may be looking up ......but we must also not get to carried away - especially that given the fact the sighting was not 100% certain ...did he not quote 60-80% that it looked like Gerry McCann ....that has room for doubt and therefore devalues it to some degree.....also has he said now that he doesn't believe it to be Gerry.....its starting to make things unreliable...certainly not enough on its own as a stand alone piece of evidence.

    However there is no doubt that the tide is turning ..but personally I am still very sceptical if people are hoping everything hinges on the sighting as a massive breakthrough.

    the positive is it is opening yet more eyes to the way this case has been steered ...only giving parts out to the public.....it is confirming the cover up....an agenda at work.


  34. Oh dear, oh dear, not point washwashing any longer the dust is coming out from everywhere. Too late, SY I think it's about time the truth comes out. Justice for Madeleine, Justice for Goncalo!

  35. I made comments for days on all the respectable blogs, and can't really think of anything new that I have posted about before. But this really is mind blowing, only in so far as it happened. IT CHANGES NOTHING other than the integrity of the McCanns, which now must be at an all time low.

    The Smith family sighting is on file, it has always been there. It never disappeared. GA was very much on the trail of following this up more intensively. Do not lose sight of the FACT that the PJ did their own review when GA was left the case.

    No one ever believed Tannerman, there is no way it could be worked into the timeslot of the timeline - basically happening in the presence of the Mr McCann.

    What does become an issue and an emphasis of the Smith family sighting, is the timeline has conveniently for too long been allowed to stop at 10pm Mrs McCann check - now it's pretty obvious the TIMELINE is UNTESTED. Always was and always will be. Even with Tannerman out of the thesis\scenario it might have been possible for the T9 + JW to demonstrate the evenings comings and goings. But it has changed is to add Carpenters hearing someone call out Madeleine about 9.15-9.45 and the Smith family sighting. That is what has changed, extending it - perhaps even to midnight all the running around checking, writing timelines, making photocopies, being heard on the phone by the McK .. saying paedophiles had Madeleine.

    Since now, it's the cluster of Mrs McCanns check at 10 and Smith family sighting at 10pm - ANOTHER NOT POSSIBLE ''timeslot' in the timeline

    Snipped from above:
    ''Smith has since stressed that he does not believe the man he saw was Gerry, and Scotland Yard do not consider this a possibility.» This bit here, said to whom? In a chat? To SY? To a McCann PI? In a formal sworn statement? Where is it then?''

    I have seen this several times posted on twitter and places, where does it originate from?


  36. The problem the fund had with the report from Oakley International and the decision to put aside its findings had nothing to do with not having resources to follow other clues than the Tanner sighting, it was due to the fact that that report was highly detrimental for the McCanns, it basically pointed the finger at them! Imagine hiring someone to do investigate who commited a crime against you and it all turning back on you! That report seems to me, was the work of true professional people, who reported things as they were, no matter if good or bad for, convenient or inconvenient for the clients, unlike the next team of detectives, Edgar and Cowley, who claimed that in their investigations they had found nothing that indicated the McCanns guilt! Of course, Oakley team paid the price for doing an independent job!

  37. When did Mr. Smith retract his nearly 70/80% conviction that he had seen Gerry McCann?! When, where, how, why? Is there any official statements to back up this affirmation that Mr. Smith now believes the man was Gerry? Until I see one I won't believe it!
    This article in the Daily Mail is from the 16th October and does not mention anything like that, it only mentions that Mr. Smith's idea that the man might be Gerry was dismissed because witnesses placed Gerry at the Ocean Club (Tapas bar) at the time of the Smith sighting.


  38. #13, sorry but,
    what do you mean, please? Which egyptologist?!
    Maybe I'm thick, but I really don't understand what you're talking about...

  39. We are very disappointed about Portugal, we thought they were going to find out what happened to Madeleine, but it looks like they listen to McCann lie stories. Mr Amaral had a very good case and he speak the truth and he is fighting by himself. Mccanns have so many people to come forwards they know all these people are on their side. I expect Mitchell been finding all these people. Mr Redwood when he was talking about the case in Germany his eyes popped out and he was sitting on the edge of his stool. The German people were watching and thought it was all a story that was said and Mccanns were sitting there very tight and holding hands. The Portugal should have watched this then they know it was not true and they would find out for themselves. Portugal should clear up this case properly and not listen to Britain, they all stick together, why do you let your country down, you had a good police Mr Amaral in your country who people believed could have solved this case. We all believe that Madeleine died in the flat, she never will be found and they know it and they want to make more money.

  40. wow the times article the tide is slowly turning., What we already know in print in a UK newspaper Never thought that would happen.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  41. Did I not hear it claimed PJ also had this efit for a long time, that it was not news to them and they attached no importance to it?

  42. OK so your beloved daughter is missing, perhaps abducted, and former MI5 PIs succeed in producing e-Fits of a man carrying an inanimate child in a direction away from your holiday apartment at around the time she seemed to go missing. What do you do? Call the police, give them the e-Fits? Put them on your search website? (although you hold the report because it's critical of you). the cheapest options.

    No, you hide the report AND the e-Fits - for FIVE YEARS even though this could be the 'abductor' and use lawyers to ensure it. Ah, of course!

  43. Oh a selfie ! own goal has been scored Oh, dearie me! So, what we have been subjected to ALL these years- no stone unturned- find Maddie fund - has had it's doors flung wide open.

    This is very serious for the TM- all the while bleating about sardine munching cops-fat lazy all day lunching cops in the PJ NOT Looking for our daughter "BOOHOO"!..oh my!

    So, the 'invention' of a stranger abductor-entering the flat- stealing Maddie seems to have been accepted as lies? Well, what else can we call it? The TM pushed All of Tanners 'eyewitness accounts' All looking like people she was obviously coerced into offering up
    as bad man Maddie stealer. AND all the while a proper report was made and presented and was dismissed by these self same people screeching about Mr Amaral &Internet haters & no body doing anything about their missing daughter.

    Yes the PJ have a lot of work to piece together- and they will or should insist that the TAPAS 9 Do a reconstruction- they can't refuse without good cause as this will only be the worst PR because NOW the big Journalists are doing proper reporting in the UK and else where, they have no where to hide----seems all the stones are UN TURNING THEMSELVES and jumping right off the cliffs and making big splashes! ...And we are all here seeing it...
    Mr Amaral will win his case- further humiliation for the TM

    It's like we always knew...

    Miss Taken Identity

  44. Questions Joana ! Congratulations for your perseverance !

    Too many items English newspapers, too .... Portuguese items too , too many stories about political aides of McCans ! I am French , so the translation is far from clear , and I apologize !
    Here in France , as in all countries , I believe, when a child is sought , it is the police who lays down the law , not people witnesses, suspects or others to do!
    This is the police command , it's the police asking the questions and determines the success in the case of a reconstruction of the facts , not the whim of the respondents or worse, those affected by the ' survey . In fact, the polygraph is not never spoke ... the Maccanns were afraid that their extract any truth ?
    In which country do we already seen that it is the people who run the suspected case complaint is about the police officers who conducted the investigation and that simply describes in a book, while the open and known facts public?
    The Maccanns spent almost their time to silence all those who do not abounded in their meaning,
    Portugal unfortunately has its share of responsibility in the way easily to the red carpet, and in this case, under the feet of Maccans and their amis.Oui these people are screwed honor of the Portuguese police, ridiculed !
    And even better now , we'll take them to witness the recovery of investigation ... they are opposed to any reconstruction , refrained from answering all kinds of questions, are armed to the teeth with people power in the UK, we spent a lot of time doing trial to some, to others ... Today, Maccans dare go all pride , without compunction and with a heavy insolence defy police Portuguese ! it's really a shame !
    Remain the main things I would like to find Joana : what are the real and full evidence that Maccans provided or those that found the Portuguese PJ for bleach them ? Of anything , agree to have them as allies and communicate the results of the new survey ?
    Then , what are the new items real, crucial that make PJ restarts the investigation based on a kidnapping ? let them say once and for all !
    However, can we really abandon the idea that all the smiles and all the casualness of the parental couple Maccann so few days after the disappearance of their daughter was an illusion, that their attitude is also little worried not exist?
    In no country I have not seen or heard much money in a matter of research as the child who has done the Maddie case ? Nobody asks the question ?
    When will they stop Maccans fly continuously featured their daughter ? When will we stop believing in all these areas as farfeelues that fancy all-out which will give nothing , everyone knows in advance , if not even more publicity and money that could garner even that couple. Both doctors have certainly taken the wings in their own trap and no longer able to extricate himself in .... when this circus will end , Joana ?
    Personally , reconstitution recently redone by the police themselves in Portugal, a month ago , I seemed devoid of common sense, would have had the main police at the time to be present and be interviewed with key stakeholders ( tapas 9) of the time , which is the penalty for not much and it gives the image a botched occurred during the 2007 survey , this n ' is not very flattering for all the team has struggled there for those few very difficult months in the media spotlight and cameras ....
    So many journalists, waffle discharged for in the end, crime is almost perfect ... um, it's ugly ... I understand we can easily feed a hatred so intense to the British couple .

    Again sorry, Joana, I do not quite mastered the English language written, and not at all the Portuguese language, so I go through the google translator, it's not the best!

  45. I did hear that the UK was expecting the biggest storm for decades but I thought that was the weather forecast not the Sunday Times revelation. I'm hoping other Murdoch owned papers start to accuraly report what the McCanns are suppressing so that the people who donated to the Fund learn how their money was spent on investigators/lawyers to hide anything which would damage the McCanns and further donations.

  46. I am awaiting the paper preview (Sky News 2230 & 2330hrs GMT) with interest.

    Will any of the Red Tops pick up on the Sunday Times' revelations?

    If they do, then there is real traction - because the great unwashed will get to read about it - in simple sentences, they understand.

    If they don't, then the ST's article could remain a curate's egg hidden behind a pay wall. .


  47. making in-roads now




  48. This information could be used by Mr. Amaral and his lawyer as proof that the McCanns and their lawyers (Carter-Ruck) have HINDERED the search by keeping an important clue, which could have been a crucial breakthrough in the search for their daughter, under wraps since 2008, and by threatening with legal action anyone who dared to reveal it! I hope this can be brought up in court!

  49. I really hope this is the start of something - now The Telegraph is quoting the Sunday Times article.............


  50. Perhaps in view of the parents' concealing e-Fit evidence for five years, an act that could hamper the search for their daughter, the Judge in the libel hearing may consider them to be unreliable witnesses?

  51. @ Joana Morais

    RE.. Martin Smith

    Ive read the book & watched the documentary..
    Martin Smith is featured in the documentary arounds 37 mins .. He's identified Gerry Mccann at a 9.50 - 10 0' clock timeline..

    Martin smith is also documented in the book at Chapter 8 & Chapter 20....

    So Martin Smiths testimony is fully documented .

    Now here's the puzzling part .. Crime journalist Tom pettifor who as previously written on the Mccann family & the libel case. Creates a article in the Daily Mirror?

    The headline is " key witness accuses the Portugese police of not taking his vital crime suspect seriously "

    Martin Smith is reported in the mirror on the 16th october claiming the Portugese authorities never took him seriously. . Ive screencapped it..

    click to zoom in


    Dont let them win ..

  52. This article in the Sunday Times at first read seems to be damaging for the McCanns, but upon reading it once more and digesting its contents I have concluded otherwise. I think it is a strategic story presented to the public for the purpose of explaining why people initially involved with the case were suspicious of the McCanns being directly responsible for the disappearance of their daughter and why since then those suspicions have been laid to rest.

    Read it again.

    The article tells us that the McCanns relied on a new team of investigators because they were beginning to despair over the handling of the local police investigation. Seems like a reasonable course of action on their part.

    The article also implies that the relationship between the McCanns and their new detectives soured because the new detectives also formed suspicions about them. Well, if you hired detectives and they started focusing their attention on you I’m sure you would send them packing. And it’s natural that you would try to suppress the findings and conclusions of your own detectives which corroborate the theories of the police that are investigating you.

    This article reveals that initially Mr. Smith suspected that the man he had seen that night was Mr. McCann. Most everyone who has followed this case already knows that don’t they? It also tells us that Mr. Smith formed those suspicions based on the manner in which Mr. McCann carried one of his children which reminded him of the man he had seen in Praia da Luz. Not a positive identification is it? It makes you wonder then whose imagination they relied upon to create those E-fits. And of course we are told that Mr. Smith no longer believes that the man he saw the night of May 3, 2007 was Mr. McCann and Scotland Yard does not consider it a possibility. Mr. Smith “stresses” that he no longer believes.

    The article also states that the Portuguese authorities officially told the McCanns last week that they are not suspects.

    The article concludes that all the information has been passed on to Scotland Yard.

    It’s not a damning article. It is an article which fits perfectly with the objective of the Scotland Yard investigation and I’m afraid with the objective of the Porto investigation which is one and the same. Its purpose is to devalue the findings of the initial investigation, to devalue the work done by Mr. Amaral and his colleagues. What this article is telling me is that the Smith sighting will not be eliminated, whether this was planned from the outset or is a change brought about from reading comments in blogs such as this only one can guess.

    Of course you will ask why on earth is it important for the British government to resurrect that pristine image of the McCanns which was created by the media soon after Madeleine was reported missing and why are the Portuguese assisting. I don’t know, only those people who are orchestrating all this know what is motivating them to do this unethical thing. I sincerely hope that I’m wrong and that all this is an artifice to achieve justice. This has gone on for too long; the whole affair has become nauseating.

  53. I really don't believe that the McCanns are being informed about what is going on inside both police.
    Anyone who could tell s what is going on in Praia da Luz and around the church?

  54. The Statement below appeared on the front page of the daily Mail this morning (28.12.2013)

    But shortly after Mr Smith told police Mr McCann may have been the man he had seen carrying a little girl, a friend of the McCanns said: ‘Look at the facts. This man sees an individual carrying a child on the night Maddie vanished.

    ‘He waits 13 days to report this to the police, going back to Ireland in the meantime. At this stage he admits he has no idea who the man is. Almost four months go by before, after seeing him on TV, he feels that it could be Gerry.

    ‘The truth is that this is part of the victimisation of Gerry and Kate which has gone on from the very beginning by the Portuguese.’
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    A very damming statement that needs to be replied to, or can the Brits continue in their vilification of all Portugal without any response, or is that Portugal is just obeying its British Masters

  55. anon 23.
    I don't visit that site, I once looked at it but it seemed to controlling. I agree with the perjury act if Mr Smith makes another statement, I think hes a genuine guy he has never sold stories to the press ,never accepted money to tell what he knows. One paper apparently printed his photo and something he was supposed to have said, but he made them retract this article threatening with legal action if his photo was used again, in fact I believe he has a legal action about this on the go now.
    I believe him, sometimes you see something and it just jolts your memory, so much of what he said has been changed, as apparently the person was not heading to the beach but turned and went down some stairs to where kellys bar is....freezer comes to mind o storage. Thankyou for your response, I don't understand how the Mcs get mixed up with MI6..there is dynamite behind all of this, but so happy the Telegraph had the guts to print it, basically it proves they were the ones holding up the investigation. not Dr Amaral

  56. Probably SY knew they had to reveal this info so they agreed with Mcs that they would say it was Redwoods moment of glory, so the public wouldn't know that they had kept it under wraps for years. Which means the Mcs are controlling SY, come on Oakley lets here more of what was in your file , they can hardly sue you now.

  57. An article on the McCannfies writing about a certain Mark, pornstar, who played the role of Oldfield on Crimewatch.
    A BBC mistake or an insinuation? Let us hope that it was a mistake.

  58. The question since long, in fact since the beginning, is wether the person who was seen walking with a child towards the seeside is Gerry Mccann or not.

    Several elements point in that direction, du to what the first investigation of Mr. Amaral revealed and du to the fact that the parents of Madeleine hide information, as there is, their communication by telephone that night. Next to that there is a general bad feeling because the parents were irresponsible and negligent towards their small children and always denied that, something nobody could understand as their negligence is obvious. Still one must be careful as there has been other cases where incredible coïncidenties have led to a juridical mistake. There is a famous case in France called " le pullover rouge". A person with the same description as the author of a murder and dressed with a same red pullover was considerend guilty by mistake. One must also be very careful with testimonies. So if there is a similarity between the persoon who was seen walking to the seeside and Gerry Mccann, one must remain careful. This is also what for my opinion Mr. Amaral did as he wanted to do more investigation. I would not be surprised that if he has taken a point of vue after he was taken off the case in a clear sense that the child Madeleine has died du at least to the negligence of her parents, he has more information. Otherwise he took a risk by taking his point of vue, which can be understood, as he was made a liar and other very negative comments of the parents, which were not at all justified.


  59. I think its time Operation Grange Team felt the 'cold hand" on their shoulder this time.

  60. The Sunday times article is like manna from heaven to Goncalo and his legal team. May be just maybe SY will have their wish and have some juradiction in this case.... Looking at the fund .

  61. For me the importance is this, the 'fund' (which means Gerry and Kate and others) decided to quash a sighting because it did not say what they wanted it to say. You cannot pick and choose when you have claimed that you will leave no stone unturned.
    Secondly, Scotland Yard have told us this was their work and it is new. Clearly it is not new and was not their work. So what has millions of pounds of taxpayers money be spent on?

  62. Who said that the Smiths changed their statements? Officially stated by the police or made up by the media?

  63. The Smiths are witnesses and they are not allowed to talk to anyone about the case.
    Certainly not to the media.

  64. @55, MI6 ? Megalomany, nothing more, nothing less than that.
    They are trying to make smoke and mirrors because they are sacared of the PJ.
    Their power is gone, thank Haevens.

  65. Children are removed from families as the search for Madeleine McCann allows prejudice free rein, writes

    by Jane Devine

    IT IS one thing to sway the media and public opinion, but quite another when the authorities start to act on rumour and supposition and readily remove children from people who don’t have enough standing in society to cause them any threat.
    A child is found in a Roma settlement in Greece and is taken into care because she does not look like the people claiming to be her parents. She is blonde and blue eyed; they are dark. The same thing happens in Dublin: a seven-year old girl is taken from her family home on the sole basis that she doesn’t look like her family. And then a two-year-old boy is seized in the north of Ireland on the same grounds.
    This is nothing to do with child protection: removing children from situations where they may be at risk of harm. No, this is down to hysteria, stirred up by the hope that finding the “blonde angel” in the Roma camp in Greece has given to the McCanns, whose daughter Madeleine disappeared in Portugal in 2007.
    Three children have been forcibly removed from the people they were living with on the basis that they may have been abducted from white families like the McCanns. The search for Madeleine should not justify other children being removed from their families. But, it seems that with every development in this case, the stereotypes and prejudices become even more stark.
    Had the McCanns been from a council estate, on benefits, overweight and inarticulate, the public may well have vilified them for leaving their children alone while they went out for dinner. Had they been Roma, they probably wouldn’t even have been vilified: no-one would have cared or perhaps even heard about their daughter’s disappearance. They are not, however, “benefit scroungers” or “gypsies”: they are two doctors who speak very well, look very well and because of that, they not only avoid blame, they garner immense support.
    Contrast this with the experience of Roma families in Greece and Ireland about whom we know very little. Their children have been taken from them too. In the cases in Ireland, the children have been returned to their parents, probably quite traumatised; but the child in Greece, “named” Maria, who appears to be the subject of informal adoption between Roma families, may now be put up for adoption by the state. This may well be as much a tragedy for Maria and her family as Madeleine’s disappearance is for her and her family.
    As a Greek journalist pointed out, “tragedies are not assorted to race”, yet the authorities are behaving like they are, and are prepared to devastate the lives of Roma children in the search for another child. This is at the very least racist, and has no regard for the well-being and rights of the Roma children involved. One thing we should know about Roma people is that they cherish children – the Greek and Irish authorities should ask themselves if they do too.

    The Scotsman 28 out 2013

  66. 28 out 2013
    Belfast Telegraph

    Maddy search is proving costly

    I HOPE someone can explain why the police are spending £5m of taxpayers’ money on the search for Madeleine McCann.

    Six years have passed since this tragedy happened and however sad her disappearance was, it seems an inordinate amount to spend on this one inquiry.

    Does this indicate that all children who disappear in strange circumstances will have this amount of money spent on efforts to trace them?

    Or is it just that the parents of Madeleine McCann have friends in high places?


  67. Sunday Times article has reached Portugal http://diariodigital.sapo.pt/news.asp?id_news=664856

  68. 1>

    This is an excerpt Taken from that other brilliant site by Nigel.www.mccannfiles.com, REGARDING the Smith Family.( I too believed Mr Smith Identified GM). I will offer my sincere apologies If that is incorrect. It Is interesting that SY showed it on national TV KNOWING THAT THE EFIT DOES RESEMBLE GM. Did they ask the SMITH'S if this was their artists impression of who they saw?, Before they went live on TV?

    "...- approx 21h55, they are returning from "Kelly's Bar", heading north, all spread out along the street

    - they pass a man walking down the middle of the street, carrying a child, with the head against his left shoulder and the arms hanging down alongside the body, in light colored or pink pyjamas, bare feet, pale skin typical of British and blond, shoulder-length hair; the girl is about 3-4 years old, about 1 meter tall.

    - The man is not dressed like a tourist; he's wearing cream or beige trousers, classic cut, of linen or cotton. He is white, 30-35 yrs, 1.70-1.80 meters tall, average build, physically fit, short, brown hair, with a face that looks tanned.

    - Images of Robert Murat begin to circulate around the world

    - Back in Ireland, the Smiths watch the news and learn of Jane's statement and the suspicions falling upon Murat.

    - The father contacts the Irish police. He tells his story. The man he saw was NOT Murat. He knows Murat and it was not him.

    - The father is almost certain that the girl he saw was Madeleine.

  69. 28 out 2013 Diário de Notícias

    Jornal escreve que McCann esconderam pistas há cinco anos

    Relatório de detetives contratados por Kate e Gerry apontava para “anomalias” nas declarações dos pais e revelava retrato de suspeito a levar a criança dado pelo casal Smith

    O principal suspeito do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann apresentado agora pela Scotland Yard já tinha sido apontado há cinco anos pela equipa de detetives da empresa Oakland International, contratada pelos pais da criança. Segundo a edição de ontem do jornal Sunday Times, esta pista, assim como algumas ‘ anomalias’ detetadas nas declarações do casal britânico foram “abafadas”, por ordem de Kate e Gerry, que chegaram a ameaçar a equipa de profissionais com um processo judicial, caso revelassem as conclusões da sua investigação.

    Este grupo de profissionais foi contratado dez meses depois de Maddie McCann ter desaparecido do aldeamento da Praia da Luz, enquanto os seus pais jantavam num restaurante a inquenta metros do apartamento. Mas em poucos meses a relação azedou. Um relatório produzido pel os investigadores foi considerado “hipercrítico” dos McCann e dos seus amigos, e os autores foram ameaçados com ações legais caso fosse tornado público. O seu conteúdo permaneceu em segredo até os detetives da Scotland Yard que conduziam uma nova revisão do caso terem contactado os autores e pedido uma cópia.

    Descobriram que continha novas provas sobre um suspeito avistado por Martin Smith e a sua família, da Irlanda, que viram o homem a carregar uma criança perto do apartamento por volta das 22.00, hora que alegadamente Kate terá dado sinal da ausência da filha no apartamento. Um dos elementos da equipa Oakley International ficou “estupefacto e perplexo ” ao verificar que, no programa exibido pela BBC na semana passada, a polícia britânica vinha agora desenterrar a prova escondida há cinco anos como “nova” e apresentando esse como sendo o motivo para a reabertura do processo.

    O chefe da equipa, Henri Exton, antigo chefe de operações infiltradas do MI5, confirmou que o fundo Find Madeleine tinha “silenciado” os seus investigadores durante anos após estes terem entregue as suas descobertas controversas: “Chegou uma carta dos advogados deles, vinculando-nos à confidencialidade do relatório.”

    A investigação da Oakley, que durou seis meses, incluiu a colocação de agentes infiltrados no Ocean Club, onde a família esteve hospedada, testes com detetores de mentiras, vigilância secreta e um reexame de todas as provas.

  70. 2...- - The described the way he walked and carried her; this image is strongly fixed in their memory.
    Chapter 21 - An Irish family in shock - pages 197-199

    - Sept 2007, McCanns return to UK

    - Gerry exits the plane, carrying his son against his left shoulder, the child's arms down along his sides, down the stairs and across the tarmack Gerry walks

    - The Smith family see this recording on the news at 22h00 and are hit hard: they know this person, this way of carrying a child and of walking. It is Gerry McCann, they believe with a high degree of certainty, that they saw on 3 May at about 22h00, carrying a 4 yr old girl who appeared to be deeply asleep

    - The father contacts the police to communicate this new information. He says he has not slept since 9 Sept and is very upset. It's as if he re-lived the night he saw the man carrying the child. Seeing Gerry walk and carry the child, awoke something in his head...

    - Still not completely convinced, he watches the news again on ITV and also on Sky.

    - No, there are no doubts. Gerry McCann looks just like the same person he saw carrying the child on May 3.

    - Smith, upset and worried about what he saw and has concluded, needs the investigators to contact him.

    - In late September, the Portuguese police receive this information from Smith. This appears to be a piece of the puzzle.

    - Now Jane Tanner's insistence at seeing the abductor go the other direction makes sense, removing attentions from the way Gerry walked, in the direction of the beach. The man carrying a child didn't walk east towards Murat's house, but west in the direction of the Smiths.

    - This puzzle piece allows the investigators to reconstruct what happened on that cold night of 3 May. The puzzle is almost complete.

    - We make the decision to bring the Smiths back to Portugal. They will be heard, and in legal and procedural terms, will give their identification using televised images, since a personal identification [of Gerry] is out of the question.

    - A reconstitution of that night, with the Smiths, is seriously considered.

    - But the Smiths don't return to Portugal.

    - The Portuguese police changed their minds after GA leaves the team; they decide to use the international request mechanism [letters rogatory] end...

    Signed Miss taken Identity

    Many thanks to Joana,Astro, Nigel, Blacksmith and others for keeping this real!

  71. @41 "Did I not hear it claimed PJ also had this efit for a long time, that it was not news to them and they attached no importance to it?" Can you see the e-fit in the case files? No. That means the McCanns never sent the e-fit to the Portuguese police, nor the report which contained this information: «As well as questioning parts of the McCanns’ evidence, it contained sensitive information about Madeleine’s sleeping patterns and raised the highly sensitive possibility that she could have died in an accident after leaving the apartment herself from one of two unsecured doors.»
    And that means obstruction of justice, a crime against the state according to "Artigo 367.º - Favorecimento pessoal".


    LIVRO II - Parte especial

    TÍTULO V - Dos crimes contra o Estado

    CAPÍTULO III - Dos crimes contra a realização da justiça


    Artigo 367.º - Favorecimento pessoal

    1 - Quem, total ou parcialmente, impedir, frustrar ou iludir actividade probatória ou preventiva de autoridade competente, com intenção ou com consciência de evitar que outra pessoa, que praticou um crime, seja submetida a pena ou medida de segurança, é punido com pena de prisão até 3 anos ou com pena de multa.
    2 - Na mesma pena incorre quem prestar auxílio a outra pessoa com a intenção ou com a consciência de, total ou parcialmente, impedir, frustrar ou iludir execução de pena ou de medida de segurança que lhe tenha sido aplicada.
    3 - A pena a que o agente venha a ser condenado, nos termos dos números anteriores, não pode ser superior à prevista na lei para o facto cometido pela pessoa em benefício da qual se actuou.
    4 - A tentativa é punível.
    5 - Não é punível:
    a) O agente que, com o facto, procurar ao mesmo tempo evitar que contra si seja aplicada ou executada pena ou medida de segurança;
    b) O cônjuge, os adoptantes ou adoptados, os parentes ou afins até ao segundo grau da pessoa em benefício da qual se actuou ou quem com esta viva em situação análoga à dos cônjuges.

  72. Personally I believe we are witnessing a war of the roses type affair.....on two separate fronts.
    I think initially Robert Murat was been lined up by Team McCann as the fall guy patsy.... however friends and supporters of this also well connected man.. Robert Murat ...jumped to his defence to null the accusations been pointed at him.

    the disarray began

    I also think their is a political war going on in the UK with the media /press and Government stemming from the Murdoch ( Milly dowler)case which lead to the leverson inquiry.
    The media /press are saying in a roundabout way ....attack us and we will reveal all our secrets on you ......its a game of chess.
    Call me paranoid if you wish ...but think about it.
    you scratch my back and ill scratch yours......attack me and be attacked mentality.
    Its a game of leverage.....truth and justice has no place in this battle.
    these are powerful people and no doubt there will be compromises made on both sides.

    Portugal has so far shown to be of the same make up of the UK. Im afraid the only way the truth will win is through the masses getting more involved and demanding the truth...it will require more than blogging.

    The reality is we are all spineless....look at the real brave people who have tried ...1, Goncalo Amaral....alone at court.......2, Tony Bennett .....alone at court.

    Internet people worthy of high respect ....Joana Morais for allowing people to talk and be heard albeit behind computer screens, Nigel from the McCann files for building a database of reference second to none...yes their are others but these are my main two.

    what is needed now is protest ...out on the streets in mass....a spring.....otherwise its round and round the merry go round, until everybody one by one flies off in a dizzy nauseous state.....and whoosh like the curtains it all falls apart and disappears.


  73. In reality it's down to whether the Portuguese want their country back. The McCann's are being protected in the UK by powerful people that have an agenda. The whole affair has been very costly. It's now a runaway train. Too many people have been involved too many know secrets. One has just been aired. How much more can they afford to be known. This may be damaging but remember many behind the McCann's are now involved in the biggest cover up in UK history and it will become very dirty. More than ever before. Mr Amaral needs to win his libel case. If not the McCann's will be more untouchable. I really believe this is more than covering up accidental death. Mr Amaral was getting too close and he had to be taken out. No way Kate and Gerry McCann have that kind of influence. Someone else is involved. It's the only thing that makes sense in this whole sordid affair.

  74. Thank you again, Joana for keeping this blog page active

    As this is about the Smith family, it is well worth a visit to the site, so you can actually view the documents:

    Remember that Madeleine disappeared on the Thursday night, people were packing up and in transit to various parts of Europe. No one would have known what vital pieces of information that they had.

    The Smith family's documents are dated 26th May 2007

    NOW DEAL WITH SOME part of the discussion that we have NO backup information for

    >>>> who exactly after six years - not a few days, BUT SIX years has been found to be the parent returning (presume) from the drop in evening crèche. Can anyone point to a link of FACTUAL information who exactly this person is\was. But in my mind he is walking in the wrong direction. So the MET said so on Crimewatch. Just remember what the Panorama spoon fed us with & Cutting Edge.

    >>>>> Can someone actually point to any information that authenticates the efits? That these were produced by the Smith family, because IMHO they would only have co-operated with people in authority. READ information in the link previously given after contact from Brian (Everest) Kennedy.

    Now I just want you to experiment. We can recognise people by the faces, voice, finger prints, DNA and dental records. Can you think of something else?

    >> Yes their posture, gait and general physical traits.

    Medical conditions can be diagnosed between the door you go through in your doctors surgery, before you bum has it hit's the seat. But just watch a television programme, may be an old film then think of the last time you can identify an individual actor good example has to be John Wayne, the swagger... surprise yourself!

    But IMHO whether it was Jane Tanner's sighting at 9.25pm\in the presence of Mr McCann or the Smith sighting @ 10pm nothing has changed. It's now Mrs McCann and Smiths @ 10pm. Something doesn't add up.


  75. Even if the latest e fits are genuine and taking the sighting as genuine, where exactly is the case? The efits look like McCann, but it appears that witnesses say he was with the group at the time of the sighting, which makes the Smith sighting useless. So who else can the Police be looking for ? Its the timelines that are causing all this confusion. If they were laid bare and verified, then it could be established once and for all if McCann was missing for any time. It needs a person to come forward from the group, and failing that NSY to call them all in for questioning. We may all be wrong and there are other factors that the PJ have or are examining?

  76. GNR police dismisses SY claims of "robberies" in the area of PdL weeks before Madeleine's disappearance. via TVI news

  77. I am deeply cynical of NSY in all this. Why claim their were robberies at the time? Its like NSY are part of the McCann pr as well. The plus part of The Times article, I hope, is that, it will help Mr Amaral win his case. Other than that I am deeply skeptical about Murdoch owed media. Rotten IMO, and not to be trusted. The motivation for the story is not for justice, but perhaps to distract from the Rebecca Brookes trial? How easy was it for The Times to get that report? How much more information does it have on the case?

    There is no way that 2 people like the McCanns could keep this covered without big help, they are not clever or powerful enough. After all the investigations and 6 years of worldwide publicity no real suspect has been identified. So do what should have been done from the start......question the Tapas. Talk about an elephant in the corner.

  78. On Findmadeleine there is a new short appeal to the public, and also refering to the PJ and to the Met police..
    I wonder who wrote it because it is signed Gerry and Kate instead of the usual Kate and Gerry..
    Gerry's family always refers to them as Gerry and Kate.

    Could it be that the McCanns ae not in England right now?

  79. I will say this because it has as much plausibility as all the running around in circles at present .....the smith sighting is worth little to my mind, its not conclusive in anyway if you were 100%..you would possibly say 99%certain..... but 60 - 80% just don't work for me ...to me its a red herring and keeps you on the wrong track ......please for a moment ...look at the case without it.

    what evidences show Madeleine to be around on the 3rd ?
    list them.
    look at them.

    right now lets analyse the same for the 2nd.
    list them look at them

    now the 1st ......Pamela Fenn heard what at what time and phoned who? - phone records are the clincher to this sorry affair.

    what was the story of the McCann's been fetched from another bar ..who by ? what time?
    what happened to Chaplin's ? ....where the story goes quiet is were the focus should be.


    back to the 2nd .....the morning ? ....look at records / statements for this day ...o dear.

    what happened on the night of the 1st.

    doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of what ?

    the third is keeping people running around in circles ....get away from it.
    the second will give more of the same .....what happened on the 1st ....leading to what on the 2nd?
    the cover up is huge ......because the involvement of many in terms of numbers are, it goes further than looking for a tapas 10th... a lot more know and that's the problem right there ......and in that many are some very influential people.....and I don't believe the McCann's were the only ones to leave their kids.....thus the support they have.


  80. @#13 "...the PJ apportionated zero credit to...". BTW I noticed that the DCCB report is dated Friday 28 Sept 2007, just a few days before Mr Amaral was removed from the case (I think early on Tuesday 2 Oct?).

  81. Can anyone answer this for me please?
    On 24th Sepetember in his Leader's speech to the Labour party, Ed Miliband included the following words : "If you want to know the difference between me and David Cameron, here’s an easy way to remember it. When it was Murdoch versus the McCanns, he took the side of Murdoch."
    This seems very strange to me - surely in September David Cameron was very much behind the Camerons, as was the Murdoch press. Why did Ed Miliband say this? Did he already know something was afoot inthe Murdoch press?
    And presumably this implies that Miliband is "on the side of the McCanns". What is the connection between the Labour Party and the McCanns, that they deserve a mention from the party leader at their annual conference?

  82. @#81 For the extended background behind the "If you want to know the difference between me and ..." speech, see

  83. @#38 "sorry but". The post you are asking about might possibly refer to the DCCB report (google) and specifically to the garden testimony by an eminent expert..


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