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Maddie Case: Attorney General's Office approved searches and excavations

Request was in the latest letter rogatory sent by the British authorities

In the Madeleine McCann case the Attorney General's Office [PGR] has agreed to the request from the British police for searches and excavations to be done in Praia da Luz. The request appears in the latest letter rogatory.

Video transcript

Marisa Rodrigues (voice over)

It's the most important of the steps that were requested in the third rogatory letter. The British police want the searches to be carried out on sites in Praia da Luz where they suspect Madeleine's body might be buried. Searches will be made with a radar that will allow the analysis below ground.

In the locations map there are areas signalled near the apartment where the child disappeared 7 years ago and a road, which at the time was undergoing repairs. This are the places that the English detectives argue the PJ did not explore thoroughly.

This letter rogatory, like the preceding ones, has been assessed by the Public Prosecutor of Portimão.

TVI knows that the searches, which already foresee the possibility of excavations, were already authorized by the prosecutor. What remains now is to set the dates and how they will be performed.

The British police also asked to be present at the time that those actions are carried out by the Portuguese inspectors, but that decision lies with the National Direction of the PJ and has not yet been taken.

Last March the Metropolitan Police announced they were looking for a sexual predator, connected to the abduction theory, which they have always advocated.

With this new path and although it is not officially confirmed, they are admitting, for the first time the possibility of Madeleine being dead.

in article & broadcast by TVI, May 5, 2014


  1. Let Common Sense and Truth prevail , the British Police should be sent back , as they have NO BUSINESS trying to investigate this case on Portuguese soil as Portugal has its own Police and the crime took place on Portuguese soil ! So the good Mr Cameron should call back the British Police to solve crimes in the UK for example the recent crimes involving knives in schools ? Or maybe request the Portuguese Government to let Portuguese Police "help" to solve the crimes in the UK ?

  2. @1 But should Britain not contribute to the labour and expense, especially if they are OUR criminal(s)?

  3. I fear the Portuguese and English media are reporting misinformation. I don't think these searches will happen. Looks to me like Operation Grange is seriously floundering and desperate to justify continuing on the case.

  4. It seems that Madeleine fell into a rabitt hole and the Portuguese have insufficiently searched the ground (though they were accused to neglect the obvious abduction lead).
    Prof Harrison examined very carefully the search files of the PJ, GNR and maritime police. And he spent many days walking and studying the ground on that coast with Portuguese specialists.
    Had he advised to excavate, that would have been done immediately.

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