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Have you questioned Payne?

The police have a suspect alive in England: David Payne, one of the McCanns' friends on the holiday

by Manuel Catarino [Correio da Manhã editor-in-chief]

The Attorney General's Office, sensitive to the pressures exerted by London, opened the the judicial process into the disappearance of Maddie. The investigation ended in a blind alley and the case, naturally shelved in the summer of 2008, awaited any relevant data that could shed light on the mystery.

The PJ had no other alternative than to create a 'special group' to analyse the process which rested in a filing cabinet: something could have escaped the early investigators. The PJ finds a suspect for the abduction of the girl - a suspect that is already dead.

The new thesis is highly desirable: removes the suspicions from the McCann couple and throws the process, again, in the tranquillity of the filing cabinet. But the British police does not want a dead suspect. They prefer a live one. British inspectors are in the Algarve - and they insist on questioning three suspects.

If the English allow me the suggestion, you did not have to bother with the nuisance of the trip.

You have an alive suspect in England: David Payne, one of the McCanns' friends on the holiday, reported for indecent behaviour with children and he was never investigated.

in Correio da Manhã, January 30, 2014

David Payne May Hold the Key to Maddie's Mystery - April 2009
Since the 16th of May 2007, the British authorities possess an official formal statement presented by Katherine and Arul Gaspar, regarding suspicions about David Payne's behaviour which might be consistent with paedophilia acts.

English Ignored Complaint for Paedophilia Against One of the McCanns Friends - July 2008
Twelve days after Maddie disappeared, a couple revealed the strange behaviour of one of the group’s members. Testimonies only reached the Judiciária in January this year

Suspicions about Payne were never investigated - April 2009
The suspicions against medic David Payne, one of the McCanns’ English friends, who was in Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, when Madeleine disappeared, were never investigated.

Further reading (official case files):
Witness statements of Yvonne Warren Martin
McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part I
McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part II
McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part III


  1. WOW,Thank god for portugaul and this editor in chief

  2. Textusa has stated that in her opinion Madeleine died whilst Kate and David were with her.

  3. This is an interesting turn of events. But what really springs to mind with ALL the investigations going on at the moment have Mrs & Mrs McCann and friends + JW been reinterviewed by the officers investigating from Op. Grange? Or are all statements 'set in stone' those made in Portugal and subsequent under the Rogatory interviews?

    It certainly would prove strange after all the years Op Grange have been on the 'case' spending £millions that witnesses have never been interviewed!!

    Yet alone any plausible explanation of the Gaspar's statements.


  4. Something has always bothered me, really bothered.

    When it was given out IMMEDIATELY upon the discovery of the disappearance of the little girl, that she had been taken by paedophiles -while she could have wandered off on her own as toddlers do, and as she herself had done before, apparently- if that very specific reference to PFs was used there and then to facilitate an explanation of any injuries that she might be found to have suffered IF she were discovered at short notice;

    IF such injuries were of a 'PF' nature, for lack of a better word, then efforts could have been directed at explaining them away as having happened to her AFTER her leaving appartment 5a

    Instead of inside the appartment

  5. If the PJ had concerns why didn't they focus questions to Payne in the ILOR.

    Maybe because they knew that LP had fully investigated?

  6. @anonymous #4....Indeed! That has been done before many times- abusive parents mentioning in passing that they have a 'clumsy child' who constantly bump into things and fall down stairs etc. A valid point, However, did TM management not try and sell the story that she was safe and well and being well cared for by a person/s who couldn't have children- you know... paint a sweet picture to their *public* , although quietly they believed she was dead?

    I would love to believe that the main reason they 'believed' that madeleine was/is still alive is because the alternative would be too painful to accept BUT sadly, their behaviour projects another reason: to take money from the pubic to promote their defence, protect them from losing their career/other children, and to re invent themselves as VIP/Celebrities- damage limitation on reputation management.

    Notes: they were English/Scottish- lived in the UK. Their 3 year old child 'disappeared' in Portugal- but they went to the USA to the Oprah show (the word *show* is relevant)

    Why? what did that achieve? apart from Kate feeling like a star being done up in make up....

    They stayed in 5* hotels - flew in Private Jets by new found 'friends'.

    Why? what did that achieve?

    Well the straight answer would be Nothing as far as 'finding Madeline' is concerned but you all knew that right?

    Those of us who are all grown up and not influenced by trash news-headline grabbing MSM Can see that the parents are not 'looking' for their daughter.

    And I can offer just one of many reasons I am convinced: They flew round the world to give 'interviews-seek publicity-procure money to assist lifestyle choice-defend them selves against accusations of child neglect (would stand up in any court). They Met and fraternised with powerful world leaders- The Pope, Prime ministers, USA presidential staff- and they even tried to get the Royal family on board their band wagon (message of a Madeline sighting was sent to Prince Charles lol not the police oh dearie me). BUT they thought it would not be helpful if they went back to Portugal to do a reconstruction. Seriously! AND, also, they did not want to oblige by taking part in the Crimewatch programme reconstruction as it would be too upsetting for them. Oh really!

    Not half as upsetting for their daughter who was(sic) 'kidnapped by a gang of paedophiles. And may have had her ***** torn. as mentioned by Kate in her book.

    Well, as I say that was just ONE reason.

    Miss Takenidentiy

  7. I'm afraid most people don't get that the rogatories back in April 2008 were a joke. The PJ returned to PT even before they were over because it was visible that Leicestershire was less than professional about it.
    It's easy to say why didn't/doesn't the PJ get them back and question all the party? Because they won't come freely (as was proved by their denial for the reconstruction), and, fortunately, we live in free democracies where people cannot be forced to do what they don't want to, even if they are covering a crime.
    The article by Catarino, for me, is a sort of "joke". Why are the UK journos announcing SY persecutions of invented burglars in Portugal when they have the most important witnesses in Britain?
    Start by interrogating the McCann and follow by questioning the Tapas7. Britain didn't trust Portugal in order to sent the necessary information about those primary suspects, but I'm sure they can treat them with civility, while questioning all of them. Going after unicorns is not the answer for a 6 million quid investigation.

  8. David Payne in his statement to UK police said there was something he wanted to say about the disappearance of Madeleine, BUT HE DIDN'T WANT IT PUT ON THE RECORD.

    Did that 'confidential' information ever reach the investigators in Portugal, or was it put to one side just like the Gaspar statements were, until they were eventually requested months later by the PJ, who only then had them sent on to them. Do the PJ have to actually request to know what David Payne told the UK police in confidence before that is sent on?.

    If David Payne does not step forward and speak out publicly as to what he knows, he is going to find himself cornered with fingers pointed at him, as these accusations and hints of suspected paedophilia are not going to go away. The File with this information regarding David Payne's behaviour is public, and an explanation regards the Gaspar statements is needed.

  9. Get the Tapas lot and the Mccanns back to Portugal , charge them with neglect and "preventing the Portuguese Police from carrying out their duties (by not answering the questions put up to them) and the case will be solved . What about the dogs? Are the dogs defunct because if they brought back the evidence the guilty will be caught?

  10. @5 Maybe because the cooperation and assistance from Leicestershire police, SY and UK Home Office was close to none? They delayed the acceptance of the rogatory letters until April 2008 when the McCanns coincidentally travelled to the European Parliament stealing the credits of the creation of the Missing Child Alert System in Europe, a project that had started in 2005/06. They presented the PJ with a single A4 page "detailing" the Tapas 9 bank accounts and statements. The Gaspars statements were only sent to the PJ almost seven months later after they were taken by the English police, and it seems they weren't even supposed to have be sent to the PJ. Madeleine's medical records were denied. The McCanns and Tapas 7 legal records were denied. The DNA reports by the FSS were a joke, from unprecedented delays to mysteriously changed reports. And in fact we can all see the rogatory questionings as a farce, the police was leading questions, the witnesses were able to change what they had previously stated in Portugal without no one questioning the inconsistencies. Finally, how many of the questions placed by the PJ in the letters rogatory did the PJ actually see answered? http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic471.html

  11. Off topic but: The Appeal Court has upheld the conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Knox is sentenced to 28 years and six months (including the calunnia charge) and Sollecito to 25. http://themurderofmeredithkercher.com/Main_Page

    Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito lose Meredith Kercher murder appeal
    Florence court of appeal upholds guilty verdicts for American and Italian accused of killing British student in 2007 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/30/amanda-knox-raffaele-sollecito-lose-meredith-kercher-murder-appeal

  12. off topic indeed , the sudden silence of the case of the child murdered in Scotland , my guess is sooner or later we will hear what the world knows should have happened years ago . Devine intervention will take over and the vile pair who swans round the world like celebrities and trying to get money from Dr Amaral will be where they belong . Why would someone sue and try to get an out of court settlement? Well done Joana , Dr Amaral has god on his side for he speaketh the truth and in the end the truth prevails as we will see one day , I followed this case from the start and could tell that the parents of the girl and their friends have a lot to answer , the "spin doctor" hired by the vile pair gave them an extended freedom . The guilty always get caught in the end . Amasingly the silly spin doctor tries to convince the world that they are "responsible " parents , even the beast in the wild knows this is not true , the man sure lives in a world of fantasy , make them pay back all the money they collected from people from all over to go swanning round the world and taking people to court , after they get very long sentences . Portugal should go ahead and charge the parents for neglect and its about time they do this , Dr Amaral should be given a medal for his courage and honesty to publish his book and Joana for these blogs that open the eyes of people the world over .

  13. @11.55

    The Rogatory communications: acceptance of the type of questions to be asked went back and forth between the authorities for months protracting the whole process to it's limits. IMHO the Portuguese were probably given the run-around. Equally they may have been submitted for approval before TMs legal team - but can't confirm that.

    People were allowed to REFRESH their memories prior to the actual face to face to face interview, reading their's and each others witness statements.

    There were legal aspects, where the Mr & Mrs McCanns were as arguidos allowed to field their questions and present their own witnesses, i.e. their family and friends - ask yourself what had that to do with the investigation.

    Testimonials for the McCanns should have been acquired in the LPs background checks on the Mr and Mrs McCann and the T7 plus JW. Ask yourself, were they done?

    Then back to the actual roggies - have your read them? Assuming they are verbatim as they come across, image standing there in a corner \or behind a scene having travelled from Portugal not being allowed to field your on spontaneous questions and responses.

    And the MET thinks according to the Daily Mirror they can stomp all over Portugal raiding peoples homes, questioning and arresting - WHAT A JOKE

    If you read the transcripts of the roggie interviews, you could you say how proactively probing were the LP in their questioning and expanding the information? I doubt if you read them you will find any new information whatsoever, other than explanation of justification.

    Then somewhere in all this, was the ambiguous situation of interviewing the Smith family at this stage. Why did it take to the final hour not to inform the Portuguese Authorities Smiths were not UK Citizens!! After all, with name like Smith it was a simple mistake!! particularly as there had been previous communications between the Smiths & the LP.

    IMHO The roggies were run to a very tight to a prior agreed format, rather like the t.v. appearances we see of the McCanns, nothing left to chance. But if you play close attention to the roggies, you will find some interesting bits: i.e. Jane Tanner confirming SHE DID NOT SEE A PARENT with a child, since the time & direction were wrong. Now ask yourself have the MET read these interviews or where in the pile of files did they find the information suggesting it was a parent & child returning from the crèche that she saw.

    Who knows & really does anyone really care anymore. :(

  14. @anonymous 12: "...the sudden silence of the case of the child murdered in Scotland"

    The Mikaeel Kular case is sub judice now that charges have been laid against his mother, that's why there's silence. It is to avoid potential Contempt of Court in that particular case and no other reason.

  15. Firstly theres a lot of masonic handshaking going, a mason can lie tyo protect a brother mason. So many police are masons ,so many doctors etc, GM for one.
    If SY can trace all thesephonecalls why not the Mccanns calls. If these burglers are for real maybe the telephone activity was because they entered the apartment to rob it and found a dead child, who knows, how could they report it.
    But the UK is seeking closure on this, Our heroes will solve the case to make Portugal look useless. The MCS should be questioned by both police forces, bet there would be loads of descrepancies. Why are the Mcs being protected why haven't Portugal demanded the return of mcs and GM to Portugal, and why haven't SY demanded they return to fill in missing details. Arresting them for continual child neglect, will at least hold them in Portugal whilst further investigations can take place.
    It would appear the libel case has been halted due to the judge not being sure that the Mcs can act for Madeliene seeing she is a ward of court. "McCann Files"
    SY do not even seem to want to know about the MCs and Tapas, the dogs, the gaspers, David payne and so on. These people are your docs in the uk, I would want to be treated by any of them.
    Pull the Mcs in now for questioning

  16. I agree pull the Mcs now for questioning .its about time too .

  17. Sky News have reported that SY are in Portugal to interview three Ocean Club 2007 employees. They claim that the investigation has moved from three burglars to three OC employees. Wow, that was quick wasn't it?. Did SY complete their investigation of three burglars in only a matter of hours then? They arrived in Faro on Monday didn't they, for an overnight stay only.

    Or has the Mccann spin to the news media changed to cover the Portuguese Press publication of the SY letter of request to interview OC staff. Perhaps the burglars never existed. Such misinformation.

  18. Good job the PJ have got the doctor Gasper's statements ! If they're not brought to light by SY proves it's the key to this case !

  19. An accident resulting in death to Madeleine while the McCanns were out could easily have been explained and covered by saying Madeleine was found the next morning,,, and claiming it must have happened after the parents returned home and were asleep,, and Madeleine sleepwalking. There would have been much sympathy for the McCanns who would then have been able to return to UK and end of.

    A death by any other means would be much harder to cover and far more obvious.

    Given the alerts of the dogs, and hints and suspicions of paedophile activity by a reputable doctor, this case should be reopened as a murder investigation,and nobody eliminated, and maybe that will concentrate the minds of various people who can hardly even be bothered to do a reconstruction of the night the child was said to have vanished. Perhaps then there will be some answers forthcoming. It beggars belief that this is being ignored.

  20. posts 10,13 and 15 are spot on.

    Can anyone explain what has gone on in this case as pointed out in above posts ?
    Are we to believe the McCann's and friends alone could co-ordinate this non co-operation ?
    Is their anybody who thinks this behaviour by the British establishment is correct ? If so please explain the points raised in the posts.

    I observe that their are still people thinking that the Met will eliminate all the 38 + 3 latest suspects one by one - until they are left with the people not on the List ie Mccanns and friends.. and then what?

    Personally I think people are deluded who cannot see the cover up - It has become a freaky sick circus.I'm lost for words - why is no bigger deal been made out of this charade - its disgusting.


  21. "Four police officers have gone to Portugal to try to interview suspects as part of the Met’s £5million Madeleine McCann investigation.

    Did it really require them all to travel there? Have they never heard of Skype? While I admire Gerry and Kate’s determination, and hope fervently for a breakthrough, I can’t help but think of the 140,000 other children who go missing in Britain each year — one every three minutes.

    How much is spent on them? According to the Centre For The Study Of Missing Persons, it is between £1,325 and £2,415."

    Amanda Platell in DM http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2549877/AMANDA-PLATELL-Never-mind-Hugh-Grant-mothers-thinking.html

  22. FOI - https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/how_much_did_the_recent_trip_by

    Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

    How much did the recent trip to Portugal by Met detectives for the
    Madeleine McCann case cost the UK taxpayer?

    For the avoidance of doubt, I am referring specifically to the trip
    which returned on Wednesday 29th January as per the news article
    below: http://news.sky.com/story/1202667/madeleine-uk-police-fly-home-from-portugal

  23. @18 If the Gaspar’s and the Smiths’ statements, the forensic dogs work, aren't brought to light, or if the discrepancies in the McCanns and Tapas 7 statements aren't clarified, and publicly, by Andy Redwood's team - not forgetting that they had 3 years and well over £8 million to do that and decided to go on the absurd pursuit of nonexistent suspects of a nonexistent and unevidenced abduction and while at it misinforming people everywhere with a wrongful account of the facts as they did with their Crimewatch version of events that was filmed in Spain - and if they don't even bother completing the missing steps of the PJ investigation, an investigation that was hindered by the McCanns, their spokesman, the UK media in general, and the UK authorities and politicians, then what could all this mean but an whitewash of a crime? They didn't even bother checking if there was a possibility of making further DNA analyses with whatever evidence was collected from the crime scene and was saved - and it was - in the Portuguese Forensic Institute or by the PJ Forensic Science Department in 3 years! This isn't a review, or a cold case review, it's a farce! A mockery of everyone who pays taxes in the UK, an insult to all the "140,000 other children who go missing in Britain each year"! A hostile and offensive act towards the Portuguese Justice system, and the PJ in particular, and all for what? For what has already been explained several times - to archive once again the process of Madeleine McCann in Portugal, erasing from the future archival dispatch any acknowledgement of all the other hypothesis that the process was archived with, except the abduction by stranger:

    "1. abduction, for sexual exploration or other (e.g, later adoption, child trafficking, organ trafficking), without homicide;

    2. abduction, followed by homicide with (or without) hiding of the corpse;

    3. accidental death, with later hiding of the corpse;" in http://www.mccannfiles.com/id136.html

    The current PJ team from Porto is no better than Andy Redwood's team, so as Gonçalo Amaral had warned about the archival possibility if politics weren’t set aside the investigation - he who since the archival of the process in 2008 has always asked for the reopening of the investigation - we are now seeing two police forces, not wanting to find out what happened to Madeleine on that fateful 3 of May of 2007, or to find her remains, or to find her alive even - the only thing we see is them desperately trying to frame anyone, from black dead patsies to robbers who miraculously turn in a matter of few hours into Ocean Club workers - and if that doesn't work, we will see the gypsies again, Hewlett's ghost, or even any innocent swarthy bystander being splashed all over the world's media covers as the "beast who took our Maddie", starting in the Daily Mirror, Sun or Mail. Does anyone still have doubts? After 3 years of seeing the SY leaking to the UK press every "fart", sorry, step of the way, feeding the media and informing the McCanns and Mitchell who then equally feed the media with their own versions as we just saw throughout the last month of January in the usual UK tabloids. Police acting for the media, doing more PR than real police work, photo-shoots in staged SY offices, photo-shoots in a very media announced trip to Faro - this is preposterous! And tragic, as always. The process either will be archived with a patsy or without one, but it will definitely be archived and closed in both countries without no one, except the culprits, knowing what really happened to Madeleine McCann, the 3 year old girl who was left alone with her 18 month old twin siblings, neglected and abandoned to their fate, night after night, by her parents,

  24. Just to reinforce the above idea about Redwood's team, as if the phone-hacking promiscuity between Scotland Yard/Metropolitan Police and Murdoch's News Corporation and other media groups wasn't enough- «The lord chief justice has warned police that they risk damaging their image of independence after Scotland Yard acted on behalf of big business in a private prosecution during which they received a promise of money.

    Virgin Media offered the Metropolitan police a 25% share of compensation recovered from fraudsters the company had targeted in a private prosecution, in which the Met used its powers of arrest and search as part of the private prosecution.

    Lord Thomas said it was essential that ministers, police chiefs and those supposed to hold them to account gave "very urgent consideration" to the practice.

    In the judgment, Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice Foskett and Mr Justice Hickinbottom, said the agreement between Virgin and the Met risked damaging the police's reputation for independence.

    He said: "It did in fact provide an incentive for the police to devote resources to assisting Virgin in their claim for compensation and gave rise to a perception that their independence was being compromised."

    The most senior judge in England and Wales also warned about the possible dangers of more prosecutions being privatised as state funding is being cut for both the police and Crown Prosecution Service, writing: "There is an increase in private prosecutions at a time of retrenchment of state activity."» http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jan/29/metropolitan-police-virgin-media-lord-chief-justice

  25. Its all about money , like everything else that happens in todays world , cant SY see that the fact questions were not answered by the mother tells something? Is common sense gone out of the window ? the people should demand the original investigation officers are re instated under the leadership of Dr Amaral , send back the tapas lot and the Mcn parents to Portugal together with the 2 dogs and the case will be solved , the world will know the truth and the case solved . Next we will hear is an UFO abducted the poor child .

  26. What the cops in UK and Portugal, who have followed this case from the beginning and want to see justice done, can be thinking now, can only be imagine, when they see this farce of an investigation chasing here, there, and everywhere, on behalf of the McCanns, and no mention of the work of the UK dogs and their alerts in the holiday apartment and hire car..

    Surely they must feel as let down as the rest of us, or has it come as no surprise to them whatsoever! If so, it is a sad state of affairs indeed.

  27. Think for a moment. Mr. Redwood has told you that he has dismissed the possibility that the parents are involved in the disappearance of their daughter; he referred to that notion as a conspiracy theory. Nowadays anyone who puts forth the idea that people conspired to achieve a desired end he or she is labelled a conspiracy theorist, a label that has a negative connotation associated with it. In other words Mr. Redwood said you're nuts.

    Mr. Redwood appeared on morning talk shows like someone would who is promoting an album, a book or a new film, but in Mr. Redwood's case he was promoting the message that the McCanns are not suspects. Mr. Redwood starred in a documentary which was focused on criticizing the original Portuguese investigation.

    Mr. Redwood does not consider the McCann's Tapas friends to be suspects.

    As the start of Mr. Amaral's trial approached Mr. Redwood became more active. And when the trial commenced his activity intensified; televised cut and paste reconstruction; unsubstantiated revelations; suspects with flimsy connections to the crime scene, etc. And as Mr. Amaral's trial approaches its end Mr. Redwood has intensified his investigation even further; he is now wanting to interview suspects who supposedly already have one foot in the prison cell.

    Now, why was it necessary for Mr. Redwood to tell you that the McCanns are not suspects? What is that going to accomplish in terms of his investigation? What police force is going to ignore the people that last saw the child?

    In the end Mr. Redwood will give his closing narrative, no one will be prosecuted and the rest is left to public opinion. Of course those that claim there is no whitewash will say that he couldn't solve the crime so he made up a story to save face.

  28. @19

    I’ve always thought it possible that Madeleine was found AFTER the alarm was raised. If she had accidentally fallen behind the sofa in the living room and died from her injuries (and where both blood and cadaver dogs alerted), she could well have been out of sight on Kate’s initial checking at 10pm. I’m not convinced anyone else in the group ‘visually’ checked on the kids previously that night, despite statements that they had.

    The “abduction” story - along with unlocked apartment, jemmied shutters and billowing curtains etc - was concocted on the fly because there was no time to come up with a more plausible story that absolved them of any guilt whatsoever, as news of a missing child was now slowly spreading.

    Hence the ever-changing statements, timelines and inconsistencies those following this case know all to well.

  29. The point raised by CM Editor-in-Chief is exactly the same raised by G. Amaral during the crime scene reconstruction shown here (previous posting). During the discussion he also raises the issue of the Gaspars and what happened (or did not happen) during the rogatory interviews which took place in the UKGB.

  30. If its decided that theres no case to answer the people from all over the world should protest peacefully until this saga is resolved . If Mr Redwood feels the parents are innocent , can he explain why , it is illegal to leave underage children on their own without supervision or does this law not apply to the McCann family? So well then do the pair of them for neglect ! The law is the law it applies to EVERYBODY not just for some people , I am sure even Mr Redwood will agree to this . As for the Abduction theory , the dogs are telling lies? Get real apply the law . I feel this is a complete waste of time and public money , this case can be resolved , Mr Amaral should be reinstated and let Mr Amaral head this investigation , and Politicians should stay away and let the Law take its course . The people are getting annoyed and sooner or later we will want to see Law take its course by charging the parents with neglect to start with and a whole lot will follow for example the fraud fund , and the dogs , the hire car etc .

  31. Guerra ..you Miss out an important ingredient ..infact the main ingredient called the country Portugal.
    this charade can be challenged and beaten easily - it needs political will in Portugal ti defend its original findings.

    It is clear cut the UK will not pursue the truth ....Portugal has a choice join up with that corrupt cause or stand as a sovereign country.

    lets see what they choose......even though it is apparent to me they are in cahoots with their Master the UK.


  32. Well done the editor in chief who wrote asking about Payne. It is about time this guy was brought out of the shadows of this investigation as the Gaspar statements are on public record, and there really is no ban on discussing this, although no doubt Carter Ruck would try their best to stop it if they could.

    Many members of the public are also asking the same question regarding Payne, and they also want answers regarding this matter which was of great concern to the lady doctor when.she heard that Madeleine was missing.. So much so that she then contacted the police who subsequently kept it under wraps for SIX MONTHS until it was requested by the PJ. WHY DID THEY DO THAT??? Presumably there was the chance the PJ would never have heard of it at all if they had not had the chance to request it. ..

    So what was the explanation for the LP not sending it straight to the investigators in Portugal, and did the PJ ever get an opportunity to investigate this before the case was put on hold? I hope the Portuguese media writes further on this, and asks the questions our media are not asking, while the UK are only too ready to run down Portugal when it comes to the McCann case.

  33. Don't know how I missed this



  34. Mojo, I'm well aware of that ingredient. When that small contingent in Porto was assembled to review the case we were told that they don't consider the McCanns suspects. When it was reported that Portugal would reopen the case and that a new group of investigators would be formed in the Algarve it was reiterated that the McCanns are not suspects and it was even reported that they would be given the special status of assistants to the investigative process. So what does that tell you?

    The charade can be easily challenged but not easily beaten in this media driven world. Let's say that Portugal decides not to oblige the English in its search for fantasy suspects. Would the worldwide English media react favourably? What exactly do you expect to happen? Do you want the Portuguese prime minister to defend the Portuguese investigation on the world stage?

    Portugal has more important matters to deal with, matters that affect the future well being of its citizens. Unlike the English they don't deem this case a national priority.

  35. Portugal is a Sovereign Nation it should make up their own mind and get arrest warrants from the European court for the Mccanns and the Tapas crew . The crime was committed in Portugal , The UK poked its nose dictating how Portugal should try cases by helping the Mccanns to flee prosecution and make it away on their toes to the UK . The Mccanns should be charged for neglect under PORTUGUESE LAW and not British Law as this was committed on Portuguese Soil , The Tapas Liars should be charged with aiding and abetting , The spin doctor should be charged with lying to the public , and if Carter Ruck wants to defend the guilty party for neglect , the case should be heard under Portuguese Law and NOT British Law , so come on People of Portugal does this now make sense? In return the UK can give the Portuguese government HALF the money they are wasting to try and "solve" this case , that way , the Truth will be established , the guilty jailed , money saved , there wont be a need for a "fund" , let the dogs visit the site and the car and the people the world over will know the truth what happened to that poor child on the day in question , god rest her soul in peace , even the dogs know the truth but learned men and women still defend this pair and their friends or is their "spin " doctor that influential? The public round the world want results Portugal , so as a Sovereign Nation , get rid of SY , and investigate the case on facts , fear of god and TRUTH . Mr Amaral should be awarded and re instated maybe as the Chief of the Portuguese Police for his Honesty, intelligence , bravery and Truth? Does this not make sense?

  36. @32 "So what was the explanation for the LP not sending it straight to the investigators in Portugal, and did the PJ ever get an opportunity to investigate this before the case was put on hold? I hope the Portuguese media writes further on this, and asks the questions our media are not asking, while the UK are only too ready to run down Portugal when it comes to the McCann case."
    - Besides the withholding of the statements for six months, according to Gonçalo Amaral on the CMTV debate the Gaspar statements did not arrive on time to be included in the letter rogatory - in fact the Gaspar’s’ statements only reached the PJ's hands mixed with unrelated documents that were faxed where the Gaspar’s weren't even mentioned, as if someone suddenly gained a conscience and decided on its own about the importance of those documents for the investigations that was ongoing in Portugal and had rebelled against what had been decided by the Leicestershire Police.
    «(GA): I am going to elaborate on it if I may, for your benefit, and for those who are watching the programme.
    From May (2007) onwards, we became aware of information (coming in) from our British colleagues about something (very odd) that had happened within that group during some holiday (in Mallorca) – but they never told us specifically what . (We knew) it was something to do with Madeleine but, they never gave us any details.
    Some time later – and by then I had already been removed from the investigation and reassigned to Faro (police headquarters) – and for no specific reason, except it reminded me of the “we can’t tell you attitude” (of the British); a fax (from the UK police) arrived in Portimão (PJ headquarters) ostensibly about some other matter – and this, by the way, is all (clearly stated) in the process; this is all clearly stated in the investigation process files - and, attached to this fax, (which was conspicuously about some other subject) were the statements of Dr. Katherina Gaspar and her husband – which had been made to the British Police (months before)!
    (Oddly enough) these statements (Gaspars’) were not referred to in the main communication (either in the heading or the text of the fax).
    (I could well take an educated guess and say) the Gaspars’ statements entered the process by the grace of a (British) colleague who was probably fed-up of hiding what he had been told to conceal …»
    Second part of the video at 4m http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2013/12/caso-maddie-especial-cmtv.html / translation at http://zizipresscuts.wordpress.com/


  37. (cont.)

    So, was this the only time LP withheld or deliberately hide information fundamental for the ongoing PJ investigation? Let's not forget this is the same LP that was delivering flowers to the McCanns' house and had a link to the McCanns' Fund when the duo were arguidos and suspects of having committing a crime, and LP had the obligation of cooperating with the PJ. What to say of this then (if we go with the assumption that Andy Redwood's "revelation moment" and/or the Mirror's story are actually to be trusted) :

    «The innocent dad came forward in 2007 but mistakenly remained the main focus of the hunt until this year when Scotland Yard detectives tracked him down
    Bungling police had the details of the “main suspect” in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann for SIX YEARS without realising.

    The innocent dad came forward in 2007 to say he was the person seen carrying a child in Portugal at the time the three-year-old vanished.

    But the information was overlooked and the British holidaymaker remained the main focus of the hunt until this year when Scotland Yard detectives finally tracked him down.

    The revelation will be a blow to Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, as they endure a seventh Christmas without their oldest daughter.

    The unnamed dad – spotted in the Praia da Luz resort by McCann family friend Jane Tanner at 9.15pm – was among a number of British witnesses who completed questionnaires for Leicestershire police six years ago.

    He is understood to have provided a detailed description of his movements on the night, including the fact he had picked up his own two-year-old daughter from a crèche close to where Madeleine vanished. But his ‘alibi’ was only looked at this year.

    A source said: “He had been clear then that he had picked her up at around the time of the sighting but for whatever reason he was not eliminated as a suspect. The fact the details of the prime suspect have been known all along doesn’t look good.”

    Following Madeleine’s disappearance, Leicestershire police were responsible for collating all UK-based inquiries at the request of the Portuguese authorities.
    It is not clear if the questionnaires were analysed by the British force or simply forwarded to Portugal.»


    The fact is no mention of this "innocent dad" aka Tanner's sighting was ever sent to the PJ, at least not until the process was archived and the investigation was closed.

    It's not in the process files, it's not mentioned in any of the mail exchanges from where we can figure that some files weren't released such as "Document missing from DVD: Processo Volume XIII, Page 3909. In a memorandum dated 24 October 2007 (Processo Volume XIII, Page 3909) reference is made to a document written by Dr David Payne which document had been read carefully by British Detective Constable Mike Marshall, the author of the memorandum." (see: http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/MISSING_PAGES.htm)

  38. The time is come , instead of pointing fingers at each other and blaming one another , to just arrest the Mccanns , the Tapas lot and their spin doctor , get them to Portugal and charge them for neglect and aiding and abetting , as for the "spin " doctor charge him too for telling lies to pervert the course of justice ? Then pull in the rest of the people including the good Mr Brown to answer charges in Portugal , someone needs to be responsible for the loss of the innocent child , next we will hear a flying saucer from mars took little madeleine to mars , I am surprised the good "spin" doctor didn't claim this yet , was he not the same "spin" doctor under the wisdom of big eared Tony Blair who claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

  39. The fact that it is being shouted about loudly that the McCann's are not *suspects* is this the same as them not being responsible for her 'disappearance/death'?

    Here in the UK we have a strange law- just a new one, but one that should be looked at closely....

    Imagine if you will, some of us go out for a quiet drink, we dance ,drink, tell jokes and have a good time... one of our group becomes irritable about others across the room, the drunker he /she becomes the more agitated he/she becomes... we decide we have had enough and begin to head on out. An exchange of words takes place, we are not quite sure who said what, but the next thing we know we are ALL in a police cell being charged with murder.. now hang on no of us murdered anyone.. ahh but this cute little law said YOU WERE THERE you are just as guilty.

    Take that to the McCann's case and you cans see why I KNOW THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for whatever happened to their daughter . because THEY WERE NOT THERE to protect her from being 'abducted? murdered? died in an accident? passed about by a paedophile gang?...What ever her fate THEY were very much responsible for little Maddie's life after that terrible night. Because if they were 'innocent' we would not be here talking about this and little Maddie would never have disappeared.

    I also wonder why this gang of gypsies and or paedophiles left two other adorable children behind... seems strange.. Would a choc-a-holic really just have one chocolate out of a box where the rest are just lying there waiting to be taken?.

    It is also bad luck on the McCann's side that this was the one night in many, many years (according to her chart for waking up through the night). that Maddie slept right through, until that moment she was allegedly taken. AND those twins I bet they got lots of treats for sleeping through ALL of the noise and disturbance of that night/morning ( previous nights One or two of them were awake crying)...ah well simple explanations I am sure.

    Miss Takenidentity

  40. Guerra.

    I am listening .... I am sorry but its just not good enough the reasons you point out, however realistic and truthful they are.

    They are in cahoots (Portugal) ....and its not a strategy to help their citizens ..its quite the opposite ..a strategy to help the McCann's and UK Officialdom ....how ironic given what they are putting Goncalo Amaral and his family through......never mind eh

    In Life we have to fight for what's right and just and Citizens/ people feel proud of their Nation ...Its better than money and capitulation.


    ( I say as an ashamed Englishman - I will NEVER forgive the UK for their behaviour in this case) even though it is not English Driven.

  41. @35

    absolutely spot on.
    that's were the fight should be at ...period.


  42. Given what may be being withheld or simply put to one side by the LP, the PJ should reopen the case and request EVERY piece of information, witness statements and all that the LP have, to be sent to them immediately.

    Who knows what else they may have been holding back all these years that could help take this case forward to a conclusion.

    Meanwhile the SY so called 'investigation' is running around in circles and down the garden path, hunting for the so called 'abductor' on behalf of the McCanns, and the obvious being overlooked. It is a farce but no joke, since nobody is laughing at the expensive lunacy.

  43. @ 37

    ''The unnamed dad – spotted in the Praia da Luz resort by McCann family friend Jane Tanner at 9.15pm – was among a number of British witnesses who completed questionnaires for Leicestershire police six years ago.

    He is understood to have provided a detailed description of his movements on the night, including the fact he had picked up his own two-year-old daughter from a crèche close to where Madeleine vanished. But his ‘alibi’ was only looked at this year.''

    Several things bother me about the METs apparent FIND in the pile of files, the information that dispels Jane Tanners sighting, particularly as it quite CONTRARY to her statements & in particular her roggie interview. Jane Tanner's sighting never made sense, but trying to whitewash the incident seems particularly strange, but it does tidy up a loose end.

    Tidied up one loose end but of course opened a can of worms about which ghost after Mr McCanns check and before MO's check was opening an closing doors within the apartment.

    Who's pile of files hid the information of the parent with child? One can assume it had to be either within the submitted data from the McCanns to the MET or LP, else I'm sure the SLUR against the PJ would have well be dropped into the arena by now for the British MSM to tarnish reputations that they had overlooked such a vital clue!

    MSM would be well advised just occasionally to read some of these blogs, they might actually get some idea of what really is the agenda.

  44. "THERE is little more unedifying than the xenophobic trashing of a foreign justice system which has mis­handled a high-profile investigation, particularly one involving a British citizen.

    We witnessed it in Portugal in 2007. When Kate and ­Gerry McCann were made “arguidos” in the hunt for their missing daughter Madeleine there was national outrage, as if our police had never arrested an innocent person. Now we’re seeing a similar phenomenon in the US as newspapers cry foul over the reinstatement of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s convictions for the murder of Meredith Kercher at an Italian appeals court. “It couldn’t have happened here,” scream the headlines in a country that continues to hold foreign terror suspects without trial in Guantanamo Bay." http://www.scotsman.com/news/dani-garavelli-knox-s-endless-court-farce-1-3290215

    "Sunday Mirror columnist Carole Malone questions why small-time burglars are suspected by Scotland Yard of snatching the little girl

    Scotland Yard detectives ­probing Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are saying she might have been taken by three burglars who’d been robbing apartments in the area.

    Seriously? Burglars? I’m sorry, but the kind of crooks who break into holiday lets are looking for a few euros, mobiles and a bit of jewellery.

    They don’t see a little girl and think, “Oh we’ll take her instead”. They’d run a mile rather than kidnap a child because they’re small-time.

    And while they have contacts who can “fence” baubles and cameras, they’re unlikely to have any who can sell children.

    The Met are saying they believe these burglars could have taken Maddie because the night she disappeared they were making lots of calls to each other.

    Well they would if they were on the rob in an area where cops had been alerted that a little girl was missing.

    And if the Met has to write “request letters” to the ­Portuguese police asking if they can search these men’s homes and access their bank accounts, how close are they to arresting anyone?

    Four officers from ­Operation Grange in Portugal last week, are now back in London having made no arrests.

    How devastating this must all be for Kate and Gerry McCann – another flurry of headlines, more promises of suspects and arrests... and then nothing. Again!"

  45. Early on in the investigation somebody close to the McCanns gave information to UK authorities about the case which the Home Office are keeping under wraps, because they say it would 'damage relations between the UK and Portugal' if it were to be revealed. This information was even requested by a UK newspaper who had also got onto this, but they were told the same.

    So what could be so important that even the UK Government is keeping it secret?

    How about Portugal DEMAND to know what this is anyway, being as they have spent so much time, money, and manpower on this case?

    If only somebody in authority in Portugal would speak out and put an end to this 'investigation' farce by mentioning the dogs and all for a start, because it is not looking like SY are going to, and help get the answers needed.

  46. well said mistaken identity , its about time the Portuguese Police applied for arrest warrants and arrested the Mccanns and the Tapas lot and question them in Portugal under Portuguese Law . If the good Kate Mccanns decides not to answer questions give her a permanent room till she does , that's how cases are resolved and the culprits charged in third world countries , we can not afford to send our police officers on holiday over here . Where there is common sense , Justice will prevail . All this make believe suspects , spin doctors, "funds", imaginary sightings have to stop . SAVE MONEY ON THIS INVESTIGATION START WITH THE MCCANNS AND THE TAPAS 7 . What is beyond the realms of reality, is why , why does anyone who has lost a child , have a need for a spin doctor or spokesman ? is it because they tell lies? why does anyone need a "fund" poncing money from good hearted people to clain they are trying to "find" their child when in reality all they are doing is going round countries making sure the fund is known ? why were the E fits hidden by the parents? These are a few of the questions that the Mccanns NEED to answer once they are charged for neglect , as for their friends the ones who provided stories to the police of "sightings" ? They should be charged for wasting police time and telling lies . So is this not the best way forward instead of police officers from the UK going to sunny climes , wasting public funds? Portugal has its own Police force let them investigate it themselves under their law and send the Mccanns and the tapas7 there to answer questions period .

  47. Mojo I don't understand how after reading my initial reply you came to the conclusion that I said that helping Scotland Yard is a good strategy and beneficial for Portuguese citizens. Look, I'm all for justice to be done in this case, however putting the McCanns in jail is not going to reduce the 15% unemployment and it's not going to alleviate the Portuguese fiscal burden. The average Portuguese person is more concerned about making ends meet and they probably don't even realize the extent to which Portugal has been denigrated by the English speaking world And I assume that a good percentage if not the majority of English people believe what they read in that fabulous press of theirs. Basically, what I said was that the Portuguese government has more important things to worry about, such as restructuring public services so Portugal doesn't get in the mess it habitually gets into every decade or so, than dedicating resources to counteract the disinformation that is coming out of England. I don't believe the current Portuguese government is in cahoots with anyone but I do suspect that within the PJ a decision has been made to put an end to this case and lay the blame for its failure on the original investigators.

    It's easy to say: well, Portugal should issue an arrest warrant and put the McCanns and the Tapas lot in jail. Do you honestly think that your government would let that happen ? Do you honestly think that after all the resources it dedicated to assure that the Portuguese investigation would fail and all the resources they have now invested in devaluing the contents of the case files, they would turn around and say: oh at your service glad to be of help we'll put the lot on the next plane leaving Heathrow. Get real, it won't happen!

    Do you honestly think the Portuguese have enough evidence to issue arrest warrants? Mr. Amaral doesn't. And if there was would the McCanns have made all these trips to Portugal? Unfortunately that's the way it is.

  48. Is it really beyond the realms of possibility that in pursuing these ostensibly irrelevant van drivers, burglars, OC employees etc, Scotland Yard is carrying out sound police practice, namely attempting to pin down and question those who witnessed or may have been involved in assisting the perpetrators of whatever crime was committed that week? Suspicions are no use without hard evidence.

    I still find it difficult to believe that Scotland Yard, with its once proud history, and for all its faults, is prepared to make itself such a laughing stock unnecessarily, when, if all everyone wanted was a quiet life, this case could easily have been put to rest and quietly forgotten years ago.

  49. bonjour à tous,
    je ne sais pas si vous tous êtes comme moi, mais je suis fatiguée de constater que le procès Amaral/Mac Cann n'arrive pas à son terme, et que seuls des débiles mentaux peuvent croire ce que raconte la police du RU !!
    j'avais beaucoup d'espoir avec le procès en diffamation, je l'ai perdu, j'avais beaucoup d'espoir quand la pj a annoncé qu'elle relançait l'enquête, je l'ai perdu aussi !!!
    depuis 7 ans, bientôt que je suis cette affaire, je me suis fait une opinion, et elle n'est pas en faveur des Mac Cann !!!
    mais là, je renonce à espèrer que la vérité sortira un jour, parce que pour des raisons qui nous dépassent tous, un groupe de personnes, menteur au delà de ce que je n'ai jamais rencontré dans ma vie, est protègè, par qui ?? pour quoi ???
    il est clair que la disparition de la petite fille restera un mystère, sauf pour ceux qui couvrent tout cela !
    j'en arrive à me dire que c'est malsain de continuer à m'intéresser à cette affaire, et que je n'ai plus envie de me révolter ! la vie est injuste, et tout le monde n'a pas la même importance sur terre !
    mais comment, tous ces gens qui savent ou se taisent ou couvrent les responsables peuvent dormir tranquilles ou continuer à avoir une vie de famille normale ???
    pas de conscience, je pense.

  50. As I was saying a few days ago at @23 "we are now seeing two police forces, not wanting to find out what happened to Madeleine on that fateful 3 of May of 2007, or to find her remains, or to find her alive even - the only thing we see is them desperately trying to frame anyone, from black dead patsies to robbers who miraculously turn in a matter of few hours into Ocean Club workers - and if that doesn't work, we will see the gypsies again, Hewlett's ghost, or even any innocent swarthy bystander being splashed all over the world's media covers as the "beast who took our Maddie", starting in the Daily Mirror, Sun or Mail. Does anyone still have doubts?"

    Here we go again:

    "Madeleine McCann detectives 'probe Portuguese gypsy site 15-minutes away from holiday home where three year-old was snatched in 2007'

    Traveller site at Meia Praia investigated by police, according to reports
    Detectives also believed to be looking into another site 30 miles away
    Police have identified three burglars as prime suspects in disappearance

    (...) According to The Sun, officers are now also understood to be investigating the area of Meia Praia along with another site 30 miles away.

    A Briton who has a holiday home near where the McCann family stayed in Praia da Luz told the paper officers from Scotland Yard had asked him about Meia Praia.

    He said: 'They wanted to know everything that I knew about the people living there.'

    According to the paper, Meia Praia is a ramshackle camp notorious for violence and drug smuggling."


  51. Is it not evidence Is it not unlawful to leave kids that age on their own? What more evidence is needed to arrest the parents for neglect in this case? Instead of searching and waltzing with the "fairies" I feel the parents and their cronies should return to Portugal to answer for their actions , let charges of neglect be made for this pair of "IRRISPONSIBLE" parents . What is comical is that the Mcanns keps showing pictures of their missing child all over , was this to jog memories or to remind people to contribute to their nice little earner of a "fund"? In the world of common sense one does not depend on people to look out for their children but it is the DUTY of their parents to do so . This case WILL only be resolved by the parents getting arrested and charged for neglect , which is FACT , no "spokesperson, spin doctor , or professional liar " can say other wise . So instead of wasting public funds going on a wild goose chase and sending members of the met police on short breaks to sunny climes , start with the basic fact which is NEGLECT , the rest will fall in place , that's the law of common sense . The people of the world will not rest till JUSTICE is got for the poor child . Had it not been for the Honest and decent Police officer Dr Amaral and Joana for these blogs the world would be non the wiser ., greed and love of money got the better of the Mccanns iam afraid or else they would not be using money paid by gullible good hearted people from all over to sue people who don't agree with their fantasy theory and swan round the world like celebrities , not forgetting paying off their mortgage , they are shameless for leaving their children on their own in the first place ! This couple must be thinking people are fools , there is a recession out there get real !

  52. Translation of comment at @49

    "Hello to all,
    I do not know if you all are like me, but I'm tired to see that the Amaral/McCann case does not come to an end, and that only the mentally retarded can believe what is told by the police in the UK!
    I had high hopes with the libel process, I lost them; I had high hopes when the PJ announced they would relaunch the investigation, I lost them again!
    For 7 years, since I started following this case, I formed an opinion, and it is not in favour of the McCanns!
    But now I give up hope that the truth will ever come out one day, because for reasons beyond all of us, a group of people, lying beyond what I've ever met in my life is protected, by whom? For what?
    It is clear that the disappearance of the little girl will remain a mystery, except for those who have covered it!
    I found myself understanding that it is unhealthy to continue to take an interest in this matter, and that I no longer have a desire to rebel! Life is unfair, and not everyone in this world has the same importance!
    But how can all those people who know or who are silent or who cover up for those who are responsible, manage to sleep peacefully or continue to have a normal family life?
    They have no conscience, I think."

    Je comprend très bien ce que tu dis...

  53. @49 , Don't give up that's what they want , we need to stand together and make the facts known to the world , these people have no morals , conscience or shame . . They will be caught rest assured of that , even their "friends" in high places will not be able to save their skins . I hope our good Prime minister , the one we voted for reads this and brings an end to this waste of money and let the Portuguese police charge the parents for neglect and the Tapas 7 for aiding and abetting by claiming to "see" abductors . They will be some Just men and women round the world who will see how these so called " responsible " parents are . So fear not Judgement day is near . The ones who support these people will feel the wrath of God .

  54. Was it ever established that the Payne's baby alarm actually worked? Can a baby alarm even the more modern ones work over that distance. Would you trust one for three hours? So with three members of the Payne family never leaving the table for an 'eyeball' check, sound reasonable, that not once was there a physical check?

    When people form a PACT and keep quiet they all ASSUMED they know, what each other knows and each others actions. Finally with the METs intervention (go with the flow and if we call it that) MO has been let off the hook as being the last member of the group to could feasibly confirm Madeleine's presence.

    The PACT closes in on itself and becomes it's own worse enemy!! United they stand and divided they (could) fall

  55. Guerra ...please don't take this the wrong way - I know you are been practical in your observation......but read your last post back. To me they are no excuse / reasons for not standing up for truth and justice, more an argument to accept something that is fundamentally wrong.

    Lets not forget the severity of the case and what is at its root .. a child.
    we are not talking about a petty crime here.

    Yes I would I expect the Prime Minister to defend its people, to represent them as their servant and nominated spokesman.....yes on the world scale if that's where the fight went.
    Yes I think the Portugal Government are involved in the cover up assisting the Uk.
    Yes I think they have evidence to convict and yes I think the echelons of both governments know the truth of the fate of Madeleine.
    I believe the denied phone records of the McCann's and friends would have shown this.

    Just because we can all see the direction of this case and the agenda at work does not mean that we have to accept it or placate with more pressing issues .....now that is been real.


  56. Mojo, I'm not giving excuses for people's behaviour; I'm being a realist. Personally, there isn't much I can do other than place comments on the internet to counteract the disinformation. I'm not going to fly 8000 km and protest on the streets of Portugal, I can't afford to that and it would be ineffective because I suspect few people would join me. As I've said before the majority of the Portuguese population doesn't even realize the extent to which their country has been dragged through the mud in the English speaking world.

    History is strewn with cases in which justice didn't prevail. It's hard to accept but that's reality. The world is controlled by the rich and powerful and they use the media to control the masses. I suspect that 40 percent of what we read in the history books is inaccurate or outright fairy tales. Life isn't fair.

    With regard to the phone evidence, I did comment at the time that when the PJ were denied access to the McCann's text messages that it ended any hope the Portuguese had of solving this case. I believe those phone records no longer exist. I also have my doubts that any phone records from that time exist given that the telecommunication companies are only obligated to keep them on file for 2 years if I'm not mistaken.

  57. Guerra ....I know you are right in your observation and I respect you massively from your posts ..I know you have done everything that anyone can realistically do in sharing with us your views.

    I just find it depressing that peoples lives get ruined and it has to be accepted as "the way it is "

    Infact I cant accept it - My hope is this case will become the gateway for people to see how corrupt the ruling classes have become.

    Europe is on edge - rest assure there are big waves coming - rest assure.
    These people with the power at present will be uplifted and later we can go back for them - that's why the case must stay logged and documented.
    They will not get away in the long fight - be sure of that.


  58. Guerra .

    An interesting point you raise regarding the phone records of the McCann's that were denied...and you believe now deleted.
    The present investigation is using telephone records of the so called 3 burglars due to high volumes of call traffic we are told.
    yes ?

    If those records can still be obtained nearly 7 years on the then the McCann's should be too ...if they have been deleted ...the question should be Why ? and why not the others from the same period.


  59. Guerra you are right , the British papers and the "responsible" parents (the Mccanns) the same "responsible" parents who left UNDERAGE children on their own as the went to drink , claim that the Portuguese Police did not do their job properly , so the send in the British Police who claim the child is ALIVE and has been ABDUCTED , while the people with common sense round the world know the poor child is DEAD god rest her soul .As in my earlier blogs , the decent people from round the world who have common sense enough to see the gigantic COVER up by the Mccanns, and the proof of the dogs is to demand Justice and get the Mccanns and the people who helped them flee from JUSTICE TO COURT ! , Is it not true that the UK is a country of democracy and freedom so much so that it helps "liberate" other countries like Iraq, Egypt, Libya , Afghanistan , poking their nose in Syria and Iraq , when they cant solve their OWN problems ? Its about time our good Prime Minister , who was so good to intervene the Mccanns case and spend millions on it do the right thing and instruct the good old Mr Redwood to forget his fantasy stories of the Abduction and start with the Mccanns? Unless of course as we all know the election is coming up next year and our good Prime minister wants UKIP to run the country ? People are not stupid we are fed up with this case we know the Mccanns and the Tapas 7 KNOW and are HIDING what happened to the child , so instead of harassing , and looking for make believe burglars , taxi drivers , gnomes etc get real GET THE MCCANNS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS IN PORTUGAL and face the music . As for the good "spin doctor" , the Devil awaits his soul for telling lies , Justice will prevail for the death of this child , even the dogs know otherwise so what is SY doing wasting money going on wild goose chases for? This case will spoil the good name that SY had round the world , and what for? to save the hides of two doctors and their friends who have no responsibility to look after their children? So let honesty, common sense and the fear of god get the better and start by asking the Mccanns and the tapas7 questions now .

  60. Question is ...Why would any MOTHER allow David Payne (or any other man)to bathe their child?????


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