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Maddie Case - Current Criminality with Hernâni Carvalho

Transcript to follow

A few points raised in the Talk Show (while I'm translating other articles)
  1. Most, if not all, suspects that we heard about in the media in the past 2 years are leads of the English investigation;
  2. Gonçalo Amaral is penniless, he has nothing left, he has even starved, getting by with friends help, all due to his assets being frozen since 2009. "He deserves to be miserable and feel fear." - Kate McCann;
  3. Jane Tanner never left the table that night, questions whereabouts of Russell O'Brien;
  4. Following the out-of-court settlement that was refused by the four defendant parties, McCanns have asked the judge to postpone trial till September, judge refused;
  5. Gonçalo Amaral continues to be the target of lawsuits each time he appears on TV;
  6. more issues...

Broadcast by SIC, 12 June 2014 - Morning talk show, Current Criminality segment


  1. I think you do a great job!
    My respect!

  2. Is it true that the mccanns have tried for a settlement this time round or is this referring to the last time.

  3. the Mccanns and tapas friends are lower than the lowest of the low,and they will never be forgotten for the horrendous things they are doing to innocent people.

  4. Last time, and the most recent was the request to postpone the trial to September 2014, which was refused by the Judge.

  5. In a civilised world we live in today , one can not imagine how in the name of common decency , truth and Justice are these two " responsible parents" the very same duo who left their under 5 year old children on their own to go out on their jollies were not prosecuted 7 years ago . Instead they were given a ex government hired liar to deflect the attention on them and made them to look like victims . Its about time , instead of the circus going on , these two are made to answer for their crime 7 years ago . The mother is so "responsible" that they suggest the Dr Amaral deserves to be miserable and face fear , fear of whom pray tell ? Jane Tanner is a known liar as proved when her imaginary story was discarded by the met . If the pair of "responsible" parents were of the descent fraternity would they take people to court on other peoples cost ( ie the "fund" which was meant to help look out for their daughter "missing" due to their negligence ) This is only a few things that bring about the "responsible" parents credibility to question . Its about time this duo and their accomplices are brought to justice and then the circus will stop and the truth will come out , saving both countries time and money . The only real victim in this case is Dr Amaral who is being persecuted by this vile pair of human beings who have no responsibility whatsoever hence they left the under 5 year old children on their own . Instead of the world letting these two get away with what they done its about time they face justice , and let the world concentrate on justice for the dead girl and the persecuted police officer Dr Amaral .

  6. what heartbreak are mc cans gonna tell judge about the haven't stopped smileing since a few days after maddie was gone its a discrace the should be hounded not mr amaral just because he spoke truth there used get own way in everything the be in Portugal for sure on Monday because money involved didn't come for anything to do with maddie shame on yous

  7. I am confused. Jane Tanner didn't leave the table the night Madeleine supposedly went missing? If that's right how could she possibly have seen the man she claimed she saw ( ok I don't believe she did but still) but more to the point why was any notice ever then took of it?

  8. the only news item that has given me hope recently was about the graffiti insult to the british police.To be not admired and called the best in the world especially by foreigners must be like a dagger in the heart to them and may have the effect of making someone realise that its all gone on too far.

  9. This trial really leaves me totally bewildered. As I understand it, the McCanns' chief grievance (apart from the adverse effect on The Search), the one for which they have enlisted the support of family and "professionals" to bear witness, is that they have been left ill, unable to sleep, depressed to the point of being suicidal etc. and this is all the fault of Gonçalo Amaral. For crying out loud, why has nobody pointed out the glaringly obvious, which is that it is hardly surprising if they are desperately unhappy? Their daughter is either dead or in captivity, and they do not know what happened to her (they claim). Wouldn't it be normal to feel a bit depressed and have a few sleepless nights as a result of that? Nobody who experiences such a tragedy is going to be able to dance for joy for a long, long time, if ever. (Even though in some of those early photos these two do indeed seem to be dancing for joy!) Are they trying to claim that Amaral, not the loss of their daughter, has been the main impediment to their happiness and peace of mind?

  10. Question; Why would the McCanns want the Trial 'THEIR BIG MOMENT' to be put off until September?

    Answer; to prolong the suffering of Mr Amaral of course.

    Thank goodness the judge declined their pathetic pleas. This is one abhorrent couple.

    They are absolutely delighted no evidence of maddie was found-yes I bet they jumped for joy-balloons- shook tins for cash -did hand stands-jogged and blogged.

    The only thing they need now is for someone to just walk up to the police station and tell them that maddie was found wandering and was taken to a convent, where she is doing great....huh? oh, you don't think that is possible? hm, well Team M would love to sell you that story, but they word it differently " There is no evidence that Maddie has come to any harm"

    Still not convinced? How about Kate talking to God-blaming him for not looking after her daughter-by gosh she almost lost her faith; as well as her sex life, my goodness that child brought her nothing but grief it is a wonder they want her back.

    I enjoyed the silence whilst the 'investigation' was going on- wasn't it great. What made me chuckle was the fact they( TM) knew she wouldn't be found on that waste ground, BUT they did look a tad 'uncomfortable' maybe SY would find 'something'? oh time to check your pockets!

    So now we can all go back to hearing how there is not evidence that Maddie is dead....and some of us still proclaim there is no evidence of a break in -abduction. OR that she is alive.

    TM are delighted, because they think SY HAVE VINDICATED THEM. Not the case, fact is they found no evidence on the ground they searched! stick with the sentences they more sense.

    In the meantime-all those gypsie-dead druggies-hotel abductors-burglars and anyone else I missed; please just own up when questioned by the police- you know you want to...*lol*

    With thanks to Joana for all her hard work!

    Miss Taken Identity

  11. Burgau Bay is described as a 'Hoseshoe"

  12. "He deserves to be miserable and feel fear."
    Whatever happened to Maddie, even in the hugely unlikely event the parents story is true, ultimately THEY are responsible in the first instance for leaving her, so no, it is YOU who should be miserable an feel fear, Kate.

    Their whole "oh well, we've learned from our mistake/everyone does it/there but for the grace of God" attitude to having left their daughter (and siblings) alone, is beyond disgusting.

  13. So SY solve t riddle of jane tanner never leaving the table, there for there was no man crossing the road with a child and that's why she did not seerry and his friend talkin or they here.
    So Kate wants De Amaral to feel fear and suffer, so that's why they want to take his money, and ruin his family life. They forget he was the one looking for their child that the abandoned home alone with two siblings. They have become very self assured recently, they need knocking off their pedestal. My concern for Monday is that why has the judge changed her mind and allowed them to speak, I remember the young woman judge that went against Amaral over his book, I hope this judge is older and wiser. Can you imagine the acting that will happen on MOnday, Kate will take her earrings out ruffle her hair and look distraught. Please God that the Judge will back Amaral. Someone some where needs to spill the beans on this pair, with the doubts he should not be allowed to practice medicine

  14. Kate McCann saying Dr Amaral should feel fear! That sounds like a threat to me. Be careful Mr Redwood that you don't do anything to displease the McCanns, like rejecting their 'abduction' scenario, or they may be coming after you next. Or have you already realized that, and that is why you keep going down those silly rabbit holes on your crazy wild goose chase, in particular making sure you stay well away from those UK dogs and their alerts in the McCanns' holiday apartment and hire car.. Now that would really displease the McCanns and bring down the wrath of Kate.

  15. The facts indicate that Jane Tanner couldn't have seen a man carrying a child. It is my opinion that Scotland Yard (SY) invented "creche dad" to eliminate this problematic sighting and suspicions of collusion between the McCanns and Tanner. Some have suggested that SY invented creche dad to destroy what they describe as the McCann's alibi, which to me makes no sense whatsoever. Those who believe this, whether they realize it or not, are arguing that SY is defaming the McCanns, a blackwash, since no police force is going to publicly refer to a person which they cannot produce in court. A defense attorney would immediately attack the credibility of any evidence presented by SY if he or she found out that creche dad does not exist. To me this story about a man coming forward after 7 years claiming to be the person Tanner saw that night is one of the strongest indications that SY is not investigating this case but is in the process of creating a narrative for public consumption.

    I firmly believe that SY's heightened media activity, their presence on Portuguese soil, was planned to coincide with the libel trial. What SY is doing is disregarding the troublesome evidence that is in the case files and the conclusions of the original investigators which is based on this evidence. Some say that SY talking about the involvement of Burglars, sex offenders and drug traffickers in the abduction of Madeleine has no bearing on the libel trial. I say that that depends on the judge. Judges are human, can this judge remain impartial even though she is being bombarded by news from a renowned police force which has gone to great lengths to demonstrate its conviction that Madeleine was abducted?

    Some people believe that a whitewash means that SY has to declare someone, other than the McCanns, to be responsible for Madeleine's death; I disagree. Mr. Amaral's book is essentially a summary of what is in the case files, which points to the McCanns having disposed of their daughter's body. SY in devaluing the case files are concealing the evidence which points to the couple. In other words they are whitewashing the McCanns.

  16. This story is so sickening,it really turns my stomach,it seems unreal !Those so call parents,leave their children alone,they obviously killed the daughter but they are free,they have access to all kinds of money and they are suing Mr Amaral for writing the finds of his investigation? what is wrong with this picture?

  17. @10 To answer your last question: that is indeed their strategy: We are not desperate because we have reason to believe that our daughter has not come to any harm. We were not unduly affected by being made arguidos/by the summary in the files because we were safe in the knowledge that we are innocent. But Amaral "interpreted" the police files for the general public by making them accessible, easier to read and by drawing an authoritative conclusion. Therefore the general public -stupider than us and easily persuaded- turned against us. This injustice, counteracting our superhuman efforts to "Find Madeleine", caused us unbearable suffering, because it is so UNFAIR and hampered the search. That's why we want compensation.
    After all these years the twisted logic and egomanical reactions of these people becomes quite easy to read and to predict although I am incredulous about how they still get away with it.
    I fervently hope that they will make an exhibition of themselves at the trial and that the judge will be able to point out their lies, deceptions and posing in a coherent and unbiased way.

  18. Kate McCanns saying Dr Amaral 'deserves to be miserable and feel fear' speaks volumes as to the vindictiveness at work here. It is a terrible statement, uttered against someone who was not the one responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine, and wrote a book which informed the public as to the workings and findings of the investigation carried out by the OFFICIAL investigators, and the conclusions reached.

    'Vindictiveness' is a very sick emotion and can lead to irrational acts, and jealousy and vindictiveness often go together. A very worrying simmering pot of disturbed and disturbing emotions which can verge on madness even, and heaven help if they ever physically erupt even for a moment.

  19. The "funds" must be running low , they sound desperate , Pinky needs his wages etc , the people who donated in the past are turning wise and can see through their lies and fantasies , sooner or later this pair and their mouthpiece will be caught and will face the long arm of the law .

  20. Currently Gerry is saying 'the sniffer dogs 'IS ALL A LIE, THEY DID NOT FIND ANYTHING!'
    All that evidence PRODUCED BY THE DOGS is a lie, then? Will someone confirm or deny, please. Who is lying? SY or G.M


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