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Maddie Case: Judiciary Police warns English that they don't want to see the investigation in the press

The PJ inspectors point out that in “international cooperation there is no room for states of mind.”

by Carlos Diogo Santos

The different PR strategies between the Portuguese and English authorities in the Maddie case are bothering the PJ [Judiciary Police]. The discomfort reached a point where the Judiciary Police had to warn the Metropolitan Police that they refuse to carry out the investigation through the press. Since the English police decided to investigate on their own the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the English press began to publish frequently about steps of the ongoing investigation. Much of this news turned out to be unfounded, increasingly alienating the possibility of cooperation with the PJ. At stake is the fact that the two police forces have different lines of investigation and that their media communication policies are opposite, stated some PJ inspectors to i, who preferred to remain anonymous.

According to sources well-acquainted with the process, the PJ has already informed their English counterparts that it “wants to continue to do their own investigation in the process and not in the newspapers.” A reminder, in order to make it clear, that they do not want English police sources to make comments on alleged facts of the Portuguese investigation. Especially because, they say, it is something that the English have no knowledge about. In Portugal there is an ongoing investigation led by a team from Oporto, but it has been a team from the PJ of Portimão who have responded to the letters rogatory sent by the English, that is, the requests for judicial assistance to the investigation in London.

The strategy of the Portuguese - of not making public information about their investigation - was already known to the British, but some news stories citing Metropolitan Police anonymous sources have forced this warning. “The PJ will carry on with the necessary discretion, something that is of the knowledge of its British counterpart. The media are out of our equation during the investigation. And if it was never told that there are suspects it is because there is nothing sufficiently strong”, explained a police source.

Just last week a news story was published in Portugal reporting that the English had received a secret dossier about burglars who lived in the Algarve and that crimes against children could have been committed. To i, the same source assures that such information is false: “No secret dossier was ever sent to the Metropolitan Police”. Another source close to the process explained, however, that what the English have called of secret dossier might just be a list of people with criminal record that lived near Praia da Luz, sent by the PJ within the scope of fulfilling a letter rogatory.

In the last few months, the English media have reported about each Scotland Yard suspect, they have published the e-fits of the English police - which i had previously revealed that they had, after all, been made by detectives paid by the parents of the child - and they brought to the public eye the sending of the English investigators' letters rogatory even before the Portuguese authorities were aware of those requests for international judicial assistance.

A reconstruction of the night of the crime was done - and it wasn't shot in Portugal - it was broadcast in England, Germany and Netherlands [T.N./in Ireland as well]. After the “thousands of leads” that the Metropolitan Police told the media they had received following the broadcast of the [Crimewatch] TV show, their strategy continues to be tracing of mobile phone records of those who were near the tourist resort Ocean Club on the night of May 3, 2007, the day when the child disappeared.

For the PJ officers contacted by i, these behaviours will not affect the cooperation between the two police forces. “The letters rogatory will be fulfilled in the most committed way as possible, because in international cooperation there is no room for states of mind”, concluded the PJ source.

in i online, March 3, 2014

Maddie: PJ asks Scotland Yard to not disclose information
There have been successive leaks in British newspapers

TVI 24, broadcast March 3, 2014

Marisa Rodrigues - In the meetings between the Portuguese and the British police, information of the two investigations to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is exchanged. But what is happening in the Scotland Yard's investigation ends up in the newspapers and it has happened so often that the Judiciary Police was forced to ask the English detectives for silence, so they don't tell the [English] press about the steps of the investigation in the hands of the Oporto PJ.

It was an informal request, reminding them that here the rules are different, and what rules is the silence of Justice. To TVI the National Deputy Director of the PJ, Pedro do Carmo, confirmed that this was one of the issues debated in the last meetings between the two police authorities. He also stated that what has been published in the [English] press does not translate what is in the Portuguese process.

The meetings have also been used to discuss the three letters rogatory, already sent to Portugal. One has already been fulfilled, in the other two, Scotland Yard requests that former Ocean Club workers are questioned, house searches, analyses to bank accounts and mobile phone records are done.


  1. Journal i article translated in Spanish: Caso Madeleine McCann: PJ advierte a los ingleses que no quieren ver la investigación en los periódicos http://mercedessigueaqui.blogspot.pt/2014/03/caso-madeleine-mccann-pj-advierte-los.html

  2. Finally! The PJ are speaking out against the Bullying tactics of the English. Also, how dare the Mccanns make statements about lack of cooperation! They lost that right 7 years ago when they didn't cooperate with the PJ. Please Portugal, don't put up with them pushing you around anymore. I'm from Australia and even I can see from here that this is beyond ridiculous. To the PJ, you are a class act, not like your counterparts. I just hope that you can find that one piece of evidence that will expose this whole thing for what it is.

  3. Thank goodness! It seems that at last the PJ has taken the gloves off, no more bowing to and pussy footing around the british police!

  4. Stop the PR? Nossa! That would be tantamount to prevent the sherlocks to do the job they were assigned to by the British PM and bring the all reputation management operation to a halt!

    How else can they possibly try and influence Lady Melo e Castro sentence except through these announcements of "imminent arrests", "new developments" and "withheld secret PJ files" all of which suggest the "official version of events" is not as told by that "disgraced cop" - what's his name? :d

  5. Well done PJ. We all know why the SY are using the British media. They are unloading their frustration since, as the investigation progresses (or not), they are coming to the same conclusion as Gonçalo Amaral. And this is a bitter pill to swallow.

  6. What fools SY are making themselves look by chasing up these supposed 'leads' on behalf of the McCanns and their 'abduction theory', and ignoring the dogs who indicated clearly that a death had occurred in the apartment.

    The Portuguese already gave their conclusion to their investigation and the SY know what that was. The sanest explanation so far, that whatever happened to Madeleine happened in the holiday apartment and no need to go looking here, there, and everywhere for an abductor since there is no evidence of an abduction ever having taken place.

    That the PJ have spoken on this matter about the false media statements supposedly coming from SY must be making the McCanns furious. Too bad, the truth will out and the McCanns can't gag everybody..

  7. The PJ seem to be sticking by their original line of enquiry .

    " Powerful People have Powerful Enemies ."

    The McCanns don't appear to be getting what they want !

  8. ...and the UK press, government, hangers on, family of the missing child wonder why the case was shelved.

    We go back to "it's the PJ's fault"...AGAIN!. oh those Portuguese...They were not helpful NOT looking for Maddie- now they are NOT helpful when they ARE looking for Maddie, blame ,blame, blame!

    The McCanns are so desperate to keep their unsubstantiated 'abductions story' alive in the press (because they need money to pour into the 'fund') AND they need the sympathy from the 'British public ( preferable the xenophobic section) to stop the fingers being pointed back at them by new fingers! Hmmm indeed new haters are joining the equation.

    It is beginning to show: that this story about the 'fall out', non cooperation, is making the 'unconcerned' sit up and pay attention. For example, some people who never showed much of an interest in the case- are now asking if two police forces can't find her, then that makes it very serious-very serious indeed said one.

    Well done Portugal, stand up for yourselves, the McCann's have ruined many peoples reputations and hurt them mentally, while they sue everyone they can *shake a can at* for their hurt feelings( the shear audacity of standing in a court room not knowing what happened to their daughter 'allegedly' ...claiming money for THEIR EMOTIONAL PAIN caused by someone telling the truth as was recorded by officials, is gut wrenching!) BUT, they paid very good money to save their reputation- parasites!

    They are responsible for the fate of their daughter full stop.

    Miss takenidentity

  9. The abduction is a thesis.
    No proof found.
    Even S.Y found no proof.
    Drugging the children, an abducter in the apartment, while Gerry is there.
    Walking with his child while he is talking, but no backpack (keep tools for drugging) or gloves seen.
    A very small window.

    I still think it's strange why they still broadcasting that rubbish.
    After broadvcasting, even after all this years it only create dead leads.

    Nederlandse Opsporing Verzocht, Duitse Aktenzeichen Ex Ypsilon Ungelost.

    It means it was broadcasted in the Netherlands and Germany.(2013)
    In the Netherlands there were 400 tips to trace..

    I think in Germany even more,
    In Belgium 2008
    So.. all over Europe The Mccannhorrorabductionstory still seems to sell.
    Even the memory ' improves' over the years.

    I don't buy it...
    It's a shame..
    Taxpayers in Europe are also paying to..for this fake abduction.
    After broadcasting.
    To bad.. the Portugese do not comment there..
    Good (c)old England..

  10. Well at last the PJ have told SY and about time.

    listening to Bernard Hogan Howe on the radio was comical.
    It is clear he wants nothing to do with the case ...he knows its all lies and a scandal of huge proportions .....he will have moved on before its concluded you wait and see....anyone could sense that he doesn't want to be involved ........acting like he didn't know the operations name for the case ......such lies.

    This case is bordering on a diplomatic incident, the Prime Minister of the UK has instructed the investigation to be carried out by the met....it has a worldwide high profile case in which hardly a day goes by without something written about it, even quoting sources at the Met...a crime watch broadcast also produced etc...and he doesn't know the case name ......anyone who believes that is a fool.

    I had a look on the UK justice Forum recently.....fantastic posts by some in terms of analysing the files ...... others there are on the McCann troll payroll or are family and friends and are trying everything to obfuscate......their hilarious.

    what does bother me viewing the forum is that there is still a perception by some very clever posters that Scotland Yard are covertly investigating the McCann's while declaring them NOT suspects.
    I must agree with the trolls on this one ....there deluded in that faith if they think that SY are eventually going to arrest the McCann's .....they will not.....there only involved to whitewash the case for the government.....they would have pinned it on a patsy a long time ago if they could of done so........I know that's a terrible thing to say ....but its a worse thing to do .....and they would have done it....and are still trying ....however first they need to get the Portuguese on side and it seems that they still have decent upstanding people in positions of power who are fighting for what its all about ....TRUTH and JUSTICE.
    Don't get me wrong their are high power players in Portugal that want this covered up too.
    My view is that the PJ still operates independently to the Portuguese Government ( as all police forces should ) and this is where the split is ...PJ verses Political figures in Portugal............Unlike the UK were the Police has become like a private tool for the rich, powerful and connected ....and getting worse everyday.

    I understand that people find it hard to let go of the respect they have had for these once honest upstanding institutions we had in the UK ...........but they are living on past reputations when they were something to cherish.
    They are not those same institutions and are now full of corruption and much lesser individuals to my mind leading them.

    Anyway the next big turning point in this case is the Libel aspect - why the delay ?
    To me the delay is something that should be explained .....no deals .....Goncalo Amaral ...innocent.....the man has been put through enough....he should be celebrated, he has remained dignified and committed to the truth against a force that would have chewed up and spat out most.


  11. So glad the PJ are putting their foot down, their policy is to work in silence. SY said they would not be running a running commentary, but from all the headlines they are, making the PJ look bad, plus also you have Mccanns feeding the press, through a source close to the family. Why has Scotland Yard not made them all go back to Portugul and do a proper reconstruction that representatives from both forces can, and share ideas. Why all the pussy footing over McCanns, They are players, out to pull the strings, manipulate and gain as much money as possible.
    Why have they not been taken to court over raising money for Maddie, when she is a ward of court made by them, they should not beusing the money. It should be checked whether they have paid their mortgage off, why they are paying publicity and reputation management teams for themselves. You wouldn't do this if you were innocent, they would not need to. They are guilty by the very fact they left 3 babies alone to fend for themselves. How Gerry continues to work ,I wouldn't trust him at all.
    They are hoping that the Masons will did them out of the grime.
    If they hadn't been partying then Maddie would still be here. There is a cover up trying to be enforced... but it hits a block every so often. Every one should write to Teresa May and ask why no investigation into the fund as maddie is a ward of court.
    Dr Amaral is the one that needs a fund not the mccanns, they should be paying some of SY costs with all the millions they had out of the public. Carry on PJ show them you are tough

  12. Wasn't Max Clifford involved in this case at one time? I see he's now in court himself. The McCanns certainly knew who to get advice from.

  13. I hope the Portuguese Police prosecute the Mccanns and the Tapas crew for neglect and falsifying evidence and wasting Police time , as for SY , they are a disgrace to the UK , gone are the days of Sir Robert Mark when honesty , decency and truth existed in the Met . We have Bernard Hogan Howe who seems to have a bad memory he forgot what the operation was for like he did the Hillsborough Disaster , Justice will prevail and Dr Amaral will be honoured for speaking the truth , the man deserves to be the new head of SY and corruption will fade away if Dr Amaral heads this force .As for the Mccanns , the Tapas lot and the "spin" doctor they all should be CHARGED together with the Puppets we voted for in Government who helped this lot escape Justice for so long .

  14. And we wonder how Jimmy Savile got away with child abuse over many decades.
    I mean..
    Hard to believe...' no one came forward'
    Or dare to speak..
    It took a year AFTER his dead..to get the true out.

    So.. In Belgium 'the Mccann and the abduction' was a Dutroux or Fourniret reminder.
    'A good marketing ploy' I would say..
    Explains the number of sighting.

    Well.. I have a lot of questions..
    I do not believe that girl is alive..
    Statistic numbers are not happy about that.
    Most missing children, abductions are from broken families.
    So Kate will do that?
    Presenting those?
    In Brasil, or even Berlin are a LOT OF MISSING or sexual abused children..
    Not the Lindbergh case...

    What evidence is there of any abduction?
    What evidence is there for findabel living girl.
    Sure S.Y is about to make their arrest..
    I mean Redwood is SY and speak out for a long time..
    Before it was Clarence..

    So.. she will be re-united then?
    And why??
    The' Abducter' can be forgiven?
    And others like Amaral must bleed for their own neglect?
    Come forward need courage..

    So Savile is finaly a proven pervert..
    A 'well respected loving symbol'
    During his life.
    Creep, pervert and very ugly to..
    Looks a bit like a younger and darker site of one of the e-fits.
    So we have a Victoria look alike, a bit Savile lookalike and a Gerry look alike.
    A tractorman, a Begium, or German or Dutch speaking e fit..
    Also a guitarman.
    Pdl was crowded with many creeps.
    Stumble over with those.in the early days in May.

    About 3000 telephones and owners were traced..bij S.Y
    This information leaded to the arresting plans the S.Y had..
    Still waiting ..wondering

    It's not about that girl anymore..
    She's not 'findable'
    Even her special 'look' eye is not need to alert a 'Maddy look alike'
    That isn't changing over the years,
    Hardly never mentioned these days..
    Hairdress mabye..or less pale..

    So I do have a lot of questions.
    English is not my first language..


  15. Off topic

    Herald Sun
    WAYNE FLOWER wayne.flower@news.com.au

    Charge faulty
    Tennis bet case punted

    THE state could be forced to pay more than $23,000 in costs over the bungled prosecution of a man charged with secretly feeding information to a British bookmaker courtside from the Australian Open.

    The Office of Public Prosecutions yesterday dropped all charges against Daniel Thomas Dobson, who was arrested on January 16.

    The 22-year old was charged after allegedly sitting courtside and using a special electronic device sewn into his shorts to send messages to an international betting agency that adjusts the odds on matches before a TV delay — between seven and 10 seconds — catches up.

    Mr Dobson, a British citizen, is the son of Metropolitan Police homicide inspector Tim Dobson, a detective involved in the review of the Madeleine McCann disappearance.

    Insp Dobson had travelled to Australia to post a surety for his son’s release on bail.

    David Galbally, QC, for Mr Dobson, was scathing of the police investigation and told Melbourne Magistrates’ Court the case against his client had been flawed from the start.

    Mr Galbally said the case had damaged the reputation of his client and the London company he worked for. “It is appalling the way it has been handled,” he told the court.

    Mr Dobson was charged with one count of engaging in conduct that would corrupt a betting outcome and receiving a financial advantage, being cash. He was banned from the tennis after he was charged.

    Mr Galbally said his client would seek costs of up to $23,000.

    The OPP has contested the claim.

  16. Autoridades portuguesas vão poder ordenar escutas em outros países da UE e vice-versa

    Directiva foi aprovada no Parlamento Europeu há dias, mas ainda deverá demorar anos a entrar em vigor.

    «“Casos mediáticos como os de Madeleine McCann ou o Freeport, para dar dois exemplos que envolveram dois países – Portugal e a Inglaterra – teriam desde logo beneficiado desta directiva pela menor complexidade administrativa e burocrática que assegurará”, afirmou num comunicado Nuno Melo, o eurodeputado do CDS que foi relator desta proposta.»


  17. More than 20 years after the murder of a young black man became a symbol of Britain’s troubled race relations, an inquiry published Thursday disclosed that undercover officers spied on the victim’s parents as they campaigned for a thorough investigation into their son’s killing.

    Among a series of findings described by Home Secretary Theresa May as “deeply troubling,” the report also concluded that there were reasonable grounds to believe that a detective on the team investigating the murder of the young man, Stephen Lawrence, had a corrupt relationship with the father of a suspect.

    The report said evidence of possible police corruption was concealed and documents were shredded, leaving much unclear about a deeply flawed investigation into one of the country’s most notorious racially motivated crimes.

    Mr. Lawrence was stabbed to death by a group of white youths as he waited at a bus stop in southeast London in 1993. It was not until 2012 that two men were convicted of his murder.

    The report’s findings deal a damaging blow to the prestige of a police force currently facing several accusations, including claims that officers colluded over an altercation with a cabinet minister, prompting his resignation.

    But the review of the Lawrence case by Mark Ellison, a senior lawyer, is especially sensitive because failings by the police after the murder assumed huge importance over time in Britain’s race relations.

    A previous investigation accused the Metropolitan Police of “institutional racism” in the case. The victim’s parents, Doreen and Neville Lawrence, received widespread praise for their persistence and dignity as they campaigned to see their son’s killers jailed. Last year, Ms. Lawrence was appointed to the House of Lords, representing the opposition Labour Party under the title Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon.

    However, in the aftermath of her son’s murder while she was pressing for a thorough investigation, she was the object of surveillance by an undercover officer, known as N81, from a unit called the Special Demonstration Squad. The report said that N81 was, at the time, a “spy in the Lawrence family camp.”

    “Information reported back to the S.D.S. as a result of that deployment included personal details about Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence,” the report said. “It included discussion of the progress, reasons and details of the decisions made by the Lawrence family connected to the inquiry.” http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/07/world/europe/decades-after-london-racial-killing-inquiry-shows-police-spied-on-victims-parents.html?_r=0

    more here http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-26478149


  18. Max Clifford 'bullied' naive young women to perform sex acts, court hears
    Prosecution says celebrity publicist, accused of 11 counts of indecent assault from 1966-1984, thought he was untouchable http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/mar/06/max-clifford-bullied-naive-young-women-sex-court

  19. @ 13 - I seem to remember that Max Clifford sought to represent Murat in some way but the offer was declined.

  20. Since she is 'missing'
    Natalee h also was missing during a holiday.
    The Lindbergh baby was also taken from his bed.
    Or Ramsey..missing and murderded.
    Also the media involvement.
    There are may 'out there' still missing.
    They don't sell

    So Kate and Gerry are catholic people.
    True believers..want us to trust them.
    I,ve read the Bible,Cinderella, Rapunzel.
    Even Harry Potter..

    I don't think she is findable, or she must missing her eye.
    I think her body is destroyed, anyway.
    Hard to believe she made her 4th birthday.

    The parents Pro active, no prove she is dead.., so keep looking for..
    Like their own investigators really saying the abduction is a theory..
    NOT even a PROVEN one!
    Redwood. (or other UK titels)
    Really, really... can't prove the abduction.
    No fingerprints.. no jammed shutters, well they were repaired before, that week.
    Gerry tried/broke them?

    But the Mccann parenting like 'everyone said' is the best you can get..
    The Tapas confirm it. the family and friends seems to speak out as 'eyewitness'.
    They were the first to tel/know.
    The was an abduction.
    The abducter seems to.. change into.. a gypsy, a black man, a victoria look alike..
    everone was the abducter..
    Sleep well..

  21. http://www.wimp.com/dogherding/

    A rabbit, a herd, lions or crocodlis involved.
    "they move on"

  22. It is noticeable how these sex abuse allegations are not surfacing until the people accused are either very old or dead, even though some of these accusations have been around for a long time, and the cops have done nothing.

    Is this delay for taking action against the 'great and the good' a deliberate method of playing for time, and is the same being used in the McCann case, even though they may have the 'evidence' already needed to bring charges against certain people.

    It is getting very difficult to trust either the Government or the Police as the scandals keep popping up right, left and center, and no wonder the whistle blowers are so persecuted when they should be encouraged instead.

  23. Originally, Maddie and the other children were being checked upon by Gerry McCann and David Payne every 10 minutes on that fatefull night, ACCORDING TO THE BOTH OF THEM.
    Conflicting versions by the Tapas group, none of which apparently, back up the two men's story.
    In fact, for those with a good enough memory to remember, or have access to the precise accounts given by those present that night, would see, nothing stacked up! They couldn't ALL be telling the truth, and perhaps may even, not ALL be lying?
    For example, the windows were left open or closed? The door was locked or not? checking by the the two men only, or by others in the group? and it goes on and on! THEIR OVERLAPPING AND CLASHING OF ALL THE FACTS, MAKES NO SENSE, AND CAN'T ALL BE TRUE - IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED AT THE TIME - IT'S NOT TOO LATE !!
    The Portughese Police have been bullied by British influential forces, and it's UGLY !!

  24. Reply to # 18

    Fellow poster, I have read, with interest, your comments regarding the Lawrence Family. Are you implying that police may be spying on the Team McCann? OR, are you suggesting that Kate will be revered and swiftly moved to the same elevation in 'society' as Doreen Lawrence? Baroness Kate and Lord Gerry has a ring to it...

    The disgusting murder of an innocent young man was indeed a vile act and brought shame to those who felt the injustice of the murderers who's behaviour and their freedom to taunt and belittle a countries self esteem still lives with us.

    Having said that- The police had to investigate the family as there was gangs of black youths roaming the streets causing mayhem ( YES there were white gangs also), The police were aware of trouble brewing at flash point areas- I don't see why the family are shocked as to why they were investigated-(spied on). What did they have to hide? nothing, as it turns out... and so Kate n Gerry are furious they were investigated also..WHY? are these people above some law?

    As far as the 'institutionalised racism is concerned, that was a labour buzz word. Just for the record: I take offence to be charged with such a vile name. We are an indigenous white populace, we fought many wars to establish laws and 'freedoms' which are being eroded because of the 'race card' being played too often.

    So we are being ruled by villainous criminals? some are, it seems, also SOME police are corrupt and SOME black folks are just as nasty as SOME white folks. There endeth the lesson!

    I would add that Doreen Lawrence being offered a baroness for doing what other white mothers did for their son's and daughters who died in two corrupt wars, is a travesty of justice- but she won't see that. She is the 'Token' mother of racism, equality, diversity. And our Kate will be 'Token' mother of missing-raped-tortured-murdered children everywhere on our fair isle. Baroness Kate...

    Miss Takenidentity.

  25. We are very angry about this business with Madeleine, it is time something is done about it, Mccanns always say they believe she is still alive and the British police believe them. We believe the police have been in trouble with the Laurence case there was a big story in the newspapers about it and they do the same about Madeleine, the Portugal should not listen to them they are on Mccanns side. There is no evidence she is alive we believe the truth is she died in the flat. Please Portugal police don't listen any more to Mccanns and the British police you got plenty evidence she died in the flat, that is the truth. The fund just wants more money.

  26. I just saw the German 'crimewatch' 2013
    Kate is saying Madeleine is living somewhere else.
    Redwood spoke.. of persons speaking German, most likely the abducter..
    Belgium only quoting The S.Y.
    In the Netherlands. it is the perefect family who CHECK EVEN THE WINDOWS EVEN CURTAINS?
    Well well..
    9.15 J:T .
    10 minuts later Matt checked.

    mostly English..
    6.30 Redwood 'K&G are no persons of interest..
    Voice over..
    De JTman is not the man they want..
    The 'abducter' must have strike just before Kate came in
    So the Smith sighting..is importend.
    Then men came from 5c bare chest probaly Dutch, or German..
    Also men in swimsuit in a internetcafe they want..also Dutch or German..
    So Russian, Gypsy, English, Dutch, German, Mark warner employed, black and white...
    They all are involved?

  27. I hope for an interview to Amaral. We have waited for too long. I understand that in such a delicate case like Maddie's, the police have to silence but at least Amaral could tell a little about what is going on.
    I hope that on next May the 3rd the culprits have been arrested.
    I don't think it would be too difficult to check on the calls of May 3/4 but I can imagine that the results of those checkings can cause a lot of extra work for both police.
    Not only identifying those people but also investigating them (again?).

    Anyway, the McCanns are lost. Too many people involved in their cover up, too many people know what happened.

    I don't believe that any of them is prepared to protect them again

  28. Well things seemed to have gone quiet regarding the libel case !

    Personally I find that quite troubling because there is no reason for this lengthy delay, any legal implications regarding the ward of court enquiry ...should have been resolved by now.
    As for the libel prosecution itself - well that has already been established without foundation in the earlier court ruling which resulted in Goncalo Amaral's right to freedom of speech, lifting the ban and allowing the book to go back on sale. ( a book which only reflects what is already obtainable in the "official police files")...........its a nonsense that it even went to court

    The "live" case we have recently seen been played out ..and are still waiting for the verdict, has proved without any doubt that Goncalo Amaral is totally within his rights to have written the book - and that Kate and Gerry McCann have no case - we were able to read transcripts of the cases that were made on their behalf..... along with insight into their witnesses ....what a farce it was, some of them until recently giving the impression of been qualified in areas that they were not, they were soon exposed with direct questions... and bit by bit, their mumbling testimonies were seen for what they were ...irrelevant rubbish!

    In the meantime.. we have the reopened investigation in progress ..and the comedy show media reporting.... which is all part of this farcical corrupt case - have you noticed the MET are in all the starring roles....(by the way did anyone see our Prime Minister posting a picture of himself as a twit, I mean on twitter... looking mean and angry on the phone ..lol..my god ! have these people the authority to use nuclear weapons.....were doomed!) .....official messages are told to the public in the UK by the Met- even though the primary police force is the PJ and they are investigating a different line to the one the MET are broadcasting to its citizens!

    Now that doesn't seem like working together Bernard Hogan Howe.

    o dear

    What I believe is happening backstage is poetry, a beautiful exchange of strategy.....let me explain more clearly.

    What is to stop the PJ requesting information they were denied first time round in the original investigation ....in fact that is what I think may be happening.

    Every time the MET ask for phone information, bank statements of the alleged burglars as part of progressing their line......I believe the PJ may ask for medical records they were initially denied or maybe the bank statements they asked and were obstructed with .......remember joint investigation means a two way street.

    I also believe the PJ are going against the political establishment of Portugal who I feel have already become subservient to the UK.

    I am going to say that I am worried that the judge has not concluded the libel case................what is she waiting for ?

    very strange!


  29. So.
    How rare is it rally being abducted on a holiday?
    Or.. like the sister gerry mentioned.
    Away from the safe family?
    No ransome?
    Many people missing.
    The famous one..
    Well..I think Maddy is doing very well.
    So... Clarence can tell about the missing girls
    Fred and Rose had many victems.
    I don't really know how many they had in this horrorhouse.

    Or.. how they must suffer or the circumstances they died, or can be proven..how,when, who, why...
    Clarence..seems to know..how many there died, or otherwise,
    It was his job. to mention the victums

  30. Given that the PJ don't want the English passing on information to the press, because they (The English police) don't know the full extent of what the PJ are doing, why is it that people on this website think THEY know what's going on???

    Isn't it obvious that none of us knows what either police force knows???

    Why do you spend your lives speculating and laying blame, when you don't have the facts?

    Do you really think that EVERYTHING is in the Police Files published online?

    You people are so IGNORANT.

    EVERY POLICE FORCE keeps secrets, and your website would be a JOKE to both the PJ and Scotland Yard, because you are just a DUMB member of the public, with no education, who doesn't seem to understand that you don't have the information or expertise to run a website about anyone's guilt or innocence in this case.

    AND- most of all- IF you are interested in the TRUTH, why don't you use a TRUTHFUL PHOTOGRAPH to represent YOURSELF??

    Everyone knows-Joana- That you are a GREAT BIG FAT - TRULY FAT- WOMAN-
    So please - ENOUGH with this old and photoshopped fantasy FAKE image of yourself!!

  31. This article is ludicrous. It's all very well for Portugal to have judicial secrecy, but that only works in a country that is not corrupt. When Madeleine disappeared, the PJ leaked endless rumours to the press, and that is why the whole thing ended up such a mess.
    At least when a crime happens in the UK, a journalist is able to site the source of information, because it isn't always 'secret'.
    In Portugal, the so called judicial 'secrecy', merely winds up with corrupt police officers leaking unofficial, spurious gossip, based on nothing factual, because no one will ever be held accountable, because names are not given.

    The fact that this website is run by a Portuguese national, is proof of how the country works... That is to say- No primary source evidence for ANY of the gross insinuations of serious crime being levelled at the McCanns.

    With NO HARDCORE EVIDENCE, this website (like what Portugal did in 2007), just goes on and on, spouting the same rumours, with no evidence, and with BOTH the PJ and Scotland Yard now formally announcing that the McCanns are not suspects...

    But - of course, the ignorant, uneducated, Joana Morais - in TYPICAL PORTUGUESE FASHION- Knows it all!! LOL!!

  32. Joana- How can you sleep at night, knowing that the McCanns have two other children?
    You are deeply jealous of Kate McCann because she is so much more attractive than you are, and has everything you want, but cannot find- A husband, children, intelligence, a real profession, fame... This dumb website of yours is never going to bring you any of those things, and in the meantime, you are doing something totally WRONG and IMMORAL with your fat life.

  33. One lesson you could learn from the McCanns would be to go JOGGING !!!

    The trouble with morbidly obese people is that they take up a lot of unjustified SPACE- When you are as FAT as you are Joana- You get a warped, and inaccurate sense of your own importance. You take up more space than you deserve, and more space than you need, and more space than most other people, and hence... you have an INFLATED opinion of yourself, that matches your INFLATED BODY.

    Go and DO something with your self, instead of writing JUNK on the WORLD WIDE WEB...

    You are going to have an early death from heart attack, and weight related issues - so why not focus on your HEALTH instead of spending your entire life hating the McCanns...

    And don't LIE and say it's about 'justice' for Madeleine- What about all the other missing children in the world?? If you cared about "Justice" you wouldn't focus on one child-

    You just want the FAME that this child has - that's the reason that your website really doesn't give any space to any other child!!
    There are MILLIONS of missing children in the world- and MILLIONS of unjust cases of serious criminal, proven abuse against children- But you don't CARE about them, because they are not famous!!

    You are what is called in English and in English/American- A STAR FUCKER!!

    You creep!

  34. We all know Mccanns and Mitchell kept quiet till they find this other story of the pot bellied man. We don't believe that that man had Madeleine. He may have done things years back but that dose not mean he had anything to do with Madeleine. Every time they find another story, they think straight away Madeleine. The man who went to the sea with her was not him but Mr Smith said he saw r McCann. If it was the man they now blame he would not go slow to the sea. We believe this new suspect had nothing to do with it, what he did was years back and the British police bring it forward now. It is a pity they give Portugal a bad name. How can we trust Mr Cameron when he still believes the wrong way he shouldn't have been involved in the business but let the police do their own investigation and get to the truth. Mccanns are not special and should be treated like any other family. Please Portugal don't let the British police take over, you have a lot of evidence and look after your country. Portugal don't listen to the British government they don't do the right thing.

  35. Max Clifford did not want to take the McCanns on ... interesting why not ,

  36. This has got to be the DUMBEST thing I've ever read.

    Joana- Don't you see the irony of what is written here?

    The PJ have judicial secrecy. The English do not. Therefore, it is the PJ who are not supposed to comment- AT ALL- about this, or any other ongoing case.

    And yet- YOU - Wonderful YOU- always have SO MUCH information that has been passed on from the PJ. Because they can't officially talk about cases, they LEAK information instead.

    Even what you have posted here - The PJs 'message' to Scotland Yard- Should not be written by you.

    How do YOU know about it??? Well, either you're making it all up, or someone in the PJ is stating things that they are NOT SUPPOSED TO STATE-

    That is WHY you can't give a name for your source (Also why all your articles are BOGUS, amateurish journalism.


    The PJ are COMMENTING- according to YOU- YOU are posting stuff from the PJ (so you say...). So YOU are engaging in their LEAKS - or lack of abiding by their own rules.

    You Portuguese people really are of an inferior gene pool. PEASANTS- It doesn't matter that members of the PJ are educated, they are still PEASANTS who can't even abide by their own country's rules, let alone anyone else's rules.

    You must be another proud peasant- Covering up your country's shocking level of child abuse, for the benefit of tourism.

    Your country relies on tourism because its people are too DUMB to do anything else!

    You would prefer children get abused, than risk not bringing holiday makers to your shores.

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  38. Here is something for people to consider ..a theory on the UK justice forum I have read by some half heads ...who are trying their hardest to obfuscate.. along with others ..for ease of term I will call these two .....sadists ...devil....they are smug types.
    why people do this over the death of a 3 y/o child I just don't understand and worry terribly that such people can be this way....horrendous people.

    so I would like to add my thoughts to a theory posted on that site ....see what you think.

    I know they read here...ponder this and see if it fits your theory.

    Gerry McCann ..removes Madeleine on his check - the other two children are fast asleep sedated ...their last memory was been put to bed as a TRIO with Madeleine.

    (Madeleine was dead or dying at this point) - reference the video of Kate McCann talking about the moment they were all together - trying her ring on etc ....I believe this was the moment Madeleine passed away from a terminal injury sustained day/s before).

    Gerry on his visit removes Madeleine as planned and exits with her through the Patio Doors ...ready to pass over the Garden wall to a waiting Jane Tanner ( the alleyway leads around the apartment block to the car park where Russell Obrien is waiting in a vehicle to remove her to arranged rendezvous point ..possibly a boat.

    The execution of this was nearly a total disaster because Jeremy Wilkins was progressing up the road pushing the pram of his child. Jane Tanner would be out of his sight in alleyway .....Gerry has to prevent him seeing Jane Tanner in alleyway so catches Jeremy Wilkins before reaching the alleyway and stops to talk to him to allow the plan to continue un interrupted.


  39. 25 Apr 2014
    Dagens Nyheter
    ”In i labyrinten” Albert Bonniers förlag Ingrid Elam litteratur@dn.se Foto: Sara Mac Key

    google translation/article snippets:

    "Into the Labyrinth " Albert Bonnier Ingrid Elam litteratur@dn.se Photo: Sara Mac Key

    Superficially when ego erodes the soul
    Sigge Eklund's new novel begins with a child abduction , and want to investigate media logic and current parental generation's shortcomings . (...)

    So , I try to approach me Sigge Eklund's new novel "Into the Labyrinth " . The plot is taken from the tabloid rennet : 11 -year-old Magda disappears without a trace from her home while their parents are at a restaurant nearby. The police assumes that an offense had been committed and suspicion falls on the father. It is seven years

    Sigge Eklund has found inspiration in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann . old case of Madeleine McCann disappeared on holiday in Portugal and never found again , which inspired Eklund and he planted early tracks when he also mentions two Swedish case where the child disappeared and criminal investigations initiated. Eklund has wanted to write a suspense novel , but the offense he wants to investigate is not child abduction , but partly media quick judgments , and adults chasing after confirmation and inability to engage even in their children.

    The novel revving four-person thoughts and reactions in less than a year after the disappearance. The four are Magda's father , who works at a publishing company whose address ( Sveavägen ) make it easily identifiable for those who are amused by such ; Magda's mother , a psychologist with eyes sensitive to patients but not for her husband and children ; father's employee , a young media geek , and his girlfriend, who is a school nurse . All have been in contact with the missing Magda in different ways and everyone is trying to understand what happened, but they can not find a solution, but provides rather new disasters because they are blinded by their own personal and private trauma.

    What are the ingredients of a novel that wants to say something about educated people with middle-class occupations and all the opportunities for a good life in a time where self-absorption erodes the soul. There are no uninteresting problems , nor is it wrong to find his intrigue among press cuttings , the authors have done as long as there have been newspapers, and Sigge Eklund writes well . But the forward-pointing design shines through , the threads that draw the plot is clear and I can see the whole picture long before the author has delivered all the puzzle pieces . Roman characters are cliches : Mannu days one often hears anglicismen 'character' roles in a play or persons in a novel, but the character is just what Eklund's characters lack, they never get the depth or design that could have made them live or even interesting .

    In the Filter article speaks Sigge Eklund about his characters as people with a hole in the heart that can never be filled. Unlike them, he gets himself an attention that would please the narcissist - and publishers - any time, which in turn may be a reflection of the media world's self -absorption has no contact with their emotions, the woman on the other hand full of them and they would lead her right if she could just use common sense as well.


  40. Why is personal abuse being allowed on here? I'm all for free speech, but there are limits! It is also against the 'formal comment policy' for the site.

  41. @38 These are the kind of abusive comments, among death threats, that I've received for the past 7 years, from anonymous cowards - was unsure if I should publish the latest batch of personal attacks that seem to originate from the same very deranged individual, usually I just delete them but the vitriol and hatred is the perfect example of the incessant harassing and obsessive stalking of the so-called 'McCann couple supporters' to anyone who dares voice publicly an opinion that disreputes the McCann couple's theory.

  42. Reference: 24/03/2014 14:02 anon who scribbled:

    "You Portuguese people really are of an inferior gene pool. PEASANTS- It doesn't matter that members of the PJ are educated, they are still PEASANTS who can't even abide by their own country's rules, let alone anyone else's rules."

    :o Oh! Dear! Since when is this neo-Nazi crap allowed in here?

    Please get me the IP address of this out-of-order robot and I will have the Jazz Police send the nut to a concentration camp to rothley...I mean to rot... there!

    S. Klarsfeld

  43. Reference: Anon 13/03/2014 17:24

    "The trouble with morbidly obese people is that they take up a lot of unjustified SPACE!"

    :o What's happening Joana? Nutz Galore day today?

    Since when are these brainless, bony, size-zero, sinister, jogging anorexics allowed to come here to express their envy of your full, well-rounded body?

    :o Tell them to Pizza off !

  44. Joana ...Keep your chin up.

    You are a beautiful, intelligent Lady... brave beyond words and a rare jewel in todays society.

    These idiots who feel they can threaten you are despicable beyond words - they are losing it and know it.

    Everybody I speak to in the general public in the UK ....are totally aware of this cover up and that something very sinister is behind it all.
    Money they may have .....numbers they do not.

    Should any judgments go in favour of this blatant corruption --- an avalanche of protest will ensue.... I already know many who are preparing should this be the case .....and they do not require anonymity ......it will be the catalyst for some huge change in the UK.....I jest not.

    some of us here are not afraid of death threats ...I would love to meet these people...evil fools.


  45. You can't take these people seriously; they're deranged. I googled your name Joana and there was an excerpt from a site that said: "Joana Morais a staunch supporter of gangster Goncalo Amaral." I just had to laugh.

  46. I agree completely with #30.

  47. Thanks anonymous @40/41, Mojo and Guerra, since February/March wasn't able to translate as many articles or videos as I wished due to family issues, most news in Portugal are basically an echo of what is being printed or reported on TV back in the UK. Very few newspapers are actually reporting about this case, and news aren't certainly appearing on the front pages, meanwhile there are some translations and opinion articles available at the Mccann files, the Maddie Case Files forum and elsewhere, at the usual blogs. Will try to update the blog when I return to Lisbon in mid May, or earlier if there are real news, until then thank you to all that continue to reading this blog.

  48. Dear Joana, I want to subscribe Mojo's words and thank you so much for your hard work, keep going, please!

  49. Mojo at 36,

    I think you could well be right, and that the injuries were such that to report them by taking the child to hospital it would have been obvious what had happened and arrests would have been made. To get help and face the consequences or what, especially if the opinion was the child could not make it anyway.

    The 'horns of a dilemma' indeed.

    In such a situation, or as Gerry McCann stated as an explanation as 'a moment of madness', 'an accident', what to do, what to do!

    Behind the settee or in the bedroom cupboard would have been two places for the best hiding places to be kept out of sight until all was ready, and who would be wanting to look inside a large closed up bag before Madeleine was reported missing.

    So Gerry, what did happen to that large bag you had which went missing, yet you since claim you never had? How come Gerry McCann has got away with not answering that one, since even Martin Brunt made much of it in the documentary he made.

  50. I wrote as Anonymous 38, so I'm glad you replied Joana. I know on other sites there have been appalling bouts of vile abuse, often for other posters just expressing their thoughts and opinions. Moderators usually boot them off after a warning, but some of the abuse you got on here is plain mindless nastiness by someone, or some people, who are more than a few brain cells short of the full complement, I'd guess.

  51. Joana, I may be wrong but... I think the average reader of this blog should be grateful to trolls allowed to pass their faeces here for they provide us with a unique insight into the mind set of the UKGB media and...

    ...the kind of demographics they seem have in mind when "barking" out poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted perceptions of what may happened to the late (early?) Madeleine McCann...

    But the thing to remember is, these tabloidal minds are not dogs. They cannot help but bark up the wrong trees...and often urinate!

    That said, and contrary to deranged trollic opinion, it seems to me what you are really doing here is to uphold the values of free opinion in a country that first enshrines it in their constitution and then instead of rising to, lowers itself to the occasion...

    ... paying "psychological tribute" to foreigners they perceive as "superior" because they have powerful armies, are rich in "quantitative easing" generated plastic, and have overall more... how to put it? Pop status.

    No one seems to notice the emperor has no clothes and the old bulldog is wearing dentures. Of course, I may be biased.

    As a Portuguese national, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and Astro (not to mention Dr. Gonçalo Amaral) for upholding the banner of Portugal against Mammon.

    I can only hope the Order of the Infant will, eventually, be given to you for unique services rendered to our Nation.

    And in case The Rabbit is reading, the irony is, that the Maddie Soap seems to have "been directed from the very beginning" (quote) by a one-man band sufficiently cunning to use the McCanns' conundrum to develop his PR career and eventually, find his way into the circus of British politics. Quite a bear if you can bear it!

    Now seriously, check out who has been chosen to represent the Conservative party in Hove and Brighton in the next general elections. Draw your own "reviews" and inferences (...)

    If I were you, I would always start from the premise that each and every nasty comment you receive (90% say) has been sent to you courtesy of Burson-Marsteller's e-fluentials, Crowdverb and other "reputation management" strategies. Welcome to a post-modern world of simulacra and simulation!

    You know who directs Burson-Marsteller, don't you? Same person who speaks for that infamous couple. What's their name? Correto Mundo!

  52. Well done Joana and Dr Amaral , the two cretins that faked abduction will be soon facing reality , , some day very soon we will hear these two vile hideous liars as well as their professional liar go behind bars . Justice works in silence , SY are a corrupt organisation under the wisdom of BHH who suffers from a very bad memory but even SY cant be that stupid to advertise who is on their wanted list , I can imagine police officers , round the world who read their theories about smelly man and his clan of imaginary abductors cant stop laughing , my prediction is , with the elections coming up , the net is closing on the Mccanns , Charge them for neglect and falsifying evidence by changing their stories , send the vile pair to Jail that's where they belong

  53. interesting ..the Latest ex detective the media are using.

    Peter Bleksley.



  54. http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/2014/04/28/97001-20140428FILWWW00241-fiona-de-nouvelles-fouilles-le-13-mai.php

  55. Those insulting comments and racist attacks because that's what they are when they throw verbal insults at the Portuguese people ,illustrates that the writer of such, is ignorant, uneducated, racist, biased against the PJ and Portugal. They show a person of limited capacity to accept that others are entitled to an opinion. I feel very bad that the writer might even be from my country of origin, they embarrass me that they need to be so rude.
    I admire you Joana for printing such C.....P. It indeed shows that there are some very nasty people on the internet, and some of the threats you have received. The world is free for all to make their own thoughts and decisions, but obviously this person thinks not, maybe they're a little worried.

  56. post mojo number 50
    what a strange fellow is this cop now being quoted, his book reads like a detective novel. Publicity Publicity for his book and career. It reads like something out of Casablanca.
    How come he suddenly appears to feed the press about the big O tshirt. I feel that this predator that molested other children is being used as the patsy. He did not abduct other children, hes bad for sure and needs to be pulled but his pattern of abuse and entry is different to that of Madeleine. Someone somewhere is a little worried, going by some of the posts that have been posted here. This is all padding, and why has the court not heard the closing arguments, it doesn't take so long to check out the law with regard to Maddie being a ward of court, even I can answer that one. There is free speech in this world, so whoever posted the insults, your not gaining anything from insults apart from maybe you are biased. Thankyou Joanna for all you do to make this an unbiased forum. I am sorry you have to take such isults but rest assured the person who posted them has their own issues.

  57. Joana,

    Check out the same use of the word "PEASANT":

    Probably the same person, I would say.

  58. Joana will you please post a comment tomorrow, or one from Astro, after tonight's Portuguese TV broadcast.? It will take ages for news of what was in it to percolate through to those of us in the UK who want to know about it!

  59. Your abuser, accusing you of being dumb and ignorant, can't spell cite.

  60. Dear J oana,I have just managed to catch up with you,after short break away,and I am truly shocked at the disgusting rubbish you have had thrown at you,but thank you for publishing it anyway,as it really does show how vile some MaCaan supporters are !!!After all these years I still look forward to your intelligant reporting on this never ending saga.I just hope Andy Redwood isn,t the "fall-guy" for others who have much to lose should (WHEN) the truth eventually be revealed.Thank you again ,Lynn.

  61. It is still not quite clear whether this case is opened or not. Had it really been properly opened, then everything found by Gonzalo Amaral and his team would have been considered more seriously than all the rumours about Madeleine being seen all over the world, which are more or less presented as facts, at least if one is to believe the British press. Thus we have after seven years still a lot of indications and evidence supporting the thesis about Maddie dying in the apartment, but apparently the "new" investigation ignores all of that. Neither the SY nor the Portugese Police have provided us with new information supporting the abduction theory, if there ever was any. On the contrary the so called Tanner-man (egg-man) has now been dismissed (at least by Andy Redwood and his team) and by that Gerry's alibi becomes weaker, and this is really important to bear in mind) Had this, by Jane Tanner vaguely described man really been the abductor, then Gerry would have had a perfect alibi since he was seen by Wilkins at the same time as it was believed that his daughter was taken. But now nobody outside the realm of the tapas 7 cannot really give him an alibi for the time around 10.00 p.m, when a man carrying a Child was seen by this Irish family. And it is about this time it is now believed that Maddeleine was taken. In spite of the unwillingness of the British as well as of the Portugese police authorities to try to explain all the forensic evidence, the inconsistencies of the McCann's and their friends' witness statements, Kate's unanswered 48 questions, the odd behaviour of the McCanns all from the beginning up till today, even more evidence have come into the investigation pointing in a direction away from the abduction theory. Why did the McCann not release the e-fit of Smith's sigthing? We now knew they had this image/picture. Another peculiar incident; Kate says that she looked behind her immediately after she saw the door to the children's door slammed shut (on you-tube) and found the patio door shut; te opposite would have been more likely considering a draught. By that she tries to emphasize the importance of the open window, which she and also Gerry say was jemmied. What I mean is, that one can find an endless series of statements by especially the McCanns that need to be clarified. The documents are there right in front of us and the police investigators. I have just read a part of what has been translated into English and published on internet. But it is quite enough in order to see that things are not being done as it should.
    What I cannot understand about this crime case is; Why on earth has not a real reconstruction of the event from May 3;d 2007 been carried out. We know that all of the Tapas 9 refused to participate when asked to do so. This reconstruction was to take place exactly a year after the disappearance of the little girl. I have read all the rogatory letters and I still do not understand their reasons for not assisting in the Portgugese investigation. By that time Gonzalo Amaral had already left or been fired, so he could not possibly be the reason for their refusal. I belivieve that that those who have taken so much interest in following this Crime Case do it for the sake of justice and for the soul and memory of little Madeleine McCann. We are all entitled to an official explanation, from the British as well as from the Portugese authorities, why everything that might incriminate Gerry and Kate McCann must be left out of the investigation???? Clarence Mitchel, their former spokesman, has many times said that" There might be wholly innocent explanations to everything that the Portugese Police may or may not have found, IF IT SHOULD COME TO THAT" I belive,Mr Mitchel, that it has come TO THAT long long ago. So what are the explanations.


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