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Caso Maddie: Especial CMTV - Reconstituição do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann

Especial CM - Reconstituição do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann (parte 1)

Especial CM - Reconstituição do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann (parte 2)

Imagens exclusivas do apartamento de Maddie

A CMTV exibe um programa especial dedicado ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann: a reconstituição da noite de 3 de maio de 2007, a última vez que a criança britânica foi vista com vida na praia da Luz, em Lagos.

A viagem ao Ocean Club, complexo turístico onde estava hospedada a família McCann, tem a duração de oito minutos, durante os quais os telespectadores terão oportunidade de acompanhar, com rigor, o que aconteceu naquela noite em que a menina, então com três anos, desapareceu do quarto onde dormia com os dois irmãos gémeos.

A reconstituição da fatídica noite do desaparecimento envolveu 10 actores e foi efectuada em três locais distintos. É o resultado de duas semanas de trabalho, com quatro dias de gravação e duas noites. Engloba imagens inéditas feitas no interior do apartamento do Ocean Club. É a primeira vez que uma televisão vai mostrar o cenário do crime ocorrido no Algarve.

O ‘Especial Maddie' reúne, ainda, quatro reportagens sobre os momentos mais marcantes da investigação - que conheceu recentemente um novo impulso - e um debate com as personalidades que acompanharam a par e passo todas as incidências do caso: Gonçalo Amaral, inspector da PJ responsável pela investigação; e Rui Pereira, então ministro da Administração Interna. A conversa contará, também, com a participação da psicóloga criminal Maria do Sameiro e de Moita Flores, professor universitário e antigo inspetor da PJ.

in Correio da Manhã, emitido pela CMTV a 16 de Novembro de 2013 (debate c/ Gonçalo Amaral e Francisco Moita Flores)

Update: Full translation available at Zizi's Presscuts, courtesy of Zizi Duarte and Paula Levy-Smith


  1. Quando a Scotland Yard entrou para valer no caso, todos pensamos que ela já tivesse uma hipótese avançada para a solução do problema. No entanto, a demora e tanta que leva-nos a crer que essa polícia também está perdida e que, gostemos ou não, a hipótese levantada pela equipe de Gonçalo Amaral é a única existente até agora, visto que a hipótese do sequestro que tem como suspeito um falecido, é por demais ridícula e baseia-se apenas no fato "do suspeito estar na área do acontecimento no dia do sequestro".
    A reabertura do caso não trouxe ainda nenhum elemento novo que viesse esclarecer o caso.

  2. Thank you, Joana. I am not English but I can tell that English people are responsible about taking care of their children, during hollydays. I spent several vacations with English people, in Spain and Italy, same hotel, and all of them were concerned about their children's safety, like I was too about my child. Staying away for hours, leaving the children alone, was not the case.

  3. The Sunday Express have done it again, another strange story of photographs taken by an aeroplane at the time that Madeleine disappeared. We in Britain had a laugh about it how can an aeroplane see a child when the light is failing, that was a silly story after six years, hasn't this paper more important stories for the front headlines. Mrs McCann had tears in her eyes because of what they have done to Madeleine. people should refuse to buy that paper, they never write the true story. Poor girl, most people believe she died in the flat from what happened to her six years ago. The Portugal police should not listen to British stories, they have so many evidences they should reopen the case and get to the truth. We are British people.

  4. Thank you for your comment Anon No. 2.

    Gerry McCann is NOT ENGLISH. He is Scottish of Irish parentage. As for Kate McCann she also is of Irish extraction given her family names are not English names either. Please stop believing this nonsense the McCanns have put around that it is usual for the English to leave their children when they go out, which is a total lie, but why should Gerry McCann care about giving the English a bad name regards child care, being as he is not even English. Most English people are horrified that small children like the McCanns children had been left alone at nights in an unlocked apartment with their parents wining and dining well out of sight and hearing, and left crying and screaming for long periods late at night as was stated by the elderly lady in the apartment above.

  5. It is time the Portugal police finished with the British police and carry out the truth because the British police and government are still trying to be on Mccanns side. Mr Cameron still giving money out to help Mccanns. Please Portugal you got plenty evidence how Madeleine disappeared. Mr Smith and family saw Madeleine being carried to the sea and what about the dogs who never have been wrong and there are so many stories how that poor girl disappeared. The whole world people want to listen for the truth from Portugal. We don't trust Mr Cameron and the government. Lots of people believe that Maddie died in the flat. Don't let the British give Portugal a bad name.

  6. Merry Christmas Joana & Astro, all the best for this New Year from all your Spanish readers

  7. Been reading pj files, was anyone able to find the forensic results for quinta dos figos? Also, why are there no comments on the forensics from burgau, placing murat and tanner in the same apartment? Evidence collected on may 5th. And the most intriguing coincidence, the photo from the polish couple... The man looks exactly like tanner's e-fit and the couple was also staying in same apart building in burgau...???


  8. Another McCann PR story in the Daily Mail today it seems. Three suspect burglars after police analyse phone records. Doesn't Clarence Mitchell ever give up? Does he think we are all stupid? This must be to distract from the court hearing in Portugal again.

  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2533510/Police-identify-three-prime-suspects-abduction-Madeleine-McCann-following-analysis-mobile-phone-data.html

  10. I am reading all the latest rubbish coming out in the UK press, the PR spin - showing the "relaxed" smiling McCann's at the Everton football match, shaking hands with Harry Redknapp.

    The new direction of spin regarding the case, seems to be centred around 3 burglars ... I cant help but feel their is a NEW plan at work behind the scenes that has begun to be played out cleverly.

    Everything seems so thrown up in the air recently and not without cunning, given that the existing timeline has now been changed over 6 years later - (even though anyone who has read the files could see through the lies of that previous one also), It leaves me with the taste that a new strategy is been played out - first by creating new confusion and then by steering a new course.

    Getting to the point anyway the figure of 3 burglars seems so specific - with 1 of them been identified as Portuguese in the press.
    We also know that there is pressure politically going on for a joint investigation as been reported and backed up by statements from the head of Scotland Yard.

    The "new" team of Portuguese PJ have recently found a suspect enabling them to Reopen the case via the AG.

    The British Police have recently done their crimewatch appeal and are said also to be trawling extensive phone records from the area.

    Can anyone remember these two been linked to the case.

    It makes you wonder if they are going to try and link all the three characters into this case.
    They want closure to exonerate the McCann's and close this case - they are seeking patsy's to do it I have no doubt.

    Something is been played out - with the agenda that the "JOINT" investigation will join the dots and "solve" the case.
    Resulting in
    Mccanns and friends Innocent .... "joint" police work success.
    Job Done !

    on a positive note - its to late - whatever cover up route is attempted it will NEVER work - Most people can see what's going on and that they are been protected.
    I can see this case been blown open in the future when the power eventually changes and it will.....until then let them continue with the charade - and log it.


  11. Hi Joana! Happy New Year!

    We waited and waited for your translation of the reconstruction until we realized you were never going to do it and so we did it ourselves! This is hard work! Uff!

    :n Full kudos to you and Astro for your tremendous effort over the years!

    For the full translation see here:


  12. #2 and #4 - I totally agree. I am also English and don't know anyone who would leave their children alone ever, let alone in the dreadful circumstances in which the McCanns boast about leaving their tiny children. On their Find Madeleine website, one of the rules is that any "perfect parents" who leave comments in any way critical of their childcare arrangements will be banned. In my opinion, it was one of Clarence Mitchell's most despicable comments (which is saying quite a lot!) that British parents routinely leave their children to fend for themselves while they are out on the razzle. Utterly disgusting.

  13. It is strange that the report of the splatters of blood on the wall beside the sofa, and the floortiles under the sofa, removed to analyse the blood, are never mentioned. "Ask the Dogs," said Gerry on Portuguese TV and from there on the forensic details were not mentioned again.
    I am convinced that the little skinny girl in The Last Photo cannot be the sturdy barrel-chested girl of the Tennis Court Photo. They have entirely different body structure. The Last Photo - and we never see any others from that set - looks PhotoShopped, with that strange blue-grey shadow on her neck. I think it is the body of Amelie with the head and hat of Madeleine superimposed. On the old banned 3Arguidos site, professional photographers pointed out the split down the photo from Gerry's elbow, with 'work' done on the rock formation and the grass.

  14. @4

    Doesn't matter what nationality Kate and Gerry McCann are, if they had been Chinese and Mitchell had made the comment he would have inserted 'China' instead of England/ Britain whatever it was he said.

    Of course it was wrong of him to do so, but the 'Mitchell's of this world don't deal in right or wrong, they deal in money.

    He can be bought if the price is right, and at £70,000 per year and catapulted into the limelight, where he had always hoped to be and failed, made this poor excuse for a decent person, a man, feel that he was a 'somebody.'

    And how else was he going to afford that rug for his head!

    If the McCanns told this guy to stand on his head while he delivered one of their 'messages' to the public he would...'There is a wholly innocent explanation as to why I am standing on my head, Kate and Gerry played no part in my looking ridiculous in front of you today...'

    The man is offensive, odious a liar but that is the type McCanns needed to defend them be it from neglect or any other crime they may have committed. Mitchell was chosen for the job for this very reason, lying comes naturally to him he is ruthless, and the McCanns needed exactly that, someone like themselves, to lie on their behalf.

    He is paid a bucket load of cash to lie, and lie he will, little lies or whopping great lies makes no difference to him.

    Makes no difference to him who he harms by doing so, we have seen this by his and their lies regarding Goncalo Amaral their hate campaign against this man.

    And they use the money from the Madeleine Fund to pay the guy to lie. Money hard working members of the pubic have donated, never believing for a moment that this is how it would be used.

    They have deceived one and all, and in more than one way.

    What that tells us, when they use the money intended for a search for their missing daughter to silence others, and for their own defence is that they have a whacking great 'something' to hide in relation to the child's disappearance.

    You see, innocent parents would ignore what others thought and would plough the £m's into the search for Madeleine where it should be used.

    Gerry McCann telling Sandra Felgueiras in interview that every penny of that Fund goes on the search for Madeleine - just another lie!

    They didn't and they don't.

    They use it to defend themselves.

    Think about it, they haven't been charged with any crime - as yet - yet £m's has already been spent defending them.

    When they silence others, or attempt to, that is all part of their defence they are pre-empting.

    The McCanns don't want people to know what is in the Police Files, it must drive them insane that they are online, that the public who have followed the case know what they do.

    It must drive them insane that there are online forums where information can be passed so quickly.

    It must drive then insane that many have identified the inconsistencies in their stories, the downright lies.

    But there is little they can do about the police files.

    Goncalo Amaral's book, though containing what the police files do, they perceive as more of a threat. On display in bookstores, in the open shall we say, makes the McCanns more uneasy than the police files, which could be considered more 'hidden' online.

    And Goncalo Amaral's book, in English, in UK bookstores a whole other ball game - they will do all in their power to see that this never happens. The UK public must believe in their innocence, and anything which might raise doubts or make them question, must be stamped out.

    Their aim is to keep the public in the UK in ignorance of the facts of this case, and they are using the money they the public donated to help Madeleine to do so.

    The UK public unwittingly aiding them in this.

    McCanns have taken UK citizens for a ride, and they are not finished with them yet!

    They still want your money!


  15. cntd

    They cannot have the police files removed, but a book on display, and in the UK they will use every penny of that Fund to see that never happens.

    They have always perceived Goncalo Amaral as a threat - his removal from the case evidence of this - but when he put what he knows down in writing he then became their greatest threat - he had to be 'taken out.'

    He has proved to be not the 'easy target' that I am sure they hoped he would be.

    He has suffered greatly along the way, which is Kate McCanns wish, that is what she wants, but he has not folded to their demands in what has become an unfair battle financially.

    The McCanns biggest fear is being charged with crimes against their daughter, having to appear in a Court of Law to answer for those crimes.

    They don’t sit around waiting for that day to come the day when they may have to defend themselves in Court.

    They use attack as their best form of defence and Goncalo Amaral was top of their list of persons to be attacked, to be silenced.

    Who would ever believe that this case was about a missing child, their missing child, a little girl abducted, as we are told?

    Their behaviour the legal team they have put together the vast sums of money they have at their disposal and use to destroy the lives of others who they feel a threat to them, one would think they had committed murder or that some other heinous crime was being concealed.

    As they say, actions speak louder than words!

  16. The British press are now pushing the old story of burglars. It is time that the British police stopped bringing up old stories, has Mr Cameron given them more money to bring up lie stories, The Portugal police should not take notice but concentrate on the truth. If Madeleine cried when the burglars broke in they would clear off and certainly not carry her in the street. Mr Smith saw what really happened it was Mr McCann that he saw and he spoke to him but got no answer and he went to the sea, his daughter noticed what he was wearing. The British police try very hard to make Mccanns innocent . we are British people.

  17. It is impossible to take SY seriously when they continue to ignore the dogs and prefer instead to attempt to distract us here, there, and everywhere. Until they do mention the dogs and explain why they are not following their alerts how can this so called 'investigation' be anything other than a joke, and a sick one at that.

    Those particular blood and cadaver dogs have never been wrong on the hundreds of cases they worked on, and why should they be in this case, just because Gerry McCann insists on saying they are 'ludicrous'. Are SY taking their orders from Gerry McCann and have they been ordered not to go anywhere near the work of the dogs? If so, it is a disgrace.

  18. I was a single parent and never left my sons alone. How could i like most other mums who are divorced. I accepted there was no nightlife for me and when we went on holiday we ate together even if it meant they stayed up. THE mccanns are full of bull s..t they did not behave like responsible parents, and being supposedly educated doctors should have known better.
    The children were babies,everynight alone, i truly hope eventually the truth comes out. Sadly i have no faith in sy too many masons, but i have fath in dr amaral, who has shown his personal courage for the sake of madeliene. He also has suffered at the hands of the mccanns, who search onlymoney. Goodluck to you DR amaral. May you be sucessful in your fight for the truth, you are the only one who has given everything inrespect of dear madeliene.
    God bless you.

  19. If there was a serious investigation of this case having been reopened then they would get the dogs up to Rothley. How come the McCanns have been given a pass on their place being searched when they were back and forth from PDL to UK in the early days, yet Murat, who was also an arguido had his place and his relative's place searched up and down, inside and out. Cadaver scent lingers for very many years and is not easily scrubbed away even if the body is removed!

  20. Currently, a little boy of three has disappeared in Scotland. His mother put him to bed at 9p.m. and he had gone by 7.a.m, including shoes, coat and gloves. He had to open the door of the flat and the entry door of the block of flats. All this happened without his three brothers and sisters and mother being disturbed. His father lives elsewhere. The case has various similarities as that of Madeleine.

  21. surprise surprise, another 3 year old child "missing" from his bed (in Edinburgh). I thought immediately it was the mother......and it WAS. poor poor child found dead near the aunt's house. 100s of people out SEARCHING for him. Why weren't the McCanns suspected from day 1 ?????

  22. May I wish Astro Joanne a very peaceful and blissful NEW Year. And I wish to acknowledge with thanks those who post here- even if I disagree with their comments.

    New or not so new News: 3 year old child is missing-mother last saw child in bed- believed the child was kidnapped/abducted.. Or may have wandered off...Hmmm My first thought was" not the maddie thing again I am sick to death of the publicity"...Oh no sorry, This is indeed new news!!

    YES, who would have thought that 3 year olds could just wander off or be abducted from their beds, with no family knowledge- who indeed? Not me! When I saw this on the news I immediately said to my friends " oh god no not another maddie case here in Scotland". Quote " I bet that mother is hiding something I don't believe one word of this farce, it's got Team McCann written all over it" unquote myself.

    Over the weekend, my GOD I hated being right....the mother has been charged with HIs disappearance-Death. I was accused as being horrible and a cynic by my friends...Hmmmm yes us internet haters, as Team McCann call us, we are all LOOKING closely.
    As the trashy papers here in the UK are hopeing to fill the heads of the easily manipulated among the nation about imminent arrests - It has been pointed out that you cannot be arrested for using your phone... if they were burglarsin the area up to no good, then they can be charged with a crime- if evidence is provided- but not for using your phone!...So what about the phone records of Tapas crew?

    I am really praying the McCann's lose the Liable case.. it is hurting poor Kate...but hey never mind dear, once it's all over you can go back to 'looking' for your daughter!

  23. The website, 'Find Madeleine', pictures Tannerman, but not Smithman even though SY have, on Crimewatch UK, ruled out Tannerman as the man they want to find, and have focused the public minds on the Smithman e-Fits. So why are the McCanns out of step with SY and Andy Redwood?. Why is it so important to the Mcanns that Tannerman is reserrected and that Smithman is forgotten? Why are they not cooperating with the opinions of SY on this matter? Who is Smithman?

  24. Is there a law where "spin doctors" get charged for telling lies and deceiving the public? If so they should face a minimum of 80 yrs in jail that way the rest of the legalised "liars" will think twice before trying to treat the general public like fools , who believes the news anyway its common knowledge most of what is reported has a lot to be desired .

  25. Report in todays press states that Mr Amaral was taken off the case because he "achieved very little " most people believe that is not true he was taken off following a visit from Mr Brown to Portugal. Portugal police should know that burglars are not involved, they should get in contact with the Smith family who we are told believe they saw someone who looked like Mr McCann with Madeleine. We believe that Portugal have so much evidence of how Madeleine disappeared and it's time the case was solved. The nine should be questioned separately and the case completed. If it was in any other country there would be charges brought a long time ago. If the Portugal police don't act now the case will go on and on. they should at least be charged with neglect. Don't you think its time to leave that little girl in peace, she has had a hard life.

  26. Joana and friends: does anyone know when the Lisbon libel trial is likely to recommence for the summing ups for both sides? Surely the judge must have made her mind up on a verdict too, by now. Can the two bits of business be done on the same day, or is it going to be spun out still further!

  27. Are we going to see anybody ask Redwood to his face why he is ignoring the work of the dogs? It beggars belief they appear to be being ignored, and sorry Redwood, but until you make some mention of them it is surely hard to believe this is anything but a WHITEWASH intended to do nothing but point away from the apartment and the people who were closest and had easy access to Madeleine on that holiday.

    Millions spent supposedly investigating, and yet attempting to divert everybody away from those dogs by no mention of them whatsoever??? Unbelievable that this expensive farce where the obvious is being ignored can continue!

  28. Portugal is Britain's oldest ally, not some colonial outpost to be told what to do by Gordon Brown or anyone else! So... Soares wanted grumpy old Brown to hurry up and sign a treaty? So... some very rich bigwigs on holiday, or living in the Algarve had to be protected at all costs? I don't buy it that a respected sovereign country would remove a hard-working policeman on another country's PM's say so just because he was getting close to solving the case, (very far from 'having made no progress!') and it wasn't turning out the way certain rich and powerful Brits had hoped/feared! Is some kind of inter-country blackmail involved? Surely not!

    No politician is big enough to have been protected in that way. Someone bigger than a politician? Damn well throw him to the wolves then! Regimes have changed in both countries. So much evidence is sloshing around that a whitewash would never stick! Too many people know too much!

    In Edinburgh, in the UK, a respected policeman recently followed a very similar procedure to Amaral's (good sound police procedure) when a three year old, Michaeel Kular, was said by his mother to have been put to bed at nine o'clock in her flat, and was abducted from inside it by A N Other overnight... He was gone in the morning! Disappeared! Vanished! Did the police follow just one line of possibility for what could have happened to him? Did they seek out burglars in the area? Did they hell! They kept an open mind, and followed up ALL theories at the same time. They, and half the good-hearted population of the area, searched for the boy as if he had somehow got out of the place himself and wandered off in the night, but the police also thoroughly questioned all and sundry, beginning with those CLOSEST to the mother: the friends and relatives, the neighbours, everyone.

    I also saw, not as reported in the papers, a 'sniffer dog' (that's for searching luggage for drugs) not tracker dog either, which follows a living child's scent from clothing, but an EVRD dog, a bouncy little springer spaniel, the kind of dog the Leicestershire police recommended, which has been trained to react to human cadaverine and putrescine.

    Martin Grime came over to Portugal similarly with his EVRD dogs, and we know well the result. Why is this highly significant, though indicative, evidence being ignored? That is simply crazy! The Kular case is sub judice, so I shall not say any more about it, but the good policeman was praised to high heaven for finding the child's body and doing the right things.

    The difference was that Amaral is 'foreign' and our mainstream media, particularly the tabloid end of it, is both populist and xenophobic. The parents of Madeleine were lawyered up to the hilt, and had a politically astute media management spokesman, and huge amounts of cash, and press and high grade reputation management.

    I still have hopes that DCI Redwood's team can't be bought off, nor the Oporto team either. Burglars? Hah! Well, maybe they were witnesses.

  29. If sy has been able to trace telephone calls,how come they havent traced the mccanns calls. Has sy pulled the medical records of maddie and her mother.
    Wake up SY these two are as dirty as anyone else put behind bars for the same crime. The elite police force is acting no longer elite, with their pussyfooting around mc canns. My only hope lays with the PJ and DR AMARAL god bless him and may he winhis case hands down and be able to put his life back together. Why do the mccanns need to spend so much money on defending themselves, that is unless they are guilty. They are despicable, gerry needs a clear name to enter into politics. Why hasnt Sy investigted the brother in law who makes all those weird sadistic photos of women suffering. All these millions spent for what, it is evident that gerry is controlling all here, with his mean expression and nasty smell up his nose

  30. @ 4, I resent the fact you say that it is because of the McCann's Irish connections that they would leave 3 babies unattended for hours. It is because they are conceited, self obsessed irresponsible people. Where they live has nothing to do with it.

  31. The time is closing on this vile pair and their friends , one dose not have to be a brain surgeon to predict that the nets closing in on them , my guess will be that we will be hearing of a few arrests and charges made in the UK . As said in the earlier blog if the police can trace the "burglars" calls , why not the mccanns calls be traced too ? or is it they want them to still feel cosy before they are given a shocking visit from the local Gendarme:)? As the song goes "let us go" let us go" let us go" ! you might hear them singing this like canaries when they realise their games up . Well done Dr Amaral Well done Joanna

  32. Anonymous 26/01/14 18:26, The Portuguese prime minister at the time was Socrates not Soares. Some allege that Mr. Socrates, when he was the minister of the environment in the Guterres government, accepted a bribe to grant the British company Freeport a licence to build a mall on environmentally protected land. Nothing came of the investigations into the matter, however some claim that the English have proof that Mr. Socrates did accept a bribe. If this is indeed the case this could be considered a point of leverage that the English had on Mr. Socrates.

    Look, I'm not privy to conversations in some backroom, so I can't say for certain whether the English hierarchy are engaged in some coverup or have been duped by their own media, however there have been so many incidents of unusual behaviour by people in authority at the most inappropriate times that to outright dismiss the possibility of a coverup is being somewhat delusional.

    Don't you find it strange that all this activity by Scotland Yard coincides with the libel trial against Mr. Amaral? Don't you find it strange that as the trial approaches its end that we're being inundated by news of imminent arrests?

    Scotland Yard doesn't have to prove anything. What proof did Mr. Redwood give that the man that Tanner saw was a father carrying his child from the nursery? He simply told us the story and we either accept it or not. And that's the way it's going to be when Mr. Redwood tells us his final narrative.

    It would be nice to wake up tomorrow and be told that the McCanns have been arrested, but I just don't see it. What worries me is that the judge presiding over the libel trial will be influenced by this news of imminent arrests or that she has been compromised in some other way. Because, if her ruling goes against Mr. Amaral the worldwide media will have a field day and Mr. Amaral's reputation will once again be besmirched. If this does happen he will eventually win on appeal but the English speaking world will never be told of his acquittal.

  33. What ever comes from these 'arrests of suspects', this debacle will NEVER, NOT EVER, leave the Team McCann looking like 'innocent' parents of abducted child. Not with any stretch of the imagination.

    lets look at the scenarios:

    Burglars confirm they saw maddie being abducted- or pin point they saw 'parents or parents friends in and around the apartment....

    They confirm they entered the apartment with intent to rob the place as both doors were open/unlocked (this would explain the whooshing sound Kate heard- open a front door and a back door/patio door left open would cause a draft). They noticed kids and decided to leave as it would be too risky.

    They admit they stole Maddie and she is dead- parents were selling the still alive send money NOW to find maddie- also their liable claim would be OVER. Their reputation WOULD really be gone they would be hated my millions.

    They admit they stole maddie but she is alive- Maddie is a ward of court what will she think of her parents behaviour in her absence- will she want to go back to TM FAMILY?

    They admit they found maddie wandering and took her...

    Well, there are so many scenarios I think TM are beginning to see a tide turn against them in the open not just the internet... Just sayin'

    Miss Takenidentity

  34. well said Anonymous Guerra , Its not possible even for bent police officers and bent politicians to let the Mccanns go scot free now as people round the world are reading these blogs and know the MCANNS are guilty of neglect if not the least and should and will be charged for that , they will be outcry from round the world if they don't , had it not been for the honest Police officer Dr Amaral publishing the book and opening the eyes of the world and Joanna for her blogs the Macanns would have gat away with it and continued draining pockets from all over to go on their spending spree on others expenses .The Macanns behaviour stinks ! All I can say is Gerry wee laddie , ye cannae get away with this , thou will be caught so will thoust wife and the heavens will be raining brimstone and thunder on thee heads for thou art both guilty of neglect and ye will face gods court even if thou art get away with the court of man so beware wee laddie . ye cannae get away with what you and thy despicable wife has done , I have spoken , I am the truth , the life and the way , this is the word of the lord god bless you Dr Amaral and Joana both of ye shall be gifted by heaven for showing people the truth and as the lamb leadeth the blind so have ye , praise the lord .


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