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Maddie case: Widow of suspect accuses PJ of searching for a scapegoat

No personal effects or other goods were stolen from Apartment 5A

by Felícia Cabrita/with Sónia Graça

The former partner of the man that the PJ suspects of having abducted Maddie accuses the Police of searching for a «scapegoat». And guarantees that the Cape-Verdean, who died in 2009, was «incapable of touching in a child».

«They have spoken about so many people already, it is disgusting that they are now trying to set up a dead man as a scapegoat», deplores the woman, who does not wish for her name to be divulged. The former partner of the suspect, in his forties, was surprised last week when she was notified to be heard by the PJ, in Lagos, in the scope of the inquest that has meanwhile been reopened. A female officer told her that they were investigating the man with whom she had lived with until 2009, the year in which the suspect died in a work accident, with a tractor in Bragança [North of Portugal].

«After four years have gone by since he died in a tragic way, they appear and they imply that he is being investigated for being referenced in the process relative to the girl's disappearance. He didn't even work at the Ocean Club when that happened. They asked me questions upon questions: when did he work there, when did he stopped working there... But so much time has passed that I had to make an effort to be precise.»

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Widow Contradicts PJ

The former partner of the man that the PJ suspects of having abducted Maddie accuses the Police of searching for a «scapegoat». And guarantees that the Cape-Verdean, who died in 2009, was «incapable of touching in a child».

by Felícia Cabrita/ with Sónia Graça

The widow of the suspect of Madeleine McCann's death that lead the Judiciary Police (PJ) to reopen the process has guaranteed to SOL that she is going to «hire a good lawyer to defend the honour and memory of the father of her son».

«They have spoken about so many people already, it is disgusting that they are now trying to set up a dead man as a scapegoat», deplores the woman, who does not wish for her name to be divulged. The former partner of the suspect, in his forties, was surprised last week when she was notified to be heard by the PJ, in Lagos, in the scope of the inquest that has meanwhile been reopened. A female officer told her that they were investigating the man with whom she had lived with until 2009, the year in which the suspect died in a work accident, with a tractor in Bragança [North of Portugal].

«After four years have gone by since he died in a tragic way, they appear and they imply that he is being investigated for being referenced in the process relative to the girl's disappearance. He didn't even work at the Ocean Club when that happened. They asked me questions upon questions: when did he work there, when did he stopped working there... But so much time has passed that I had to make an effort to be precise.»

To the woman it is a mystery - six years after Maddie's disappearance - the reasons behind PJ sudden U-turn: «It is very easy to responsibilize someone who can no longer defend himself. They can't, in the absence of something better, blame the weakest links. He would never harm a child.»

Criminal record only for thefts

The past of the man, who died when he was forty years old, is similar to many others, with the chaos that ensued in the Portuguese former colonies after the Carnation Revolution they left their country. Cape-Verdean, he came to Portugal with his family, he settled in the North of the country. He moved from job to job, from working in civil construction to catering trade until he took up residence in the Algarve, where he would meet a young high school student with whom he he went to live. The dependency of drugs lead him to commit some thefts and he was even arrested, but always for petty crimes linked to drug abuse. In 1996, he was pardoned by the then president Jorge Sampaio of a crime of theft committed in the area of Portimão, that pardon prevented him from being expelled from the country. It was his criminal record, where there is nothing about paedophilia, that would make him the ideal suspect for the PJ team from Oporto who reanalysed the Madeleine McCann process.

He was never seen in the area of the apartments

His criminal record didn't help in terms of jobs: he lived of odd jobs and didn't do rebates. In 2006, the couple and their son, a minor, survived with the help of his partner's father, a small local civil constructor. In the Summer of that year, the tourism in Luz was promising and he landed a job at the “Millenium” restaurant, one of the restaurants owned by the Ocean Club group, located about one kilometre from the apartments where Maddie's parents would be lodged. However, according to several sources from the tourist resort, Monteiro was never seen in that area, not while he worked there nor when, a little while after, and still in peak season, they invited him to leave. «He was caught taking five euros from the till and we invited him to leave. We were surprised because he was always a proper man, of good appearance who spoke very well. And since it was such a small amount we never made a complaint», told a source from the tourist resort to SOL.

A female colleague that worked with him at the “Millenium” stated: «One thing is to steal five euros, another is to murder a child. Specially when he spent all the time speaking about his son, whom he loved. And I very much doubt that he has ever gone to the apartment areas. Firstly, he worked in here for a very short period of time, then he started working at four in the afternoon and left at midnight» And she recalls: «It's farcical that the PJ now say that he could have have abducted the girl in revenge for being fired, when he accepted that fact with humbleness.»

In his life path, Monteiro never knew another luck. In the Algarve, for those who work in the catering business, employment is seasonal and the man never had a stable job. Nevertheless, no outburst of rancour is known that could have lead him to retaliate - namely, in the other tourist resorts where he worked after leaving the “Millenium”, such as Quinta da Boavista in 2008 and Quinta da Atalaia in 2009.

Trilateration would allow to reconstitute the route

In 2007, when Maddie disappeared, Monteiro worked for Sisaqua, a water and waste water treatment plant, headquartered in Lisbon. According to the news, the Oporto PJ would have arrived to the former employee through the triangulation of cell phone signals which were activated in the night of May 3, 2007 in the area of the tourist resort, and they would have understood that the suspect was in the vicinity in the night when Maddie disappeared. However, according to police sources heard by SOL, in this manner the case would have been easily solved, since the trilateration of communications - that is done through the reading of three points (the transmitter, the receiver of the signal and the cell phone operator mast) in order to identify the precise location of the suspect's cell phone - would allow to discover its direction and the route taken before, during and after the crime.

Initially, in 2007 that cell phone, like many others, wasn't associated to any person. However, analysts from the PJ in Oporto would have now identified its owner and, possibly due to his criminal records, they have researched and found that number in the mobile traffic listings from the tourist resort area. The former employee became a suspect, apparently only because he had a criminal record and not because he was in that area. On the other hand, Monteiro, lived in Lagos, just five kilometres (in a straight line) to Praia da Luz and has always worked in that area. The PJ, nevertheless, believe that he would have abducted the child, who was at the time three years old, but they have not yet determined for which motive: if for committing a sex crime or to take revenge on the Ocean Club, to place in question the security of the tourist resort.

Police sources contacted by SOL warn, nonetheless, that it is important to find other elements to enable the substantiation of his presence in that area, namely, the period of time in which the cell phone was identified in that area and the comparison of the police records with vestiges that were gathered.

Meanwhile, the former partner of the suspect is going to take legal action, an injunction, to keep journalists away from her house. «If the police told me that the case is in secrecy of Justice, how come journalists are at my door, bothering my family?» questions the woman, who until now has remained silent. «When so many children are abducted in Portugal, how come the police is only after the English child?»

Sol, November 1, 2013 | Paper edition, pages 18 and 19


  1. I have steam coming out my ears - all the evidences that Goncalo Amaral expertly acquired in his time .....and this bunch of cowboys come up with this rubbish, I'm fuming - how many other family's lives are going to be destroyed?
    The Poor lady of this now dead man and her child are been subjected to this is an outrage...give me strength, what the hell is been allowed to happen!

    How many lives are going to be ruined for the sake of covering up this case.

    A message to any special services, lawyers, police etc who most definitely keep an eye on what is said here.....your a bunch of crooks - sick, twisted ones at that.


  2. couldn't agree more Mojo
    this is so despicable!!!!!!
    how much more of this madness is there going to be until someone in authority tells the truth
    it's just sickening

  3. I recall well the time the McCanns put-it-about that they were set up by the Portuguese in order to 'protect the tourist industry' in that country. The police, so the McC's maintained, wanted the case done and dusted as quickly as possible.

    It was of course Ludicrous. The most publicised child-abduction case ever, and the police were allegedly pointing to the parents as scapegoats! I mean, what if the child had been found, in some hellish lair, maybe? Egg/faces.

    It would of course have been easier for the police to nail some hapless drifter with a criminal record, were they so inclined to do so. They weren't, so they didn't. The investigation seems to have been as thorough as was humanly possible under the circumstances.

    Not so sure about now, though. Now that England's finest careerist cops have their slimy paw-prints all over the case files. Anyone who thinks Sherlock Holmes resides at SY hasn't been paying attention for the past twenty years or so. Still, I live in hope.

    bob the bluebird

  4. The Porto police must know that this gentleman had nothing whatsoever to do with the child's disappearance and I don't think they set out to incriminate this man. Your see the Porto police and Scotland Yard are trying to convey a message to the general public and the libel trial judge. They've told you that they don't suspect the McCanns, now they are demonstrating their belief with their actions. Effectively what these immoral people want the public to believe is that the conclusions of the original investigators in this case are wrong and that the original investigators ignored evidence.

    All this coincides with the libel trial because it is of the utmost importance that the McCanns are victorious. It doesn't matter if Mr. Amaral wins on appeal. What matters is the victory now, because you will never hear about any victory by Mr. Amaral afterwards in the English media. The McCanns know that in the end they won't be able to extract a single penny from Mr. Amaral's pockets. That is not the objective. The objective of the libel trial is to convince the British public of their innocence. That's it.

    What is disappointing is that the Portuguese authorities are against one of their own.

    1. I prefer to look at it in a more positive sense - yes it is all connected to the libel trial, but in a way that protects amaral. The mcc's central argument is that amaral damaged the search for Maddie, that interest in the case went down after his book. He can argue against this now by saying his book generated a lot of interest, and eventually led to the reopening of the case. The Portuguese police are dping everything they can so how has his book damaged the search? We live on hope.

  5. For ref.


    Cell phones are still traceable even without a GPS chip, using a process called trilateration. Trilateration determines absolute or relative position of an object by measuring distance using the geometry of spheres or triangles. With cell phones, distance is measured from cell phone towers that have received a signal from the phone. Distance is determined by the time it takes for the signal to travel to the cell phone; distance traveled = speed x time. The cell phone is then known to exist within a set circle around the tower. Using a second cell phone tower and measuring the distance to the phone, another circle is drawn. Where the two circles intersect is the location of the cell phone. Adding the distance from a third tower can give you an absolute location.

  6. Widow's suspect accuses PJ of searching for a scapegoat.
    Should that not read, Suspects Widow?

  7. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/440816/Did-panicking-kidnapper-plan-to-leave-injured-Madeleine-McCann-with-medics

    Did panicking kidnapper plan to leave 'injured' Madeleine McCann with medics?
    WHOEVER kidnapped Madeleine McCann may have intended to leave her outside a doctor’s surgery after she was injured in a burglary gone wrong, it was claimed last night.
    By: James Murray
    Published: Sun, November 3, 2013

    Kate and Gerry remain hopeful that Maddie is still alive Kate and Gerry remain hopeful that Maddie is still alive [GETTY]

    The key sighting of the potential prime suspect carrying a sleeping child happened in a small road just yards away from Luzdoc, the medical centre in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

    British residents Julie and Colin Kimber have been trying to work out why an abductor would risk taking a three-year-old into a fairly busy area of bars and restaurants just before 10pm on May 3, 2007.

    Looking at the exact point of the sighting, Mr Kimber said: “You have to ask yourself why he was heading down the hill in this direction when he must have known there were more people about.

    “Maybe a burglary went wrong and the child was injured and then he thought he should take her to the medical centre, panicked and then took her away.

    “If he was taking her to someone in a car he would not have arranged the rendezvous in this area because too many people would be around. Why risk being seen by somebody?”

    Another possibility being considered is that an abductor lived locally and took Madeleine to his property after kidnapping her from the family’s holiday apartment at the Ocean Club.

    You have to ask yourself why he was heading down the hill in this direction Colin Kimber - Mr Kimber added: “Ever since the Crimewatch programme, which placed great emphasis on this key sighting, we have been trying to work it out, but the route is baffling.

    “There is a real village community in Luz and everybody has been thinking hard about if they saw anyone who looked like the man in the e-fit.”

    Another theory is that an abductor may have taken Madeleine to one of several derelict buildings and gardens, all just yards from where Irish holidaymaker Martin Smith and other members of his family saw the e-fit man carrying a child.

    Directly opposite the sighting is a junction with two derelict houses.

    A small doorway leads into the garden.

    Today, by looking over the wall, it seems someone has been living in the garden. There is an open toilet and a hose pipe shower with a curtain rail, table and chairs and signs of an open fire.

    One of the buildings is owned by a German woman who uses it to house bikes for rent to holidaymakers. The other property is up for sale.

    Neither owner wished to comment last week. It is understood the gardens were thoroughly searched when Madeleine vanished but locals could not recall seeing police enter any derelict buildings.

    In recent months police have been active in this key area of the resort. One resident, who declined to be named, said: “They have been up and down the road, day and night.

    madeleine, maddy, mccann, kate, gerry, portugal, investigation, scotland yard, police, files, inquiry, Portuguese, disappearance, daughterMYSTERY: Clinic that expats think man could have been heading for [MARK KEHOE]

    “Some people reckon the man was on his way to the rocky coastline a few hundred yards away to take her away in a boat, but that would be very tricky at night.

    “This renewed police activity is good because people want this solved once and for all.”

    Luz residents have been sceptical of reports that a sacked Ocean Club worker may be the abductor. He died in a tractor accident four years ago.

    The 40-year-old was a petty criminal with a drug problem but last week his widow said he was “incapable of touching a child” and there was nothing in his criminal file about being a paedophile.

  8. A couple of trolls have infiltrated the Jill Havern site since the ST article about the McCanns suppressing the e-Fit evidence for five years. They claim it was a reasonable thing to do because Jane Tanner was their friend, er , how does that work? I don't know. They ignore the fact that Mr Smith thought it was GM that he saw and that is the more plausible reason. They never miss a trick do they.

    Its possible that SY, through their rogatories are just eliminating people to develop a watertight case. Time will tell. But the press are certainly the poodles of McCann PR at the moment.

  9. Guerra analysis is near to my own beliefs. I do not see how the McCanns can contend that Amaral's book damaged the search given the involvement of the Yard and now the PJ. Therefore, they surely cannot be entitled to damages. As Guerra infers, what is more important to them is the proclamation of innocence. And if they're proclaimed innocent - which is looking more and more likely- then Amaral's book would be withdrawn from sale I imagine, whether he wins this libel by appeal or not.

  10. The McCann's suppressed the latest photo fits released by Scotland Yard as being 'vital'.
    Why did Scotland Yard need to share the pictures when they actually look so like Gerry McCann and the witness who helped create them identified it as Gerry McCann? Why don't they just caution him and question him?

  11. Absolute location of the cell phone. But who has the cell phone?

  12. By now, the people who have been accused (of anything) in this case are enough to form their own Union! This would include the daughters and parents of all the 'sightings' that have occurred all over the world, with disruption and trouble caused to such families.
    The trail of emotional destruction left in the wake of the events of May 2007is as bad as any hurricane.

  13. Anonymous 03/11/2013 21:08, I’m certain that Mr. Amaral would beg to differ with your rosy view of the situation. Let’s get real here, the behaviour of Scotland Yard and the Porto team is of no benefit to Mr. Amaral. Do you not see how damaging the declarations and actions of Scotland Yard and the Porto police are to those who initially investigated this case and especially to Mr. Amaral? What do you think is the message they are conveying to the public when they declare that the McCanns are not suspects and when they proclaim that some poor deceased soul could have been responsible for the child’s death? Is it not the same as telling the public that the conclusions of the original investigators were wrong, that Mr. Amaral is wrong? The only way they could be any clearer is if they actually say that Mr. Amaral is wrong. Don’t be surprised if they do.

    The Lisbon Appellate court was clear when they overturned the decision to ban the book. It addressed all of the McCann’s concerns, including their assertion that the book damaged the search for their daughter. The court concluded that they could not see how the book could interfere with a fair investigation. The McCanns appealed to the Supreme Court and it rejected their appeal. These rulings effectively ended any hope the McCanns had of winning damages from Mr. Amaral and that is why they tried to intimidate Mr. Amaral into settling out of court. They went ahead with the libel trial because everyone in the English speaking world would find it suspicious if they hadn’t. Therefore if for some inexplicable reason this libel trial judge rules against Mr. Amaral, it will overturned on appeal. This trial shouldn’t even be taking place in light of the rulings of the Lisbon Appellate Court and the Supreme Court. If the book leaves the shelves once again it will be for a short time. However, I don’t believe the book will ever be seen in English bookstores.

    It would be ideal for the McCanns if this libel judge ruled in their favour, but all is not lost if she doesn’t. In the likelihood of an unfavourable verdict Scotland Yard and the Portuguese contingent will provide a narrative to try and convince the British public once and for all that the McCanns are innocent. I suspect, as one poster has already suggested, that the British government has plans for Mr. McCann.

  14. he crusading mother told radio listeners her family had been stuck in a “nightmarish limbo” since her daughter’s disappearance in 2007.

    Mrs McCann described the ordeal she has endured with husband Gerry and their twins during a plea on behalf of the charity Missing People.

    Fronting the appeal on Radio 4 yesterday, Mrs McCann said the group works tirelessly to help find those who vanish by co-ordinating publicity campaigns. It also offers support and counselling for their families.


  15. The latest suspect is Black and from Cape Verde - the recent 'vital' efit released by SY is of a White suspect. How are they going to connect the two of these men? How worried are the deceased mans White friends?! Oh lordy.

  16. Guerra, it is possible that the LAST British government, a Labour government, might have had plans for Gerry McCann, though his talents seem to be somewhat limited, and I can't think why. This current government is a Tory one and he has no real connection with it. Clarence may have got himself declared a Tory candidate for Brighton, by a few misguided souls down there, but that has to be the only vague connection. It would have been a very local decision.

  17. I am saddened by the explosive 'red tops' MSM getting into their groove. Front page news is: black man junkie-thief stole maddie???? There you have it tried and found guilty according to the red tops. THIS IS WHAT THE TM has brought us. The man looks nothing like the E FIT pictures. The man had a phone and was in the area? wow great detective work, I wonder how many other people had a phone and was in the area. And I wonder if he SAW anything suspicious around that apartment- whilst he was allegedly breaking into flats in the area. He could be a witness as apposed to a murdering abductor. All fits nicely don't you think.

    Joana, it has also been reported that the TM are applying to be 'private prosecutor's' to influence any prosecution. Is this just daft reporting or is this a legal statute in Portugal available to ALL EU citizens?

    Miss Taken Identity

  18. We are again returning to the days of too many questions and not enough answers, I'm increasingly becoming confused.

    Q1 Who exactly was the rather late in the day, parent & child that Tanner, now allegedly saw. For the time of evening, it has to be presumed he is returning rather than going, therefore, why is he walking in the wrong direction? And is there now a new efit of this man and what the child was wearing.

    > Consider this, it would be very much a coincidence that the child was wearing filly pj-bottoms, and bare footed, as was alleged had it been Madeleine.

    > Consider also: the timeline and those in it, DO NOT HAVE an alibi. Much depended on none of the T9 being involved, since it all happened as Tanner said she saw (even though it never made sense) Everyone WAS neatly accounted for & off the hook.

    Q So, who is this poor patsy Cape-Verdean being sought by? Is it the MET via roggies, or the PJ if so which team? Independent review team, PJ team, or those assisting the MET?

    Q Deep in the McCann own investigation files, much they sought with such legal vigor, then read, re-read and analysed by Edgar & Cowley, then subsequently the MET out drops the bomb shell from Exton & Halligen's investigation of two efits.

    > who exactly did these efits, when, and where. Most importantly by whom, since the Smiths had refused to co-operate

    Now let us dwell on the Smiths, even right back to the days after GA left and the next PJ team, doing a full review. Fast forward a bit (noting here an independence from GA's investigation) to the Rogatory requests to the UK. Back and forth, to and fro for months and months these went. Eventually, when everyone had read everyone's statements, and agreed who could be asked what.


    The Smiths were excluded, because they were Irish - now isn't that strange, that all this paper work and been going on for months, and in the final interviews the Smiths WHAT - GOT lost? Why didn't the FO & LP point this out? No wonder the PJ packed up and left, before completion.

    So, what did happen beyond the last fragments we see in the final investigative file relating to the Smiths - RATHER FREE FLOATING. Unless of course the PJ did get to interview, or the MET during their recent Review & investigation or perhaps even under Gamble's scoping exercise. It would seem, to me that the Smiths have never been followed up by anyone force, THAT WE KNOW OF. But remember all the rogatory material was shared, I believe with the Arguidos!

    Rather a lot of loose ends flapping in the breeze, a bit like the curtains in 5A.

    Unless like the curtains in 5A they were actually neatly arranged behind furniture ;)!

    more puddled than puddleduck !!
    aka meadow

  19. But they said the abductor 'must have been watching them for a number of days'? Surely the people who worked there would notice the perhaps hard up ex employee sitting about watching a bunch of parents neglect their children? How stupid do they think we are? :/

  20. The farce continues in the UK, check out this link to the picture ....

  21. Madeleine McCann suspect 'a violent thug who was a threat to children’
    THE new suspect in the disappearance of Madeliene McCann suspect 'a violent thug who was a threat to children’ had a violent past and a track record of “suspicious behaviour with children”, according to a Portuguese police profile revealed yesterday.


  22. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/349025/Maddie-suspect-was-not-at-the-resort-that-night-

    Maddie suspect 'was not at the resort that night'

    THE family of a drug addict thief police are investigating over Madeleine Mccann's disappearance say they want to help detectives get to the truth.

    Euclides Monteiro's relatives insist they are ready to work with police so they can clear his name.

    The 6ft 2in dad-of-two, who emigrated to Portugal as a child from Cape Verde off west Africa, died aged 40 in a tractor accident in 2009.

    Detectives in Portugal are probing if Euclides snatched Madeleine out of revenge after being sacked for stealing by the Algarve holiday club where she was staying.

    He was pinpointed to the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz the night of Madeleine's May 3 2007 disappearance through his mobile phone signal, despite the fact he had been sacked almost a year earlier and lived 15 minutes away.

    Monteiro's sister Paula claimed last night he may have sold the phone to someone else before Madeleine disappeared.

  23. http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/15880596-madeleine-mccanns-parents-should-be-suspects

    Madeleine McCann's parents should be suspects
    Walsall : United Kingdom | Nov 04, 2013 at 12:29 AM PST
    By Chelsea Hoffman

    Justice for Madeleine McCann doesn't seem any closer than before, even though it appears that the McCanns have a new scapegoat to blame for the girl's disappearance. The suspect just so happens to be a deceased black man who cannot defend himself and must therefore suffer the indignities of posthumously being labeled a murder/kidnapping suspect. Hey, at least this keeps them out of the spotlight as potential suspects for the time being, and it appears to be working as a diversion from the fact that they kept efits hidden from the public for several years.

    The man's name was Euclides Monterio, and he died in 2009 in a tractor accident. He was an alleged heroin addict and otherwise shifty type who was employed by the very resort where the McCanns stayed. However, that does not necessarily mean that this man is responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. It seems that officials -- along with Kate and Gerry -- are trying to find a scapegoat to quickly sweep this case away. Nothing more to see here, folks! Nevermind that this guy looks absolutely nothing like any of the suspect sketches in this case. So it looks like this guy is distracting from the fact that Kate and Gerry McCann have been suspicious characters in this case since day-one.

    Why are Gerry and Kate McCann suspicious characters in this case? For starters they wouldn't even be in this mess if they hadn't decided to leave their young toddler and even younger twins alone while they went to have grown up time at a tapas bar. Maddie and her little siblings were left alone for several hours that night, so if she was abducted it is certain that Gerry and Kate directly led to this. They were negligent as parents and that led to the disappearance and likely death of their daughter. That is just the least of the issue, barely the icing on the cake so-to-speak.

    Over the course of this case the McCanns have dodged questions -- over 48 of them in fact -- and a cadaver dog has directly implicated them in the death of their daughter. The overwhelming evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann was so blatant that investigators in Portugal deemed them suspects, going as far as to claim that Maddie died in an accident due to being left unsupervised. Goncalo Amaral believes that Kate and Gerry went to great lengths to dispose of or conceal Madeleine's body so as to avoid facing charges. I believe he is right.

  24. The Express wrote a story that McCann is very upset about Madeleine and she miss her very much, she is very upset because they know what they have done. Before the holiday she used to say the three children is a bit too much for me and Madeleine could sometimes be a big handful, she got in her mind what they have done to her and that's why they are upset. Most people say she never was kidnapped and that she died in the flat. Its time the truth came out.

  25. Despicable news in British tabloids. The Cape Verdian's face splashed on their pages and pointed as the actual abductor. Time for the widow to take some action? Carter-Ruck perhaps? The length they are prepared to go in order to sell newspapers is unbelievable. Total garbage!

  26. "oh what a web we weave, when at first we attempt to deceive". Someone knows the truth...speak up!

  27. After what happened in the original libel Trial, where every witness was favourable to Dr. Amaral’s thesis, where even the judge had to accept that the book respected the PJ files, I wouldn’t be surprised if this judge, whose behaviour has been very correct so far, decided in favour of the McCann.

    Yes, I agree with Guerra that all these last articles have as a goal to devaluate the
    initial investigation.

    But whatever the decision will be, the fact is that it cannot change the opinion of the majority of the public – we don’t believe the McCann’s version and we believe Amaral’s team was on the right track until the investigation was called in.

    I have no idea what he Porto team used to get the investigation reopened (I stress reopened: it’s the same investigation and not a new one), but whatever it is the team, that shall be appointed, will have to follow whatever was researched before. It’s a follow up, not a starting from zero, as the Scotland Yard’s “investigation” wanted to make believe to the British public.
    Defaming a dead man and hurting his family will not be tolerated. It’s time we take a position against this hideous campaign. It’s high time the McCann assume their responsibility and answer for what they did. And it’s time that the Portuguese authorities stop protecting those neglectful parents.

  28. Where has all this come? Is someone in the PJ ignoring judicial secrecy, or is it from another source?
    p.s. Has anyone heard from Paulo Reis? Last I heard his book release was postponed due to ill health.

  29. Anon 17
    GM was,- I say was- in line to be minister of health for the conservatives. He has many contacts in the now running the uk government, politics is always scratch my back....however until this is settled and the noise quietened no one dare put him forward. GM is all about himself,position power,being better than anyone else,hence the 5star hotels. At University people described him as a shark, cold eating anyone who gets in his way. Metaphorically speaking that is. Why is everyone falling over backwards to clear his path, he has apparently worked on government project. Like a rat slips into the river, the Mcs will do the same and come out squeaky clean. But the shadow will still hang over them,but they wont notice,between the brotherhood and his contacts the Lord of Rothley Towers will rise.
    The latest is they are going to apply to be prosecutors, and work with the PJ, since when have suspects been able to climb so high up their own a---s. What do they know about the law.
    I really would like some honest answers here the uk papers are disgusting..tried,guilty and hung already, I hope the family sue all these british papers. The Mcs are controlling all, even demanding the police say they are not under suspicion I cant believe that as the world looks on,the biggest whitewash in our time is about to take place.SOMETHING MUST BE DONE

  30. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2487987/Madeleine-McCanns-parents-suspects-Portuguese-detectives-didnt-abandon-case.html

    Police chief blamed Kate and Gerry McCann for Madeleine's disappearance 'to ensure Portuguese detectives didn't abandon case'

    Goncalo Amaral was said to have been 'against shelving of original probe'
    Kate and Gerry McCann are suing Mr Amaral over his claims in 2008 book
    He alleged couple faked the abduction to cover up her death in Portugal
    McCanns say book turned people against them when they needed help

    By Gerard Couzens

    PUBLISHED: 20:24, 5 November 2013 | UPDATED: 20:24, 5 November 2013

    A former Portuguese police chief blamed Madeleine McCann's parents for the three-year-old girl's disappearance to ensure detectives carried on looking for her, a former colleague claimed today.

    Antonio Paulo dos Santos told a Lisbon court he believed his friend Goncalo Amaral penned a book pointing the finger at the couple because he was against the shelving of the original investigation.

    Kate and Gerry McCann are suing Mr Amaral over his claims in his July 2008 book The Truth of the Lie that they faked their daughter's abduction to cover up her death in their holiday apartment.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2487987/Madeleine-McCanns-parents-suspects-Portuguese-detectives-didnt-abandon-case.html#ixzz2joCBly7k
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  31. Anon 30 - I don't think that Gerry McCann was ever in line to be the Health Minister for the conservatives. Gerry is an avid and public supporter of the labour party and an opponent of conservative politics and its entire philosophy.

  32. just for the political posts.

    There is fundamentally no difference between the conservative, Labour or liberal on the main agendas.
    They may differ in talk on peripheral issues, of which most of those never change either ..just used for campaign spiel and to help create the illusion of difference.

    The big issues of the day remain the same within all parties.

    I know you may think I am a crank or paranoid ...but I speak the truth.
    Hold my words even if you will not accept them now ....because I will 100% guarantee you that they will become very apparent and real soon.

    We are all been moulded into a federal Europe,.... the reality of this has taken until now, partly because they have had to wait until they have had the people in positions of power across Europe to enable it...they have now.

    Try getting any MP from any party to speak out about this case ....you will hit a wall.

    They are all feathering their nests for the new shaping of Europe ....its happening and like cattle were all been herded along - by the time most people accept what is clear ..it will be in place.


  33. How many passports are on the table.Looks like four to me ,Where is the fifth..

  34. @33 You are not a crank at all. You are awake to what is happening, as am I. And it is a lonely place to be when the majority are still fast asleep. The McCann case is not without connection to this sinister plan.

  35. She never made her 4 birthday.
    'Been taken' sure.. do believe that.
    No abduction.
    In the Netherlands..The message still is 'abduction'
    I do not believe that.
    But I cannot believe that all their friends (except one) didn°t even had a monitor.
    Well educaded or |responsibel parents_

    I find it hard to believe a girl with her eye , is still out there, alive.
    But still,In the Netherlands and Germany it was on tv.2013
    900 calls..aftewards.
    Veel tips vanuit NL en DL

    The late news.
    Scotland yard is about to arrest the burglers and the girl is alive..


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