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Rogério Alves, McCanns' lawyer: 'new evidence rules out the parents responsibility'

At a time when the investigation is under the secrecy of justice, Rogério Alves, the McCanns' lawyer has given multiple interviews throughout the day to Lusa news agency, Antena 1 radio, SIC TV news channel, and to RTP (among other mainstream media outlets), stating that "new evidence rules out the parents responsibility".

Maddie Case: 'new evidence rules out the responsibility of the parents'

Lisbon, Oct. 24 (Lusa) 17:16 - The lawyer of the parents of the English child, who disappeared from the Algarve in 2007, has revealed today that the couple was informed that the new evidence, on which the reopening is based, "does not, in any way, point to the responsibility" of Madeleine McCann's parents.

Rogério Alves was speaking to Lusa regarding the reopening of the investigation by the Portuguese Public Ministry and it was then that he was questioned about the possibility of Gerry and Kate MaCann [sic] being constituted as arguidos again.

"The family was informed that the new evidence does not, in any way, point to the responsibility of the parents", assured the lawyer.

in Lusa news agency release, then published in several online newspapers (with the same mistake 'MaCann')

broadcast by RTP, 20:17h, 24 October 2013

McCann couple excluded from responsibilities in the disappearance of their daughter

The lawyer of Madeleine McCann's parents revealed that the couple knew about the reopening of the process. Rogério Alves said that they were given the assurance that the new line of inquiry excludes them from any responsibility in their daughter's disappearance.

Rogério Alves - The reopening of the investigation means that there are new leads, new paths which weren't explored and that now the Judiciary police will undertake a new search, or, rather a new set of investigative lines in order to reach the truth. That's what matters, to reach the truth. The family was informed of this reopening of the process. The family was informed of the reason behind the reopening of the process, and the family knows as well that this new line of investigation excludes any responsibility of the parents.


  1. Nothing surprises me in this case anymore.Why so much money spent for a white wash. Who are these people exactly? I read comments on yahoo news where there are moderator, it seems that the British opinion is largely based on the parents responsibility. Why would the SY and PJ would want to damage their reputation. Surely the couple is trying desperately to protect theirs.

  2. The protection of this dreadful couple is sickening, obviously the protection is from someone more powerful than those two, i can only guess why that is....

  3. Rogério Alves is still the McCann (defense) lawyer and obviously he will say anything to make the McCann look virtually innocent.

    All he says must be taken with a pinch of salt (at least until he is formally dismissed by the McCann)

    Rogério Alves was the one that kept going to the TV giving interviews stating that the McCann would come to a reconstitution in Portugal, while in Britain Clarence, the pink, Mitchell was stating that they would not return to Portugal.

    Rogério Alves, unlike Pinto de Abreu, is a lawyer that is sold to the highest bid - a Marinho Pinto look alike, or a sort of portuguese Carter-Ruck.

  4. Sooo.. having recruited Scotland Yard to do their PR, the Mccanns have now somehow managed to recruit the Portugese police too..

    Gee.. talk about having friends in high places..

    Anway, the timing of this turn of events is just perfect to undermine Amaral's defence at his ongoing trial.

  5. O casal recebeu garantias de que a nova linha de investigação excluí-los de qualquer responsabilidade no desaparecimento de Madeleine?
    Já começou mal....
    Depois de tudo ainda recebem garantias?
    Estão temerosos de algo?
    Ainda têm o disparate de pedir garantias e, pior, recebe-las da PJ?
    Algo muito errado em tudo isso.
    Esse caso já ultrapassou os limites da paciência de qualquer cidadão com um mínimo de inteligência.

  6. Two may be three lines of investigation taking place. I know it's all about translation but whilst the McCanns may not have been INVOLVED in Madeleine's disappearance, they still remain RESPONSIBLE for her care, and it was their irresponsible act of leaving these children night after night, WHICH COULD BE OBSERVED, in an UNLOCKED apartment with an allegedly left open an opportunity for her to be snatched.

    Lack of co-operation with regard to the reconstruction, has caused mistrust and forwarded the merry-go-round of the abduction happening in the presence of Tanner, McCann & Wilkins, which was impossible lasting six years.

    Many thanks for keeping us updated


  7. Why do the parents need reassurance that they are excluded from the enquiries?! An investigation is an investigation and if it's to remain out of the public domain, what is their lawyer doing stating this to the media?!
    Speaking of lawyers, will Isabel Duarte still be representing them personally at the Libel trial?
    Also, if they are not suspects in her 'disappearance' and they find out who is, will this leave them open to prosecution for neglect? Because if they are not responsible for her disappearance they are responsible for neglect - otherwise it would not have happened the way it has.

  8. It's surprising that Portugal seems to have changed the law on child neglect so that no responsibility can be attached to parents. If the McCanns can get away with it, surely every other adult could in the future by simply citing this case as an example.

  9. Thank god, I had concerns that the police is interested in th truth. :l

  10. McCann's lawyer is bound to say that. Besides, Portuguese secrecy will not allow their thinking to be in the public domain. Having said that, not they can safely go back to Portugal to re-enact the timeline properly, in the real PDL...or will they refuse to do this again?

  11. For sure the PJ have said this, they aree following new lines of investigation, I see a big broom in the hand of gmc, whoosh under the carpet


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