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Maddie case: PJ has already carried out the first requests of the rogatory letter asked by the English

Daily Star today
Everything that has come out in Correio da Manhã, and was today echoed in the UK media with extras that do not appear in the original article, is part of the rogatory letter requests sent by the English police, being carried out by a six man team of the PJ in Faro, who are working exclusively within the scope of that rogatory letter and nothing else.

If Correio da Manhã was correct with the articles that they have published that means that even the search for Maddie's body, the questioning of witnesses, the paedophiles lead, the gipsy lead, the dead Ocean Club worker lead who was revealed today has being an immigrant from Cape Verde - and who for obvious reasons looks nothing like the e-fit suppressed by the McCanns in 2008, the triangulation of cell phones and phone masts and the reconstitution are all part of those requests made by the English authorities to the Portuguese.

A Judiciary Police team has not yet been constituted to work in the process since it was reopened by the Public Ministry, that is, the official PJ investigation to the Maddie case has not yet been resumed.


Broadcast by TVI, 29 October 2013


Pedro Pinto [News Anchor] - The English police requested to the Judiciary Police to investigate the possibility that Madeleine McCann was killed linked to an abduction. As to the Portuguese investigation, reopened last week, new diligences [steps/procedures] have not yet been defined.

Marisa Rodrigues [Reporter/Voice Over] - The first diligences [steps] requested by the English authorities are concluded, and the inspectors of the Judiciary Police in the Algarve await for new indications. The diligences [required procedures] were requested in the rogatory letter and are entirely part of the investigation that is taking place in England. Witnesses were heard, a new film was made of the reconstruction of the events that took place in the night of May 3, 2007, and some leads which sustain the thesis of abduction were followed, not excluding the hypothesis of death. It is now known that there are other probable suspects to whom the English police wishes to get hold of: those are three men of gipsy ethnicity that were seen roaming around the resort of Praia da Luz [four months] before the disappearance and the driver of a white van, where there would be a child similar to the English girl. Albeit without having reached objective results, the English investigation, ordered by the British prime minister David Cameron, on the field is ahead of the Portuguese especially because it has been going on for five months. Here, the process archived in 2008 was reopened last Thursday, it still is in Portimão's court, without a team of PJ inspectors entrusted to the process. Only after that step will the guidelines of the investigation be defined, and the diligences [required procedures] to be carried out set, all under secrecy of justice. The investigations taking place in Portugal and in England are independent, but have in common the fact that Kate and Gerry are not considered suspects of the disappearance of their daughter. TVI knows, that both, at this stage and until certainties exist, are not searching for a body but for the answers to two questions: What happened and where is Madeleine McCann.


  1. Joana, que trabalheira, que trabalheira para ti.
    obrigadíssima. Estás agora mais animada e eu também. Ainda bem que a PJ não está guardando segredo de tudo. Segredo irrita.
    Que Deus te abençoe e abençoe a Astro (ou o Astro).
    Cá tudo bem. Abração da Rosita

  2. Thanks Pat

    ''A Judiciary Police team has not yet been constituted to work in the process since it was reopened by the Public Ministry, that is, the official PJ investigation to the Maddie case has not yet been resumed.''


    This has confused me a bit now. Put aside PC plod\from the MET their requests for ROGGIES and stomping around on Portuguese soil.

    Even from the LISBON hearing, it is obvious that information was still being received in the process. But since the last day of the hearing, much has happened.

    Certainly two things were acknowledged that authorities had reopened the case, the PJ were working currently on received information. But it was at the request of the INDEPENDENT review team that requested the case was reopened.

    So, where does this leave everything? That the judiciary have opened the file\case to received information from any source, but NOT actively investigating?

    But I can't help but think, that the Crimewatch programme & MET are left somewhat exposed to having to answer a few questions.

    > confirm the direction the parent+child was walking
    > confirm exactly who participated in the Efit

    Then they should also confirm when they were receiptants of this information, where it came from and how long it had been withheld. You can draw your own conclusions that the MET wasn't able to correlate it, hence the reason for the Crimewatch appeal - although for the life of me, if it was never to be seen in Portugal, what was the point.

    The whole current situation, now just days pre-LISBON is making a total mockery of anything done in this child's name.

  3. opps Sorry there Joana
    I winged my way in via a link on twitter from Pat, just assumed I arrived at her blog.

  4. Thanks you Joana.

    I have been trying to work out the English Police phrase which is more colloquial than 'diligence' - which means something rather different in English. I would go for 'Lines of Inquiry'.

  5. Does the English investigation work under a regime of secrecy of justice?

  6. 30 detectives, 2.5 years, £5,000,000 !

  7. @4 There is no equivalent to it in the English language, it's not lines of enquiry, the meaning is closer to "steps being carried out" or "procedures" as in "they have carried out all the required procedures", it changes according to the context. If you find a better word that encompasses those meanings, do tell me. Thank you.

  8. «Police are said to be keen to trace six British cleaners who were working in Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished and who didn’t appear in the Portuguese files.

    They are said to have used a white van and went from apartment to apartment offering their services, chiefly concentrating on expats.» http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2326738/Madeline-McCann-Scotland-Yard-hunt-British-cleaners-driving-white-van-search-missing-girl.html sighs...

  9. If the libel trial were to occur next year the Portuguese authorities wouldn’t have yet received a request for help from the Home Office Secretary Theresa May; we wouldn’t be inundated with gypsy stories right now; no revelations about a man picking up his barefoot child in pyjamas from the crèche; no e-fits and no stories about a vindictive disgruntled ex employee who died in a tractor accident, etc. We would have to wait till next year. Does anyone doubt that?

    Why was the trial adjourned? When will it resume?

  10. A media creation or a McCann PI's creation?

    Prince Charles receives tip in Madeleine McCann case

    October 01, 2007

    Maddie case tip sent to Prince Charles's website
    Claims a disgruntled ex-resort worker took the toddler
    Scotland Yard looking for the email's author

    AN anonymous tip-off to the Prince of Wales has sent UK police on an urgent hunt for a new suspect in the Madeleine McCann case.

    The email - sent via Prince Charles' website - claimed a disgruntled former employee of the Portuguese resort where the toddler went missing, could be behind her disappearance.

    It claimed Madeleine was abducted from the Praia da Luz apartment in revenge against the complex's owners.

    It is understood police have confirmed the woman named in the email did work at the resort when Madeleine was last seen 150 days ago.

    Royal aides have passed the email on to Scotland Yard, which is now trying to trace the author.

    A police source told London newspaper The News of the World: "There have been hundreds of Madeleine theories, sightings and tips sent into UK cops from members of the public. But this one is different.

    "It's incredibly detailed and so far, from the inquiries being made in Portugal, it appears to be based on factual events."

    Police believe that the tipster entrusted the information to Prince Charles because he and wife Camilla came out in support of Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry.

    In a statement released from Clarence House in May, the royal couple said they had been following the case "closely and with deep concern" and "fervently hoped" Madeleine would be reunited with her family.

    The development came as another resort worker said they had seen a British tourist "hiding" in the stairwell just metres from the McCann apartment on the night Madeleine vanished.

    "It was about 6pm on the day the little girl went missing. I saw this Englishman standing under the stairwell," the worker told the London Sunday Mirror.

    "He was round-faced and stocky, wearing light clothes and positioned so that he was monitoring the (area). He was hiding and watching."

    The worker was interviewed by police early in the investigation and has been reinterviewed.

    Meanwhile a team of forensic scientists have reportedly made independent tests on a hire car rented in Portugal by the McCanns.

    "The experts basically stripped the vehicle and took it apart so they could take as many samples as possible," an unnamed source said.


  11. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work :)

  12. Just a reminder at the time of the hacking trial

    News International ‘lobbied David Cameron over police review’ http://www.exaronews.com/articles/4727/news-international-lobbied-david-cameron-over-police-review

    Clarence Mitchell worked for Andy Coulson at the Tory comms operation http://www.prweek.com/article/988072/conservative-party-recruit-mccann-spokesperson-head-media-monitoring

  13. @9 Guerra.

    so what does that mean exactly ? (your post)
    a strategy to assist the McCann's at play ?

    The weight of the uk government is right behind the cover up and supporting the McCann's (that's what your post implies and rightly in my view)....so why don't people say it.
    I have no qualms and I live in the uk run by these evil fools but my heart and soul will never be enslaved no matter what the threat .....again no matter what the threat......yes the McCann's are ultimately responsible for the child - I am reluctant to say their daughter but that's another issue........but there are far many people involved than just the McCann's....that should be obvious to anyone with a brain ....do you not agree?

    then ask what would it mean when/if the truth prevails?

    let me ask you a question..
    do you think that the cover up on a case like this ...where a innocent child is at the centre ( not that I condone any cover up on any issue)....that everything would return to normal after justice was done and the full truth revealed? this far down the line.

    The full weight of support from the British Government, media, national health service and pretty much every government institution/officialdom, doctors, police, royalty, lords, politicians at many levels ......high profile business men such as Branson, Kennedy, best selling authors, sports men, football clubs, top hierarchy of religion institutions etc. etc.

    None of them can claim the duped card this far down the line .....and going silent or moving away to islands ...still leaves them in it up to there neck..ers.... pun intended.
    so they are part of the crime are they not ? ( if again the truth is revealed and it should be in its full picture for it to be true justice .....not a compromised one ) - now what's the likelihood of that given the above?

    Do we think that someone will latch onto a post here and think ...right that's it!.. we must get justice.......or is the reality that a different action is required?
    if so what would that be?

    You see justice can not be selective ....all crimes that are part of it should be addressed and dealt with or the Laws an ass ....and everybody who allows half a job are to.
    Full diligence of every aspect otherwise what does "selective" justice mean ?.. Injustice in my view!

    The McCann's know this I suspect.....the deck of cards needs to tumble ....domino effect would be another term.

    People like Blacksmith bureau who like to go for the obvious people like Clarence Mitchell because he is easy to dislike... are still looking at the case narrow minded and are weak.. (but I guess like edging their bets should truth prevail....thinking they did their part, even though the reality is they are to scared to face it full on).....though I may not have the qualifications of such people, I can see through them like a window and to me they are the dressing ....but the true content is behind them.....deeper.

    Selective journalism is no better than selective justice.....just another form of mediocrity....regardless of writing technique or past good works.
    your only as good as your last race.

    fed up of all this BS now .....disgusted.

    Lets see if the Portuguese establishment are the force for truth or just more of the same elitist agenda trying to take control through subterfuge.
    I suspect Many are going to learn a lot of what is going on in the world through this case, before retiring back to their favourite soap...and then after some huffing and puffing and screaming into computer screens or moaning to friends switching the channel and returning to everyday normality regardless.

    hope I am a cynic ....but suspect I am one of only a few realists.

    what a world ....bahhhh bahhhh


  14. CdeM have said many times that this man who had the accident is the subject of investigation by the Porto team. They have also claimed this specific inquiry is what led to the case being reopened. Are they lying and if so why?

  15. this case gets stranger and stranger I still say its all a farse the mc cans will be cleared and someone will have taken madeline but are no longer with us shame on the met shame on david Cameron shame on the mc cans poor madeline

  16. The thread "Der Fall Madeleine" in the forum "Allmystery" has been closed and completely deleted after having existed for several years. A user who asked whether the administrators of the forum have been influenced was banned from the forum.

  17. Interesting times. Thank you so much for all this information.
    Joana, this information of the mobile phones, is that the same information that the judge in 2007 said it could not be used? If so can it be used now because the English ask for it?

  18. I ask again Joana, why is it that CdeM articles all claim the inquiry into the sacked worker IS PJ and is what got the case reopened? who is telling the truth?

  19. The Met police asked for the reconstitution and that is the goal .Now Tapas 9 have to come to Algarve. How dare the McCanns to oblige both countries to make such a huge expenses. There are mountains of people in financial difficulties, especially in Portuga..l

  20. this whole new outing of another suspect, conveniently dead, just makes me sick to the core!!!! how long can this charade go on for before people start taking to the streets in support of Amaral and Madeleine. The blatent racism of the tabloids is horrific. Abduction of a blonde child is unthinkable even if her negligent parents left her and her siblings home alone.. but it's now fine to stroll into a gypsy settlement at leisure and remove any children that don't look like their parents.
    The McCanns seem intent on their trail of destruction, leaving yet another victim in their wake- this time a dead ex hotel worker whose family's lives will now be turned upside down.
    This is immoral- is there some kind of petition we can sign??????
    Just wait, SY will give the go ahead for any suspicious looking 'gypsies' to be arrested in conjunction with the case if they were seen anywhere near PDL or made a phonecall within a ten mile radius of the complex.
    Can this really be happening in a supposedly democratic and just society?

  21. @10 So perhaps the 2007 report of a disgruntled former resort worker is where the SY rogatory looking for 'Tractorman' originated. But he is not part of the, as yet unstarted PJ reopened investigation. Although both the SY rogatories carried out by the PJ, and the SY investigation assume the parents are not suspects. I'm not clear that the parents will not be included in the new PJ investigation when it starts.

    The timing of all this is very coincidental as though to influence the libel hearing, though it should not. IMO

  22. We have learned in the UK to assume that what is printed in our red-top tabloid newspapers about the McCann case is put there simply to sell more copies. Moreover, all of them are petrified of being Carter-Rucked for astronomical libel sums, so poignant 'fairy tales', or vague theories, or false news about 'arrests any day now,' are what we get from them. (Our libel laws are the worst in the world and are completely daft!)

    We need to know from inside Portugal, from sources like this website, what is happening there. We do know that as the Attorney General has allowed the PJ to re-open the case, there must be some genuine NEW EVIDENCE that has turned up. Many of us had assumed, incorrectly, that Helen Monteiro's team had moved on from reviewing the case anew, to active investigation. However the team to do this work is still being formed? Is that correct? You tell us that the only new practical investigative work/questioning etc that HAS been done in Portugal, has been done by the team of 6 policemen assigned by the Portuguese authorities to assist the Met with their own inquiries, because such questioning and further practical searching etc has to be done by the PJ on the Met's behalf, in agreed compliance with the rogatory letters the Met sent to the authorities.

    I'm really asking for reassurance that I have got that information correct, as it is not a bit like what I thought was happening!

    This is so very different from what we have been led to believe in the UK about two parallel investigations with co-operation between the two.

    Do you know when Helen Monteiro's team are likely to follow up what has been discovered? I know they are a fresh team having a completely fresh look, but will they properly marry up any new discoveries with all the good work that was done before the case was shelved... eventually?

  23. off topic,not sure if posted elsewhere ,but no sign of mccanns on the irish crimecall shown the other night.

  24. jm @ 7 listening to BBC radio last night on a business debate regarding take-overs the word diligence came up at least 5 times such as ..after the necessary diligences were carried out ... furthermore i have in my home a cartoon like drawing of a horse drawn passenger carriage of days gone-by with a caption under saying.... the brussels to ostende diligence.....so take your pick

  25. Clearly a lot is happening behind the scenes, but none of us know what.

    However, one fact is incontrovertible: the British government and the police of both countries seem to have quite deliberately stirred up a hornet's nest, but I keep asking myself why on earth did they need to do this if they wanted to hush everything up? We would have forgotten about this case years ago if we were not constantly having our noses rubbed in it.

    As for this latest "suspect", I take heart from the fact that the McCanns seem to be totally uninterested.

    Another thought that has crossed my mind, pure speculation, and probably quite irrelevant, but if you lose your job I suppose you might vent your spleen on your employers by abducting a child from their holiday home under very risky circumstances and somehow get rid of her, but this is hardly credible. Much more feasible is a scenario whereby someone, knowing you have a family to support, badly need some money and have a bit of a shady past, offers you a nice sum for helping out somebody - no violence, no theft, just a bit of transportation and digging - who is in a bit of fix. As I say, pure speculation.

  26. @ 16 - unless you already know - poster: 'Arwen' has started a Madeleine thread on the German language Allmystery forum - thus far, 2 pages in.


  27. It will be interesting to see how this story broke and got into the hands of 'journalists' in Portugal and UK.

    I am of the impression that the secrecy in Portuguese Police investigations are paramount- it was one of the main complains -quite rightly- by the PJ investigating at the time..in the beginning. The misinformation and dis information gathering momentum in the UK became the enigma it is today.

    No body investigating-or watching-commenting on the investigation KNOWS what happened to little Maddie. If they did they would have solved the case and arrests made with evidence to prosecute!

    That is not the case... So the investigation's continue ,enquiries are fuelled by leads and information gathered.

    There are two separate Investigations going on and both may have interests in Portugal. Co operation is required by both Police services, let them do their job, hopefully discretely.

    With regards to another 'story' which came out ( I cannot verify it sorry) about Prince Charles website being the recipient of' information' regarding little Maddie's disappearance from someone in PDL who was 'concerned' and knew something.

    The Prince apparently passed this on to Police. Now if, and I do say IF this is true then why send important information to Prince Charles? well only reason I can think of is-
    Some one or some people wanted to 'involve' the Royal Family in the 'search for Maddie' to gain royal approval? perhaps not... but that TM did have top notch networking going on. Who arranged the Pope meeting- devout Catholics who save up for years to go to the Vatican don't get that kind of access. Oprah Winfrey show? White house? EU parliament? Top TV shows around the world? attending top political inquiries ( which had nothing to do with them!) but they took a wee chance to promote their lies there as well. So a conspiracy? I don't think so just great Spin!! we went to war on great spin!! Innocent people are duped all the time- because they believe the lie.
    A lot of people get to the top of their profession based on GREAT SPIN.

    Tony Blair, Gordon Brown et el.

    Miss Taken Identity

  28. Keep on stripping the'Whitewash' from this poor dead'suspect'. Black and poor and a family man and working again within a short period of his dismissal from the ocean club...his widow is now distraught.
    Not even his phone'pings' are proven...another innocent and posthumous victim in this media circus.
    The PJ and SY need to remember once and for all that their reports and investigations are being surveyed by people whose IQ's are generally higher,not lower than theirs.
    They have no higher ground in this case. It's already been solved.

  29. We are surprised to read that Prince Charles and Camilla both come out in support of Madeleines parents. They shouldn't have been involved in this business the people very angry about it. For six years Mccanns and Mitchell have been lie stories. Madeleine died in the flat most people believe is the truth, even Mr Cameron didn't know the truth and give plenty peoples money, he shouldn't have been involved until the truth comes out, how can you trust that British government? He wants people to vote for him but he doesn't listen to the people about Mccanns.

  30. Joana, it seems that the PJ are searching for the body (CM, see McCannfiles).
    I hope you can buy a paper edition of Correio da Manhã and tell us.

  31. Mojo, despite just finishing off a few barbecued sardines with some barbecued green peppers and a few glasses of wine, I think I’m still able to answer your questions. I hope you don’t mind that I indulge in that sardine munching activity which some English people regard as repulsive; I’m not ashamed. Mojo, you must know by now what I think. If there is any doubt as to what I believe I’ll end that doubt right now. The British government is covering up the death of Madeleine McCann. Not only that, the British government deems it necessary that the McCanns be absolved of any blame in the death of their child. Clear enough for you?

    You ask if the truth were to be revealed would everything return to normal, I assume that in saying return to normal you mean that the actions of the government, the media and those who facilitated this cover up would be ignored, I can’t answer that question because I don’t live in England. Frankly after what has happened in this case I don’t know what to make of British democracy anymore. In the country where I live, Canada, there would be repercussions. Many questions would be asked, for example, why the government stuck their noses in the affair and why it allocated so much of taxpayer’s money to this particular case. And who knows where the enquiry would lead, possibly all the way to the confines of the now defunct FSS laboratory. I would think that the ensuing investigation into who knew what and when would result in prosecutions. In Canada the driving force for such an enquiry would be the opposition government, but what would be the driving force in England? I get the sense that all British politicians are very much united in their approach to this case.

    Will someone put an end to this circus? Well, Scotland Yard is in the process of preparing the public for the presentation of their “end” to this case. Although, I don’t believe it’s the “end” that those who want justice wish. The only way that I can see the ship being turned around is if more than one individual who is respected in British society makes his concerns about the case public. It would take people with a lot of courage.

    As I’ve said before those who believe that good PR can get the McCanns this far must have a very poor opinion of the intelligence of the people who govern and police Britain.

    Mojo, I wouldn’t hold my breath when it comes to the Porto police doing anything constructive to solve this case. They have either been briefed on the end that is desired or they are just like sheep being led by a shepherd.

    You’re right this case has changed how I perceive the world.

  32. @isar 26
    There had been several hundred pages (written over a period of 6 years) in the main thread about Madeleine on Allmystery, which can not be found any more. The thread you refer to is not the original one.

  33. Guerra....thank you for taking the time out to reply.........those sardines and peppers washed down with a few glasses of wine sound very tasty to me ...an Englishman ...who is a happy to be an Englishman............just fed up of the establishment of the British government who do not represent the vast majority of English people.
    But then anyone who looks into the British establishment ...would see there are not many Englishmen in it....certainly at influential levels anyway.....I am not a racist either just stating a fact.
    I can see that the Tony parsons article has really upset you - But he is just one man and a fool....and every country in the world has them, be sure of that.

    It was disgusting the way the media reacted in this case ....I do not condone it ....but neither to I get so eat up about name calling....limey etc
    My parents bought me up with some wise words ....sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

    There are some great English people ...as their are people in all countries....people are people.
    we must never lose sight of that.

    enjoy your barbecued food, sounds great, I am already looking forward to my roast dinner on Sunday with Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy ..superb! ....and I have enjoyed reading your honesty on this case.


  34. just a few things happening in the uk at the moment which give hope to a happier outcome is that many of the cosy relationships that have always existed are begining to break up. The police and the press and the politicians are at each others throats due to MPs expenses followed by plebgate and phone hacking .Sooner or later there may be a split caused by an accusation or a threat which would expand to someone giving away secrets which the band of elite brothers. including freemasons... would rather not be known in england ....and of course other countries have them

  35. Mojo, I was actually laughing when I wrote that first bit of my response to your comment. I was just trying to inject a bit of levity into the blog. To be honest I don't remember how I felt when Tony Parsons first came out with that sardine remark; I do remember thinking that the man is an idiot.

    Sounds like a delicious meal that you're about to have on Sunday, have a nice week end.

  36. Wise words your parents taught you Mojo. I understand Guerra and agree with most of what he says.
    But forgive me my friends, neither of your meals appeal to me, I'll stick to a wonderful vegetarian curry.

  37. Interesting reading.
    It came to my attention a few weeks or there about, after Maddie's disappearance; whilst have a rather intoxicated meal at an inn of court in London.
    I was not intoxicated. Around the table were sat some American attorneys with a senior Judge. As a joke a few of us mocked the Americans and asked what they were good at? The Judge intervened and curiously and totally out of the blue stated, "their satellites are excellent, they picked up on a child being carried by a man" he referred to the night Maddie went missing. He went on to mention a Dutch yacht also linked at to the child's whereabouts. Now wait for the sting in the tail????
    He claimed that the UK Government were aware of this fact as soon as information was known, as conveyed from the American's satellites. He went on to describe in detail how the then PM reacted. GB wanted something done apparently, but TB apparently said that" it would cause an international ..........I cannot remember international what but the used word meant to me to be that of a scandal. The Belgium Government were also linked to this in a big way, or that's what was implied. We at the table were told what is said in the Inns of Court stayed in the Inns of Court. I was disgusted and obviously over the years blogged but nobody has listened. If this story told by a very respected Judge is true as told to a group of us, and the Pm and others know of this paedophile ring, then what chance do the sheep or cattle have like all of us as being listened too? Very strange too, that the Burford set have taken an interest in this especially good prince C and his lady in waiting?? Nothing will ever surprise me, we live in a corrupt world and guess what it starts at the very top. By now some one needs to be blamed, people feel secure again once a Person is blamed, but I personally do not believe this was any one Person... Each unto their own....


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