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Maddie case: British TV channel speculates and speaks of a new suspect e-fit

Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt, hourly live updates using NSY premises as a background

Sky News reported yesterday that the British police had a new e-fit of a suspect, however Scotland Yard when contacted by i stated that it was “speculation”

by Carlos Diogo Santos

British TV channel Sky News broke the news that the British police had a new e-fit of a suspect in the case of the disappearance of Maddie McCann, however the English Police assured to i that it was just “media speculation”, adding that “no further information about the case would be given.”

In the scope of this investigation, the British have requested some steps to be carried out in Portugal; i found out that the Judiciary Police is fulfilling the rogatory letter and that so far there isn't a deadline for the completion of those proceedings.

The British television referred that the English police had already prepared an e-fit of a person who was near the house from where the child disappeared, but no other details on the possible nationality or even about the age of the suspect were given. i contacted the British police, who gave a short reply: “There has been speculation in the media, but for now we will not give further information about the case."

With the end of the investigations in Portugal in 2008, Scotland Yard decided to open an independent investigation. In the past few days the English have insisted that a new team was constituted in Portugal - composed of six elements - to support [back/work for] the ongoing investigation in London, but i knows that these elements from the Judiciary Police are only fulfilling the rogatory letter. In addition to the rogatory letter sent to Portugal, Scotland Yard have requested proceedings to 30 other countries.

Two investigations

Madeleine McCann disappeared from a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, days before her 4th birthday, on the night of 3 of May, 2007. She disappeared from the bedroom where she was left by her parents - who were dining at a restaurant with their friends - her younger siblings, the twins were also in that bedroom.

The Portuguese judicial authorities constituted three arguidos in September 2007: the parents of Madeleine McCann and Robert Murat [in May 14, 2007], a British who lives in the Algarve. However, on July 21, 2008, the Attorney General's Office determined the archival of the case, which spelled the end of the investigation. It was in this context - and after several political pressures were reported - that the London police decided to open an independent investigation. With access to the whole process, the British initiated an inquiry.

Five days ago, DCI Andy Redwood, responsible for a team of about 40 people working on this case, stated that the British police were trying to find out the owners of phones identified has being in the area at the time of the disappearance.

The phones data base, he said “had already been investigated, but not with this level of detail”. Back in June, the British police announced that there were “38 persons of interest” that they would like to question, among which several Portuguese.

Newspaper i, October 10, 2013


  1. We should all ring the Crimewatch programme and tell them of our suspicions of Kate and Gerry.

  2. if you are ready to arrest why not go do it the two to your left are waiting, the supposed suspect could escape. Why wait for tv glamour, I never thought I would ever say this but SY you are so naïve. The Mcs must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. We are seeing how the full force of power and corruption involving a serious crime is being acted out all for the benefit of the main suspects in that crime. Where no one has the right to disagree or question. You just couldn't make it up. I can't believe all police and journalists in the UK are buying this load of tosh.

  4. «Assente em que lei é que se vasculham registos telefónicos passados 6 anos???????!!!!! Eu sei que os britanicos precisam de uma miuda loira de olhos azuis desaparecida para justificar a violação da privacidade dos seus cidadãos.... Eu sei que numa altura que estão debaixo de fogo por espionarem as comunicações de todos, dá muito jeito arranjar destas coisas para "justificar" e poder dizer "nos espiamos mais que a Stasi, mas é para salvar criancinhas".... Eu sei isso.. mas com que direito é que as autoridades Portuguesas deram esses registos?????????? Com que autoridade é que foi violada a privacidade de centenas de Portugueses indiscriminadamente? A lei em Portugal só permite o registo das comunicações durante 1 ano!!!!!!! » http://www.publico.pt/sociedade/noticia/policia-britanica-vai-divulgar-nova-foto-de-suspeito-no-caso-de-madeleine-mccann-1608568#comment-0deadad8-4093-4a02-8901-1e0401a1f3ca

  5. If the Met have no hard evidence that this bloke was ever in the flat, this is surely a nonsense. So... he was seen 'near the flat' and 'at around the right time' (now what exactly would that be? ) some time between Gerry's looking at his sleeping daughter inside the flat, the Bundleman sighting outside it, and the Smith sighting around 9.50 and Kate's finding her missing around 10pm. Very few time gaps there, and a lot of bobbing up and down checking on the children. What a risk! I bet little of the highly important timeline is talked about in the Crimewatch film, going by the vague comments on the time this 'suspect' man was seen.

    Why would he want to take a sleeping Madeleine at all?. Lone paedophiles almost always go for older children, 'paedophile rings' are associated with badly cared for and guarded children in care, or children who are vulnerable and easy to pick up in other ways... Again, older children are targetted, from institutions, particularly. Why would this man try the risky business of going into a holiday flat in the dark to steal away the oldest child of two doctors?

    I remember the admirable Michelle Elliot, of the Kidscape charity fame, reminding us that children did not really have to be worried about strangers, or tramps, or gypsies, or swarthy foreigners, or dirty old men... No... It was Mum and Dad's friend, the odd uncle, the new babysitter, the well known neighbour etc who was the main risk for abusing a child.

    If he exists and entered the flat, by the open back door, or with a key, who knew he was about to go into the flat? Did anyone ask him to do so? What for? Why would he be required to take out the child, and was the child awake? If so, why did she not cry out? If she was asleep, why did she not wake up in the colder air, and similarly shout out? She was said to be a lively and sparky child, not a passive one. Was the child sedated, and therefore guaranteed not to wake? Why? How come, if so? Where was he supposed to take her and why? Worse, was this man there to remove, perhaps, a blue bag from the flat? Maybe its very existence is a forum myth, but maybe not.

  6. What astounds me is that all you people think you know so much more than Scotland Yard. But the truly SAD thing is the amount of time that is put into this website and to making comments about this case in general. I can't imagine a more boring life than living vicariously through people you've never met, and have nothing to do with!
    Even if you think what you write is true, have a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you have nothing else to do with your life! You're not getting paid for this, and you must therefore have a pretty serious personality disorder.

  7. 18:44 is clearly a McCann operative.

    Scotland Yard have provided no evidence so far to suggest they know anything more than the Portugese Police.

    Why have they never explained why they are disregarding the cadaver dog evidence?

  8. Anonymous 10/10/2013 18:44, thanks for taking time from your exciting life to visit this blog and share your thoughts with us. Let me understand this, if we got paid like the journalists who have enriched the quality of their lives by trying to deceive the public for the last 6 years with farcical news items, you would consider us perfectly normal. Maybe it's time for you to look in the mirror and consider if that paycheque is really worth more than your integrity as a human being.

  9. @6


    Always I am interested in hearing the views of others regarding this case.

    I can only assume from your comments that you too have followed it with interest and know where the websites and forums are which allow you the freedom to speak your mind as Joana has here and now.

    As I said, always interested to hear the views of others on this case, no matter what they are. What I am not interested to hear is when persons like yourself come a calling, not to contribute to the topic discussion but simply to be ill mannered to others.

    But that is for your own conscience to deal with!

    Not to be side-tracked, and back to discussion.

    If I may so bold, and not so boring, I trust as to ask you:

    What are your thoughts on the case, or, to narrow that down a little - How do you feel the libel trial is progressing?

    Do you think the McCann witnesses, have 'performed' well? I use 'performed' as this is the expression Kate McCann herself uses when speaking of her other half Gerry McCann, his press conferences. She rates his 'performances.'

    Sometimes she will say 'Gerry performed well today' I'm guessing he might get a small treat when he does well, when Kate is pleased with his performance so to speak.

    So, please feel free to tell us how you rate the performances of Gerry and Kate's witnesses in Court. Or, perhaps Kate's performance when she made her appearance?

    Or Mrs Duarte's perhaps, when she spoke with Martin Brunt, slandering Goncalo Amaral, or when she lost control at the lady who has been so wonderful in taking down a transcript of the proceedings in the Court, and she is a multi tasker too, she took a picture - which dear Isabel complained of - Perhaps Anne Guedes, didn't capture when she clicked - Duarte's best side?

    Or, if you like, you could just tell us whether you feel Kate and Gerry McCann are involved in any way?

    What do you think of them leaving three such young children night after night in that scary apartment, the one with the scary dark road that led up to it, the one Kate herself describes in her book as scary?

    It's a scary case, don't you think.

    Scarier still when Scotland Yard are protecting the scary people involved.

    I look forward to hearing your views on the case.

    And didn't Paiva, the F---ing Tosser perform well. Would have loved an encore!

    I'll bet Kate McCann is still chanting as we speak...that is one performance she will not forget in a hurry!

    I have to admit, I was chanting too, at Paiva's words ... Bravo, Bravo, Bravo...

    I look forward to hearing your views.

    Good day

  10. @9
    You have more chance of getting blood from a stone than a McCann believer giving an honest answer. The one thing to ask them is why after getting home they wrapped themselves in lawyers and could have went back and helped the Portuguese Police long before it was shelved. They could have taken a lawyer with them to provide legal advice. The child was harmed in their care, no one else's. It was their daughter that was missing. Any good responsible parent would not have stayed away until answers were found. They all ready know what happened to Madeleine. All these PR stunts are fooling no one any more. I wish the judge in the case would summon both of them to go in the witness box to be cross examined. That would be a telling time. Their lawyer would be like a jack in the box getting up every few seconds objecting, lol.

    They need to be brought out of their comfort zone, and have to answer some very telling questions under oath.

    I bet many would love to do the asking of the questions too.

  11. @9 just to add something to your comment.

    They had already hired the services of Michael Caplan and Angus McBride, from Kingsley Napley, even before leaving Portugal. Of IFLG (International Family Law Group) as early of May 7/8 of May 20007. And of course of Carlos Pinto de Abreu and the at the time head of the PT lawyer's order Rogerio Alves. They also have on retainer Carter Ruck and others like Isabel Duarte.

    «Caplan famously represented Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, preventing his extradition from Britain to Spain on torture charges.»



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