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Once again the Judiciary Police supports the British in the Maddie case

British authorities sent a rogatory letter to the Portuguese authorities regarding the Maddie case. The British have 37 detectives working on the case and 38 suspects.

Maddie's dad leaving court last week in Lisbon/Lusa

by Hugo Franco

"The British authorities have sent to their Portuguese counterparts a rogatory letter about the Maddie case. The Portuguese Attorney General sent it to the Judiciary Police in order to be fulfilled according to the usual procedures". this was the only comment made by the Judiciary Police national deputy director, Pedro do Carmo, to the news that the Judiciary Police had already established a team to work on the avenues of the investigation identified by the British police regarding the disappearance of the English child, Madeleine McCann, as was advanced by the news agency Lusa.

According to sources from the Scotland Yard, heard by Lusa, a team of six officers from the Judiciary Police in Faro was formed to assist the British unit responsible for the "Operation grange" of the Metropolitan Police, who is reviewing all leads related with the case after the intervention of the British prime minister, David Cameron.

Portugal is one of the 31 countries whose authorities have received a rogatory letter with a request for assistance relative to elements the British police wishes to see clarified, related to people or phone data.

38 suspects and 37 inspectors working on the case

Detective chief inspector Andy Redwood, responsible for the team of 37 people working on this case, stated the British police are trying to find out who are the owners of the cell phones identified has having been in the area around the time of the disappearance.

"This data base related to cell phones", he said, "had already been investigated, but not to the detail level" that they are now doing. In July, the British police announced the existence of "38 persons of interest" who they wish to question, among which are several Portuguese. "Those are people who were within a radius of the place of the disappearance of whom there is reason to suspect. It takes a little more than circumstantial factors", explained Redwood.

To the 12 British equally identified were 3 others, who are already being investigated but about whom the inspector believes that "they will be possibly eliminated" soon from the list. Scotland Yard, who has been working on the case for a year [sic, since 2011], is confident to have found relevant "new information", based on the 40 thousand documents gathered by the police from Portugal, United Kingdom and by the eighth different private detective companies [hired by the McCanns].

New TV appeal on the 14 of October

Scotland Yard will launch a new appeal, broadcast first by the BBC, in October 14, and in the following days at TV channels in Germany and in the Netherlands, there are also ongoing talks to do the appeal in Ireland.

Madeleine McCann disappeared a few days before her 4th birthday, on May 3, 2007, from the room where she was sleeping along with her siblings from an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, while the parents dined with a group of friends in a nearby restaurant.

After one of the most expensive investigations carried out by the Portuguese authorities, one year later, on July 21, 2008, the prosecutor decided to archive the process of the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, for lack of evidence, and withdraw the status of arguido from the English girl's parents, who disappeared in May 2007.

Three years after Portugal shelved the process, the British launched a review into the case. And now in July this year, the London Metropolitan Police, better known as Scotland Yard, has advanced to a new stage of the ongoing inquest on Madeleine McCann.

Heard at the time by Expresso, a Judiciary Police source assured that until now nothing had been found by the British to justify the reopening of the process [in Portugal]. "At least not in the light of the Portuguese law, there is no evidence", said the same officer.

in in Expresso, 4 October 2013

Extract from Público newspaper


«A team of six officers from the Judiciary Police of Faro has been for about a month complying with inquiries requested by the British authorities in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, said a source of that police force after it was announced the creation of that team in a press conference given by the Scotland Yard.

Nevertheless, the inquiries have not led to the creation of new relevant facts, remaining thus archived the process of the investigation of the English child in Portugal.

At this moment there are no elements of the English police in Portugal, but a meeting is taking place soon to assess the evidence gathered, the Judiciary Police source also admitted that some future inquests are likely to be accompanied by British officers.»


  1. Madeleine McCann: Police Probe Phone Records
    Investigators from Operation Grange want to cross reference mobile phone data from tourists who were in Praia Da Luz in May 2007.

    By Ian Woods, Senior Correspondent
    Scotland Yard detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in 2007 are analysing the mobile phone details of everyone who was in the Portuguese holiday resort from where she disappeared.

    They are set to reveal new information about the hunt for the missing girl in a televised appeal in 10 days.

    There are around three dozen British police officers working on what has been designated Operation Grange, but the officers leading the investigation say there has been increasing cooperation with the authorities in Portugal.

    Six Portuguese police officers based in Faro have been appointed to liaise with officers in London.

    The Metropolitan Police stress that they are "professional and committed" and were not involved in the original investigation, which remains closed.

    Assistant Commissioners Mark Rowley and Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood are also sending formal International Letters Of Request to 30 other countries asking for assistance with their inquiry, reflecting the range of nationalities likely to have been in the town on May 3, 2007.

    Detectives want to cross reference mobile phone data with other lines of inquiry, especially with individuals they have previously identified as "persons of interest".

    Madeleine was three-years-old when she vanished from her parents' rented apartment in the Algarve seaside town of Praia Da Luz.

    The Portuguese authorities closed their investigation after initially investigating her parents Kate and Gerry as possible suspects.

    The Home Office agreed to order a review of the case by the Metropolitan Police and in July it became a full blown investigation.

    Officers have been looking into the backgrounds of 41 individuals, 15 of whom are UK nationals.

    Assistant Commissioner Rowley said three of these British citizens are on the verge of being eliminated from the inquiry.

    It is a huge undertaking requiring extensive international cooperation.

    The phone data has always been available, and some of it has been examined before, but the trawl through thousands of phone numbers is the most thorough yet undertaken.

    DCI Redwood said the phone records could be the key to solving the mystery and he that it is not a "general trawl" for information but a "targeted attack" on possible key numbers.

    "We've got a data set of phone traffic. Within that phone traffic you can see we've got some of those numbers we can attribute to people, but a large number of them we can't. So in a targeted way, we're trying to say in a particular moment in time, that is around the moment of opportunity, who's there."

    "What we're trying to do is to use every route available to us to identify as many of them as possible and the phone data is one route into that, as are appeals. If you were in Praia da Luz at the time, you may get a routine phone call from the police."

    The Metropolitan Police team say they have collated 39,148 documents from previous inquiries by both the Portuguese authorities, and eight different teams of private detectives hired by the McCanns.

  2. So far 21,614 have been processed. Some 4,920 of those have necessitated follow up action and 2,123 lines of inquiry have been completed.

    The new lines of inquiry will be publicised in a BBC Crimewatch programme on Monday, October 14.

    The police will not confirm if new photo-fits or artist impressions of possible suspects will be issued, but there will be a reconstruction of events in Praia Da Luz, and Madeleine's parents will be interviewed during the programme.

    Mr Rowley said: "It's important to stress, the Crimewatch appeal is not simply 'this is a live investigation has anyone got any information?' It is more than that. There is new information not previously presented. Fresh, substantive material upon which to make an appeal."

    The McCanns will be accompanied by DCI Redwood, making it the first time the couple have made an appeal for information alongside an investigating officer.

    Every other public appeal they have made during the past six years has been on their own initiative.

    Press conferences in the days immediately after their daughter's disappearance were not organised by friends and advisers rather than the Portuguese Judicial Police.

    It will be a symbolic moment in the long inquiry , with Kate and Gerry McCann, once labelled "aguidos" in Portugal, and investigated as possible suspects, now officially supported by detectives investigating the case.

    DCI Redwood said: "I have no reason to be anything other than confident in the McCanns. They have been thoroughly supportive of our inquiry and our relationship is very strong."

    There will be similar appeals on TV programmes in Germany and the Netherlands, reflecting the high number of tourists from those countries who were in Praia Da Luz when Madeleine went missing.


  3. Madeleine McCann investigation police vet every phone call made from resort
    DETECTIVES investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann raised hopes of a breakthrough yesterday after revealing a major new line of inquiry.

    By: David Pilditch

    A Scotland Yard squad is trawling through mobile phone calls made in the days before she vanished.

    Officers are building up a detailed picture of who was in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz at the time and the contact between them.

    They believe the investigation could be the key to solving the six-year mystery.

    The Yard yesterday revealed new evidence has been uncovered about the fate of the youngster and announced that three more suspects or “persons of interest” have been identified.

    Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry will take part in a Crimewatch special and make a new appeal for information in the light of the “fresh, substantive” material unearthed.

    Investigators will reveal a new theory that they say will give a “different understanding” about the case.

    The programme, which will be screened on October 14, will ­feature a reconstruction of events in the Portuguese resort on the night of May 3, 2007. And it will highlight a series of new leads found by the team of 37 Yard detectives.

    The squad has identified 41 potential suspects – up from 38 – including 15 UK nationals. Three of the British suspects are expected to be cleared in the next few days.

    Senior officers revealed yesterday that any person who was in Praia da Luz on or around May 3 could receive a phone call from the Metropolitan Police. Last night detectives appealed for anyone who was in the resort in the days running up to Madeleine’s disappearance who has never before been contacted by police to come forward.

    Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is leading the inquiry, said: “We are trying to establish precisely who was nearby when Madeleine disappeared.

    “A lot of the sources of information we would use to solve a crime in London are not available to us in Portugal. There is no CCTV footage so we are having to do it the hard way.

    “We are working outwards from the spot where Madeleine was last seen. It is like peeling the layers of an onion.

    “Everything is designed to bring us to that core moment when she disappeared. We hope to speak to everyone who was in Praia da Luz at the time.

    “The majority will be entirely uninvolved in what happened but some will be witnesses and others may be suspects. This is not just a general trawl. This is a targeted attack on the mobile phone database. It has not happened before.”

    The vast log of mobile phone traffic is made up of thousands of calls from people who live in 31 countries.

    In an international operation, detectives have contacted police forces around the globe in their attempt to identify everyone who was in the resort at the time Madeleine disappeared.


  4. Police say 99.9 per cent of those who left their phone footprint will be innocent residents, holidaymakers or workers. But they could lead to new witnesses and potentially unearth an abductor.

    Officers have established the majority of foreign nationals in the resort are from the UK, Ireland, Holland and Germany.

    Madeleine was three when she vanished from her family’s Ocean Club apartment while her parents were dining with friends in a nearby tapas bar.

    When worldwide appeals failed to produce any positive sightings, Portuguese police named her parents as suspects but later backtracked, lifted the couple’s “arguido” status and closed the investigation.

    Since then Kate and Gerry, both 45, of Rothley, Leicestershire, have fought for the case to be re-opened.

    A direct appeal to David Cameron prompted the launch of the UK police review which uncovered so many new leads it has turned into an active investigation.

    Last night the couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry remain very grateful to the Met for the work they are doing in liaison with the Portuguese authorities.

    “Their forthcoming appearance on Crimewatch is an important stage in that process. Naturally, they hope it will lead to information that will provide the breakthrough to finding Madeleine.”

    Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said the revelations in the Crimewatch documentary would throw a “substantially different” light on the case.

    He said: “It’s not just a bland ‘can you help us’ appeal. There is different material and a different understanding to be presented. There is new information not previously presented – fresh, substantive material.”

    Mr Rowley said the documentary was “significant” for the McCanns because it would show the couple working with police.

    He said: “In view of the history of this case and how the McCanns were presented originally this is the first time they will have sat alongside police officers. From their perspective it is quite significant.”


  5. Clarence Mitchell ‏@mitch_1uk 2h

    3/3 Met appeal for info expanded to Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. 41 people still of interest to Op Grange inc 15 from UK #findmadeleine
    Clarence Mitchell ‏@mitch_1uk 2h

    2/3 Met Police currently have 31 requests in various countries for info on phone usage in Praia da Luz at time of Madeleine's disappearance
    Clarence Mitchell ‏@mitch_1uk 2h

    1/3 New public appeal by Kate and Gerry McCann and Met Police on #BBCCrimewatch on Oct 14. Further appeals on Dutch+German TV #findmadeleine


  6. Kirsty Young presents the latest findings in the search for Madeleine McCann, the then-three-year-old abducted from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in May 2007. A reconstruction reveals what the new British investigation has discovered about that night, and Kate and Gerry McCann talk about their renewed hopes of finding their daughter. Martin Bayfield will also present another CCTV round-up and a collection of wanted faces, and there are updates on arrests made since last month's programme.

  7. Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst
    Die Kriminalpolizei bittet um Mithilfe
    Deutschland 2013

    Kriminal-Magazin - Am 3.5.2007 verschwindet die dreijährige Madeleine McCann im Portugalurlaub spurlos. Die Ermittlungen der örtlichen und britischen Polizei bleiben erfolglos. Seit Juli 2013 gehen die Ermittler neuen Spuren nach. Im "XY"-Studio wenden sich Kate und Gerry McCann sowie Chief Inspector Andy Redwood an die Öffentlichkeit. http://www.tvmovie.de/tvprogramm-filme/Aktenzeichen+XY+...+ungel%25C3%25B6st


    In reputation management timing is of the essence! Ask Clarence Mitchell!

    Time, however, does not seem to be working for "Mickey Mouse" who is loosing hair as a result.

    :e "Time has come to shave your melon, mate!"

    The thing is, I don't think judge Melo e Castro is paying any attention to the British media propaganda or cares a iota about Cameron's Scotland Yard's "review" - in fact that has offended her...

    Whether Madeleine McCann's hologram is about to be broadcast "alive" or whether the McCanns' and their entourage attend the proceedings or not.

    By the way...

    I understand Lady Melo e Castro is an animal lover who owns a Spring Spaniel - a forensic dog like those that barked at the McCanns - those who should be sitting in court instead of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral (...)



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