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Judge refused searches to homes of former Ocean Club employees

google maps aerial view of the areas likely to be searched based on PJ files

Analysis of sites where Maddie might still be buried without a set date.

Searches to the homes of former Ocean Club employees in Praia da Luz were some of the steps requested by British police and rejected by the Portuguese authorities as unfounded.

by Marisa Rodrigues

The judge to whom the requests contained in the letters rogatory were sent did not consider valid the arguments used by Scotland Yard. The [English] detectives wanted the Judiciary Police (PJ) to do house searches to people [simply] because they worked at the resort at the time when Madeleine disappeared, which made them “persons of interest”.

Another treatment was given to the requests for searches and excavations, using dogs and a georadar as resources, which were accepted as JN disclosed yesterday. The Public Prosecutor from Portimão, which holds the responsibility of analysing the formal requests for judicial cooperation, gave the green light to these steps - a turning point in the British investigation with Scotland Yard assuming for the first time the hypothesis that Madeleine is dead.

The sites were chosen for being prone to the disposal of a body. JN knows that this is the key argument used by Scotland Yard to substantiate the request for searches. The places are near to the apartment where the McCann family was staying during their holidays, in the beach and in a road which at the time was undergoing repairs. Another of the requests is for a georadar to be used in order to analyse and drill the soil and two dogs which alert to the presence of cadavers. Resources that Scotland Yard wants to bring from the UK. In case a deformation on the ground is detected there is a green light to proceed with the excavations. This is a process that could drag on for some time if the relevant places to be excavated belong to private owners or to State-owned road operators.

The next step is to define the operational strategy and set the date of the proceedings, tasks which are incumbent on the South Directorate of the PJ, responsible for carrying out the steps authorized by the prosecutor. The National Directorate of the PJ has to decide if the British detectives and experts can closely follow the actions that will always be performed by the Portuguese inspectors since Scotland Yard has no authority to act in Portugal. JN found that such a request was addressed to the Attorney General's Office and communicated informally to the Judiciary Police but for it to be appreciated, it must be formalized with the National Director of the PJ, which has not happened yet.

Sniffer Dogs

Scotland Yard regards the dogs that they want to use in the searches as “better” than Eddie and Keela, the sniffer dogs who alerted to blood and cadaver odour in the McCanns car and apartment at the Ocean Club resort.

Joint Investigation

Scotland Yard and Madeleine's parents argue that the constitution of a joint investigation team would accelerate the discovery of Madeleine and have criticized the “excessive bureaucracy” of the letters rogatory*.

The logistics required to implement these new endeavours are costly. JN knows they will be supported by the UK, which has already spent around EUR 7 million with this investigation.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition (page 13), May 7, 2014

*See - European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters or Mutual assistance in criminal matters between Member States

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  1. This doesn't give much hope that Scotland Yard has any reason to suspect the McCanns. For whatever reason, they have chosen to completely dismiss the evidence of the dogs that reacted in the McCanns; apartment and car. Based on their track record, there is no reason to have any confidence in Scotland Yard. However, logic suggests that there are some within the British police who suspect the McCanns, but the powers from above are preventing those avenues from being investigated.

  2. Better Dogs!!!!!,are these dogs specialy trained to alert to gypsy,s ,tractorman ,thieves,and all the other suspects and not to any thing McCann related.grrrrrrrrr

  3. May be repeating myself but the Budens river marsh between Salema and Barrancao would be easy to dig, is hidden by high reeds, the surrounding area was relatively undeveloped in 2007, and it is close to relevant phone pings.

  4. Anon 1

    "For whatever reason, they have chosen to completely dismiss the evidence of the dogs that reacted in the McCanns; apartment and car."

    They need to prove Amaral wrong and they need a death certificate for those curious twins. The question is what is the reason the McCanns are being protected.

  5. Good for the Judge its about time Portugal takes over this case WITHOUT the British Police or the British Government involving themselves in other countries business . The Fact is these vile pair of so called parents should be taken to Portugal with their tapas 7 and the big wigs who helped them scarper prosecutin , by getting a European arrest warrant and charge them for NEGLECT , keep the lot in custody while investigations get on . Then charge their good spin doctor for telling lies Jail the lot of them for life . Even a Chimpanzee would know that the parents by not working with the Portuguese Police and answering the questions put to them made the case stink from the start . Then you have the good Mr Redwood who is supposed to be a DCI claim its abduction , I used to hold the British Police and SY in high esteem but not any more , gone are the days of Sir Robert Mark when people had confidence in SY . I suggest our prime minister if he wants to hold office for another term get the clowns and jesters back and let justice prevail . The people are getting annoyed with this waster of money , so get real and let the Portuguese Police do their work . Maybe offer Dr Amaral a job as Chief of SY for his honesty and intelligence? Crime rate may fall down fast .

  6. Smithman had about 5 minutes, after passing Aoife, to dispose of the body he was carrying. Had he many choices if he wanted the body to leave PDL before dawn ?
    I wonder who had the courage to speak of "better" dogs, suggesting that Eddie could have missed the corpse in the ground he searched with Mark Harrison but neglecting totally that Eddie had found VOCs in 5A where no cadaver was present !

  7. Dear Portugese friends. Please remember at all times that the British Police along with the establishment here do not let the media act in a balanced way here. The parents' story is an opinion which has been dressed up as a fact time and time again. Therefore, dark arts are at work . Retain your sovereignty and dignity and don't let the British police tell you what to do on your own soil.

  8. I take my baseball cap to the judges!

    Now going back to the earlier "headline" that said:
    "English search for Maddie's body in the Algarve?"

    I hope SY crack teams (cough) are following the advice of Pat Brown.

    My humble advice too the famous (and corrupted) cracks would be - search Rothley or any of the places Gerry went to during his alibi trip to the UK shortly after Madeleine's demise.

    In case you wonder, my pet theory (no allegations made) is:

    If there had been an accident or an intruder had suffocated Madeleine accidentally, and the father found her lying dead during his round (remember the forensic dogs reaction?) - the parents (one of the other) in any scenario (one or the other) would feel inclined to protect their reputations and the future of the surviving twins - not to say avoid prison! Obviously! This is a no-brainer!


    By lying to the authorities + hiding the body + using their funds and influence at the highest levels to launch the most comprehensive reputation management campaign ever witnessed on this planet. Actually they were lucky Clarence Mitchell decided to use them to further his PR career but that is what cynics are saying. Take no notice!

    Two facts to muse upon:

    (1) Dogs do not lie. Someone died in that apartment. Take that for granted until further notice but please read on...

    (2) Remember the BIG missing holdall and Gerry's trip to the UK shortly after his daughter's dematerialization? Sounds fishy, right?

    Where is the holdall?

    The irony would be for SY to find the holdall nearby (assuming theirs is not a strict clean-up operation and for all we know and have seen, that is a strong possibility).

    If SY find the holdall and the body no one will know. I guess.

    Otherwise, assuming SY would be doing a proper investigative job (faint possibility), would that prove Gerry or someone else like (...) put it there?

    Ah! Ah! Good point!

    But the real point is DNA alone would not prove the parents were involved in the "recycling" of her daughter - for obvious reasons!

    Also, think Carter-Ruck and Isabel F**k. The latter even managed to get Amaral into court and for a while she succeed in the minor courts circuit. I am afraid in this case ONLY high-definition, IMAX footage would do as evidence.

    The idea of bringing a pack of (more advanced) dogs over is obviously to discredit the findings of the legendary dogs Eddie & Keela.

    These new SY investigative canines (possibly homeless dogs from Battersea) will bark as well, obviously! But they are likely to do so up the wrong tree, thus proving the other dogs wrong.

    Do you follow?

    Little by little SY reputation management team (not to be confused with a genuine investigation team!) will dismantle all the PJ early assumptions. The real target is of course Amaral.

    The "Egg Man" no longer exists - this saves Ms. Tanner from being accused of perverting the course of Justice - even assuming that at one stage she was sure it was Robert Murat who did it. Oh dear!

    The Smiths' sighting (who actually was quite sure the fugitive was Gerry McCann) has been completely dismystified by SY "specialist" team. Oh! Dear!

    The PJ work has been comprehensively "proved" as incompetent. They did not check ALL the leads they should have as the "work" of SY "conclusively proves"

    and finally, they will prove Eddie and Keela did not smell a body, they smelled a fart!

    :b Sorry! Did I just write "fart"?
    My apologies!

  9. well said Anonymous 9 , the good "DCI" redwood might claim Eddie and Keela smelt a fart ! it hasn't stopped him from claiming they were abductors in the past . I wonder how one gets promoted in SY these days? does the lack of intelligence and honesty give one a high rank in the good old SY? If I was the good "DCI" redwood I would resign before I made up stories of abductors etc , and get to the POINT , FACT , TRUTH , CHARGE THE PARENTS FOR NEGLECT ! And if a VOICE from beyond TELLS YOU what to say or do , RESIGN . The Police should NEVER let the EXECTIVE DICTATE a case . An officer takes the oath of office to SERVE the PUBLIC and SOLVE CRIMES BASED ON FACT AND NOT FICTION . Instead of relying on good old fashioned investigation it appears the Police in the UK waste money on wild goose chases . Its time to send the parents and their friends to Portugal and let the Portuguese Police CHARGE them with neglect and their "friends" for aiding and abetting . Hold them in custody while the investigation goes on , make them Answer the questions that they REFUSED to answer 7 years ago , they will soon squeal and the case will be solved ........... Simples

  10. whilst we are waiting for these latest developments of excavations to be undertaken ...lets ponder the word "accident" ?

    At present the root of many a thesis is based on Madeleine sustaining an accident which lead to the cover up been commenced.
    but an accident is also just a theory and their are differing degrees to what can be regarded as accidental?

    where is the indication of accident ? exactly there is none!

    Somebody lashing out and as a consequence someone else becoming injured through that action ....could be argued as not premeditated ..however it would not be the same as the victim falling and injuring themselves.
    the injuries sustained could be the same ...yet cause very different.

    Where cerebral fluids found ?

    off topic

    I am also becoming interested to learn more about the tragic tractor accident ....what happened? who was present? how? ...where can I find the detail?

    Portugal do not fall for SY ramblings - do not become complicit in the cover up.

    People are going to pay for this cover up with loss of liberty, they will not get closure.


  11. It is known that the parents washed behind the sofa and the wall. They must have used clothes to dry it up. Probably also two tooth brushs because the children had only one for the three of them. If there wass blood, it s possible that the parents had blood stains on theiir own clothes. And they buried everything before the alarm was raised.

  12. If the police find Maddie's body somewhere, the parents will say that the abductor put it there.
    The best is to finding those buried belongs before fiding the body and ask the parents why didn't they report the disappearance of those objects.

  13. Imo Madeleine's was cremated so no amount of digging will yield results .

  14. Bad, bad, bad. If only Eddie and Keela's handler would make a statement to the press. He must be very angry and very scared but someone needs to defend the dogs' work and reputation before this whitewash of an investigation discredits their findings completely. This is a very serious issue in the big picture of trained dogs being used in crime investigations.

    The McCanns are high and dry but will never be happy again. What is more worrying for UK citizens is that SY are now totally discredited. Where does that leave us for future justice. I dread any involvement with the police and don't have any faith in victim support. Madeleine has never received any. There has never been any serious concern for her situation from UK officials. Reform can happen, but only if the truth is ever revealed.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. HRD dogs need a post-mortem of at least 90 minutes to detect death.
    This has been scientifically proved, therefore DCI Redwood will have to explain why a perpetrator waited 90 minutes in the flat before disposing of his victim's body.

  17. @17 Anne....is that why the clock has been allowed to run and the debunking of tanner man....ie him coming forward as a tourist...and Andy Redwoods revelation moment.

    You now have McCann's at tapas for 8.30pm .....alarm raised at 10 pm....theres your hour and half give or take 10 mins allowing for below description.....of course I am making it fit in simple terms.

    The in-between checks didn't spot the death...all was quiet and dark....that was enough of a check.
    we are told its essentially a better version of a listening service which is within bounds of responsible parenting...moving on quickly.
    then gloss over those parts and the neglect implications ....get the sensational stuff to bury the finer details.

    Are they now going to fabricate/ spin ........intruder drugs child some time in day, hence her been washed out and tired that day on their return. The intruder / abductor would enter just before 10 to snatch her, sometime after Matts visit but before Kate (to achieve as close to the hour and half as possible......say 9.50pm allowing 10 mins to get to smith sighting location) ....Kate spots her gone at 10pm.........intruder/abductor is spotted at 10.00 by smith family.

    whilst he snatched her and made his escape, he noticed that she had a reaction to sedation earlier given and was deceased - burial was carried out.....im sure something can be put together there.

    If the story can be broadly sewn together to be plausible for the public it will be used - the whitewash will rewrite events if allowed.
    The details will be left unanswered and case closed.

    What do you think?

    I know its ludicrous but then hasn't the whole case become a corrupt farce ....is anything not possible ....as long as it avoids the truth.

    Portugal need to make arrest warrants ....SY are there to cover up only.


  18. 08/05/2014 12:59
    AnneGuedes said...

    Anne I hate having to correct you but it has been scientifically demonstrated that dogs can pick up the scent of death within as little as 2 (two) minutes of a body being in contact with a carpet square say.

    Please read on:

    "One of the questions surrounding human cadaver dogs is how soon after death they can recognise a corpse, and how long a "fresh" corpse must remain in one place for a dog to detect that it has been there.

    In a study published last year, the forensic pathologist Lars Oesterhelweg, then at the University of Bern in Switzerland, and colleagues tested the ability of three Hamburg State Police cadaver dogs to pick out – of a line-up of six new carpet squares – the one that had been exposed for no more than 10 minutes to a recently deceased person.

    Several squares had been placed beneath a clothed corpse within three hours of death, when some organs and many cells of the human body are still functioning. Over the next month, the dogs did hundreds of trials in which they signalled the contaminated square with 98 per cent accuracy, falling to 94 per cent when the square had been in contact with the corpse for only two minutes. The research concluded that cadaver dogs were an "outstanding tool" for crime-scene investigation."

    For the full Guardian article and more details, see here:


  19. Sorry, Anonymous 19, but there's some misunderstanding here.
    There are two sorts of time laps : one is the post-mortem duration, the other the duration of the contact with the body.
    Suppose somebody died with an handkerchieff in their hand. That item is withdrawn half an hour later. Dogs will not alert to it, though the item has been in contact with the body for 30 minutes.
    Suppose now that an handkerchieff is placed on the body's face 2 hours after death, then removed 5 minutes later. Dogs will alert to it.
    The process of decay starts after a couple of minutes, but it takes at least 90 minutes before the Volatile Organic Components produced by the body constitute the "death signature" that the dogs will detect.

  20. At Anonymous 16
    The afternoon drug hypothesis is as grotesque as the rehearsal of the abduction the night before. Wasn't Madeleine described playing with her mum's ring one hour after the high tea ?
    I think that she died around 6.30/7pm and was removed from the flat after 9pm.
    If DCI Redwood thinks that cadaver dogs are useful in the searches, he certainly misunderstood Martin Grime's report.
    The McCanns' warning on FB betrays that they're afraid that some journalists read carefully that report and will join the dots, moreover if they're asked to abstain publishing informations about the searches.
    But the McCanns aren't worried, they know that the body will never be recovered.

  21. @21 Anne....I believe madeleine passed away whilst with kate...the moment she speaks of them all together ( trying on her ring etc)...I have alluded to this in many posts.

    Your earlier post was asking how Andy Redwood would explain the 1 1/2 hour time needed for the scent to develop - the above post of mine is what I believe they may try to say.
    Grotesque this case most definitely is ....especially the way it has been allowed to progress
    where did it happen ?
    and yet another country comes in and tells you what to do and how ....now that is grotesque.


  22. I agree with that, Anonymous 22, some time between 6 and 7 pm. The twins saw it, therefore they were given some BZD to forget.
    It's interesting that the helicopter flied over rua 25 de Abril, the part where Smithman was seen walking, but I don't think that he dumped the body in the road works. The Portuguese were very careful examining them.


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