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PJ from Porto has «new suspect» in the Maddie case

The Judiciary Police [the PJ team from Porto lead by Helena Monteiro], appear to have a «new suspect» in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The man, in his forties, died in 2009, in an accident with a tractor.

In the day of Maddie's disappearance, there is a record of his cell phone being used close to the tourist resort, but the motives for him being there are unknown. The man had worked at the Ocean Club [a year before Madeleine's disappearance] and was dismissed due to suspicions of stealing five euros.

The PJ was at the widow's house asking questions as to the motives of the Cape-Verdean man presence in Praia da Luz, on the night the girl disappeared. The woman is outraged with this situation. She has already made it clear that she will not speak with journalists and wishes to protect her son, who is a minor.

The PJ is now attempting to reconstitute the man's steps on that fateful night. Even though the man has a criminal record, the «new suspect» was never connected to serious crimes, such as paedophilia.

TVI 24, November 1, 2012


broadcast by TVI, November 1, 2013


Marisa Rodrigues (report/Voice over) - It's a loose end that needs to be tied up - a man that has used his cell phone at the time of the disappearance on May 3, 2007. The Judiciary Police had the cell phone number but only now, after the reanalysis of all the investigation, they were able to look more attentively to the owner and outlined the profile of what could be another “suspect”. A Cape-Verdean immigrant, former employee of the Ocean Club tourist resort, who died in 2009 when he was 40 years old, in an accident at work with a tractor. The PJ now went knocking on the widow's door at Lagos. The inspectors wanted to know what was this man doing in Praia da Luz when Madeleine disappeared, they asked questions related to his work in the Ocean Club and they would also have implied that the man is a “suspect” of the child's abduction without giving further explanations regarding his motives. A procedural step made in the framework of the Portuguese investigation and headed by an inspector of the PJ from Porto, where the process was examined in close detail over two years. The reconstitution of the deceased man steps could be the motive that led to the reopening [as explained before the reopening is the only way the PJ has to formally inquire witnesses] last week; about this the PJ only state what they said at the time: “There are new elements that justify the reopening of the investigation”. This man would have been betrayed by his criminal record, he had been arrested for petty theft associated to drug abuse. 17 years ago a pardon by Jorge Sampaio has prevented his deportation for a crime of theft, but in his criminal record nothing exists that connects him to serious or violent crimes, such as paedophilia. It also didn't help that he was fired from the Ocean Club for suspicions of stealing five euros.

The widow is outraged at the Judiciary Police as they knocked on her door four years after her husband had died. She has already made it clear that she will not to speak with journalists as a measure to safeguard her son who is a minor. Image by Frederico Gomes da Costa, Marisa Rodrigues, TVI.

Note: Yesterday, I wrote that all the reports coming out from Correio da Manhã appeared to be part of the rogatory letter that is being carried out by a team from the PJ in Faro considering that there isn't a PJ team constituted yet to resume the investigation since the process was reopened; today it was confirmed that the “dead suspect” lead is being followed by the PJ review team from Porto headed by inspector Helena Monteiro (pictured above). As far as I know, all else that was reported by Correio da Manhã are leads being followed in the scope of the rogatory letter sent by the English police to the Portuguese authorities.


  1. All I can say now at this juncture ....is people power is required ...the agenda has been laid bare for all to see. Portugal is as corrupt as the UK ....you cant keep using the pied piper analysis and blaming the UK any longer...you are a sovereign country so act like one.

    Protest is required ....bums off seats ..people on the streets.

    the world needs to see it - it can be done.
    Where there is a Will there IS a way.

    please ..please .please ..do not roll over - this is your people been abused....fight, fight.
    You are known the world over to be a courageous people, you are been backed into a corner.

    I am raging and the injustices of this case - get out on the street, marches, banners ...make the worlds media sit up and take note.

    If you do not ....Portugal is no more - you will be melted into the pot with other nations and everything your history has fought for will be lost.


  2. This has to be a load of nonsense! Why is this new team of the PJ going with it? I simply do not understand.

  3. The protectors of the mccanns are evil, they are happy to destroy reputations of innocent people anywhere and everywhere.SURELY THERE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE PERSON OUT THERE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH,AND WILL PUT AN END TO THIS FARCE.PLEASE IF THERE IS ,EXAMINE YOUR CONSIENCE AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

  4. If the Porto team use this man as a scapegoat then the people of Portugal should be on the streets protesting its bad enough with the british police being corrupt we don't need the porto team as well

  5. Looks like the pj are as bent as sy.POOR MADELEINE,you will have no chance of justice with this bunch of crooks

  6. The fact that this in under investigation doesn't mean that the PJ is making this man a scapegoat. They have to find more evidences of a crime, or clear this man from suspicions. If this is not done, the McCanns will continue using him to cover themselves.

    People seem to not understand that now, PJ talks about what they are doing, not as before when we would know only what they were investigating when the investigation was finished. Let them do the investigation... lets wait and see, before start saying that the PJ is corrupt.

    As for me, the PJ investigating these new leads will end up excluding more possibilities that the McCanns are innocent, and lead to more focus on the resting possibility that Madeleine is dead and parents concealed the body.

  7. He was a black man! For goodness sake, nobody ever mentioned a black man and the key photo fits were white men! Just more nonsense!



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