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Public Ministry reopens investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance

Public Ministry press release (PDF)

The Public Ministry determined the reopening of the inquest concerning the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann, according to article 279º, no 1, of the Code of Criminal Procedure, following a proposal of the Judiciary Police and following the submission of new evidentiary elements which justify furthering the investigation.

In the aforesaid inquest, ongoing at the Prosecutors Office of Portimão, due to the imposed system of judicial secrecy, it was requested to the appropriate Criminal Proceedings' Judge to postpone the deadline to access the files for a time-frame objectively necessary for the completion of the investigation.

Lisbon, October 24, 2013

Press Cabinet

Judiciary Police press statement

Similarly to what happens in all the cases of missing children, notwithstanding the formal archival of the investigation concerning her disappearance, and as was always publicly stated, the Judiciary Police continued to be attentive to any and all information likely to enable the understanding of the whereabouts of the minor Madeleine McCann, the circumstances in which her disappearance occurred and the identity of its author(s).

With that objective, the National Director of the Judiciary Police, in March 2011, assigned to a team of investigators from the North Directorate a task to re-examine the whole wide range of information contained in the inquest, with the aim to identify information whose further understanding could be revealed useful and possible.

That reanalysis task, which took place during the last two and a half years, helped identify new evidence, which by imposing further investigation, meet the requirements set by article 279º no 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the reopening of the investigation.

The proposal was made in conformity to the Hon. Prosecutor in the district of Portimão, the same was granted.

October 24, 2013


  1. Very interesting indeed! Let us see if an invitation for a reconstruction in Praia da Luz is sent to the Tapas group, or if we see the new PJ team playing to the Scotland Yard's tune (whatever it is). I read somewhere that the police is debriefing the McCann couple about the recent investigation developments. Does this mean that they are off the hook? That they are believed? Why else would the police inform them of the steps being taken? I'm baffled?

    By the way, it seems Maria's parents were found. A poor Bulgarian romany couple who seem to have sold the child to the Greek gypsies. Sorry Gerry and Kate....apparently no abduction.

  2. Hi Joana, I'm intrigued with this news. What does it mean?

  3. Are the Portuguese going to work alongside Scotland Yard? If they do it will be a complete farce. Scotland Yard have been instructed by the British Home Office to investigate an Abduction and nothing but. If you google 'operation grange remit' you will find a WORD formatted document which spells this out. If the Portuguese are to work independently and follow all possibilities and lines of enquiry then it will be fair and equitable.

    I'm intrigued by the 'new' e-fits hugely publicised by Scotland Yard. The McCanns have had possession of these e-fits for 5 years (through their private detective agency Metodo 3). Why didn't the Powerful McCann publicity machine previously market these e-fits? Was it because by publicising the e-fits this would draw attention to the Smith sightings which they didn't want.

  4. I think it happens dramatic things soon. I think they are the couple on the tracks now and have found more evidence. The police play a game and behind it we will soon know what they are really going for. They have evidence against the Mcanns, depend on that. I Think so

  5. I agree post 1, the McCanns would not be briefed if they were possibly suspects. Is that a fact? I am sure Portugal wants this case done and dusted and may go along with whatever scheme Camerons's man, DCI Redwood and NSY comes up with to close it once and for all.

  6. Thanks for the update, now I believe it.

    Six years of the alleged abductor walking left to right from the apartment has been cleared by a parent + child from the sleep in creche, which meant they would have walked from the opposite direction? But it would see everyone now CONCEDES that it wasn't the abductor, which was always the most impossible & baffling scenario possible. But still Mr MrC, Mr JW still didn't see\or confirm that saw JT. Anyway, that is now water under the bridge old history.

    IMHO if the PJ don't get the 48 Q's answered and the reconstruction, just who's tune are they playing to? Seems very much that the MET\UK have maneuvered them between a rock & hard place. I sincerely home not & they have independently some new leads and will finally bring this case to a conclusion.

    In any event the super-hype regarding Tanner's sketchman, was just that. Aided by the BBC's Panorama Programme.

    Look forward to the future.


  7. Here's the test of whether Portugal have sold their sovereignty to the UK .....if the McCann's are not made arguida...and the reconstitution is not requested .....then it is quite simple ......Portugal has done has it is told by the UK ...and hung their own PJ and Goncalo Amaral out to dry......looking like a huge whitewash to me.

    It confirms something to me ....but that's for another day.......off to climb the triangle...see you in federal Europe folks.


  8. Bad feeling this is a huge WHITEWASH, i hope i am wrong nothing would make me more happy than to hear that cold un-emotional greedy couple, have got their just desserts along with their weird "close friends".

  9. Well Joana - Thanks for all you have done to try to get justice for little Madeleine. But I think it is clear now that you, Dr Amaral and all the truth seekers are fighting a lost battle. The quotes coming from the PJ are worse than those coming from the Yard. There is no hope and anyone who thinks this is some big game that 2 Police Forces would play to trap the McCanns by lying on a world stage is unfortunately fooling themselves

    I suppose I knew it myself all along that there would be no justice - when the British judicial system ensured the acquittal of the Omagh Bomber to discredit LCN DNA, when Cadaver Dogs were discredited and Lenny Harper fitted up in Jersey it was to prevent certain people being convicted using the same type of evidence in Madeleine's case. You have put so much work into this, the good guys have lost - as usual. However there are many thousands of people who will always remember people like you and Dr Amaral who fought bravely for the truth.

  10. Itv Emma murphy said on the 6.30pm news that a port policeman told her the mccanns are not suspects,if true then they are as corrupt as the met cops are.

  11. I am looking at these new developments with optimism. The UK police have every right to investigate a British child disappearance/death- whether it is here or abroad. They also have the right (and have done) to investigate and charge British adults who have committed a crime abroad. They usually request cooperation from other countries Police as we cooperate with other countries ( with the exception of Islamic terrorists/murderers- human rights and all that).

    However, a joint investigation is usually a sign of corroboration to achieve a prosecution- meaning the crime may have been planned in this country and carried out in another.i.e child trafficking-paedophile activity-illegal adoptions -International financial fraud etc.

    My personal view is that the millions spend on 'LQOKing for Maddie has been wasted and I know of better causes for it to be spent on.

    It is also very interesting that the Head of SY supported the PJ by commenting that they were looking for a 'MISSING' child and not an 'ABDUCTED' one, therefore they didn't protect what was a crime scene.

    Repeat: CRIME SCENE.
    Now this is what fascinates me: what crime? an abduction? a death and faked abduction? I have never on any forum stated any possible thesis about what happened to little Maddie- my Gut feeling- the parents were responsible for her fate what ever that fate was/is. BUT, and this is a big BUT I always go back to the beginning because that is where this all can be concluded.

    Looking closer is all adds up: Kate says she knew exactly what happened to her daughter- I believe her, she does know something- she just isn't telling. Hence the secrecy... and the over the top defence by the TM- seeking absolution from the Pope? Then blaming GOD- the PJ everybody was to be included in their 'stage production' and what a show it's been darlings'

    So, Kate runs out and leaves her baby twins after a child snatcher just ran off with one -through the window/door/chimney? Shouts "Maddie is gone" ( or what ever word she used)... a search is started to look for a missing girl.... even though Kate was sure she was abducted from the bed? crime scene is awash with people... how inconvenient- OR convenient which ever way you want to look at it...NOT ONE SHRED of physical evidence to be found of an abductor entering/leaving that apartment- the one Gerry and Kate could see by just sitting outside- like in the garden like...err..yknow..um... everybody does it errr mm um we did nothing wrong...

    JOINT operating means something is about to happen. I still want those two charged with neglect after their shocking behaviour.

    MissTaken Identity

  12. Mojo, I suspect you may be right in your summation of what will happen. The PJ are looking at was overlooked by the original team of detectives, so one may assume that there may be new suspects or people who will fit the bill to make all this go away. I just cannot see the McCanns being made arguida again.... no way. I wonder if anyone in Portugal has any more information on the new leads or what this is all about?

  13. that's it case over been on sky news Portugal police are looking for an abductor as well how do the mc cans get away with it what is wrong with british people its there money that paying for this farce poor madeline its mc cans fault either way for leaveing her alone and the have never looked for her themselves shame on them

  14. As there is now judiciqal secrecy about the PJ investigation into the McCann case in Portugal, it seems most likely that any statement in the Press about the PJ having eliminated the McCanns from their involvement, could be the work of the McCann public relations company in Portugal.

  15. Anon 12,
    If the police in Portugal ever have to question the McCanns by asking questions where the answers could incriminate them then the PJ WILL HAVE to make them arguidos. It's for their protection, they can have a lawyer present and they don't have to answer any questions asked.

  16. Well, all things considered, neither police force is likely to say " LOOK, we are searching for rock solid evidence in support of our suspicion that the parents were involved in their daughters' disappearance", are they?

    Whatever the combined, or otherwise, forces are looking into it might be best to hold tight and have a little faith in justice being served. For once. This time. Fingers firmly crossed x

    Lesly Finn

  17. As a British citizen I ask the Portugese to stand firm against the dark forces. Whenever, a smokescreen of these proportions is employed you know something is being hidden. Most of the British public have no time for this couple so when the money dries up a more balanced and factually driven inquiry putting Madeleine first will step forward. In a court people have to answer yes or no and it is very diffcult to base a defence on emotion when facts state otherwise.

  18. These documents show that the PGR (Attorney General) granted the authorization to the PJ to reopen the Inquiry on Madeleine McCann's disappearance, and imposes the secrecy of justice. The PJ acknowledges that such reopening was granted and that is it.
    The RTP publishing that the parents are not suspects in this re-investigation is, in my opinion, a simple exercise of submission to the UK MSM.
    There are two very relevant interviews by a private TVchannel - CMTV, with Eduardo Damâso [Eduardo Damaso
    PJ may reopen Maddie case (23th Oct 2013)
    http://cmtv.sapo.pt/atualidade/detalhe/pj-pode-reabrir-caso-maddie.html ] where he refers the investigation he as done with Tânia Laranjo, and that points to the fact that the little PJ team in Oporto, after 2 1/2 years reviewing the PJ files, and having encountered possible leads to sustain an abduction thesis, decided it was worth it to ask for a reopening of the investigation. However he also made it clear that this thesis had already been investigated in 2007 with no success, and if that result repeats, the other thesis, the accidental or intentional death in the apartment will be reinstated again.
    On the other hand, today (I think), another journalist (author of "The Guilt of the McCann), Manuel Catarino, recalled the fact that in the initial investigation the reconstitution was made inviable by the Tapas and the UK authorities denied access to information about the said Tapas. That was a major set back for the investigation that left open the hypothesis hat the McCann may be involved.

    Let's hope that a full investigation is possible to find the truth.

  19. I am usually very skeptic, as the best defense against disappointment, and in Portugal you are either very resilient or always expect for the worst in order to be happy with whatever little triumph you can get.
    In this particular case I've traveled every colours of the spectrum and finally chose to stay in the middle until any real evidence throws me one way or the other.
    I know this case was politically tainted since the beginning. It was never a case about the fate o a little child going missing but something bigger we have been unable to gather. And the fact that the little child comes from such an ordinary low middle class family makes it even more mysterious.
    When the process was archived there were two major portuguese negotiation levers: the investigation about a possible criminal involvement of the Portuguese prime-minister in a corruption case that involved a UK major company, being investigated by the UK, and the Portuguese Presidency of the EU that was negotiating the Lisbon Treaty at the time. Both cases were resolved successfully to Portugal - the investigation that involved the Prime Minister in the Freeport business was drowned and Gordon Brown, after making a virgin maid "get me if you can" performance, ended up signing the damned Treaty. But that happened only after Gonçalo Amaral was sent back to the Faro PJ headquarters to lead again the Drug and Terrorism Division (and luckily, because just before leaving the PJ for good he made t idone of the biggest drug arrests in Europe).

    Well, I wonder what is the new leverage the UK has with Portugal.
    We know that the country is in trouble with the IMF and the ECB. Will the UK finance Portugal so they get the McCann of the hook?!!!

    "... who are sympathetic to the McCanns" ???
    This is not surprising.... If the McCanns are freemason and we know that freemasons exist in Portugal too, then this is the only outcome possible. What's more, the civil action against Amaral will not be concluded... the McCanns are off the hook and saved from any possible prosecution !!
    There is only one final thing to be done to tidy things up... and that is to lumber Portuguese with the disappearance of Madeleine. It has to be a Portuguese national to be blamed.... and then everything is accomplished.

  21. I always thought someone took poor maddie from their parents until last week,i read an article on the case last week about the two different dogs they brought in to find specefic smells.dogs cant lie.i have no doubt they loved their kids.people do odd things when they panic.but poor little maddie.the game is nearly up

  22. 20 children have died at the hands of their parents in Spain this year, this was a figure about a month ago there is certainly one more that's likely to be added to that. Mother drugging the adopted chinese girl.

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