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Maddie TV: The Police Show Off

Eduardo Cintra Torres on DCI Andy Redwood's latest media performances in the Algarve

Broadcast by CMTV, May 11, 2014
Eduardo Cintra Torres makes a weekly commentary on CMTV about TV and media and writes on Correio da Manhã newspaper.


Eduardo Cintra Torres [ECT] - That gentleman from the Scotland Yard, that appears there [in the video inset they are showing and debating about Redwood's visit to Algarve] - it's actually a pity that we don't have a psychologist here to make his profile, not of Maddie's or of the “assassins”, but of that Scotland Yard gentleman. I look at him and I just think: “this man just wants to appear on TV”. With so many disappearances of children in England... did he choose the Maddie case because he would appear on TV? And they went beyond, now they've come to Portugal to investigate. Why is the Portuguese police being subservient to this mockery, to this televised show off - we had aerial searches in Lagos seven years later! Aerial searches! We need to ask, what exactly is going on?! This is the utmost ridiculous thing, a show off, something just to appear on TV. And then they're going to open holes, searching for, eventually, the child's body at the 25 de Abril street? Was it for this that we had the 25 de Abril [see Carnation revolution]?

João Ferreira (CMTV news anchor) [JF] - The opening of the case by the British authorities was done taking into account the media coverage?

ECT - Absolutely, that police officer from the Scotland Yard in particular pursues that [media coverage]. I believe that is a shame for the Portuguese state to allow the mediatization of an investigation that belongs to the Portuguese and not to the English. If we tried to do the same in England, would they allow it? Obviously not.

JF - They were authorized by the Attorney General's Office...

ECT - Of course, it's the old alliance issue.

JF - Thank you, Eduardo.

Opinion Article excerpt
Maddie TV: poor child

Poor Maddie. A British police chief who just wants to be on TV uses Maddie's parents tenet to show off and comes to Portugal to meddle in the Portuguese investigation. To show off on TV, they “investigate” idiotic leads, for the English to see [i.e. just for the sake of appearances], and they even do “aerial searches” (!!!) seven years after the child disappeared. An embarrassment to him and to the Portuguese state.
in Correio da Manhã, May 11, 2014

Eduardo Cintra Torres has a M.A. Degree in Communication, Culture, and Information Technologies from ISCTE and a Degree in History from Lisbon University. He teaches Television Studies at Catholic University. He is a television and media critic at Portuguese reference newspaper Público, at CMTV (Correio da Manhã television channel) and an advertising critic at Jornal de Negócios. He authored 14 books and various academic articles on TV, media, culture and advertising and co-authored several television documentaries, he also wrote the script for the film Debaixo da Cama (2003).

Note: In Spanish at Mercedes' blog: Caso Madeleine McCann: La Policía se pavonea...


  1. Dear Joana, I have not had a clue that you were working on a translation. Astro had posted it and I had asked her if I could copy it to the blog. She did not want it on other forums or social media but guessed it would be ok to put it on the blog. I have taken it down immediately when I read your message. So sorry. Could not answer you any other way.

  2. Redwood has been running around trying to justify the millions spent on this case and this is the latest effort.

    So when this also turns up ZILCH, what next?

    Will we then be expecting he will go back to the original investigation seven years ago with the alerting of the UK blood and cadaver dogs to places and items associated with the McCanns?

    Nobody should hold out much hope on that one!

  3. It's also an embarrassment to those of us who have the misfortune to be British but who love Portugal and the Portuguese people!! I hope Eduardo doesn't believe that we are gullible enough to be sucked in by the McCanns' ridiculous fairytales and Scotland Yard's so-called investigation that investigates everything and everyone but the obvious prime suspects.

  4. He may know a very great deal about the media but he is no expert in policing. Did anyone in Greece make such a fuss when Brit police went over there recently and used ground radar, dogs and shovels searching for Ben Needham?
    Really, I think you doth protest too much!

  5. Perhaps they should bring back hanging for "bent " Police officers and "politicians" who try to make wrong to right and waste public money? This case is beyond the realms of common sense and decency , WHY ARE THE MCCANNS NOT CHARGED FOR NEGLECT? Get real redwood if you are genuinely trying to solve this case , start with the mccanns instead of wasting public funds , its called common sense , Did the mccanns NOT leave their children on their own ? Is it allowed in the UK for parents to go for drinks and leave their children on their own at home ? If you are any way fit to be a "dci" the world would want you to do the right thing and let the Portuguese Police CHARGE THE PARENTS FOR NEGLECT ! Its about time Interpol investigates and charges the people concerned in this case , maybe give the British government the bill? The "responsible" parents should be charged for neglect . That will be a start !

  6. On Crimewatch, Gerry said Maddie's birthday "goes without saying" and now they say they have a cake!

  7. We need to start sending emails and posting letters to Scotland yard and asking them questions about the parents

  8. How do they know the helicopter was just for show? This is an opinion piece based on the same information as the rest of us have, which is very little. The info. about digging various sites all comes from anonymous 'sources'. The PJ have said nothing about it and neither have SY.

  9. It was reasonable to believe that Ben may have wandered off from the house and to search locally for possible remains, because the area had not been searched- bins, roadworks, dogs, people searching en masse, as happened in Portugal.
    Searching for M's remains on hard ground , 7 years later is not comparable in any way.

  10. Nobody used a helicopter to search for Ben's remains.

  11. I would like to know what Leicester police had on the Mcs that they wouldn't hand over. Have SY got that, and the MCs bank statements maddies medical records and kates. This is a farce, why have they not bought tapas and Mcs back to Portugal to answer question. Have SY entered 5A for sure not. this will go on another 7 years whilst they find a patsy. If Maddie is a ward of court the police should not be sharing information with the MCs

  12. I am still maintaining that SY are onto something- what that something is I have no idea, but the time is nearing when the account will have to close. This may be their last rummage.

    I think we all know Madeleine is dead, we have always known. Team McCann Have bought precious time for it to be less of a bother to the public-that is why they stopped appealing to the public. The bubble has burst. They can no longer cling to the
    goodwill of the rich, or the coppers from the poorer of our society. They can no longer hold onto the 'there is no evidence that Maddie is dead' keep sending money keep looking for her pleas.

    No , none of that. too many people saying 'there is no evidence Maddie was abducted by strangers'

    What must that poor dear child have suffered- it really tears at the heart!

    This is the last push by the police...let's all hope it is fruitful. The McCann's want closure?...they had that all this time! for them it's check mate.

  13. I am getting fed up of All this case's corruption been put at the feet of the puppets from SY.

    Lets get some things straight ...yes the UK started this corruption and at the root of this case lies a well connected extended family - huge ties and links to Ireland and Scotland with powerful political connections. Their Political connections go right to the most powerful positions and have family members that advise government.

    I personally think their is a connection through Northern Ireland issues of which we know Tony war criminal Blair was a player.

    incidentally I am lead to believe that PDL have huge Irish investment .....maybe the ocean club apartments were initially bought by irish consortium or built by firms linked to Ireland - maybe some here know more details ?

    before you think its conspiracy talk - do the research

    economics..... I believe are corrupting the Portuguese officials and as such they are prepared to sell out truth and their people .which in turn shows there made of the same corrupt fabric as the UK establishment .....two peas in a pod.

    and don't anyone quote me the bigger picture ..sacrifice one for the many ......that is grotesque and the road to evil.

    The Crime was Committed in the sovereign country of Portugal - no good whinging that the uk are the baddies when your holding their hands and assisting in the most pathetic in your face corrupt case in History.

    You had a fantastic PJ with a very experienced competent policeman in Goncalo Amaral ....Please refresh me ......what did you do Portugal to your man / team ? are you sovereign?.....I think that is a question the people of Portugal should be asking.

    look stop winging now about SY ...there corrupt .......and so are YOU if you refuse to investigate the case that happened in the questionable sovereignty of Portugal.

    its all resting on Portugal....I know you never asked for any of this but know you must show what you represent and let Truth be your light.
    if the case is whitewashed its because Portugal have allowed it .....I think Portugal's establishment is sneaking about with the uk establishment at how to get this case closed ....they have to be able to face their people when they have finished kissing the feet of the UK and this is what they are trying to balance.

    so to Conclude yes my country the UK is full of corruption and it seems Portugal are soon to become the protégé.

    saying it as I see it ......and always will......had to get that off my chest.


  14. It's typical of people of inferior capacity to judge those of superior capacity. NO STUPID- YOU are the one who wants to be on TV. The Scotland Yard detective is just doing his job. More speculation from a nation that is extremely bitter and angry with the fact that the extent of the incompetence of their PJ has been brought to light by the superior police force that is Scotland Yard.
    What a bunch of lazy bush pig peasants the Portuguese are for even allowing such ignorance to be broadcast in the first place. Everything they do in relation to this matter shows them up as bordering on having an intellectual disability. It just doesn't occur to these 'commentators' that there are some people in the world that have no desire to be on TV at all!

  15. I don't believe that the police are blindly searching for clothes and for the body.
    They must have had an indication about the locations and that is why the helicopter flew only above Praia da Luz and Luz.

  16. How much clearer did Redwood have to be when he made the statement at the get go that this 'review/investigation' is undertaken to bring closure for the McCanns.

    Then he has since made it also very clear that they and their pals are not suspects.

    Those who are thinking otherwise need to wake up and accept that. Redwood has had his orders from on high and will come up with no less for them.

    Why else would any police go chasing after such distractions as gypsies, psychic dreams and all, and ignore what is directly in front of them with the initial investigation and obvious indications pointing to involvement of the McCanns themselves, namely the UK blood and cadaver dogs, which, contrary to the lie Gerry McCann told about these dogs as notoriously unreliable, are relied on by the police worldwide exactly because they are reliable and a good indicator of what they should be looking for.

    I personally am utterly disgusted at this waste of money and time spent by SY, who will end up a laughing stock if they carry on much longer, if they aren't already among fellow police officers who have followed this case from the beginning.

  17. Mojo, why all the the whining, whom are you upset with, why not be more explicit? It's the people who post negative commentary with regard to Scotland Yard (SY) which you assume are Portuguese, is it not? Did it not occur to you that many of the people who criticize SY are from your own country and that many Portuguese posters are also critical of their own police force?

    It seems to me that what you're most concerned with, what is of the utmost importance to you is your country's reputation as seen through the eyes of the world. It angers you that people from other nations have come to realise like yourself that your country is corrupt, so because you can't change your country's ways you lash out and say: well your country is just as bad. The English are always worried about reputation. I wouldn't lose sleep over it if I were you, for the most part this is an English speaking world where the majority of people still believe in the fabled SY and ,thanks to your country's media, believe that the Portuguese authorities don't know their right foot from their left and that Portugal is a lawless country, a haven for paedophiles. Surely, you can handle a few negative comments about SY, unless you're one of those people who can't accept that not everyone loves you. And with time you will forget about the way your country handled this case, questionable interpretations of forensics, reluctance to provide information and the way they disseminated disinformation worldwide.

    Have a nice day, cheers!

  18. #12 said... " I believe are corrupting the Portuguese officials and as such they are prepared to sell out truth and their people .which in turn shows there made of the same corrupt fabric as the UK establishment .....two peas in a pod."

    Shameful outburst and without any credibility what- so- ever...unless... unless, you have bona fide evidence you would like to share OR you can state why you are harbouring such 'beliefs'. apart from just " getting it off your chest"

    This is a great site with integrity, It does not help when people start a cause and case for libel.

  19. We are surprised to hear that British police have arrested a man for killing a girl and they haven't found any evidence she is dead but they don't do that with Mccanns, why not? They should have the dogs and search their house the same. Mr Cameron has given the police so much money and told them what to do. Now he tells the people he wants to do so much, from where he gets the money to do that? He just do it now before the election. Lots of people in Britain don't believe the police that they will find the truth. Why have they got Mr Mitchell in their party. We wish the British people good luck after all they promised them.

  20. 12 Mojo

    Interesting comment.


    "The first area to be examined is one the size of three football pitches across the road from the Ocean Club resort where the McCanns were staying when Madeleine disappeared.

    Holiday flats funded by Irish investors were going to be built on the land until the economic crisis forced the project’s cancellation."

  21. Guerra

    my post is clear ......I haven't a clue what you are going on about.....my post is explicit and how I choose to express my observations and feelings about this farcical case.

    The "English" are always worried about reputation ? what do you mean by that comment?

    I think your taking your frustration out at your mother country on me with that last post Guerra.

    very strange post indeed from you.

    whats eating at you ...spit it out ..


  22. I am going to stop commenting on this case now.

    I Stick by everything I have said ...but feel all I am achieving now is upsetting people, who are on the same side ....looking for the truth.

    @16 ....explain the treatment of Goncalo Amaral .....and what happened to him .......why he felt the need to write the book ......what he was told by certain colleagues ......what does Goncalo believe is preventing the truth.

    good luck everyone in the fight for Justice


  23. @20 Mojo
    Thanks for your comments, and I agree with your "two peas in a pod". NL

  24. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152445775848856&id=811113855&set=a.10150492176833856.392872.811113855&source=46 please take a look at this picture it may help!?!

  25. Mojo, every so often you launch into a tirade against people on this forum and now you ask what's eating at me? The reason that I don't ask you the same question is because I already know what's eating at you as I pointed it out in my previous comment. The Portuguese have had their country portrayed for seven years as a backwards nation, a haven for crime, a country with corrupt institutions and now you're upset with posters who criticize Scotland Yard which you assume are Portuguese. Goodness gracious man take a few milligrams of medication and calm yourself.

  26. Guerra at #15

    The anon you are referring to loves his ex-cathedra asides. However, when you apply Semiotics (Barthes) and place your Lacanian shades on, you will detect his post-imperialistic sense of grandeur. He is sympathetic with the Portuguese very much as you would be with a homeless beggar. He really wants to spit it out but if he did he would loose the media and the massage (McLuhan).

    :o Kip Kool maaan! Pay no attention!

    On a more serious note, check out Dr. Martin Roberts latest masterpiece, aptly entitled "Buried Treasure":


  27. One aspect that has never been mentioned on any forum, is the possibility that Gerry McCann works for M16. Highly educated and ambitious people (..ahem...?) in high-ranking positions in various professions, work - for little money, but a big ego trip (..ahem..?) - as "agents" for M16. They gather information abroad whilst on their "day jobs" and just let the authorities back home know what's going on, and who are the movers and shakers in various power positions abroad. This activity is necessary for state security. Agents enjoy immunity from prosecution, as if they commit any crime, the security services get onto the police and say "stop all investigation", and they do not have to explain why. (In addition to this, they also know quite a few "tricks of the trade" that enables them to commit a crime and leave no clues). No-one has ever mentioned this angle on any blog and I've always wondered why not. This would explain why the UK refused to hand over the McCann's credit card statements and mobile phone bills that accrued whilst they were in PDL. It would also explain the speed at which the McCanns got to meet Bush, the Pope, and all those initial high-level contacts.

  28. It really doesn't help when people start to jibe at each other.

    I was the author of post #16. The post left me with out my 'non de plume' by accident- I was on the phone!

    There is evidence that SY have had corruption accusations made against them and upheld- there is a great belief that it is continuing. And it will be closely monitored, they bring shame to the integrity of our country.

    It is also believed that many other countries, including Portugal will have some form of corruption. IT IS A BELIEF not a stated fact.

    But to suggest that the SY are corrupting the Portuguese police is wrong-because there is no EVIDENCE that this is happening- hence why I stated about the liable matter.

    And that is the very reason this site was so damming of the Team Mc's. Mr Amaral was writing about what he believed happened to little Maddie. You see there is a difference! saying you know or implying without evidence as this is against the law. That is why Tmc's do NOT have a case against Mr Amaral.

    We can all say what we believe is happening /has happened, but we must be careful to say WE /I believe this is what happened.

    I was very annoyed that damthatmancameron gave orders to 'go look for maddie' or find out what happened. I then became interested as I wondered what they would turn up(I Know what I was hoping would turn up). I knew in my heart they would find two things
    1. no stranger abductor who entered the apartment and stole Maddie
    2. conclude Maddie was dead-perhaps find her body

    Still waiting...

    However, it is interesting that Maddie was made a 'ward of court'- which means the 'family' had no claim on her if she were found alive. A formal court hearing would have taken place to see if they were fit and proper people to care for her (THAT would have made great reading). ALSO interesting fact in the UK; we have a 'presumed dead' for missing people if they have not been sighted or has been known in a designated place unknown for 7 years. 7 YEARS!

    How will this affect Mr Amarals' claim- I have no idea- but if the court accept Maddie is no longer alive then.... well..

    ...and how will this affect the 'find maddie fund- no stone unturned-no million pound reward from that fund- as it was PROBABLY spent by the parents on posh holidays cooked up to look like 'searching for Maddie' Because she may well have been hiding behind the Oprah Winfrey sofa... and they just had to go have a look see for themselves'...again I don't know.


    Miss Taken Identity

  29. Is it possible that Rachel Oldfield is supporting the McCanns on the Missing People's day in London? See photo on McCannfiles.
    Now I really start wondering what was the role of Matthew Oldfield in Madeleine's fate.
    Is Rachel also trying to hide something or is she simply an undercover, spying for the NSY in order to achieve pardon for her dishonest statements in the past?
    All of the Tapas are in serious trouble, why was she running around in pink, like the McCanns were? The Oldfields were not even friends with the couple.

  30. Joana, a request:

    I just wrote a comment about Rachel Oldfield and I regret it.
    If my theory is right, I request you not to publish it because it could jeopardize the investigation.
    Thank you and sorry.

  31. Well, I am not from the U.K.
    In Europe there always was a huge mediacover of Madeleine from the beginning.
    It even scared our children to sleep.
    The most known missing girl ever.
    Even beats our own recent missing citizens.

    Scotland Yard seems to risk their own reputation to spin this story.
    Madeleine is not a girl anymore, but a well paid story .
    Even on you tube.. there are many childabuse stories from the UK.
    Doesnt mean there are no other children outside the U.K also diying from childabuse.
    But their story is not told, or sold the same way.

    Children getting killed by their parents.
    It is sad, doesnt mean you cant trust any parent.
    But the parenting skills from Royal copple K&G are claimed to be the best, loving, and caring parents.
    Well..I doubt that.
    I do believe each country have their own blind spot and pride or shame
    But in this story of Madeleine ..
    Assults only on British girls in Portugal.
    Docters who leave their children each night.
    K&G exposing the whole family, friends and Madeleines siblings to the media..to..
    To show they are such nice parents..
    Was there (in this miljon search) even one childabuser brought to trail?
    Children getting resqued from abuse?
    Awareness.. to not leave your children alone?
    There are more children get hurt, or die, than getting abducted..
    So yeah.. it get me upset to see the Mccan show still running.._selling.

    When I read the papers, it seems to get wierder every time.

  32. I said I wasn’t going to comment….well I am.

    Huge respect for Pat Brown, another incredible Lady speaking truthfully, she is no fool and it means a lot when high profile respected professionals have the courage to share their true feelings on what we are witnessing ….and not leaving it under the term of “Politics”

    As for the other sites of which one I have mentioned before …who still cannot see the cover up by Government/s...well their really showing what a gullible bunch they are or worse.
    The tentacles of the corruption in this case reach far and are blatant…not even hard to see….. its in your face…with flashing lights, sirens and bells on.
    I mean it’s not even debateable really …yet for seven years …we have all been pulled into the greatest Muppet show on earth.

    Whilst in the background to this despicable corruption a honest Police man who was doing his job and damned well at that….got systematically attacked, what they have put him through can kill people….I rage inside for what he has had to endure his family, friends, who have suffered also. I will say no more it’s just to disgusting for words.

    It depresses me that people who look to have high intelligence are so blind. The only delusions I have had are in thinking they had intelligence. Plainly that’s not the case.

    Without a shadow of a doubt this case is a conspiracy – and a very serious one at that…yes enough to bring down government/s and with such stakes it does go someway to explain what we are witnessing….as corrupt, criminal and pathetic as it is.

    Sit back and really ponder what has happened with this case – right from the off.

    To my mind anyone who cannot see the corruption, conspiracy, cover up – are well full of puffery, their disconnected from the reality of the case… or worse.


  33. joana, astro, are you as tense as we all are? great, I can not believe that it is about to happen.

  34. The Met police had 38 people of interest among which none of Tapas 9.
    Later it went to 41.
    Two must be the parents but who could the third be?
    The Anglican priest? A relative of the McCanns'?
    David Payne?

  35. When are people going to realize that Redwood has already given the all clear to the parents and their Tapas pals, which he stated at the beginning of this review/investigation. Don't you realize by now that he is going after the 'abductor', who has to exist because the McCanns say so.

    He is not going to let a couple of blood and cadaver dogs who point well away from that scenario get in his way, and so he will keep on with the digging and attempting to justify the millions already spent, and which might just as well have been thrown into the bottomless pit of a McCanns' Fund to begin with for all the good it will do.

  36. The tide is turning for the mccanns , even redwood is not silly , you don't have to be the "brains of Britain" to see fact that the mccanns LEFT VERY YOUNG KIDS ON THEIR OWN , REFUSED TO ANSWER QUESTIONS , CHANGED THEIR STORIES, HIRED A PROFESSIONAL LIAR , WENT JOGGING WHILE THE PEOPLE OF PORTUGAL WERE LOOKING FOR THE " MISSING" CHILD , THE DOGS SMELT DEATH IN THE APARTMENT , THE MISSING FRIDGE . Is this not enough to prove that the "responsible" parents have something to hide? Thus even one who has the IQ of a water vole would find the parents are guilty at least of neglect and lying! If the good SY try to cover it they will make themselves look like the laughing stock of Genuine Decent , honest Law abiding Police officers all over the world and will face the wrath of God . The people will want Answers , this is costing the hard working British Public money or are the Mccanns funding this , after all the "FUND" was set up to "look" for the missing child . Its time the parents and the tapas mates including the professional liar are taken in for questioning , Simples . Had it not been for the internet , Joana , Jill haven etc , this horrible lot would have got away and made a good god fearing , honest Police Officer , Dr Amaral face injustice . Well done Dr Amaral and Joana

  37. If, and it's a big 'if' they do find some bones in the wasteland, will they be able to prove that they are Maddie's bones? For a start, it's seven years in a hot climate and secondly, can we trust anything we are told by the McCann side of this situation?
    IT would be a good way to round off the story (sic) if the investigators concluded with something on the lines of "the bones of a small girl have been found" -result, everyone can go home and the case is over. Just six million pounds plus wasted, and various peoples' lives and reputations slashed.

  38. @24...please could you fetch me a dictionary there's a good chap.

    I have never had to Google so many words to understand a post - what a splendid brain....feel free to analyse my imperialistic one in whatever sunglasses you choose....either way it seems your blind to sense....you will get better as you evolve.

    You must love the ability to insult in such tuneful ways ...well done to you, how I wish I could be you... with your command of the dare I say it ..English language.....maybe you might like to resort to attacking my lunch breaks, or what I eat and drink or maybe my weight etc ......you might do well in journalism UK style if you fancy such a career ....just use smaller words would be my tip.

    I haven't one xenophobic bone in my body, but some here seem to have those undertones bubbling away and there not from the UK.....this case has taught me much.

    as for me..... kool as a kukumber.


  39. If Tutankhamun's grave was found more than 3.000 years after his death, they will certainly find Madeleine's.

  40. I believe that Tapas 7 have told the truth to the NSY and I believe that at least the Paynes know where the child is buried and they gave up the secret.
    Why should all of them sacrifice themselves to protect the McCanns, who put them in serious trouble?
    The truth is the best thing for them now.
    I don't believe they are friends with the McCanns anymore excepted for Rachel who was last photographed with them in London.
    What was she doing there?

  41. @Anon 36 "What was she doing there?"

    Adrian Oldfield connection perhaps? Who knows.


    “His involvement with PACT began in 2001 when he was responsible for the rollout of the Missingkids.co.uk Website across ACPO forces.”

  42. There are a lot of evidence supporting the hypothesis about Maddie dying in the apartment but no indication what-so-ever of an abduction. Yet the SY together with the Portuguese Police have done everything to chase an abductor and now finally trying to dig for Maddie as being this anonymous abductor's victim. Maddie's parents hold they key to the solution of their daughter's disappearance. Why not ask them all the questions they have refused to answer for more than 7 years. What is more to say about this case??

  43. I am still amazed that there has not been any investigation into the 'Last Photograph', the one of Maddie wearing a big sunhat, sitting next to Sean, who is sitting next to Gerry. There is (as we see it) a strange grey/blue shadow on the left of her neck.
    There is also the 'Tennis Court' photo, supposedly the same week. However, this girl, in a pink sunhat, clutching several tennis balls, has an almost barrel-chest and plump well-formed arms.
    Go back and contrast the upper trunk of the Last Photograph girl- very much smaller and thinner.
    I am convinced that the girl in the 'Last Photograph' is Amelie, with Maddie's head Photo-shopped on. Where are the other photos of that moment? What was Amelie wearing that day, and are there any photos of Gerry sitting there with Sean and Amelie?
    We only ever see these two photos - why?

  44. Last post is very interesting indeed


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