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PJ reconstitutes abduction theory in the Maddie case

The 'Tapas 9'

by Tânia Laranjo/ Rui Pando Gomes

The reconstitution of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, on May 3, 2007 - which was one of the steps that were never done ​​due to unavailability of the English child's parents and friends who accompanied them at the time of the disappearance - will now be able to be carried out. The family of the girl are already available to cooperate with the Portuguese police, after the authorities demonstrated their intention to follow once again the abduction theory.

Set aside, for the time being, is the hypothesis that it was a negligent homicide - as was defended by the PJ in a first stage of the investigation. The process, as CMTV first reported before yesterday, has also been reopened by the PGR [Attorney General's Office] at the request of the Judiciary Police.

These new steps are part of a far broader investigation, which the PJ has begun two years ago. At that time, the process - although archived - had been handed over to a team of Porto, who reanalyzed the case and understood there were gaps in the investigation.

A little over a month, even before the case had been reopened, the investigators were at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz. They went back to check the distance at which the group was dining at the moment of the girl's disappearance and, insofar as possible, attempted to make a reconstruction of the events.

The participation of Maddie's parents and their friends in this endeavour is nevertheless crucial to understand exactly what happened. Kate would have been the one who alerted, when she went to the bedroom to check if the children were sleeping. At that time, the group were dining at the restaurant of the tourist resort and they would have already drunk several bottles of wine. All of them guaranteed that they weren't aware of any strange individuals in the surrounding area.

Correio da Manhã, October 25, 2013


  1. Really? Will there be a proper reconstruction, with ALL the Tapas9, following step by step what is in their PJ testimonies ? I'll believe only when I see it happen...

  2. IF this recon does happen,then the mccanns and tapas are in the shit,well done portugal

  3. The reconstitution was required to be done originally to give them an opportunity to prove their innocence or rule them out - that will still be the case surely?
    The McCanns are to be taking part and it is vital that the rest of the group do too.

  4. I hope beyond hope that this will be a proper reconstruction. We only want to get to the truth. It may be that the only crime the T9 committed was trying to avoid charges of negligence. Having said that, if they did, they have done a huge disservice to millions of people and, most importantly, to Madeleine. Causing doubt in the minds of the investigating police officers at the time would have made them look at the McCann's and distracted the whole investigation. The very charge they raise against Snr Amaral.

  5. Will the reconstitution follow the times worked out on Madeleine's torn scrap book or will it follow the revisionist version published last week?
    One mustn't forget that the McCanns' task -apart from staying out of jail- is to extort 1.2 million euros and to make the fraudulent fund payments go on for ever.
    They have powerful friends who probably have powerful friends in Portugal. I smell a plague of rats in action.

  6. I would like to know if the PJ have been forced into reopening the case and are the conclusions already written down .

  7. I sincerely hope The Tapas 7 are called back to do the actual reconstruction because without them, this exercise would be futile !

    Oh let's not forget Eddie and Keela


  8. It's quite obvious that their has been much going on behind the scenes at the political level and in my opinion, the PJ are now onside and this will all end with the McCanns being cleared.
    I weep for the little girl lying in the unmarked grave.
    I curse the vermin covering up the truth of that night.

  9. Will all of Europe open the prison doors and free every prisoner who was convicted on LCN DNA evidence? Will we retire all the EVRD/Cadaver dogs or have them quietly "put to sleep" ? Will Social Services and Child Protection agencies all over Europe tell people it is responsible parenting to leave babies and toddlers in unlocked homes for hours in between a public road and a swimming pool while the the parents go wining and dining? Will the independence of small nations in Europe that millions died for in two World Wars be forever lost ? WTF is going on? This business makes me want to vomit. I am going to tell myself that that beautiful wee girl was kidnapped by a heartbroken couple who just lost a child and therefore left cadaver scent behind them. That Madeleine did have a nose bleed behind the sofa, that Sean developed a taste for Sea Bass and that dirty nappies smell like death. I will convince myself that this couple love Madeleine as their own and would never leave her to cry for over an hour and that she is happy and healthy and will never find out where she came from. I advise everyone else who wanted peace and justice for this child to do the same, because the reality of the world we live in is too hard to bear.

  10. Reconstitution : yep well if the thesis of abduction is correct the Panorama Programme, by the BBC based on information given to them by Jane Tanner. This has wasted almost six years, and was carried out during the period of judicial secrecy. It has given rise to more speculation to the events of that night than could ever have been dreamed had it be fiction, by making their VERY OWN timeline impossible to correlate with three people outside the apartment and the abduction in progress etc.

    So it's back to square one. Probably now in pursuit of the only other feasible abduction scenario sequence, that after Oldfield's check and witnessed by the Smith family.

    Wherever the next round takes the investigation, it would be foolish to consider the timeline of group stops at 10pm \ at the time of Mrs McCann check, since all the group were therefore hot on the heels on the would be abductor, how did they miss him? If Mrs McCann checks at 10 and he is next seen at 10pm. So accountability of all, that's everyone in and around \ and \ or otherwise involved until at least midnight, IMHO.

    So we exchange one impossible abduction for another, but one that has possibilities. But just may be the investigators, who ever they are, totaling, now to about 100 ! I should imagine, must come up with something.


  11. Annon @ 6

    My understanding now, is that there PJ were doing their own updates & reviews and continue to do so, as was frequently mentioned in the Lisbon hearing, that information was still being received & analysed. But it was at the request of another Portuguese team, working on a full case review, quite independently that have requested, based on their information that the case was reopened.

    So much of the speculation by the McCanns that no cared and no one was working on finding out what happened to Madeleine, add to that the MET's team, much work has and is being done.

    Perhaps all suffer from not knowing what the left hand has been doing.

    I would say I thought the whole MET's handling of the case & the Crimewatch programme brings etiquette and diplomacy in this case to a low level. I also, remember well the communications from the LP trying to negotiate the reconstruction, which is on file.

    Nothing now really to be said except sit back and wait.


    Which brings me just to think about the Lisbon hearing. That we need to consider that the thesis of the shelving & GA book was based on information at the time. And one can now appreciate, that had the reconstruction been carried out, six years wouldn't have been wasted and conclusions could have been drawn at the time.

    But, of course, we don't know what conclusions. But the grid-lock of the Tanner sighting would have had it's back broken, then - not now.

  12. That means that Tapas 9 will be present in Algarve, all together, and I expect them to tell the truth to the PJ. Just confessing what happened. This could be the reason of getting them in Algarve.

  13. Comment #1 expresses my sentiments.

    How many times have we heard now about new evidence?

    How many times have we heard that the McCanns are not suspects?

    How many times have we heard that the police are investigating an abduction?

    You can expect this sort of activity to become event more frenetic as the libel trial approaches its end.

  14. Great way to get the parents on Portugese soil - then arrest um!

  15. According to McCann's lawyer based in Portugal the McCanns have been reassured that they are totally absolved an in fact will be given 'assistente' status where they will be given constant updates from the new PJ enquiries. If this is true than Portugal has become SY's lapdog.

  16. Senor Alves is being rather cute isn't he. Claiming that the McCanns have been totally absolved by the PJ and as such will apply for 'assistente' status. He's hoping this statement carries to the ears of the libel Judge in Lisbon. Snake!

  17. There is a bigger game plan at work here. The McCann's have had no desire to cooperate with the PJ from day one, so for them to now consider being part of a reconstruction over there, 6 YEARS LATER, is just laughable.

  18. Just days before the libel trial resumes (wonderful timing eh?), Scotland Yard and the PJ are in effect saying that the evidence points towards abduction and that the parents are not being investigated. Isabel Duarte can now stand up in court and argue that Amaral's thesis of death with the parents concealing the body is not only false but clearly 100% libellous since the authorities believe the opposite.

    Whichever way the judge decides, it doesn't look good for GA in the long run. The worst thought is that if the McCanns are officially absolved of any crime, they could become even more prominent in the public eye than before. It's shocking to think that two (supposedly) responsible people could act so irresponsibly and yet end up with money in their pockets as well as becoming minor celebrities in the process.

    We can presumably look forward to the full length feature movie about Madeleine, and in the fullness of time, the award of official honours to Kate and Gerry for their services in raising public awareness about the plight of missing children...

  19. Guys....let us not read too much into the news! Do you know what the sentence "para inglês vêr" means? Rogério Alves may say whatever he wants. The McCann couple needs to be assured that they are in no way involved. That is what they want to hear.....music to their ears. But the reality may be completely different. The PJ will never forget the humiliation suffered at the hands of this despicable couple and British media. Now it is a question of justice, truth and honor. The couple's debriefing troubles me somehow, but I still have a lot of faith in the PJ. The reconstruction will be the final blow....provided the McCann couple and the others show up what I really doubt. Let us see, I am very skeptical.

  20. And so it came to pass THAT all roads lead back to the beginning....

    Dear Tapas 9 you are all wanted to attend a reconstruction (all versions) In Portugal.
    We now believe there was an abductor- but we need EVIDENCE... We believe if you cooperate you will be able to prove your innocence ( an opportunity you declined many years ago).

    The removal of Jane's 'abductor' has left a gap.. what time DID she go and check ?because she didn't pass Jeremy and Gerry at the time they claim they were on the street. So was it before or after?

    This could all have been established very early on if these disgusting people had only told the truth and did the reconstruction- Gerry didn't want that and went in a huff back home when he didn't get to control the PJ....Anyone wonder why they are despised- they and they alone are RESPONSIBLE for their daughters fate, and the hampering of police investigations- prolonging the investigation- by their constant lying and failing to co operate with the PJ, WHILST screeching and screaming about no body searching.

    Well, Two Police forces- their own Private investigators- Everyone in the world (apart from myself) LQOKING for their daughter.... and nothing yet.

    So let's start again.... how did the abductor enter and leave the apartment with a young child? Main doors locked -unlocked? whooshing of curtains- Shutters jemmied -unjemmied-Bedroom door more open that before or after Gerry?
    Put to bed by Kate UNDER THE COVERS- last seen by Gerry Just the way they left her ON TOP OF THE COVERS? Gerry sensed someone in the room..... but left the children there alone anyway....
    Hmmm interesting.

    At least we know Goldilocks walked in the front door. which was unlocked- well who is going to attack a bear? She made a mess then fled... end of story!

    Miss Taken Identity

  21. your avoiding me I get it, fine, thanks

  22. There still remains many balls in the air, one is the 10pm check & 10pm Smith family sighting, if this is, indeed Madeleine. Has anyone come forward NOW, to be eliminated?

    Next several above mention the reconstruction T9 & JW. What caused major difficulties for acceptance of the timeline was the cluster outside the back gate of 5A. The father's check, standing there talking to JW, Tanner walking by and sighting the alleged abduction. As unbelievable as it was, it also cast doubt on the abduction as a generality.

    It WAS what made the any attempt by the T9&JW impossible to reconstruct. BUT, it's now be removed. Without this alleged sighting, it's plain sailing now, to basically cobble together the nights events.

    Provided they don't stop dead at 10pm - because that where it seems to throw a bit of a wobbly again.


  23. I wonder if goncalo amaral has heard anything through the grapevine re the reopening of this case.I hope the pj are on the level with this,My family and I have holidayed in pdl on a few occasions,but if the pj whitewash this we,ll never holiday in Portugal again.something is very disturbing is behind all this.

  24. I do not thinks MCs and Tapas will return and partake in a reconstruction, They didn't do it for SY, knowing they were on their side...too upsetting they said, but they will sit and appeal and act like grieving parents. They want the PJ to openly say they are not persons of interest, so they can scream they were tricked, if anything happens. The PJ have been doing their own review before SY I remember reading about it, maybe taking the smiths statement into account they can look at it as an abduction as someone was seen carrying a child. The Mcs will dictate via SY what they want.
    So sad for Dr Amaral, I pray the judge will see this for what it is, cos Im sure I saw a tin of white paint and a decorators brush behind MCs lawyer..The information in Dr Amarals book was how it was when the case was shelved. The tapas all had the opportunity to find Maddie 6 years ago but they refused a construction and wanted 5star hotels etc.
    Although at times I think no parents would do all these things if their child is missing, but these two have. Sorry to say butfor sure the uk has bribed Portugal in some way.
    I hope Dr Amaral wins his case, he has suffered to much.

  25. Somewhere in the PJ evidence room are the (2?) blood-stained floortiles from under the sofa of 5a's living room. I hope those pieces of evidence are being extremely safely guarded and can be produced during the trial. it would be strange if they have disappeared in the past seven years.
    Like the Smith's evidence, this bit of the story was ignored , but the photo is in the PJ files and (as far as I can remember,) in Amaral's book

  26. I have just had a random thought and cannot find an answer to it. The covers of the sticker book on which the alleged timelines were written were presumably immediately taken by police and kept as written evidence. But were they ever tested for cadaver odour? If not then - why not now? Especially the copy for Gerry.

  27. I was reading on some other site about the search by the PJ for a gang of paedophiles who may have kidnapped Madeleine? Not sure of the veracity of this, but it would suggest going down the road of shifting the blame and emphasis away completely from the Tapas group. If that is the case, then there will be no need for any re-construction and no embarrassing timings or gaps. Its all coming to gel nicely now and Cameron's man appears to be directing the whole affair to a satisfactory outcome. Truth is one casualty here.

  28. what happened to McCannfiles?

  29. As we have seen in the UK over the years a child's life to the authorities has been woeful in the extreme. The McCann's are guilty as sin for the disappearance of little Madeleine and that is FACT. It cannot be reasoned or explained away. It is FACT! They have admitted (I believe is a fake alibi) blatant neglect to allow harm to come to the child. Notice I have not said their child. I cannot get my head around the sheer lack of true emotion on both when they are interviewed. Both have been well coached in making sure only enough is said. Both don't talk is if they are distraught parents. Any real set of parents would not be able to hold it together. I know all of normal parents including myself would be a total wreck. If any McCann supporters are reading this. I ask you this. Would you allow any of your kids to go on holiday with Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends knowing they admit to leaving them to fend for themselves. Again I feel not one kid was left in any danger. They needed the kids being alone for their alibi. Whitewash being done similar to the child abuse cases down by care homes and priests. Absolutely disgusted for the fate of a child who had evil around her.

  30. @ 3: quote: The McCanns are to be taking part and it is vital that the rest of the group do too. unquote

    and there, precisely is the rub - G&K can't possibly NOT join in a reconstruction in Luz -after all they are not suspects - and the case has cost Portuguese and British tax payers millions thus far - not taking part, therefore is not an option


    how will the rest of the holiday group react to attending a PJ reconstruction on Portuguese soil?

    Many years have passed - relationships (within the group generally and the couples particularly) might have changed significantly.

    How the Tapas 7 will react to this now, needs observing


  31. Did Maddie exist on that holiday?
    that's what a serving police officer friend said to me this week. And think of the odd entries in the creche records, the photoshopped "last photo" where Maddie does not fit in the picture normally and Gerry's elbow appears in different places in different versions of the photo, also the playground photo, where Maddie appeared out of thin air with half her knee cap missing and other misfit bits (like 2 left feet). the other 2 photos of her on tennis court and play castle, could have been taken anywhere, as she is alone. Jes Wilkins partner (in her newspaper article) was unable to identify Maddie amongst lots of blonde girls in the creche...... and I realised all these things are never mentioned now.

    there is a huge cover up (of some sort) going on, and I am really beginning to be afraid to live in this country. nothing is what it seems.

  32. Poster 9 - I feel as you do but we must have faith and not give up.

  33. @ 32

    quote unquote:
    there is a huge cover up (of some sort) going on, and I am really beginning to be afraid to live in this country. nothing is what it seems.

    quite possibly - but without being flippant - which country would you really be safe in, in
    AD 2013?

    If the NSA can tap Angela Merkel at will - then you or I are nowhere safe from the control of the 'establishment' - unless you ditch your mobile/pc/sky subscription and credit card. .

    So don't be scared - but roll with the changes - and kick up now and again - if/when required - never/ever let the beggars grind you down.

    Most of all - live to the full and smile - no one can ever take that off you.


  34. People power and the sense of justice is very strong. It works in many different ways.
    It can be reduced to it's most simple terms. A child and it's siblings were left in harms way. The siblings have been deprived of a much loved sister and their sense of trust and security. Imagine growing up knowing that the you had been left alone by your parents in the same apartment where your sister came to great harm. The McCanns haven't got away with anything to do with this part of the case. The group made a conscious decision to leave their children unattended, lets not get carried away by transferring guilt to some unknown and unseen abductor. Lets not speculate about the Libel case another ploy to transfere guilt onto another human being.
    Portugal has been insulted for far too long to let this British circus receive the applaud.

  35. On Findmadeleine, the McCanns are telling that they are very happy that the PJ opened the case. They have no other choice but to say that. They " insisted" on it, didn't they? The condition to reopen the case could be only based on new evidence and it is obvious that the PJ must have it.
    Many timesI thought of the possibility that the PJ took pictures of all of the pieces of clothes in 5a, and later compared them to all of the pieces found in their house, in August, and they missed not only the pink blanket but some Maddie's clothes too.

  36. The dogs are the most important IMO. They have to prove whose blood was found under the tiles and on the wall, it can't be that difficult, there must be a record of everyone who has been in that apartment. They have to rule it out as being Maddie's and by doing so, prove who it did belong to.
    The cadaver scent may be more difficult to prove as it is just a scent.
    Personally I think their lawyer is just spinning, he can say what he wants, if secrecy is now in place - how can his statement be refuted?
    I feel sick that any parent could cover up something like a childs death, regardless of the circumstances.....if the Tapas friends are doing this they really are despicable. They don't even appear to be close friends from the statements. Maybe if one of them gets made a suspect they will start to sing.

  37. @32 you are correct in your observations . 1...the cover up is huge. 2. it is no longer safe if you do not curtail to the lying establishments agenda.

    off topic ....can I ask if you are interested in understanding the world we live in ( for many this will be hard to take on board - it takes deep study and reading to become enlightened - but sometimes to go forward you have to go back).

    if you have time in your life ....study the summerians ....it shakes the foundations of life as we know it - and will begin a journey for you.


  38. I think this pair will be like cornered animals, dangerous, It must be remembered that the libel hearing is about what happened after Dr Amaral's book was published in 2008. What is being spun now must not be allowed to be conflated with that. They are entirely separate. I hope Dr Amaral and his legal team do not let the McCanns conflate the two in court. They may try.

    Why should the McCanns become assistantes when they have never cooperated with the PJ questions and they still have defense lawyers, what nonsense!

  39. Whats all this about?


  40. @39 A desperate attempt to sell newspapers? https://twitter.com/DaSteelMan/status/393863733417476096/photo/1 The sensationalist cover page for that article reads "Maddie is alive - The real reason Portuguese cops reopened the case" which is coincidentally the same title of an article written by Jerry Lawton in July this year, but this time regarding the beliefs of the English police. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/324540/MADDIE-IS-STILL-ALIVE

  41. @ 39 I start to feel sorry for this guy Rogèrio Alves...he's an accomplished idiot! His latest statements are only an attempt to assure his clients that they are on dry land, and thus continue milking them (mind you, I don't care....they have the Fund). There is no way the PJ would so unequivocally clear the McCann couple and the Tapas group, when the investigation continues and the reconstruction is (or not) going ahead, and the phones location at the time is still not determined. We will have to discard any declarations from this man, the fact that he is a lawyer does not give him any credibility.

  42. The only reconstruction the McCanns will agree to is one where they have full control of the script. Sadly, I am very disappointed by the Scotland Yard Investigation, nothing new, old Information from 20007, we all knew about Mr Smith's Statement but no one is mentioning he was convinced he saw Gerry with Maddy!! Why didn't the detectives in Scotland Yard insist on a reconstruction, two years ago when they first started re-investigating this case. Have they even talked to the Tapas 7?? When did Eggman actually contact the Police and tell them he was a British Tourist with his own daughter going home from the evening nursery, which the McCanns could have easily used every night of their Portugues Holiday as the same nannies were used in the evening nursery that ran the daily Kiddies Club where the McCann Kids were left every day for HOURS!!!

    Sadly, I see a whitewash coming with Scotland Yard and the PJ working together. We will never, ever find out what actually happened to Madeleine McCann that night in Portugal.

  43. @43 Not sure the British Tourist exists. Redwood invention?



  44. Isar at 32,
    I am anon 32. Yes I agree with you, thanks!

  45. I wonder if they will also bring back the Martins from Ireland, and have Gerry walk down the same street carrying a child in the night....this should help clarify the Martins memory, since according to the MET they are now only 80% certain that they saw a person that could have been Gerry McCann.


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