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Daniel's mother staged an abduction in order to sell her son

The mother confessed everything to the Judiciary Police, she was arrested and will be taken to court tomorrow
She is indicted for human trafficking and aggravated kidnapping

by Alexandre Panda and Marisa Rodrigues

She prepared everything in detail so no one would find out. However, five months after the disappearance of the toddler Daniel in Calheta (Madeira), Lídia Freitas (24), confessed that she wanted to sell the child. She was arrested.

With the help of another person who didn't know about her ​​plans, Daniel's mother kept the child out of sight. The intention was to sell the toddler, at the time with 18 months old, without the knowledge of the child's father and of her family. She very likely gave up the idea of selling the child because of the media attention that was given to the case. Lídia is, for now, indicted with human trafficking and aggravated kidnapping. She was formally arrested yesterday afternoon by the Judiciary Police, after long hours of interrogation, and has spent the night in a jail in the city of Funchal [Madeira island]. Tomorrow she will be taken before a judge. The details are not yet fully explained.

It is now known that on the day the Daniel disappeared, the mother took the child to another person, who was waiting down the street near the house of Daniel's godfather, where the family was having a get-together. For now, the PJ has not arrested anyone else and will continue to investigate.

It was thanks to a recent complaint of domestic violence made by Lídia against the now former husband, Carlos Abreu de Sousa (26), Daniel's father, that the PJ saw a possibility to solve the crime. The couple, who split last Tuesday as well as the woman's new boyfriend, were called to the PJ. Lídia had already left their house and taken the children, Daniel and Mariana, with her.

She tried to set up her husband

The strategy resulted in full, resulting in the confession of Lídia, who still tried to incriminate her husband, that was oblivious to the whole situation. JN knows that Carlos said he had began to suspect the involvement of his wife in the  weeks following the day Daniel was found.

After several hours of interviews, only as witnesses and without the presence of lawyers, they were all released and each returned to their own house. However the PJ was not convinced by the mother's story and picked her up again yesterday, for further questioning. She ended up confessing and stated that her intention was to sell Daniel, but she did not give further details.


19/02/2014 Disappearance

Daniel was reported missing on the afternoon of January 19, on a Sunday, when he was at his uncle and godfather's house, located in the area of Reis Acima, in the upper area of ​​Calheta. The searches started immediately.

22/01/2014 Found in the Levada

He was found three days later in the woods, near a Levada [mini-canals irrigation system, native to Madeira] by Levada workers. [On the same day the operation searches were interrupted] As soon as he was found, the possibility that he had survived three days alone, in the middle of winter, was rejected.

27/01/2014 Returns home

He was found showing signs of hypothermia. Daniel was then sent to the hospital from where he left to return to his parents house, until last week, when his mother split up from Daniel's father and moved out.

21/06/2014 Parents and boyfriend in the PJ

Called as witnesses, the father and the mother of the 18 month-old boy, were questioned for several hours at the PJ headquarters of Funchal. The current mother's boyfriend, who lives in the area of Prazeres, was also questioned. The mother confessed.

in Jornal de Notícias, 22 June 2014, page 16, Paper edition

Daniel Abreu at Textusa


  1. 99% of the time it is always the parents ......

  2. What was all that about as it is hard to believe she could possibly want to get rid of that darling little boy. Yet since the McCanns, the abduction lie is very handy for parents to use when they have a 'missing' child and they know full well what happened to it, and in quite a few cases have harmed it themselves. Thankfully this little boy is still alive. Here's hoping he goes on to have a very happy life.


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