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Cape-Verdeans in Portugal “repudiate accusations” against a member of their community and demand a “serious investigation”

The Cape-Verdean community in Portugal is “shocked” and “repudiates” the news divulged today in the Portuguese press, containing a Judiciary Police source, stating that a Cape-Verdian man was the author of Maddie McCann's abduction. More: They demand “serious and evidenced” investigations.

“This news sullies all the Cape-Verdeans” and “is not credible”, even because of the sophistication of the crime whose authorship was blamed on a Cape-Verdian immigrant. This, in a process that took place “under the investigations of two police forces of sovereign states and with an active media component”.

In a statement in name of the Federation of the Organizations of Cape Verde, of the Congress of the Cape-Verdeans in the Diaspora and of the Cape-Verdean Association of Lisbon, the community deplores “that a citizen who has died is being set up as a scapegoat”.

They appeal to the whole community to “be vigilant”, because this “serious accusation”, in a process that is being investigated also by the English police “maybe be an alibi to excuse the incompetence of the investigations or to cover up lobbies whose purposes are unclear”.

The press statement undersigned by the associations that represent the Cape-Verdeans in Portugal also states that they were all taken by surprise by the news published in Correio da Manhã, quoting a source of the Portuguese Judiciary Police, that stated that the suspect of the high profile disappearance case, of Madeleine (Maddie) McCann from Aldeia da Luz, in the Algarve, was a Cape-Verdean immigrant, who died in an accident in 2009.

The name of a community sullied

The Cape-Verdean “in and outside the country” are being “sullied” with this affirmations for which there are no consistent evidences, they are of an “atrocious opportunism” of someone who can “no longer defend himself”, protest the associations that represent the Cape-Verdeans in Portugal.

The statement also recalls that the whole community also suffered an identical “denigration” two decades ago, when it was also published in Portugal a story “stating that a Cape-Verdean had assassinated a child in Odivelas so he could eat the child's liver”, a story that was dismissed in “a small note in an interior page of the same newspaper that had given it the first cover exposure”.

The representatives of the associations that represent the Cape-Verdeans in Portugal added that they “have always defended the natural course of Justice” and that they strive that illegal behaviours always have an adequate and corresponding legal punishment. However, they do not conform with an “accusation, that is not proven”, involving an immigrant that “cannot defend himself of the accusations, which in the Maddie case, may, opportunely, excuse and rest some consciences”. They verify, that, “once again history repeats itself: there is a Cape-Verdean suspect (until when?) and a community that feels sullied, again”.

in A Semana - Cape-Verdean newspaper, November 1, 2013


  1. Estou com a comunidade de Cabo verdeanos. Fazem muito bem em reagir contra esta perseguição que a ser verdadeira só pode estar a acontecer para proteger os verdadeiros culpados, distrair a opinião publica e legitimar a acçào da policia no branqueamento de um crime, como nunca aconteceu antes em Portugal. Os ingleses, para o mesmo crime já tentaram a mesma estratégia com Hewllet que estava às portas da morte. Valaeu-lhe a acçào de um procurador alemào que travou a palhaçada. Depois disso, atacaram ciganos e agora viram-se para as comunidades de imigrantes. Minorias que os advogados dos Mccann nào respeitam. Para mim, são eles que estão por trás disto tudo, com o avale da SY e estã provavelmente a usar a crise portuguesa para pressionar o nosso governo a acitar uma solução fabricada para o caso e assim encerrar as suspeitas sobre os pais.
    Se estào a fazer a triangulação dos sinais dos tms, nào podem dizer que os Mccann estào eliminados. Tb ativaram as antenas dos seus nessa noite e Kate até apagou SMS. Entào està a haver uma análise seletiva aos tms? Porquè e para quê? Espero que a PJ jogue o jogo, apenas ate apanhar os verdadeiros culpados com a boca na botija.
    É uma vergonha ver o meu país e os jornais do meu país metidos nesta palhaçada.

  2. great news ..a sense of calm has been restored in me ......Cape Verdeans are leading the way ....get behind them people.


  3. Can I ask ,is this what sy wanted the PJ to investigate or is this from the PJ itself,as I am getting mighty confused

  4. yippee its about time people stood up and started to defend themselves the mc cans have got away with it for far to long the alays make someone else pay for there mistakes this gives me hope at last

  5. Any person who is dead and was within 100km of the Ocean Club on that fateful night is a candidate for being a scapegoat. This particular person is an ideal candidate because in addition to being dead his family is poor. They figured that a poor family would not have the means to defend the honor of their deceased. Shameful!

  6. So it looks like a scapegoat was selected some time ago then, a poor black dead man, that cannot deny or refute the allegations or defend himself. This whole disgusting mess has reached a new low, as if that was possible. We are all just minions in this life where the rotten press decides what is relevant to publish, and it is rarely the truth. The power of the likes of Murdoch, Coulson, Brooks, Mitchell, ..... none of whom are interested in the truth, honour or integrity.

    NSY plan the case with the PJ. NSY put the red herring of the E fit on CW, but the PJ pursue a dead black man, a complete opposite to the E fit. So the new suspect puts McCann in the clear, the PJ get the credit for the case, NSY credit for the review, Portugal credit, its not a national, but a foreigner. The case is closed and the poor widow and her child labeled forever, if its all left at that. All in time for the resumption of the defamation case. Bravo. Bravo. Honesty does not pay.

  7. quote " They demand “serious and evidenced” investigations." unquote

    This is exactly what everyone wants!
    Police should interview those they feel can assist with time scales and due process i.e elimination. Having done that, they should NOT go to the press and say why they were interviewing people, AND continue to confirm that the person (dead) is guilty- based on what?

    Something has gone array here. I hope the people of cape get their inquiry- and very quickly!

    I also believe there should be a media ban on reporting 'sightings' 'suspects names' and 'running commentary' by who ever the police have been in collaboration with. Until something actually concrete is established- similar to the dogs input etc. along side that I would like the TM Fund to be investigated. If the parents were aware or were thinking along the lines their daughter was dead (50%) either way. They should not have been allowed to dupe people!...and become part of the 'Establishment' they played that very well!

    relating to comment on previous thread. The UK Government of the day are NOT supposed to be working for the Majority of UK citizens. We are NOT citizens we are subjects, further more we have a Party Political system in place- MP's are accountable on my to their Chief whip. They are TOLD how to vote on certain matters and they promote THEIR policy- nothing to do with helping the majority- sounds good though. Also, Tony Blair got back on as PM by NOT getting a majority vote!
    If only 30% of the UK people vote AND 16% vote Tory.. they do not represent the majority of the population at all!

    apologies Joana had to mention that.

    Miss Taken Identity

  8. They have written again in the Express the story about that man when he is innocent. The people shouldn't buy that paper any more we don't read it any more. About Madeleine they always put pictures in where she looks happy but she wasn't. She was crying for one hour in the flat and no one came Mccanns said they checked her every half hour but that was not true, they had a good time drinking with their friends and forgot all about the children. We think they gave them medicine and thought they slept through till it was too late. The next day they find out what they do with her. the only way the people saw a man with a girl was Mr McCann and he was seen by Mr Smith and his family can tell what Mr McCann was wearing, light trousers with buttons on the side. To me they are not like doctors but more like common people. The people believe they are guilty and should have been charged a long time ago. Don't let the British think you are simple, don't let Portugal get a bad name, all the people waiting for you to bring out the truth, too many of the nine have been lying for six years. Most people believe they are just after the money and Maddie is dead.

  9. Count me in Cabo Verde. Although he is Caboverdiano by birth and culture he is also a Portuguese. Euclides will not be a scapegoat.

  10. Hello Miss Taken Identity.

    Please answer these simple questions as directly as you can?

    how do you dupe the Home office into this type of behaviour regarding simple requests?

    how do you dupe the Uk police from withholding important statements for 6 months ?
    the Gaspar statements ...do you remember those?


    If you seriously expect people who have followed this case from the beginning, to believe that the levels of officialdom involved ... with all the resource and inside links they have..... were duped ....then you have been ...well to put it simply "duped".

    I am sorry but you are making excuses were its already on record .....that this behaviour cannot be excused.

    The truth is the truth ...and it doesn't matter to me if you call me a citizen ,a subject or anything you want .....this case is a scandal of humongous proportions ... a complete cover up....and there isn't no Duping going on .....just pure agenda, plain and simple.


  11. The shutters, the shutters, the window shutters! Proved by the Portuguese forensic team to NOT be damaged and with only one set of fingerprints - Kate's. There's a photo of someone dusting the window shutters with powder.
    So how exactly did this poor dead man get Madeleine out of that bedroom window? And he couldn't have used the patio doors because Gerry, Jez Wilson and Jane Tanner were all walking/talking on the other side of the pavement!

  12. It is preposterous to believe that a poor worker who has been sacked would take revenge for losing his job on a family of British tourists by abducting their daughter with all the risks and consequences and complications for his life that would bring. More likely he would take his anger out on the manager who sacked him at the time.
    Ask any criminal profiler. There is no motive for this, but there is a motive for parents who employ a PR company in Portugal to wish for a convenient person who cannot defend himself to have fingers of blame pointed at him in the press, instead of them, especially when there is a million pound libel hearing in progress and no evidence left of an abduction.

  13. Absoultly awful for this man's Widow and family, disgraceful to say the least

  14. They need a Patsy,simple as that no matter who. Why do the people in the uk not get together to protest against the Mcs. Of course the government want the MCs spic and span, gerrys heading to politics, its been almost promised him a long time ago. Just because they are doctors doesn't make them anything special, there is good doctors and bad ones, you only have to look at past news. Im married to one and believe me I have met a few I have no respect for.
    This man was sacked for stealing 5 euros, his past was not serious ,noGBH child molestering etc. Poor woman she must feel destaught

  15. He was only suspected of stealing the 5 Euros. Not proved and he was fired a year before the McCanns came to Luz. Why would he wait a whole year to 'get back' at the Ocean Club. He had a new job a few weeks later. Scapegoating this man is pathetic.

  16. Goodness these McCanns are really getting desperate ! To accuse of man that died in 2009 is going a bit far !

    Scotland Yard should do the Amaral thing, and look closer to home !


  17. hi Miss taken identity.

    I guess you do not want to reply to the earlier post ....never mind ! I thought you may go a little quiet.

    so shall we approach the fund part of your post and you wishing that to be investigated.

    what is your take on this ..have a read and let us know what you think.




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