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Where is Maddie?

by Rui Pereira, University professor [former Minister of Internal Administration 2007/2011]

After more than six years since Madeleine McCann disappeared without a trace, in Praia da Luz, what is it that we know as a fact?

Strictly speaking, nothing whatsoever. We do not know if the child, who was about to celebrate its fourth anniversary, was kidnapped, murdered, suffered an accidental death or was a victim of negligent homicide. The eccentrics who believe in furtive visits from extraterrestrials might even argue that she was abducted by an UFO transiting the Algarve, on that fateful night of May 3, 2007.

Does the absence of answers prove the incompetence of the police? Not really. The idea that a police investigation may unravel any crime is exaggerated. A criminal who acts deliberately has the advantage of the initiative and can choose the circumstances of time, place and manner of the crime. If the plan is well defined and its execution does not have flaws it is possible to get away with it. All the police forces in the world, including the British, are faced with enigmas that cannot be solved, particularly in the context of the disappearance of children.

Since it is impossible to make an autopsy of the crime, it is necessary to dissect a process that died prematurely. There yes, it is easy to recognize the flaws. The evidence of a crime of exposure or abandonment [child neglect] that might have been committed against three children of two to three years of age entrusted to their fates, were discarded. The constitution of Robert Murat as an arguido based on a profile of unrelated facts was hastened. The co-existence in the investigation of incompatible arguidos (Murat, suspected of abduction and Maddie's parents, murder suspects) was absurd.

Even without procedural errors, the success of this investigation could not be assured. Moreover, I do not think the Judiciary Police has waived any efforts or overlooked any leads. In any case, the errors weakened the image of the Portuguese Justice, in a process subject to international media scrutiny never seen before. This pressure was responsible for a "haste" which proved to be a bad adviser. Haste should be confined to the investigation. In the constitution of the arguido and in the accusation, everything has to be weighed against criteria.

Correio da Manhã, October 17, 2013

More equal than others

by Manuel Catarino, Editor-in-chief [author of the book 'The Guilt of the McCanns']

What came from England about the disappearance of the little girl, Maddie, cannot be confused with a criminal investigation: it is an interesting BBC television production - under the patronage of the British government and the invaluable collaboration of the London police - which fits as a glove to the McCanns' expediences.

Gerry and Kate hurriedly abandoned our country two days after they were constituted as arguidos. The investigation, which until then had focused on the abduction, had admitted the accidental death of the child. The couple flies back to England under the stigma of this dreaded suspicion.

The London Metropolitan Police, by insisting now on the only path of the abduction, removes the suspicions the McCanns have carried since the Algarve. Never before a British government has became so interested in a missing child. Gerry and Kate can count on the solidarity of three executives: two Labour, one Conservative. They are worth more than many other British parents of missing children. Maybe master John Le Carré has an opinion on this mystery.

Correio da Manhã, October 17, 2013


  1. Bom dia.

    Vou escrever em português. Não posso escrever com o meu não inglês.

    Na " segunda opinião" de http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rui_Pereira dei novamente com a palavra homicídio.

    Para mim, é mais uma pessoa que usa ( deliberadamente ?) esta palavra ????

    Pelos exemplos anteriores de M.P., MST e afins só consigo pensar na subversão das conclusões finais e no despacho onde não encontro tal palavra.

    Ou pensar também que os defensores da palavra homicídio talvez não tenham lido nada de nada do que consta nos ficheiros da PJ.

    Mas, bastava ler o despacho final. Escusavam de se enganar tanto.

    Também não a encontro em livros relacionados com o caso.

    Enfim: há um artigo da TVI sobre a visão britânica. Por cá, temos a visão pro britânica dos que se consideram .... Nem sei o que diga.

    Sempre li " morte acidental", " um infeliz acontecimento".

  2. @1 O processo é arquivado com várias hipóteses, entre as quais homicídio negligente ou homicídio doloso http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/P17/17_VOLUME_XVIIa_Page_4647.jpg

  3. The Mccanns look for hilfe in Germany. The police who spoke for them promise 20,000 for whoever come forward. Years ago they offered who knows the kidnapper plenty of money, nobody came forward, it just show the story from Mccanns is not true, Maddie has died and all they want is make more stories and make some money. When the three was sitting in Germany they looked very depressed and unhappy to make Germany sorry for them, but the German people still not believe them. Why they look so upset they afraid the truth will come out. The people in Germany know they have so many lie stories. Mr Amaral should have been allowed to finish the case, he is a honest man and speak the truth. Most of the phone calls that come in say that it was Mr McCann who was carrying the child to the sea. People who said they saw the kidnapper going to the sea and the kidnapper was Mr McCann. Portugal should open the case and they will find out the truth, the people and the two dogs believe Maddie died in the flat, and that it is the truth.

  4. Looks like a good article until "...Maddie's parents, murder suspects.."

    Its is like a stain put there on purpose to continue giving reasons to the McCann supporters to continue supporting.

    No wonder all this case continues being just a war of opinions, and nothing else happens, because everybody has different opinions and keep on defending them and reasoning to... when there's so many FACTS that are being ignored by convenience so the war of opinions can continue.

  5. @4 Those were the suspicions the police had regarding the 3 suspects - Murat, suspected of abduction and Maddie's parents, murder suspects - if you read the archival dispatch negligent homicide and homicide with intent were hypotheses being considered by the investigation. The author of the above opinion article makes a reference to that.

  6. Given that there's no evidence of a break-in (although absence of evidence is not evidence of absence), is it possible Madeleine got out of the apartment by herself? A possible scenario could be that she'd woken up, found herself and the twins alone and become distressed. She may have looked around the apartment, opening internal doors, etc. She may have fallen and cut herself trying to climb up on the settee to look out the window and then decided to search for her parents outside. Once out on the street, she could then have been seen and taken by an opportunist, who could have soothed her with the promise of taking her to her parents. The other scenario is that she was knocked over and seriously hurt/killed by a drunk or otherwise careless driver, who then decided to cover up their crime. I am merely speculating, but there is no hard evidence for abduction from within the apartment by person(s) unknown, or indeed disposal of her remains by the parents. However, I have long thought that the parents have been withholding a piece of evidence from investigators. That piece of evidence may be crucial to solving the case, but parents decided not to disclose it because it would have put them in a very bad light and they justified this omission on the grounds that they felt it was immaterial to the case anyway. I don't know what that missing piece is, but following on from the above, could it be that Madeleine had managed to get out of the apartment at least once before on that holiday while her parents were dining out and that they'd found her without anyone else knowing about the incident? If that was the case, they clearly didn't do anything to prevent that from happening again, i.e., staying in and providing her and her siblings with the level of supervision required for such young children.

  7. There was no "abduction" or else why did the "responsible" parents keep changing their stories? What reason they had to "employ" a "spokesman AKA Clarence Mitchell" ? Would any normal parent do that? Did Eddie and Keela not smell death in the car , flat , and on Kate McCann? This case stinks to high heaven and has cost the tax payer , why have the mccanns not given the fund money to SY ? Was the fund not created to help "find" the" missing " child? Or was it created to pay off mortgages , lawyers , and to swan round the globe looking the "responsible" parent , who NEGLECTED their kids to go on jollies?

  8. EASY Answer watch this video its my investigative conclusion of the BEST Answer to this Charade !!! http://youtu.be/RbaVSa_-HXQ 


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