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Dogs, a geo-radar and probes used to search for Maddie McCann

by Sandra Felgueiras/Carlos Pinota/Nuno Castro

We dive in the Madeleine case and in the unprecedented British operation, taking place in Praia da Luz since Monday that will continue until next week. Thirty English police officers, equipped with two dogs expert in detecting victims [sic, should say cadavers], a geo-radar and probes to inspect the sewage system, make up what should be the last step of the British investigation. The ‘Sexta às 9’ [news programme at RTP 2] knows that the head of the operation, Andy Redwood, will retire later this year. For now, the Judiciary Police refutes these leads altogether, which have not yield any results so far. The PJ does not believe that Madeleine is buried in any of the three search sites in Praia da Luz that Scotland Yard has in sight and therefore did not sent any member of the PJ team investigating the case in Portugal for the Algarve.



BBC journalist Tom Burridge - "Obviously the key question is - why?"

Sandra Felgueiras - It's the question that is on every person’s mind, and the answer is this: This site was chosen because it was at the end of this street [Rua da Escola Primária], on May 3, 2007, a little while after 10pm, that an Irish couple saw a man carrying a child on his arms, walking towards the beach. Later on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, would state that that man was Gerry McCann, but they were never formally questioned by the Judiciary Police, so that information was never included in the final report of the process [case] that was archived at one point.

Today, that lead has been, once again, deemed as important, not because Gerry McCann is considered a suspect but because the English police holds the belief that Madeleine may be buried here.

That is the reason why over thirty English police officers are here,and also because in the vicinity of this area there are three houses where three people considered as suspects used to live.

Cut to DCI Andy Redwood entering a car

Sandra Felgueiras - [on location, close to searches site] "Mr. Redwood, if you find nothing you'll continue this operation?"

Sandra Felgueiras - Andy Redwood is the head of this operation, in all likelihood the last step of the English investigation to the Madeleine case. 'Sexta às 9’ knows that this Scotland Yard police officer intends to retire at the end of the current year. Andy doesn't say a word on the investigation that is now run under the utmost secrecy, as Tom, the BBC correspondent, explains us.

Tom Burridge - [on location, close to searches site] In terms of information, now, that this search is underway, we are not having any information, the British press from the Metropolitan police.

Sandra Felgueiras - None at all?

Tom Burridge - None at all.

Sandra Felgueiras - Do you think that this can be the last step from the British police? Considering that now, if they are excavating they might be looking for a body?

Tom Burridge - I'm speculating, I don't know this for sure, but from working on this story a fair amount, I think it is possible, or maybe even likely that this is an extensive operation - and we've seen that it is, they're obviously doing a lot of activity here, we don't know why they're doing the activity in particular spots of this fairly large site here - but it's possible that this is some form of culmination or a big push to try and find clues that could lead to us knowing what happened to Madeleine McCann, seven years ago.

Sandra Felgueiras - [voice over] In the last two years, under the high patronage of the English Prime Minister, Scotland Yard has already spent about 8 million euro. [sic, value is closest to 10 million GBP roughly 12 million EUR]

Tom Burridge - [on location, close to searches site] All I know is that there's a lot of pressure on the police. The Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken on camera about this issue in the past and expressed his desire the investigation is concluded. The Home Secretary [Theresa May], the Interior Minister back in Britain has spoken on several occasions, a lot of public money has been spent on Operation Grange, the British police's investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and there is the public opinion, there is pressure on the police. This investigation is anything but normal, and it has never been normal from the very day that Madeleine McCann disappeared.

Cut to sniffer dogs searches on the site

Sandra Felgueiras - This is the second time, that British dogs, specially trained to find cadavers are brought to work on this case. the first time, happened in August 2007 and was responsible for the turnaround of the investigation

Cut to dramatization of sniffer dogs searches on the McCann's rented apartment in Luz, archive footage from Sandra Felgueiras/RTP November 2007 documentary about the Maddie case titled 'Madeleine, A Anatomia de um Mistério' [Madeleine, Anatomy of a Mystery], an 8 minute excerpt can be seen bellow transcript.

Sandra Felgueiras - [on location, close to apartment 5A] From abduction, the authorities had now begun to believe that Madeleine was dead and were convinced the McCann couple were the main suspects. At that time, two English sniffer dogs alerted to cadaver odour and blood in this apartment [points to 5A] from where Madeleine disappeared and also in the car rented by the McCanns at a later time.

Cut to dramatization of sniffer dogs searches on the McCann's Renault car, that was rented 23 days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Sandra Felgueiras - The findings of these sniffer dogs [Eddie and Keela] weren't confirmed later on by the Forensic laboratory in Birmingham [Forensic Science Service (FSS) was extinct in 2010] which lead the PJ to the conclusion to never use them again in any Portuguese investigation.

What are, after all, these sniffer dogs capable of? In 2007, we interviewed an Irish dog handler that showed us the sniffer dogs potential

Unnamed Irish dog handler - [archive footage/see also video bellow] When he scratches that is the dog's indication, corroborating...

Sandra Felgueiras - Dogs can change an investigation lead?

Unnamed Irish dog handler - They can help to, err...

Sandra Felgueiras - Consolidate it?

Unnamed Irish dog handler - Consolidate it, yes, yes.

Cut to present time, shot of English police officers gathering while the springer spaniels Muzzy and Tito are resting at their feet.

Sandra Felgueiras - Up to now, in Praia da Luz, not even the dogs that found the cadaver of April Jones in the United Kingdom [body was never found], nor the geo-radar, nor the probes used to inspect the sewage system have produced any result. Reason which has motivated a request for an extension of the English operation in Algarve.

Next week, a contingent of English officers will move the investigation outside the urban perimeter, they will move here to these two fields where excavations will take place. That is precisely what appears in the letters rogatory that were sent to Portugal, where it can be read, inclusively, that they want to question eight suspects [persons of interest], the majority former Ocean Club workers. Those questionings will be done after the searches are concluded by the Judiciary Police.

The fact is, that seven years later there are two ongoing investigations, one Portuguese, one English, running in practically opposing directions. The PJ does not believe at all in this possibility of excavating and finding a cadaver, and for that same reason won't use the only geo-radar that exists and was never used on this case. [read Archiving Dispatch extract from PJ files which contradicts this statement bellow*] The PJ, meanwhile, has discarded Euclides Monteiro as primary suspect, and believes now, that the man who may have taken Madeleine, was a foreigner that has committed an isolated crime, at a time when he was spending his holidays in Portugal.

in RTP, broadcast June 6, 2014

Note* - «Searches were performed at the residence, and the subsoil was explored with a Geo-radar (GPR), - which consists of a radar antenna that transmits electromagnetic energy in the shape of an impulse within frequencies between 25 MHz and 1 GHz. Those impulses are partially reflected through sub-superficial geological structures, captured with a receiving antenna and marked as a time record of continuous bi-directional path which is presented as a pseudo-geological record section - these technical searches neither found nor marked anything of interest to the files» Archiving Dispatch extract, Volume XVII, PJ Process pages 4592 to 4649


Madeleine, Anatomy of a Mystery [8 minutes extract]
A report from Sandra Felgueiras, including her voice over in English | RTP, November 2007


  1. Could it be that Operation Grange will acheave zero?
    Unless those 8 suspects are people of the Tapas and some McCanns' relatives.
    Or the Smiths and a reconstruction.
    8 million pounds is a scandal, if it is true.
    It is understendable that Cameron an Theresa May are losing their patience.
    We all are.

  2. Redwood has a sour expression in his face. What a fiasco!!!!!!!! And Engtland was so arrogant, where is its competence?
    Within a short time Andy will call his mother:
    -It is a disaster, it is a disaster! Our competence has been abducted!

  3. And Mrs. Redwood :
    _ It is gone, Mum, it is gone. I want somebody here now!

  4. Mother:
    - What are you doing in Portugal now? Dangerous people, they abduct everything that they see.

    " Operation Grange is a beautiful funny and incompetent little group. It is so special

    Please, give our little competence back.

    Por favor, devolva a nossa competência"

  5. Redwood & SY should ask Mr Amaral for his advice,Redwood is one big embarrassment,according to ex cop Peter Kirkham the McCanns & tapas 7 haven't even been questioned since start of review,that should tell us all something.WHITEWASH God Bless Madeleine & Goncalo Amaral.

  6. Does this case come back to the beginning, that is the non-cooperation of Mrs McCanns regarding her refusal to answer 48 questions and the seven friends & JW who refused to attend a re-enactment?

    Will this case be Andy Redwood's swan song, or will it be that of the much respected, admired murdered journalist, also presenter of Crimewatch Jill Dando, which remains unsolved; they had the body, the bullet it happened in broad day light and it has never been solved & finally concluded.


    And still the Smith family have not, to our knowledge been interviewed, or it would seem approached by the media.


  7. Comentário feito por:Luis Arriaga06 Junho 2014 Se reintegrarem o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral e reabrirem o famoso Processo judicial, o casal McCann será detido. Os restos incinerados da criança estão em Ferreira do Alentejo e o ex-Inspector sabe todos os detalhes.

    Ler mais em: http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/exclusivo-cm/telefonemas-tramam-raptores-de-maddie?nPagina=5

  8. The people round the world should DEMAND the mccanns be charged for neglect and their friends be charged for aiding and abetting as for their hired lawyer and the people in the previous Government who gave the mccanns the hired professional liar , they should be charged too . This case should carry life sentences for all those involved . If some officers are found to be fabricating evidence to protect this horrible pair even if its under orders from higher authorities , then they too should face the courts and if found guilty be handed life sentences . Then and then only will there be honesty and Justice in the world . Dr Amaral should be compensated for his bravery in exposing this case or else the world would be none the wiser . Could "dci" redwood explain WHY the mccanns are still at liberty when its common knowledge they left their kids unattended? Is this not a case of NEGLECT? Its about time people round the world demand why this is not done . Bring back the death penalty for corrupt people in Government ,and corrupt and dishonest Police Officers and the world will be a better place . This is a high profile case which will not rest till the people get answers and the real guilty people are charged , not false accused fantasy abductors be made to pay for this crime .

  9. Seldom there is a homicide case with so many witnesses and the Met are still making a mess of it.

  10. I am of the "nothing will be found" school as regards the scrubland searches. It makes no sense that anything of significance to the case will be found. If this was a case of murder, they only had a few minutes to bury the cadaver before major searches in the area began. In the days after he disappearance police, community and holidaymakers were on the lookout for anything suspicious - like disturbed earth.

    No one could have buried her in those subsequent days.

    Anyone with any intelligence (and I think this does involve intelligent well educated people) would know not to attempt to dispose of anything or anyone there in the middle of PdL. There would be plenty of better places a short drive away.

    This police activity is really more about politics than police work.

  11. when - if ever - do the met plan on interviewing martin smith?

  12. Gone are the days when the people were easily fooled SY aren't kidding many of us .

  13. Utterly bizarre that the McCanns and their "friends" are not being considered as being involved in this missing girl case. All the reported evidence suggests they are involved, however the British police and press are doing and saying nothing against them.

  14. reply to Paul

    At the same time one hopes that they will get the 48 questions answered, if only to preclude the non-cooperation and pay lip-service to diplomacy and tact.

    At the same time, in hope that they will get the British colleagues & friends, of seven plus JW to return and re-enact, if only again, to pay lip-service to diplomacy and tact.

    One might like to re-read the 'force' exerted on these people to return to assist, I say sarcastically by the LP and the time the PJ were desperate for assistance. You know that mutual assistance that the MET seems expect to get by the bucket loads.

    In the days when it was speed was important and of the essence, stop and remember about the lengthy process the letters rogatory took, dotting i's and crossing t's .... and guess who got left out, the Smith's because of confusion of nationality, so why didn't the British Authorities pass on appropriately to Irish Authorities.... what happened?

  15. Anon13. It's crazy that there appears more to check with gage Tapas, than anywhere else, yet it's a merry go round to find some other suspects. The world can see what is going on. I would call it a day now Redwood, unless you really do have solid facts and evidence, otherwise you are discrediting justice, NSY and all decent law abiding people, with the continuation of this farce.

  16. Futile exercises:

    "DCI Redwood watching the search. Should really use local knowledge on terrain." https://twitter.com/TellyTone/status/475236562998161408

    "13 officers searching what is actually drainage ditch only dug a few years ago to stop flooding" https://twitter.com/TellyTone/status/475235894472237056

    "Now these Brit officers prepare to search area that locals use to dump their garden rubbish." https://twitter.com/TellyTone/status/475243195304275968

    "And STILL they're digging up the drainage ditch. Pointless" https://twitter.com/TellyTone/status/475243741775925248

  17. I too have my doubts that anything will be found, The big questions for me is.
    Why have SY not started at the beginning, taken the dogs in the apt, called the mccanns and tapas to be reinterviewed and do a reconstruction. What parents of missing children film their own reconstruction. To hear that SY have not interviewed either Tapas or Mcs is disgusting.
    Why was the fund permitted to run, when obviously it became a a fund for G and K McCann to do what they liked, 5 star hotels, private eyes that were all corrupt, flying around the world, mortgage payments and even as directors they will pay themselves. This money should have been confiscated and put towards SY costs. Taxpayers are footing the bill, I know people in uk who haven't enough money to put food on the table.
    I also read that a grand donation was given to them with the request that some went to Barnados and two other childrens charities and it never was given. I will try to find the article.
    A lot of police are Masons, and their promise is to protect your brothers whatever. Mr Redwood is due to retire so he has the possibility to wind this case up in anyway he can, to get closure. How are police able to promise the Mcs they are not under suspicion when they have not even questioned the differences in the initial statements, and you have a mother who refused to assist the Pj by not answering questions.
    What is happening with the Portuguese investigation. Dr Amaral was removed because he was about to discover the truth, if kate screamed they have taken her, then it was arranged that madeleine would be removed. The higher masonic ceremonies can be dark, therefore they all stick together.secrecy, I think I have an idea what may have happened, hence a cover up either that or Kate got so fed up with Gerry not being around to help, that she lost her temper with Madeliene and a terrible accident happened.
    The famous blue holdall Gerry said didn't exist, but theres a nice photo of it sitting in the cupboard, where is it. GM knows that no one will ever discover Maddies remains, because she was either placed in the acid beds in Huelva or created in an animal crematorium, like the one the PJ investigated.
    The book on murder GM had by the bed, the photo of Maddie in a frame with a black ribbon hung over it, why if she had just gone missing, and the photos redy for the search, why take them on holiday.
    The secret conversation between GM and Michael wright on the beach with their mobiles.Who did David Payne ring in UK in the middle f the night in the uk, it was some special kind of policeman....None of it makes sense. Why did the not have to check in when they fled home, and met by police and driven home.
    Answers please SY as to why you have not brought the Mcs and Tapas to Portugal.
    How can you as top grade policemen ignore all these facts.

  18. Time to write to Teresa May and ask why the Mcs and Tapas haven't been investigated, by SY Why they haven't been into the apartment with the sniffer dogs. Why the Mcs were not prosecuted for Neglect, children 4 years and under....doctors....disgusting. I wouldn't leave my children when they were 12 and 10.
    Investigate the fraudulent fund, and see if the mortgage is paid off. What have the Mcs got on some of the political figures that have them kissing their feet

  19. @17 well said , Tell us redwood why have the mccanns NOT been CHARGED for NEGLECT? Maybe this case will reveal the gross stupidity and lack of common sense in society these days , and decent Police Officer in charge of this case will be asking the same question, Why are the mccanns and the tapas as well as their hideous professional liar NOT charged ? Is it Law in the UK or in any part of the world for parents to leave under 5 yr old children on their own and go to drink ????? So Apply the law with the fear of God and responsibility when you took oath in office to SERVE AND PROTECT and start arresting the real offenders in this case who are the mccans and send them to Portugal with the tapas 7 and the hideous liar they employed to answer charges of Nglect and perverting the course of Justice , Then and then only will the decent law abiding public in the UK have any respect for the Police in the UK .

  20. I just don't know what to think at the moment.
    Can anyone imagine the furore if the boot were on the other foot and Potuguese police were searching drainage ditches in England for a Portuguese toddler that were dug several years After the kid went missing? Imagine those headlines in the illustrious Sun, Mirror, Express, Guardian etc.
    SY, the world is watching and beginning to laugh.

    I hope you have the last laugh by revealing that all this nonsense was in fact an elaborate ploy to eventually nail that pair of liars and all who have covered for them. What a great way to bow out Mr Redwood, eh?

  21. All we see on the papers is " SY is keeping the parents informed" has SY lost all common sense and are incapable of solving crime based on fact and not hideous stories that were spun up by the parents and their professional hired liar? This case will be resolved eventually even if by means of an international Police force as the people round the world will lobby for this and once the parents are charged for neglect and the rest of the people aiding and abetting this crime are tried and jailed the public should demand the SACKING of all the Police officers involved in the waste of the UK tax payers money . This is a reality show of a GROSS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE , a law for one and not the other , instead of digging in a foreign land , the good dci redwood should return to the UK and take the mcanns and the rest of their pals to Portugal to Answer Questions that is if he genuinely want to solve the case as we all know the parents left under age children on their own while they went out on a series of drinking sprees !

  22. One possible reason SY reputation management team is digging in that particular location may be because that is where the Smithman was sighted (fireworks!) BUT they know it is most unlikely they will find anything there.

    Pat Brown says it would not make sense - too exposed, difficult ground to dig - and of course she must have thought of the cadaver odour in the car. Why use a car to drive down there?

    Pat is an independent expert criminologist who is not funded by Gov.Uk or is under David Cameron's orders so...I trust her expertise.

    If it is most unlikely they will not find her there... why digging? It is a magic trick called "misdirection".

    What the stratospheric IQ of Andy Capp is missing is that the dogs sniffed a body in the McCanns' car, ipso facto it is MOST unlikely the body will be found too near Luz. Obviously!

    Pat Brown gives at least one good tip where the body might be.

    In the area where Gerry mobile phone pinged! MONTE DO JOSE MESTRE!


    Elsewhere she writes this as well (...)

    "Misdirection is a common magician's trick. Fool people into not paying attention to what is really happening. In this case, make people look everywhere in the world for Maddie, everywhere but where she really is and where things really occurred, look for a live child in every country money can be sent in to the fund from instead of looking for a child buried quickly on Portuguese ground. I think this is the misdirection the McCanns have been involved with for seven years."


    To this I would add my pet hypothesis that the McCanns' have been orchestrated by Clarence Mitchell who used the demise of their child to further his PR career.

    "Mickey Mouse" is now a director for Burson Marsteller - the global reputation manager agency and surprise! surprise! a candidate for David Cameron's party in the next UK General Elections!

    :d Take that!

  23. Joana I note with interest that the signs are written in English as well. Subservience all around. It is pathetic!

    The other thing you mentioned in a previous posting is, SY's crack team under master clown Andy R. has received permission to interrogate eight Portuguese suspects...

    What about if these (like Kate McCann) refuse to answer the questions posed by the SY "cracks"? Do they have to, because they are Portuguese? I wonder (...)

    Isn't it time for the Portuguese to send a few rogatory letters to the Superintendent of the British Empire and have David Payne and the Gaspars "interrogated"?

    Not to mention Jane Tanner for positively identifying Robert Murat as the "Creche Man" AKA as "The Egg Man"... and of course the McCanns' for lying to the Police about the patio door and thus corrupting the course of Justice.

    Just a few tips (...)

  24. Nestas alturas o Operation Grange já deve estar falando Português e mesmo o Brasileiro.
    Em breve estarão cantando um top hit dos anos de 60.

    "Ai, ai,
    ai que malevolência,
    nóis só não achou ela
    por farta de

  25. The Portuguese people should lobby the Portuguese Government to arrest the mccanns and take them on a holiday trip to Portugal with the Tapas 7 and the hideous hired professional Liar to answer questions , charge and cage this hideous lot while the case is being investigated , Get the good big eared blair and brown there too and throw them in a hell hole with the rest of the rats , maybe while the big eared blair is in the rat hole the people from the middle east could apply to the Hague to bring charges against him for starting wars based on lies ? Was it not one or the pair of them who recommended their hired paid liar of theirs to assist the mccans flee prosecution in the first place? Let he who have understanding ask the question, what reason is there for any parent to hire a 70 k liar to talk for them ? Have they no mouth to tell the Portuguese Police the truth? Who paid for this Liar? This whole case stinks to high heaven , its about time the people ask that the mccanns get back to Portugal and ANSWER the questions put to them by the Police 7 years ago which they refused to answer! then confiscate the fund and make the mccanns pay everyone back who donated in good faith for something which was not used for what it was meant to be , ie paying their mortgage instead of using it to look out for their child , paying the hired liar and false "investigators" and going jogging while the decent people of Portugal were out looking for their child ! . This hideous pair took the good hearted people of Portugal and round the world for a ride .

  26. After all, the dogs are reliable and they already pointed the way followed by the body- the boot of the Scenic. So a part of cleaning this lands, this search is pointless. Instead of the land, go to villas, houses where the Mccann's and their helpers have been.

  27. finally the PJ are taking over the investigation. According to a BBC arrticle of today's they will quizz suspects all by themselves (and the Met will learn from them!!!)
    I presume Tapas 9 and some other people.
    The PJ will definitely not sing that Brazilian song!

  28. @27 That is merely the protocol used in matters of judicial cooperation. If the opposite happened - as it did in this case in April 2008 - it would be an English police force conducting the questioning and the foreign police force sitting in. Questions would also have to be already included in the rogatory letter, for a previous approval or disapproval of judge or prosecutor attached to the case.

  29. The McCanns are running out of boogeymen to blame.

    You're next in line for the McCanns to publicly blame, David Payne! It's time to tell everything you know, David.

  30. Surely SY would have to start a FULL review at THE START,which would mean looking at the conflicting parents and Tapas holiday group friends statements.Also at Ocean Club nursery records,speak to the British social worker who David Payne turned away the following morning etc etc.Unless they have done that and are perhaps eliminating every other lead before they are left with a conclusion that it was the parents who they may already suspect ? A long and expensive way to go about it.Charging or blaming 3 drug smugglers or any other person they will have to show evidence and proof that those people were guilty of the crime..SY now seem to believe Madeleine is dead but we don't know why/what evidence they have to say that,is it the cadaver and blood or has someone 'talked' ? Redwood said on BBC Crimewatch that Madeleine may not of left the apartment alive,he can't have it both ways as a stranger murder and abduction would be impossible to leave cadaver and in the small time scale involved and why would a stranger/burglar risk taking a body and make their escape more difficult and how without leaving any evidence of being in 5a?


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