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English want to question more people in the Maddie case

by Marisa Rodrigues

The British police is going to send the third letter rogatory concerning the Madeleine McCann case to Portugal. The decision was communicated to the Judiciary Police during a meeting that took place, this Thursday, in Faro.

Scotland Yard detectives are going to ask for more people to be questioned, out of the approximately forty persons, who they consider “of interest” to the investigation into the disappearance of the English child, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2007.

A PJ source confirmed that the meeting served, as the previous ones, to make a rundown of the judicial cooperation between the police authorities of the two countries.

This new request for judicial assistance comes at a time when the investigative steps that are contained in the second letter rogatory still have to be carried out, namely the questioning of three former employees of the tourist resort from where the child disappeared, house searches and analyses of their bank accounts.

in Jornal de Notícias, Feb. 13, 2014

UK media reports:

'Tempo of Madeleine McCann inquiry moving forwards,' say police

by Justin Davenport

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have issued a new request for help to the Portuguese authorities.

The development came as a senior Scotland Yard officer said the “tempo” of the inquiry into the missing toddler was “moving forward.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt, who is overseeing the operation, said the Yard had sent a third international letter of request to Portuguese officials linked to their inquiries.

He said: “Clearly the investigative tempo is moving forward as we are progressing the investigation and the work we are asking the Portuguese to undertake for us. We are carrying on our liaison at all levels.”

Members of the inquiry team, including Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, were in Portugal again today on a “routine visit” to meet counterparts from Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria.

Madeleine was nearly four when she disappeared from her room in the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz where she was staying with her family in 2007.

Scotland Yard launched a fresh investigation into the girl 's disappearance last July – two years into a review of the case – and made renewed appeals on television in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

Detectives in the UK must submit International Letters of Request to their counterparts overseas in order to get action undertaken in a foreign country.

Recent discussions between the two forces are believed to have centred on a burglary gang who had targeted homes in the resort at the time Madeleine vanished.

Mobile phone records are said to have revealed that three suspected burglars repeatedly called each other in the hours after Madeleine disappeared.

Mr Hewitt said so far the Yard had not asked the Portuguese authorities to interview or arrest any suspects.

Scotland Yard has played down speculation of imminent arrests in the case saying they are pursuing several lines of inquiry. Met officers have been to Portugal more than 20 times in the past 18 months.

In October, Portuguese authorities said a review had uncovered information prompting them to reopen their own inquiry.

No-one has been arrested.

in Evening Standard, Feb. 13, 2014

Above: Jerry Lawton tweets (Daily Star)


  1. Weather Forecast:

    Chances are McTeam>Mitchell>Cameron & Met's hAndymen, will be particularly active in the build up to the last session of McTeam vs G.Amaral - then the media frenzy will subside... for a while. Depending.

    Then it will rise again and yet again - until the case eventually reaches the European Court of Human Rights - as indeed it must. One way or the other. Observe the hidden dynamics of ideology at work. UKGB's ideology, that is.

    The propaganda targets are obviously the "backward" Portuguese PJ and of course the "disgraced cop" Gonçalo Amaral - AKA "The McCanns' Nemesis".

    The Portuguese police reputation must be dragged through the mud "for as long as it takes" and Amaral must be defeated in court and reduced to rags in order for the "official version" of events to be upheld - as it were. Until that happens, the soap opera must go on. Even after that happens! If it ever happens!

    Citizen journalists must prepare for the long run!
    “If you wish to be out front, then act as if you were behind.” (Lao Tzu)

    :d Brought to you by the MetOffice...

  2. Good news and at least we are hearing from the police. If patience were gold, Bill Gates would be jealous of me.

  3. With the elections coming up in 2015 , I don't think our good Prime minister would like to see UKIP voted in , this case is a shambles and a disgrace to the UK . The Mc canns and their team of twisters will not be able to get away with this . For a start the parents should be charged with NEGLECT , The ones that gave false statements charged with perverting the course of Justice , and the good ol "spin doctor" charged with aiding and abetting , by telling lies to protect the vile hideous parents . When this case goes to the European Courts and Interpol is Involved then and then only will this case be solved , as for the fairies, burglars, ufos, etc invented by the UK police force , they should all make claims of damages against the UK police for harassment and fit ups . Why does SY have to ask the Portuguese Police to question "suspects " over there when 80% of the population wonder how come the Mc Canns and the Tapas gang are not sent to Portugal for questioning , the very people who refused to answer questions put to them by the Portuguese police . Send in the dogs with the Mc Canns iam sure once the dogs have a good sniff again they will repeat what they did years ago , when the dogs smelt death and the mcscamms were helped to scarper and avoid being put in jail . The end result will be ruling in favour of Mr Amaral who is paying the price for being an honest , god fearing , Police officer who for his effort in solving the crime was dragged in dirt and made to look a fool . I wonder if the good old SY would like to see another fellow officer silenced for telling the truth? DOGS DONT LIE , HUMANS DO !

  4. @2 Good news? You must be joking! This just means they got nothing, they're looking at everyone that was in Praia da Luz except at the McCanns and Tapas 7, all possibilities weighted, even the most absurd ones, or invented to give weight to the only theory that doesn't have any factual evidence to sustain it - the ludicrous McCann claim of abduction, and they are still not looking at those who have lied consistently for 6 years to cover up the crime (or crimes) - the McCanns and the Tapas 7. Is Scotland Yard or the MET or this team deserving of epithets such as the "world's best police"?! Pfff! This is an expensive and outrageous farce!

  5. Oh dear, Jerry Lawton being creative aka lying like only UK journalists do:


    by JERRY LAWTON jerry.lawton@dailystar.co.uk

    BRITISH detectives hunting Madeleine McCann have urged Portuguese police to catch three “prime suspect” burglars.

    Scotland Yard officers want to quiz the trio after spending months probing the thieves’ mobile phone data.

    It shows the raiders were close to the holiday apartment at Praia da Luz where Maddie, then three, was abducted in May 2007.

    The burglary gang, who were operating in the Algarve resort in the days up to Madeleine’s disappearance, are now the main focus of the Scotland Yard investigation.

    But the probe has been delayed by international red tape. Every time officers want to follow up a new lead they have to ask the Crown Prosecution Service to write to their Portuguese counterparts, who then pass the request to local police.

    Yesterday it was revealed a third letter has been sent asking for further inquiries into the raiders who are still at large.

    Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt told the Daily Star: “The investigative tempo is moving forward. Investigative activity is increasing.”

    Last night Det Chief Insp Andy Redwood, who is heading the UK hunt for Madeleine, right, was in Portugal meeting senior officers.

    A spokesman for Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry, 45, from Rothley, Leics, said sending the letters was a significant development

    IT’S been nearly seven years since Madeleine McCann went missing. And nearly seven years of pain and heartache for her parents Kate and Gerry. But now there is new hope. Scotland Yard say the investigation is stepping up a gear.

    The search is on for three “prime suspect” burglars operating in the area where Maddie disappeared in 2007.

    Detectives are now convinced the raiders hold the clues to finally finding the missing girl.

    But it’s up to the Portuguese police to pull their weight and help snare them.

    It’s the least that Kate and Gerry deserve.

    They have never stopped fighting for the truth. There have been so many cruel false dawns. Let’s hope the crucial breakthrough comes soon.


    Yep Jerry Lawton, that's why the McCanns asked for the reopening of the case in Portugal every single month, day, hour and minute since it was archived in July 2008! Oh, they didn't? That's shocking. What kind of parent wouldn't ask for their loving missing child investigation to be reopened to the proper authorities? Care to answer Lawton?

  6. Same story with a different byline by a Paul Jeeves also here http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/459701/Madeleine-McCann-Police-close-in-on-three-suspects-in-Portugal

    Jeeves is known to be a lying journalist or is possibly just a byline used to sign (cough, cough) made up news articles http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2007/apr/30/frontpageincitement1

  7. Selling more and more newspapers in UK is Scotland Yard's only achievement and will remain so for ETERNITY . Meanwhile justice for Madeleine will never be done . The McCanns will have no peace , their reputations will never be restored . People world-wide , with an ounce of intelligence can see right through the lies .

  8. Its about time this case goes to the European courts , and the UK Police force told to mind their own business and let the Portuguese Police investigate this case without let or hindrance to carry out the Investigation in accordance to the Law of Portugal as Portugal is Sovereign country and are very capable of catching the culprits of this investigation . This is a example of gross miscarriage of Justice and Mr Amaral taken off the case , the man should be awarded and made the chief police officer of Portugal maybe ? For his display of Honesty and Truth? If SY got officers to go to sunny climes , maybe they should be sent to put sand bags on our flooding counties? That would be productive instead of taking the public for fools by supporting the Mccanns fantasy stories of abduction , the girl is dead get real Eddy and Keela said so , so send the Mccanns and the 2 dogs to Portugal for a start .

  9. The story about three men, that is a ridiculous story they not child kidnappers we are sure they had nothing to do with Madeleine. The Portugal should not listen to the British police they want to make the story longer to help the evil nine for a whitewash. They would not take a crying child if they want to get away quick. We are sure the British police have evidence the Mccanns were involved, they don't speak the truth they have been lying all the time, they don't look honest police. Mr Smith family is the only ones who said they saw Mr McCann carrying Madeleine to the sea and they should investigate that. Please Portugal be strong and bring the truth out.

  10. Yes, It's not the fastest route to 'catch burglars who snatched Maddie', and it's certainly not the most cost efficient way to conduct an investigation-over in mainland Europe. I wonder why Redwood needs to go in person- we do have video conferencing and webinars as communication over distance-which can be used to great effect and reduced cost- but then the white skinned participants won't get a decent pre summer tan. ( there is always a down side)

    I must confess I am intrigued.

    Although I still maintain this is a complete waste of money by Taxpayers, I hope these 'questionings' are a real move to get a picture of who was doing what , where on that night- not in an accusing manner-but as witnesses, who can say what they saw, when they saw it, OR what they didn't see what they should have seen according to Tapas 9 movements and stories.

    Can they corroborate the tales of the Tapas 9 ? You see, the UK MSM are implying
    ( with a little help from the families friends- Those pesky fee wavers of PR boys n lawyers). That the police are seeking 'arrest' to charge people with crimes of abduction and other terrible things. They are NOT mentioning that other route or possibilities i.e. 'eliminating them- and seeking a picture of what could have happened on THAT night.

    We still only have the tapas 9 telling us that Maddie disappeared THAT NIGHT at THAT TIME.

    Are you 'thinking' what I am 'thinking'...

    Miss TakenIdentity.

    acknowledged thanks to Joana and Astro and others who assist in this web page to give time and Integrity to this issue.

  11. Enough evidence is there for the McCanns to be interviewed again and their friends who were with them too, especially Payne. Everything else is a smokescreen. Common sense tells us that one day the charade will be exposed.

  12. Well..
    It would be a miracle.
    Redwood or other spokepersons are getting paid I think..by the Mccanns
    I mean.. Very strange, indeed their story's

  13. what a farce, brian rix couldn't have played it better, this is just a oke, if they have evidence then arrest but they haven't and dear old kate and Gerry are beginning to feel a little more comfortable,the brother masons will not let bad smell under the nose Gerry fall. My father who was a high up police officer in the uk was asked to join the met and refused because he said there was too much corruption, instead he spent his final years working on internal investigation, he refused to join the masons. Police men like him are becoming fewer unfortunately. If the McCanns are so innocent why wont they with their so called friends travel to Portugal, if you are innocent and have nothing to hide you prove it, you do what is asked of you, because you know you are innocent. You don't start a fund immediately your child went missing, whose to say she would not have been found in the next day or so. Why was it necessary to hire the most expensive team of lawyers if you know you have done nothing. Truth always eventually finds a way. They have been assisted all the way, protected and are not persons of interest. Well done Gerry your a clever one, but every dog has its day. Dr Amaral if he loses this case must appeal, and take it to the European courts, what the Mcs have done to him is pure harassment,they want him ruined. What about Madeliene SY, have you questioned the MCs and tapas, the Gaspers the Smiths who by now have been threatened off. I cannot honestly believe these two neglectful parents who put their own pleasure first before the safety of their children swan around as stars, offered positions of grandeur . They had a 300,000 plus mortgage,kate wasn't working and rothley towers was looking like it needed to be sold, bet now its completely paid for.
    What really bugs me is if Madeliene is a ward of court, could they legally open a fund to look for her, they gave up the right to act on her behalf. This is what is delaying the close of the court case, it may not be legal that they sue Dr Amaral in the name of Maddie who they no longer hold responsibility for. Wake up SY and PJ see it how its being played.

  14. Anon 3 Somehow I don't think we are going to get any answers until we do get UKIP voted into power. I don't get the impression they are stuffed full of Masons for a start, or can be bought off to keep the lid on a load of lies for the sake of protection for anyone in authority who may have involved themselves in this case where the basic work and revelations of the blood and cadaver dogs is not even being mentioned.

    So who is giving the orders for that to be kept under wraps as they proceed with this farce which is costing the tax payers millions, but which we were told from the get go by Redwood was set up to bring 'closure for the McCanns'? Meanwhile SY proceed with the McCanns 'abduction scenario' with gusto, eyes closed to all else.

    Plus of course, their gusto for the 'abduction scenario' intensifies at exactly the time of the trial against Dr Amaral. Just what are those who have followed this case from the beginning supposed to think!!

  15. UKIP has even a more xenophobic and racist ideology than any other UK party, how would that help the necessary cooperation of the English authorities to solve this case?

    Also, may I remind you the words of a UKIP MP, and MEP in 2007 (also posting bellow Piers Merchant offensive letter/mail regarding the Madeleine McCann case):

    'McCann Investigation Flawed From Start'

    By Martin Brunt
    Sky News crime correspondent
    Updated:14:46, Tuesday November 13, 2007

    The Portuguese police are "corrupt" and conducted a "flawed" investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, according to a British MEP.

    Police at scene in Praia da Luz"The Portuguese police and judicial system is known to be suspect," says a letter from the office of Roger Knapman.

    The letter from the MEP for the South West of England added: "Elements of the police are corrupt... the original police investigation was amateurish and flawed.

    "It is important to realise that Portugal has no real history of citizen's rights and liberties or democracy."

    The letter was written on Mr Knapman's behalf, in reply to a woman who lobbied several MEPs complaining of the damage the case was doing to UK-Portugal relations.

    The woman accused the British Government and Gordon Brown of using political pressure to allow the McCanns to "avoid the consequences of Portugal's legal system".

    The MEP's letter says it is absurd to suggest the Prime Minister is involved in a cover-up.

    Missing Madeleine McCann

    It points out that Portugal became a democracy only 30 years ago. "Many of the police were trained under fascism and the institutions still bear the impact of this long period of dictatorship."

    It adds: "In all the circumstances it is entirely right that British citizens should be protected against an unreliable foreign system.

    "In any event I think you can rest assured that the British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts of this case than the Portuguese police."

    The letter was written by Piers Merchant, a former Tory MP who was forced to quit after his affair with a 17-year-old was exposed by The Sun. He now works as an assistant to Mr Knapman at the UK Independence Party.

    When Sky News' crime correspondent Martin Brunt asked Mr Knapman about the letter, he said: "It sounds fair enough. Piers has very carefully investigated this matter and responded on my behalf."

  16. The letter:

    "Roger Knapman MEP has asked me to thank you for your email and to reply as he is currently travelling to Strasbourg.

    First I should advise you, for your own good, to be very cautious about circulating potentially high libellous statements about Kate and Gerry McCann.

    The law of defamation applies to email and the internet. Secondly your suggestion that the Prime Minister is involved in some sort of conspiracy involving a clandestine cover-up is absurd. It is a wild allegation with no evidence at all.

    One of the first duties of the British government is to support its citizens abroad. It is therefore entirely correct that the government should do this in the case of Kate and Gerry McCann.

    One of the elements of this supporty is to protect British citizens against the actions of foreign governments. The Portuguese police and judicial system is known to be suspect. Elements of the police are corrupt and indeed in this case the senior detective involved has been charged with corruption.

    The Portuguese judicial system does not assume innocence before guilt in the way the British system does and operates an interrogatory process in which people are denounced as suspects without any proof. In this particular case the original police investigation was amateurish and flawed and to date nearly 10 different people have at one time or another been denounced as suspects.

    It is important to realise that Portugal has no real history of citizen's rights and liberties or democracy. From the 1920s to the mid 1970's Portugal was ruled by a fascist dictatorship, first under Salazar and then Caetano. Political opposition was repressed and the police and judicial system was used to achieve this.

    A stable multi-party democracy only came into existence in the late 1970's and is still very young. Many of the police were trained under fascism and the institutions still bear the impact of this long period of dictatorship. In all the circumstances it is entirely right that British citizens should be protected against an unreliable foreign system. In any event I think you can rest assured that the British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts of this case than the Portuguese police.

    Best wishes
    Piers Merchant
    Assistant to Roger Knapman MEP"

    The video:


    1. Do the Portuguese authorities know about this attitude?!!!

  17. If none of them can be trusted then let the people round the world protest for the case to be investigated and tried in the European courts . It seem Common sense lacks in society these days , Greed and Corruption seems to be the norm these days . So sooner or later the ones who were on "tanterhooks" will be answering QUESTIONS and will be facing the music they should have faced years ago .

  18. Daily Star

    MADDIE: COPS AT WAR Porto police bungling hunt, say Brit tecs

    FRUSTRATED British police fear Portuguese officers are chasing the wrong suspect in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann.

    And they warn that an “us against them” attitude could wreck the search.

    A source close to the UK inquiry told the Daily Star: “This is not a game. A little girl’s life may be at stake.”


  19. Portuguese police are bungling the hunt for Madeleine McCann, say Brit detectives

    FRUSTRATED British police fear Portuguese officers are chasing the wrong lead in the hunt for Madeleine McCann.

    By Jerry Lawton/Published 18th February 2014

    Top brass are desperate to liaise with their foreign colleagues after it emerged they are chasing different suspects.

    UK detectives are worried an “us against them” scenario is developing, and it could hinder attempts to find the missing girl.

    British investigators believe the three-year-old was snatched after disturbing burglars who broke into her parents’ holiday apartment.

    And their chief suspects are a three-strong gang who made a high number of mobile calls nearby on the night Maddie vanished.

    But Portuguese detectives are concentrating their efforts on a theory that a now-dead heroin addict abducted Madeleine.

    They believe Euclides Monteiro snatched her in a twisted act of revenge against the Ocean Club holiday resort after he had been sacked from a job there the year before.

    They have questioned his widow Luisa after mobile phone analysis placed his handset near the McCanns’ apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz that night in May, 2007.

    Monteiro, 40, was killed in a tractor accident four years ago.

    Police from both nations launched separate hunts for Madeleine last year after each spent two years reviewing files from the original case, shelved as an unsolved mystery in 2008.

    Though each force claims to have unearthed new leads, their inquiries are heading in different directions.

    A source close to the UK inquiry said: “If we don’t form a joint investigation task force, any advantages in terms of pooling resources and information may be lost.

    “We can’t have an ‘us against them’ scenario developing. This is not a game. A little girl’s life may be at stake.’’

    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has called on the UK and Portuguese governments to form a joint international task force to conduct a single united inquiry.

    He said the UK and Portuguese probes were “two separate inquiries with a different focus”.

    And he added: “It’s important that we work together on what is clearly a common problem.’’

    Yesterday Luisa Rodrigues, 40, said she was sure her husband did not snatch Madeleine. She said when Portuguese detectives told her he was their No 1 suspect, she was “speechless”.

    She added: “They said they suspected him because he used to work at the Ocean Club complex and because they had tracked the signal from his mobile.

    “But I’m sure he would have been at home watching TV. That’s what he always did after work.’’


  20. Found this posted on a site Christopher Spivey Blog it was a comment posted and very interesting.
    The following is an interesting post from one of Icke’s threads.
    For all you journalists out there, please clarify and confirm if the following relationships are true. We need some serious investigative journalism.
    -have had nice telephone chats together.
    -Clarence Mitchell is the Head of Media Monitoring for the govt.
    -He is also personal friend of Gerry, and has been representing Gerry
    (on behalf of govt or himself? ) from the very beginning.
    -Andrew is P.M.s brother and is involved with EDF Energy which is
    Europe’s largest nuclear energy producer. Andrew Brown is the media director for EDF energy, who are lobbying to build nuclear power stations in Britain.

    Gordon Brown wants to restart the nuclear power plant building programme in Britain.

    -Gerry McCann is a member of a government quango called COMARE (Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment) which has repeatedly come out in opposition to campaigners who claim that childhood cancers are more prevalent around nuclear power stations

    COMARE’s director happens to be a cardiologist based at the very hospital where Gerry and Kate first met, the Glasgow Western Infirmary. If COMARE’s contacts incorporate individuals in the broader nuclear industry, these might include Andrew Brown: Head of Media for Europe’s largest producer of nuclear electricity… and brother of Prime Minister Gordon.

    Question: since when is a cardiologist have the experience to
    comment on radiation?
    Possible Answer: Training of Cardiologists in Radiation Protection (http://rpop.iaea.org/RPoP/RPoP/Content/Documents/Whitepapers/Nsnews.pdf)

    “Bell Pottinger represent both the McCanns and the Portuguese holiday village they were staying in. Bell Pottinger also provide PR for the nuclear power industry, have close connections with New Labour (Tony Blair gave Tim bell his peerage), have helped sell New labours unique vision of democracy in Iraq and and have been heavily involved with several of New labours disastrous IT schemes ”

    -Julia Hobsbawm was a partner in Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications with Sarah Macaulay, now known as Sarah Brown, the wife of British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

    Julia Hobsbawm (http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Julia_Hobsbawm) is now the founder and chief executive of media analysis and networking company Editorial Intelligence

    And this is where it gets very interesting.

    Julia Hobsbawm’s new company ‘Editorial Intelligence’ specialises in analysing and exploiting comment and opinion in both print and online media. In simple terms, ‘Editorial Intelligence’ helps realise the potential of controlling the shape and fabric of public opinion and (d)ebate by controlling what is published in comment areas, forum areas, letters pages and message boards. They have even coined a new word for the online/published briTish public; they call it the ‘Commentariat’ (a play upon the word ‘Proletariat’ – orginally coined to describe the lower or working classes).

    Julia Hobsbawm’s ‘Editorial Intelligence’ describes itself on its website:

    “Editorial Intelligence opens a door to a vital and growing world of print and online comment and opinion. What the ‘Commentariat’ says affects and influences the direction of public opinion and policy alike and with it, corporate reputation …

    SKY NEWS and the GMC (General Medical Council) are clients of Editorial
    Analysis. Please clarify and confirm?

    (Julia Hobsbawm is also a trustee of the Jewish Community Centre for London – supported by none other than Sir Philip Green – loaner of jet and reward provider to the McCanns)

  21. cont....
    -When the ‘abduction theory” first spun its webs, there was mention of the Tapas 7, and one party who could not be named.

    -Could the unamed person be Peter McCann who is supposed to
    be an Uncle and who has a house in Gozo, Malta.
    -There was also mention of sighting in Malta, in amongst Morocco, Spain etc.

    -Castle Craig is an exclusive private hospital (but gets NHS funding) in
    Scotland and all the directors are as follows:


    See about Us then Key Staff
    Castle Craig Hospital
    Peter McCann MA, ICADC Chairman
    Dr Margaret Ann McCann, MB Bch BAO Medical Director
    Dr. Michael G. McCann , MD , MA , DIH, MFOM Director
    John L McCann BA ACIS Financial Director/Administrator

    Castle Craig Hospital is located in 50 acres of grounds in the Scottish Borders. It is a residential hospital for the inpatient treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. The hospital is registered with the relevant statutory body, namely the Scottish Care Commission. It is a major contractor to the National Health Service and is recognised by the major medical insurers in the U.K. Many insurance companies from other countries fund the treatment at Castle Craig. The hospital is a Preferred Provider to the U.S. Government under the Tricare programme and it is also recognised by the Dutch insurance companies.

    There is mention of a holiday home in Gozo, Malta. Is this the same
    Peter and Dr. Margaret Ann McCann says”

    We have worked together in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction since the early 80s. We founded, in the first instance, Clouds House in 1983 and ran it for five years before moving to Scotland and opening up Castle Craig which we have been running ever since.

    Both myself and Margaret Ann have presented at many conferences, written papers and belong to a number of professional organisations. In particular Margaret Ann served on the Executive of the Medical Council on Alcohol and I have just been elected a Board Member of the International Council of Alcohol and Addictions. I was also the Founder of the European Association for Treatment of Addiction (EATA).

    In our personal life we have been blessed with four delightful children, now aged from 18 to 24. Victoria is a graduate of Newcastle and Stirling Universities and has obtained an MSc in P.R. from the latter. Dominic is final year History at Edinburgh University. Felicity is in her second year at Bristol University Medical School and Peter is awaiting a place in Medical School. We all share an interest in sailing and are fortunate in having a lovely house in Gozo which was paid for many years ago with a small inheritance. We continue to have family holidays together. We also allow staff at Castle Craig and close friends to use the house and it has been a charitable auction prize on several occasions.

    Castle Craig has an extended contracts with the US Defence Department treating military personnel for addictions.

    Des Browne (our own Defence Sectretary – and another Scot) has been under increasing pressure to deal with our own force’s drink and drug problems (in light of the scandal brought about by the HMS Cornwall affair in April).


  22. cont.....
    It is entirely likely that given Castle Craig’s experience in treating US military personnel they have sough Peter McCann’s advice on treating our own military personnel.

    Perhaps Caslte Craig even treated servicemen on board the HMS Cornwall, who knows.

    That would certainly explain why they slipped into Iranian territory.

    Here is something that Peter McCann wrote last year. It might lend weight to rumours about cabinet members and family members having used Castle Craig. See what you think:

    “We also read today, about the inappropriate way that Liberal Democrats covered up on their former leader’s alcoholism. This is a typical response we see throughout industry and institutions when members of organisations try to cover up for their sick colleagues. It is quite disgraceful that politicians weld so much power while addicted and when their judgment must be warped. This applies to all political parties. Addiction must be confronted at all times and “tough love” applies to politicians just as much as to doctors, lawyers and family members. ”


    -Castle Craig has a branch in Holland. Gerry worked in Holland.

    -Jill Renwick is a friend of Gerry, and she lives down the road or same
    strees as John Brown, who is Gordon Brown’s brother.
    -maybe nothing here, and just poor John Brown caught in it all.

    SO WE HAVE MEDIA, POLITICS, DRUG REHAB, NUCLEAR…anyone join the dots and clarify all of this which is a combination of internet sleuthing?

  23. What a load of cobblers , do they really expect us to believe this ? no wonder many stopped buying the newspapers these days . May honesty , common sense and Justice prevail and the vile pair get taken in for questioning as to why they refused to answer questions , and neglected their kids in the first place ! Then and then only will people start believing the press again .

  24. Joana, you are splendidly open-minded and tolerant with the postings you let through to be printed which is great. Let 1000 flowers bloom! Still... to my mind there are one or two recent postings which seem rather odd, bordering on the xenophobic, or perhaps Lusophobic, highly political, and somewhat off piste. I wonder if there is some campaign going on?

  25. That's why Portugal has put the PJ files online, thank god, we can see if any mistakes have occurred.

  26. Leaving the door unlocked is a mistake.
    Leaving your children unattended every evening for wining and dining is a crime..
    There are many things that could happen, children are not trained dogs.
    You hope to expect it from high educated medical trained people.
    THEY ALL went, only one had at least a monitor..
    THEY could hire a nanny, like they did every day on psl.
    Did they choose not to?

    Even when you are around.. accidents can happen.
    When children wake up, it happens, take a pee, or want a drink, getting sick.
    crying out, looking for their parents..
    There where no jammed shutters.
    No prove of abduction either.

    Only one of the Tapas checked of the Mccannchildren, not the other children were 'checked' by other Tapasfriends.

    K&G didn't check on other children .
    There was even a sick child?
    And Jane saw probaly a child carrying away., later remembering bare feet and the pyjama..clothes..
    S.y is senile?

  27. Joana The item below is headline news in Daily Mail this morning its interesting in as much as James Callaghan was the Grand father of Kate McCann

    Civil servants are trawling through decades of files after an ‘insider’ claimed tens of thousands of pounds were funnelled to PIE (paedophile information exchange) in the form of annual grants to the network of child abusers while James Callaghan was in Downing Street.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2562518/The-truth-Labour-apologists-paedophilia-Police-probe-child-sex-group-linked-party-officials-wake-Savile.html#ixzz2tkYkEpQH
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  28. Hi Joana
    Found this on what seems like an abandoned site t hought it might interest you along with the other piece I sent you about whose connected with who. Don't know whether it should be published, but as there was many sightings of Madeliene in Malta, these two items kind of make you think about connections. Castle Craig owners have a house in Malta too
    Knights of the Order of St John (of Malta)

    Edward Fenech Adami
    Drolor Bosso Adamti
    General Allavena
    George W. Anderson
    James Jesus Angelton
    Samuel Alito
    Julian Allason
    Joe M. Allbaugh
    Roberto Alejos Arzu
    Silvio Berlusconi
    Grandmaster, Prince Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie (cousin of QEII) deceased.
    (Former Prime Minister) Tony Blair
    Michael Bloomberg
    Elmer Bobst
    Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs (Dame Lindy Boggs)
    Geoffrey T. Boisi
    John Robert Bolton
    Charles Joseph Bonaparte
    Prince Valerio Borghese
    Gen. William Boykin
    Dr. Barry Bradley
    Nicholas Brady
    Joseph Brennan
    Monsignor Mario Brini
    Pat Buchanan
    James Buckley
    William F. Buckley, Jr.
    George H.W Bush
    George W. Bush
    Jeb Bush
    Precott Bush, Jr.
    Frank Capra
    (King) Juan Carlos
    Frank Charles Carlucci III
    William Casey
    Michael Chertoff
    Noam Chomsky
    Gustavo Cisneros
    (President) Bill Clinton
    (Cardinal) Terence Cooke
    Gerald Coughlin
    (Senator) John Danforth
    John J. DeGioia
    Cartha DeLoach
    Giscard d’Estaing
    Giulliano di Bernardo
    Bill Donovan
    Allen Dulles
    Avery Dulles
    (Archbishop) Edward Egan
    (Count) Franz Egon
    Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.
    Noreen Falcone
    John A. Farrell
    Matthew Festing (79th Grand Master)
    Edwin J. Feulner
    Francis D. Flanagan
    Raymond Flynn
    Adrian Fortescue (16th century)
    John C. Gannon
    Licio Gelli
    Reinhard Gehlen
    Burton Gerber
    Rudy Giuliani
    Emilio T. González
    Dr. Lawrence Gonzi
    Sir John Gorman CVO
    Thomas K. Gorman
    J. Peter Grace
    Alan Greenspan
    Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank
    Gen. Alexander Haig
    Cyril Hamilton
    Otto von Hapsburg
    William Randolph Hearst
    Edward L. Hennessy, Jr.
    (Baron) Conrad Hilton
    Heinrich Himmler
    Richard Holbrooke
    J. Edgar Hoover
    Leonard G. Horowitz
    Daniel Imperato
    Lee Iococca
    Carl Nicholas Karcher
    Francis L. Kellogg
    Joseph Kennedy
    (Senator) Ted Kennedy
    Henry A. Kissinger
    Bowie Kuhn
    Cardinal Pio Laghi
    Cathy L. Lanier
    Joseph P. Larkin
    Louis Lehrman
    Leonard Leo
    General de Lorenzo
    Clara Booth Luce (Dame)
    Henry Luce
    Thabo Mbeki
    Angus Daniel McDonald
    George MacDonald
    Nelson Mandela
    Avro Manhattan
    Alexandre de Marenches
    Dr. Gerry McCann
    John McCone
    Thomas Melady
    Sir Stewart Menzies
    (Prince) Angelo di Mojana
    Thomas S. Monaghan
    Lord Christopher Walter Monckton
    Rupert Murdoch
    Robert James “Jim” Nicholson
    Charles G. Noska, Sr.
    Oliver North
    Joseph A. O’Hare
    Francis (Frank) V. Ortiz
    Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill
    George Pataki
    Cardinal Patronus
    Fra Giancarlo Pallavicini
    Fra Hubert Pallavicini
    Franz von Papen
    Baron Luigi Parrilli
    Juan Peron
    Peter G. Peterson
    Harold A.R. ‘Kim’ Philby
    Augusto Pinochet
    Eric Prince
    John Francis Queeny
    John J. Raskob
    (President) Ronald E. Reagan
    Joseph Retinger
    John Charles Reynolds
    Sir Cliff Richard
    George Rocca
    Nelson Rockefeller
    David Rockefeller
    Francis Rooney
    Amschel Mayer von Rothschild
    Rick Santorum
    Sir Jimmy Savile
    General Giuseppe Santovito
    Antonin Scalia
    Walter Schellenburg
    Phyllis Schlafly (Dame)
    John E Schmitz
    Joseph Edward Schmitz (Blackwater)
    Stephen A. Schwarzman
    Frank Shakespeare
    Martin F. Shea
    Clay Shaw
    William Edward Simon Jr.
    Jennifer Sims
    Frank Sinatra
    Frederick W. Smith
    Cardinal Francis Spellman
    Francix X. Stankard
    Steve Stavros
    Myron Taylor
    George Tenet
    Fritz Thyssen
    Richard Torrenzano
    Admiral Giovanni Torrinsi
    (Prince) Anton Turkul
    Ted Turner
    James B. Utt (John Birch Soc.)
    Albrecht von Boeselager
    Winfried Henckel von Donnersmark
    Thomas Von Essen
    Amschel Mayer von Rothschild
    Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr
    Kurt Waldheim
    General Vernon A. Walters
    Col. Albert J. Wetzel
    Canon Edward West
    Gen. William Westmoreland
    Gen. Charles A. Willoughby
    William Wilson
    Robert Zoellick
    Gen. Anthony Zinni

  29. Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, head of the Metropolital Police said on Feb 20 on BBC Radio 5 Live, that the Brit police and the PJ have different lines of enquiry, but that they "MUST" ... (corrected himself) "WANTED to work together". This seemed to imply in his verbal slip that SY were trying to influence the PJ enquiry.

    He also claimed not to remember what 'Operation Grange' was about, at first, then went on to describe the detail of the letters to Portugal. He gave the impression that he was not being straightforward and it was very hard to believe him, I think.

  30. I'm defecting to UKIP . My money will be better spent.

  31. Common sense tells us all that it is highly likely there is no missing girl. Most of us British think that the parents neglected their 3 children that night and that it is highly unlikely she is missing due to being snatched out of the apartment. So it only needs me to say that common sense would involve bringing the parents in for official questioning under oath as well as the group of adults who were on holiday with them.

  32. Don't the Portugal police think enough is enough you got enough evidence that poor girl is dead. The British police want to find out about those three men, they were burglars not child stealers, the British police is wrong they want to be on Mccanns side. Has Cameron given a lot of money again to clear this case up and tell them what to say. He always say he want to straighten out Britain, does he do it? He try now to please the people but can you believe that? Why he didn't do that before, is it because the election is coming? They always say the Portugal not clever enough to solve this case. They will not solve this case until they put the nine in court. Remember Mr Smith family spoke to Mr McCann carrying the little girl to the sea. We hope Portugal is very strong and bring out the truth. don't listen to the British police any more they don't have the truth either.

  33. The Portuguese Government should tell the British Police force to mind their own business as Portugal is a Sovereign Nation with its own Laws .Its about time this case is solved by starting to question the Mccanns and their friends , bring in the dogs too and charge the lot of them for neglect , aiding and abetting and false evidence , maybe send Bernard Hogan Howe there too? What baffles the world is Mr Hogan howe trying to say he is sure the child was abducted ? Did the dogs evidence not prove other wise? Or is it another Hillsborough Disaster ?

  34. They blame Portugal for their own neglect.
    Portugal didn't find a body..
    I think her body will never be found.

    That's why they still can go on.
    Ongoing search..selling.
    It should stop.
    Maddielook alikes, or kids scared to sleep.
    Sue everyone who don't believe their story.
    Bringing up new e-fits.
    Destroying it is.

    So..S.Y is still making arrest?
    They know who 'TAKEN HER' and they are getting her back?

  35. Regardless of what is true or not true in this matter (and only the person or people that took Madeleine know!), what is the point of these inane comments on this site? Non of them are original - "The parents should be charged with neglect" has been said before, probably millions of times!

    The really worrying thing about sites like this and the people who run them, is that they don't seem to realise that no EVERYTHING is in the Police Files. Any police force investigating a crime as serious as this one, keeps a great deal of information away from the public.

    SO- unless you are part of Scoltand Yard, and/or The PJ, and/or possibly Interpol, then you have NO IDEA what really went on, what is REALLY GOING ON, and what is likely to go on in the near or distant future...

    What a SAD waste of a life this is for all you rank amateur nutters, who don't even seem to realise your own lack of education and stupidity.

    It's easy to find a band of equally ignorant followers on the internet, but in the REAL WORLD, you would be laughed out of anything that involved serious or empirical research, and/ or facts, which is why you live to impress other morons in cyberspace alone!

  36. By taking the abduction theory to its absurd conclusions, by investigating everyone and his dog that was anywhere near the area that week, Redwood slowly but surely brings the finger of fate to point firmly in the direction of the only other conclusion; there was no abduction so the tapas 9 ARE involved. I fail to see how any of them can escape now, it's a forgone conclusion. Never can they say that SY didn't check their theory to the nth degree, never can they say that their abduction theory wasn't taken seriously. Redwood has literally, to the point of absurdity, looked into every aspect of an abduction and found that it just didn't happen. If the McScamms have any brains they'll be s******g themselves right now and CM will be wondering if he can afford to cover (lie) for them any longer; remember he doesn't have immunity to prosecution like a barrister does.
    It's simply not credible that SY would ignore the original evidence (which is damning) and pursue a line of enquirey in the opposite direction unless they were playing the long game and fully intended to nail the lot of them. The above is what we all hope, let's see if it plays out this way. The end must be in sight.

  37. We in Germany very angry that Frau Merkel went to Britain to see Mr Cameron about the EU. she should not have bothered with Mr Cameron, how can she trust him if he has Mr Mitchell from the labour party in his party. He has given so much money from the tax payer to support the Maddie case, it looks like they in Britain don't feel sorry for that poor girl and what happened to her. Mr Cameron he should have stop all that trouble and listen to the people.

  38. whats going on with the libel trial ...has a new date been set ?....how long does it take to make a decision that is so simple even in Law ? how long does it take to check legal implications of a ward of court, I would suggest it could be determined very quickly.

    so why has the libel case not been concluded ? I hope the judge in Portugal can see that this case is a nonsense and that Goncalo Amaral receives the correct verdict and with no conditions .....the verdict should be a clear innocent and libel case closed.

    I will say again ....Portugal is a sovereign country ,,,they have evidence to convict the Mccanns in my view and always did, but chose to make a political pact with the uk at the time ....some files are hidden remember and other areas were deliberately thwarted ..ie phone records not granted.

    The last 7 years has just been total lies and deception with attempts to make some kind of a trade off because of the Freeport case ....I have no doubt this was a factor in the trade off initially. They never gauged on the strength of feeling towards the McCann case across the world - and have not been able to whitewash it as easily as hoped.

    It is absolutely clear as daylight that the Mccanns, tapas friends ...other holiday guests, and specific employees at the OC have helped concoct this ridiculous story we have had the last 7years...many of those employees were moved very quickly
    That is where the problems have begun...the truth will make many people guilty in this crime to differing degrees - it would rip through the heart of the uk establishment and infrastructure.
    The people at the resort on that holiday are networking professionals ....there's no problem with that per say until it becomes like a cabal, clan or mafia.

    Focussing on the case sometimes take you away from the bigger picture - this bigger picture needs to be understood to realise who the powers are behind this case and why they want it whitewashed.

    this case is a conspiracy ...a word that has people running to hills .....but that is the truth and anyone looking into the case neutrally and deeply will see that.
    I am also again going to reference the blacksmith bureau blog again - who seems to have a vendetta against the more intelligent likes of Tony Bennett - who I believe to be a beacon of truth in this case.
    it would seem the Blacksmith can write just not so good at taking on the truth of specific areas to the case and thus prefers to write in a style that misses them out.

    personally I feel he/she or his team could educate themselves by listening to Mr Bennett ....but he is blinded by his dislike for the more accurate and intelligence of TB.
    ps I don't know either but it stands out like a sore thumb to me that personality is affecting a fair analysis of the case made.

    Anyway to conclude ..what I am saying is clear - this case could have been concluded 7 years ago the evidence was there to do so - the last 7 years have been about trying to find a political solution because of the people involved and their connections.
    There are people on that holiday linked to one of the richest familys in the world - I cannot stress enough how important it is to see and understand this aspect - this is what is preventing the truth.


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  40. I have sadly come to the conclusion that Redwood's 'investigation' is a sham. History is written by the winners, and usually the bulk of the populace automatically buys into it. Redwood may well have been employed to bully and bulldoze his way into the McCann case, which is NOT a British case. It is a Portuguese case, taking place under Portuguese law. Britain is no longer a colonial power and cannot behave in another sovereign country as if it is. Regimes have changed in both countries, so any political agreements between the likes of Brown and Socrates, if such there were, no longer apply.

    I only hope Helen Monteiro and her team are tough, and if they do not wish to share various bits of information with the Brits for fear of them appearing in the British press, or worse, for fear of attempts to derail the investigation, they don't. The PJ have been 'had' before during the first politically stalled investigation. I did not think this way originally, and I gave Redwood the benefit of the doubt, but now I have had enough, and I want no more British money to be poured into dumb and stupid peripheral fiddling about in the entrails of the case, and finding 101 cheap crooks and oddballs who might have been involved... somehow... but weren't.

    What is printed in the British tabloids gets sillier and sillier by the day. I do not necessarily believe that Redwood is leaking this tripe, it could be Clarence Mitchell, and nor do I believe Cameron is being involved in the way the papers say. I have reason to believe that Cameron, whose politics are not my own, is an honest man, especially where missing children like Madeleine are concerned.

    Good luck to the Porto team. I hope they will be as honourable, honest, and fearless, as I believe Amaral was. I hope all his good work will be belatedly reconsidered. I hope that ALL relevant information will now be allowed into the case, for the sake of an almost four-year-old who deserved better from the adults around her.

    How good it would be if duplicate forensic samples had, by good fortune and good sense, been sent to labs in other European countries as a belt and braces operation! It could be true, I hope so. The UK betrayed Portuguese trust over such things.

    Why an honest answer to what happened to Madeleine seems to be such an anathema in the UK, I simply do not know. Solve that and the case would soon be wrapped up... with the truth of what happened to her.


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