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Maddie case: False grave tricks georadar

Photo of PJ tent being put into position over the hole covered by a corrugated metal panel | Tony Stewart in Praia da Luz

Three target sites were excavated without positive results

by Rui Pando Gomes/Tânia Laranjo

There were two hours of some uncertainty and some tension after the georadar detected yesterday, in the late afternoon, a site with characteristics similar to a grave on the ground where searches are ongoing to find traces of Maddie, in Praia da Luz.

Picks and shovels were used but at the end of the excavations, it was concluded that whatever was buried, was after all, not compatible with a corpse. This examination forced the site to be covered with a tent of the Judiciary Police (PJ) and even led to the meeting of the two leaders of the police investigation, the English Andy Redwood, from Scotland Yard, and the Portuguese Luís Mota Carmo, from the PJ in Faro.

During the day yesterday, two other excavation operations took place, one in an old area of ​​animal husbandry and the other in a hole covered by a corrugated metal panel and vegetation, both with fruitless results.

For today, CM found out that georadars will continue to be used and that it is expected the progress of the probes inside the sewer pipes that criss-cross the area, using micro-cameras attached to fibre optic cables.

in Correio da Manhã, June 5, 2014


  1. Does common sense not prevail these days? Does scientific evidence play a major role in seeking conviction? Do professional liars word be taken for granted and give the guilty a "extra" period of freedom?
    Well these and the fact that , the Mccanns left under age kids on their own was enough to charge them for neglect from day one , the fact the Mccanns and their friends kept changing their "stories" was enough to see they had something to hide , The dogs evidence , the dogs evidence, the stench in the hired car , the stories they came up with to evade prosecution , the hiring of the professional liar , they kept blaming others for not looking for the "missing" girl while they themselves as "responsible" parents , spent time jogging , the creation of the "fund" , the publication of their version of events on the book written , the fact that they are suing the ex Portuguese Police Officer , Dr Amaral , for his book which is based on common sense and fact only points out to 2 things .
    1 ) The Mccanns are guilty of Neglect .
    2) Greed of the pair of "responsible" parents .
    These are facts , and thus the pair of them should be charged with neglect and wasting Police time and remanded in custody with no bail allowed till the body of this poor child is found and they face the full weight of the law .
    The Tapas "friends" of theirs should be charged too for aiding and abetting , The Professional Liar they hired should be charged for misleading the public , The "Fund" should be investigated for fraud , as in a world of common sense one would suggest that the fund was created to help find the "missing" Child , but it was used to pay off mortgages and buy travel tickets to keep the funds rolling in with their convincing stories of woe targeting donations .
    The world is awaiting answers .

  2. Thanks - wonderful to have an update from you. TRUSTED!! update.

  3. The idea of these searches going on for another week at the beginning of the holiday season for PDL must put huge pressure on any local(s) who have information to tell.

    Re Smithman etc. There were three blonde children very tired/asleep that we know were carried on the 3rd. Madeleine by Kate late afternoon, Tanner man and Smith man. If Madeleine died prior to 3rd of May then none of them were her. So was the blonde carried by Kate also the blonde carried by 'Smithman" being taken back to her parents house?


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