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British police ask for aerial photos of places where Maddie's body may be found

by Marisa Rodrigues

A Portuguese Air Force helicopter flew, this Thursday afternoon, over Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, to make an aerial photographic reconnaissance of the areas where Maddie's may be found.

This action was taken at the request of investigators from the Scotland Yard, who were this morning in a meeting with the Judiciary Police in Faro, to plan the searches and excavations of the land areas, among other matters.

The British detectives suspect the child's body may have been buried in these sites, located in the vicinity of the Ocean Club, where the child was holidaying with her parents when she disappeared in May 2007.

This was the first visible step on the ground since the searches and excavations were authorized by the Attorney General's Office.

The cost of this flight, like with the other investigative steps [asked by the British], will be covered by the British authorities.

in Jornal de Notícias, May 8 , 2014


  1. Surely the "fund" that the Mccanns hold to search for their missing child can pay for this ? Was it not the "fund" was created for in the first place? Or has it all gone on paying off mortgages and salaries of professional liars ops "spin doctors"? Lets face reality theres a ruddy recession out there let the mccanns pay for this out of the fund they raised to look out for the child

  2. The land next to the church!

  3. If Madeleine's body is found who will SY arrest ? Don't let's kid ourselves , imo it won't be the MaCanns !

  4. How dare the McCanns to cost such a lot of money to the British taxpayer.
    People in the UK will hate them for ever.

  5. I was reading an article in the Guardian online about 4 bodies being found in a mansion being rented out by former tennis player James Blake.


    At the end of this article there was a section entitled "More from around the web." To my surprise in that section there was a link to this:


    It's surprising to me because given the way the British media has behaved in the past you would never think that they would have allowed a reference to such an article to be displayed on their websites. The tide could indeed be turning.

  6. We didn't know that Portugal police would give the country such a bad name and listen to rumours and the British police and government. They should dig on the beach that's where Madeleine was seen by Mr Smith being carried and identified on television. That is the most likely place they will find her.. You could have stopped all this trouble as you had lots of evidence that made most people believe that Mccanns were guilty.. Look what they have done to your country now, you know the British police are on there side and if you don't stop it it will go on and on. All the newspapers in Britain are talking about your country, how can you let them do that.. Most people believe she died in the flat and they took her to the beach, they belong in prison.

  7. Guerra, Think it has to do with All Voices pay per click ads of their content distributed by this platform http://www.outbrain.com/about/what-is-outbrain/ Kind of automatic content, not selected by the Guardian per se.

  8. How come that nice Mr. Redwood of the Yard hasn't been sued for suggesting Maddie may be dead thus hampering the search. Crikey Moses, where the heck's Carter Ruck when you need them? Come to that, where's Mitchel? Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.

  9. They all dropping the "responsible" parents methinks , at last common sense prevails and the " spokesman" has gone quiet , The world wants answers and sooner rather than later the truth will prevail and the guilty charged and sent on a very long holiday with their accomplices who helped save their hides for all these years .

  10. My hope is the church and its surroundings. I believe the body is somewhere there.
    I don't think she was buried on a public place, an open field, etc.
    She could be in a garden (not Murat's because he is innocent) or even in a house near the church, under beton.
    If she is, the police know it.

  11. A control freak who did not want certain evidence found which could incriminate them, would never leave it lying around to be found. A control freak would have that incriminating item right under their noses where they could control it.

    I doubt very much that Madeleine was left lying around, above or below ground in PDL.

  12. 10 You KNOW he's innocent?? Tell me more!!? Phone intelligence says not!! #digupmuratsdrive

  13. Will they check Stephen Birch's hypothesis? Just asking...

    I know the guy has been charged et cetera but will they test the hypothesis just in case?


    Because if you remember Jane Tanner positively identifies Murat as the "Egg Man" she saw.....

    The question is WHY would she say that - assuming, as it seems, she was "being creative"?

    Could she have known the body had been placed there - by other than Murat, that is?

    It was left for the police to add up and make the connection with the "patsy" except they did not find anything there...

    Hey! This is just a passing thought. Pure speculation. No allegations made!

    Let us see what the dogs come up with. They can detect the scent of death as far back as thirty years! No joke!


  14. PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead that Madeleine was abducted by a sex predator exclusive by @Marisa_TVI in @JornalNoticias

  15. At the time of Kate's supposed 'dream' whereby she had the investigators searching on the strength of it, Gerry McCann, who since said there was no such dream, was supposedly on his way to the US.

    What was not mentioned was that the plane, believed by some to be his pal Branson's, stopped off in London for some time.

    Did anybody ever bother to check on the luggage he had with him on that flight?

    This is nothing if not a case of distraction from the beginning, and look here, and don't look there!.

  16. start by charging the parents and their friends with neglect ? This WILL be a step in the right direction , and use the money collected in the "fund" to PAY for this , this would be seen as Justice .


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