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Maddie Case: Sniffer dogs identified cadaver odour


CMTV, 14 October, 2013

Official inquiry - Renault Scenic 59-DA-27
News Anchor Andreia Vale - In cooperation with the Judiciary Police the English authorities brought, at the time, two sniffer dogs who identified cadaver odour in the car rented by the McCann couple.

Voice Over [Rebeca Venâncio] - It was the main evidence that gave strength to the argument of those who believed that the parents were responsible for the crime. The sniffer dogs brought by the English authorities signalled cadaver odour and to blood in the McCann family's car. The theory of Gonçalo Amaral, who was removed from the investigation, was confirmed by the Springer spaniel dogs' keen sense of smell. That Renault could have been the vehicle where Maddie's body was carried. In the car park there were over a dozen cars yet the dogs rushed towards the Renault Scenic rented by Kate and Gerry, three weeks after their daughter's disappearance. This breakthrough was decisive in the constitution of the parents of the English girl as arguidos. An expert guaranteed that the dogs have never given a false positive result, that is to say, they have never failed. In the archival dispatch of the investigation, the public prosecutors [MP] admit that the homicide is the most probable theory, nonetheless the case was archived.

Gerry McCann: 'Ask the dogs, Sandra'

RTP, November 5, 2009

Cadaver Dogs - final report by the Judiciary Police
The Archiving of the Madeleine McCann Process: One Year On - Part V


  1. These dogs are incredibly reliable.They found dna evidence in the remains of a burnt out car in Northern Ireland.This was the case of a woman who had vanished and was killed .The killer was later convicted.These dogs also have helped to find survivors after major earthquakes etc...They should never be dismissed as unreliable as there are many cases of their success...

  2. This is an enigma. Why would the Leicestershire police bring in dogs if they didn't have some kind of suspicion of a death of Little Maddie. They, the dogs, must have some sort of success to even think about using them in the circumstances which presented themselves. And what circumstances would they be? Well, to find SOME PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of a crime which may have been committed. It is worth remembering- and it would have helped if CW had reminded viewers- There was no PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of an stranger abduction. not a morsel. Baffling to the point of exasperation- this is head scratching stuff.

    What I fail to understand is why the Leicestershire police did not arrest them on their arrival IF they suspected anything, and why did they not send the information regarding the Gaspar's statement to the PJ.
    IF There was any doubt or suspicion about TM then their return was the time to start an investigation:
    Search house
    bank details
    phone records
    computer's data
    They would not be the first people to be charged without a body as evidence in this country.

    I would like to know for sure if Gerry was asked to fly to the UK to obtain something with maddie's DNA and return to Portugal with it. That would also have been bizarre, could police not have gone and got it with a search warrant? cuddle cat would have been covered in it surely!

    It just sickens me to the core, that there is a economic crisis in both countries-we are opening up food banks here and those two floozer around the globe spending my hard earned cash. I think we need a dead line to close the 'investigation' and save money. Maddie is gone- accept it and move on -we all have to. Your missing daughter is not my responsibility so deal with it.... in the meantime we sit and watch and wait for Justice and it will come one day!

    Many thanks to Mr Amaral for standing up to these two parasites, and many thanks to ALL who keep blog sites going, and to those who continue to be the pain in the *** to the Team McCann by questioning there every word and gesture!

  3. «I would like to know for sure if Gerry was asked to fly to the UK to obtain something with maddie's DNA and return to Portugal with it. » Madeleine's DNA profile was sent to Portugal by the Scotland Yard, as a reference for comparison purposes in the forensic tests that were carried out in Portugal. http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/MADELEINES_DNA.htm#oa1v1p275

  4. Surely the pillow and bedsheets of Maddie in flat 5a carried DNA samples- hair and sweat and skin-flakes. Plus ( a doctors' child!) her toothbrush and facecloth. Plus the dirty clothes from the day before. Plus her sandals, Cuddlecat etc etc.
    Gerry went off to England for purposes of his own, for instance the loss of his credit card, which was apparently stolen in London. That would give him the excuse for getting a new one and a (successful?) beginning of a new card's account.

  5. Ambassador Buck requested that the PJ NOT take the McCann family clothes into evidence, something that is normal procedure in a case such as this one, and something the PJ had intended to do. The political pressure from the British was heavy and commenced on Day One.

    1. A conspiracy to pervert the course of JUSTICE????

    ... Is there not now enough 'prima facie' evidence to arrest this pair of money-grabbing, politically protected child neglecters, and their gang of lying TAPAS pals?

    ... And also to ask the MEGA question ..... WHY FOR THEM?? And not for SO MANY other lost kids????????

    UK people.... GET A GRIP!!!!!

  7. Just a few cases that cadaver dog Eddie was involved in.Attracta Harron,Amanda Edwards & Charlotte Pinkney,i wonder if the families of these poor victims would call these wonderful dogs "notoriously unreliable".Corruption by SY & the British media is becoming more and more clear to the public.

  8. @4 Maybe Madeleine's belongings in Praia da Luz didn't have only her DNA.

  9. In the minds of people of Portugal, England, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy etc etc etc these two McQuacks have already been convicted !

  10. keep putting the pressure on the midia and authorities because it is the only way to get this re-opened.THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF AN ABDUCTION

  11. Those two English 'cadaver dogs' solved/helped solve around 220 murder cases including one or two AFTER 2007 but the McCanns claim their evidence is.... "unreliable"

  12. Or maybe they really are innocent but people see what they will, regardless.

  13. Taking Gerry Mccanns position that scientific tests have proven that cadaver dogs are extremely unreliable, it presents a statistical problem for Gerry - Let's assume that our dog is completely stupid and was barking randomly whenever he felt like it. We know from looking at the video that the handler is not influencing the dog in any way, so the dog is behaving randomly. I don't know the exact numbers, but let's say the dog sniffed 5 flats, 3 cars and 5 items of clothing. He can for example bark at flat A, or flat A and B, or A,D, and E,and so on. The number of permutations for how he can bark while searching the flats is 31 including not barking at all. Similarly, the number of permutations for the cars is 8, and for the clothes is also 31. So in total there is only a one in 7688 chance that the dog would randomly bark in the way that he did. How do you explain that one Gerry. I also think that Gerry should have advised DCI Redwood that he was wasting his time taking sniffer dogs with him, however since it was a charade anyway, I suppose it didn't matter.

  14. There was no ABDUCTION , it was accidental death , the mccanns know more than they tell , for one they neglected their children they should be jailed for that . What is really interesting is how did witness statements disappear , the dogs evidence not taken seriously , the fact that these two despicable duo were grinning like Cheshire cats a few DAYS after their child went missing , they felt the need to hire a Government liar aka "pinky" . Where in the world has it been known for a parent or parents of a missing child to see the need to hire a professional liar? I bet the vile couple were rolling over laughing when they seen redwood and his party dig like landscape gardeners in Portugal . Its time the mccanns were arrested and charged for neglect by the Portuguese Police and be made to answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago .

  15. Poor old Gerry, now he,s unhappy that he only got £55k in damages from a newspaper. Not bad for at the very least neglegting you child and worse, if as is being suggested, sedating your children in order to go off and enjoy your self.
    I am a Father and Grandfather, children are the most precious gift of all, I see professional people all the time who have kids only to find later that the little one interfere with their precious social life, the kids end up being looked after by others or at times being left very lonely.
    Its time someone really investigated what happened, the dogs, the car etc something not quite right, if they werent professional people I think they might have been already in the dock, imagine if this was a single mother that had left her children alone.


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