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Cadaver dogs are going to search for Maddie's body

Dogs are going to search for Maddie's body

Algarve: British Police also want to carry out excavations
Attorney General's Office authorizes searches to find the body of English child in Praia da Luz

by Tânia Laranjo

The Public Prosecution of Portimão authorized the British police to make searches in vacant lots next to the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Algarve, where investigators now argue that Madeleine's body may have been buried.

The [English] team that continues to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann had already made other requests that were refused. They have requested now for searches to be carried out on vacant lots next to the apartment from where the girl disappeared on May 4, 2007 and for excavations to be authorized. For now only the searches are allowed.

The English promised to use special equipment such as probes to help find cadavers and dogs that detect the trail of death.

“The question is whether the claims are made based on specific suspicions or just because. The English have not substantiated their requests, which means that the judge has already refused some of them”, said a source close to the process to CM.

Another problem that was raised was that the said site was extensively inspected after the child's disappearance. In the first hours after Kate raised the alarm to Madeleine's absence the authorities believed the child had gone out on her own and was lost and that area was thoroughly investigated.

If the Attorney General's Office gives permission for the excavation works to proceed, those will have to be performed by the Judiciary Police. In the meantime the investigation that was reopened [in Portugal] remains under the jurisdiction of that police force [PJ], since the English police has no authority to make investigations on Portuguese soil.

Correio da Manhã knows that other requests for searches were rejected by the Attorney General's Office. The prosecutor who oversees the investigation argued that there would have to be well-founded suspicions for the authorities to be sent on the field.

in Correio da Manhã, May 6, 2014

Portugal News - Judge refuses ‘a number’ of formal requests by Scotland Yard in search for Madeleine


  1. Gerry McCann (Smithman) seen heading towards the beach with Madeleine's body.

    The car, hired by the McCanns three weeks later, reeks of cadaver.

    Redwood wants to dig holes in Praia de Luz.

    Redwood has achieved the rank of Detective Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police.

    Am I missing something?

  2. I hope this is not another wild goose chase

  3. 15 June 2013

    "We are in regular contact with [her parents] Kate and Gerry McCann and they are kept fully updated on the progress of our work. We also continue to work closely with the Portuguese police and are actively considering our next steps."


  4. We had Tannerman walking in circles to be able to turn into Smithman. Exit Tannerman and now we have Smithman walking in circles before burying the corpse near the OC. Using a shovel ? If so, why an excavator now ?

  5. wasn't it the good "doctor" Gerry who claimed the dogs evidence is unreliable ? The dogs evidence is SO unreliable that , its the dogs that helped solve crimes but for the good doctor the dogs are reliable , if I were eddie or keela id bite the people concerned instead of barking for they were the ones who claimed we were unreliable !

  6. Sounds like someone is about to "Ask the Dogs"...AGAIN!!!!

  7. Well if the car was reeking of cadaver scent, which indicates had been used to move a body, then there is a good chance it will not be in the area this 'dig' will be. Surely, much further afield!!

  8. Wouldn't be suprised if the dig starts in Robert Murat's drive .

  9. I am reminded that Kate McCann's first no comment in the police station was given when simply asked when you entered the room what did you see. Any parent would want to do all they could to assist the police in finding their daughter, especially if they truly believed a paedophile had snatched their child. Thus, common sense tells you that all those no comments can only mean one thing. If a body is found then the interviews should be followed by a court appearance. Bail should not be granted between the interviews and courtroom. Young children who have been abused and decent minded folk need to see justice prevail. There is no time like the present!

  10. Finally someone is going to find that little girl and lay her to rest

  11. Of course the McCanns are not informed about anything at all. They are not arguidos but still suspects.
    Finally the Scotland Yard is admitting te death otherwise they would not be bringing cadaver dogs to the Algarve.
    I wonder what is behind the dogs investigating around the apartment, an absurd idea.
    How dare the McCanns and Tapas 7 to oblige the British taxpayer to spend such a lot of money.
    I don't think that the body is far away from Praia da Luz. The parents would not dare to travel around with it. It could be in Praia da Luz itself or in the church of Luz.
    The parents had the key to the church, hadn't they?
    Somebody of the Tapas must know where the body is. Perhaps he/she told it to the Scotland Yard.

  12. Thank you for keeping us informed, Joana.
    Great days are about to come, after so many years of hope.
    We will make it.

  13. would they be looking for a phone or blanket or blue bag, I doubt they will find Madeleine.i think this all a load of bollox,why doesn't andy redwood interview the mccanns and tapas again as they know what happened.

  14. Everyone around here says the Portugese are naive because the PJ are about to make a terrible mistake if they allow foreign police anywhere near private property around the resort. why?

  15. Anonymous 14:50
    Which is my argument of course. If plod are searching for a body, then it's a crock.
    if they are searching for something else, who knows?
    Do I trust plod? No.

  16. @12, Somebody of the Tapas must know where the body is. Perhaps he/she told it to the Scotland Yard.

    I very much doubt it,hope they get jail time too,evil lot each and everyone of them.

  17. A most uninspiring woman, said to be police forensic science expert, spoke on Sky News this morning (Wed 7th May) about the proposed excavations. She mentioned ground penetrating radar, and even aerial photography of the sites, but did she mention cadaver dogs being used? She did not! I think they may be looking for 'evidence' as in associated items, or a temporary hiding place, rather than a body. A body is hardly likely to be there. I'm sure I heard a few days back someone say they might go into 5a again. What? Do something useful for a change? I doubt it.

  18. The suspense is killing me......I wish to God they find her and prosecute the killer/s and those who have obstructed justice.

  19. Anon 14

    From the get go Redwood made it clear what this is all about, it is to 'bring closure for the McCanns'.

    That 'closure' will not happen until all 'evidence' points away from them. It is a lesson in PR only, because no cop with an ounce of sense would dismiss the findings of the blood and cadaver dogs in the holiday apartment and hire car, and so much pointing to the involvement of the McCanns themselves..

    If people have been reading the recent comments blaming the Portuguese investigators it would be obvious that is what is happening, and those 'poor McCanns' never stood a chance of finding Madeleine because the PJ never worked hard enough. Unlike SY, who are justifying the millions spent on this farce, by now appearing to be digging up Portugal to find her.

    Meanwhile, the reputation of the PJ and Portugal is going down the pan fast, and it is about time somebody in authority stepped in and made a statement to set the record straight about the extensive work that was carried out by the PJ, and even a reminder of the official conclusion.

  20. Its too much to hope for. We have had so many of "this is it" moments before.
    Its best not to speculate to avoid disappointment.
    As much as I love Portugal your justice system is slow slow slow.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  21. What a load of codswallop written on here from conspiracy theorists.

  22. at Common Sense 10
    What would have answered KMC to the question "what did you see when you entered the bedroom ?", if she hadn't been made an arguido ?
    Would she say that she found everything open, shutters, window, curtains, like in her first statement to the PJ on the 4th of May ?
    Or would she say she found everything closed, shutters, windown, curtains, like in all her statements after that, with some details changing ?

  23. Where there's a 'well' there's a way !

  24. Cadaver dogs , coming to a home in Rothley , Wasn't it the Dogs that the Mccanns snapped at in the first place? Shouldn't the parents have been charged there and then? Will the person or persons who helped them scarper justice in Portugal , get arrested and taken to Portugal and charged with Aiding and Abetting ? Looks like the end is neigh for the "responsible" parents and their horrible friends . The world should thank Joanna and Dr Amaral for bringing to light the true facts of this case , me thinks the Mccanns are very quiet its strange , its not like them or pinky to stay quiet , have they run out of lies?


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