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Maddie case: PJ warns Scotland Yard

Judiciary Police asks the English police to stop disclosing information in order to avoid media attention and the hampering of the investigations

The British and the Judiciary Police are gathered in Faro, this Thursday, to work on the details on how the searches and excavations will be performed in Praia da Luz.


Marisa Rodrigues (Voice Over) - Before the meeting, they were in a café in down-town Faro, where they were already awaited by British journalists, in a clearly staged scenario. Minutes later, the delegation, led by the Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, went to the meeting with the Judiciary Police, scheduled for 10 am.

foto Marisa Rodrigues/JN
Andy Redwood, chief inspector of Scotland Yard refused to talk to reporters: “Sorry, no comments for you today. Thank you”.

On the table, a recap of what has already been done and above all, to plan the details of what what is still left to be done. The most important step: the searches and excavations on sites in Praia da Luz, proceedings already accepted by the Public Prosecutor from Portimão that the PJ will have to execute.

Scotland Yard detectives want to understand in what way these endeavours will be carried out ​​and if they are going to be able to use the sniffer dogs and the georadar to find the child's body. The date of these actions is not yet scheduled, but it is clear the pressure for them to not take too long to happen. Also planned are the inquiries to eight witnesses considered of interest to the investigation.

Today's meeting comes at a time in which the discomfort between the two police force is palpable. The Judiciary Police asked Scotland Yard to stop disclosing information to avoid the media attention and the hampering of the investigations, under penalty of the [Scotland Yard] not being able to proceed with the investigation in Portugal.

in article and broadcast, TVI 24, May 8, 2014


  1. Do you think the PJ will be reminding these SY guys that THE MCCANNS WERE NEVER CLEARED, much as they like to tell people they were, and ask them how about they take notice of their very own best in world, never been wrong, UK blood and cadaver dogs, and that if they can't do that then it can only be concluded they have another agenda which is certainly not fitting the description of an 'investigation'.

  2. Thanks again, Joana

    The only thing that should be on the table, BEOFRE ANYTHING IS DONE:


    The reconstruction
    48 Questions answered

    Perhaps a re-call of Stuart Prior from the LP to assist, since he is so familiar with the participants from previous encounters of the friendly kind.


  3. Good for the PJ its about time SY learnt to keep their nose off the investigation and let justice take its course , I agree with anonymous ~ 1 the Mccanns WERE NEVER CLEARED common sense will suggest if SY genuinely want to help they will bring ALL the parties concerned on the day in question , and make the good doctors ANSWER the QUESTIONS THEY RESFUSED TO ANSWER when asked by the Portuguese Police , Make sure they are ASKED WHY THEY CHANGED THEIR STORIES , and CHARGE THE PAIR OFF THEM AND THE TAPAS 7 for NEGLECT AND AIDING AND ABBETTING , PUT THEM IN CUSTODY WITH NO BAIL while investigations are carried out . This is COMMON SENSE POLICING , then and then only will this case be solved and the guilty parties jailed for a very long time . Next the people in high places and their "spin doctor" alias PROFESSIONAL LIAR should also be taken to Portugal and CHARGED with Aiding and Abetting as well as perverting the course of justice , and maybe all the whole lot of them be made to pay the rate payers money that was spent on this investigation . Then and then ONLY will SY get any credibility and TRUST of the British Public .

  4. I am so glad PJ are seen to be at the helm

  5. SY/PJ should ask that the house/grounds at Rothley be searched,


  6. will it not be nice if the PJ come to the UK and search the house/grounds of Rothley ? That will make SY feel might good I am sure .This whole case is a circus and miscarriage of Justice , Let he who have understanding and common sense ask the question , Why are the Mccanns not charged for NEGLECT? And their friends the tapas 7 and good old "pinky" charged with "preventing the ends of Justice" .


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