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The McCanns And The Conman

Following the investigation set up by security consultant Kevin Halligen, this one-off documentary features exclusive interviews with ex-MI5 undercover operatives, the FBI and ex-military personnel.

Based on unprecedented access, this one-hour film tells the story of security consultant Kevin Halligen and Operation Omega, the secret investigation to find missing child Madeleine McCann in 2008.

Producer/Director: Adrian Gatton
Associate Producer: Mark Olden
Editor: Mark Senior
Executive Producer: Jacqui Wilson

Channel 5, broadcast on 4 June, 2014


Kevin Halligen, the McCann's Former Detective will face Extradition Hearing
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  1. I hope we will get some information this week. Amaral could know something about it
    On another interview, he regretted that Payne's name was not on the rogatory letter.
    He did not say the same about the McCanns'.
    It could mean that the McCanns are.

  2. :n WOW! Thannnnk youuuu!


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