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McCanns links to government as the origin for the heightened media coverage of the case


CMTV, October 14, 2013


News Anchor Andreia Vale - The connections of the McCann family to the British government have always been viewed as one of the reasons for the heightened media coverage given to the case. Maddie's father worked for the government and would have aspirations of integrating the executive.

Voice over - From the news of the alleged abduction until the English police landed in Portugal was a matter of few hours. The proximity of the girl's father with the English government made it easier to give priority to the case and mobilize the necessary means. Gerry McCann worked in a committee* for the Government which analysed the impact of Nuclear plants in the environment, at a time when Tony Blair was the prime minister. As a doctor, a cardiologist by profession, the "McCann father" wished to go further and everything suggested that he aspired to have a political office in the government, namely as health minister. The way in which he asked for help when Maddie disappeared also indicates the proximity with the British government. Gerry McCann would have called one of Tony Blair's aides, at the time an university professor. It is this man who takes the first steps in order to help the McCann family. Another name that appears is Clarence Mitchell, he came to Portugal to advise the McCann couple and to liaise with the media. In his CV was his role as the director of a department that monitored the press and all the news for the British government. He was also the head of the Comms Cabinet Office of Gordon Brown. Connections that succeed in sending to the Algarve dogs, experts, police, and various resources from the United Kingdom.

Andreia Vale [AV] - João Mira Godinho is a journalist at Correio da Manhã. At the time João, you were one of the Portuguese journalists that followed more closely this case, after six years and after the case was archived here in Portugal, does this new information deserve any credibility?

João Mira Godinho [JMG] - Good afternoon Andreia. The credibility, that is something for the authorities to decide. I recall that about six years ago there was a series of statements, of sightings, of a series of people that appeared with information; not so long ago there was the story of a cab driver from Vila Real de Santo António that said that he picked up two adults with a child that looked like Maddie, that lead was investigated at the time by the Judiciary Police and came to nothing. In relation to this specific case, I've been following the news, we're not sure where the e-fit comes from, it's not well understood what the data is, what is this new information that the English police has, that will allow them to arrive to a different conclusion from the one that we have now as to the girl's whereabouts, which is unknown.

AV - João, in which way has the Algarve reacted to this news - six years later we speak of this disappearance again - when Portuguese and foreign TV's and journalists have once again returned to Praia da Luz.

JMG - Err.. The reaction, well, the reaction is never positive at least in Praia da Luz, in the Aldeia da Luz actually. In Aldeia da Luz people are very tired, they are extremely fed up with this case; over the years we've returned regularly to report, on the one year anniversary of the disappearance, one the second year, we returned to report and the reaction is always negative. People often tell us: "Drop this case. We're fed up. We don't want to hear about Maddie's disappearance anymore." People just don't want to hear about this case in Aldeia da Luz. In Algarve, at the time, we spoke with the 'Algarve Tourism Board' about the eventual repercussions that the case could have on tourism. There were fears that there could be a decline in demand, mainly from English tourists, there were fears that somehow the case would affect the way in which Portugal is perceived abroad. Portugal is seen as a safe country, the Algarve is seen as a very safe area, it's one of its major assets, so there were fears that that would have some impact. It turned out that it didn't. The current year has been very positive for tourism, there is a growth in the number of tourists who are in the area relatively to 2012 and 2011, and that growth is partially due to the British. Therefore, the case ended up not having any negative impact on tourism in the Algarve.

AV - João Mira Godinho, one of the journalists from Correio da Manhã that followed very closely the Madeleine McCann case, at the time of her disappearance in Praia da Luz in 2007.

Clip from Anatomy of a Mystery, broadcast by RTP in November 2007

Formers British Ambassador John Buck and Algarve Consul Bill Henderson media conference May 4 2007, Sky News

* Ref. Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) 2007, Medical Practices Subcommittee, Dr G McCann BSc MB ChB MRCP MD, Glenfield General Hospital, Leicester PDF, page. 79


  1. Joana - thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication for Maddie - we are all trying to be her voice and with people such as yourself, enable us to get the facts into the public domain - thank you from ALL of us!

  2. I have always said the mc cann had connections in high places if yhat had been family from a council estate the would have been arrested for leave three kids alone shame on the English goverment

  3. German Madeleine 'Crimewatch' now being broadcast on ZDF (German broadcaster)
    The parents arrived in Munich this afternoon and will fly back to the UK tomorrow morning acc. to the article below. Format the same as on UK Crimewatch - 20 odd minutes film followed by live studio interview.

    German Crimewatch (Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst) has a 40% success rate apparently.



  4. Although I have always believed that TM started the Media Frenzy themselves- they had no choice really- they would have, without any doubt, be arrested upon touching UK soil without their daughter Madeline and their twin children would have most definitely been taken into care immediately. They would have been thoroughly investigated- finance -computers-mobile phones all checked. However the clever move was They made contacts to people who knew someone- who lived on the same street as Gordon Brown apparently. Gordon Brown who's Labour Party strongly believed in getting rid of nuclear power had a change of heart when Gordon Browns Brother became a Director (sic) of French Nuclear company.. I read this somewhere, wish I could remember where- It was on a respected Blogg page. So there is something for the conspiracy thinkers.

    Personally, My opinion is not about a conspiracy.. they just got lucky with their
    net working-social climbing, who would have thought their total neglect of their children would whisk them off to rub shoulders with world leaders, and to then have the bare faced audacity to tell us how to 'look' for their daughter!

    They played it well.
    -Just for the record a cardiologist is not the highest ranking person in the health field, why they would invite him to speak about environmental impact of nuclear fall out? he was probably chosen as are many unqualified people to 'represent' Health. chosen for their number boost as apposed to analysing impact. Also they would use IT analysts and not cardiologist's.

    This brings me to my second reason for not thinking about a conspiracy .
    Many have .including myself, stated that the recent 'activity' from SY and MSM uk just takes us back to 'the beginning'. SY said they did just that, I want them to go back to the VERY beginning- what happened to make maddie disappear and the lead up to her disappearance AND what took place BEFORE the police were informed?. because what happened after that was orchestrated by TM; 'Gerry The pied pier' leading them all to his chosen destination. Of course those of us who do not agree, the internet haters' as we are so quaintly referred as, didn't feel much like taking part in that particular fantasy. I WILL stick to my thoughts and declare we need to go back to the very, very beginning.
    Miss Taken Identity

  5. Somewhere I read that the McCanns payed for the Crimewatch being broadcasted in Holland. I don't know if they are paying for Germany.
    I think that they are disturbing the Met work on purpose, delaying eventual arrests. They expect the Met to investigate all of the "new sightings", coming from Germany and Holland, exactly what they did to delay the rogatory letters.
    But they are not formal suspects in England and I don't believe they have any right now, like they had when they were made arguidos.
    It is not logical going to Germany and paying expensive hours to channels at the moment that they need to save money to pay new lawyers in the future.

    Or are they planning to escape?

  6. Miss Taken Identity ..cobblers utter cobblers ...it seems people will not face the facts when their put in their face...go back to whatever you want.

    lolol where's the blacksmith ? ...cant wait to see what he comes out with.

    It has been a complete conspiracy to help one of their own ..a favour returned at the expense of a small innocent child.
    I am disgusted even though I knew it - got lucky lololol my god where do these people come from...nothing lucky about it ..it stinks to high heaven.

    Goncalo Amaral has been correct at every turn ...and without the likes of your good self Joana.. you can see it would have all been swept under the carpet, at the expense of destroying Goncalo Amaral and his family his children and his friends who were the truth and doing the right thing.

    I am so sorry for what my country has become ...if it would have been any normal British citizen non of this would have ever been....but we live in corrupt two tiered country.. where there are certain people who think they are above others ..the "good" people of the world ......they are nothing but scum.

    At the moment people are downtrodden in my country but there will be uprising ...it is only a matter of time.
    remember all involved in this despicable case and keep it logged - they will not get away with it....and soon all the others will be crawling back under the stones they never had any intention of turning.

    back to the beginning lololol ....you couldn't make it up.

    Justice for Madeleine an innocent child !


  7. Just watched the German Crimewatch - a very different account

    Please observe at - 03.23 - the rubber duck that Kate and Madeleine are seen playing with in the pool - early on in the programme - appears again - after Madeleine has disappeared - in the surf of the sea - waves lapping - it only lasts a second.



  8. Will this mean we will never see justice in this case.

  9. wooosh!!!!!!

    according to Mrs. Amaral, there was no wind on May the 3rd 2007.

  10. rubber duck as many definitions - it seems that their are subliminal messages that are been used - are they veiled threats to something ?

    Here's a few links .............what is the significance of having it displayed ....or just a coincidence?
    What's going on ?

    some of the definition's don't make for nice reading.





  11. @ 8

    if that was in response to my post about the German Crimewatch programme I shall reply to you - if it wasn't please ignore this:

    I don't know - could be artistic license/creative flourish by the German TV crew.

    Certainly runs counter to the Team McCann credo - 'Madeleine is an alive and findable girl'.

    As much as I'd love to believe that - the inconsistencies within the various narratives put fwd. by Team McCann make me feel -- after all this time - that we will never get concrete answers.

    Unless/until Madeleine is found and/or someone within the Tapas circle cracks -

    - it shall a remain a damn sad mystery.


  12. Joana - I picked up a commenter on your site several years ago which sent me to the sargeants inn (by this time the site had a new name which since I've forgotten unfortunately).
    Apparently, around about 2006, Glynis (?) Kinnock, wife of Neil, ex UK labour leader, was very enthusiastic about setting up an EU missing child alert. When the Madeleine "abduction" turned up it is quite likely that this too made a pretty important effect on the labour government's support for the McCanns and "incidentally" helped Mrs Kinnock to achieve her finest hour - when indeed the missing child alert eventually came to fruition.

  13. @12 Mutual interests - Glenys Kinnock helps to bring European alert system closer A EUROPEAN alert scheme to help find missing children has moved a step closer after gaining the overwhelming backing of the European Parliament.

    The idea – which was promoted in the Parliament by MEP Glenys Kinnock – has the support of Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine disappeared on a family holiday in Portugal in May 2007. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/glenys-kinnock-helps-bring-european-2163743

  14. I have worked as a senior auditor for many years. We sign confidentiality agreements and that is a way of silencing us. We write high level confidential reports that only selected staff and top management read. If a high profile figure finds an honest report to be damaging to his career, it might end up flung in the bin, or parts of the report may be edited before it is issued to a select panel for readership. The auditor often doesn't know if all, or part of the report, has been issued, or to what extent it may have been edited. If an auditor makes waves or crosses the wrong person in high authority, he may be sacked on the questionable grounds when in reality the failing was overlooked before. Sometimes we get to know too much, and if I had been ambitious, you might scratch my back I might scratch yours. The audit reports become extremely politically sensitive, and trade offs are made behind closed doors. I have never worked on the nuclear industry, but I know if I had there would be a lot of hush, hush topics in reports that would never reach the public domain. I would write my honest report, and it would be buried somewhere. Perhaps the McCanns know too much, and it is a trade off.. like.. I'll keep quiet about the adverse effects of the nuclear industry on the public health, if you help me get over my present dilemma.. something like that. One time I was working, shall I say "up North" and made an innocent trip to what I thought was a seaside place, only to find the most horrendous mass of slime and mud where absolutely nothing grew, nobody lived, and no wild life was to be seen. An ugly, sickening place. Two scientists were taking water samples in that remote place when I turned up. I'm describing a place not far from a nuclear power plant in Cumbria. They say that all the child leukemia cases in the region are NOT related to the power plant. So why has nature abandoned the site and why take water samples? If you sat on a committee, you would definitely get to know too much about what is really going on and would have most likely signed a confidentiality agreement. Just an idea.. food for thought. Is there a trade off..a cover up? And after all, no government wants child abduction and a link to the UK in the press all the time- tourism is a multi million pound industry, and the UK (a nation of child abusers) has its respectable image to maintain.

  15. G McCann would most likely sit on a Committee re- nuclear Power/Health as a medical advisor, along with other specialists from all related fields, scientists, environmentalists, physicists, civil engineers, guest speakers etc. Each Council in Britain employs a Director of Public Health, and the remit is to oversee all aspects of Public Health in his/her catchment area, including Civil Defence, Emergency Planning (in the event of a disaster) Environmental Issues like sea defences and nuclear power plants.. if you have one in your area, and all these are risk assessed and tested. The governement finances these through a complex web of grants from central government paid to local authorities, but in return they are monitored to the hilt and assessed and reported upon and cerificated before the next payment of monies is made. The government loves to keep statistics on everything that happens. To advance yourself up the ladder in the Civil Service, you get noticed by sitting on Committees, writing specialist reports and studies and books, and doing work to help the government in particular fields. It is a way of climbing the ladder, but you get nowhere if you cannot keep the secrets and show loyalty and absolute discretion. There are so many non-rational aspects to the McCann case, things that dont add up or make sense, as in Diana's death, and where politics get involved.. well, I wonder if its worth all the time trying to understand. Better to focus on tightening controls and breaking the adult and child traficking rings that exist throughout Europe, and doing everything possible to address the obnoxious subject of child abuse.

  16. What a load of old shite ! Nuclear power? rubber ducks?? LOL...get real suckers.


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