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RTP exclusive interview of Euclides Monteiro's widow by Sandra Felgueiras

Madeleine McCann disappeared seven years ago

by Sandra Felgueiras/Patrícia Lopes/Paulo Lourenço/Samuel Freire

Tonight we will show you the alibi of the main suspect of this case that lead to the reopening of the process by the Judiciary Police six months ago. In an exclusive interview to ‘Sexta às 9’ [RTP news program ‘Friday at 9’] Euclide’s widow states that just one hour before Madeleine disappeared her husband wrote a poem for which there is a computer record [metadata/ e.g. Last time a text document was saved on a computer]. The Cape-Verdean, who would be today 46 years old, was elected as a suspect 5 years after he died tragically in a tractor accident. His criminal record shows a 5-year prison term for housebreaking and burglary in Albufeira about 20 years ago, yet there is not a single line written about child sex abuse – the new hypothesis put forward by the PJ and the English police as the possibility that lies behind the disappearance of the world's most high-profile child.

in RTP, 2nd May 2014


Cláudia, Euclides Monteiro’s widow pseudonym reads one of the poems of her late husband’s posthumous book titled ‘Drugs, Life experiences and Dreams’. She concludes the reading of the poem - that can only be described as having a religious nature - by reading the date of when it was written: “…3rd of May 2007, 21h00 – it was this one that I found and I was very pleased to have this evidence.”

Lower third: RTP Exclusive - Widow of PJ’s main suspect in the Maddie case shows alibi of husband

Sandra Felgueiras (Voice over) - It’s the alibi that the Judiciary knows nothing about. Seven years after the disappearance of Madeleine, Euclides Monteiro’s widow scrolls through his poems on the computer that were recently published in a book. She never showed them to anyone, not even to the PJ team that questioned her in October.

“You have never even shown that book to the Judiciary Police?”

'Cláudia' – No.

Sandra Felgueiras [SF] – You never told the PJ that you had that registration date at 9pm?

'Cláudia' [C] – At the time I didn’t know, I searched [the computer] and then I found it.

SF – You were expecting for the Judiciary Police to get in touch with you, but they never contacted you again…

C – Exactly, I was questioned only one time by the Judiciary Police of Porto. (…) This book was made as a diary, a way to express his feelings, ambitions, dreams…

SF – So, he wrote regularly, every night?

C - With regularity, practically every night, at any time.

Lower Third : Euclides Monteiro left a computer record [metadata] at 9pm of May 3, 2007

SF – With 41 years old and with a son of Madeleine’s age, ‘Cláudia’, a fictitious name, does not accept the shadow of suspicion cast on her husband. For the first time, since the process was reopened in Portugal, she decided to break the silence and tell us all about the evidence that lead the PJ to Euclides Monteiro after his death.

Lower Third: PJ had already questioned Euclides regarding sexual abuse of minors in 2008

C – They [PJ] associated one phone call made in the Praia da Luz mobile network area.

SF – On that night of May 3 2007?

C – Yes, however we lived at that time, about 2km from Praia da Luz as the crow flies [in a straight line], the antenna are those over there – points to the cell phone towers at the top of hills behind Sandra .

SF – Which we can see right now.

C – Which we can see right now, yes, and that could have captured the signal even from our own home.

SF – He had worked at the Ocean Club before.

C – Yes, he worked there in the previous year for 3 months. Euclides didn’t drive [a car], he drove a scooter to his work. I can’t see how - in a village like Praia da Luz, well lit up – was possible for a person to carry a child on foot or in a scooter without being seen.

SF – You don’t admit in any way the possibility of your husband leading a double life?

C – No, that is impossible.

SF – In the book which you have published after his death, he speaks about you as his soul mate…

C – I knew about his whole life in detail, he was present in my daily life in such a way that it would have been completely impossible for him to have hidden those facts from me. If that had happened I would have seen something, or suspected about something and I never did.

Lower Third: Euclides DNA tests made in 2008 were negative.

[ongoing, sorry for delay]

Synopsis/ quick highlights: Euclides Monteiro has an alibi for the time when Maddie disappeared, his DNA was tested back in 2008 and no matches were found, he does not have a record of child sex abuse. In Algarve there are no official police records of a "man who allegedly targeted only British children" and who broke into Britons houses to specifically sexually abuse their white, blue-eyed and blonde little English girls as described by DCI Andy Redwood in his latest media performances, nor have any of the locals or the British expat community have any recollection of such events taking place in the past 10 years. Euclides Monteiro's widow has lost her job in the consequence of the exposure of her name in the UK media (Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Star, etc). Euclides Monteiro's alibi is a poem that he wrote at 21h00 of 3rd of May 2007, that his wife found in the computer, a series of poems that were now published posthumously.

Euclides Monteiro's mobile phone ping traced by the PJ in the cell phone antennas of Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007 is also explained by the Monteiro couple living close by those antennas towers as seen in the video, so  Monteiro's cell phone would ping anyway. Monteiro was arrested for 5 years circa 20 years ago for housebreaking and burglary in the area of Albufeira (Algarve) when he was still an addict, since then he overcome his addiction and was never arrested again. The Monteiros have a son that is Maddie's age, Euclide's widow fears more repercussions and appears in the video under a pseudonym. Also Euclides only drove a scooter, he did not own a car - a bit impossible to 'kidnap' a child on a scooter. Several people appear in the video, from Bragança [North of Portugal] where he lived from the 70's till the 90's, attesting that he was a good man despite the troubled life he led later on. Euclide's sister appears again accusing the current PJ investigation lead by Helena Monteiro of taking the easy route and pinning Madeleine's disappearance on a dead man - couldn't agree more!

Mark Williams-Thomas, an usual UK media rent-an-opinion-cop states (and known McCann couple abduction thesis supporter) that Redwood's team was over confident and that they are under enormous pressure to solve the case. He also states, upon being questioned by Sandra Felgueiras, that he finds it very odd the fact that several people have only contacted Redwood's team after the BBC Crimewatch/McCann show (that was filmed in Spain and never broadcast in Portugal) and not in 2007, to the local police forces (GNR, PJ) or the UK police authorities when returning from their holidays. Redwood's MET team no longer consider the late Euclides Monteiro as a suspect, and are now looking for a smelly, pot-bellied man who wore a burgundy sweatshirt (another farcical lead to add to the 196...). As to Helena Monteiro's PJ team, it is unknown if they still consider Euclides as the main suspect, they at least did at some point since it seems that that was the basis for the reopening of Madeleine McCann's process in Portugal.

My Opinion: This are all leads that lead nowhere, as everyone who has followed this affair for the past 7 years knows well. Until a real reconstruction as opposed to the BBC Crimewatch farce, takes place in situ with the former arguidos and Tapas 7, until major key witnesses are reinterviewed like the Smiths, and until the Portuguese PJ and politicians stop being subservient ostriches with their heads buried in the sand towards the English powers and conniving with the McCann's sham this circus will last another 7 years.

Further notes: Others, except maybe Redwood and his team, would question the authenticity of those calls and its provenance, it's not the first time that hysterical British tourists try to kidnap soccer player's children thinking that a 2 year old boy could be Maddie, or that we hear about fake Maddie sightings being planted (Método 3 style - the Mccanns hired detectives) following the annual McCann media blitz or similar Clarence Mitchell PR stunts. It's also not the first time that we have had the knowledge of actions being taken by McCann couple supporters like the HTFM pyramidal structure group [http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/02/maddie-htfm-cyber-warriors-promoting.html] who tried to en masse delete youtube videos about the McCann affair circa 2008.

Will translate the video fully as soon as possible. CMTV [http://cmtv.sapo.pt/grelha.html] will broadcast tonight a special about the Maddie case which is alleged to include an interview with Gonçalo Amaral, will also translate that if the video is published online or if anyone records it.


  1. Thank you Joana for all that you do to keep us up-to-date. I am especially looking forward to hearing Mr. Amaral's interview.

  2. You're welcome @1. I was able to record the CMTV special online, however the video has dozens of pop-ups, and some quite disgusting, from the the site where I did the screen recording, hopefully CMTV will publish the special in full online, in any case I'm able to start the translation with the material that I have as soon as I end the video transcript above. Any help with the translation of both videos is greatly appreciated :)

  3. Joanna, 9 out of 12 of these incidents were reported to Portuguese police at the time. If you want to bury your head in the sand and pretend they never happened, or if that is the will of the Portuguese people then go right ahead.
    But I will tell you now, it doesn't make you look good.

    It is also ridiculous to assume that witnesses like the Smiths have not been reinterviewed. On what do you base this assumption? That you do not know about it?
    All major players will have been interviewed, and many minor ones too. SY are NOT fools whatever you prefer to think. For example, they are not entertaining the notion that a dozen British girls could have missed the fact their assailant was a black man.

  4. Thanks so much Joana. We are only fed UK McCann approved fodder.

  5. With the anniversary approaching, with the libel trail pending judgement, with Kate suddenly and for the first time announcing that she wants the search to end, and now with a direct and open challenge of the blatantly absurd "results" of Redwood's investigation I suppose we're in for the endgame. I would not be surprised if it was all a gigantic hoax, but the easiest explanation will, as it usually does, turn out to be the correct one: a couple of doctors, certain that their superior knowledge exempts them from the constraints put on lesser mortals, drugging their children so that they can enjoy adult time while the little ones sleep - the sleep of the damned for one of them ....

  6. @3 have you any proof that the smiths have been re interviewed or any of the McCann and tapas mates,if you have can you show it here,tia

  7. Joanna,does it look like the Portuguese are going for a whitewash as well as sy

  8. Joana, nice to see you back. You know you have my incondicional help!

  9. @ 3: Why does Redwood then make a point of it that the assailant was showing an unhealthy interest in little WHITE (as opposed to little English) girls? That comment only makes sense in the context of a non-white perpetrator.

  10. 04/05/2014 00:13
    Anonymous said... "Joanna, 9 out of 12 of these incidents were reported to Portuguese police at the time."

    Don't you mean it has been 'reported' that 9 out of 12 of these incidents were reported to Portuguese police at the time."?

    Have you seen confirmation of this from either Portuguese police, police records or indeed Portuguese media at the time?

    And on what do you base this statement " All major players will have been interviewed, and many minor ones too."? Aren't you simply assuming as you claimed Joana was?

    There is to date, no evidence the Smiths or any 'major players' as you put it, have been interviewed.

    As for your claim "SY are NOT fools", being a UK citizen I have to beg to differ, their actions in repeatedly commenting on and indeed publishing alleged leads, imminent arrests that fail to materialise, make them look like the 'keystone cops', UK citizens have in the past labeled the highly educated PJ.

    Fact is the only 'real' truth of this case remains that released from the original (and I add) 'joint' UK investigation, nothing SY have announced has borne any fact pertinent to the fate of Madeleine McCann. Apart that is from stating that the man JT saw was not an abductor. Still PJ only discounted JT's sighting as 'not credible' at the time. Perhaps SY in another few years will finally catch on to the rest of the PJ's conclusions by next years media anniversary?

    After all SY's pontificating, they are STILL no further forward than the Portuguese were in 2008. Perhaps like the Portuguese AG at the time, they too are afraid to venture were the real evidence points?

  11. If I may.

    Not sure what Redwood said, but if he did say, the perpetrator of the crimes to which he refers had an unhealthy interest in little white girls, it does not necessarily follow then that the perpetrator was a black man.

    It may be a white man who has an unhealthy interest in little white girls, and not other little girls.

    I did read a report where it said 'English girls' not British but English, so does this perpetrator know the difference between Scots, English, Irish, Welsh, does he check check it out?

    Pinch of salt when reading anything that came from a Met source, McCann source, Mitchell source...

  12. @9 I suspect that for Mr. Redwood believes that the Portuguese are all "black", or all have "olive-skin-type" or "tanned skin" - one of the many prejudices that played a large part in this case.

    @11 "I did read a report where it said 'English girls' not British but English, so does this perpetrator know the difference between Scots, English, Irish, Welsh, does he check it out?"

    I agree, however, strange isn't how this "serial 18 cases abuser" seems to have a built in radar detector that only targets English girls. I mean – what are the odds, when you have hundreds of German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc, blue-eyed, blond and white girls spending their vacations in the Algarve? How gullible – or dumb – does Mr. Redwood think we all are?

  13. @12 Indeed. More strange that he never before abducted any child, and we are to believe he decided to change this 'for one night only' in the case of Maddie.

    Even if Met say maybe Maddie cried and that is why she was taken, that is a nonsense, all of those other little girls would have cried alerted their parents to someone being in their home/holiday home. With Maddie if we are to take it he knew she was on her own with her siblings, then he had no need to panic to silence her and no need to take her from the apartment, there was no adult there (in that scenario) He wouldn't be worrying if Maddie could describe him, not any more that he was bothered about the other children being able to, they were awake saw him, described, him, right down to the pong and his pot belly! And without question they would have cried.too.

    No pot bellied smelly man abducted Madeleine & Redwood is making himself look foolish by even suggesting such a thing.

  14. 04/05/2014 00:05
    Joana Morais

    Dear Joana,

    If you have recorded it into your computer hard-drive, then it is possible to edit out the disgusting publicity bytes - if you have Windows that is (...)


    Meanwhile, I have e-mailed our colleagues at CMTV asking them to publish it on-line ASAP as "a team of free-lance citizen journalists and translators is ready to tackle the translation and to inform an international English-speaking audience kept in the dark by a partisan, parochial British media subservient to Carter-Ruck and Burson-Marsteller - the multi-million legal and reputation management teams behind Madeleine Corp."

    :d We ready to help with the translations...

    ZD & PLS

  15. Thank you dear Mercedes, Textusa and Zizi! I appreciate immensely all and any help that you can give, feeling a bit rusty here.

    Zizi I'll email PLS the links to download the video files, don't have your direct mail contact. Muito obrigada pela ajuda. :)

  16. Joana, I went through the list of "vile" videos that HTFM tried to have removed, and one of them was the footage of the holiday party on the airport shuttle bus, where Gerry swears in front of everyone. But the McCann campaign released that video themselves! Why are they now trying to have their own material removed? This speaks volumes to me. And although I do agree that Gerry's behaviour IS pretty vile, they should have thought of that before putting that footage into the public domain.

  17. Petronella @16 well spotted. I agree with your observations. I'm not sure of who was behind the actual release of that video footage that does no favours whatsoever to Gerry - it shows him as an unpleasant, somewhat hostile and vulgar man, swearing "f*** off, I'm not here to enjoy myself" in front of his and the other friend's children shows how much disregard he had for them, Madeleine included.

  18. By law the MP has to be informed by the police (PSP, PJ or GNR) of any report involving some suspected kind of sexual abuse and the victim must be seen in a medico-legal institute.
    Any person knowing about a sexual assault and not denouncing it to the MP (like the tour operator telling the consul telling KMC) is a criminal according to Portuguese law.
    This is basic and logical.

  19. All those millions thrown at this 'investigation' yet SY appear to be deliberately disregarding the work of the UK dogs completely.

    With this latest 'suspect' they are really scraping the barrel, yet no surprise since he is dead so can't answer back.

    It is good to see that the PJ are not giving in and going along with this nonsense, and are using common sense, which those in charge of this supposed SY 'investigation' don't appear to have even been born with an ounce of. Surely nobody can be so stupid as to be looking everywhere just so long as it is not at the work of the UK dogs, and their strong indications of what really happened to Madeleine.

    What the UK cops who helped work on this case at the start alongside the PJ must be thinking of all this beggars belief, except as some sort of farce surely.

    As for the UK public, all these 'suspects' SY keeps coming up with is leading to a great big yawn, as anyone bothering to read these constant reports of never ending 'suspects' is left thinking why not just go arrest somebody instead of telling the media, and presumably the suspect, if still alive, first. What police who are serious about catching somebody would ever do that!

  20. @ 17

    Not only in the presence of his friends and their children, there would be others on the bus perhaps with their families too. Either way, his conduct demonstrates what an ignorant and disrespectful individual McCann is. Everyone was to be subjected to the vile McCann because that is what he wanted. Not a thought about any one else.

    And what kind of father sits away from his children, no child on his lap, no protective arm around such little ones in case when the bus jerks they fall from the seat. I have never in my life when travelling seen any parent who distanced themselves from their children in such a situation, quite the opposite in fact. With my own I held them so tightly on those little bus journeys from terminal to the plane. It is a quite astonishing bit of film. And Kate McCann says nothing, not a thing. What kind of mother would not have said to him, firstly to ask for help with the children, for their safety, and secondly to make it clear to him that such foul language in front of the children and other passengers was far from acceptable.

    McCann is an ignorant and nasty man that is for sure. His wife not much better, she's bonkers and nasty.

    On that bus trip he didn't want to be close to his family that was abundantly clear.

    A few days after Madeleine vanished we have yet another film clip of McCann laughing his head off.

    On her 4th birthday they both paraded around as if they'd just won first prize on the lottery.

    Yes they both seemed so much more happy then, when Madeleine was no longer around.

  21. And who released the footage. Most likely one of their own, whomever filmed it. But then, did they all not get rid of their mobile phones sharpish when they knew they were in trouble, and Payne arranged for nice new ones for them all. Did that mobile fall into the hands of someone outside the group, and they published it?

  22. @ no.3, where have you got your information? None of the news reports say the attacker was black! An example from the Telegraph , 'Last month they said some of the victims had given a similar description of the attacker as being tanned, unshaven, with dark unkempt hair and having a distinct odour.

  23. According to ex cop Peter Kirkham the McCanns & tapas 7 have NOT been questioned by Redwood or SY since start of review,which makes the investigation one big phoney farce.Corruption .

  24. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-latest-news-cops-3496784
    Madeleine McCann cops to start digging up resort where she vanished 7 years ago

    May 04, 2014 22:49
    By Tracey Kandohla, Russell Myers

    While the search for missing Maddie continues the McCanns must also consider the possibility that her body will be found in police digs

    Kate and Gerry McCann have never given up hope their missing daughter Madeleine is alive – but they are now bracing themselves for the heartbreak of a police search for her body.

    Scotland Yard detectives are preparing to go to Portugal to launch extensive digs in and around the holiday area where the youngster vanished seven years ago at the age of three. The tormented couple have been briefed by officers about their plans to search three sites near the Praia da Luz resort they were staying at.

    It is understood a team of highly-skilled forensic officers will use radar equipment to look ­underground in the grim hunt for clues.

    A source close to the McCann’s said: “Kate and Gerry have been told police will be conducting the searches in and around Praia da Luz as soon as they get the green light from Portuguese authorities.

    “There will be earth diggers everywhere and it will look very dramatic and it will be a heartbreaking and hugely emotional time for Madeleine’s poor parents.

    “They don’t believe police are acting on any new tip off. They just need to carry out their own digs, looking for any possible clues that Portuguese authorities may have missed on their previous searches.

    “It will not be a mere fingertip search of certain areas, it will be full ground searches, using radar and other equipment. It is such a sensitive part of their investigation but it has to be done.

    “Police have assured Kate and Gerry that it does not mean they are specifically searching for her body. They are doing searches as much as to rule scenarios out as much as rule them in. They will be concentrating on several different places at different phases.

    “Certain areas should have been searched properly way back by the Portuguese authorities but were not.”


  25. Madeleine McCann: UK police travel to Portugal resort to oversee excavations
    Report says forensics team plan to use radar equipment to look underground for clues to child's disappearance seven years ago

    The search for missing child Madeleine McCann is set to enter a new phase as British police prepare to travel to Portugal to oversee excavations in the Portuguese resort where she went missing seven years ago, according to a report.

    A team of forensic officers will use radar equipment to look underground for clues to her disappearance, according to a report in the Daily Mirror, which cited police sources.

    The child's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, were said to have been told of the plans to search three sites near the Praia da Lux [sic. Luz] resort but are not expected to go to Portugal.

    more at http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/may/05/madeleine-mccann-portugal-forensics-excavations

  26. How about looking at the property of the McCanns' in Rothley before going digging up Portugal. As usual, the McCanns are quite happy for this 'search' to look here, there, everywhere, except close to home, where if ever there is a suggestion that should happen Kate McCann suddenly appears to take herself off to PDL to do another wander along the beach.

    Red herrings of many forms everywhere, and why should the McCanns have been given a pass on a search of their property in Rothley when Gerry McCann and his family were back and forth between PDL and UK when Madeleine first vanished, and when fellow arguido Murat, and even his family had their homes and garden turned upside down.

    Stop the silly games of running around checking psychics and all, and start with a search in Rothley which should surely have been done previously. It would be very interesting to see whether the McCanns would readily agree to that just as Murat did when his property was searched, or what form of objection they would make to oppose it.

  27. Mark Williams Thomas is not a "known abduction theory supporter." He accepted that theory in the beginning but has grown increasingly sceptical. I don't think he accepts it now at all

  28. Look at the bus footage again,kate McCann looks scard of Gerry and madeleine is cowering.

  29. Thank you for the update.

    I'm reading little whispers that Robert Murat and the Portuguese Authorities are taking action against Stephen Birch.

    Perhaps things are begining to happen. Hopefully.


  30. reply @ 25

    So the woke, walked, wandred & fell down a hole may still be on the agenda.

    But.... could one imagine then - how left home alone might look!!

  31. Anon 30

    According to the alerting of the UK blood and cadaver dogs, who have NEVER been wrong in any of the hundreds of cases they worked on, Madeleine would have been in no state whatsoever to have walked anywhere on leaving the holiday apartment..


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