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National PJ Director Almeida Rodrigues and Attorney General Joana Marques Vidal comment on the Maddie Case


Sic Notícias, October 4, 2013
For about about a month and a half the Judiciary Police of Faro is carrying out the requests asked in the rogatory letter sent by the British authorities in the scope of the Maddie case. Although elements of the English police have already attended meetings in the Algarve, their presence in the investigations on the field is something that, at least for the time being, is out of question.


Voice over journalist - [VOJ] - Six officers from the Judiciary Police have been, since August, entrusted to fulfill the requests of the rogatory letter sent by the English authorities to the Attorney General's Office. Almeida Rodrigues, the Judiciary Police National Director, did not give more details but confirmed the creation of the team.

Lower Third [LT] - PJ has been since August carrying out the requests asked in the rogatory letter sent by the British authorities.

José Maria de Almeida Rodrigues - Judiciary Police National Director [AR] - We designated a team that will carry out the requests made by the English authorities. Regarding the timing and as to the proceedings themselves, as you can understand, I will not make a comment.

LT - Team of six inspectors from PJ in Faro appointed to fulfill rogatory letter

VOJ - SIC knows that the proceedings now requested by the English involve exclusively Portuguese citizens, however in the rogatory letter there isn't any request for an interrogatory. Even though 3 to 4 elements of the Metropolitan Police have already attended meetings in Faro, one of those meetings was with the responsible of the PJ directorship of the southern area of Portugal, the English officers presence in the investigations on the field of  is something that, at least for the time being, is out of question. Nevertheless, in the spirit of good cooperation between the two police forces it is possible that in a near future, in one-off situations, English officers are allowed to be present in one or another action of the Judiciary Police (PJ). In a few weeks time, elements of the two countries authorities will meet again to discuss the items in the rogatory letter and the steps carried out till then. Besides the Judiciary Police inspectors from Faro that have exclusively in their hands the fulfillment of the rogatory letter another team of PJ inspectors from Porto continues to analyze the whole process in order to detect any eventual mistakes and verify if there is any lead worth following that could justify reopening the process.

LT - Proceedings requested in the rogatory letter do not include interrogatories. Elements of the Metropolitan Police were in meetings with PJ in Faro. Even though there were meetings between the two police forces, Judiciary Police has been working alone. In one-off situations, in the future, English Police may attend to some proceedings. PJ of Faro complies exclusively with what is requested in the rogatory letter. Review continues to be done by PJ inspectors from Porto.

AR - That team reviewing the process continues to work and are doing their best, as you know, cases of child disappearances for us they are never truly closed.

LT - Faro and Porto teams in close cooperation.

Joana Marques Vidal - Attorney General [JMV] - The process that existed in Portugal has a final dispatch, that can only be and should only be reopened in agreement to what is stated in the Law - new facts, etc - it's not reopened at the moment. Meanwhile, the English have a process ongoing in England since they consider that there were proceedings within their remit, a process of criminal investigation according to the English law, in the scope of which they requested the Portuguese state or the police and judicial Portuguese authorities some proceedings to be carried out for the process that is in England.

LT - So far, proceedings in the scope of the rogatory letter did not need the intervention of a judge.

VOJ - At the same time in England about four dozen Metropolitan Police officers are also reviewing Madeleine's disappearance. In a press statement, published this Friday, they also refer the existence of 41 persons of interest that need to be listened, of which 15 are British. The United Kingdom, has sent 31 rogatory letters requesting for proceedings to be carried out in several countries, including Portugal. The investigation is focused on phone calls made in Praia da Luz at the time of Maddie's disappearance. The case should regain high media exposure on the 14th of October, when the Metropolitan Police and the McCann couple will together make a public appeal in the BBC, extendable to Germany, Netherlands and Ireland so whomever has some information about the case comes forward. Six years ago, Madeleine disappeared during the holidays in Praia da Luz.


  1. So, what we can conclude is that all the alleged investigation by the SY in Portugal, that the rags have been promoting, is just a "wave of lies".

  2. Whatever makes you say that? The UK press have not claimed we have officers over there making their own enquiries.

  3. Font Page Headline
    "Brit cops list 20 Maddie suspects
    New hope in hunt for missing girl"
    DETECTIVES are hunting a list of 20 suspects who may have been involved in abducting missing Madeleine McCann.
    Scotland Yard yesterday revealed investigators drew up the list — said to include Brits — after....
    So i guess anyone reading that would think scotland yard are making there own enquires ?

  4. The problem is the media, the UK media to be precise and the McCanns spokesmen constant spins throughout the case. SY/Met are also doing their fair share of spinning, unfortunately. Too much noise, very little facts.

  5. Why will they televise a reconstruction? If it's accurate, it will show the impossibility of an abduction within the time frame, and spook the McCanns. If it's false, then hundreds of viewers will complain to the media about the inaccuracies, including me!
    Lawers could claim that a televised reconstruction predjudiced any future trial!

    Is this a whitewash or incompetence?

  6. I think the so-called reconstruction will not be in detail, but will be a generalisation of the McCanns' claims of an abduction, without actually showing any discrepancies and inconsistencies. Not quite accurate, but not quite lies, but why do it? Is SY really as gullable as they apprear? Are they really in their pockets, or is this to soften them up?


    The British Daily Mail (Little England's favourite newspaper) is at it again. Scotland Yard's has come up with a new theory, you see... nice one too!

    Funnily enough (and please don't get me wrong) I have thought about it myself... the problem is there are no fingerprints, nothing suggesting an intruder has been inside Apartment 5A. Here we have to discard Gerry's testimony on location for we know he lies and was a second degree suspect or "arguido" who got away.

    OK, let us imagine someone slipped in through that (always open) back sliding door (balcony) which led directly to a public street (...)

    Let us suppose Madeleine hears the noise and... comes to check "wots goin on".

    She sees the intruder and starts to scream. The intruder swiftly grabs her. There is a short struggle until Madeleine drops silently on the floor bleeding from her nose. The thief gets the hell out of there before anyone checks in (he had to be wearing gloves!).

    Now, the intruder could have killed the child or the child could have chocked on her own blood. What happens next is the crux of the original, REAL, PJ investigation.

    Now, sometime later - and we must assume the checking times are fictional...draft amends shown on a PJ files photo... one of the parents arrives (possibly Gerry) and finds the child dead cold.

    So what does he do? He hides the child in a first instance (details unknown) thus the scent of death traces which Keela, the top forensic dog would later hone in.

    Naturally, this scenario also explains the washed pool of blood that infiltrates through the wooden floor tiles (...) specks of blood (or other material) on the wall, etc. picked up by Eddie - the other forensic dog.

    It also explains the disappearance and later disposal of the child's remains by both or one of the parents, Think: traces in the car...

    Truly a pity the PJ did not make a special effort to locate that old fridge Gerry got rid of and let Eddie & Keela have a good sniff at it (...)

    Now, coming back to the forensic samples.

    After all the political shenanigans that went on (and indeed led to the removal of Amaral from the case) it is not a leap of faith to assume the forensic samples were made "inconclusive" by FSS (Birmingham) - the defunct, British government owned forensic laboratory that processed them. You bet! :d

    So, as we can see the accident plus the occultation of cadaver theory put forward by the Amaral and the PJ still stands. Scotland Yard novel theory stands too but, for all the wrong reasons - as we shall see.

    How is Scotland Yard damage limitation and reputation management team is going to conciliate this scenario with the "poor (rich) parents" innocence is anyone's guess.

    The British can be pretty creative! You have only to look at their WW2 Intelligence deceiving record against the Germans to realize that - in the days Alan Turing was around, that is.

    I am not aware Scotland Yard has anyone quite on the level of Alan Turing let alone Little Red Riding Wood who has been drafted by Big Bad Wolf Cameron. :o

    Why would they hide the cadaver? I hear you asking...

    Simple. Because of the implications of it. They would have to admit (which they have done anyway) they abandoned their children to their fate (with a back door to a public road open) with FATAL consequences. The "official" abduction version of events sort of hides their carelessness and guarantees their image of "responsible parents".

    At any rate that would be (and remains) a crime they wanted to get away with and succeeded thanks to Glaswegian Gordon Brown influences.

    Add to their pride the future "good name" and that of their children. It is a no-brainer!

    :k P.J. Tipps

  8. "Joana Marques Vidal - Attorney General [JMV] - The process that existed in Portugal has a final dispatch, that can only be and should only be reopened in agreement to what is stated in the Law - new facts, etc - it's not reopened at the moment."

    WHICH MEANS the Portuguese are not swallowing Mitchell-Cameron-Yard's balabol.(full stop).

    Now go and tell this to the Kangaroo-British media! The Daily Mail has just come out with more fireworks! :h


  9. ~7 How is Scotland Yard damage limitation and reputation management team is going to conciliate this scenario with the "poor (rich) parents" innocence is anyone's guess.

    Well, they are already saying (Mail article) the intruder gets in, Madeleine screams and he then takes her with him! How stupid can they get?

    I mean, would any petty thief being caught on the act by a child screaming her lungs out then think to take her with him? That's crazy! He would either try to gag her as you say or get out of there on a sprint OR both.

    How will Redhood then explain the dogs alerts? You cannot just brush that under the carpet. For SY to be taken seriously they would HAVE to tackle the issue of the dogs first. Ignoring it, will not do. People know these dogs never failed and then it is just not one alert! There are several with different items and locations all related with the McCanns' - NONE with their friends.

    The dogs are a BIG red herring! The McCanns are saying Amarel book turned public opinion against them. Not so! IMO the dogs did it!

  10. I pointed the dogs, the blood, and Kate's fingerprints on the window's blinds but Daily Mail refused to publish my comments 3 times. How biased is this newspaper?

  11. If I may add.

    Many years ago when my friend's daughter was but a baby, there was a spate of burglaries in the area they lived. The houses were all quite large properties and in the main, elderly residents. My friend, wrapped up looking after a young baby, had not heard of the burglaries until she had a visit from the police. They were inquiring if she may have seen or heard anything, anything unusual in recent days. She hadn't. She said to the officers was it not strange that she had not been targeted. They said, that burglars do not generally want to enter a home where there is anyone at home, and particularly so they would not want to enter a home where there were young children. Not only because burglars are not in the business of causing physical harm, but that young children and babies have a tendency to wake at any given time - and burglars do not like to take the risk of that happening and then being caught.

    It is quite ridiculous, if Scotland Yard are suggesting that a burglar took young Madeleine. Burglars when planning a break -in, will 'case the joint' as they say. That is they will look it over, see who comes and goes, and decide whether there is anything worth taking.

    Any burglar would have known the McCann children were there, as they would have seen the comings and goings and they would also have known there was nothing worth taking.

    I do hope Scotland Yard are not serious, and are not going to insult the intelligence of one and all by presenting us with such a silly, silly theory!


  12. In addition - Are any of the 'persons of interest' to the Met - known cat burglars?

    If not - Back to the drawing board for Redwood, silly man!

  13. Are any of the 15 Brits of interest the McCanns and their Friends ?

    Just checking !


  14. If it was a burgler and maddie woke and screamed, why did the twins not wake. I do not think anyone woke they were all sedated with Calpol

  15. re 14. Calpol does not sedate children. It is only liquid paracetamol and designed to remove children's pain, eg over teething, and allow them to sleep naturally. 'A sedative' suggests something much stronger and quite other. That way children would not wake up. IMHO three children on holiday, of those particular ages, would, if not given a sedative, almost certainly wake up and muck about, switching the light on, jumping off the parents' bed, raiding the fridge, pulling stuff out of cupboards onto the floor etc... Our twins could easily get out of travel cots at that age, mind you they were pretty adventurous. The eldest child would be out on the balcony yelling: 'Mummy! Daddy! Where are you?' after a bit. Just my own thoughts. I have a grandson with twin sisters with the same age gap as MBM and her twin siblings. On holiday, in a strange flat... that is how my lot would have behaved if left alone 'to sleep'.

  16. You would really think that Scotland Yard to get anywhere with this case would ask for a true reconstruction to be done at the holiday resort to obtain a true observation where everyone was in their statements at the time up until Kate raised the alarm. Also a complete time-line of everyone's movements throughout that day. Was Madeleine seen at all at any time that day by any other witness other than the parents and friends and the last known sighting. I would love to be a fly on the wall in how this so-called new investigation is being conducted. Is it a true investigation or another simulated one to coincide with their libel case. Cynical I have been since watching their initial tv appeal. I could not believe their actions of two parents of an abducted child. It was if it was someone else's child rather than their own. Philomena was the only one that seemed genuinely aggrieved and concerned for her niece. She has been suspiciously quiet? If she knows the truth it must be a nightmare to continually watch this saga being played time and time again.


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