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Gonçalo Amaral revoked his lawyer's mandate, McCann couple are "furious" for the umpteenth time

The hearings that were taking place at the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon, at the Palácio da Justiça, had been on hold since October last year, so the parents of the English girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in May 2007 could reach an out-of-court settlement with Gonçalo Amaral and the other three defendants.

Since no agreement was reached between Gerry and Kate McCann and the four defendant parties, the judge who presides this court action - action which has caused Gonçalo Amaral's assets to be frozen as a precautionary measure, decided to re-schedule the restart of the sessions for yesterday.

The final allegations that were expected to take place yesterday morning at the 1st civil court in Pálácio da Justiça, were delayed following the delivery of a document at the court registry in which Gonçalo Amaral communicated to have revoked his lawyer's, Dr. Santos de Oliveira, mandate to represent him.

Gonçalo Amaral is alleged to have delivered the document in person at about 9am, however no journalist was able to capture the moment when he went or left the Pálacio da Justiça on film or on photo. The McCann couple arrived 30 minutes later and stayed most of the morning, sitting on a bench in the 3rd floor corridor of the court building.

Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, Dr. Santos de Oliveira said before the session that he didn't know the reasons that led is client to rescind from his representation, and inside the courtroom he informed the judge that he had been dispensed.

The several defendant and accusation lawyers were then invited by judge Emília Melo e Castro to make statements on whether the trial session should proceed, or be postponed to a later date so Mr. Amaral could seek for the services of a new lawyer. Demissionary lawyer Santos de Oliveira and the other defence lawyers representing the other three parties targeted in the McCann's lawsuit argued that Mr. Amaral, given the process complexity, would need legal representation whilst Dr. Isabel Duarte argued that the trial should proceed regardless.

Dr. Santos de Oliveira [Gonçalo Amaral demissionary lawyer] - He explains that the notification sent to him by Gonçalo Amaral implies that his participation as a lawyer is inhibited: he can't function as the authorised representative of Gonçalo Amaral. He considers that, given the nature of this process, the instruction of a new lawyer is required. Therefore he asks for the suspension of the current session.

Dr. Fátima de Oliveira Esteves [Guerra e Paz book publishers] - She reminds the court of the contradictory principle which is at the core of a civil trial. If the instruction of a new lawyer is required, it can happen only after the notification. Therefore there has to be a delay in order for GA to instruct a new lawyer.

Dr Miguel Coroadinha [TVI, Portuguese TV channel] - He has nothing to add except to express his solidarity with Dr Santos de Oliveira.

Dr. Henrique Costa Pinto [Valentim de Carvalho Productions] - He observes that now the dismissal of Santos de Oliveira's mandate has taken effect, it would not be right to go ahead with the hearing, and is a compelling reason to interrupting it.

Dr. Isabel Duarte [McCann couple] - She observes that the Court was notified of the dismissal only this morning, when her clients had already left the UK (...) and finally states she considers that the hearing must not be suspended but go on with Gonçalo Amaral being asked to constitute a new representative.

Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro - (...)She considers more equitable to allow the defendant an adjournment to instruct a new lawyer, under the proviso that if he fails, the process will go on with the proceedings has previously established. Gonçalo Amaral is therefore given 10 days to nominate a new lawyer, reason why the current session cannot proceed.

Adapted from Anne Guedes' report from inside the courtroom

The judge decided for the adjournment of the proceedings foreseen for yesterday, re-scheduling the closing arguments for the 8th and 10th of July. On the 8th the McCann couple's lawyer, Isabel Duarte as well as the defence lawyers of the other three parties will deliver their closing arguments, while the 10th will be dedicated to Gonçalo Amaral's future lawyer closing arguments. The judge also ruled that Gonçalo Amaral has 10 days to hire a new lawyer.

After the session, outside Pálacio da Justiça, lawyer Dr. Santos de Oliveira answered the journalists questions [see transcript bellow/to follow], expressing a mix of surprise and disappointment, and also rejecting that this had been a concerted strategy between him and his client to delay the trial.

Kate and Gerry McCann appeared considerably later outside and gave a awaited press statement accusing Mr. Amaral of postponing the trial four times, causing them distress since they had "to make arrangements for our children to be looked after, we have to book flights, we have to book hotels, we have to take time off work to come here".

The couple failed to mention that they had travelled on four previous separate occasions to Portugal to accompany their own witnesses when they had not been called to testify and had no compulsory reason to be present at the Lisbon court at all.

In one of those times, the afternoon session was postponed due to a personal impediment of the judge, the other was Santos de Oliveira's request for an adjournment due to a urgent family matter.

On 7th of January Santos de Oliveira filed a request for the court to evaluate the McCann couple's legitimacy to file a lawsuit in their daughter's name since the child had been made a Ward of Court in the United Kingdom. Dr. Isabel Duarte, on the same session, filed a document that is related to Mr. Alan Pike, and asked for a postponement of that days session.

The fourth postponement was due to the McCanns themselves since they requested time to reach an out-of-court settlement with the four defending parties and the fifth, yesterday, and for the first time directly due to Gonçalo Amaral's rescission of his lawyer's mandate.

In this action, the McCann couple seeks compensation of EUR1.2 million from the former coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police of Portimão who investigated Madeleine's disappearance on May 3, 2007, alleging that the rights, freedoms and guarantees of the family have been violated.

In the book 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie', written by Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ inspector defends the involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the disappearance of their daughter and in the concealment of her body.

Santos de Oliveira statements to the press

Luís Maia [SIC reporter/LM] - Good afternoon, this was a morning full of surprises. First we learned that Gonçalo Amaral had revoked his lawyer's mandate, the lawyer that had defended him so far, Dr. Víctor Santos de Oliveira who spoke with us. Then all lawyers were in a meeting for several hours with the judge, to try to figure out what solution to give to this situation. The meeting lasted for quite a while, first there was a short session that lasted about 10 minutes, then followed another that lasted well over one hour. It was decided that today there wouldn't be any further proceedings. After, upon leaving the courtroom, Víctor Santos de Oliveira expressed his surprise for the decision of his client and said that this was not a strategy planned by the two of them. Let's watch the statements of Víctor Santos de Oliveira.

Luis Garriapa, another reporter from SIC TV channel [LG] - Was this a concerted decision?

Víctor Santos de Oliveira [VSO] - Absolutely not, it was not a concerted decision. I am not aware of the reasons that led to his decision but I presume that it was a decision essentially intimate from my client, basically a private matter that I don't know about, I don't have the slightest idea, however it's a decision that parties have the right to make at all times.

LG - Do you believe that it was a strategy to delay the trial?

VSO - No, I don't believe in that at all. That would be... A strategy like that would be a very ill thought strategy.

LG - Did you fall out with your client?

VSO - It has nothing to do with that, whatsoever, it's just a situation where my client has decided like that, on his own, it's his problem.

LG - Were you surprised by it?

VSO - Evidently. When a defence was already done, when there is a work done on this process, when we have accomplished milestones in the process namely the restitution of the book sales - which was achieved by this defence [meaning him], and also to successfully prove that the McCanns at the moment when they brought this action in their daughter's name, they could not have done it. Today that is more than completely established, it's obvious that his decision came as a surprise. One of the important milestones of this process, in my view, was - it wasn't one, but two - it was effectively to restitute the books so they could be sold, supported in the ruling of the Court of Appeals, that clearly states that the McCanns exposed themselves in the media by their own free will, thus becoming subject to the scrutiny of everyone. Thus it wouldn't make sense to ban the books. And there, the work of the defence was to put the books back on sale and that was fully achieved.

The second is related to a Ward of Court which means that who ultimately has the responsibility and the tutelage of the child is the English High Court. This fact was already known to the McCanns at the moment when they filled this lawsuit. It's a shame that this wasn't done immediately at start by the previous defence lawyer but now that is established and proven, so much so that there is an official decision which gives the McCanns 30 days to get the records of the English Court’s authorization under penalty of absolving the defendant Gonçalo Amaral on the request made on behalf of the missing child, the unfortunate Maddie McCann, obviously. But that is done, it's good...

LM - What is going to happen now?

VSO - ... When one leaves a process, and leaves things to be done that's not good ...

LM - [asks the same question again] What is going to happen now?

Another [unknown] reporter Was it a delaying strategy?

VSO - I don't believe that it was a delaying strategy. I really don't. I'm not even going to answer to a question formulated in that way, I don't believe it and I will not comment if it was a delaying strategy, I simply don't believe that.

LM - [asks the same question for the third time] What is going to happen now?

VSO - What's going to happen now is that the defendant Gonçalo Amaral has 10 days - following a decision based on equity and justice by the court - to appoint a new mandatary [lawyer] to represent him in the lawsuit, attach that information to the process records. Then, his declarations and the McCanns closing statements will be heard.

Broadcast by SIC, 16th July 2014

Minor update - See all the photos I took at the Palácio da Justiça on the 16th of July 2014, hosted at Pamalam's site, thank you Pam.

Read as well - The truth about the McCanns' lie by Nigel Moore at The McCann Files

McCann couple versus Gonçalo Amaral trial expected to restart on Monday


  1. :o Brilliant move by Amaral!

    The McCanns' delayed the trial earlier on with the excuse of an out of court settlement at least UNTIL Scotland Yard did its Media staging in Portugal - to impress the judge.

    Now Amaral throws it back at them and their majesties are so upset! Poor things! They look so downcast - anorexic Kate in particular.

    "WE had to take time off work...WE had to make arrangements..." WE this, WE that...

    What about HE?

    HE, whose family has been destroyed, who lost his home, who lost everything! Who is been starving for years because of YOU?

  2. No tactics or revenge are been played by Goncalo Amaral in my opinion....he is above that.

    I think the media want to approach it from that angle ....the McCann Files website illustrates that point with its latest Piece worded to perfection.

    The article breaks down what has caused the various delays to date in a factual piece......it really is worth recapping to clear ones mind of all the bluster at present.

    In my opinion, Goncalo Amaral has become aware that justice does not work in silence as it should and has decided. he is not going to be another statistic of injustice without exposing the convoluted shenanigans that are present in every aspect to do with this case in the whole.

    When you have Truth on your side, which he does.....you can only continue on that road.


  3. "It's not fair!" they bleated.

    They're trying to squeeze a million quid out of him. What do they expect?

  4. Thanks Jo, excellent as always. Shocking that the McCanns are allowed to state as fact that Snr. Amaral has caused adjournments four times when that isn't the case. I also see they failed to mention they have no legal right to act on behalf of Madeleine after they requested she be made a ward of court day's after they reported her missing.

  5. Not looking good for Mr Amaral, IMO. The judge like the rest if the establishment in the UK and Portugal are going to back the Macs....It is clear as anything. We have the buffoon Redwood, just finished his charade of pretence. Looking everywhere but the right place. He now looks an utter fool, and the Macs walk in again to lay the law down and preach morals. I feel so sad for Mr. Amaral, but he is never going to win against a bottomless pit of money and deceit.

  6. dosent kate look awful and worst fake speech ive ever heard about them as per usual kate if you had looked after your kids on 3rd may this farse wouldn't be happening go mr amaral just look at hate in there eyes the poor twins left with these two as parents

  7. Those 'poor McCanns' are at their moaning and complaining again. Have we so soon forgotten how they jumped on Theresa May, until they got what they wanted thanks to their pal Rebekah Brooks' arm twisting Cameron, an absolute disgrace that he gave in to that spot of blackmail which has resulted in costing the tax payer's millions for what appears to be a wild goose chase.

    Redwood must be shaking in his shoes in case he does not carry out their wishes to their satisfaction, since he must know they are ever ready to run to the media and demonize those who don't go along with it all, and he doesn't look like the kind who will rock the boat when given his command to 'bring closure for the McCanns', and make sure along the way that the McCanns and their pals are given the 'official' all clear.

    Well done Dr Amaral not to be intimidated by this pair, ever ready to blame everybody but themselves for the situation they find themselves in, with thousands still not buying their 'abduction scenario', and why should they, and how can they in the face of those blood and cadaver dogs, and all the statements by the various characters in this case which just do not add up.

  8. I think it was excellent in what it showed.
    It is not what we say but what we do.
    The mere fact that they did not turn up for the digs
    but would turn up for this - not once, not twice, but four times they make the trip
    to mutilate Mr Amaral.
    I guess they did not stay at the Don Pedro this time.
    I guess they are in the unenviable position of being so widely recognized now and
    increasingly disliked.
    I wonder if Mr Amaral could represent himself and if that is his plan.

  9. As to the McCanns' fury at the gross UNFAIRNESS of it all: it is well known that people at a lower stage of their moral development - when they have not yet grasped the idea of the Golden Rule- invariably fly into a fuming rage when someone they thought they had, by virtue of their superior intelligence, cleverly tricked and deceived reacts with a clever move that they had not foreseeen, and outwits them.
    The anger is not so much huelled by losing per se but at having been outwitted by someone they had so smugly dismissed as a bumbling idiot. Well, they had better get used to it.....

    1. Well said!

      Afaic, it shows them in their true colours. If someone does something to annoy them, they turn into venom-frothing brats. And to think kate forgave the abductor but can't forgive a ten day delay. It's clear the libel trial is more important than anything else.

  10. Joana
    Os valores que a sua consciência lhe dita estão acima de gente que não sabe usufruir do facto de a natureza lhes haver proporcionado uma coluna vertebral.
    Isto a propósito do comentário asqueroso do anónimo 68 no post "BASTA".
    Não a conheço pessoalmente, só através do imaginário que emerge deste blog.Continuo fiel e assíduo leitor porque percebo estar perante uma pessoa inteligente, mas mais importante intelectualmente honesta. O que faz de si uma SENHORA.
    Insultos como aqueles expressos no tal comentário, são próprios de "javardos que nem noção têm da posição que ocupam no chiqueiro".
    Votos que mantenha a força interior que a tem guiado.

    P/S. Faça o que melhor lhe aprouver com este comentário (publicar, não publicar, traduzir, o que seja).Obrigado

  11. mr Cameron and mr redwood should read your blog and then the would see just how people are feeling its just awful how parents are being rewarded for leave kids on there own to have jolly old time shame on Cameron and redwood poor maddie and the poor twins

  12. Common sense tells us all that a cover up has happened here and people like the criminal profiler Pat Brown highlight it at that professional level. Dogs dont lie and the change in stories together with the no comment situation is simply what the equally intelligent Dr.Amaral has stated. He ( like the VAST majority of British and Portugese citizens) believes that these parents have dressed opinions up as facts. The Portugese wealthy merchants need to step in and play these parents at their own game. They have clung on and on to a story that is highly unlikely and even more so given their actions, words and non verbal gestures. Dr. Amaral needs a rich Portugese businessman to assist him and say sometimes justice deserves to be defended. This is one of them. 3 children aged 3 or under left alone and one vanishes. A 3 yr old whose cadaver was smelt by expert police sniffer dogs who have never been wrong. Why should these parents bully their way out of answering direct questions? They need the heat turning on them so Portugese citizens get this couple back in for further questioning. The people of both these countries are not fooled by their actions for common sense and nowse strikes straight through this story and illuminates what is highly likely to be the truth.

  13. Even a priest quoted he was deceived by this pair , have they no shame at all? Sounds like the greed for money will get the better of them and they will get caught . What is amazing is how on earth can the despicable duo get away with this ? Has redwood have no common sense at all ? Wouldn't alarm bells ring if a case was presented to a police officer and he found out the suspects changed their stories , their friends gave false evidence ie Jane Tanner , the suspects hired a common liar aka "spin doctor" , started a fund , went jogging instead while the good people of Portugal were looking for their "missing" child , a decent law abiding , god fearing police officer Dr Amaral was taken off the case as he was close to charging the despicable liars , the dogs smelt death , they neglected their children , a book can be thrown at them in a court of law and I hope Dr Amaral does just that and the despicable pair are put where they belong in Jail for neglect , telling lies and all the law can throw at them , This case has attracted world attention and the pair of them will never get away with it as there is so many things that point to their guilt . The Portuguese Police should arrest this pair and expose all those who are harbouring them , charge the lot of them when the despicable duo are taken to court for neglect . Now that I would call interesting .

  14. Great piece Joana.

    I have no inside information as to why Mr Amaral did what he did, But whatever the reason-I hope it isn't about something bad for him) The outcome has, in my opinion, done him some well deserved praise. ( was he also allowed to make a statement like the Mc Canns?)

    He entered and left without the 'media circus' getting that 'on the money shot' and showed once again what Team McCann's real priorities are. They, themselves, and money!

    Classic quote from Kate ...and we had to find someone to look after the children!
    o m g I mean O M G. How many times do they have to go to Portugal and , AND look after the kids, I mean you just couldn't make it up! This whole farce is down to your "looking after your kids" OR NOT as it turned out.

    Mr Amaral is really hurting them...well, OK their pride, their BIG SHOW, their invited media, with that victim persona-which I believe they now actually do feel like victims, but that is ok too, because we know Maddie is in a convent being looked after by singing nuns- all is well in her life .. because as Kate n Gerry told us...there is NO EVIDENCE that Maddie came to any harm....yes. No evidence..none...strange that, you know, no evidence at all, its almost as if someone took great care not to leave any!-in such a short time frame.

    Anyway, apart from that, is was good to hear Kate talk about having her children looked after- looks like lessons were learned!

    ...and to think they had a scripted statement to make to the press.. Oh bother!

    The Uk media continue with their hate campaigne-the Uk a lot of public are not convinced.

    How many millions of pounds? how many police forces AND private investigators AND people all over the globe looked for this child? those parents went to Australia, America...(not Iraq of Afghanistan) to plead with those people to 'find Madeleine'...Oh don't panic the kids were being looked after on those occasions. AND she still has not been found...

    But, at least they will have another million pounds spare cash to pay for child minding services on their next holiday. They have done more tours than Beyonce!

    Miss Taken Identity

  15. As a matter of curiosity, have the McCanns also had some of their assets frozen so as to compensate the 'defendants' if they lose the case, since the ones they have brought the case against must have been losing a considerable amount of money, what with the hiring of lawyers, loss of income, and all. Do the McCanns even have enough money to pay this compensation in the first place, or is it all coming out of the 'search for Madeleine fund' donated by the public. Will the Fund even have enough money left in it?

    Let's face it, no way are they going to sell that big house of theirs are they, as they would expect Dr Amaral to sell his house and give the money to them if he lost.

    Or, if they lose and had to pay up millions, would they suddenly declare themselves bankrupt, and would we then discover the house is in the name of somebody else? No way can I see the McCanns ever paying anything out of their own pockets, as they don't appear to ever have done that since Madeleine went missing.

  16. If Dr Amarals book has been so damaging for the Mccanns , is it because people have become wiser after reading the facts based on police files by an investigation officer who was taken off the case when he was close to catching the pair and was removed from office by political interference ? This pair , together with their hired liar , are trying to convince the world that they are victims . The real victims in this case is the dead girl and the persecuted Police Officer Dr Amaral . How can they be innocent victims? Did Dr Amaral tell them to leave their under age children on their own while they went out with their friends? Well then redwood , apply the law of common decency , honesty and truth and arrest the duo for Neglect since you are dealing with the case over here and hand them over to the Portuguese Authorities to answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago . This pair have made a mockery of Justice in a western world , what is happening here is what one would expect to happen in a third world country . A gross miscarriage of justice . Any parent reading the papers will think its the norm to leave underage children on their own , hire a professional liar , start a trust fund , live like a tick on the back others and sue people collecting money from lawsuits , however I don't think the majority of parents world wide would do such thing .

  17. the mc cans made a holy show of themselves outside the court crap come out there mouths as usual come on s y can u not see what right in front of yous mr amaral had this pair worked out from the get go

  18. I detest this pair of lying deranged sociopaths.My heart goes out to Goncalo Amaral,having to put up with these monsters,their sychophantic liars in the press.,for 7 years he's been villified by them.I hope they get their comeuppance.I'm ashamed to be British.

  19. More lies from the McCanns.

  20. Put a microphone in front of the McCanns and you can be sure you will get more lies.

  21. Glad to see Mr Amaral gave the Mcs his tuppence worth. but seriously I wonder if he is ok and the stress of the last 7 years hasn't got to him. Hes intelligent I'm positive that he knows what he's doing if he is ok. Unfortunately the MCs are having a field day with this. Best thing to happen is for the PJ to invite him to work with them as a consultant. Funny how all these essential pieces of evidence got lost in translation by the English police.

  22. QUOTE:
    Kate and Gerry McCann appeared considerably later outside and gave a awaited press statement accusing Mr. Amaral of postponing the trial four times, causing them distress since they had "to make arrangements for our children to be looked after.."


    We all have a good idea about what kind of arrangements the McCanns make to look after their children.

  23. The fund should be closed immediately as they don't have the right to search for Madeleine,she is not under their protection. The court as MOJO said you adjust this immediately, they need the money to search they wail. Give it a break MCs you need the money to pay your lawyers bills, you thought you were going home with a fistful of dollars. My suspicion is Amaral knows or suspects something and needed time to find out and produce evidence. It makes sense what he thought about the cremation, they used to put still born babies in others coffins maNy years ago. And as for the English witness that saw Gerry, who has destroyed that piece of evidence in the uk. That makes 2 witnesses saying it was Gerry. I wonder if Mr Amaral is a Mason, we have them in spain don't know about Portugal, or maybe its just the English abroad
    Also as I said on another post the legality of the fund should be looked into as to whether the fund is legal a Maddie is a WOC, the Mcs do not have the power to open a fund in her name, this should be closed immediately. Did Gerry get the piece of paper from the judge about the WOC.If the MCs can give statements so Dr Amaral should, get the Mcs Cross examined

  24. @ Su
    I wonder too. I sincerely don't see a new lawyer jumping into that heavy case without getting drowned !

  25. I don't know what goes on in Portuguese legal cases, but if it is like the UK maybe the lawyers will get to give a summing up at the end, which it looks like this trial has almost reached. Maybe Dr Amaral is going to end up doing that for himself as I don't doubt he would be able to, and by doing that also get the opportunity to speak if he has not had the opportunity to do so this far.

  26. cremation? no wonder they claim "prove she is dead find the body" ? they know more ? What happened to the "missing" witness files? If they are proved to be removed by whichever Police force , as only someone in that capacity could get their hands on it , then the full force of the law should be thrown on whoever is responsible . If it were not for the greed of this despicable couple the world would be none the wiser . The guilty parties in this case , should be given the maximum sentences , be it for neglect , fraud , falsifying evidence , removing files , misleading the public , and sooner or later this will happen , then Dr Amaral should sue the lot of them and let them feel what it is like to be persecuted .

  27. Its surprising these two didn't throw themselves at the cameras outside the court like " Praying Arabs" like they did when the Portuguese Police visied them 7 years ago ,this would have drawn a lot of public attention as it would look comical and entertaining .

  28. they sowed the wind and they reaped the whirlwind.

  29. "we needed to make arrangments for our children" OH!! the irony

  30. I hope this was a strategy move by goncalo,im worried the outcome will be a political fix. It embarasses me to come from a country as corrupt as mine :0(. The mcanns are scum

  31. could it be that Amaral fired the lawyer for a few days and will take him back?
    An agreement between the two of them?

  32. Obrigada pela partilha, pelo teu tempo, pela tua dedicação Joana. É muito bom termos uma fonte fidedigna.

  33. Joana, may I ask if, under Portuguese Law, would Dr. Gonçalo Amaral be able to represent himself? I understand he is a qualified lawyer himself (...)

    If he can, then we can interpret the "sacking" of his lawyer as a supreme intelligent move.

    I am thinking in terms of the underlying psychological games going on between these two parties...

    ... The McCanns' on the one hand - as the "loving, exemplar parents", the "poor victims" of the "stupid Portuguese" - or least made to look so by means of the immense wealth in their hands, their political connections, their powerful legal and PR apparatus led, as we all know, by Clarence Mitchell - the Conservative Party candidate under the tutelage of David Cameron, the British PM.

    Gonçalo Amaral on the other hand, as the no-nonsense investigator that is almost sure he had a case (or two) to jail the McCanns' and sticks to his Occam's razor views. One has to admire his intelligence, courage and character.

    I call it a "supreme intelligent" move (in the context of psychological games) because if he represents himself and wins - as indeed he should - he can then claim a personal victory over his long time persecutors - those who destroyed his career, his livelihood and ultimately his family.

    It will not be his lawyer who defeated The Beast (as it were) but he, himself ALONE, who did so with his closing speech - all that remains to be done (...)

    If he looses (always a possibility at this sub-level as we have seen previously) then he can say his lawyer did not put his case forward properly or indeed the judge was biased or influenced by the all PR surrounding this case - including Scotland Yard's recent Media staging in PdL.

    Remember also that if he looses (and given the McCanns massive political backup this is always a possibility) he can then hire a lawyer to take his case to an Appeals' Court where he is likely to win anyway - as we have seen already.

    The McCanns' will then take it to the European Court of Human Rights which is a totally independent court (fingers crossed) most unlikely to bow to British pressure.

    Anyway, what might happen in the interim, is that if he wins, Kate McCann might have a massive nervous breakdown that will aggravate her anorexic condition. She might need to be fed intra-venously. Do not worry! The Fund will pay for that.

    Furthermore, Gonçalo Amaral disclosure that he believes the child was cremated alongside the corpse of an adult lying in the church is also a brilliant move, for it explains why Scotland Yard could not find any evidence of the child's death - they probably did not meant to anyway...


  34. http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html

    Profile of the Sociopath
    (just some random bits)
    -Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    -Shallow Emotions
    Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."

    -Callousness/Lack of Empathy

    Other Related Qualities:

    Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired

    (and much, much more)
    Anyone we know...?

  35. :o
    This is an opportunity not to be missed, Dr Amaral. I think the time has come to expose what's behind the facade.
    May the good Lord and all his heavenly angels be with you!

  36. Very short time for another, new lawyer to prepare Amaral's defence.
    I wonder what is behind this story.

  37. Does anyone need reminding that Team McCann did not, and have not, needed to be in attendance for any court session regarding this trial?

    And does anyone wonder why they need to make 'statements' as the whole purpose of the trial was for them to produce, evidence-Medical evidence- of their 'suffering'- which they failed to do, for them and their children. Not Maddie, because they said she has come to no harm-no wait -change of plan- she is suffering from Mr Amaral's book (today's out burst).

    They seem to know a lot about their daughters 'suffering', considering they don't know where she is...OR do they?

    So have we established what Maddie is suffering from the most:
    1. being let down by her parents
    2.being abducted and tortured ,raped by paedophiles
    3. Mr Amaral's book-based on an investigation

    please note: number 3 is the only person who was actually motivated to find the little girl!

    Apart from the summing up, I believe Team McCann have failed to prove their case, and a judgment could be made in his absence.

    Kate and Gerry showed themselves up today with that venomous outburst, disgraceful behavior for two people who hate the man who investigated their daughters disappearance, but managed to forgive themselves and absolve themselves and " the abductors/paedophiles. How COULD any PARENT have the audacity to do that,is beyond me!

    Miss Taken Identity

  38. When will the Met start quizzing the 8 suspects? Today?

    1. I'm looking forward to hearing Andy Redwood being quizzed on dereliction of duty in court.

  39. I hope that Goncalo Amaral is well and keeping strong,alot of people seem to think it was a good move on his part on Monday,not being to bright on legal strategy,can someone explain how it was a good move.Cheers.

  40. @35.

    totally agree ...that is what has begun.

    at last .....at last

    let it begin


  41. Miss Taken Identity , The despicable duo are vile , they hate the man because he nearly caught them . The vile hideous pair and their " pink mouthpiece " together with the Tapas 7 and the ones in high places who helped them flee from justice for 7 years , should be made to paddle a wheel connected to a generator like hamsters to generate electricity for the people of Luz . It would boost tourism in Luz and would be a hilarious sight as well as deter "professional liars " and "people in high places" protecting parents who NEGLECT under age children .

  42. Anónimo das 17:02 (post 10, acho eu), magnífico o seu post !! obrigada

  43. Su: «I wonder if Mr Amaral could represent himself and if that is his plan.»

    I doubt it, considering the amount for which the MC are suing.

  44. «Anonymous 22:55
    could it be that Amaral fired the lawyer for a few days and will take him back?
    An agreement between the two of them?»

    Good grief, I hope not !! This would surely place him into the "mala fide litigant" field !!

  45. Muito obrigada pelas suas palavras caro anónimo @10, um abraço

  46. Whetever good reason Mr.Amaral had for dismissing his lawyer at the last moment, it is never a good move to irritate a Judge.I do hope he has done the right thing.Him being the only honest man in this whole mess..

  47. @ 43 et al: I wonder if Mr. Amaral dismissed his lawyer because the closing arguments are his last opportunity to speak up for himself in the trial.
    Remember: both sides at first did not want to be heard as witnesses in their own cause. Then, when things did not go their way and all 'their' witnesses failed dismally to deliver, the McCanns applied for permission to make a statement, but the judge, after some deliberation, refused. Maybe that is why Mr. Amaral thought that it was safe/prudent to waive his right to state his case, too, and when the McCanns were granted permission to make a final statement after all (by the way I cannot recall having read about when this change of procedures was decided) it was too late to apply again. But if he were to represent himself, could he not then use that opportunity to state his case, in open court, and in front of the world's press?

  48. You might be right there 13:45.But then it seems to be a move in dispear to me.And again: having annoyed the Judge in Court.Pity!

  49. I hope Mr Amaral hasn't been warned off, and got cold feet!! If he had who could blame him, after-all he has his own family to think off.

  50. Mhopman and post # 47.
    As I said, I very much doubt GA can represent himself given the value of the case (this has something to do with the so called "alçada" of the court and the possibility of the judgment being appealed against). The "alçada" is associated to the value of the cause. In general, only causes with an "alçada" of less than EUR 5,000 are unappealable and do not require the parties to appoint an attorney.
    We are talking about a cause with a value of at least EUR 1,200,000 here ...
    So, no, as far as I can remember from my law school days, I would say GA cannot represent himself.
    As for the judge being annoyed, I doubt she will be. I am sure GA has good reasons and those reasons were made known to both the judge and the lawyer (although the latter is obviously bound by secrecy).
    No big deal I think.

  51. If the judge heard Kate McCann appear to be saying that Dr Amaral had been responsible for them having to come to Portugal and then postponing the trial, then she will clearly realize what a lie that was. The judge will know exactly why there were previous postponements, and no McCann attempts to demonize Dr Amaral for that will get past her. That lie from Kate McCann might have been picked up by the media, but those in the know realize what a load of bleating lying tripe it really is.

  52. This vile couple have no morals greed will get the better of them and one day they will face two courts , the court in Portugal and the divine court in the next world . Judgement day is closing on the pair of them .

  53. @ 54 If Andy Redwood is not careful he will face just that one day if he decides to "ignore" vital evidence as the dogs , thee changing of stories , refusing the answer the Portuguese Police questions put to them 7 years ago to name a few . How can he watch a fellow officer Dr Amaral be persecuted by this vile pair ? Andy Redwood is dealing with a pair of devious characters and their hired "mouth piece " who will one day drag a lot of people down with them as this is a high profile case and some interesting " facts" are on the internet which are NOT on the UK papers . So to declare the pair and their Tapas 7 cleared is beyond the morals of Justice , how can they be? Was it not them that left the children on their own in the first place? How can they be "cleared" of suspicion?

  54. The good people of UK and Portugal are watching what will be the scandal of the twenty-first century unfold. God help those who lied. This is not going away. How that pair and the tapas liars sleep at night I will never know.

  55. @56 People who have no shame , no morals and are driven by greed manage to get sleep .

  56. I've been away a few days as this has unfolded. When I left for my holiday I was under the impression that MR MCCAN had been granted the right to make a verbal statement at the closing hearing on Monday 16th.

    Now had I been GA turning up for this final session found that MRS MCCAN also had been given an opportunity to speak, I would be wondering, WHY NOT ME?

    So, something seems amiss that he, although he had asked to be heard, was not?

    The question therefore, is why not? Why has GA no voice?

    Is his only remedy to sack his legal representative and speak for himself?
    Now left with only one bite of the cherry cake to be heard, that those that do speak for him are appropriate and give him a feeling of confidence.

  57. @59 It appears COMMON SENSE does not exist these days MON AMI . Weather redwood reads or does not reads these blogs does not concern the public because very soon they will be protests about this pair of child neglecters . Fact is they left children under the age of 4 on their own while they mingled with their friends . Even in the animal kingdom this is not acceptable period . The people are VERY MUCH in touch my friend Dr Amaral exposed these hideous liars he was one of the fraction of honest police officers in todays society ..

  58. Sorry Joana , I replied to the original @59 , it appears he is a cretin who accepts the gruesome twosome are innocent even though they abandoned under 4 year old children to go out with their pals . They should be charged with NEGLECT , these two are not victims they should have been charged for child neglect years ago .

  59. My fault I removed that comment, an obvious shill trolling the blog. Pasting it here, for reference.

    «The suggestion that Redwood should read this blog is laughable. He KNOWS the McCanns are not involved in their daughter's disappearance and so do your own PJ, they have made it clear enough. I cannot fathom why you Joana and so many commentators pretend to be deaf on this mater, or to claim it's all a 'whitewash'.
    As for mr Amaral's latest pronouncements - well they are cringe making. Stuffing bodies into coffins in a church, MI5 involvement, SY and the PJ timing the searches to chime with his trial - none of it makes one iota of sense. Only people not in touch with reality give it any credence.
    And that, whether you like it or not, is the truth.»


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