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Maddie: An English look

«His trousers were beige in colour, made of cotton, possibly with buttons, and without any other decoration.» Aoife Smith statement, May 26, 2007

The English Investigation has not yet looked at the "loose ends" left by the Portuguese investigation

by Cláudia Lima da Costa

Maddie's disappearance was always looked at from two angles. The English programme 'Crimewatch' strengthened the English perspective into Madeleine's disappearance. Scotland Yard once again places at the heart of the investigation the abduction thesis. Yet, from Maddie's disappearance there are several other informations that continue to point in other directions. All of them were left out of the recent BBC programme and allegedly of the investigation.

Chief Inspector Andy Redwood states in the programme that they looked at the process "from scratch." The material that is being analysed was gathered by the Portuguese police and by the British police in the original investigation when both police forces worked together.

The main conclusion of the [current] English investigation, to date, focuses on the elimination of a picture that was created based on Jane Tanner's testimony, one of the friends of the couple present at the dinner. The woman saw a man carrying a child, but the English police has come to reveal that this "suspect" was in fact a father who had gone to get his daughter from the crèche.

According to the English, this finding allows changing the 'timeline' of the events and setting the hour of the disappearance close to 22:00 (time of Kate's alert). According to English investigators, this had hitherto been the main line of inquiry. But not by the Portuguese police, who soon found inconsistencies in the abduction theory. It should be recalled that the picture was released by the McCanns, in October 2007, when Maddie's parents were still arguidos. For the British, the new discovery opens a window in the period of time, between 21:15 and 22:00.

In the reconstitution of the BBC, something the PJ could never do in Portugal, due to the impediments placed by the group [Tapas 9], there are details that are omitted, namely the fact that Gerry and Jeremy were, according to their initial statements, talking close by the rear window of the apartment at the time when Jane Tanner passes by. In the reconstitution, this information is not mentioned and there is only a brief reference to Maddie's father conversation.

A detail that is part of one of the lines of the investigation which held that Madeleine, upon hearing his father's voice in the street, would have leaned towards the window and fell off the couch, hitting her head. At that spot, a trace of blood was found, which has never been confirmed as Maddie's, by the British dogs. This is, indeed, a whole part from the investigation that is not in the BBC programme.

The abduction theory now focuses on the sighting that existed at 22:00 and from which the English police unveiled a new e-fit. The pictures were actually created in 2008, according to what the British confirmed to i newspaper, and are based on the testimony of the Smith family who have always said they were 80% sure that the man carrying a child was, in fact, Gerry McCann.

The PJ eventually ruled out the possibility of being Gerry, since at that time some witnesses claimed that Maddie's father was in the Tapas bar. However, in the final report, the PJ points out that doubts remained given the contradictions in the statements of the group. The English police retrieved the Smith's statements and the pictures that had already been done to find out who was the man carrying a child at 22:00.

The final report which led to the archival of the process and to the innocence [removal of the arguido status] of the McCanns leaves some loose ends in the investigation. Gerry financial accounts that could never be investigated, the mobile phones that could never be listened to, calls and text messages erased and contradictions in the testimonies of Gerry and Kate. Elements that the British police, despite having begun the investigation from "scratch", is not following.

TVI 24, October 17, 2013

The Archiving of the Madeleine McCann Process: One Year On
PJ Final Report - All the Investigation on the McCanns


  1. The British police and the British government, having declared the McCann couple innocent, wrongly accused in Portugal of a crime they have not committed (really?) can hardly now go back and do what has to be done. Like Kate an Gerry McCann, they will stick to this ludicrous abduction theory even if this means a diminished credibility for the police force. They are in this together now.
    As to the trousers "possibly with buttons" that was a fantastic observation, Joana! Only you could do it. Best regards.

  2. This is all so very sad, and I am afraid it will be washed away as if it never existed. The SY cant ignore these discrepancies, they have to follow them up, or they will look like they are brushing aside legitimate clues information. How can they over look such obvious information. Its an old photofit, get Mr smith to do a new one with SY and see what happens, Whether you like it or not SY you have to re interview all the Tapas and the MCs, put Maddie above friendship .or who knows who, don't let them manipulate you. The public are watching

  3. None of us knows what the Scotland Yard is doing. We get our conclusions about things but I am sure that we are kept out of any truth. We have to wait. I'm confident that this will be resolved. It is a question of a reconstruction at the Smith's presence. It is Gerry's chance to show that it was not him. Or was it?
    I believe that Tapas 7 have told the truth already. Now the pollice needs a confession of the McCanns'.

  4. I think Andy Redwood should explain why he's ignored the findings of the British dogs?
    As I remember the sample's found by the dogs and tested by British forensics proved that they could have come from Madeleine. I also remember that when asked to repeat the tests British forensics claimed the remaining sample's were lost or destroyed. Surely this incompetence also needs investigating.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE96yTfLckc&feature=youtube_gdata

    Der Fall Madeleine McCann in Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst 16.10.2013

    The german version...so different to Crimewatch! Oh, how I wish my knowledge of german wasn't so limited!

  6. http://blog.larmani.com/2013/10/uk-media-bias.html

  7. Great post, amazing picture. What's the matter with the MET? Can they be as stupid and they appear. It reminds me of a restaurant that closes for lunch. Good luck Joana.

  8. It took SY a long time to find the Smiths sighting,where as the pj had it from the beginning, so,who are inept?????.. and don't forget 2 of the Smiths gave 80% and 60% that it was Gerry mccann

  9. @1 it was the son?of the Smiths who noted the trousers

  10. excellent article and all those questions and observations needs answers and replies. disgusted with SY. Have they forgotten that Leicester police were involved at one stage and they said to look at the parents and bring in the dogs. oh lets not mention those fabulous animals, the dogs.

  11. @3 We have a clear idea of what S.Y. is doing and that has a name: Whitewash! Tapas 9 have plenty of contradictions in their statements, some so serious that in the eyes of many they are considered as lies.

    @9 statement reg. buttons is made by Aoife Smith, the daughter. http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/MARTIN_SMITH.htm

  12. Only the brain dead can't see through the charade of the whole abduction theory. The main problem though is too many are now involved in the cover up, that it would only require one that was there to tell all. The only problem is who do they trust to tell?

    Those involved are now fighting to keep themselves out of jail. You can imagine the furore when eventually the truth comes out. The world and their granny is looking at them and saying you lot are guilty as hell. Only a matter of time.

  13. @ 9 Sure....I meant the great job Joana did digging up this revealing picture.

  14. @5: different maybe but just as selective with the truth I can assure you. Although I must say that I had the impression that the atmosphere in the studio was rather strained. Mr Redwood especially was perched right on the front edge of his chair at one point, fidgeting nervously, and the presenter seemed to avoid eyecontact with the McCanns. But maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. - I actually wrote to the programme, pointing out Martin Smith's claim that he identified Gerry McCann, but all I got in reply was a mail congratulating me for my eadiness to combat crime!

  15. 14 - yes, i thought GM was very nervous on crimewatch and the presenter seemed v. nervous as she approached and spoke to them...

  16. I cannot comprehend how the Portuguese justice system continues to bend over for the UK press, and I fail to understand why, Portugal now, with the supposed NEW information amassed by the brilliant and oh so perfect Scotland Yard, puts an end to this charade, by when either or both of the McCann's are in Portugal to attend the court in their continuing pursuance of vilification of a just and honourable Portuguese man together with the whole of Portugal.
    The police do not simply arrest the McCann's for endangering their children and put them on trial and bring justice to an innocent little girl

    Letter from Iberia

  17. @ 15 I was actually referring to the German version. Maybe maybe the presenter was aware that he was taking part in an attempt to demolish the Mccanns' version of the events. If not it was a shocking example of desinformation and misleading the viewers.

  18. It is painfully obvious with anyone with a brain or intelligence that SY and other people in high positions are responsible for a huge cover up! What happened to the evidence from the British Police with the sniffer dogs which conclusively established that there had been a dead body in the apartment and in the back of the car? Does our government think we are so stupid that all this is forgotten. And lots more! Why isn't the court case in Portugal being closely watched by our press, especially as things do not appear to be going well for the McCann's? It is the biggest cover up I have ever seen and cannot express my horror at what a farce this is unfolding before us!

  19. Easy, understandable, just facts - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_ZdDTsFC2g


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