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Pressures on the court...

UK Maddie media frenzy

Over the last few days, we have watched yet another attempt at misinformation and intoxication of public opinion, which does not surprise anymore. The surprise, if it can be called that way, is the reaction of the Portuguese press which seems to be unable to see the main motivation of this campaign and turn that into the real news. The ongoing publicity campaign has the main purpose of putting pressure on the Portuguese court that has to decide. What is at stake is the independence of Portuguese courts to decide objectively, in a free manner and founded on the law. The Portuguese press in general has not yet understood, or didn't want to understand what is at stake, but the common citizen, who can think on his own and with good sense, is still alert and has already understood what is happening.

Gonçalo Amaral, October 10, 2013

Pressão sobre o tribunal…

Nos últimos dias, temos assistido a mais uma tentativa de desinformação e intoxicação da opinião pública, o que já não surpreende. A surpresa, se assim se pode chamar, é a reação da imprensa portuguesa que parece não conseguir vislumbrar a principal motivação de tal campanha e disso fazer a verdadeira notícia.
A campanha publicitária em curso tem como principal objetivo pressionar o tribunal português a quem cabe decidir. O que está em causa é a independência dos tribunais portugueses em decidirem objetivamente, de modo livre e fundados no direito. Na generalidade, a imprensa portuguesa ainda não percebeu ou não quis perceber o que está em causa, mas o cidadão comum, pensando por si e com bom senso, continua atento e já percebeu o que se passa.

Gonçalo Amaral, 10 de Outubro, 2013


  1. I pray that the Portuguese judge sees through the McCann charade,justice for Goncalo Amaral & Madeleine.

  2. I agree entirely with Dr G Amaral. Surely it is no coincidence that the McCs, the UK Media and Establishment have chosen this timing to announce that the there are new clues and suspects, Many can see that this is just another ruse by the McCs, ably assisted by the media and establishment to pressurise the Portuguese Courts in the libel hearing. I am quite sure that the Judges and those involved will see it for what it is. a concerted effort to influence the outcome of the hearing. I am ashamed today to say that I am British, that such deceit, and underhandness reigns, to try by any means available to pressure the Portuguese in any way in this case. These people ruined any reputation they had by leaving 3 children under 4 without proper care and attention in an unlocked apartment whilst they went out with friends. They seem not to understand that it is their actions and theirs alone which have led to this point today. Why they have such unequivocal support from the Establishment is perhaps something else. Regardless, their reputation is in tatters because of their actions, no one elses. It has not gone un -noticed by many in the UK that this media blitz is happening and linking it to the Libel case. I sincerely hope that no one in Portugal yields to this pressure, that they remain independent and find as in Portuguese Law.

  3. The Portuguese really need to take a higher stake in this case especially as many of its citizens are on trial due to Team McCann, where many feel it should be the McCann's on trial. It happened in Portugal and should be investigated under Portuguese law as with any other country if a crime is committed on its soil. Do you think if the shoe was on the other foot the UK would be taking a back seat?

    The judge on the libel case has to see the bigger picture. If the McCann machine win this then if it is found at a later date the initial suspects were complicit in the crime. It could leave a very nasty smell for any trust in the Portuguese justice system. No good at all. The Portuguese need to see the bigger picture of what's going on and not just think it someone else's problem. It's not, it's Portugal's whole legal process that is at stake to investigate a crime on its soil until solved. Not just bury their head in the sand. A child's life is worth more than that surely.

  4. Are we to believe SY's press statements to the media, immediately seized, leaked and spun by Team McCann, were just a coincidence? If the timing of this appeal is of vital importance, to save Madeleine, who according to SY is "likely alive" (or dead, a bit like Schrödinger's cat), then why wait until the 14th? In 6 years there were never coincidences. The trial in Portugal is not going well for the McCanns, but then to have NSY's announcement at the precise times when the bad news surface the UK media seems to be too fortuitous. Dr. Amaral is right, it is being done on purpose to pressure the Judge and the court.

  5. Why is Potugal holding back, be proud of your country and police, don't let this farce get any worse. Reopen the enquiry now, support Dr Amaral and all the police that worked so hard. The MCs have made Portuguls name a laughing stock,,,fight back, you have such a lovely country don't let it continued to be ruined by uk corruption.

  6. With every day that passes I am more confident that this judge will not be swayed by the shenanigans that are taking place in Britain and in her court. I believe she is an intelligent strong willed woman that is capable of, excuse my language, seeing through the bullshit.

  7. How odd, now McCanns are trying to close all other pages about the Madeleine McCann case, regardless if they are supportive of the McCanns or not.

    Didn't the McCanns pose with the twins for photo shoots? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-481644/Social-services-visit-Kate-McCann-disccuss-welfare-twins.html

    Didn't the McCanns use Mari Luz Cortes image without her parents consent in posters? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-515636/McCanns-slammed-father-missing-Spanish-girl-putting-Madeleine-poster-daughter.html


    Thought the twins weren't allowed to use internet unsupervised, according to the McCanns libel hearing statements. Also, isn't facebook for people with at least 12 years old? Another tactic to close the ever growing FB group pages discussing the McCann case.

    «This is a personal request from Kate regarding videos and other pages created about Madeleine on Facebook. We ask that you refrain from creating pages about Madeleine. Madeleine is a child and her parents have every right to ask that people not create pages about her without their permission.

    It's quite distressing for Madeleine's siblings, Sean and Amelie, and cousins to see their images on other Facebook pages and videos. Imagine if you are Madeleine's brother, sister or cousin, you are already deeply affected by Madeleine's abduction... then you see your own image on pages about your sister/cousin--it's completely unfair for people to use these other children's images without their parents knowledge or approval. I have seen a number of Facebook pages where people are posting pictures of Madeleine's brother, sister and her cousins. We have repeatedly asked for these pages to be removed. If you see a page with images of Sean, Amelie or Madeleine's cousins, please let us know at webmaster@findmadeleine.com. Also, please report the page to Facebook.

    Thank you for understanding how upsetting this can be to the children in Madeleine's family. ~FM Webmaster»


  8. This is so typical McCann, I hope it will not have a negative effect on the judge.. I have been reading through various blogs and one notice really caught my eye on Quality wristbands site. it was in jan 2012 here is the piece


    Gerald McCann CATS system registration number 19309
    How true is this we can never tell but its the first I read in much detail. If so why are SY treating these McCanns like heroes, why haven SY investigated these things, also the blue bag that GM denies, he reported it stolen and the big baby buggy they said they never had. There photos of these items on the net for all to see. Well everyone except SY. In their so called review all these things should have been questioned.
    The press and SY are all bowing down to these two greedy individual. What about Dr Amaral, there is nothing to complain about on him on the net, he is the only one who has sacrificed all in the name of Just for that small girl. This is a big distraction and a pressure for the judge. Sorry to have gone off topic a bit joana but there are things so obvious and SY have not investigated any of them, Disgusting. Be Brave Dr Amaral we are with you.

  9. Anonymous said... #1
    "I pray that the Portuguese judge sees through the McCann charade,justice for Goncalo Amaral & Madeleine"

    Now is not the time to show fear of Portuguese conspiracy within the legal profession.
    I am British, I am convinced the Judge will not be swayed by emotional rhetoric, spewed out of the TM MOUTHS , and their mouthpieces.

    At the moment it is all words on a sheet of paper- Maddie has not been found alive/dead- no one has been CHARGED and found guilty with any crime YET. So lets not get too caught up on paper mash.

    Also, I suspect SY are not happy about *leaks* regarding what is going on- welcome to PJ world see what they had to live with!

    As I mentioned in an earlier thread, Mr Amaral is NOT on trial for anything. This is a civil libel case. The TM must provide EVIDENCE to win the case. And even if Maddie turned up alive today- it will have NO bearing on the case what so ever. Because... Mr Amaral is being sued as it was suggested that his book caused TM family to be ill- and harmed the search for their daughter- who they believed to be alive- without evidence of that being the case.

    So there you have it, Mr Amaral's case has not been affected in any way- in my eyes and in the eyes of libel Law.

    Thank you very much Joanna and Astro for all the work you put in- it is greatly appreciated.

    Is the Portuguese press saying the same as the UK dirtbags?


    Miss Taken Identity

  10. My friend, who only knows about the case from UK media asked me about Crimewatch and was I going to watch it. When I said not If it was going to be about a burglary gone wrong. She asked what I meant and laughed when I told her. She just said, burglars don't take kids. She also said she watched a programme on body language, which was fascinating. She was intent on watching to see what opinion she came to about the McCanns, having been sympathetic to their plight. She said she might feel differently if they push this as a possibilty

  11. It's disgusting. I'm ashamed of the UK press and the PR people that increasingly run the country.

  12. If thexCrimewatch lead was so vital, why wait for anumber of weeks after filming to show an e fit? Why not publish in the press and Portuguese media? Immediately! Because it's all just a horrible game. I will NEVER be able to trust my own police force again. And I used to work with, not for, the police for 25 years. I'm ashamed for them

  13. Great Big Cover up
    Or similar initials

  14. In the UK we are not all xenophobes or Lusophobes! Neither are we all stupid. Most of the popular newspapers' 'Have your say' comment pages shut down soon after they open because of the kind of comments from the public, and all the newspapers, even the posher ones, are terrified of being Carter Rucked by a very powerful lobby. Why so powerful? Only partly because of the money; only partly because of the Hacked off Campaign... what the other political part of it is, I have no clue. None of it adds up. It is very embarrassing... and also quite crazy.

  15. I must say that I always thought of the Portugese people as a very proud people. Mind you I also thought we had a free media before this case.

    I hope the Portugese people have had a enough and rise up with one voice against these insults to their justice system.

  16. Yes, the E-fit will no doubt conveniently emerge at what is considered to be the lowest point of the trial from the McCanns' point of view. I am 53, I have NEVER BEFORE seen the release of an E-fit 'trailed' like a Pixar movie. Ludicrous.

  17. The McCann PR Machine is now in top gear. It's pulling out all the stops. The timing of the British media frenzy and the libel case in Lisbon is, of course, no coincidence. The PR Machine knows what is at stake here. They can ill afford to lose the case in Lisbon as this will have severe repercussions. The veil of secrecy and disinformation shrouding this case will be taken away with an Amaral victory. A victory in a EU Court which will have leverage with the British judiciary. People will be able to air their true opinions without fear of litigation from the legal Behemoth which is Carter-Ruck. What will an Amaral victory mean for Tony Bennett? Tony's publications and opinions run practically parallel to Mr Amaral. Could he and should he appeal?

  18. Amazing that the SY has lent itself to be used this way. There has been months of planning and filming to interrupt a trial in another country. Not only the Portuguese media but the whole country should be up in arms about this.
    The way the PJ is being attacked is shameless.


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