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Dismal Spectacle

Photo of wall with activist graffiti: "Parents killed Meddi(sic), English Police are stupid" | Photo MR

The investigation of the last two weeks, if it can be called an investigation, was surreal.

by Carlos Anjos, president of the Committee for the protection of crime victims, former president of PJ Union

If there were doubts about the PJ investigation, lo and behold, the English police conferred legitimacy to it.

The investigation that we have witnessed in the last two weeks, if it can be called investigation, was at best, surreal. While watching Andy Redwood, I've missed Gonçalo Amaral.

The English police had no idea what they were doing, in addition to spending money - in two years they have already spent over €8 million, the operating budget of the PJ in one year.

In two weeks, they told us that Maddie was abducted by an abuser who used to lay down in a bed with minors. And the girl woke up, was killed and buried.

Then there were three Portuguese, but could have been six, that were committing burglaries. Maddie woke up, was killed and buried.

Then, at the searches, they found two cannabis plants and look: Maddie was killed by drug traffickers who were robbing her house.

Objective fact: the English have no doubt that there was a robbery.

Problem: there was no break-in, the doors were locked and nothing was stolen.

So how did they get in? Another mystery.

And then they went, as they came, after that dismal spectacle.

in Correio da Manhã, 13 June 2014


  1. The writing on the wall spells it out what the people think of the stupid claims of SY , sadly no one can protect the mccanns from the justice they are soon to face , both from heaven and earth . If SY have any credibility whatsoever , they would start by arresting the mccans and handing them over to the Portuguese Police to be charged for Neglect of a minor . While they are at it charge the Tapas 7 as some of them LIED namely Jane Turner . As for pinky , the devil awaits his soul after justice on earth is done . Words can not describe the way this case has gone , from wrong to trying to make it right . I feel SY have no idea that the primary duty of a Police officer is to Protect and Serve , instead of giving corrupt police officers 14 years in Jail , they should face the death penalty . The people are not stupid we see what is happening round this case hence someone wrote on the wall how they feel about SY .

  2. Don't be so extremist, not even as a hyperbole please, I'm totally against the death penalty.

  3. You see how the Daily Mail only showed the second part of the writing! They were afraid they would be sued if they showed it all.

  4. I am absolutely disgusted the way our supposedly top 'Police Force' have handled this investigation. Apart from wasting taxpayers money, and making the public believe they were closing in on the perpetrators, they no doubt, have made us look like fools to the rest of the world. I hoped, like everyone else that had shown an interest in this case that Madeleine would at least have justice, but recent events tell me this is not about to happen. I pray one day, whoever was responsible for her disappearance gets what they deserve. I would like to send my best wishes to Goncalco Amaral on Monday 16th June!!

  5. There is still the possibility that Andy Redwood and his team are just "peeling away the onion lawyers" he spoke about last year - maybe to get to the core, ie, dismiss all other theories first and then get on with the real leads provided by the original investigation? Who knows?

    I do hope to be proven completely wrong in my opinion about the English investigation, but no one can expect what started to be a politically motivated inquest-turn-into-nvestigation to be 100% independent from political pressures. Interferences that can lead to undesirable results which have nothing to do with justice.

    Similarly, the Portuguese investigation(s - there were three so far) were also affected by political pressures, internal and external - the subservience of some people here in Portugal has allowed for this "sordid affair" to continue for 7 years.

  6. Sorry Joana - I find it hard to believe that you would be happy to be proven wrong about the Scotland Yard investigation. It seems as if there is very little else in your life but this website of yours. I mean, you update it so regularly and your life reveals an unhealthy and non-productive obsession with this case. I mean what are YOU doing to help missing children?
    I think you would be most upset if and when the Madeleine McCann is solved, because if and when it is- it is going to prove that you and your mostly anonymous 'followers' wrong.
    I believe the mystery will be solved, but I don't know 'when' but it will reveal that the McCanns had nothing to do with the disappearance of Madeleine. It will prove it beyond a shadow of doubt. This is the real reason that you and others like you are getting so excited, and posting so much online- Not because you think that the Yard or the McCanns are about to be proven wrong- but because of your fear that your time as commentators is going to end... Will you turn around and apologise? I doubt it!

  7. Dear Joana,
    I wish I could be as optimistic as you with regards to Andy Redwood and his team, but I suppose I'm pessimistic because of the Mets previous track record!! We all know, no Police Force is whiter than white, but in a serious investigation such as this especially where there is a child involved, you would expect someone with some integrity to speak out, and never mind the consequences. I'd like to think their conscience, and if they have a heart, and are fathers themselves, you'd think it would prey on their mind.

    I hope, one day, I will understand about THIS political interference/pressure that seem to engulf this case, very dark and sinister indeed.

    Take care, and thank you for your informative reply!!

  8. Is there nothing we can do except accept that Britain has corruption in high places? Joana Morais has done her bit and is still doing it, never giving up on what is plainly wrong. Now it is down to those in England to do something about it. Take action. Start a petition. Spread the word. Join people like Anthony Bennett. Write to Andy Redwood. Do something productive!

  9. @7 VERY TRUE its about time start a petition , maybe under the heading of " gross miscarriage of Justice" ? maybe then the gruesome twosome and their accomplices will face the carriages of justice head on ?

  10. Reply to contributor 7,
    I agree with what you're saying, but I don't think a petition, or writing a letter to Andy Redwood would make much difference. If things need to be covered up IT WILL BE!! no matter how many petitions or letters are written. Anthony Bennett is a very clever individual judging by his writings on a particular forum, that I read often. I admire the contributors who take part and put their point of view about this case so eloquently, but find sometimes, conflicting views can cause problems!

  11. This investigation seems to have been triggered (via Murdoch/Brooks/Chippen North set) by David Cameron - British Prime minister.

    To believe Scotland Yard is conducting an investigation, and not a cover-up is begging the question.

    This is almost certain a white wash!

    Someone commented herethose "samples" will be cross-contaminated at a later date by Madeleine McCann DNA and one or more of those Portuguese suspects (preferably) Scotland Yard wishes to interrogate thus providing a "scientific" resolution to the case and completely exonerating the parents of any wrong doing.

    And of course, we had also the on-site media staging, the reputation management to further the cause of the poor (rich) parents and try and impress judge Melo e Castro ahead of the McCanns' court shown down with their nemesis. The McCanns must win this case!

    It will be a big blow for them, if they don't and of course it will be a big blow to Portuguese freedoms if they do.

    Pity most Portuguese don't care about what could be about to hit them (...)

    They should be thousands demonstrating on Monday as the trial restarts and the McCanns' VIP entourage arrives for their last stage appearance in court...


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