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English Police analyzes objects found in the searches for Maddie

Aerial photo of search area relative to McCanns' rented apartment by Roland Leon/Daily Mirror

On the ground in Praia da Luz excavations were made ​​and inorganic material deemed of interest was removed by the investigators

by José Manuel Oliveira and Miguel Ferreira

The searches that were initiated last Monday in a large-scale area in Praia da Luz, in Lagos, will be extended for at least one more week.

Scotland Yard and the Judiciary Police (PJ) signalled more than ten sites considered of “interest” to the investigation, two of which were, yesterday, target of excavations to search for the cadaver of Madeleine McCann, the 3-year-old child who disappeared on the night of May 3, 2007, from the bedroom where she slept with her twin siblings in an apartment in the resort of The Ocean Club, at that location, while the parents dined with friends at a restaurant.

The decision to extend operations beyond June 7, as it was originally planned by the authorities, requires only the respective authorization from the Attorney General's Office.

This decision only emerged after objects were removed from one of the excavations sites, yesterday, following the clearance of vegetation of a parcel of land located near the Rua 25 de Abril, in the locality of Luz. The clearance was done by the Lagos Fire Brigade which comprises the Forestry Sappers of Terras do Infante.

DN was able to establish that those objects taken for laboratory analysis are inorganic material considered of interest to the investigation, which can be either clothes or any other kind of objects. For now, these are just hypotheses.

At that site, it once existed a shed, where children used to play. In the sites to be examined, one of which near a wall enclosing a backyard, tents were placed to prevent journalists from taking photos. The sniffer dogs were in action only during the morning, while the georadar continued to be used to detect any traces that could lead to the whereabouts of Maddie.

In the afternoon, and for more than an hour, seven English technicians used picks and shovels in two other locations, one along an old well and the other that had a shrub in the middle, both sites had incidentally been already marked with red and white ribbons also to be subject to searches. The backhoe loader was not yet used.

“After seven years only bones of a cadaver can be found on the ground. In order to prove to whom they belong a DNA test must be performed on the bones themselves”, explained to DN José Anes, former senior expert of the Forensic Science Laboratory of the PJ.

in Diário de Notícias, June 5, 2014 (paper edition, page.20)


  1. Thanks.

    Any chance of indicating on that map, where the Smith family had their sighting.


  2. Sorry Meadow, overloaded with little time. Please look at google maps and search "Rua da Escola Primária, Praia da Luz", where the Smith family saw a man similar to Gerry McCann carrying a child, use image at McCann files for reference http://www.mccannfiles.com/id162.html Thanks.

  3. Didn't the Smith family see Gerry walking down the steps of the plane holding one of the twins when they returned to England and knew by the way the child was held that the man he seen in Praia had to have been Gerry

  4. Yes David, precisely. The Smiths sighting was always downplayed by McCanns, last year the Sunday Times published an explosive article reporting that the McCanns had suppressed e-fits created by their own detectives in 2008 that were based on the Smith family statements.

    They have allegedly used their lawyers, Carter Ruck to prevent those detectives from ever disclosing that information to the public, as well as a report deemed hypercritical of those involved, that is the Tapas 9 - the Mccanns and their 7 friends.

    Those e-fits only saw the light of day in the Crimewatch after the Metropolitan police team lead by Andy Redwood was able to secure an authorization to divulge and broadcast them.

    Needless to say those were vital, if not crucial, for the investigation ongoing at the time in Portugal. It makes you wonder what else was suppressed and how the course of justice was obstructed.

    The Times article can be read in full here http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/press/78oct13/Times_27_10_2013.htm

  5. Its about time the Mccanns were taken in for questioning and made to ANSWER the QUESTIONS that they avoided when asked by the Portuguese Police . Would not , any genuine "responsible " parent want to tell the Police as much as possible if they have nothing to hide? Would any "responsible" parent leave their kids on their own and go to enjoy themselves? Just on these two basic facts , the Mccanns and their friends should be taken in and QUESTIONED . The Smiths sighting should be taken very seriously as it could solve the case .

  6. Why are they looking there? it seems strange! have they had a Tip Off? Knowing the area well, it seems the most unlikely place to start looking, with out info?

  7. Very simple, common sense tells us if the dogs smelt death in the back of the car then the parents are guilty. Dogs don't lie.

  8. @7 , total true , but does common sense exist in society these days , when professional liars invent far fetched tales of abduction ? Of course Dogs don't lie but I know a pair of hideous "responsible" parents who do , and I am sure the world know this too now after reading blogs on the internet instead of believing what written in the news papers these days .

  9. Thank you Joana.You and others put in so much time and effort to keep us up to date.Much appreciated.

  10. Is it really possible that the English police now suspect the McCanns? Or am I getting over-excited? I have gone from thinking there is zero change that anyone in England in authority would ever do anything other than protect the McCann's to thinking sense has finally prevailed. Or maybe there has been a tip by one of the Tapas 7?

  11. It seems its heading for the common sense route ie find the body , was that not what the "responsible" parent once said? Sounds like the hideous lot of "holiday" makers days are numbered . Anyone who reads the blogs and reads the bewk of Dr Amaral THE TRUTH ABOUT A LIE , will realise that the parents have something to hide and will face the courts one day and justice for the poor child will prevail when they get sent away on a very long holiday together with porky and the ones who helped them flee prosecution 7 years ago .

  12. Pat Brown suspects Scotland Yard's operation is nothing but part of the on-going reputation management (and I may add) orchestrated by Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman - a candidate for David Cameron's party in the next UKGB General Elections!

    It seems it was David Cameron who ordered the Metropolitan Police investigation - the so-called Scotland Yard.

    This, as many of you will recall, was in part instigated by Rebekha Brooks (from "The Scum" - sorry! I meant "The Sun"!).

    The same Rebekha Brooks who got her surname from Charlie Brooks - David Cameron's old chum from their days at Eton. It is a small world, do you follow?


    The area RidingHood & His Clowns are "searching" now had already been combed the Portuguese police seven years ago!

    How Portugal allows these clowns in their own territory is a matter for great concern but on second thoughts they may have done the right thing.

    The circus will eventually run out of numbers to perform and booed out of stage.

    But let us face it! It has been entertaining to see their efforts to obfuscate such obvious details such as the dogs, Eddie & Keela, findings - as well as The Smiths' sightings, Jane Tanner fabrications, David Payne explicit gestures at the table as reported by the Gaspars' and many other details which were not missed by Amaral and his team.

    Anyway, I digress!

    Andy Redwood and his troupe probably hoped their CSI-like stunts would impress the judge in charge of the McCanns' vs. Amaral punch-up and influence its decision but... The judge is probably seeing thorough it all and having quite a giggle! :o

  13. @12 that's very true , but it does not mean the Public will rest listening to this , the public will want answers especially the ones who donated to the "fund" and sooner or later the vile pair will be in court facing various charges , primarily NEGLECT .


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