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Judiciary Police searches for former Ocean Club minibus driver

Judiciary Police searches driver from the hotel where Maddie disappeared from

Praia da Luz. Man they are trying to find was responsible for driving tourists to and from Faro airport. He resigned from the resort, worked at a bar and is supposedly unemployed now.

by José Manuel Oliveira

The Judiciary Police(PJ) was searching for, in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, the former minibus driver* of the Ocean Club tourist resort. It was from this location that Madeleine McCann, then aged 3, disappeared, from the bedroom where she was sleeping with her twin siblings, on the night of 3 of May of 2007 while their parents dined with friends at a restaurant approximately 50 meters away.

“Three individuals where here, a few days ago, who identified themselves as belonging to the Judiciary Police and they wanted to know where a man who worked at the Ocean Club at the time when Maddie disappeared resided. At the time, he used to transport tourists from Faro airport to the apartments of the resort in Praia da Luz, where tourists would be lodged. Then at the end of the holidays, he took the clients to the airport so they could return to their respective countries. It was habitual for him to be always using his mobile phone”, an inhabitant of Praia da Luz, working at an hotel unit told the DN.

The man, who is single and may be 40 years old now, worked subsequently at a bar in that area, he is considered as “humble and very polite”, sources guaranteed to DN. At the moment he is supposedly unemployed.

This renewed presence of members of the Judiciary Police in Praia da Luz came just days after four British investigators from the Scotland Yard were gathered, on Tuesday morning, in Faro, with the head of the PJ directorate of Faro, Mota Carmo, and with the coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimão, Ana Paula Rito. As DN told at the time, on the table was a request for assistance to the Portuguese police aimed at carrying out several steps that were specified under the letters rogatory that were sent to the Attorney General's Office, which have arrived to the PJ two weeks ago.

The English police want the Portuguese authorities to question three individuals whom they consider that they may be involved in the disappearance of the English child. The lead being followed has as a goal the identification of those people, who have made ​​several phone calls on the night that Madeleine McCann disappeared, precisely in the area adjacent to the Ocean Club, where the family was holidaying. The English investigators suspect that some of those three men may be involved in burglaries in that area of Praia da Luz.

“Case tends to be forgotten”

In Praia da Luz, located near Lagos, no one seems to believe that Madeleine McCann can be found. And the few inhabitants that, sometimes, still talk about the disappearance of English child in 2007, only do so when news appear in the media - like this week, with the presence of members of Scotland Yard in the Algarve to hold meetings with representatives of the Judiciary Police - or when they come across with journalists in that tourist area in the municipality of Lagos. “This case no longer stirs people and tends to be forgotten”, observed the president of the Parish Council of Luz, Victor Mata.

in Diário de Notícias (paper edition), February 3, 2014
*See official files: B. Silva - Ocean Club minibus driver statements to the PJ
J. Silva - Ocean Club minibus driver statements to the PJ


Broadcast by TVI, February 3, 2014
Marisa Rodrigues (Voice over) - The man was assigned as a driver, in order to assure the transport of tourists between Faro airport and the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, in May of 2007. He drove a minibus and spoke often on his mobile phone. Under the scope of the English investigation he was considered as a “person of interest”. The English detectives requested for the Judiciary Police to locate him, the PJ inspectors went to Praia da Luz to search for him. They understood that he no longer worked for the Ocean Club, that he is unemployed and nothing relevant was found.

The PJ work on the field, in Praia da Luz, took place several months ago and was one of the investigative steps in the first letter rogatory that arrived in Portugal during the last summer, it is part of the English process and has nothing to do with the PJ investigation under the purview of the Public Ministry of Portimão. It also has nothing to do with the regular meeting that once again brought, last Tuesday to Faro, four Scotland Yard detectives. Meeting which was held in order to clarify doubts relative to the first letter rogatory and to make a rundown of the judicial cooperation between the police authorities of the two countries.

As to the second letter rogatory, no investigative step has been requested to take place and nothing was scheduled yet, specially because the document that was submitted to the Attorney General's Office on the 23rd of January has not yet reached the hands of the Judiciary Police. Among the investigative steps requested in the second letter rogatory are the questionings of the three men who worked in the tourist resort at the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, that would have made a high number of phone calls to each other. Home searches were also requested as well as analyses of their bank accounts.

UK media reports:

Madeleine McCann detectives 'probe Portuguese gypsy site 15-minutes away from holiday home where three year-old was snatched in 2007'

Traveller site at Meia Praia investigated by police, according to reports
Detectives also believed to be looking into another site 30 miles away
Police have identified three burglars as prime suspects in disappearance

(...) According to The Sun, officers are now also understood to be investigating the area of Meia Praia along with another site 30 miles away.

A Briton who has a holiday home near where the McCann family stayed in Praia da Luz told the paper officers from Scotland Yard had asked him about Meia Praia.

He said: 'They wanted to know everything that I knew about the people living there.'

According to the paper, Meia Praia is a ramshackle camp notorious for violence and drug smuggling.

in Daily Mail (online), February 3, 2014


  1. This farce of an investigation just goes from bad to worse. Now they are back to their old standby as suspects if all else fails, the gypsies. Well they do move around, and SY will be able to spend another few years following them to various places, so that should keep this going for quite a while yet .

    Yes, look at the gypsies and all SY, but not at the work of those UK dogs, you must not do that under any circumstances because you may not like the answers they gave off, if you don't already know them.

  2. Well said Anonymous , its a farce , the Portuguese people should demand their government apply for European warrent of arrests for the Mccanns , the Tapas 7 and the rest of the people involved in this case who helped it linger for all these years and charge them with neglect .One feels surprised how SY can even think of "abduction" when the dogs proved other wise , Do we discredit the dogs because it happens to be a case involving the Mccanns? Surely they are not above the Law ? Or are they? The truth will come out , it often does as one will see in the near future .

  3. This is such an expensive farce. I am ashamed to be from the UK right now - since MAY 2007 anyway.

  4. Who believes this shit, poor man?!

  5. @3 Don't be, the Portuguese authorities - from the former Attorney General's Office and Justice Ministers to the higher echelons of the PJ - haven't behaved better than the English ones in this case, from burying their "heads in the sand" since the process was archived perhaps believing that it would all go away to the current third PJ team in Oporto reviewing what had already been reviewed by Paulo Rebelo's team, the second PJ team investigating the disappearance. If the English authorities and politicians have hindered the initial investigation, what to say of the current and former Portuguese authorities cowardly subservience? From here they all look pathetic and both "investigations" farcical. We, as citizens, have no reason to feel ashamed, they have plenty.

  6. Do burglars, deposit in bank accounts, their ill gotten gains? No, I didn't think so!

    Only one...or make that two bank accounts that the Scotland Yard should be interested in - the McCanns personal account, and that of their Fund.

    Burglars don't 'bank' what they have stolen, nor do they 'steal' little children.

    Why are 30+ Scotland Yard Officers, presumably most of whom are decent and honest individuals going along with this? They must have wives, husbands children, families of their own, must surely have compassion for Madeleine, and must surely desperately want to discover what became of her.

    Likewise on the Portuguese side - why have either side not the courage to do what is right by this child? Does Madeleine's life and the life of all other vulnerable children mean so little, when they so easily 'look the other way?'

    The Portuguese and the UK Police know exactly where they should be looking, who they should be questioning.

    The McCanns and their friends - they know what happened to Madeleine - That is the one sure thing we do know of in this case - each and every one of them know what became of the little girl - it is they who should be hanging their heads in shame, before popping them in a noose!

    Burglars and bank accounts - piffle!

  7. Well said Joana , people like you bring about honesty , decency and truth in this nasty corrupt world we live in , a man lost his job because of this vile pair who desperately try to make wrong to right , does anyone not agree its a crime to leave children on their own while you go out on a drinking spree with friends? Is this the behaviour of "normal " responsible parents? So its about time based on these facts , the Pair and the Tapas 7 get arrested and charged for neglect , a lot of squealing will take place , and truth will be revealed end of story . This vile pair have the front to accuse people on live TV of not looking out for their child? Did the people go for drinks leaving young vulnerable children on their own? WELL THEN .. Keep up with these blogs Joana , help to clear the good Dr Amarals name and name and shame the people responsible for their own actions . Lets see their "lawyer" try and shut people of the world up , once and for all this case has to be resolved by charging the parents with neglect .

  8. I am beginning to feel quite exhausted by all of this now. We (UK & Portugal citizens) are experiencing financial hardship due to the economic crisis and here we are handing over millions and tying up police forces time on a complete wasted exercise.

    Little Madeline is not going to hop, skip, and jump from *over a rainbow* all giggles about her adventure or shower her parents with love for leaving her alone to experience her 'journey'...what ever happened to heron that night- I do not believe she is alive if she were 'taken' she would be too much of a burden on the 'abductors'.

    Paedophiles, gypsies, burglars are just not going to own up to have taken her AND there is simply NO EVIDENCE to arrest them for anything.

    ALL the police of both services can say is....they have exhausted EVERY OTHER line of enquiry....and then it comes right back to the beginning again!

    The millions wasted on the McCann's is shameful. One child is not worth that amount spent especially since millions could help struggling families here in the UK. caring loving FAMILIES.

    Considering the lives of many have been ruined by those nasty parents

    To the McCann's.... you lost the right to have Madeline back the night you left her...let it go- move on...Like you didn't already the day you left Portugal!

    Miss Takenidentity

  9. They cant move on , if they do who will keep the "abduction" theory live ? The funds will dry and think how hard it will be for them to swan round the world on other peoples money if there is no money coming in . The money donated by people was to help find their child , NOT to pay bent investigators , mortgage of their property, using to hire Lawyers, and to sue people who do not agree with their fairy tale . Has it occurred to the Mccanns that some people who donated money to their "fund" out of the goodness of their hearts , live in a bedsit ? Has it not occurred to you that its possible? So own up tell the truth , get charged for neglect and god will forgive you .Or have you more neck than a giraffe ? There is a recession out there live in reality , the people are annoyed as justice is not done and upset for the lies they hear everyday . Old Chinese Proverb say , slowly , slowly , catching monkey .

  10. To me, the PJ are making smoke and mirrors, insinuating the driver and it is not him. I believe they are checking on the Ocean Club's administration, looking for someone else. There must be leads, even clues to be found somewhere otherwise they would not be there wasting their time. I wonder if it has to do with the nannies, the only people with whom the McCanns had contact.
    The PJ must have a strong indication about something, probably pointed by the Met police who checked on bank accounts and who could have identified with whom Gerry exchanged 14 messages,, between 9.15pm and 9.45 pm of the 3rd.

    Anyway, it starts to look like that Tapas 10 could come from the Ocean Club and I am surprised that the PJ let themselves be filmed and that it was broadcasted. No discretion for some reason.

  11. Perhaps the police are only scaring the culprits. There must be something behind their action. Why again a visible performance?

  12. Police tell everything, except for the truth.

  13. Who knows somebody of Tapas 7 told who Tapas 10 is and that person does not want to
    be known by the public, and by the McCanns and the police have to make smoke and mirrors before they shout EUREKA!!!!!! WE FOUND HIM/HER, ALL BY OURSELVES!

  14. Daily mail altered their article copied from the Sun:

    It now reads:

    «A Briton who has a holiday home near where the McCann family stayed in Praia da Luz told the paper officers from Scotland Yard had asked him about Meia Praia.

    He said: 'They wanted to know everything that I knew about the people living there.'

    Meia Praia is also believed to be home to a group of fishermen who moved into the area about 40 years ago.

    Scotland Yard were unable to confirm reports of the two sites being investigated.»

    Instead of:

    «A Briton who has a holiday home near where the McCann family stayed in Praia da Luz told the paper officers from Scotland Yard had asked him about Meia Praia.

    He said: 'They wanted to know everything that I knew about the people living there.'

    According to the paper, Meia Praia is a ramshackle camp notorious for violence and drug smuggling

    The ignorance of UK media....

    In the '50s, dozens of fishermen originating from Monte Gordo arrived in Lagos in the Algarve other end, looking for work. Meia Praia had fish but lacked homes. the fishermen improvised thatched huts up in the dunes. Their appearance earned them the nickname Índios, (Indians), the Índios of Meia Praia.

    When the revolution of April 25, 1974 happened there was only a hut thatched. All other shacks had been transformed and had been built in zinc, whose days were numbered because the government wanted to end the shacks/shanty towns in the country.

    The end of Meia Praia 'shanty town' was due to the architect José Veloso. First it was difficult to convince the residents of the 'shanty town', they distrusted the government promises. The architect did not give up. Gradually, the fishermen believed they could be entitled to a house.

    Through the ambulatory service for local support, known as the SAAL project, the government ceded the land, and the technical support and part of the money, if the people did their part with the hand labour, i.e. constructing the houses themselves.

    In the two years that followed an unique and exemplary experience happened in that place.

    Eager to leave the barracks, the population organized itself in shifts. When the men were at sea, the women who worked in the construction of the houses. There were two rules: the houses had to be built at the same time and everyone would have to help in the construction of all the houses.

    The charisma of the Índios of Meia Praia reached the ears of a film director. António da Cunha Telles who decided to document the transformation that was underway. (see documentary film 'Continuar a Viver ou Os Índios da Meia-Praia' (1976) The documentary encompasses one well known music of Zeca Afonso under the same title 'Os Índios da Meia-Praia' that was created specifically for Cunha Telles documentary.

    Almost 40 years later and Meia Praia, like most fishing towns in the Algarve, is a tourist area, with several 4 and 5 star hotels, unlike Praia da Luz. The Índios of Meia Praia neighbourhood located just steps from the beach in a tourist expansion area and beside a golf course seems to have its days numbered.

  15. @10 To me you clearly haven't read the above article or watched the video - the officers you see are from the Scotland Yard, the investigation to the driver was requested by Andy Redwood's team. Everything else you said is wishful thinking and your opinion, which I don't share.

  16. @ 8 "The millions wasted on the McCann's is shameful. One child is not worth that amount spent especially since millions could help struggling families here in the UK. caring loving FAMILIES..."
    If you consider these Millions in monatary value believe me it could help 3 times over the amount of LOVING, CARING, FAMILIES in Portugal as it could in the UK. And EVERY CHILD is worth ANY AMOUNT if there is a GENUINE CHANCE of recovery!
    I dont know what this case has cost Poutugal, but I do know it has cost one man, ONE MAN, who cared, who SEARCHED.... who lost sleep, lost time, lost friends, lost family. LOST HIS HOME LIFE! LOST HIS LIFE AS HE KNEW IT, to help to recover this ENGLISH child. And what is ENGLAND doing? Sending puppets and court clowns to dance and distract while the real business conducts itself in Lisbon. Allowing its Newspapers to incite people with FALSE information. REFUSING to report GENUINE news, 3 robbers become 3 gypsies, oops, no, they're employees, oh, actually one was a taxi driver, he used his phone!! HOW SHOCKING! A shuttle drive using his phone!!! ARREST the man now!
    Where will all this shit end? KMC & reported peadaphile DP were the last two people to interact with M. GM was too busy being competitive to care with JW. There are only 2 people hear to Q! KMC & DP!

  17. Anonymous 01:09 Thank you for that bit of history. It was by no means ignorance on the part of the English media. It's not the first time that it has portrayed the Algarve as a lawless place. I'm certain that Meia Praia being called a ramshackle camp notorious for violence and drug smuggling did not sit well with the proprietors of the local luxury hotels. They probably threatened litigation, therefore the alteration.

  18. @ 15 The case should be dealt with the European court and Interpol . Reinstate Dr Amaral to head the case ,Arrest the parents and the Tapas 7 , Charge the parents for neglect, and watch a few very high influential people get sucked in to ANSWER why they helped these two disgraceful irresponsible parents who left very young children on their own and WERE helped by the the people in high places to get away from being charged , a honest Police officer DR Amaral to loose his job , and for them to return to the UK and their "spokesman" by inventing stories of abduction when the dogs evidence was ignored. This case has cost both the Portuguese and British TAX payer a lot of un necessary waste of time and money . The Newspapers are a joke in the UK as a majority of people know , People are using their common sense and not believing what they read these days , the ONLY way to solve this case is for Interpol to take over , the culprits who left their children on their own CHARGED for neglect , and the bill sent to SY who have already wasted millions . I hope the good Mr Cameron and the head of SY is READING these blogs and realise the People are fed up , and treat this "reopened" case with common sense, THE FEAR OF GOD, honesty , and TRUTH , base the evidence on the case on FACT and not FICTION and start by CHARGING the PARENTS with NEGLECT , What we are hearing , is a mockery of justice and a waste of public funds . Mr Amaral was only doing the job he was paid to do as a honest decent god fearing man instead all he got for his trouble in trying to find the child and establish the truth , was dirt thrown at him and he lost his job , Does no one who has wisdom and conscience see this ? Or is this "new world" we live in these days permit the law to be for one and not the other ? People the world over should stand by Mr Amaral and demand this case go to Interpol and get heard in the European court , then and then only will justice have prevailed ,

  19. Anonymous @ 15

    Very well summed up. Bravo.

  20. How long can SY continue with this farce of an investigation which is not even considering the work of the dogs, and running around in circles trying to make like they are doing some great thing, with every few days a different 'suspect' which they are sure to inform the media about before they even track them down or question them. Now who would really give the 'suspect' warning before they arrived!!

    Meanwhile, members of the public are now questioning their motives for spending all this money and time in Portugal, wondering whether they would be so keen if they had to go do this in some dismal, dirty place, where the sun doesn't shine.

    If that was the case, would one of them even be seen there for dust, unlike sending all that 'investigative' manpower to beautiful Portugal on a quest for an 'abductor' for which there is no proof actually exists, just the say so of the McCanns who have been shown to have changed their story time after time.

    So where exactly was the shelf that Kate McCann said Cuddlecat was on when she knew for definite by seeing it that Madeleine had been taken? Strange, that the toy was then said to have been on the bed all along. How about they ask her to answer that one, plus the 48 others she refused to answer regarding the disappearance of her daughter before they go running around chasing gypsies, van drivers, and the like.

  21. I wish people would not moan about the money wasted - it has not been wasted ....well in the eyes of the whitewash brigade - its been used for its purpose, which is to clear the McCann's and friends and not forgetting all the many others who have conspired in the cover up of the death of a child. The people involved in the cover up are all classed as professional people and pillars of society ....there scumbags all of them - a society within a society.

    I am fed up with the defeatist attitude of people - how can things ever get better, when people are so easily ready to accept injustice. There are more pressing concerns in the world and even domestically - but that should never be the reason to corrupt the truth.
    Part of this case has made me realise how easily the world can be manipulated - extremely clever people subdued into sheep - even though they see the truth - weak.
    How easy the masses are controlled by the few in strategic positions.

    I ask people to look what's happening in the world today - wars that people do not want -yet the powers that be take us - there is no democracy, never was, just illusion.
    A few token causes allowed to be won along the way to keep that illusion.

    I am serious the people need to rise up - this case grabbed the attention of the public more so than other cases and it has shown the many that have followed it - exactly how the government can control agenda and they way its delivered to people - even if its a complete lie - shaping the hearts and minds of the sheeple.

    This case was a badly told story and thus anyone looking closely can see the total corruption involved - there are many cases where the truth is corrupted and innocent people thrown into jail.

    The police forces in the UK will be privatised and be another arm of the business for the rich and powerful ..like their own private little army......stuff the peoples needs.
    it is already like that to be honest.

    so I am going to ask a question ...what are you going to do about the blatant lies and injustice ?
    baaa baaaaa baaa


  22. well said Mojo I am glad there are STILL a few people in this world who have common sense and decency and contribute to these blogs of Joana so the world sees what really happens in this world we live in . Where is the Justice for Dr Amaral , the honest Portuguese Police officer who was ONLY doing the Job he was employed for? For his trouble , and because of his honesty , they get rid of him . So theres no Democracy and justice in reality . I hope and pray people round the world get together and demand this case id tried by charging the Mccanns for neglect to start with , then bring the dogs evidence ! And the tell tale signs of the parents for example washing the cat ? Its a Joke .

  23. off topic ..strange?



  24. Mojo, I think you are being unfair. Just because someone explains why people are behaving the way they are with regards to this case doesn't mean he or she condones that behaviour. I have been fighting the lies on the internet since September of 2007 and I will continue to fight those who disinform, and inform those who have been misinformed. This is my contribution to this cause. I don't live in Portugal or England, I'm not rich, the internet is what I have at my disposal to fight for justice. You live in England; It was your government, your police force, your media that decided that the death of a 3 year old didn't matter. True, Portugal is complicit in this affair but England has always been the driving force. You ask people what are they going to do about it, I'm curious what are you going to do about it?

  25. It is not the question of the dogs, we all know about them. It is now the question of who helped to conceal te body.It must have been somebody who worked for the Ocean Club, no other possibility. The only people who could have known the identity of Tapas 10 were all the people of Tapas 9. I suspect that at least Jane Tanner made an agreement with the Met police, telling them who helped the McCanns and the Met cancelled her sighting, saying that it was a mistake. I believe that the police already know exactly what happened that night, and they know it since a long time.The problem is that the McCanns would complain that they did not have a fair trial, if the Met would work very fast.
    I continue suspecting one of the nannies and I am happy that we live in the time of internet banking. It will not be too difficult to finding their administration and to finding out if they were payed by someone. I think we are not kept up to date by the Scotland Yard: I believe they tell things much later than they happened.

    Welcome back, Joana. Stay with us!

  26. Read the forensic reports in the pj files... They connect burgau apart, 5a, casa liliana and portimao, through DNA of people moving between these places. At least RM and JT have a lot more to say... There were no consequences to these findings. I think no one here reads enough, although you're all placing bets on the right horse, the tapas bunch. Please stop chasing ghosts and follow the evidence.

  27. Guerra ...I am angry like many over this whole affair....I Know you fight for Justice and as I have mentioned before ...some of the best, most balanced posts I have read on this case - but for me too accepting of the way things are - it probably is the way to be to say sane.
    For me the case has really disturbed me, upset me and angered me - the truth is its doing me no good - but I cant and will not accept that people... innocent people can be trampled all over.

    I imagine how Goncalo Amaral must feel, the thoughts he has when he looks at His children and realises how their father has been slandered - made ill.
    If he worries whether he has hindered their chances of a bright future for doing the right thing - It makes me rage at the injustice.
    A man that should be held on a pedestal but has been attacked .... when he has look to his countrymen they have started kicking him aswell.

    I fight everyway I can - I talk to many people- I blog.
    I take care of my father he's 82 so I am limited in what I can do - but my father is disgusted with the country over the actions in this case.

    Ultimately protest is required ....and I would be prepared to go all the way with it.

    It is difficult when both countries are doing everything they can from stopping the truth and the case from the UK not England is weighted with Scottish /Irish celtic backgrounds not English Anglo - saxon.
    That's just the way it is.


  28. @20

    It IS money wasted Mojo if there is not honesty and integrity involved in the investigation!

    You may be speaking tongue in cheek when you say it is not wasted as it has helped the McCanns and that was the purpose...

    If not, you have answered your own question as to why people 'moan' about wasted taxpayers money!

    If an honest investigation was undertaken with all possible efforts to discover what happened to Madeleine, still did not reap the results one would hope for - most would believe the money was not wasted rather that it was put to good use as it allowed that every chance was afforded the search for the truth as to what became of her - Sadly at least on the surface - that does not appear to be taking place. Quite naturally then 'we' will moan!

    People are not being defeatist in stating the obvious, and by stating their concern as to the Scotland Yard investigation looking increasingly like a whitewash, most certainly does not mean that people have given up that the truth of this tragic case will one day be made known.

    It is clear to those who look at this matter logically that the McCanns and their friends are in this up to their necks that they know absolutely what happened to Madeleine and where this child lies.

    It is therefore fair observation on their part to be frustrated that Scotland Yard appear to not be investigating those closest to this case, those responsible for the safety of this child, those who saw her last, those who have lied and continue to do so. This understandably makes it a reasonable conclusion to reach that Scotland Yard are in the processes of a whitewash.
    The Yard may not be, but one can see how it might look that way.
    I disagree with you that those who have followed the case are 'taken in' by the press, or anyone else.

    Even the casual readers may not have been 'taken-in' by press stories, they simply do not have the same interest as others, quite possible they read one of the ridiculous headlines shaped by Mitchell, think to themselves what utter nonsense, but beyond that have no interest...I don't believe the non- followers of the case are sheeple.

    Of course there will be some who read a headline about burglars having taken Madeleine and believe it, but they IMHO will be the minority.

    If I may Mojo - What exactly is it that you yourself are doing to fight the blatant lies and injustice?

    I will refrain from being so rude as to include a long line of 'baa's' - Very insulting of you towards the readers/contributors here to have done so in your above post.

    People do what they can Mojo within the realms of what is available to them, what they are capable of. It may not seem much to you, but each of us in our perhaps small way, by posting on a forum, are showing our support that justice should be Madeleine’s. Justice for Goncalo Amaral! And, we are showing our appreciation of the great work and effort by those such as Joana and others for keeping this case 'alive' for not allowing Madeleine to be forgotten.

    Do let us all know Mojo the date of when you intend to 'rise-up.'

  29. guerra and Mojo, both of you are making the best use of what is in your power.

  30. The similarities between the Amanda Knox PR strategy and that of the mccanns are many and obvious , so why has the former been convicted and the mccanns are living the life of celebrities and have never been arrested or charged? The difference is the Italian Government ignored the bullying from the US -including from the likes of Hilary Clinton and varoious senators. The Italian police federation are suing Knox's parents for defamation for the lies they told to the press about their officers. For any hope of justice for Madeleine the Portuguese police and government are going to have to get up off their knees and defend their country its people and its justice system and not be frightened of the likes of Andy Redwood and his smirking PR henchmen. Maybe its because Italian judges and police officers are recruited from the bravest men who have successfully fought the Mafia Bosses and who would never be intimidated by a politician or a foreign police inspector-who knows?

  31. The police are not stupid, they know the MCs have something to do with this, more happened when DP called in to see if KM was ok, She had thrown a wobbly, probably M was being difficult. Payne entered into a scene where KM had lost it and M injured, remember bruising on the wrists etc. DP was there longer than said, attempting to repair the damage. so I believe Hence blood spatters up wall etc. Then Gerry came bouncing in and that is where it all begun. I am surprised that SY take the general public for such morons who will swallow what they are told, whilst members of the brotherhood clean up the mess, and the Mcs swim free. It has to stop there, the amount of corruption behind the white washing of this case and the glorifying of the Mcs making that stone hearted KM an ambassador for missing children. Never herd anything like it, parents that neglect their children receive declarations of bravery,awards and ambassadorships. Everyone involved is scratching each others backs. This couple have ruined an honest persons life, a man whose only crime was to search for their daughter, and they have been allowed to do this and encouraged. These are not educated people from good backgrounds these are from normal working class backgrounds who got lucky and think they are a cut above. They as a couple are the dregs, the fund has paid for their lifestyle. There must be someone somewhere with the power to open this can of worms, for sure there will be many surprises. They should be bought to trial with others tapas scum and put on trial for repeated neglect. Wake up SY and the PJ, if Redwood doesn't want to suspect them there are plenty of police officers who will haul them in for questioning. This case has to be resolved and all bought back into Portugal. Hot lips kate ca n forget being a star, you need to answer some questions. Lets hope the judge on the mc v amaral case is right that they cannot represent madeleine because she is a ward of court, and why did they make her one if she was missing. Answers please mr Redwood and MCs

  32. I suspect Scotland Yard's hAndy men will be giving these errands jobs to the Portuguese in the foreseeable future - at least until the MC versus GA libel trial is over. They are trying to influence the Portuguese judge, you see (...)

    We have to remember Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' reputation manager - directs Burson-Marsteller, one of the major PR agencies in the world. That's what "Mickey" does best.

    Furthermore, Mitchell is a Conservative candidate in the next UKGB general elections. Do you follow? Link that to the Chipping Norton Set, and what do you get? :d


  33. Is it possible that the real intention of SY is to find the weak link in what happened to Madeleine the night that she disappeared. The people who heard of something out of the ordinary and were paid (bank accounts) to participate in the removal of a little girl, The guilty ones and their friends are not talking but someone else will perhaps. The SY may have publicised their latest move to provoke the guilty ones to contact each other, and if their phones are being monitored...? Who knows. If this isn't happening then the investigation is indeed a waste of money.

  34. The tide is turning for the "jet set" lifestyle of our "responsible" parents who travel round the world accusing people , hiring PR (gifted bad liars) , lawyers with no morals who defend a pair of world known irresponsible parents who left very young children on their own to go with that mates the tapas gang ,People the world over knows this is FACT , and the "fund is only a bank for the Mccanns" nasty way of "searching" for their child . Its a hoax , what about the dogs? what about the lies that were told of break ins? what about the fact that while the decent people in Portugal were looking for this child , her parents were going jogging and sitting on the beach? what about the fact that the good Kate McCann REFUSED to answer questions put to her by the Police in Portugal ? Charge the Parents and the Tapas gang , get their "PR" in court too and jail the lot of them for maximum sentences the law will allow in Portugal . That will be a world lesson in case ,( which I doubt will ever happen as even an animal will not leave its young on its own ) other "skint liars" think of "fund raising" and hiring Pr and Lawyers to defend their lies when common sense tells us otherwise . People the world over should demand Mr Amaral and Joana gets paid for their hard work in exposing these vile Parents , maybe give the remaining money from the fund and the proceeds of the properties of the people involved to the Portuguese Government as a token of good will ? Common criminals loose their properties and ill gotten wealth in the UK so an example can be made in this case ?

  35. Would any one with a minute fraction of a brain put KM as an Ambassador for Missing Children??? Its just like putting a fox to be in charge of the Chickens! come on get real or did the person who gave KM that position genuinely think the "fund" was for the benefit of missing children ? Fact shows the fund help pay mortgage , get travel tickets and accommodation for the vile couple to go round with their begging bowl , hire the worlds worst liar to speak for them , Lawyers to try and get money from a genuine decent god fearing man , Mr Amaral and make wrist bands and other artifacts to flog ! This vile couple need everything confiscated from them , all their possessions including the ones the "fund" helped buy and get charged for child neglect and serve time in Jail , let it be a lesson to anyone else who thinks of doing what these two done .

  36. @34 "People the world over should demand Mr Amaral and Joana gets paid for their hard work in exposing these vile Parents" - I have never accepted money, donations of any kind for translations of Portuguese media articles/documentaries/TV clips/PJ files in seven years, for defending moral and democratic values, such has freedom of expression that I believe in and for giving my opinion on this case, and ultimately I would never accept any money coming from this case. All tools used for divulging "the other side" of the case, the side that was never reported by the UK media are free social media tools (twitter. blogger, facebook, youtube, etc), except for a few situations like securing the domain name for the forum "themaddiecasefiles.com" or promotion/divulgation material for the PJGA and that was a personal choice. As to the "fund" money - I personally consider it blood money.

  37. In the recent case of a 'missing' child in Edinburgh, there were several similarities. The mother stated that the three-year-old boy had gone out of a block of flats (with a security door) in the middle of the night. He had managed to put his coat, gloves and shoes on (in the dark?) and leave without waking up his older brother and sisters.
    Just like the murderer of Tia Sharpe, we are led astray by the ADULT's account of what happened, where they invent a suitable scenario that changes the actual time of the child's decease. In both the Scottish and the English cases, the perpetrators were arrested quite soon -unlike the McCanns, where it is seven years later! One clue: these two cases involve powerless,, ordinary criminals with no connections.

  38. @32 Clarence Mitchell role as per his linkedin profile is just of a Managing Director for the UK regional section of Burson-Marsteller, he is not a director nor the CEO for UK.
    Actually his role in Burson-Marsteller is described as "EMEA Practice Leader Media" not even a managing director as he boasts on his linkedin profile.


  39. Hes a Liar , people round the world know this , thanks to the net , what a bad publicity to UK newspapers!

  40. Joana you are a decent honest human being so is Mr Amaral , it gives us reasureance to know people like yourself and Mr Amaral exist in our greedy selfish world we live in Today . Thank you keep up the good work .

  41. Mojo, you're getting on my nerves man. When you say that you believe I'm too accepting of the way things are what exactly does that mean?

    I simply pointed out that it is naive to think that the PJ after 7 years would now charge the McCanns with neglect. Do you believe the PJ will issue an arrest warrant for neglect and if not doesn't that make you too accepting of the way things are?

    I also said that is naive to think that given the hardship that Portugal is going through right now that the Portuguese prime minister would involve himself in a quagmire by defending the original Portuguese investigation internationally. Does that make me too accepting of the way things are?

    It is my opinion that there is currently not enough evidence in the case files to bring charges against anyone, the dog's alerts to death and blood are inadmissible and the Portuguese can't recall forensic samples from England to have them reanalyzed by someone else because they have been destroyed. I also believe phone records no longer exist. I'm not the only one that has expressed this opinion, so does that also make them too accepting of the way things are?

    I also believe that it is naive to think that if the PJ tried to extradite the McCanns that England would comply. Do you remember Pinochet? Does that make me too accepting of the way things are?

    I believe that no real investigating is being done at the moment by SY or the Portuguese contingent but I still have hope that this is not the case. What I wrestle with is why is it necessary for Mr. Redwood to basically advertise his investigation, what purpose does it serve? And I question the timing of it all, i.e. coinciding with the Amaral libel trial. How does the media know what the police is up to, where is it getting this information? Does it have access to the rogatory letters, is it being informed by the police? Do you believe that Mr. Redwood is actually trying to solve the case and if not then doesn't that mean that you too are too accepting of the way things are?

    Let's not belabor the point. All the best to you and your dad. I'm taking a break, goodbye.

  42. The Mccanns can and will be charged with neglect as soon as honest , god fearing , Police officers who speak the truth get on the case . The evidence is Common sense and true , they left their YOUNG children ALONE while they met their mates the Tapas hideous Liars . The world knows that the Tapas lot gave false statements ,This case will end up with results that should have happened years ago with the vile couple and their friends charged for NEGLECT and fabrication , refusing to answer questions , fraud , as for the libel case the judge should go in favour of the truth presented by Mr Amaral and rule the case based on truth and the FEAR OF GOD . Portugal is a country where the majority trust in GOD and not "spin doctors " , this libel case is all about the Mccanns trying to get money to fuel their fraud fund !

  43. SY was always chock full of Masons at the higher levels, Blair is a Mason, Brown is a Mason, Cameron is a Mason, Murdoch is a Mason, and so it goes on. One of the basic laws is that they help their Fellow Masonic brothers. It has been said over and over that McCann is also a Mason.

    People keep asking the question why are the McCanns receiving all this money and help when others with missing loved ones get little or no help.

    Perhaps the question should be are any of the others with missing loved ones Masons?

    In case anyone wants to dispute this Masonic connection, then I would advise they check this out first and make themselves aware of how deep this Masonic issue goes in the British establishment, Royalty, politicians, top cops, judges and all. It is not just games they play. They are members of this organisation for a reason.

    If Gerry McCann is also a Mason, then surely explanations are needed to justify all the millions spent on this so called 'investigation' which don't connect to the Masonic law of helping fellow Masons, because all the millions spent, and all the police manpower used, is not making sense, given so many other people, including children, are missing, and never even get a whiff of the help the McCanns have been given.

    Maybe an enquiry as to why the tax payers have had to fork out so much for the McCanns is needed now.

  44. Looks very much like SY won't find a Patsy for the satisfaction of Team McCann , in time for Dr . Amaral's appearance in court .

  45. 9 Feb 2014
    Sunday Herald Sun

    THE mother of a man charged with illegal courtside betting at the Australian Open tennis has said the experience has been “very traumatic for her family”.

    Kathryn Dobson, mother of Daniel Dobson, 22, spoke to the Sunday Herald Sun from her home in Surrey, England.

    Mr Dobson is the son of a Metropolitan Police detective inspector reviewing the Madeleine McCann disappearance.

    He is accused of being involved in an international betting scam. Mr Dobson appeared before Melbourne Magistrates’ Court where he was granted bail — and he returned to England last week — on the condition that he return to Australia for court hearings.

    Ms Dobson said her family had been under intense pressure. “All we want is to be left alone,” she said.

    Prosecutors allege Mr Dobson used a concealed device attached to his mobile phone in order to send out live match data to an overseas betting agency.

  46. Apartment key theft cover-up by resort staff in Madeleine McCann case
    KEYS to the holiday apartment from which Madeleine McCann was abducted were lost shortly before she vanished, it was claimed last night.

    By: James Murray

    However, police were not informed about the loss of potentially crucial evidence which could unlock the seven-year mystery.

    A Sunday Express investigation in Portugal has revealed astonishing new information which, if proved, suggests the kidnap was well planned and executed using stolen keys.

    Amid claims that Portuguese police are about to arrest three former workers at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, based on information gathered by Scotland Yard, we tracked down a former maintenance worker at the complex whose revelations could change the direction of the international investigation.

    The retired man, whose identity we have agreed to protect, said: “I have kept this to myself for long enough, so now it is right to tell people what happened.

    “There was another maintenance worker at the Ocean Club who said he had lost a set of keys for the whole of block five.”

    Kate and Gerry McCann, their twins Sean and Amelie and eldest daughter Madeleine, were staying in apartment 5a in the block, where there had been a spate of burglaries in the weeks before she vanished.

    The former Ocean Club worker revealed: “I remember my colleague telling some of us the keys to that block had been lost.

    “He told us about it in the week when the child was taken but I cannot remember the exact day. In the maintenance department we kept duplicates of all keys to the apartments.

    “They were on a long cable and very clearly marked and we kept them in a safe.

    “If there was a problem, a water leak, a gas leak, it was important for us to have entry to apartments if the owners or guests were out.

    “When the man told us about the lost keys, he started crying. He was very upset. He was worried about losing his job, I think, and he did not want others to know about it.

    “After the child disappeared, we all had to give statements to the police but I did not mention the keys had been lost because I did not think it was relevant.”

    Shortly after Madeleine went missing, the world’s media descended on the Ocean Club and staff were told not to speak to journalists and to co-operate fully with police.

    It was widely reported then that someone may have entered 5a through unlocked patio doors so people were not suggesting stolen duplicate keys could have been used to gain access through the front door.

    The man said: “This has been on my mind for a long time and you are the first person I have told about it. I did not want to get the other man into trouble, I suppose.

    "I didn’t really like the man and I didn’t want trouble from him. He was always doing nasty pranks. Once he put fibreglass in my work trousers which is not nice because it rubs against the skin and hurts.

    “He was a young, confident man and I was a lot older than him and we just didn’t get on. In fact, he was the reason I left the job. After the little girl was taken, the atmosphere was really bad. It was not a good place to work.”

    The Sunday Express has seen the statement the man gave to Portuguese police shortly after Madeleine was taken on the evening of May 3, 2007 ,and there is no mention of him stating keys had gone missing.

    A Portuguese newspaper reported last week that police were particularly interested in a driver at the Ocean Club who dropped guests at the apartments after they arrived from Faro airport.

    The man said: “On that night I was asked to do some driving because the man who was supposed to do the driving did not arrive at work. I remember ringing my wife and telling her I would be late home that night.”

    Now that the man has come forward with new information he is likely to have to give a more detailed statement to police.

    Published: Sun, February 9, 2014

  47. Mum claims Madeleine McCann kidnappers may have tried to snatch her child in Algarve weeks beforehand

    Feb 09, 2014 00:00
    By Gemma Aldridge

    Detectives are to interview the mother whose drink was spiked by gypsy gang who showed an unnatural interest in her fair-haired daughter
    Target: Mum with daughter on terror holiday

    Madeleine McCann’s kidnappers may have tried to snatch another blonde British toddler weeks before she vanished.

    A mum has told Scotland Yard she believes “gypsy” restaurant staff in the Algarve spiked her drink then tried to carry her year-old daughter to a getaway car waiting outside.

    She says she reported the dramatic incident to the Find Madeleine campaign line in 2007, but they were then too busy pursuing other lines of inquiry.

    But now police from Operation Grange are set to interview the mum for a second time in two months in the hope it will uncover new evidence in the hunt for Madeleine.

    The 30-year-old, who does not want to be named, was holidaying with her mother and her daughter in Montechoro near Albufeira – 30 miles from Praia da Luz where Maddie, three, vanished six weeks later.

    She says she became aware of a gang of migrants from the former Soviet Union, working on the resort’s strip, taking a sinister interest in her girl.

    “It was terrifying, like something out of a film,” said the mum. “From the first day of the holiday, a young dark-haired man kept popping up wherever we went. We would arrive at a restaurant and he’d show up minutes later as though he had been tipped off.


  48. (cont.)

    “It was low season so everywhere was quiet. There were about three or four restaurants open but the same staff would show up where we were. They all knew the dark-haired man. It felt like the Eastern European mafia was watching us.

    “On the third night the man walked up to us, and chatted to us – but all about my daughter. He was obsessed, playing with her, stroking her hair. It was very over-familiar. He kept touching her and commenting on her blonde hair.

    “She was struggling to eat her fish fingers and he picked them up and tried to feed them to her. It was all very uncomfortable.

    “He was about 25 and my mum told him it was unusual to see someone his age interested in children. He said he had nephews back home. And he kept saying how cute she was,” said the mum.

    The night before their flight home, things took a nightmarish twist. “He knew we were leaving,” said the mum. “We went into a restaurant and he arrived.

    “There was a middle-aged couple who had served us before at another place. They were all over my daughter.

    “They told me they missed their children in Uzbekistan and begged me to let them hold her.”

    In the meantime they had served her with a glass of rosé wine.

    “Within half an hour I felt really dizzy,” said the mum. “I knew I’d been drugged. It was only us in the restaurant and I felt vulnerable. I stood up and told mum we had to leave. As I did, the woman lifted my daughter out of her high chair and walked to the door.

    “I heard an engine running. The man had vanished. I was terrified and managed to grab her back and barge the woman out of the way.

    “We ran back to the hotel in the dark and bolted ourselves in the room. We were so frightened.”

    The mum contacted police last October after a blonde girl found living with Roma gypsies in Greece was mistakenly thought to be Madeleine.

    She said: “I’ve given a statement to Scotland Yard, and they are arranging to interview me again.

    “I’ll do anything I can to help. I didn’t want to push it at the time because the investigators had their own theories. But now I’m speaking out. I can’t be the only mum who has had a near-miss. Someone might know something that could change the investigation.

    “Police are taking what happened to us seriously.”

    Her revelation comes days after it was revealed another family fear their young daughter was almost snatched in the Algarve in 2010.

    Met detectives are still awaiting permission to question three ex-staff at the complex in Praia da Luz where the McCanns were staying in May 2007.


  49. It is noticeable that yet more daft stories are coming thick and fast as it nears the end of the libel trial. Surely somebody is planning all this like a military campaign, as it is hard to believe these are just chanced upon statements cropping up years after the event (missing keys now, even though the holiday apartment was were left unlocked according to the McCanns!) So why seven years taken to report this, and at this very time!

    Surely they are not hoping to influence the judge with all this distraction, or is somebody getting the jitters and trying to deflect public attention away from the trial and its ultimate outcome.

  50. anon @46 and47

    The most interesting detail in these articles is the total absence of a comment from a Gerry and Kate 'spokesperson'. Where's Clarence? Why such reticence from the pompous pinky? Why has he taken to planting sensationalist guff without his usual oily comments? Surely he's not distancing himself from his paymasters? Rats and sinking ships, anyone?

  51. The Express brought another dubious story in the paper. It's taken over six years for this to come out? how much did they pay for this story of the keys. It said the person responsible was crying and afraid he would lose his job, a man doesn't cry like that it was a made up story. It is time Portugal stopped these stories, they got enough evidence about the Mccanns case, Maddie being carried to the sea seen by the Smith family and the dogs evidence. Why the Portugal still keep on, thousands of people over the world believe the Mccanns are involved or is this going to be a whitewash. Lots of people in Germany feel very angry that Portugal seem to always listen to the British police. It looks like Portugal was paid to get a whitewash but they should feel sorry for that poor little girl what she suffered. If they don't sort this out it will greatly affect their holiday business and they will be very sorry.

  52. Of all the fairytales we've heard , the tale of the stolen keys in the British tabloids today is the most far-fetched ! The McCann's apartment was left open ! They'll have to think up a better tale !

  53. 1. If the keys or a keychan were lost how would anyone after finding them know which door(s) or apartment(s) they would open?

    2. If the man who allegedly lost the keys was "crying, very upset" and "worried about losing his job" why would he tell his co-workers, specially to this "retired man" who is allegedly speaking to the Express "investigative" team and who seems to have a tremendous dislike/grudge for the man he is accusing of loosing the keys.

    3. "That to carry out his work he sometimes needs the keys to the apartments and these are always requested from maintenance or from the OC reception. Whenever a key is requested, a register is made of the request."http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/JOSE_BATISTA.htm
    If the keys were lost, and if every movement of the keys had to be accounted for and registered surely the OC management would notice they were missing and replacement of locks and keys would ensue.

    4. Are we really going to believe that two individuals would not disclose to the PJ in their statements that a set of keys were lost, keys that could allegedly unlock the doors "for the whole of block five"? The block from where Maddie mysteriously disappeared? And if the OC management had found them missing they would not report it to the PJ ?

    5. Even the a set of keys were missing this does not explain or prove at all that they were used to open 5A door. The McCanns have stated since 2007 that they had left the doors unlocked several times, the patio door for "'fear of fire" and the front door closed but unlocked - obviously this could be another lie, since the Mccanns have lied about the bedroom shutters being jemmied and the window opened. But again, how would the person who found the keys know that the set of keys belonged to block 5 of Ocean Club? They could have been found by anyone, why presume they were found by a "gang" of "abductors" or "burglars"?

    6. If burglars had found the set of keys then why was nothing robbed from any apartment in block 5? (following the ridiculous theory by James Murray/Express that they would immediately know the set of keys belonged to block 5 of the Ocean Club resort and that they were indeed lost)


  54. 7. If "abductors" found the set of keys then why no other child disappeared from block 5? (following the ridiculous theory by James Murray/Express, as above)

    8. What relevance are the keys, or how do the set of keys explain in anyway a) cadaverine odour and traces found only in the McCanns' rented apartment (several spots in the apartment), rented car (23 days later after Madeleine disappeared), in the McCann's family clothes and in Maddie's plush toy? If no one had died in the McCann's apartment or in the car that was rented by them then whose vestiges are these from? http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/09/mccanns-cadaver-dogs-videopj-final.html

    9. Did the woman who was so worried that her "Maddie" was going to be abducted by a gypsy gang from Uzbekistan and who claims that the restaurant owners spiked her drink make a complaint to the PSP, GNR or PJ in 2007? No? Why not? Why inform the "findmadeleine site"? Are they the police? And again following the horrible prejudiced scandal of the Roma blonde girl that was taken from her adopted parents in Greece and the other two blond children who were taken from their rightful parents in Ireland this stupid racist woman decides to contact the Police seven years later? 15 minutes of fame or plain idiocy?

    10.. Finally, both the Express and the Mirror article story are obviously grasping at straws, one was planted and the provenance easily spotted with the mention of the "findmadeleine site" courtesy of Clarence Mitchell's tips and the good relations he has with the Mirror hacks and the other is the product of sheer stupidity of the journalists who use the "Maddie case" to sell their rags.

    Boycott the UK media! Don't buy the Express, the Sun, the Mirror, the Star or any paper who is complicit in perpetuating the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell's lies!

  55. More fairy tales and stupid stories , this pair of vile hideous cretins who claim to be responsible parents should be charged and imprisoned for neglect to start with , isn't this the route of common sense and upholding the Law? Is this not the job of the Police ? Or are they so foolish these days they have no clue how to apply the law of common sense? The Mccanns are LIARS , they changed their stories , hideous pair of fraudsters Jail them all and show the world that honesty and Truth Still exists .

  56. @ 53 and 54 - Yes - does anyone know how to start an on-line petition?

  57. Did I miss something or was there ever an outcome to the case brought against Jane Tanner because she was accused of falsely pointed the finger at Murat?

    Because this was a CRIMINAL CASE and not a civil case, there would surely therefore not have been an opportunity for deals to be done on the side for the case to be dropped.

    This case was mentioned by Clarence Mitchell on UK TV coming out in her defence at the time, saying she was innocent and alleging it would be proved so. So what happened?

    Also, whether or not the trial went ahead, will there be a File released to the public on the criminal case against Jane Tanner stating what happened and conclusion, just as there has been one released for the Madeleine McCann investigation and conclusion so far?.

  58. All the people very upset of Portugal that they still carry on with Mccanns, when they got so much evidence that they were involved, are they afraid to bring out the truth? We have seen pictures of the four British police that went out, they look soft. Why don't Portugal put the nine in prison where they belong, the other prisoners would find out the truth of what happened to Madeleine and where she is, at least the truth would come out.

  59. I know my English isn´t very good.
    But..K&G ..
    I always have doubs..and their story's don't fit.
    The interviews are interresting..
    Like.. It would have happen in other circumstances..
    Or if she was hurt it wasn´t us to blame..
    Feels like having no credit on the bank remark.
    I mean..
    They always seem to change their story or saying things who are odd.
    From the start..
    ALL OF THEM left their children..
    So the standards of Parenting in the U.K
    Shocking..Respecting people, no teeners..
    Kids are not trained dogs.. to stay in the cot..

    If they didn't left..
    It is not a mistake, It is neglect, or egoism.
    It is not a search, but a sell.
    This case made only victems.
    Two winners..
    I mean...Even Superstars can't fix a tour of fame in that way..

    So.. A strange story about a mother and grandma who was scared of the Gypsy but came in their restaurant, getting drugged (Witness) and tried to take away her child..

    Do not tell it in her hotel or go to the police..
    Called K&G en co, but not the police in hometown..
    Ans after a few years she call back?
    I mean.. Are they saying they are stupid in England?
    Do people buy that?

  60. I hope they all get charged very soon as they lied through their teeth , refused to answer questions put to them by the police , gave false statements, changed their stories, washed a few items in a hurry , Isnt this all enough to send the lot of them to Portugal to ANSWER charges of Neglect and all that is thrown on them with the full force of the Law?

  61. Where is Clarence Mitchell? Well, he probably does not want to get involved in this mess anymore. The Met police got involved in the case, he wants to become a politician in England, he can better take distance from the McCanns. I hope that it is too late for him.

  62. On bad parenting, neglect and excuses - or doing a McCann:

    Why was I treated like a CRIMINAL for leaving my children in the car?
    Some may think it unwise — even if it was only for a few minutes. But did this mother deserve the shocking treatment from police bullies that followed?

    THE doorbell rang. Two grimfaced police officers were waiting with the worst news possible. My children were at risk. It was the moment every mother dreads. It seemed odd, though, since at that moment my daughter was inside watching a cartoon and my baby son was beaming from his snug perch on my hip. What was the threat?

    Apparently, it was me. Why? Because I had left my babies sleeping in my locked car, outside my house, on their own for minutes at a time. So began my first, and pray to God last, encounter with a terrifying new phenomenon: the nanny police state.

    I am not its only victim. Only this week, Laurence Fox, who plays DS Hathaway in Lewis, was dubbed a ‘disgusting and appalling human being’ by a police community support officer. His offence? To leave his five-year-old in the car outside a chemist’s while he nipped inside to buy medicine. When Fox asserted his son was fine, the PCSO hurled abuse. (...)

    Please do me the courtesy of hearing me out before you judge — unlike those two police officers — then ask yourself what you would have done in my place. Some background first. Last Wednesday began badly. Our ten-month- old is teething. That night he started his day at 4.30am, our three-year- old daughter at 5.30am. My husband and I were running on approximately two hours of sleep each ( and not consecutive hours at that).

    This has been our situation for weeks. The fact we live in a building site as our house is being done up, with hammering throughout the children’s nap times, does not help.

    SO WHEN my children finally nodded off that afternoon — oh miracle, both at the same time! — after a screamathon when I was driving back from a playdate, I felt relief. Unfortunately, they fell asleep when we were five minutes from home.

    I found a space directly outside the house and gazed at those slumbering faces, assessing the odds of them resting again before the workmen left. The builder also urgently wanted me to check something. And ours is a nice, friendly, family street. Or so I thought.

    I locked the car, darted inside, nipped out, nipped back in, out, in, always checking the children. They were there for a matter of minutes.

    My worry was they would wake in the car and be disoriented. That is why I cracked, woke them and put my toddler in front of a DVD and made tea with the baby on my hip.

    A locked vehicle is not my first babysitting choice. But it seemed more sane than depositing them, hollering, in a messy, mucky, noisy house. I don’t claim to be a perfect mother; it just seemed the right thing to do at the time. But tell that to the judge. Or to the police and whoever called them.

    Of course, I hadn’t the presence of mind to put my side of the story when they arrived on my doorstep. The conversation more closely resembled a kangaroo court, and I was soon in tears. Think Bridget Jones, rewritten by Kafka.

    It went like this. Someone had dialled 999, worried about two children in a car, they said. Did I know anything about that?

    ‘Yes,’ I said, and tried to explain. Unimpressed, they interrupted. One patted his trouser pocket. In it was a device that would unlock my car in seconds, he said. Every thief has one. Mere seconds and my children could have been gone.

    The vision he conjured was dark. Unspoken between us were two words: Madeleine McCann.

    The young ( and childless?) constable continued. Would I leave my laptop in my car in plain view? Why treat my children with less care than my laptop? My children should be my No 1 priority. (...)


  63. @62 , he is quiet all he has gained is a 70k salary for telling lies but thanks to Mr Amaral and Joana the truth is exposed and our professional liar is become world renown and alas his career of telling yarns is coming to an end .


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