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PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead

PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead that a predator of English girls has abducted Madeleine.
Scotland Yard has asked for aerial photos of places in Praia da Luz and wishes to question eight “persons of interest”

by Marisa Rodrigues

The Judiciary Police (PJ) is about to discard the lead that has resulted in the reopening of the process in Portugal and that is Scotland Yard's main line of investigation. So far, there isn't any evidence to support the hypothesis that Madeleine was abducted by a sexual predator who attacked English children in the Algarve.

This is the firmly held position of the team of inspectors from the North Directorate of the PJ who has reviewed the investigation process that was archived in 2008.

After naming as probable suspect the late Euclides Monteiro, a former Ocean Club employee, the Portuguese investigators now believe that the intruder, in the cases that were reported to the authorities, could be British and that he does not reside in Portugal, since there were no new reports and those that were disclosed [see Metropolitan Police site] only targeted children of that nationality. “A sex abuser is someone who acts compulsively. If he only acted in the summer and has never attacked again it's because he does not live here”, explained a source close to the process.

Yesterday, the day was marked by an aerial photo-reconnaissance in Praia da Luz of the areas where searches and excavations are planned, using a helicopter of the Portuguese Air Force paid by the British authorities and by a meeting between the police forces of the two countries at the PJ headquarters in Faro.

One of the places where Scotland Yard wants to use the sniffer dogs and the georadar is on the 25 de Abril street, in the vicinity of the Ocean Club and by the church. The area, which the helicopter overflew three times, was undergoing construction works when Madeleine disappeared seven years ago. If anything suspicious is detected, it will be excavated.

Besides the searches, which were already allowed by the Public Prosecutor of Portimão, the letters rogatory also request for eight people to be questioned. Some used to work at the Ocean Club resort whilst others are not linked in any way. With all these initiatives, it seems likely that Scotland Yard has more than one line of investigation, of which the latest and most visible action yet indicates the hypothesis that the child was murdered and buried in Praia da Luz. When questioned, in Faro, DCI Andy Redwood refused to speak with the journalists.

Tension between the PJ and the English

The relationship between the police forces of the two countries is rather tense. The Judiciary Police has requested to the English police to stop disclosing information about the ongoing work in Portugal, otherwise they will not proceed with the steps that were requested. Scotland Yard wrote to the newspapers in the United Kingdom asking for “understanding”.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition (page 13), May 9, 2014


  1. It is lucky that the Portuguese are on the case or Scotland Yard, as bumbling as they were portrayed by Conan Doyle, would have stitched up anyone who looked swarthy, olive skinned

  2. ai ai parece que a paciência chegou ao fim :)

  3. This seems to be just a polite way of saying that the sexual predator story is just that, a story conceived by the English police.

    Well, it appears that the Portuguese authorities are no longer going to cave in to the will of the English, something I believed happened when they started the review and reopened the case.

  4. l just wish SY would butt out and leave it to the PJ. Without British interference, this case would have been solved 7 years ago!

  5. Good for Portugal , tell SY to go back home they have no business over there instead maybe ask them to ask the mccanns ands their friends why they never answered the questions put to them by the Portuguese Police 7 years ago ? Maybe get SY to "talk" to E ddie and Keela?. The CRIME was committed on Portuguese Soil and its the job of the Portuguese Police to bring the Guilty to Justice , not listen to SY and their long winded stories of abductors !

  6. To be fair Guerra, it seems like this specific line of inquiry was the one that gave enough traction to warrant the investigation being reopened in Portugal.

    Now it has been discarded, I hope that they can now concentrate resources and actively investigate the remaining leads in this case...

  7. I hope that the PJ will sort out this affair, there have been mistreated by the British newspaper, surely they can show them that from the beginning they had the answers to this 'mystery'.

  8. that famous albeit anonymous "source close to the parents" is, of course, their official spokesman, Mitchell. We can be fairly sure that he wanted these "hurtful" and "tormenting" comments to be published, so that the parents can then claim that, once again, the press "contributed to their grief" (as they themselves have alleged in their open letter to the press - this is no coincidence) so that they can, when it suits them, sue for libel or compensation, or both

  9. ...and so

    THEY WENT ALL AROUND THE WORLD asking for people to 'help' by looking for the' little girl that was missing' (?) they did 'fund raising' to help with the search for the little missing girl..little girl-emotive and great 'ploy' well, who would put money into a fund if a paedophile went missing and was presumed dead?

    The little missing girl headline-not" little missing girl because parents left her all alone to fend for, not only her self but also, twin babies". has been making lots of people lots of money- no shame there from MSN media OR BBC-SKY NEWS or lawyers or parents expensive jaunts.

    No, that Headline wouldn't catch on- in fact, they would be hate figures. Oh they already are apparently. so called the 'internet haters' i.e people who do not buy their story about an abduction- because that is what it is- a story!

    Rather than stand in front of a TV reporter-film running and saying " omg we feel terrible we did a really stupid thing and left our children alone-where anything could have happened and you know what IT HAS please help us find our daughter...cry, show emotion or make a statement and stay out of sight because of what could have been happening or of what could have happened to their daughter- rape, torture -murder. Did they act out of grief? hmm and put on a show oh you bet they did! blogging-jogging-party's balloons, fund raiding - cash campaign- when your daughter may be being raped, tortured, murdered..really? Yes... really.

    Hours spent in court- not for any of the aforementioned crimes-obviously not bad enough to give time to- but Liable? OMG how terrible for the family- being treated like that, IT almost made life unbearable for them. No mention of their little daughter being raped, tortured or murdered.

    I am not even remotely associated with the family or little Madeleine. I was horrified, shocked and I WAS genuinely upset that the little girl may have had those things done to her.

    I have always maintained the answer lies at the apartment, and the last person who saw little Maddie alive. who ever that was...

    The digging will bring the ghouls and reporters in their droves to that little sea side town..near the church...near where work men were working at the time Maddie went missing...

    I think the Portuguese police are quite right to close off the enquiry for a second time. It is time for the circus to leave town- they have overstayed their welcome.

    My thoughts are with Mr Amaral, his long suffering family, and all those others, Too many to mention ,who have been mentally tortured by Mc's.

    Grateful thanks to Astro, Joana, and the other posters- who really do want justice for little Maddie AND Mr Amaral.

    Miss taken Identity.

  10. No doubt the British tabloids will be attacking the PJ for stopping the police from investigating the case!

  11. For goodness sake, what is wrong with people? This was not just a British lead, but the very reason the Portuguese opened the case again!!! If this is 'discarded' then the reinvestigation is over, finished. And without fulfilling many of the requests in the LoRs. That is not a good state of affairs.
    And why is the Portuguese media full of police 'sources' leaking detailed information after SY have been told to 'zip it'?
    Has Portugal learnt nothing about managing her public image?

  12. The "Barry George" approach just aint gonna work for D.C.I. Andy Redwood this time !!!

  13. Anonymous 09/05/2014 17:13 In other words it doesn't matter to you that both police forces are ignoring the evidence, what matters is that the investigation is reopened. Will you be satisfied when they finally put their differences aside and agree on which deceased person they are going to attribute the murder of Madeleine?

  14. The question still remains , WHY were the mccanns and the tapas 7 , not charged and held on remand 7 years ago when , they left the poor kids on their own while they went on their drinking spree , refused to answer questions , the dogs smelt death in the apartment , the hired car , on "responsible" parent clothes , the "responsible" parents " and the tapas 7 kept changing their version of stories? Instead they were given "pinky" to help them twist things round and flee back to UK and open a "fund" , a honest , decent Police officer leading the investigation was taken off the case , and the press made these two "responsible" parents look like victims , IS THIS HOW THE LAW WORKS THESE DAYS? The law of common sense would dectate that the good "dci" redwood should start at home first by taking the mcanns and the tapas 7 back to Portugal and hand them over to the Portuguese Police so they can be charged for neglect and remanded in custody together with the tapas 7 and the good professional liar till they reveal all they know , This will save the British taxpayer money and the case will be solved , Its about time this is done instead of SY going on holiday , wasting public money sitting in restaurants and enjoying themselves trying to "order" the Portuguese Police around and trying to look busy while the UK is in RECESSION ! Bring back hanging for people who help miscarriages of justice !

  15. In my opinion SY is a hindrance to the Portuguese Police, why all of a sudden are they interested in solving this case, when previously all they was interested in was protecting the McCann's?? If they really wanted to find out what happened to Madeleine they should fly the McCann's back to Portugal and make them answer the questions that was put to them the first time. They should be interviewed separately and their replies gone over for any inconsistencies which to my mind will be many!! After-all, if they are telling the truth as they keep telling us they are, why would that be a problem?

  16. Fact is..
    This girl is /was/ still missing.
    Then..still no trace of her.

    In 24 ours it was broadcast in every country.
    All the Family and many friends invited the media in, to 'make' statements.
    A bit 'reality tv' to 'adopt' a missing girl.
    So..little girls could all be a Maddie.
    Many people 'saw' her.

    The only one brought to trial in this case.
    Are not responsebel for her dissapearence.

    The U.K is making a bigger mess.
    I cannot understand why they NEED to keep going on..

    I never think the one(S) responsibel are ever going to make trail.
    Others probaly, but I never heard they even found a single childpornmaker.
    or raper, or hidden child in this search..
    So many qualified people..found nothing..to indicate their urgent search.
    Make me sad..

    So 7 years later..
    Nothing changed really.
    Only the search is huge, and nothing found..
    No sexdefenders brought to trial.
    They must have found some,..
    They must have dig in the pornografic childmovies.
    I mean really..
    So many people didn't find nothing.
    Finest educated to..
    The U.K sells horror.
    The crime in the U.K must be low then, to focus on a cold case in Portugal.

  17. @14...bang on the button.

    the only way Justice can be done ...is if Portugal pick up where Goncalo Amaral left off,...everything regarding the truth of this case and Justice been carried out, hinges with the nation of Portugal.....Its really that simple.

    the last seven years has been like living in the twilight zone - I cannot believe to this day what has gone on with this case.....its just to surreal.


  18. #11 wrote" Has Portugal learnt nothing about managing her public image?"

    What image would that be exactly?
    The great golf courses-sunny climate-friendly people-lovely hotels-great beaches-good food- a better moral compass amongst their young people...That image you mean?

    Ohhhhh right... I know what image you are referring to Team McCann's version-
    sex pests-paedophiles creeping about at night- abductors and child killers-lousy ,lazy fat cops. corruption and injustice all over the place oh and not to forget those pesky people who liable them.

    We have two versions, I, and many like me, love Portugal and the good people who live there. But then I never knew anyone who left their children alone at night- so I never got to see the 'other' version. AND it so happens neither did millions of other holiday makers! Whew boy were we the lucky ones? oh wait...

    You can go to any play area, beach or pool area anywhere in the world, and you will find sex predators -paedophiles- yes anywhere! and they don't all look dirty or sleazy or old and they may even be female. They may be unemployed-IT consultants-police officers-judges-actors-doctors-nurses-shop keepers -salesmen-successful business man/woman.

    So Let's be very clear about this: THERE IS NO 'STERIO TYPE' It is our duty as parents to protect our children from such people.

    Therefore, Portugal, like the UK citizens have had their 'image' damaged by a couple who paid from the 'pockets of the poor' to maintain their image.

    Irony? next to the Goldany?

    Miss Taken Identity.

  19. Another stand of,come on PJ/SY it's a little girl,we want to know whete she is!

  20. At Guerra 3
    The Portuguese seem to have really believed that EM could be the perpetrator, since he was close to the flat according to the cell posts' activation. They knew that he wasn't a sexual perpetrator though.
    It seems that SY didn't jump on that solution, easy since EM is now dead. According to SY, the British families, in spite of the fact that they seem to have reported intrusion but nothing like rape (a crime, not a misdemeanor, that can't be discarded without a solid investigation), must be believed.
    If the MP finally discards EM lead, then the AG must shelve again and produce a report with an addenda.

  21. What are the media doing to the investigation? Making up stories or is there more behind the scenes?
    The PJ said they would never comment anything about anything at all and how come that they are saying that the body is not in Portugal?
    I don't believe those papers.
    If the PJ agreeded with a helicopter flying around in Praia da Luz it is because they must have an indication where the body might be, or the even know it.
    Perhaps a person, who is obliged to keep secret about the local of the grave, decided to reveal it, under the condition of not revealing his/her name.
    Too much pressure of the police and that person realises that it was not an accident but a homicide.
    If the body would have been taken out of Portugal, the McCanns would have been everyday on the papers, giving interviews because they would have felt safe.
    They aren't which means the Scotland Yard is on the right track.

  22. The fiirst thing should be is to bring the ma cs and tapas back to portugal to be requestioned by the pj with sy sitting in .flaws in their statements,should show all is not what it seemed. If sy had any commitment to madeliene and not the parents,they would have been suspicious of the gaping holes in the statements and the refusal to assist the pj. The brotherhood is working hard behind the scenes to get closure and a patsy. Shame on you sy.

  23. Priority no 1, bring tapas and mcs portugal for questioning. Re examine apartment with cavder dogs with sy watching. Send any swabs to non uk labs.....then see what happens. How sy and pjsay the mcs arent suspects amazes me. Look at the lies look at the manipulation, look how they ran

  24. Sr. Amaral has stated the case won't be solved whilst there's political interference . I'm inclined to agree with him . Both the PJ and Scotland Yard are acting on the orders of politicians .

  25. A clever thing for the Portugese to do now would be to extradite Payne if he does not come over for questioning voluntarily. This would send a signal to the parents and also allow Portugal to put SY in its place. In effect saying dont tell us what to do in our country. How would the McCann's react if Payne decided to seek immunity as well?

  26. Of course the parents are suspects but not yet arguidos.
    Both police are cleaning around before they take the McCanns to Algarve, for questioning and for the reconstruction.

    Everything has to be ready, no mistakes allowed, and then they will be behind bars.

  27. AnneGuedes, I don't buy it. I don't believe they would reopen the case on such flimsy evidence, it speaks of incompetence if that was the reason. What do you think is the message the Portuguese police are conveying to the world when they reopen the case based on the premise of an abduction? Are they not telling the world that the work done by the original investigators is meaningless, that their hypotheses are wrong? For me that is the real reason they reopened this case, to convey that message, to do it at a time when Mr. Amaral the original lead coordinator of the investigation is being sued for making his work public.

  28. The whole world is terribly disappointed that Portugal have so much evidence that Maddie could have died in the flat and no action taken. The person who said he spoke to Mr McCann carrying a child who turned his head and went towards the sea.
    Why Portugal never question Mccanns only they always say she is still alive and they must know where she is. Portugal always say they want to bring the truth out of what happened to Maddie but they always listen to their lie stories, she is not kidnapped that is not true. If the Portugal want to find out the truth then stop listening to the British police and listen to the true people what happened to Maddie. If Portugal want to close the case, have the whole nine in court separately and make them answer the questions. They are like crooks and most people believe this and also believe that Maddie died in the flat.

  29. Are we really in a "western " world? This case has brought about world attention the way SY are going about poking their nose in other countries Police business is beyond imagination . SY and redwood claim abduction , the man on the street with enough common sense and a brain can see that the Mccanns are hiding something , arrest the mccanns and the tapas 7 including their professional liar and the people in government who helped them flee prosecution in Portugal and charge and hold them in remand with NO bail . Then interrogate the "responsible" parents and the tapas 7 and they will solve the case , instead of wasting public funds . Or do SY take the British Public and people round the world for idiots? THE PORTUGUESE POLICE SHOULD START BY CHARGING THE MCCANNS FOR NEGLECT !

  30. Why do people keep repeating that the PJ reopened the case based on an abductor?
    All that was said officially was that they had new evidence which they weren't going to divulge. Any mention of suspect or abductors came from the press and can be filed away in the same drawer as this latest 'SY and PJ at war' nonsense in my opinion.

  31. Dear 28, thank you for bringing those bits of information out again. The Scotland Yard Police could easily interview the McCanns and the Tapas lot in England. Kate still has not answered the 25 questions. We still have not heard about the six deaths in Rothley she attended in the week before their holiday ,as a part-time GP, which apparently accounted for the cadaver scent on her black& white (unwashed!) trousers.
    We still have not heard what happened about the blood-stained tiles from under the sofa in 5a.
    We have not heard more about the spots of blood/tissue on the walls nearby.
    We have not heard more about the new fridge that Gerry amazingly bought for their replacement apartment (much to the landlord's amazement.)The previous fridge disappeared.
    We have not heard what happened to the large blue sports bag, in the PJ photos, which disappeared . Etc etc.

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  33. I find it very interesting that two locations they plan to dig are by the apartments and in the area of the church, which has always been an area of "interest" in my opinion. The fact that they are planning to dig points more to people "close to Maddy" are responsible for whatever happened. If it was an abductor there would be no evidence of any sort to "dig up" they would be miles away, as far away as they could get from PDL.

  34. The most disgusting thing about this entire case is the way that the Portuguese have behaved. They can't admit that they were wrong with their police hypothesis, they can't admit that they are wrong now. Okay, so even if Madeleine is dead, the Portuguese are still allowing the possibility for further harm to other children to come by letting their big, fat, pig bush, PEASANT nature and pride get in the way of safety for children.
    Oh, yes- and the MA's and other degrees that various of these Portuguese pigs have-
    SO WHAT? You don't have any world class universities in your country, so your degrees are meaningless.

  35. This case will be solved and the Mccanns should be Answering QUESTIONS and not swanning round like celebrities . Common sense will suggest that had it not been for the Mcanns and their friends lies , by now they would be doing porridge for a long time . If it were not for the irresponsiblity of the "responsible" parents the poor child would still be alive and at home . Fact remains they LEFT very young children on their own , so CHARGE THEM FOR NEGLECT ! . As for their mouth piece , he should be charged a Jailed for a long time for aiding and abetting a pair of liars . So rather than spend time in Portugal wasting time and money , SY should round up the Mccanns and all their friends who lied and take them back to Portugal and hand them over to the Portuguese Police to deal with them , not forgetting the good professional Liar they hired to twist and turn this case . After they all are Jailed , the Government should take the "fund" money and confiscate their assets , That's what Justice for the little girl will mean in reality.

  36. There was NO Abduction , the DOGS SMELT DEATH , years ago Jail the lot of them , the fact remains , WHY ARE THE MCCANNS NOT CHARGED FOR NEGLECT ??

  37. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152445775848856&id=811113855&set=a.10150492176833856.392872.811113855&source=46 please could someone look at this a possible sighting of maddie!!! A guy on Facebook was watching football and saw a girl to look like her!!!!!

  38. All police forces tape conversations and hide bugs. Therefore both SY and the Portugese police will already have fully confirmed what anyone with common sense knows. The question is the evidence needed to legally prosecute ie a body. I think one of the friends will take immunity from prosecution and calmly let the location of the child be known. Therefore clearing the way for the McCann' s to reap what they sowed. The public is just laughing at the charade now and nothing is to be gained anymore by going along with it for both SY and for the Portugese. As such, the time has arrived for the McCann's to meet the courtroom and subsequent sentence.

  39. When will all the other diners(drinkers)be named they seem to have dropped of the end of the earth or are to powerful to be named, We might then find out somethings that have not at this time come to light,whatever happens that child needs help from any areas that are available.

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  41. If the Portuguese had enough evidence to suspect the McCann's were guilty of Madeleine's disappearance, then why didn't they hold them for further questioning, instead of allowing them to fly back home to the UK? It's too late after the horse has bolted! Also their friends could have been prevented from returning home, and made to answer all the discrepancies in their versions of events. SY is wasting taxpayers money for the simple reason they know there isn't anyway they are going to find anything now, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack! but they were forced to reopen this mystery of a case to satisfy the public outcry, and still there will be no closure because I believe any evidence is long gone.

  42. @37

    I advise you to read the reconstruction requests in the case files again, if you haven't yet. Witnesses cannot be prevented to go home.

    As to the McCanns, the only preventive measure applied to them as arguidos, that is, as formal suspects, was a TIR - termo de identidade e residência, which means the arguido has to give the address where he/she resides, and oblige to a series of requests from the authorities.

    While an arguido can remain silent in a questioning, a witness cannot, except in the few situations where professional secrecy is involved like a journalist or lawyer, for example. As an arguida Kate McCann decided to not answer 48 questions and thus not cooperate with the investigation.

    The McCann couple, as arguidos, gave their address in the UK for the TIR and fled Portugal.

    At the time the media and political pressure was tenfold, lusophobia and scathing attacks on Portugal was a 24/7 thing, there would be a public outcry in the UK. If even very recently there were appeals to boycott Portugal, because MET was not given access to search houses of Portuguese citizens, a request that was dismissed by a judge for lack of substance, imagine then.

    Further to this and other aspects that prevented the conclusion of the investigation here in Portugal is the fact that the English cooperation with the Portuguese authorities from May 2007 to July 2008 was to put it in a mild way, negligible, if not a hindrance.

    From immensely delayed letters rogatory, to no or scarce data being sent such as the denial of Madeleine's medical records or the financial records of the whole Tapas 9 group that were delivered in a single A4 page.

    If anything there was subservience of the Portuguese authorities and politicians, something that can still be seen today. And plenty of political interference from the UK since 2007.

    Would the English allow the Portuguese to go there and excavate, say, a tourist village in peak of tourist season? They would never allow for that to happen!

  43. Joana Morais,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, and explaining the complications regarding this baffling jigsaw of a case! I can't for the life of me work out why, since those early days of the investigation things have come to light that were not known at the time, so surely they should be classed as witnesses now, and be made to return to Portugal to answer the questions they refused to the first time. In my opinion Detective Amaral was close to solving this case if the protectors of these people hadn't stepped in. I feel sorry for the Portuguese people having this unsolved slur on their country, and hope the truth will one day be told and they will live in peace again.

  44. I think that Britain and Portugal are working well together. The media whipped up a them and us situation in the past and we must be careful not to let this happen again. Scotland yard and the PJ are not fools and I dont believe anybody is covering up for Mr and Mrs Mccann.
    I really think truth will out.......


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