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CMTV reconstitutes the Maddie case

Unpublished images of what happened on the fateful night of the 3rd of May of 2007, at the Ocean Club resort.

by: Paulo João Santos

CMTV (channel 8 on MEO) presents tomorrow, between 21h15 and 22h15, an unpublished programme dedicated to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann: the reconstitution of the evening of the 3rd of May of 2007, the last time the British child was seen alive in Praia da Luz, in Lagos.

The trip to the Ocean Club, the resort where the McCann family was staying, lasts eight minutes, during which viewers will have the opportunity to follow, with rigour, what happened that evening when the little girl, then aged three, disappeared from the room where she was sleeping with her twin siblings.

The reconstitution of the fateful evening of the disappearance involved 10 actors and was carried out at three different locations. It is the result of two weeks of work, with four days and two nights of recording. It involves unpublished images that were taken inside the apartment at the Ocean Club. It's the first time a television will show the scene of the crime that took place in the Algarve.

The 'Maddie Special' also gathers four reports about the most striking moments of the investigation - which recently suffered a new impulse - and a debate with the personalities that followed all the incidents of the case step by step: Gonçalo Amaral, the inspector who was responsible for the investigation; and Rui Pereira, then the minister of Internal Affairs. The conversation will also have the participation of criminal psychologist Maria do Sameiro and Moita Flores, a university professor and former PJ inspector.

in: Correio da Manhã, 15.11.2013


  1. Lets hope some truth flows here and some truths be spoken

  2. At last! The Portuguese people have a right to see the events as they have been presented to them.
    But until there are CCTV images of that afternoon,from the Creche that Maddie attended, I have no proof that the child actually disappeared on the night of the Third of May 2007.
    Are there no other snaps taken with the 'Last Photo'? As Amelee is missing I am convinced that it is a Photoshopped composition with Maddie's face superimposed on Amelee's small body. Compare the body with the 'Tennis Court' photo of Maddie, where the girl has an almost barrel-shaped torso. Not the same physiognomy at all.

  3. Will we get to watch, here in Ireland? At last. An unvarnished record of events...I hope.

  4. Possibly this is being allowed by the Scotland Yard and the PJ and it has a goal. Something is about to happen, I believe. I hope this will come very soon to an end and not remain endless, comparable to the coming of the Messiah, whom the orthodox jews are waiting for, since Abraham.

  5. I hope Amaral will tell what is going on in Algarve right now and what the police are doing.

  6. So it seems to be a serious reconstition?

  7. 'Unpublished programme'. Does this mean that CMTV did not release any information about this programme until the last minute in order to avoid being Carter-Rucked?

  8. Lets hope ALL options are considered rather than just the line put forward by the parents that night. Common sense is required to think what was the most likely event that happened that night.

  9. Has it ever been suggested that some of Madeleine's photographs may have been early photographs of Kate McCann?

  10. Will there be a copy of this programme soon translated? Cant wait to listen to it.

  11. Is this on utube yet,with English sub titles.

  12. the sad truth - nearly 7 years on:

    Madeleine - has become the football kicked into the long grass

    whilst the self promoting bickering on fora and elsewhere continues

    Madeleine has now even become fodder for the odious Shrimpton to drool over on the bargain basement People's voice TV channel - can we sink much lower?

    whilst legal eagles milk her disappearance for every cent it's worth

    Feliz Natal Madeleine - you deserved better from ALL the adults who were meant to look out for you

    love all, trust a few, do wrong to none
    -merry Christmas to all



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