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The onion is an illuminating bulb. But only by peeling its many layers, can one reveal whether it has a sweet heart or a rotten core. Suspense: thy metaphor is onion! in The Seven veils of the Onion

«Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is leading the investigation, said the analysis of mobile phone data originally collected by the Portuguese had gone beyond the stage of a general trawl, and was now being cross-referenced with other information.

His team have been cross-referencing tens of thousands of documents, communications data and witness statements from the Portuguese investigation, from eight private detectives and from the Leicestershire force.

The mobile phone data is a substantial amount of data and a significant amount of it is unattributed. Putting this with layers and layers of other information, we are carrying out a targeted attack on the information. We are doing this in a focused way, working back from the moment that Madeleine was found to have gone. It is like pulling back the layers of an onion. Every hour my officers work on this case is designed to get to that very moment and find out what happened.»              
                                 DCI Andy Redwood, in the press conference by the Scotland Yard, October 2/3?, 2013


  1. '' working back from the moment that Madeleine was found to have gone''

    That therefore EXCLUDES the JT sighting. The moment 'gone' was approximately 10 at the time of Mrs McCanns check

    So that excludes all phone traffic before 10pm

    Emmm..... wasn't M allegedly abducted at approx. 9.25pm having just been checked by her father & whilst he stood outside the rear of the apartment chatting to another guest. This was witnessed by JT as she passed them & saw a man carrying 'something' that later is recognised as being Madeleine

    So what the MET are interested in, is everything after the discovery, nothing before ??

    No doubt good well planning release of the information & Crimewatch programme at the time of the Lisbon hearing. But then it should have been expected

    What was it to be the cherry on the top of the cake !!

    Let us just hope that FINALLY something will happen in the case and Madeleine disappearance is accounted for (emmm nicely put I thought)

  2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_w-8JKaTohe4/TERvuTOhA2I/AAAAAAAAaQA/g82uk0rJ0zA/s1600/give_these_a_try_.jpg

  3. Please Mr. Redwood, is the mobile phone data from the Tapas 7 also of interest? Unfortunately the Portuguese police was forced to discard them by the judiciary when the investigation was being led by GA.

  4. @3 the access to the deleted phone records belonging to the Tapas 9 was refused by Judge Pedro Frias, presiding Portimão Court, who was overseeing the investigation. The refusal was appealed by the Public Ministry and denied.

    «As the McCanns gradually became the main target of suspicion, on 1 August PJ Inspector João Carlos applied for authorisation to bug the house Kate and Gerry were staying in and also the hired car they were using. The aim was to gather "new evidence" to support the theory that Madeleine had died in the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

    But judge Pedro Frias from the district court of Lagos rejected the request on the grounds that the law does not allow for the bugging of conversations for any of the illicit acts being investigated. Bugging is only possible for crimes, with a prison sentence of more than three years, related with drug, weapons or contraband trafficking, or violence, threat or coercion.

    In order to pinpoint the location of each of those involved, and determine the movements of the arguidos in the case, the PJ and the Prosecutor's Office also applied for authorisation to analyse the information in the telephone communication (calls and text messages) between the McCanns and their friends.

    This application was also rejected by the judge, who argued that there was no "legal basis" for the request. In the magistrate's understanding, access to the text messages between Madeleine’s parents and people they had contact with would mean "taking knowledge of the contents of telephone conversations or communications already made without there having been a prior judicial authorisation order". Hence, the exchange of messages between them remain unknown.»


  5. On the above: «Judge Pedro Frias refused the Public Ministry to access the text messages that were sent and received by Gerry McCann, alleging that the messages were telephone interceptions and that judicial authorizations could not be given after the occurrence.»

  6. Update on the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    04 October 2013
    New Scotland Yard

    Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley and Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood held a media briefing to discuss Operation Grange, the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    The briefing, held on Thursday, 3 October at New Scotland Yard, was an update on the investigation so far, and included the following points.

    The Metropolitan Police Service is receiving increasing co-operation from the Policia Judiciaria and Judicial Authorities.

    The Policia Judiciaria and Judicial Authorities received the International Letter of Request (ILOR) from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

    They have appointed a team of six officers in Faro, Portugal to carry out inquiries on our behalf. Accepting and then sanctioning the ILOR for action does not mean the Portuguese authorities will or have reopened the investigation.

    DCI Redwood, the senior investigating officer in the UK, has just returned from a positive visit to Faro last week, and we are to revisit in a few short weeks.

    AC Mark Rowley said today: "We very much look forward to developing a closer working relationship with the new team. We do respect the differences in our systems and understand that the work we have requested will be conducted by Portuguese colleagues. They have invited us to a meeting in a few weeks time to receive an update on those inquiries, prior to completion which is most helpful."

    There remain a total of 41 persons of interest, 15 of which there are UK nationals. The work on three of those 15 UK Nationals nears completion with indications that they are not of any further interest to Op Grange.

    Of note, we currently have 30 ILORs (31 including Portugal) in various countries following up requests for information concerning telephones used in Praia da Luz at the material time.

    We have engaged with Crimewatch to assist us in a public appeal in their October programme, and have expanded our appeal for information to Germany, Holland and Ireland.

    The appeal will piece together new lines of enquiry, and DCI Redwood will be appearing alongside Mr and Mrs McCann to appeal for information.

    DCI Andy Redwood said: "The information and purpose of this broader appeal is based on phone traffic analysis we have examined, which determines the footfall of people in the resort at that time. Our investigation in the UK remains ongoing. The total number of documents we have to go through is 39,148, of which we have processed 21,614 so far. Out of those, 4,920 have resulted in actions to complete of which 2,123 have been."

    "We continue to appeal for information. If you were at the resort of Praia da Luz between 28 April and 3 May 2007, either on holiday or in residence in the resort during this period, particularly in the vicinity of the Ocean Club, and you have not been spoken to by police either here or in Portugal then please call us on 0800 0961011 if you are within the UK. The number for non-UK residents is +44 207 1580 126. Alternatively if you do not want to speak to us directly you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."


  7. Thanks for the clarification on the matter, Joana. Saudações da Finlândia :a

  8. 'working back from the moment Madeleine was found to have gone' I think this means everything up to the moment she was gone, not after. ??

  9. De nada Fernis :) Cordiais saudações de Lisboa

  10. Or maybe they could ring everyone up in the phone book and see if they sound a bit suspicious or not, and maybe visit them or not...

  11. :o Little RED Riding WOOD

    Much obliged, Joana! That's why I had all these red light flashings in my brain but couldn't quite summon the details...

    Couldn't you fax this info to "Little RED Riding WOOD"? That is not what David Cameron told him to look for but since he calls himself a "detective"...

  12. Judge Pedro Frias ended any hope the Portuguese had of ever solving this case.

  13. The closer Redwood is to the McCanns the more we can be assured that they are not being investigated. There is no doubt in my mind or in the minds of anyone who has stayed close to this since day one that the McCann's are being protected. They will never get away with it, ultimately they will be exposed - even if this is years down the line.


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