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The reconstruction that never was *updated


  1. The BBC gets paid for by the British subjects

    Prime Minister Cameron spent 5 million of his taxpayers money on the review

    The BBC does it's bit of window dressing tonight on Crimewatch

    The plebs had their dose of doublespeak

    This pleb is far from convinced


  2. Tanner "reognized" Robert Murat and she will pay for it!

  3. Not the sort of thing that any police force would call a reconstruction. Notice that the dining table is not shown behind the barrier which contained opaque plastic, but that's no surprise it was filmed in Spain.

    Mrs. McCann can't bring herself to look the interviewer in the eye when she describes how she felt when she and her husband were made arguidos. I wonder why?

    The only people who focused on the Jane Tanner sighting for six years were the McCanns and company.

    "Hall marks of a preplanned abduction" or is it a preplanned burglary turned into an abduction? I'm confused.

    I can just imagine the cogs turning in Mr. Redwood's head and then the breakthrough: let's get rid of that troublesome Tanner sighting that Mr. McCann and Mr. Wilkins never saw. Let's tell the public that the Tanner sighting constrained the timeline and that as a result now there is ample time for an abduction to take place, no need to show the detailed movements of those involved. Success!

  4. For the Met police , there are two important aspects in the story: cancelling Tanner's statements ( the abductor) and concentratring themselves on the Smith's statements.
    In fact, a very few seconds.
    The Tapas inconsistences are not important, I guess.

  5. 20.000 pounds are a part of a plan.

  6. Gracias por el trabajo nocturno Joana. Thank you for the great work!!!

  7. Well, I was shocked to read in todays news that there is a £20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. How many £million has been spent on this case both in the UK and Portugal?
    Anyone that comes forward with information to solve the crime will only get £20,000.
    I think Gerry may pay much more for them to keep quite.

  8. Thank you so much for giving the portuguese the opportunity to watch what the BBC, SY and Mccanns do not want us to watch. I've been reading about it in Jill Havern's forum, but it's always best to watch the real thing with our own eyes.
    What a badly concocted show! Unbelievable! Do they think we're stupid or don't they give a dam anymore about looking credible and giving the public a convincing story?!

  9. Why didn't they invite Stuart Prior of the Leicester Police to give an understanding of the refusal of the group and JW who declined to take part in the forensic reconstruction, since they all including the McCanns felt it would be of not value.

    And how many snippets, soundbites of the said reconstruction do we get here&there in the UK, six and half years of the Media running around like headless chickens after the Panorama Jane Tanners sighting, complete with Sketchman.

    All this could have been avoided over six years ago.

    And who was it that interviewed the Carpenter family, if all roads lead to them as the carrier of this child?

    Does this seem like the Carpenters

    ''Between approximately a quarter past nine and half past nine we left the Tapas bar to go home, we walked across the MW reception area, crossed the road and a semi circular path to return to the apartment, were we put the children to bed and a short while later did the same ourselves. I do not remember seeing or hearing anyone during our return to the apartment. When I crossed the road outside the MW reception I remember there were cars parked, I remember taking some time to see if I could cross the road because there were cars parked to my left and I was carrying I****. They were about six metres away from me and i calculate that some (inaudible) metres from the back of Gerry's apartment, I do not remember anything about these cars, it was normal for cars to be parked there and in the morning they were no longer there. My wife mentioned on the following day that she vaguely remembered someone calling "Madeleine, Madeleine", this was after we had crossed the road from the MW reception and before entering our apartment. She does not remember where the sound came from or whether it was in an urgent tone, not paying any more attention to it and only remembered the following day when we heard about Madeleine's disappearance". OK, before going on the next part, do you remember at what time you left''

    Scroll down using the left hand document reference cr3 53

    So who was it and where did the information come from if it's not the Carpenters


    PS One thing is certain in the case, and it's been there all alone, the last sighting was by the Smith family and the only trail seems backwards, rather than forwards

  10. The British Police are well known for their corrupt and dishonest practices.It unfortunately is the rule and not the exception so why do we expect the case of Madeleine to be any different?
    Look up the case of Jill Dando and DI Deadwood, if he is one of S.Y.s finest brains God help us!

    But why does Portugal allow the trashing of their Police force and tourist industry with not a word?

  11. Oh my! Take a look at the photo the SY says they took of the "innocent father" they think Tanner saw, at around 18:13 minutes in the Crimewatch video, and also take a look at this:


    Isn't it the SAME man?! Exactly the same clothing, the same built and pose?

    I think this was addressed here in Joana's blog, Gail Cooper's "stranger on the beach man" during a heavy rain day, and later he turned into "scary charity collection" man!
    I remember people said the man in the rain looked like Gerry!

    Is Redwood's "revelation" a re-hashing" of Cooper's creepy-man...? A falacy...?

  12. Delighted this morning on 96fm a Cork radio show with the most listeners in Co. Cork had their crime reporter on. He had covered a lot of the murder cases in the county. PJ Coogan said, the McCanns had a easy ride all along and had a easy ride last night on crime line. He told Neil Prenderville the presenter that essentially the McCanns were out on the Lash( drinking) and had they been a plumber or unemployed for Cork , Dublin, Liverpool ect they would have been crucified in the press. Because they are professionals and middle class they get away with it. He also said whatever happened to Madeleine , they brought it in themselves. Only local radio I know, reaches around 200,000 in listening in, but never the less a man who has reported and covered crime , I just thought I'd report it here. I'm sure it could be listened to on podcast if anyone wanted to check it out.

  13. l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun.com

    Was it Gerry McCann?
    The Big Pyjamas

  14. If the abduction took pace at around 10pm, how come that Gerry felt there was somebody behind Maddie's door at 9.10pm?

  15. How it realy possible! No one word of truth! Everyone was pretending that Amaral's investigation never happened. And where is the most important witness - David Painy.
    WHY the parents who never been cleared (as it was said in the program!) seating in studio like a honor guests or presenters of their own fairy tail version which they managed to grind during this 6(!!!!!) years. Suspects who cynically manipulating all and everyone! Unbelievable and disgusting!

  16. We know about the man walking down to the beach and who he looked like . What's happened to the Smiths ?

  17. Have SY identified the man Jane Tanner saw carrying a little girl away from the apartment in an uncomfortable position for the man and the child, wearing the same pyjamas as Madeleine was wearing? Or is this all supposition? What a coincidence that he was there just at the right time to be mistaken for an abductor with a bare foot child, and why did he allow his daughter to wear pyjamas to the creche on a cold night? To be credible, SY must have the name and creche record of this man, if he exists.

    Of course the other man was carrying a child towards the beach and Mr Smith said that he was 80% sure it was Mr McCann, I believe.

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly8AMyCpfjg - Put it instead of Crimewatch. Or just compare?

  19. At least, the word knows now that the SY is not the finest, after two years they come up with this. However,how long did it take the PJ to come up with the facts. And they didn't need so much money. Only two dogs. Mr Amaral, thank you for your wonderful work.

  20. The Macanns are guilty of neglect. The rest is a story and a campaign against the portuguese police to cover the neglect. Sniffer dogs, lies and inconsistencies make clear that the Macanns are lying. They just happen to have friends in high places. Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, David Milliband- what other parents in other just as tragic circumstances have been given such unconditional support and money. The mortgage is paid off, legal fees have been paid, Female parent retires from work - all financed by the unsuspectiing and charitable public.Too many questions have gone unanswered- The Maccanns are running this circus- and no-one must dare to question them in any way.This is a cover up. These negligent parents who happen to be doctors should not have left to 2 year olds and a three year old, alone in a unlocked apartment next to a swimming pool, simply to go out drinking. The children were in a creche for 6 hours a day, so it is clear that they were a little inconvenient to their parents. I do not buy it. Crimewatch was obviously rehearsed- it is clear that the public felt that in the past the parents did not show enough emotion - but now after 6 years they have learnt how to play to the cameras. I believe that a trajic accident occured whilst the parents were out - and the rest a yarn to cover up this fact- to avoid charges of neglect !! Shame on them

  21. I would ask the question. as to why when there are so many inconsistencies that the British government and Scotland Yard are so firmly behind these parents. It is not been established yet what has exactly happened and yet it seems to be a foregone conclusion that the parents are beyond reproach - and why ? because they are doctors/ and because they have influential friends in high office? This does not seem to be an unbiased investigation by any stretch of the imagination. Why has there been no mention of the sniffer dogs and the fact that Mr Smith identified Gerry Macann as being the man carrying the child. I do not think Maddie will be found - regardless of the numerous emails or phone calls. How many people would remember a blonde haired man six years ago in a holiday complex- unlikely. Maybe Scotland Yard should be objective and advise the public of all the information at hand and the claims of the Portugese detective who investigated this case until he was removed by the influence if Gorden Brown. Gordon Browns Brother by the way worked with Gerry's brother - a little coincidence that the public may not be aware of. I would also ask why the head of the Government Media monitoring unit- Clarence Mirchell resigned to work as PR for the Macanns. Who is paying for this ? - no doubt the fund for Maddie. This is just not good enough. The hearts of all parents go out to parents who have lost a child, but unfortunately the greater details of this so called abduction are being missed due to emotion. I do not know who is guilty of the disappearance of Maddie but I do think that the public should be aware of all the information out there. The book written by the Portuguese detective has been banned in this country- why ? he is entitled to put forward his view. The Maccanns are now suing this poor detective? - for what ? putting his view. It has been inferred that this detective has only one motive for writing his book and that is monetary. However it would be interesting to know exactly how much the Macanns have collected in the past 6 years - far more I suspect than the detective. Therefore this argument can be put in both ways. The Maddie fund is however is not up for scrutiny so that information is not forthcoming.The case should be put foreword as it stands without editing and omisions so that people can fairly make up their own mind based on all the information. The case put forward is almost brain washing. Abduction is the only possible outcome. There is no evidence of the abductor apart from Mr Smiths witness account which was discounted at the time , but has now been brought forward as credible. However it should also be noted that Mr Smith identified Mr Macann as being the man carrying the child 6 years ago- but it appears that this has been discounted as well. The Tapas 7 appear to have been playing musical chairs - just does not sit right. The Tapas 7 are also friends, so is the evidence given by them really airtight ?. The Tapas 7 were also successful in winning a claim of damages, so it would seem that newspapers are wary of printing anything questionable regarding this matter or the Macann machine will kick you into touch. Mitchell is clearly an expert .

  22. I love the way this CW talks about looking at the facts and then builds a reconstruction based entirely upon the word of the mccanns. Ridiculous. And the newly released photofit is clealy a picture of gerry mccann!

  23. why have the tapas 7 never been seen supporting the mc cans since the were with them when supposed crime happened and we haven't seen or heard of them since not even picture of them with mc cans at any time

  24. I fail to understand how resurrecting and bringing to worldwide attention the Smith sighting (60-80% certain it was Gerry McCann they said) which had long been forgotten by most, if they were ever aware of it, can in any way be seen as helpful to the McCanns. If it was just to provide a better timeline to strengthen the abduction theory even the Keystone Cops could have come up with, or created, another sighting less risky than this one.

    Can anyone help me?

  25. No doubt at all that the new suspect is the man Mr. Smith saw. On 30.01.2008 he declared to the police: "I would be 60-80% sure that it was Gerard McCann that I met that night carrying a child." Obviously the Scotland Yard interviewed Mr. Smith, and Mr. Smith surely confirmed his previous declaration.The question now is: What did the Scotland Yard make of such incriminating statement? The British police arrest a man for talking to another man who said he had seen Madelaine. What are they now waiting to arrest the man Mr. Smith affirms he saw and that the SY now says is the prime suspect?

  26. Did anyone else find it strange that the Paynes and Dianne Webster are NOT named in the Crimewatch diner scene?! They name the people as they arrive at the tapas table, the McCanns, the Oldfields, Jane Tanner and partner O'Brien, but when the Paynes and Webster come into the scene they are mentioned as "the remaining 3 people"! How weird! Precisely the ones who are the McCanns best friends within the group, and the man that had organized the holiday are down-played, briefly mentioned and all we see his "their" backs, not even a mention to the "famous" Payne baby monitor!
    I wonder if the Paynes and Webster are protected by some kind of injunction...?

  27. The Smith family sighting. LONG FORGOTTEN, some of you say. Who has forgotten it.
    That is where the smoke and mirrors of the last six years has brainwashed you (hopefully not) the public generally but the insistence of the Mr and Mrs McCann & PR machine.

    It is because they FAILED to mention it and the MSM don't bother with investigative journalism or print the facts. Those of us who have followed this case, read the files, are fully aware of the Smith family sighting. Hence the very reason why we are commonly referred to as HATERS ............ yes HATERS, since all we sought to do is talk about FACTS. This fact and that fact. And the SMITHS, are a fact.

    Sorry.... it makes me cross. We have been bleating on about this for bloody years and all we get called is HATERS.

    The ambiguities of the information that the Portuguese Police had, INCLUDING the Smith sighting was sufficient to ask the T7 and JW for a forensic reconstruction, THEY REFUSED. The arguidos would have no choice to participate (is my I understanding)

    They refused since they didn't want to budge from the impossible cluster fuck outside 5A and have incited the press with the Jane Tanner sighting of ''Sketchman'' since Novemember 2007, whilst under Portuguese law, broke Judicial secrecy. But they got their way.

    Please anyone, correct me if I'm wrong. Since I really am passed looking up specific information anymore.

    Just as a passing note: I don't believe Mr Smith identified Mr McCann on the steps of the plane by facial recognition. Had he, then his evidence, one could say it was contaminated by his knowledge via the media etc. What he recognised, in an unconscious unprovoke moment was his stance & gait. Think about that one. That is as individual as our finger prints.

    But who knows what happened. Certainly a merry dance for the last six years. All because THEY DIDN'T think it was necessary to assist the police with their inquiries.


  28. Very disappointing Crimewatch broadcast. What a farce! Do English viewers really believe these nonsense? I'm from Belgium, not the world's most trendy country, but this kind of soap doesn't work here. Unbelievable how the first so called 'eFit' matches the father's face quite well ...

    1. I'm from Holland......
      So more clever.....;-)

      And also we think that probably Gerry was some kind of spy in the past.....knowing a lot.........and thar's why the UK government.......is covering them..........

      Until he gets an accident.....


  29. Pat Brown tells you what is going to happen next.

    The Smith sighting was mentioned because soon someone will come forward and claim that it was him carrying his own daughter that night. Remember Mr. Redwood saying in reference to the Smith sighting,"very importantly their could be an innocent explanation."

    "It's really important for us to eliminate any sightings that have nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance."

  30. just a gentle reminder - but I suppose most of you know already:

    'Madeleine - the new investigation'

    Sky News 2030 hrs GMT tonight

    SKY 501
    Virgin 602
    Freeview 82
    Freesat 202


  31. looks like TV1 espana aren't buying it either, On Espana Direct the person being interviewed said that this is the same as before, and his opinion is that it is a campaign.

  32. Come on the Portuguese surely they can't be just turning a blind eye to their country being trashed by such an obvious cover up of a crime being committed to a child while on holiday. My fear and hope I am completely wrong. I believe something so terrible happened to little Madeleine that a third party of extreme importance is involved. Under no circumstances those two excuses for parents are the only culprits. My fear is there may be a Saville situation behind all this. To have all the Tapas 7 been kept quiet all these years and the needing to get out of dodge so quickly. Also, are Kate and Gerry the real parents of little Madeleine. If we watch the actions of both at the time of the height of the search and media coverage not once did they look like parents that had just lost their child to an assumed abductor. They new fine where she was. Jogging and smiling to everyone. Until they started being asked searching (to us normal) questions. Then rather than really help they turned into trashing the investigation and with their powerful friends and were able to put the focus onto any one and everyone away from themselves. Facebook and twitter were rife with their loyal band last night trashing everyone that didn't buy into the latest PR stunt. So come on Portugal stand up and be counted. This has got to be brought to a head. They have been allowed to get away with it for too long, time to bring them to heel.

  33. @ sloganman

    I love Belgium btw - perfect food and beer, brilliant architecture and Georges Simenon.

    The programme was a farce alright - and having had a few conversations today with UK folk - I asked them what about it stuck in their minds:

    The actor playing Smithman - being the spitting image of Gerry (more so than the actor playing Gerry himself)

    and that's it.

    I sincerely hope Sky can do a lot better tonight.


  34. Oh what fun we had..........

  35. ...As I looked upon the stair
    I saw a man who wasn't there
    He wasn't there again to day
    I which that man would go away....Poem by Hughes Mearns

    and Indeed he wasn't there, at that time, when Jane Tanner saw him- and Gerry- and Jeremy -who both didn't see Jane Tanner or the man.. who were or were not there, and to that there is absolutely no explanation. None, not even a guess as to why. or how.

    So lets start again- at the beginning There was an abductor Jane Tanner saw him... (different versions of him). Jane Tanner A witness saw a man carrying a little girl with jim jams same as Maddie's.

    No sighting of said abductor by Jane Tanner- no evidence of abduction... Sorry I must have missed something...

    Back to the beginning again. Mr Smith says he saw (80% sure) Gerry carrying a child described as maddie in a bit of a hurry... where was Gerry in this new time line the last new timeline from CW. AW I can't It's too exhausting trying to work it all out.
    It is worth remembering Crime Watch is a show and TM are great at putting on a show...whooooooooooooooooooosh went those curtains. although no scuff marks found inside or outside the wall at the window! Hm maybe the trapeze troupe did it- you know, from the circus? They are great at balancing-

    So, if anyone out there wants their alibi's diminished-extinguished just change your time line-100% success.

    It was reported on the 'show' that people had phoned in and the same name was mentioned more than once- that usually leads to an arrest.

    Gracious thank you to Joanna and ALL who contribute to the upkeep of this great Blogg site.

    Miss Taken Identity

  36. The Smiths are honest respected people who have always wanted to come through with statements, Dr Amaral wanted to bring them to Portugal but he was moved off the case before this could happen. The smiths have never spoken to the press or accepted money, and they were visited by brian Kennedy why was that I wonder to put the frightners on. That's interfereing with police witnesses, like the nanny that kate befriended who visits her at home.
    I don't know much about the carpenters but his wife heard someone calling Madeliene earlier, maybe something had happened and they were trying to rouse her,an accident perhaps.
    Going by Jez Wilkins partners the men arrived at the table before the women....someones telling porkies.
    Wake up Scotland yard look at the information in front of you.

  37. On eliminating Tanner's statements, the Met are concentrating on the Smiths'. The police don't expect somebody else to recognize that last man.
    They are confrontig Gerry with his inconsistences, a man behind the door, etc at 9.10 pm.
    How could it have been, if Maddie was abducted much later?

  38. I am wondering if Redwood isn't the fool he appears. He has achieved the complete debunking of "bundleman" and Tanner's sighting. This was the bedrock of the McCanns' abduction thesis. Redwood has now utterly discredited it.

    What we are left with is the sighting of the Smiths that was savagely attacked by the McCann PR machine. And had Smith stating that he was "60-80%" certain that the man was Gerry McCann. And an efit that looks very much like Gerry McCann.

    It is difficult to see how the McCanns can be comfortable with this outcome. Redwood has turned their entire timeline upside down, and utterly discredited their main "evidence".

    This might be hoping against hope, but maybe, just maybe, Redwood is playing the long game here.

  39. The Sky programme - just finished:

    Mark Williams Thomas and Jacqui Hames featured a lot - as of course Redwood did too with his robotic: 'If this person is you - come forward'

    Ex-pats expressed unease as to how this one particular case is still haunting Luz and her residents.

    Peter Smith (of the Smith group) said he'd be happily hypnotised - if that would make him remember anything else about the sighting.

    The damaged Madeleine billboard by the roadside was shown again.

    Amaral was shown-so was Murat.

    And Williams Tomas questioned the wisdom of releasing 5 different e-fits at the same time - as this would confuse people.

    30 minutes - a lot more substance than the Beeb effort IMO


  40. One thing is clear - whatever the motives of the Crimewash team, the McCanns' narrative is in tatters.

  41. Hi Joana ..

    have you seen this ....comments allowed too.


  42. Sorry for delays in posting, was gathering newspapers from PT press and a few videos which need to be translated. It was a busy day. Will update as soon as possible. So far no official answers from the Portuguese authorities to last night Crimewatch revelations.

    Also, someone should advise Met to stop using google translations in their appeals, they really don't make sense to a Portuguese person https://www.facebook.com/metpoliceuk?fref=ts

  43. @Mojo, do you work for the MI5?

  44. Crimewatch should have made it clearer that the only people thinking Tanners sighting was credible was the McCanns. They promoted it, no one else. Crimewatch should ask them why they didn't think the Smith sighting was important enough to promote. Or why they 'only' miss their 'almost' perfect daughter during family occasions. Those words shocked me the most about the whole show. I feel so sorry for Madeleine.

  45. I wonder if the Smith family still spends holidays in Luz, if they've kept coming back after 2007...and maybe had some discrete contacts with the PJ or even Mr. Amaral...?
    They had an apartment in Urbanização Estrela da Luz, and Mr. Smith said in his statement to the PJ that he usually came 3 times a year, so it's quite possible they kept coming, unless they sold the apartment due to the possibilty of being hounded by the media.

  46. another observation....


    check out the comment left by Andrew greenwood at 00.48.


  47. there is the eye movement therapy, developped by Francine Shapiro that helps one to go back to the past and see everything very clearly. stimulation of cells in the brain.
    I needed it, I did it and it was great.
    I even saw the colour and material of the floor of the room, of the clothes of the people who were present at some happenings, etc
    somethings happened longer then 50 yers ago.
    Maybe the Smiths could try it.

  48. Mr Amaral my hero on ITV news at 10 Tuesday night. I could not believe it.
    Was he also on the 6-30 news anyone know.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  49. This has turned into a comedy. The McCanns know that Mr. Redwood lied. Mr. Redwood knows that the McCanns lied. And the Portuguese police know that Mr. Redwood and the McCanns lied. Why are the Portuguese authorities helping these people?

    This media nonsense that started in 2007 should have ended when the case was archived; someone or some people are being blackmailed, guaranteed.

  50. The McCanns have been avoiding the Smith sighting like the plague. They have always known about it, but have never used it in any campaign or appeal. We must wonder why, it is was an independent sighting by a group consisting of at least 3 adults who were able to give a good description of the man and child they saw. They were close enough to speak to the man, and in fact Mrs Smith asked if the child was asleep, the man didn't reply. I find it highly suspicious that the McCanns always pushed forward the far less credible Tanner sighting and ignored the Smiths. The McCanns must have had their reasons for trying to bury the Smiths sighting, and I doubt they are feeling too comfortable at the moment.

  51. Mojo, comments have been removed from the link you posted.
    Could you give us an idea what it was about please.

  52. @45

    lolol ..no.

    I am just an Englishman who wants to see justice done ....and am not going nowhere until it has been.

    who are you and who do you work for - why have you asked that ? I haven't seen any British services do anything positive for Justice in this case.
    Are you someone watching me ......lol ...bring it on.

    I think that they are losing their power and with the attacks they have made on the so called press freedom debate.... via the leverson inquiry, it has lost them some powerful friends - I think these little things been allowed through are warnings to them.

    Jim Gamble once said he believed that relationships change ..I am of the feeling that they may well have done.


  53. The McCanns were together on BBC Crimewatch and I saw it at an opportunity for the Scotlad Yard to take them to Belgravia and again starting the interrrogations. Easy because they were already in London. But it is possible that they rather wait for the broadcast in Holland and in Germany.
    I believe something is about to happen although my problem has always been that I believed that something was about to happen. Already for six years.
    The Met are taking it slowly and we have to wait.

  54. su ..look at 48 seconds into the video at the bottom of the screen - its just a blogger writing something that normally would not have slipped the net - its still there.

    Its just a comment that shows that the Public are not behind the McCann's even though they are trying to give that impression.


  55. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/345388/Ex-Portuguese-detective-attemps-to-smear-Maddie-McCann-s-father-again

  56. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/345403/Police-know-name-of-Madeleine-McCann-snatcher-

  57. It is a circus and the McCann's perform well but not well enough. They are not the real stars you see, they only think they are, try Rebecca Brookes, she took the story on and hey guess what, it's still running! Her neighbour Mr Cameron came up with the 5 million funding and hey guess what the story is still running. Rebecca Brookes employer Mr Murdoch himself, well he is probably busy thinking about the not so far off elections, and hey guess what the story is still running. Roll up, roll up, this way for your entertainment.
    My regards and best wishes to all those who have been harmed by any of the above.

  58. Martin Smith told the PJ it was G McCann he saw that night . Why are SY now looking for somebody else ?

    A Redwood . " Gerry we're getting lots of phone calls saying it looks like you " McCann , well it bloody well was you stupid person ." Now disregard that sighting right now ! "

  59. I have done a blog on the Smith Sighting http://cristobell.blogspot.co.uk/, there may be a glimmber of light. Wanted to say too, fantastic to see Goncalo Amaral on mainstream ITV last night. As always he is the calm voice of reason.

    [Joana please remove my link if inappropriate]

  60. I think the McCanns sedated their children so they could go out, and because a neighbour had complained of them crying that they gave them more sedation that night, not calpol but a tranquiliser or sedative, all of their friends were doctors so they could prescribe for each other, but she may have mistakenly been overdosed or fallen and hit her head while drowsy not that they intentionally killed her but they covered it up as they would have been struck off by the GMC and their professional status that they clamour for so much would have been ruined.Doctors cover up all of the time the old boy network would have sprung into action and favours been called in. The saddest thing is Madeleine isn't being allowed to rest in peace with the circus which ensued to help pay for their legal bills. Madeleine's disappearance had an unprecedented amount of media coverage in 2007 and we all assumed it was because it was a middle class family with professional parents. We now know that it was because they employed the best pr people and lawyers. Mr Redwood is either playing the same game as the Mc Canns or playing them at their own game , even the book from the portugese detective states that people who were strongly in favour of the parents being to blame suddenly started to back down once the English became involved as if they had been warned off. Maybe the only thing us plebs could do for now is try to hit them in the pocket. The appeal fund which was set up I believe was set up as a charity which must be registered with the charity commission and although the trustees won't answer anyone's questions about what the money is going on I thought all registered charities by law had to have their records available. There must be some honest lawyer out there who would act for us plebs even if it meant us having to contribute another £5.00 to club together to sue them for waste of charity funds. The charity leave no stone unturned appeared to be to find Madeleine but in muttered breath was for legal fees. Does it cost 3.5 million to pay to sue for £550,000 from the Sun, to stop books being sold on Amazon or to sue the detective for £10000.
    So come on anyone got any suggestions of who we could employ preferably from abroad to get a look at those charity accounts, it may be the onlly pragmatic thing we can do at the moment to get a sense of justice for Madeleine.


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