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PJ investigates the past of a suspect who died four years ago

· Former employee of the Ocean Club, from where Maddie disappeared, died in an accident
· Family is outraged by suspicions

by Marisa Rodrigues/with Nuno Miguel Maia

The Judiciary Police (PJ) is investigating the past of a man who died four years ago. It is the first investigative step known since the process, regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, was reopened last week.

The widow was already heard by the PJ. Outraged, she refuses to speak with with journalists and threatens to take legal actions in order to reinstate her husband's good name. The man who is now the focus of attention died in 2009, when he was 40 years old, in a work accident with a tractor. He worked in one of the restaurants of the Ocean Club and was dismissed when he was caught stealing five euros from the till a year before the child's disappearance. JN learned through several former employees of the tourist resort that the man left peacefully, without conflicts with the management or with his colleagues.

A Cape-Verdean immigrant, E. Monteiro was in jail for petty thefts linked to drug abuse. 17 years ago a pardon of the then president of the Portuguese Republic, Jorge Sampaio, prevented him from being expelled of the country for a theft that took place in Portimão.

In his criminal record there is nothing connecting him to serious and violent crimes such as paedophilia or kidnappings. He would be the carrier of a cell phone that was connected in the vicinity of the tourist resort on the night of May, 3 2007. The PJ had the number but was unaware to whom it belonged.

JN knows the man wasn't referenced during the investigation lead by the coordinators Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Rebelo, which was archived in 2008. He came up during the reanalysis that was done for over two years by the PJ team from Porto and could fit in the “new evidentiary elements” referenced by the Attorney General's Office [PGR], which motivated the reopening.

The Portuguese investigation - there is another one ongoing in England - only has one orientation: that Madeleine was abducted from apartment 5 A where she was left alone along with her siblings, the twins, while the parents dined with friends.

At this stage E. Monteiro is not being considered as the main and only suspect of the crime - this was assured by several PJ sources contacted by JN. It's just a “loose end, a lead that needs to be followed so no one can blame the PJ for not following all leads”. In fact, the Cape-Verdean is not referenced for crimes of paedophilia or for kidnappings.

PJ team from Porto was given "carte blanche" to investigate

Helena Monteiro, an inspector coordinator of criminal investigation, leads the 4 man team of PJ inspectors from Porto, that have for over two years, analysed the process in minute detail and have requested its reopening. The JN knows they were given a carte blanche from the National Directorship of the PJ to define the investigative steps and to choose the inspectors who will carry them out. The investigators from Porto were involved in a missing person case in 2010, the disappearance of Carina Ferreira, a student from Lamego who died in a car accident, whose body was found five weeks later by the PJ from Porto.

Other suspects

3 men of gipsy ethnicity, the occupiers of a white van, alongside the Cape-Verdean immigrant are the most recent leads of the two investigations that are taking place in Portugal and in England. Six years after the disappearance none of the two investigations was able to reach a conclusion about what happened in the night of May 3, 2007.

The 3 men were referenced as suspects by the English investigation following informations given by Ocean Club employees [in fact this is information taken from a former Ocean Club employee statement contained in the the PJ investigation case files] in an attempt to fit them in the thesis that Madeleine was abducted in the sequence of a robbery to the McCann's apartment. The men would have been seen roaming the tourist resort [according to the statement, four months before the McCanns arrived at Aldeia da Luz] where the McCanns would later be lodged, and were singled out as possibly being responsible for a series of thefts in the area.

The reference to the white van also comes up as a lead in the English investigation, where a witness [again from the PJ case files and the sighting was dismissed, they were Ukrainians and the blond girl was their daughter] guarantees to have seen a child similar to Madeleine, a day after the crime.

in Jornal de Notícias, November 2, 2013, page 10, paper edition


  1. A very unusual approach to investigating, narrow the investigation to one theory.

  2. http://www.opendemocracy.net/ourbeeb/david-elstein/crimewatch-dupers-or-duped
    not on topic but deserves to be posted somewhere. Thank you

  3. It is clear now - if it was not clear enough before, that this sick farce is going to conclude with a declaration of the McCanns innocence. As another poster stated on another thread the PJ are now "onside". Too many people in high places in both Portugal and England would be discredited if the truth about Madeleine's death were to be revealed. Irrespective of the outcome of the libel trial, Amaral's book will be rendered worthless, when it is confirmed that Madeleine is dead and that "we are almost certain" that - whoever the patsy is - killed her and is now dead also.

  4. Hmmm It is going to be interesting, when we are shown how the man entered and left the apartment. And no Maddie means she may be dead?. TM will have a hell of a lot to answer for EVENTUALLY.

    We are all pleased that the case is closed-he has been found guilty we can all go home now....

    Closing the fund any time soon?

    Miss Taken Identity

  5. I strongly suspect that there is something in Monteiro's past that the PJ know about, that has not been released. It is most unlikely that they would label him a suspect, and go to the trouble of re-opening this case, if they did not have a great deal more than what they are letting on at present. I am not, by any means, saying that the man committed this crime, but I can't believe the PJ don't have a lot more on him than we know about. It doesn't make sense that any experienced police force would re-open a case simply because a man was fired, and guilty of petty theft. They (the PJ) know something that we don't. That's obvious.

  6. Anon 5, PJ made it clear through the article above that they don't want to be accused of having let any lign open without being fully investigated. I think, up to now they are only playng the game the britisk ask them to play but without any responsibility on it. They are just working on the terrain to answer the requests inside the british rogstory letters. If I'm right, this could be in fact a very clever step from PJ, since they know the requests have not a single evidence to support them and will take SY to nowhere.
    After that, when all the leads proposed by the british were fully investigated without producing anything will be about SY to assume that that lign of investigation produced nothing and found a way to solve the problem. I don't believe PJ will accept a whitewash deal. If so, they could have accepted that long ago, without letting the problem go so far.
    When SY were forced to accept the fact that the lign they proposed to be investigated has no evidences to support it, while the other one has a lot of evidences which need steps to be carry on in UK, will be about SY and the british government to assume if they want the case to be solved with the ttruth coming out and Madeleines body located, or if they want a whitewash with the criminals going untouched. Will be a hard decision from the british side, but if thry decide to keep covering up that crime, they are the ones to blame and they have a lot to lost, specially in terms of reputation, not only in Europe but also inside UK. SY, will be forced to cooperate with PJ and have the all Tapas 9 and probably some guests of the OC investigated. Because there lies the answers for many questions and the key to solve the case, and both polices know that. 99% of the public of the all world knows that aswell. Hard to close the eyes of all that people.

  7. Whatever the immmediate outcome of this tragic/farcical case, the truth WILL eventually come out, if only after the main protagonists have died. Look at the history of cover ups, political interference and reputation protection in UK life over the past years - Hillsborough, Jimmy Saville, the Birmingham Six, even back to the Boothby case (look it up and see the comparisons if you are not familiar with it).
    The one thing that is unavoidable is that our actions live on long after we are dead - and in all the above cases the families of the guilty now have to live with the knowledge of what was done. That is a terrible legacy to leave to one's children.

  8. I think the british government should do something about their newspapers, telling such lies, such terrible headlines. You are innocent until proven guilty. They owe an apology to his widow.
    And as for the Mcs applying to be prosecution assistents, well that is disgusting if its allowed. Its like asking the Moors Murderers to pin the tail on the patsy.
    I don't believe in justice anymore

  9. Anon @ 6, Exactly. Well said. With you all the way on what you say.

  10. A body disappeared, maybe someone with a diplomatic get-out-of-jail free card transported her to british soil, maybe gibraltar. Doctors save lives and are very often trusted secrets, maybe someone payed their debt to the mccanns. Casa pia case was also a successful cover up for many years and no one would have guessed. This suspect seems a too weak character, and he allegedly steals 5euros then passes right on to abduction?

  11. Anonymous @ 6 - That is exactly my assumption as well. After the elements required within the rogatory letter are exhausted and lead to nowhere, there is nothing left but to go back to square one, or to the evidence that points to the Tapas 9, if you prefer. As you said, it will be interesting to know what will the SY do after finding themselves in a cul de sac. As to the PJ, and with the investigation now open, will they follow through and bring the TM to justice? This remains to be seen. There is no escaping the more than clear evidences pointing to the culprits we all know. In end the PJ's move might prove a very clever one, we hope.

  12. "The EU Data Retention Directive (DRD), adopted by the European Union in 2006, is the most prominent example of a mandatory data retention framework. The highly controversial Directive compels all ISPs and telecommunications service providers operating in Europe to collect and retain a subscriber's incoming and outgoing phone numbers, IP addresses, location data, and other key telecom and Internet traffic data for a period of 6 months to 2 years. This applies to all European citizens, including those not suspected or convicted of any crime. Pushed through by powerful U.S. and U.K. government interests, the DRD forces services providers to retain traffic data revealing who communicates with whom by email, phone, and SMS, including the duration of the communication and the locations of the users. The data is often made available to law enforcement.

    "A number of countries have transposed the Directive into national legislation including Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Countries outside the European Union such as Serbia and Iceland have also adopted data retention laws. Constitutional Courts in some countries have issued decisions striking down national data retention laws for violating human rights."

  13. Joana Astro, do you by chance know if Isabel Duarte was at the last hearing in Lisbon?

  14. @ no 6
    I agree with you the PJ might follow all lines of investigation now because they don't want to be accused of not having investigated everything but what makes you so sure the british police is not doing exactly the same? Andy Redwood spoke of "excluding as many people as possible". They might screen many people to find out all the proposed suspects are innocent. PJ and SY cooperate and exclude all potential suspects until there is nobody left except for ...

    In the meantime during the investigation some of the innocent suspects might fight back because their name was sullied. Innocently blamed people may speak out in public and the McCanns may be beaten with their own weapons.

  15. A heroin addict? Probably not true, because hardly anything said in this case is, but if it is true - just the person to offer money to in return for doing a dirty job - such as helping to get rid of a body.
    So his mobile phone was traced to the vicinity of the Ocean Club that night? It would be interesting to know with whom he was communicating.
    And If there does happen to be a grain of truth in this theory, how terrified certain people would be to know that the police were on to him.
    I know police forces and journalists can behave disgracefully, but I still find it difficult to accept that this man`s name is being dragged through the mud in this appalling manner unless he is involved in some way - but perhaps not in the way we are being led to believe.

  16. To all you who think the PJ are playing a "game" ....think again.

    I know a lot want the UK and Scotland yard to be the only corrupt force in this case .....but your wrong The Portugal PJ are as corrupt and are proving so.

    The only difference is that they do as they are told rather than lead ...like a puppet on a string.
    They already have a huge file expertly put together by Goncalo Amaral, one of their own ....instead they have chosen to disregard it and leak their new suspect to their mainstream media, at a time when a libel case is going on with one of their own detectives.

    Some posters here need to get real ...its staring you in the face.

    I will repeat ....Portugal are doing as they are told by the UK....like a puppet, a servant ...your no sovereign country ...your like any other and can be bought.

    You the people are been sold out by your establishment .....lets see what happens in the Libel case.....its been lined up for a McCann victory ....they have no case yet will win, and you the people will do nothing....hope you prove me wrong, but I will not hold my breath.
    The UK is a lost cause ...the people of the uk were sold out years ago, most feel that downtrodden and despondent that they have lost the will to even say anything.....the machine seems so overpowering ..............revolution is coming, civil unrest ....and it needs to, the corruption is that great in the world.

    You only need to see what's going on with the recent whistle-blowers in world affairs to realise the extent of evil in the world, instead of them been celebrated as true heroes ....their holed up or on the run such is the force of evil ruling our countries.

    wake up - smell the coffee.


  17. Our Pat Brown knows what she´s talking about (from her blog):

    Now, back to Madeleine McCann. Let''s look at two possible suspects: Monteiro and the McCanns and see who fits the crime better.

    Link One: Had access to the victim. - McCanns
    Link Two: No evidence of a burglary - McCanns
    Link Thee: Blood and cadaver evidence of death in the holiday flat - McCanns
    Link Four: Caucasian male seen carrying off child toward beach - McCanns
    Link Five: Motive for removing a dead child from the flat - McCanns

    Suspect Rating: Mccanns 5 Monteiro 0

    I think the numbers speak for themselves as to who is the better suspect, don't you?

    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

    November 5, 2013

    Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

  18. The man stole money not children, for heaven's sake !

    @ Anonymous 10 . A very good point indeed !


  19. It seems likely that the PJ are investigating this former employee only because SY have asked them to' as part of theit eliminations, to tie up loose ends. Surely there is no serious suspect because there is no evidence that an abduction took place, no forensics, no time in the accepted timeline. What is more, the Smith sighting was thought to be McCann, and it is interesting that trolls have appeared on Jill Havern forum trying to cast doubt on this sighting. In my opinion the sighting was important because Snr Amaral thought so and gave it credibility. The McCanns thought it important to suppress it.

  20. Referring to comments made by anonymous at (1), respectfully, there is nothing unusual in this methodology. All cover-ups involve a focus on one theory and the relentless pursuit of anything to support it. History reminds us of this: JFK/Lee Harvey Oswald, 9-11/Bin Laden, Lady Diana/paparazzi, Timothy McVeigh etc. The McCann case is 100% about covering up what really happened. They tried these tactics with Hewlett when he was on his deathbed. They're trying it on with this dead former employee of the Ocean Club. They will never stop so be prepared for more of the same. Nothing has changed in six years and it isn't about to change now. Not one media outlet has ever sought an interview with the Gaspars. O'Brien made himself disappear off the face of the earth in the summer of 2007 only to appear in the rogatory interviews in 2008. Why has the media never interviewed him? He never even made an appearance when the Tapas 7 won damages against the Express. These bastards have got away with it....end of.

  21. All this to distract from the 'best in world, never been wrong before', UK blood and cadaver dogs who worked on this case and indicated very convincingly that a death had occurred in the McCanns' holiday apartment. Please keep focused on those dogs and don't allow this distraction. According to those dogs there was a 'death' where nobody had ever been reported having died, and Madeleine is missing! There was also a large blue bag which is also missing, as shown in the photo taken on the night the child was reported missing, and was on a shelf the cadaver dog was indicating to. All these things we are supposed to now turn a blind eye to. Dream on McCanns and SY if you think people are going to do that.

  22. Another situation that the authorities found strange was the fact that Kate, upon realizing that Maddie had disappeared, remained inside the apartment for ten minutes. Only then did she ask for help, leaving the twins asleep in their cots while she returned to the restaurant. The policeman who wrote the report asks how it is possible that a mother facilitates the safety of her other children when it is certain that by that time she was already screaming that her daughter had been abducted. - See more at: http://madeleinemccann.org/2008/1753/payne-suspected-of-paedophilia/#sthash.IuZchHtL.dpuf

  23. Yesterday I saw for the first time the picture of the latest suspect. He's black! As black as black can be. Is this the first black suspect?

    Anyhow, now I'm convinced. This investigation is no cover-up. Good on you plod!

    How do conspiracy theorists expect the PJ and SY to match this latest picture with the Crimewatch McCann-lookalike that Mr and Mrs kept hidden for four years? A truly cunning plan is afoot IMO. Plod cannot, surely, be so stupid as to think anyone will swallow this latest claptrap?

    Picture the scene:
    Det Constable Smithers, on the ground in PDL E-mails his 'line manager' Det Sergeant Brick of The Yard.

    'Great news, serge', says Smithers, 'that Portuguese PJ bird in Porto has come up with a new suspect - ex con, dodgy geezer, sacked employee with a grudge, whose mobile phone was in PDL on that fateful day! We've a picture of the guy - clear as day - a right bad 'un if you ask me. And what's more - he's dead!

    'Well done, Smithers', says Brick. 'Perfect. Email me the picture ASAP. Shouldn't be too difficult to match this geezer with the mugshot of that bufoon McCann. A tweak here a tweak there, and BINGO, job done! Back to internet poker - and a likely promotion to boot'.

    I've already e-mailed the picture, serge,' says Smithers. 'You should be getting it any time now'.

    'Good man, Smithers', says Brick. 'It's coming through the printer as we spea . . as we...as w... Oh bloody Je... SMITHERS!!!!!'

    I mean - you really couldn't make it up!

    bob the bluebird

  24. its about time somebody spoke up against the mc cans the have had their own way far to long and have got things their own way to long poor Kerry needham still fighting to get help looking for her son ben and she didn't leave him alone shame on met and david Cameron that why mc cans have got away with things friends in high places

  25. all the suppression of negative evidence or comments in media etc on McCann case is not good now uk for freedoms we have had ! also, SY review seems doggy they and the missing people charity keep only discussing The Abduction as if it happened uk or Stranger abduction abroad etc they never mention the accident near pool or on road etc which is just as likely as no evidence.Whoever wants to force feed this abduction or Set SY Remit on behalf of nation,needs sacking if all that money being spent to cover up a Crime

  26. date 7 nov 2013
    source Yorkshire Post
    by Rob Parsons Jack Blanchard

    Cameron pledges to reconsider funding decision for inquiry into missing Ben

    THE Prime Minister has promised to look again at the decision not to provide extra funds for the police investigation into the disappearance of Sheffield toddler Ben Needham more than 20 years ago.

    David Cameron told the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Question Time he would “look very carefully” at a recent letter sent by Ben’s mother Kerry appealing for more help to find her son.

    He was responding to a question by Mrs Needham’s MP Angela Smith asking why he turned down an earlier request for help despite agreeing for extra funds for a full-scale Metropolitan Police probe into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    The Labour MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge asked: “Two years ago the Prime Minister quite rightly agreed that extra resources be made available to assist in the search for Madeleine McCann. “And yet only months later he turned down a similar request from my constituent, Kerry Needham, whose son Ben is still missing after 22 years. Will the Prime Minister please think again and respond positively to my recent letter to him, by making extra resources available to help a desperate mother search for her son?”

    Mr Cameron replied: “Well, this has been an absolutely heartbreaking case that I know the whole country has followed over the years. I will look very carefully at the letter she wrote me. Obviously (it’s) very important the police make these decisions themselves. Government should always stand by to help, which is what happened in the Madeleine McCann case. But I will look at what she says and see what I can do.”

    A statement on the family’s website said Ben’s grandfather Eddie Needham welcomed the announcement, but hoped the Government response did not get “swept under the carpet”.

    Ben vanished on July 24, 1991 aged 21 months, after travelling to Kos with his mother and grandparents, Eddie and Christine, who were renovating a farmhouse in the village of Iraklise.

    Over the years there have been a number of possible sightings and a range of theories about what may have happened to Ben.

    In June* the Home Office gave the green light to directly fund a Metropolitan Police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine in 2007, which resulted in a nationwide appeal aired last month on the BBC’s Crimewatch.

    *actually Operation Grange was launched in May, 13 2011, after Rebekah Brooks (News International) and the McCanns pressure on David Cameron, the "pressure" was made public via a letter written by the McCanns published on the Sun on May 13 2011. On the same day and The Sun published David Cameron's reply : "David Cameron: I've Reopened the Maddie McCann files". In 2010 there were talks of the McCanns signing a mega book deal. One day previous to the letter's exchange in the Sun, Transworld published the McCann's book titled 'madeleine'.

  27. link correction to my comment at 09/11/2013 23:55 - "book titled 'madeleine'." http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/news/2011/05/transworld-publishes-madeleine-by-kate-mccann

  28. Anon 16 i agree with every word you've written,the evidence has always been there yet portual and now sy are paving the way for a whitewash,and nothing will change it.something connects certain people,perhaps the main players belongto a group of some sort.Madeleine and Goncalo Amaral have and re being sold down the river by their own.

  29. Poster 16 Mojo is absolutely right and is one of those who have "got real". The conclusion of this hideous and evil cover-up is staring us in the face. Here we are in the midst of legal action against Mr Amaral and what do his successors do? In effect, discredit the conclusions of his investigation. Does anyone honestly believe the McCanns would taking this action if they were not confident of victory? It's been transparent from the outset of this sick, stomach-churning farce that the two celebrity child-neglectors have been protected by people in high places. The final part is about to be played a dead patsy being identified by The Yard and The PJ . It is ironic that the most-profile pundits who have in effect exposed this cover-up are in America. Pat Brown, Chris Friend and Wendy Murphy - and of course Stevo. I say ironic because this "great" country is notorious for high-profile people with connections and money being able to get away with heinous deeds. The most salient example of course being O.J. Simpson.

  30. We are now supposed to look everywhere but not at the McCanns for any answers as to what happened to Madeleine, and the dogs who worked on the case and indicated very clearly of blood and cadaver scent in the McCanns' holiday apartment and hire car are not to be even mentioned by the cops now.

    Please do tell us Mr Redwood how, given those dogs, the McCanns and their pals have been absolutely 'cleared' of any involvement in the vanishing of Madeleine when the dogs are surely telling something else?

    Am I the only one who is thinking this is getting like the fairy story of the 'Emperor's new clothes' where all the people had to pretend they were seeing something that wasn't there!

    Or, are we really at the 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' and wondering what madness is going to appear next?

    When is some sanity gong to return to this case?

  31. We reading about the story of Mccanns, they are two doctors and look after the patients . Why they finish in the hospital now? do they afraid the patients wouldn't like them because of what happened to Madeleine, they are not honest doctors what they have done for six years in lie stories to be innocent. The police should look for the true story because Mr Cameron paid them and tell them what to do. Britain has always looked after the rich and not for the true story. They had a case of an old doctor who looked after the old people, claimed their money and then they were killed, it was too late when they found out about it and he had to go to the prison. Just like Mccanns they are after the money, this government is trying to make them innocent which they are wrong. Most people believe Madeleine died in the flat and Mr McCann was seen by Mr Smith taking her to the beach and that is the truth what people think.

  32. anon @ 28, 29

    or conversely - the fact that the McCanns, like OJ and, er numerous mafia figures, are seemingly so well protected by the rich and powerful, and can be afforded the best legal teams in the land, also means the police need to be absolutely certain of conviction. It's been tried once and failed dismally with this pair of schemers.

    I don't believe there was any real desire to nail this pair because:

    - too many publicity-seeking power-brokers in politics and the media have used them from day one for their own agendas. So let's Turn a blind eye, they're hardly likely to be so foolish again.

    - The McCs have a solid 'fan' base made up largely of gormless good-guy celebrities like the 'girl next door' Lorraine Kelly, and that third-rate writer of hackneyed chick-lit Tony Parsons, who thinks he's bloody Dostoyevsky. Cretins whose whole careers are based on being populist and current. (Parsons now works for Murdoch's SUN - his latest Little Englander rantings, dressed as moderate patriotism, are a read to behold - full of teenage angst and glaring contradictions. His recent ramblings on the burka a perfect example).

    - But most important. People WANT the mcCs to be innocent - hence the LUDICROUS vitriol when certain uncomfortables are pointed out. The McCanns are the heroes of people who like black and white at all times.

    The police, however, are stuck between a rock and a hard place at this moment. Too much is known and 'out there' for there to be a complete cover-up. This case needs closure. The police know the truth, and the truth shall set them free. Interesting times ahead.

  33. what really upsets me is that its English people money funding the met yet people are willing to say nothing and the damage all this is doing to Portugal its a discrace

  34. The McCanns never expected Cameron to listen to their request, let alone the Scotland Yard would get involved in the case.
    They had no idea that Rebekah Brooks was behind the request and that she was blackmailing the prime minister.
    They insisted on the review because they knew the PJ was refusing to reopen the case.
    They never expected that both police would work together.

    If this was a whitewash, the PJ would not have re-started the investigation and the Met police could have said that the review was ready and that the girl was abducted by gypsies who commited suicide, jumping in the Vesuvius, taking Maddie with them.
    An investigation would not be necessary.

    I am convinced that at least one of the Tapas told the truth, if not all of the 7. Too much pressure on them, after the Yard got involved in the case.
    I believe that one of them was Jane Tanner and that is why Redwood said that the Tannerman was a mistake. Probably he promised to free her of any blame, if she would tell what happened, and she did.
    If she did, I believe that Tapas 6 did it too and that is the reason why the PJ reopened the case, I think. The new evidence they were waiting for.

    Both police are now concentrated on the Smithman and the Smithman is not happy at all.
    I believe both police forces are working hard at this moment but not as hard as Kate works, of course.
    Unfortunately we have to wait. There must be a reason why this is not yet solved, at least for us.I hope that they arrived already at 5a, the dogs and the DNA, and the car.
    Didn't Redwood say that the Met were doing the review backwards?

  35. Mirror

    Kate seems to have had a tricky few months. Why not both parents? Odd.
    I have the impression that she was the one who insisted on the review whilsh Gerry was the one who wanted to diminish the attention to the case. He said it already in Edimburg in 2007, short before they became arguidos.
    I have the feeling that she and Gerry have not much of a spiritual contact with each other. She is all by herself.

    Kate's few strick months means to me that what is going on in Algarve is not a cover up otherwise she would not have said it and she would sleep much better.

    She and Gerry know that it is not a whitewash.
    It could be that both police are causing a war of nerves in both parents, till they come forward with the truth.

  36. Telegraph uk covering the trial, haven't read anything in The Daily Mail though.

  37. The Express have again reported that after SY unveiled two e-fits of a new prime suspect they received 3,000 calls and e-mails. What they did not say was how many of them said it was Mr McCann.

  38. Let's not forget that the McCanns have had a PR company in Portugal that can presumably plant stories in the Press!


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