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Gonçalo Amaral: “There was no break-in that house”

Marcos Pinto, CMTV News Anchor - Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Judiciary Police who once headed the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, lambasted the English police thesis and spoke of "farce and staged".

Gonçalo Amaral - There are English journalists who speak of a farce, of something that is being staged for the media, and perhaps there's nothing more than that. What is risky and very serious it's this attempt to produce a new thesis - the thesis that was divulged recently - of someone who commits a theft, gets scared by a 3-year-old child, murders the child for that reason and then whisks the body away, that to me sounds rather preposterous.

CMTV - Complete interview with Gonçalo Amaral


Marcos Pinto, CMTV News Anchor - The outcome of the searches to find traces of Madeleine McCann are more than disappointing: animal bones were found, a man's sock, two cannabis plants and plenty of soil samples were collected. Very few in Praia da Luz believe in the success of this mega operation by the English police.

Rui Pando Gomes [pre-recorded in Praia da Luz/Voice Over] - The mega search operation took a while to be authorized, but as soon as the English police received the go-ahead from the Public Prosecutor's Office of Portimão, they landed en masse in Praia da Luz. The first site of the police operation was in a vast field near the seaside.

Sniffer dogs were deployed, georadars, archaeologists and forensic geologists went into action. Up to thirty English officers, fifteen Judiciary Police officers including several Forest sappers, GNR military officers, worked on a 24-hour-a-day basis. The only thing that wasn't used was the backhoe loader. Excavations were made with pickaxes and shovels in various spots of the site's grounds but a week later the results were not as expected.

[Walking in a street in Luz] This was one of the areas excavated by the English police. Everyone had visual access to the dig site and could watch the ongoing excavations. The geo-radar detected a possible grave but in the end only a stone was found.

[Voice Over] In Praia da Luz very few people believe in the success of this mega operation and even less so in the English police's thesis that
suspects the child was taken from the apartment by three burglars.

Local Portuguese Woman [with excavation site as backdrop] - That has no logic. What thief breaks into a house, takes the child away, murders her, carries the child on his arms in everyone's sight on the street and then comes here to bury her in an place that is only ground rock? Only a fool would do that! That's all I have to say about that. [laughs at the idea]

RPG [Voice Over] - These searches are seen by both residents and tourists as a big "whodunit" cop movie.

Local Ex pat Woman [in same excavation area] - It's a movie, a movie that we're watching. I don't know if this is, as you say, just "for the English to see".

RPG - Right.

Local Ex pat Woman - I'm a bit sceptical, I think this will end in nothing.

Local Portuguese Woman - I believe that they won't find anything here, maybe animal bones, otherwise I don't see it. [shakes head negatively]

RPG - [VO] Amidst this setting, there are those who risk a possible scenario with different actors.

Local Expat Woman - The Smith couple saw him there in that street [points to street], he turned the street corner, he could have hidden the body in that garden, of that abandoned house there, and then at 6pm... [halts and looks at journalist for confirmation with a girlish, shy smile] Can I say this? The couple [McCanns, as per Smith sighting] went back, when everyone had already been gone, they went to pick up the body to hide it here. It's a possibility.

RPG - [VO] Even though the Portuguese authorities guarantee that all running costs are covered by the English there are some who voice their doubts about who is actually going to pay for the Portuguese authorities that have stopped doing their tasks so they could be in Praia da Luz.

Local Portuguese Woman - I would like to put that question to those in power, to know who's going to pay for the GNR officers who are working here in 4-hour shifts.

RPG - And the Forest sappers...

Local Portuguese Woman - Exactly, who's going to pay for all of the people working here? They say the English will pay but I don't see that happening.

RPG [VO]- After a week of searches, the materials collected are being kept in boxes: a man's sock, animal bones, two cannabis plants, soil samples and a great deal of stones. Indicia that may be used to sustain the thesis of the English investigators, who say that Maddie is dead and was carried through this area. Or, maybe they'll be used to deepen the mystery surrounding the disappearance of this English child.

Many resources have been used in this mega operation. The GNR had 40 military officers tasked with the safety of this operation. 40 English officers and officers from the Judiciary Police were also involved.

Geo-radars, sniffer dogs, Forest sappers were on the field, many people working towards the success of this operation. In spite of that, the clues are scant, indicia is scarce, the end results inconclusive. Image by Nuno Alfarrobinha, Rui Pando Gomes, CMTV.

[Back to CMTV TV studio]

Marcos Pinto, CMTV News Anchor - For those very reasons it's obligatory a conversation with Gonçalo Amaral, former Judiciary Police inspector, who headed the initial investigation. Good evening, thank you for being here.

Gonçalo Amaral - Good evening, thank you.

Marcos Pinto, CMTV News Anchor - How do you view the 'movie' of the searches this week?

Gonçalo Amaral - That's exactly what it is, it is a movie. There are English journalists who speak of a farce, of something that is being staged for the media, and perhaps there's nothing more than that. What is risky and very serious it's this attempt to produce a new thesis - the thesis that was divulged recently - of someone who commits a theft, gets scared by a 3-year-old child, murders the child for that reason and then whisks the body away, that to me sounds rather preposterous. But it's nothing new. If you'll recall the investigation at the time - if you remember I was working in that investigation for the first 6 months, not seven, or three or four years like the Scotland Yard - there was a similar thesis. It was actually put forward by a colleague, from the British police, namely from the Scotland Yard. He was the only Scotland Yard officer present in that task group, which included officers from the Judiciary Police and English police, and him, from the Scotland Yard. He put forward that hypothesis, which was discussed and completely set aside because it didn't add up. Now they even tried to sex up that thesis, by spicing it up with drug dealers who besides trafficking drugs had the idea, one day, of burglarizing a house... No one has proven that house [McCann's apartment] was broken into, that there was a burglary, there were no traces of a break-in...

Marcos Pinto, CMTV News Anchor - But there are traces of bank statements...

Gonçalo Amaral - What bank statements? The ones that were found on a pathway, in the garbage? That's just junk and it does not relate to the case in anyway, they don't belong to the McCanns. It didn't come from their apartment, nothing was taken from there. The only thing that was taken and is missing - and it is not a "thing", it's a person - is Madeleine McCann.

ongoing, perfectionist at work

CMTV broadcast, June 7, 2014 | First published on 6/8/14 5:20 AM

Note for other translators, the full video report is available here


  1. Is this for real?

    The Scottish Mail on Sunday, Rachel Johnson

    IT IS seven years since Madeleine McCann went missing, yet it’s only now that a former cabbage patch in Praia da Luz, where a man was seen headed with a child in his arms on the night in question, is being searched. That poor, poor family.

    1. Are you serious? What poor family are you referring to?

  2. Dear Mr Amaral, Please do not stop exposing the opinions that are being dressed up as facts. The huge majority of people in the UK know that the story the parents want people to believe has changed and they are very aware that sniffer dogs do not lie. Please find the strength to continue to expose the those who need to be charged. The will of the UK citizens is vastly behind you. Like Portugese citizens we have no time for the way the parents have behaved.

  3. This case changed my opinion in Justice..
    In the UK papers no comments accepted.
    Still, they publish rubbish.
    I feel sorry for the UK children.
    If the Mccann parenting is the best like their friends claimed..
    Imagine how worse it must be..
    They never should expose the twins to the media.
    Also the awareness..got many children frightned.
    Even the 'sightings' of the lookalikes didn't do any good.
    So.. they never brought a childabuser to trail.
    Or managed to find any childraper or producer of childporn, or a victim..
    You think they had found such things..

    The UK made a big fool of themself.
    Claiming good parenting and good skills..
    They only harming others and spending money..
    Brought people to trail, who did not abducted or killed this girl.

    So PDL/ MW only seems to have UK holidaymakers, media and medic proffesions?
    Also Parents and children in the same age?
    Al the keypersons did..

    The backyard of the UK?
    This 'dig' is not gonna solve the case..
    Even if they found the body in good shape..
    There's no jail for the murderer..

    I really do hope this will end soon.
    But next year, no doubt, they manage to hit the headline..

  4. Dr Amaral,
    You have my utmost respect not only as a policeman but as a seeker of the truth for that poor child. Most people support you, you have suffered greatly whilst these neglectful parents have got richer and more manipulative. I happily donate to your fund to help you fight these poor excuses for doctors. I wish the PJ would re enlist you before the Uk destroys Portugal once more on the say so of a pair of barachos. May god be with you for everything you do for Madeliene. Gracias

  5. I love you Goncalo.

  6. The truth wiil be realised just think of Hillsborough , it took years for the establishment to admit it . The truth will expose British corruption without help .

  7. O Goncalo. You are my hero. God bless you. The truth is viral now.

  8. Of course it is all mis-en-scene!

    Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' spokesman - calls it "reputation management! - and he should know for the company he directs (Burson-Marsteller with 96 offices in 6 continents) is top of the heap in that respect.

    Also let us not forget Mr. Mitchell is a candidate for David Cameron's party in the next UKGB General Elections and Cameron - you will recall is the man who ordered Andy "Boyo" to "review" this case

    Small world indeed!


  9. Senor Goncalo Amaral, Please please continue on your fight for justice for Madeliene. You have no idea just how many people support you. Hundreds of thousands all over the world.The Mccanns must be exposed for this ,for all of their lies, for their arrogance and for thinking they are above the law.The corruption surrounding this case is appalling..please stand up and shout from the rooftops until the truth is in the public domain..God Bless You.We all admire you more than you will ever know..

  10. Well said #4. Mr Amaral, I know you won't give up now and I too feel privileged and very happy to be able to donate small amounts to the defence fund that your supporters have set up. I wish so much I could give you the millions that these two excuses for parents have had at their disposal. The Lord bless you and keep you always. With huge respect, Alison (UK citizen)

  11. This is not a farce. This is imcompetence. Only because Gerry was seen near that ground that night, it does not mean that le left the child out there.

  12. Re Poster No 6: The comparisons with the Hillsborough disaster and this case are correct but not in the way the poster infers. In both cases the culpable are to be exonerated for political convenience. The hooliganism of some Liverpool fans will be whitewashed just as the McCanns guilt will be...

  13. At what point are those following this SY 'investigation' and wondering why the UK dogs which alerted to blood and cadaver scent in the McCanns' holiday apartment and hire car, and are being ignored, going to get the message that it has all been an absolute farce, carried out only to whitewash the McCanns out of the picture, and to reinforce their 'abduction scenario' whereby, whether dead or alive, Madeleine was taken off by a stranger man.

    Just how long are those making excuses for SY and attempting mental gymnastic excuses for them as to why they are ignoring any possibility of McCann and Tapas pals involvement, going to carry on excusing them before the light dawns! They really are going to come down to earth with a great bump, and no doubt it will be they who will be the angriest of all because they were so completely fooled.

  14. Pleaase Mr amaral never give up no foreign dna no jemmied broken shutters and only the word of 2 ppl who have continuosly lied and refused to co operate and concocted a story that in its exucution is impossible NO ABDUCTION NO ABDUCTOR

  15. The Congolese police would have done better. I'm horrified with the Met's incompetence. How could they have made such a mess?

  16. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Amaral. I know a lot of UK citizens also agree.

    I have never felt qualified enough to make a thesis as to what happened to little maddie. However I have observed-all be it from a distance- to think that there are possibly 4 other ways to consider as apposed to a stranger abduction.

    Only paedophiles would plan an abduction and it would be a plan. They would not risk taking a little girl who is a known light sleeper- into a cold dark night without her favourite toy and a blanket to cover her- he/she' abductor' wouldn't have time to drug the children due to the tight visits by the caring family and their friends. (according to a children's activity book brief).

    A group of burglars would steal items and leave the kids because; three year olds cannot be witnesses, especially sleepy ones- and ones who cannot speak Portuguese.

    The 4 other occurrences which may have taken place...

    1. Maddie was dead when she was removed from the apartment.
    2. Maddie was alive and removed by someone who she knew and trusted.
    3..Maddie woke up and wandered out side and was taken for reason unknown.
    4.Maddie woke up wandered outside - had an accident, and was removed by some one known to her.

    There really is NO GOOD REASON for those parents to lie about what they have lied about if...IF they were totally, completely, innocent. I honestly can't think of a reason for the lies. If little Maddie's body is found, that will be the end of the family firm (The Fund). This whole sorry business makes me shudder!

    Could I just mention at this point, people accusing Mr Amaral of writing book to make money- errr that's what people write books for-ask Kate- And if it sickens the Team McCann supporters- think of the millions the papers and media have made from
    and profited from little Maddie's fate... at least Mr Amaral's book was based on a working knowledge of the case, and was used to highlight difficulties which arose during the investigation!

    Miss Taken Identity

  17. @16 very true the Congolese Police would do a better job than SY .The reason they made a mess of this case is because it seems that SY are bent as a 13 pound note , someone in high places are protecting the mccanns . Anyway why does any one need a spin doctor? Is it new age for telling lies and getting away with it? Bring back the death penalty for bent Police officers and they soon will change after a few are caught . How can redwood not take the mccanns to Portugal and get the Portuguese Police to make them Answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago is beyond reality .


    :n Another great scoop Joana! You do have a knack for it!

    I have just been through the video! I am translating it bit by byte as time allows. One thing is apparent......

    Scotland Yard has collected many soil samples! I don't think the Portuguese, have control over these.

    Given the fact British cops have access to Madeleine's DNA (via the parents) I will not be surprised if they came out with the "proof" that they found Madeleine's DNA in those samples!

    I start to fear for the freedom of the poor Portuguese "suspects" for it won't be difficult for them now to contaminate some of those soil samples with the DNA of the "suspects" and cross-contaminate them with Madeleine's! It is all very "scientific".Very ingenious!

    How the Portuguese allowed themselves to be outsmarted by these smart, cunning clowns, completely by-passes me. Well, I suppose you have to live many years among the English to understand their modus operandi - I therefore pass no judgement on the Portuguese.

    Now, I start to understand what Operation Grange was all about - that was the grange! Find a scape goat! Reputation management at its best and most pragmatic!

    No wonder Clarence Mitchell will be part of the new Conservative government (if he wins his by-election and Cameron's party wins the next general elections!)

    It is all vaguely reminiscent of "Operation Mincemeat"!


    Disclaimer: This is all pure speculation of course. No allegations made


  19. Hello Miss Taken Identity - I quite like your intelligent postings.

    Whereas I can sympathise with your theses (I have thought of all of them myself) you forget one important, critical detail. The odour of a corpse found in apartment 5A. Chances are the child died there. When I say "chances are" I am talking of a very high degree of probability. Obviously.

    No criticism implied. The dogs testimony is what pokes fun at everything Scotland Yard has done so far and no doubt will go on doing (...)

    SY is there with a brief - David Cameron's brief.

    And please remember Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' spokesperson and reputation manager is a director of Burson Marsteller (96 offices in 6 continents) and a Conservative candidate in the next general elections. You bet they are quite good friends (...)

  20. Querida Paula,

    Boa apreciação de uma possível situação futura, "anything is possible". Já estou a traduzir, copia à vontade ou modifica ao teu estilo para o Zizi Press cuts http://zizipresscuts.wordpress.com/

    muitos beijinhos, Jo.

  21. PS. A CMTV acedeu ao meu pedido e colocou a entrevista com o GA completa online :) Disponível aqui http://cmtv.sapo.pt/atualidade/detalhe/goncalo-amaral-teoria-de-rapto-de-maddie-nao-passa-de-uma-farsa.html

  22. OK. Traduzi ate ao terceiro minuto apenas - sensivelmente o mesmo. Vou traduzir mais um pouco durante a hora do almoço.

    Logo a noite tenho um pouco mais tempo.

    :d A bem da Nação


  23. Keep exposing these two vile parents and their friends , Dr Amaral , god will bless you and Joana for exposing this scam to the British Public . The vile couple broke the law committed a crime that caused accidental death and instead of them facing the law , they were made to look like victims and made money from this . Is this not a gross miscarriage of Justice ?

  24. Astro has translated this on MCF

  25. At the end, Amaral tells that after the dogs, in 2007, a police Briton police,at the Faro airport, near a PJ man, gets a Phone call from a MI5 man, who is also at the airport, and the Briton excuses himself because he has to talk to that MI5.
    The Briton made up that story, pressuring the PJ.
    A secret agent always remains secret and why didn't he wait for the Briton at the other side of the ocean? And why at the airport?
    Would that agent take risk of being identified?
    Bull shit!

  26. The darkest hour is before the dawn. The Portuguese politicians who are allowing this humiliating spectacle may yet pay a price. The uk public are fed up of the endless fawning over the parents. Not for the first time the journalists are trailing behind opinion,they have all backed the wrong horse. Total admiration and respect from Mr Amaral, a policeman true to his calling.

  27. Whoever was involved whether its the ministers , press , M15 or even the devil from hell in helping the gruesome twosome flee from justice in Portugal 7 years ago , should be named and shamed and should serve life sentences together with the mccanns , the tapas7 , old pinky , when the mccanns are hauled in for child neglect and deception . The gruesome twosome deceived the public by collecting money donated by good hearted people to help look for their child ( the very child they left alone while they went out drinking ) , instead they used the funds to sue people who spoke the truth about them ie Dr Amaral , they used money to pay off their mortgage , and travelled the world trying to convince people with their hideous lies to donate more . Regardless what any Liar , Newspaper or Lawyer says the gruesome twosome broke the law by leaving their under age children on their own , and they should be charged for that offence as its not only the law of the country but its also the law of common sense period . Why were they allowed to flee justice and why was Dr Amaral removed from the case ? Was it because Dr Amaral is an honest police officer just doing the job he swore on oath to do ie protect and serve the public?

  28. Our Government would not allow another Police Force into this country to do what ours has done in their country, as for removing evidence and destroying it beggars believe, that in itself is prove enough of a cover up (Princess Dianna and Dr David Kelly ring a bell), when are we English going to stand up to this Corrupt and Bent Government that rule us and tell us what we can and can`t do. This is so obvious what has happened and is most evil, I truly need to know how I can donate to Goncalo Amaral fund we cannot allow this Government of ours with the McCanns do any more damage to Goncalo Amaral, we are English people and we know this is a farce we have to stand up for what is right and expose the very Government if need be, know one can pull strings like the McCanns have even to getting and audience with the Pope, what does that tell us, I feel as though Maddie was his in the church until they were sure of the time and place to take the corpse of little Maddie

  29. This case and the wild goose chases have proved how incapable SY is , seem like common sense and honesty is vanished from some Government officials and the met police these days hence why society has turned this way . Its about time the decent god fearing and law abiding people rally round the world and support Dr Amaral to get Justice , after all all Dr Amaral wanted was Justice for the poor dead child . As for the gruesome twosome and their pals , they should face the full strength of the law by the Portuguese Government and face lengthy sentences in Portugal after being found guilty of NEGLECT !


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