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CMTV 'Maddie Case Special' and 'Rua Segura' highlights

The following video clip from CMTV* is a collection of highlights from two programmes about a reconstruction by CMTV* about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The first programme was a 'Maddie Case Special' that aired on the evening of the 16th of November, 2013, and had Gonçalo Amaral and Francisco Moita Flores in the studio.

The second programme is called 'Rua Segura' and was broadcast on the evening of the 18th of November, 2013. It featured Rui Pereira, Gonçalo Amaral, Carlos Anjos and Eduardo Dâmaso.

Anchor - After CMTV screened a reconstitution about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, there were many reactions, that multiplied themselves, mainly because of the various contradictions in the witnesses’ statements.

Voiceover – The case dates back to the 3rd of May of 2007. Six years later, several inconsistencies and contradictions are counted, which contribute to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine. After the screening of CMTV’s reconstruction relating to the little girl’s disappearance, there were many reactions that multiplied themselves, mainly about the various contradictions that were raised.

One of the inconsistencies has to do with the time of the visit that was done by a friend to the McCann couple. David Payne would have met Gerry at 6.30 p.m., and only afterwards went to see Kate. Until today, it is not known how long the visit took: According to Gerry, Payne was at the location for over half an hour; according to Kate, the visit lasted little over 30 seconds.

Gonçalo Amaral – This is a figure that, I use to say, that is enigmatic, and who was not well investigated. Not a lot is known about this person.

Voiceover – A mysterious man with a profile that is linked to indications of inadequate behaviours towards children. He even used to bathe the daughters of the friends that he spent holidays with.

To CMTV, Gonçalo Amaral and Francisco Moita Flores, former Judiciary Police inspectors, state that this is one of the gaps in the process.

Moita Flores – It is strange, in a group of friends, that one friend bathes the other friends’ children. And that all of this is natural, and nobody questions this from the investigation’s point of view.

Gonçalo Amaral – What weight did it have in the disappearance, if it had any weight at all, and what was going on there with that individual. One is this one, the 30 minutes or the 30 seconds, what he went there to do. The other one is the fact that he always cared to bathe the other people’s daughters.

Voiceover – There is even a concrete episode, which took place on the island of Mallorca, in 2005. David Payne, in the company of Gerry McCann, would have been seen making obscene gestures, while referring to Maddie.

Gonçalo Amaral – Then there is the other moment, that of the obscene gestures he made, in Spain, in Mallorca, where there is a denunciation in May 2007, ten days after the disappearance, by another doctor, who was also on holidays, who knows him and tells the English police about said obscene gestures in the presence of the father.

Voiceover – For Eduardo Dâmaso, joint editor at Correio da Manhã, these indications should have been explored.

Eduardo Dâmaso – All of those indications are much stronger to explore, that enigma that is installed within that group, than the thesis of the abductor. The feeling that I have is –

Voiceover – Some statements by Gerry McCann are also contradictory. To the police, Maddie’s father told different versions about the way that he entered the Ocean Club apartment at 9 p.m. In a first statement, Gerry said he had entered through the front door; later, he changed the statement and said he had entered through the back window. Despite everything, the key was inside the apartment.

For the former Judiciary Police inspector Carlos Anjos, the change in the depositions is an attempt by Gerry to adjust to the facts.

Carlos Anjos – I think he has no certainty whatsoever. That is the big problem. And hence the difficulty, the contradictions they had, all of the contradictions they had, which were verbalized when they gave statements, even the changing of depositions… We at the police use to say that when the depositions start to be changed, it’s an attempt by the witness to adjust the deposition to the fact.

Voiceover – Another inconsistency has to do with the visit of another friend of the couple to the Ocean Club apartment. Matthew Oldfield entered the room, looked to where Maddie and her siblings were. Later on, he said he wasn’t sure whether or not the little girl was in the apartment.

Eduardo Dâmaso – We return to another aspect which, from my point of view, proves that all the indications that exist, which point towards an enigma that is installed within that group, is much stronger than what exists about the possibility of an abduction.

Voiceover – Another question that remains unanswered is the place where Gerry was at 10 p.m. Two Tapas Bar employees said that Gerry was not at the restaurant. According to Gonçalo Amaral, there are only three moments that the authorities are able to locate in time. This is not one of them.

Gonçalo Amaral – As far as accurate times are concerned, there are only three: The time at which they pick up Maddie from the crèche, which is at 5.30 p.m., the time of the payment at the restaurant by the Irish family, which is at 9.22 or 9.27 p.m., and the time of the phone call to GNR, which is at 10.47 p.m. From there on, nothing is certain.

Voiceover - Contributing to the mystery of Gerry’s location at 10 p.m., a statement by a family of Irish tourists, four adults and five children, appears. According to the Smiths, that evening, the family left Kelly’s Bar and headed home at around 10 p.m. Five minutes later, Kate raises the alarm to the disappearance. At the same time, the family crosses ways with a man that carried a blonde child, aged approximately four, wearing a pink pyjama.

Martin Smith, one of the group’s members, gives the police a detailed description. Four months later, already in the United Kingdom, the Smith family sees images of Gerry McCann carrying one of his children. When he sees the image on television, Martin remembers the same man that he had seen in Praia da Luz.
The denunciation was made to the Judiciary Police and the PJ decides to bring him to Portugal. At that time, Gonçalo Amaral, the coordinator, is removed from the investigation, and the new coordinator, Paulo Rebelo, considers that the trip of the Irishman to Portugal is useless.

Six years later, Gonçalo Amaral remains certain that it is important to listen to the witnesses’ statement.

Gonçalo Amaral – It makes all kind of sense to even bring him, and the family, it’s 3 or 4 people more, to Portugal, even to understand how long they took after leaving the Dolphins restaurant, how long they remained in Kelly’s bar, because there is no payment, the payment was not made with a card, we found out the exact time of the payment, not the exit from the restaurant, through the payment, because the payment was made with a bank card. At the bar, it was made in cash, so we don’t know. We don’t know how long they took having their drinks. We don’t know at what time the sighting takes place. It would have been around ten, a bit earlier, a bit later, at around that time, we don’t know exactly at what time it was.

Voiceover – For the former Judiciary Police inspector, the question of the e-fit that appeared at the time ended up taking importance away from the deposition.

Gonçalo Amaral – This family, which is not only one person, says that the person that they saw that night is a certain person. They say it is. Then they say it’s 80%. And then the e-fit – someone appears that looks like a certain person. While they never said it was a person that looked like Gerald McCann. The e-fit has that effect, the effect of devaluating the statement itself.

Voiceover – These are contradictions and inconsistencies that remain unanswered to this day. And adding to all of these questions, a new issue appears: That of the crime of exposure or abandonment [child endangerment], that would have been committed by Kate and Gerry McCann when they left Maddie alone during the night.

Moita Flores – You can be absolutely certain that if this couple was Portuguese, the Public Ministry would have immediately triggered the child protection measures against them. Have no doubts about that. Because in our culture, this is not reasonable nor explainable. And I don’t know if I can even be explained under the light of the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Rui Pereira – At the beginning, the McCanns were obviously suspected of a crime of exposure of abandonment. Obviously. It is evident that it was not easy to make them arguidos right away. Why? Because investigators are also human. And the most immediate sentiment that was experienced was that of a certain compassion towards the parents.

Moita Flores – I understand, with some effort, but I understand that it’s a cultural trait that is different from ours, to leave children far away from the place where we are, and to enjoy ourselves until midnight, from 8.30, 9 p.m. until midnight. I find this hard to believe, for our Latin culture, in which the children are very directly controlled, I find this very difficult.

Voiceover – For Carlos Anjos, all the participants in the case tried to find a way not to be implicated in this crime.

Carlos Anjos – They all knew that they were at stake because of exposure and abandonment, and all of them somehow tried to find a story that would not harm them much, that would not mistreat them much in that situation.

Voiceover – These are reactions that are raised after the exhibition of CMTV’s reconstruction about the disappearance of Maddie. A job that was never done by the Portuguese police.

Gonçalo Amaral – The reconstruction was never done because one awaited the best moment. At the time when everything happened, one thought about the reconstruction, which is normal in such a situation. There were many journalists in Praia da Luz, it was not convenient to do it at that time, due to the apparatus and the spectacle that would be given, it was almost as someone said, necessary to close the air space to make a reconstruction.

Moita Flores – This was decisive. And I don’t know how the police could do it, I understand the difficulties of this media circus that was built there, but it would have been necessary and decisive. Because as can be seen from this reconstruction, and one understands that it follows the statements from the participants in the process, one realises that it is full of contradictions.

Voiceover – For Francisco Moita Flores, the reconstitution by CMTV is more accurate than the one that was shown by the English Crimewatch programme.

Moita Flores – What CMTV just did, I saw the reconstitution that was made by Crimewatch and this one, and one understands that it is like day and night, in terms of accuracy.

Gonçalo Amaral – One has more red wine and the other one shows empty glasses.

Moita Flores – This one has the wine, it has the party, it has the disposition of the people, it has the relationship with the physical space, which is important.

Voiceover – These are reactions that appear after the exhibition of the reconstitution of the moments before and after the disappearance of Madeleine, a case that still prompts much discussion.

Carlos Anjos – This is the most verified case that I can recall in the history of criminal investigation. Countless CDs were made, they were distributed to all of the newspapers, to all of the detective agencies, to all of the policemen. And one thing is objective at this moment in time, just like Gonçalo said: Today we are exactly the same as when the case was closed. This is to say that we are, today, just like we were in 2007. The entire investigative community, that read the process from beginning to end, possibly all of us read it already, there was nobody who said – some have said that this or that could be done, but those are diligences that could hardly have any other result than the one that is there [in the case files].

Voiceover – The doubts remain. The uncertainties about what really happened to Madeleine McCann remain.

from: CMTV, 19.11.2013


José Carlos Castro, the anchor, read a communiqué at the end of the CMTV* newscast:

"A Direção do Correio da Manhã reitera o compromisso público junto dos leitores e dos espectadores que vai continuar a investigar o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann recorrendo a todos os meios legítimos e necessários.

A equipa CMTV/Correio da Manhã não descansará enquanto não for descoberta toda a verdade sobre o desaparecimento da menina de 3 anos da Praia da Luz no dia 3 de Maio de 2007."


"The Management of Correio da Manhã reaffirms its public commitment with its readers and viewers that it will continue to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann making use of all legitimate and necessary means.

The CMTV/Correio da Manhã team will not rest until the whole truth about the disappearance of the little three-year-old girl from Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May of 2007 is discovered."

* CMTV is the television channel that belongs to the Correio da Manhã newspaper.


  1. Astro, congratulations for your great work, A hell of a work, and millions of thanks. All of those gentlemen talked so fast! I didn't hear them saying to each other : "Let us have some consideration with Astro and let us talk slowly!"

    I am shocked, Astro, and at the same time I'm not. Payne, the only man who didn't check on the children that fatal night and the only one who had a baby monitor.
    Is he involved in the death?
    I thought he could have been a witnesses to the tragedy, sleeping pills, calpol, etc but this CMTV is very much concentrated on him, the enigma within the group.

    I think that at least Amaral knows more than he is telling on this video.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this translation. We here in England are forbidden from publishing anything which implicates the McCanns in any way.
    In England, we would also like to see a copy of the investigative report suppressed by the McCanns but paid for by public donations to their fund. The report is highly critical of the McCanns and contains the suppressed photofit of the Smith sighting, which seems to look like G. McCann.

  3. Espero que o CM cumpra o que disse e ajude a descobrir a verdade sobre o desaparecimento desta criança, mas não é a desinformar e a lançar suspeitas sobre os empregados do Resort, Cabo Verdeanos ou outros, que o consegue.
    Estou com o painel de convidados, a chave do mistério está dentro do grupo dos Tapas 9 e não num hipotético raptor sem quaisquer indicios. Estou sobretudo com GA, aqueles 30 segundos ou 30 minutos que David Payne passou no 5A, são cruciais para o esclarecimento do mistério. Quem é este David Payne e porque é tão protegido/ temido?

  4. I would definitely like to hear anything from other parents who were at the crèche at 5.30pm when Maddie was apparently collected by Kate 'Healey'. Too often in this story it is as if the Tapas Nine are the only people (apart from Jeff Wilkinson) who were staying at the holiday complex.
    Their flat was opposite the Baptista Supermart, wasn't it, and people would have been going in and out. There must have been other people in the streets and driving along the roads, it was not a ghost town.
    I think Mrs Fenn (R.I.P.) heard the final moments of Maddie's life and all the rest has been a fabrication to change the time and date. For instance, the bedroom Window Shutters - up, down, open! When the forensics showed they were closed, with only Kate's fingerprints on them-why is this untruth allowed to continue?

  5. Thank you Joana, you can always be relied upon. Much appreciated :)

  6. Thank you for posting this and providing the transcript as this is being totally ignored by the UK press.

  7. Thank you for the video and translation Joana / Astro

  8. Many thanks for letting the world see this,

  9. Evidence speaks for itself don't you think, why is this case still going on..lock them up and lets be done with it..justice for maddie xxx

  10. Very good conversation by the ex policemen. Someone somewhere does not want the truth to be known.
    As for all the publicity about Kate looking tired and frail from all the searching, this I don't believe it is because she knows there are some that want the truth uncovered, she nervous.

  11. I have often wondered why no one OF IMPORTANCE, apart from the PJ, have questioned the TM about these blatant inconsistences. O.K let's allow some leeway regarding the language interpretation, marginal error if you will. BUT, apart from that, there is a real sea of thinking, that the McCann's and their Tapas friends/families are hiding something. Now we can all wonder what that is, indeed many have taken to keyboard and made use of cyber space to opine what we think it may be. What IF we got the chance to ask directly? In a setting where they cannot squirm/slide/throw a tantrum and mic...Just them and the question...What are you hiding? What processed you to create thick smoke and many mirrors to blank out what really happened to your daughter?...
    I would like the answer to be honest( smiles), what if it is simple, unimportant- but VERY important to them as a group?, what if this whole farce was built around a group of people who were found out and were going to be exposed as child neglecters/abusers ( abuser used in neglect context). Important doctors? doing what? drinking? leaving kids alone at hotel?..one disappears?.

    Can you not see this picture- elephant in the room- THAT IS WHAT WAS/IS important to this grubby group of people!! Because, in all the writings, speeches, celebrity appearances, IT has never been about little Maddie, EVER!.

    So, let's turn back the hands of time for a moment...10pm at the tapas bar- Kate comes running in shouting- "they've taken her or whatever"...they immediately call the police at 10.05pm.. all go running to 'look' for her...Panicking- screaming -shouting losing a child -she must have wandered off!!! omg what could be worse.....errm the papers will have a field day- we will be exposed- charged by police-lose access to our other children- lose our jobs..

    Yes. well, in reality it all worked out just fine for the TM and Tapas.. VERY fine indeed!

    Miss Taken identity

  12. http://statement-analysis.blogspot.ca/2012/11/the-mccanns-interview-part-one.html

  13. A new appeal on the next Crimewatch and I wonder if the Met police will not talk about pedophilia, inspired on the CMTV. Or perhaps Amaral knows what is going on, that's why they talked about David Payne on that program. Redwood said that the S.Y.had reviewed backwards, since 2011, last time they talked about the Smith's man, and, going back, they must have arrived at the Gaspars' statements.
    Imagine if Madeleine died as consequence of pedophilia, and the twins will hear it. That is a terrible thing for the children.
    I fear for them.

  14. Don't tell me that the Met police waited till it started freezing in Algarve, before they decided for the reconstruction. A little girl in pyjamas, late in the night...

  15. @11, I could be corrected but i think the records show they did not call the police until at least 10.40. Time to write a 'corroborated timeline' first and then to conntact household named TV and News outlets first.YES, Lets just ask them straight out!!

  16. I don't know if I understood it well but if the Met police want to join the PJ, working together with the same goal, it is possible that they will concentrate themselves on paedophilia, like the PJ do. The Met are ready with the abduction and now they will probably start investigating an eventual accidental death, a homicide or even a murder in 5a. There will be an appeal tonight .
    The Met are beyond an abduction of an alive child.

  17. the mc cans are never gonna get found out the met are keeping them up to date with everything cant believe the have fallen for all there lies at start the said she was taken now the say don't know what happened its all a whitewash the gonna get away with it believe me poor madeline its not about her its all about kate gerry

  18. Scotland Yard and Redwood are very quiet at the moment.....TM are not saying anything, Dr Amaral continues to keep his low profile even though he is under all this stress. Let the MCs show to the judge where all the money from the fund went, if Dr Amaral has to show accounts so should they. I believe SY are trying to find a way round implicating the MCs, and the PJ when is the reconstruction, why are the people that hold the power ignoring all the descepencies of the tapas, how are the greedy money grabbing lords of rothley towers getting away with it all. I am saddened once more Christmas is approaching and no justice for Madeleine. There are those that know what happened.

  19. If I wanted to calm my baby and lull him/her to sleep I might be the one father in a thousand who would voluntarily take my cranky baby outside for a stroll at night in a pram or push-chair, but I wouldn't take him/her into a noisy bar full of roistering patrons, nor hang around in there a while...use the washroom (accompanied by baby? leaving baby parked outside the loo?),

  20. We can't understand the story about Mr Smith and his daughter which there is evidence that his daughter identified Mr McCann by his trousers, which were beige with buttons on the side, he was wearing when seen carrying Madeleine towards the sea. Why would someone kidnap Maddie when their were two little ones. Maddie was too much for them to look after, why didn't they hand her over to their mother for the holiday? If anything like this happened in Britain they would have been in prison now so they went to Portugal they must have talked before the went on what they were going to do. They have find out in Portugal time for different stories, the Portugal give them too much time to do different lie stories. If they find out the true story they will be guilty. Just think about it why they took Madeleine. The dogs don't lie, she died in the flat. Mr Cameron should not listen to them but should wait to find the truth, he give the police plenty of money and tell them what to say, he is like Mr Brown now he has a labour Mr Mitchell in his party, we will never have a honest government in this country. The people say this.

  21. The fact that absolutely nothing has been written about this in the UK shows that there is some kind of hidden agenda/smokescreen going on. All very sad given a very young girl has vanished. Even sadder when you fully understand (as most do) that the young girl Madeleine has no one but a media and legal system to represent her, in order to bring to court those who made her disappear. All those around her and knew her at the time are statistically very likely to have been involved so it makes this smokescreen very dark. I personally believe the parents should immediately be charged with obstruction of justice given what we do know but it will be when the Portugese side uncover more or when one of the Tapas ex-friends grows some cajones!!

  22. Finally the Met police are about to arrive at 5a, the dogs, the blood, the inconsistences, and I suspect that some people of the Tapas 7 have told already what happened that night. The CMTV shocked me. Those gentlemen concentrated on David Payne and they must know more than they are telling. It is a terrible idea to imagine that Madeleine was victim of paedophilia. What a terrible parents, what a terrible mother who was expected to protect her child. A monster. We all pray for justice.

  23. The German people very angry to find the British Express involve them in the Madeleine story. They believe the two men have nothing to do with this case the Maccann team still looking for someone to come forward with lie story. It is time the Portugal finish with the British police, they should know by now they are both guilty. We German believe Madeleine died in the flat and lots of British people believe that as well. Mr Amaral would have cleared this case by now if they had not sacked him and we believe that.

  24. I feel sorry for the parents if they had no connection to Madeleines disappearance.
    If they did have a connection to it I feel even sorrier for them. To withhold a lie like that would ruin their lives. I dont think they killed her deliberately if they did do it. I feel sorry for them either way...We have all made rash stupid decisions at some point in our lives.

  25. 24 - I feel sorry for them too. I feel a heck of a lot sorrier for Madeleine though and I think people soon lost sight of her. I also feel like someone owes me an explanation as to why they are being protected with the public's money.

  26. @Anon 24 "To withhold a lie like that would ruin their lives."

    Yes, and the lives of many other - really innocent - people.

  27. Re 24: I might feel the same - pity for the poor parents lacking the courage to own up to their involvement in the loss of their lovely daughter - were it not for the fact that they have raked in millions with their 'rash stupid decisions', allowed themselves to be fêted worldwide as innocent victims, put gagging orders on media and individuals, fooled the public, dragged a whole country into the mud by slandering its people ('nobody did any searching') and its policeforce, pestered and persecuted a great number of people completely uninvolved in their losing their daughter, ruining the life and wishing suffering and death on Mr. Amaral, whose job it was to try and solve the mystery of Maddie's disappearance, and, of course, robbing Madeleine of her life.

  28. It seems that the Find Madeleine Fund website is not able to take donations now for some weeks. Have the directors got wind of the investigations closing in? are the rats leaving the sinking ship? Has someone blown the whistle?

  29. @24,you feel sorry for them,one of there children goes missing,they have ALL lied to save themselves,they SUPPRESSED VITAL INFO,and you feel sorry for them,YE GODS ,glad you are not on any jury the streets would be awash with villians because you felt sorry for them

  30. The 3 year old British boy Mikaeel who's mother reported him missing from his bed, has been arrested in connection with his death in Edinburgh Scotland. The investigation has included the use of a cadaver dog to find out where he lay dead, including in the apartment, apart from where he was found. It seems the UK authorities do value the findings of Cadaver Dogs.

  31. This Vile pair will face justice sooner or later they will squeal , the games up justice will prevail they will drag the ones that helped them "defeat the ends of justice", it should be demanded by the public from all over the world that they get long sentences after they get charged for neglect and whatever else the law throws at them .

  32. thank you joanna for this site i have followed it for quite a while. I feel that since scotland yard have re opened the case it has become even sadder.
    We are being baited with headlines of burglars, and now sex predators in the area. Even my husband a highly intelligent man believes the press that the met are making progress because this hadn't been investigated before. Well it had, early on by Amaral in his writings but no link with Madeleine found.
    I would like to be shown evidence by the met of these other children who had been sexually assaulted in their beds while on holiday and the portugese didn't do anything about it.
    Don't you think if that was the case that in the last 7 years the parents of those children would have been screaming and ranting and raving on these blog sites about Madeleine ,demanding justice for themselves as well, and keep giving evidence to support the mccanns.
    Where are they?
    It is so sad that the government have set millions aside for this case. Kate mccann often quotes that you can't put a price on a childs life. Well they have, by suing an awful lot of people.
    So far £5 million of public money has been spent on cases the mccanns have brought
    to court for libel. The cases they dropped against a couple of portugese papers because they were going out of business and their was no money, well if it wasn't for money and they wanted a sense of justice they would have settled for a public apology.
    Maybe the met should look at timelines again, like the night she was reported abducted, why they deleted their phone calls from the previous 48 hours. why didn't they use their mobiles to phone police but got the resort staff to do it, why did they write into the fund it was only for when madeleine was found that money would go elsewhere, all of these things sadly point to something pre medidated. I for a long time was prepared to accept that something had happened to her accidentally, now not so sure as so much effort was and still is being used to launder facts.
    It really is too late for a sense of justice but lets stop any more nonsense of looking for a burglar or drug addict or dead black man to blame and make it all look nice and neat.
    Instead lets go back to the first 6 months and re open the evidence then, and then try to make amends to innocent people whose lives have been ruined in their pursuit for justice such as det amaral, the priest from the church, some of the newspaper pr people who they played like a fiddle and then left their lives in ruin for their own ends.
    Despite the pj asking that the english media isn't informed it hasn't happened, the english media are still being fed rubbish. lets help these harmed people sue the british press for defamation to give them a sense of justice.


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